LCSO Obtains Plastic Explosives

LIBERTY, June 22, 2014 – As a result of tip a question has arisen. Our tip involved plastic explosives being stock piled by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. What does this small department need or want with plastic explosives?

To answer our question sent an open records request to the LCSO seeking the invoices for the purchase of plastic explosives to determine just how much of this material was involved and what we paid for it.

Wanting to withhold the information we requested our request to LCSO was turned over to County Attorney Wes Hinch to seek an Attorney General’s Opinion on the matter.

The question is why take this approach?

If our tip was inaccurate and the LCSO did NOT have in it’s possession plastic explosives for the first time ever, the LCSO would have responded, “We have no records responsive to your request,” and that would be the end of the matter.

However, there action in choosing to withhold the information proves they have the information requested, they do have plastic explosives and our tip was accurate. The question still remains, how much and at what cost?

Secondly the LCSO could have responded differently to our request. They could have provided the information requested and stated what happened to the explosives. Perhaps a small quantity was purchased, a small amount may have been used for training and the balance of the material remains secure for some legitimate purpose. This would have diffused the situation and there would be little if anything to report.

So why fight the release of the information unless there is something to hide and the LCSO wants to withhold from public scrutiny their acquisition of plastic explosives.

What is the purpose of this material and its’ intended use?

Secondly, these big boy law enforcement toys like they have in the movies are the kinds of things not purchased out of the annual LCSO Budget approved by Commissioners Court. These types of purchases are made with Drug Seizure Money that is largely not audited by the county unless something comes up.

No other Sheriff in Liberty County has thought that the department needed plastic explosives or wanted to be responsible for them but Bobby Rader does. So why now? What has changed to make the purchase of this kind of material useful and necessary?

The question concerning plastic explosives seems to be one of priorities. What’s important? Is it investigating your reports of theft and burglaries? Getting rid of the drug house down the road from your home? Or, blowing things up.

We don’t know the answers but rest assured, Bobby Rader has plastic explosives and is planning on blowing up something in Liberty County.


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