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LIBERTY, November 22, 2014 - Our story about the Commissioners Court meeting and Christopher Wolf’s pay off by Commissioners Court when he left the employment of the LCSO apparently struck a nerve with Sheriff Bobby Rader and he responded on his Facebook page.

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But be careful what you read and where you read it particularly with the stuff you see on Social Media.

One of the reasons that Christopher Wolf was given over $13,000.00 dollars when he left County Employment was because the management of Comp Time is out of control at the Sheriff’s Department and according to Rader’s own words has been for some time.

Sheriff Rader wrote, “The Liberty County Employee handbook states that a commissioned officer may accumulate up to 480 hours of comp time. On 1/14/2013 I sent out a memo to all the Sheriff’s Office employees that I was reducing that number to 300 hours.”

Rader indicated in his response that he was aware of the problem since January of 2013.

This is a budget busting, unbudgeted and unfunded liability to the county that is being mismanaged by Sheriff Bobby Rader.

When we looked into the situation with Christopher Wolf who only left the employment of the Sheriff’s Department a few weeks ago here is what we found.

Christopher Wolf had accumulated 323.25 hours of Comp Time as well as 140.50 hours of what the County calls Flex Time, which is also time worked above the normal working hours each pay period for which payment is deferred.

Is the Sheriff managing his own policy? No. This is why the pay off of Christopher Wolf was so expensive.

The Sheriff’s not even aware of how bad his poor management practices are by his own admission.
Rader wrote, “This past budget year, I attempted to transfer what I believed were unused monies in the payroll, FICA, health insurance and longevity line items to
another line item that had been depleted. I was informed by the County Auditor that the unused monies had been used to pay off comp time for deputies that had left employment.

Rader is apparently unaware of just how out of control Comp Time and Flex Time impacts his own budget. Rader tried to transfer money from a couple of line items to another and he was unaware he had already spent the money to pay Comp Time to employees who had left the department and the money was no longer there due to his own lack of management."

This happened last year which gives you some idea as to how long Rader’s neglect and poor management has been going on and the extent of the management problem at the LCSO that continues today.

Well, thank God the County Auditor is at least keeping up with it despite the fact Rader is just in the dark. There is a reconing day coming when the money runs out due to Rader's neglect and the problem falls into the laps of Commissioners and the County Judge for a solution. it will be the taxpayers that will wind up paying the bill to fix Rader's poor management.

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