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LIBERTY, December 12, 2013 - conducted and exhaustive investigation into the activities of Commissioner Charlotte Warner that was concluded several months ago.
It had to do with road repair and construction projects inside the City Limits of Hardin, TX by Commissioner Warner’s Liberty County Pct 2.

Allegations had surfaced concerning which roads were being repaired and why given who’s property those roads served and whether or not Liberty County was being reimbursed for these projects being performed by Commissioner Warner in the City of Hardin.

The investigation was lengthy and time consuming.

To substantiate what we were told we first sought records from Liberty County in an attempt to identity each project it’s cost and whether or not the County was reimbursed for the cost by the City of Hardin.

Our efforts were futile and produced little. In reviewing the Liberty County Commissioner’s Courts agendas since Commissioner Warner took office to present time at the time of our investigation we only found one road project in Hardin that was identified, whose costs were identified and had been voted on for approval by Commissioners Court.

We knew there were many more but the county had no records of them since they were never put on the Commissioners Court Agenda and passed by Commissioners Court which is a legal requirement.

Liberty County has an independent auditor whose job it is to conduct audits to determine that county funds are being spent legally and to confirm if the county is being reimbursed for money it is owed. In this case he can’t audit to determine if in fact the county was reimbursed for the work done because there is no County Record identifying each project and it’s cost approved by Commissioners Court.

We sought additional records from the City of Hardin through open records request, requesting copies of the canceled checks from the City of Hardin to Liberty County representing reimbursement for all projects performed under the interlocal agreement which produced 8 to 10 checks on projects, some exceeding twenty thousand dollars.

This gave us some additional information but it did not answer our question as to how many projects there actually were or there total cost since the County had no records of the projects and there cost that we could compare it to except for one project.

So why would Commissioner Warner put one project on the Agenda for approval by Commissioners Court shortly after she took office and forego doing the same thing for all the others since? You come to the conclusion that Commissioner Warner just doesn’t want anybody knowing her business or be able to audit it despite the fact she’s doing it all with public, taxpayer money.

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