Where Our Tax Dollars Go

LIBERTY, May 11, 2014 – Where does all the money go at the Sheriff’s Department?
There are more people working at the SO today than there has ever been yet they want more.

And what did Sheriff Rader do when he got more deputies, put them to work doing drug interdiction on US 59 in Cleveland.

The drug traffic on US 59 isn’t bothering people in Liberty County at all. It’s coming from who knows where and going to places all over the country. It’s not stopping here or bothering us at all. So why are we spending so much money on drug interdiction on an interstate highway that’s not bothering our local taxpayers at all?

Those scarce resources of labor need to be put to work in our communities and neighborhoods solving crime and let other state law enforcement agencies worry about drug interdiction on the interstate. Our tax dollars need to be spent on OUR law enforcement problems and what will benefit our local taxpayers.

The people involved in drug interdiction work largely unsupervised. Often set there own hours and no one knows when they come or go.

And does our Drug Interdiction Team cost money?  Drug Interdiction Sgt. Tim Niemeyer, age 30 commutes daily from his home in Pearland, TX to Liberty, in a 30 thousand dollar something Chevy Tahoe furnished by the Sheriff’s Department.

LCSO Chevy Tahoe parked at  4808  Meridian Park Drive, Pearland, TX

Click photo above to view larger image

Below is Sgt. Niemeyer’s recommended route provided by Google Maps. Putting those Tahoe’s though those daily long extended commutes puts tens of thousands of miles on them each year wearing them out in no time when your spending 2 and half hours per day round trip commuting back and forth to work in them.

Google’s recommended daily commute to Liberty, TX from Pearland, TX

Traditionally the Sheriff goes crying to Commissioners Court wanting more money for vehicles because the current ones in the fleet have so many miles on them. Each year the Sheriff’s Department exceeds their fuel budget and goes crying to Commissioner’s Court for tens of thousands more dollars for fuel in excess of the year before.

What makes these people so special that we must pay for their extended commutes to work?

You see things aren’t like they used to be just six years ago, when LCSO employees could not drive their county vehicles home outside of the county and they parked in Liberty, the County Annex in Dayton or the County Annex in Cleveland, then got into their personal vehicles and drove to their homes outside the county. We’ve had a change in policy that is costing us a fortune as though money, in the Sheriff’s mind, grew on trees.

Sgt. Tim’s daily commute in a Liberty County vehicle is over 113 miles per day and takes an hour and 15 minutes each way to drive when traffic is light  and not backed up and costs thousands in fuel each year.

All of this kind of stupid behavior and poor management costs the Sheriff’s Department a lot of money every year and it’s money we don’t have.

For years Deputy Constable Bret Audilet working in the Pct. 4 Constable’s Office under Constable Pafford and drove his county Dodge Charger patrol vehicle home to Kingwood every day and commuted in the vehicle back and forth to work.

Audilet now works in Sheriff Rader’s command structure at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department.

The individuals that are engaged in the this behavior know they are abusing Liberty County Taxpayers but think nothing of it because of their incredible sense of entitlement and lack of integrity with the blessing of some elected officials who are supposed to supervise them.

When we asked now Constable Pct. 4 Robbie Thornton about this practice of allowing employees to commute to their homes outside the county in their county vehicles he said, ”We cut all that out when I became Constable of Pct. 4.”

It's time that our county elected officials manage our scarce county tax dollars in better fashion.

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