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General Comments

Wondering who to contact regarding the boat ramp access into Trinity River on Hwy. 90 in Liberty. A result of the recent flooding we had has left the boat ramp completely filled with sand and access into the river is impossible. I've contacted the county and Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.,who both informed me that their departments are not responsible. So, who is?

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Liberty PD is doing a great job getting drugs of the streets. Bobby should send the five narcotics Deputies, famous in other states for getting drugs off their streets, to get some training from Liberty PD on how to get drugs off the many county roads instead of the three miles of 59.

General Comments

The recent repair to the railroad crossings in Dayton are great and long over due. Thank you John Otto for helping get this work done.

LCSO Passes DPS Audit 100%

The article written on this website told the story of the Liberty County Sheriff Department failing the DPS criteria and risk losing services of the DPS to LCSO. First question is what qualifications do Sherry and Brett have to do this type of work? If they had the capabilities why did we fail the first time? My last question has to do with the Liberty County Sheriff always wanting to point out the last (3) Sheriffs left the Department to him in not a good condition (O. J. Stewart, Greg Arthur and Henry Patterson). The Sheriff has used these names in Commissioner's Court and workshops put on by the County Judge, for budget and jail. Now for the number one Question whirling in my mind at this time has any Sheriff ever failed the criteria. Did O.J. Stewart, Greg Arthur or Henry Patterson fail the DPS requirements and were being threatened with bad consequences for the County & Sheriffs Department? I think that is a big question to be answered by Sheriff Rader. Since Rader blames them for poor management of Liberty County Sheriff Department.

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Well we had one hell of storm through here today, lots of lightning and lots of rain...and the power stayed on at my place for a change, which usually means its good to go off any minute now.

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I saw a poll that said that a third of the people in Louisiana think that Obama was responsible for the Katrina fail in New Orleans. Yesterday at where I work an elderly man early to late 60's I guess, came in and I waited on him, when he left I noticed he was carrying a large pistol on his side for all to see. I don't see the homeless man who use to be around town anymore, I suppose through the excellent city services he must have found work and a place to stay right? I was speaking to an Hispanic woman who attends our church, and also does janitorial work at one of the schools, she said her supervisor asked her what church she attended and when my friend said Catholic, and turned down the supervisor's invitation to attend her church, all of a sudden her hours were cut way back. There were a number of Hispanic men working in Dayton some time back, when they asked their employer for Sunday off to attend church they were told by their employer "no we will go to church for you, keep working".

Either you're a Katrina refugee or a Liberty High School graduate. Could you please clarify which one??

Either you're a Katrina refugee or a Liberty High School graduate. Could you please clarify which one??

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News reports about our Attorney General - Ken Paxton - show him to be on the "slimy" side of practicing law. Kind of hits close to home doesn't it?

General Comments

Sunday 8/23/15 4 am no power again. This is gotten so regular now we don't say the lights are out now we say the lights are on! There has to be something wrong somewhere. The city manager is the one where the buck should stop. Time to retire the city manager and the entire council. We are suffering at the hands of the ones who should be taking care of the city. The city employees are rude to the citizens, this is a constant complaint. The city inspector acts like she got her training in Nazi Germany. The council seems to only take advice from you if you live in Travis Park. If you are a needy person you are subject to a variety of ordinances that can get you fined or jailed for being poor. It seems to me that the more affluent think that the City belongs to them personally and the rest of the citizens are only parasites. Its time to retire the whole bunch.

To the Poster about the power being out Sunday morning, your comments are completely off track. A car accident knocked down a pole. How is that the City's fault??? Get all the facts before you start bashing people who did nothing wrong.

Sunday 8/23/15 4 am no power again. ////// The only way to retire the City Council is for SOMEONE TO RUN AGAINST THEM DUMB A!

To the defender of City of Liberty concerning Sunday power outage...yes it was caused by a accident..,but what they do not say is that it was off for a extended period because they had to wait on out of town repair crews! The city leaders have all but dissolved the electric dept and send all repair money out of city...the city uses no local companies for repairs...

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Congrats to Liberty ISD for hiring stellar football and powerlifting coach, BJ Whitehead! Dayton's loss is Liberty's gain. Just a crying shame that BJ was let go the way he was..."I don't like you, you have to go." SMH.

Totally agree that Dayton lost a great coach when they got rid of Coach Whitehead!! He is a great man who loves the kids. Definitely Dayton's loss and I live in Dayton!! Congrats, Coach! Liberty got a great coach!!

County Commissioners Meet Tuesday

After reading the commissioners court posting I don't understand why I,We,Us have to suffer for the stupid acts of Donna Brown. Im sorry I voted for this person and it wont happen again.

General Comments

Dayton ISD has increased tax rates for maintenance and operations plus passed an 87.5 million dollar bond for new buildings. They also are very quite about the fact that Kimmie Brown did not meet standard in the last TEA rankings. This is the newest school building. Apparently buildings do not teach the children.

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Sitting at my computer today and trying to get some work done, the power flickered off - again. What is this now, about the zillioneth time in the last few weeks? I can't help sharing this story that does not put Liberty utilities in the best light (utilities; best light; get it?). Visiting a THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY this summer, I "enjoyed" constant monsoon conditions intensified by a mid-sized tropical depression. The weather was quite a bit worse than the worst we have experienced over the past few weeks, but the lights there never flickered - not even once. Are third-world utilities superior to Liberty utilities?

General Comments

Sheriff Bobby Rader is already pandering for votes in the up coming Primary in March/2016. During a meeting with Plum Grove Residents and City Council Members Rader told the Group that he did not have the money to hire Deputies. This was in response to questions about patrol in the area. Now the Sheriff realizes he may need some votes from the Plum Grove subdivisions and suddenly a new Policy that a Deputy from each shift goes to the area and calls in on the radio saying where they are in a Plum Grove Subdivision. No new Deputies, but suddenly Plum Grove gets patrol twice in 24 hours. Anyone that does not understand the LCSO Radios & Patrol Cars are not installed with GPS for tracking there location. Therefore the call can be made from anywhere. All radio traffic is recorded 24 hours a day every day of the year. So, the Deputy can be anywhere and make the call into the Sheriff’s Office and recorded as evidence of the call. Sheriff Rader has to be the Worst Sheriff Liberty County has seen in recent times. He spends our money foolishly and blames the past two Sheriffs for all his problems. He will finish 3 years in office on January 1, 2016. Our patrol of our neighborhoods is non-existent, but Plum Grove gets some, because it is recorded twice a day, from somewhere. Who knows where it comes from probably a café where they get free meals which is against policy. Rader is an insurance man. We need a Real Sheriff to be elected in March/2016 that will revamp the department and put people back to work, but the deputy’s love not having to work, so they will fight against a new Sheriff being elected.

Many can hardly wait to find out the name of the man who has had his minions out dogging Sheriff Rader for the last year. Whoever it is that announces they are running for sheriff against Rader must really be proud of their constant nagging distorting second guessing just so they could possibly be considered as a legitimate candidate for sheriff. Whoever it is has already hurt the department without ever serving a day That gives them a head start to try and be a more pathetic sheriff than Henry Patterson. Seems impossible.

Seems like the person responding to the initial feedback concerning our Sheriff patrolling Plum Grove is an employee at LCSO. If the person writing is the "New Candidate" or written by a "Minion" as the response says how could they be causing problems in the Sheriff's Department? Unless there are problems to begin with internally at the Sheriff's Dept. maybe Rader should look in the mirror. Rader is the problems letting others do his job, since he is not capable of doing his job. The Sheriff is running already before anyone announces they are running against him for the job. Many people hoped he would go back to his insurance business and leave the department in new hands. His numbers on clearance of crimes for 2 years shows his lack of leadership. Bobby Rader maybe is a “good person”, but just a bad sheriff because of his lack of leadership and law enforcement experience.

General Comments

I was wondering we have had the liquor ordinance now for a year I guess, and was wondering where are all the new restaurants that were supposed to be beating down the door to open up here in sparkling downtown Liberty? They aren't here nor are they coming here, that ordinance was passed by people who love to drink and didn't want to go out of town, we were lied to by these sterling business people.

Liberty City Council Meets Tuesday

I see the City is going to sell some property to someone without a bidding process. So all we need to do is to hire an appraiser and then offer the appraised amount? Is that how it works?

The City of Liberty should sell all streets, lands, equipment, etc. that it has no immediate or probable future use for. If the complainer of the current proposed sale thinks the appraisal of the "Trinity River" streets are too low, I'm sure the Mayor would love to review your higher bid. If you're just blowing hot air, such is your right, however, quite irritating.

in regards to City Council selling seems to be always city councilmen or employee family that buy one else knows about it till it is already to late! Insider info ....they should not be able to do this! Some are in office only to benefit their own pocket!

When us poor taxpayers plea for the city or the county or the school district to sell property they have no plans for, we never say there should not be a minimum bid placed on the property. We are not talking about a fire sale for the rich to become richer by snatching up super deals. We are talking about two things: (1)Putting unused property on the sales block at a price it will sell at (2) Putting property back on the tax rolls rather than leave the poor taxpayer to make up the difference in what comes in and what goes out.

General Comments

looking at the "tx 10 most wanted"link on I-dineout,i guess Mr.Donald Trump just might be right,only 2 out of 10 are White,hmm?

Of course he is correct. But we have always known it, but now we can say it. I like how they call Mexicans "white". Still trying to blame everything on the evil Whitey. And, I see 9 out of 10 are not Caucasians.

To the two posters who think Trump is telling the truth about the immigrant problem you two are idiots. Trump says he is telling the truth but he isn't, he is attacking people from a racist point of departure, which makes him disingenuous and you two posters hear him speak, then use a most wanted list to validate what you already believe, with out looking any farther for real facts, which make you two and others like you fools. Trump is the face of the republican party and party of racists and bigots and mean spirited people who think the country should be all white and bible thumping patriots who are nothing more than fascists.

To the two posters who think Trump is telling the truth about the immigrant problem you two are idiots. ..... Really? So the 10 most wanted list is a LIE? And you call me an idiot?

to the poser who posted "the two",like it or not Trump speaks the truth,he is not a p.c. person,would I vote for him,not sure as there other issues that I would like to hear about as well.if you work,then maybe you just might be able to see just how wages as well as many other things in the USA have been affected with all the ILLGEAL'S,is the USA a melting pot?yes it is,BUT when anyone wants to come to the USA,please do so the LEGAL way,and not with your mouth open and hand out,too many others have had to work,pay taxes,follow the laws and rules of the land,and show RESPECT for just what this great country is or was all about.the USA does not need or want LAW BREAKERS! if that makes me a racist,then so be it.GOD BLESS THE USA!

To the poster who thinks that the ten most wanted list is the truth concerning immigration...yes you are an idiot. If you think that is the whole story then not only are you and others who think like you are slow witted idiots.

You know what is so bad about Trump and his positions? It's no better than the position held by that Roof guy who killed those people in Charleston. He found faults with blacks, Jews, immigrants and killed innocent people just because he thought that whites should "take back our country". Trump is the voice for this hatred, he is the voice for those who feel this way but don't have the talent to express it for themselves. A recent study proclaimed that Trump has a fourth grade vocabulary, another reason to explain why he appeals to a certain group...the undereducated. The things that get people behind any subject in this country has always been fear and hatred, two things that Trump personifies. Those who see Trump as a god send are not as Lincoln said "the better angels of our nature".

"you know what is so bad about Trump and his positions",i'am not a Trump supporter,but to foolishly compare Trump to Roof is beyond absurd.Trump is no,has not advocated to kill innocent people.One of the many great freedoms that all people have in the USA,is the 1st,freedom of speech.And for quite some time all of the people in the federal and quite a few state governmental offices have ignored is the swarm of illgeals coming over in droves,and yes like it or not,quite a few are criminals.There has been an in-depth study done,and it was clear that The Great State Of Texas,could close 7,yes 7 prisons,if it were not for all the illgeals.Also look up the following information regarding the refugee resettlement program,and you may and or may not be shocked as to just how the working man's tax dollars are being spent for illgeals.Also see what Texas Congressmen Mr. Brian Babin is trying to get passed H.R. 3314,the resettlement accountability national security act,to put a stop to all this senseless spending for illgeals.And I have not seen anyone "who see Trump as a God send" as you have stated,simply put Trump is speaking the truth that so many other think but because of the PC world we live in are afraid to do so,as they would be labeled a racist.It is now and has been some time to take the country back,if we as a people do not the future of the USA look's very bleak.The people do thank you for your comments as you have the right to do so,as well as I and Trump and all of his like minded supporters.Have a good day! The American Way.

General Comments

Next week school will start. Motorist please be careful, Liberty ISD school bus will be stopping at the west end of the courthouse and children will be getting off and going into the courthouse to stay inside Donna Brown's daycare. Never mind her "Boutique", children's safety is a real concern. Oh yes, when Ms Brown leaves the courthouse, she will get into her car which she parks everyday in a no parking zone----why do we need these stinking laws!

General Comments

Can someone please tell me when the tax collector dude started the new office hours for us to come down and squeeze blood out of our turnips. Richard Brown must want to retire if he is willing to shut such abusy office down early every day.

Richard Brown is responsible for the lazy hours that inconvenience the public in the office where we pay our property taxes and buy our tags for our vehicles. he is working for us and never campaigned on closing the office at 4:30. If he had, his opponent would have won.

It may be legal but it certainly isnot right for the tax office to close at 4;30!

For 100 years the offices in the courthouse have closed no earlier than 5 o'clock. The elected officials and employees in the courthouse eventally created their own lunch break so they could actually leave to eat. Office workers created this break by swapping off and covering each other even though that sometimes created a problem as citizens typically come before work, during lunch, or after work. Citizens were inconvenienced by sometimes standing in longer lines while trying to hurry so they could get back to work, but county employees eventually gained a provebial "inch" as their constituents got use to the inconvenience. Now office workers have created their own hours again by eating in their office (like they did for over 100 years)and claiming that entitles them to leave 30 minutes early. They were given an inch and now they are taking miles - now at 5 o'clock employees of the tax office can almost walk in the Chamber county tax office before they close! It may be time for the county to hire people who will work the hours the job requires instead of people who who work to make their job more convenient at the expense of those they serve.

General Comments

We have to replace Bobby Rader next March of 2016. Residents are very mad because of lack of patrols in their subdivisions. It seems like money is being wasted on Toys for a few and nothing for the Patrol Deputies. We continue working I-69, for more dope money to buy more plastic explosives. Rader has purchased "Machine Guns", when can they use them? Travel around and watch Deputies parked doing nothing, while Rader says he is over run with calls. That is a Lie plain and simple and he knows it is a lie. Bobby Rader has to be de-throne, because has he blames his problems on Greg Arthur and Henry Patterson, but they are not the Sheriff. Rader's total crime clearance in 20% and that seems to be his best effort, two years in a row. He has not improved in 2 years, with low numbers backing it up. Plastic Explosives and Machine Guns in Liberty County, I bet an long time Liberty County Law Enforcement officer Buddy Bean, is rolling over in his grave, plastic explosives and machine guns, for what in Liberty County. It is street dope, not highway dope that is hurting the citizens of Liberty County. Please do not run again, Bobby Rader, you are a disgrace in this county; see you in March/16, when you are voted out of office...

Bobby, looks as if you have a very unhappy emplyee......Buddy Bean???

The knucklehead that wrote in the negative comment about Buddy Bean being a employee or Rader is disrespectful to the fine man. Mr. Bean spent his whole career in Liberty County as a State Trooper and Dayton Police Chief. He would have never been an employee of our now Sheriff. Rader worked with then Trooper Bean, during his whole 7 yr. career with the DPS cut short because of a mysterious problem in Liberty.

I'm sorry, I learned it was Buddy Bean's son that works for Rader...

General Comments

I live one street off of Jefferson and my power went out at 3Pm and didn't come back on to stay for 3 hours. Is is not the employees of the electrical department that the city's grid is in such poor shape. If you want someone to blame, blame management, the mayor and the city council as they are the ones who determine where the money will be spent. Something we need to remember at the next election. maybe if the money spent on the airport had been spent on the electrical gird we would be better off.I know I need electricity more than I need a place to play with my airplane, if I had one. Yes I know it was a specific grant but why not work on grants to improve utilities and streets. I noticed once on a city wide outage that the mayor had lights, wish i could afford a big generator!

I live one street off of Jefferson and my power went out at 3Pm ///// You know, some people should not be able to vote at all. People say " Remember this next election",

Vote for whoever you want to next city election, but the Mayor of Liberty does not make the weather or any of the other factors that cause the electricty to go out here.

City of Liberty Electrical is absolutely horrible. We've lost power 7 times since Wednesday. . I've replaced over 4 appliances not counting my air conditioner control panel due to these power outages and surges. Not to mention my electric bill is 100 more than last month. Who can I send my receipts to for everything I'm having to replace due to this? Something has to be done soon. Cant afford the high electrical and replacing things on a monthly basis

It's real easy to sit back and criticize other people but it doesn't really help much, does it? Before you spend all of your time complaining about the employees of the City of Liberty, why don't you try working there? I doubt that an employee of the city is so powerful that they can control the weather and the other company's feeding electricity into the City. Has it every crossed anyone's mind that the city employees are doing the best they can? Although the power outages are annoying, the employees are the one's getting the power back on. How about thanking them instead of criticizing? They are just employees trying to do their job.

It is ridiculous that the electricity goes out so often. I have lived in 3rd world countries that experienced sand storms, civil unrest and flooding and yet they STILL had electricity!!!! YES, we CAN blame the city workers, the managers AND elected officials. Liberty. People. STAND UP AND SAY something about this issue. People cant afford to replace appliances nor can they afford to worry about their elderly loved ones sitting in a HOT house. Why is it thousands of cities have bad weather, poor weather or just a change in weather; yet their power doesn't go out??? This is BS and the citizens will not be standing for it much longer. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And for the person making the spreadsheet, please share it!

ARE YOUR LIGHTS ON?? That is the most popular question recently in Liberty! When calling the city to report that your lights are out, the call usually is answered with "Yes ours are off, too". So when you decide to leave your house to go to a local store, it is a wise thing to call them first. Call and ask them, "Do you have lights at this time? I do not want to get out in this heat and discover you do not have lights and I can not go in your business." That is what I discovered Saturday. Thankfully I had lights at my house and decided I needed something from Brookshire Brothers, so I got in my car and drove to town and got there only to discover an empty parking lot there! That is most unusual and as I got out of my car in an excellent parking spot, someone at the door of the store told me I could not go in because they had NO LIGHTS!! So before leaving your home you might want to call any Liberty business and ask them, "ARE YOUR LIGHTS ON??"

amazing,simply amazing.the city of liberty will get a new flag,BUT the can not deal with the street's that are in need of repair,the power outages,yes that are simply not the cities fault(LMAO),and a host of other problems,and let's not forget the new bell tower.just simply amazing.

General Comments

The city of liberty needs to definitely hold a class for employees on how to be polite and not rude . If you don't like your job then quit because I'm sure someone else could use a job .....Oh but then again that little click up there keeps the same rude unpolite unprofessional idiotic jerks I have ever seen !!!! Times are hard but guess what the news media was excited to see all the pictures and videos of the things going on with this lovely little city of liberty Shane and you all maybe you need to change your ways because it looks trouble is gonna come your way !!! How sad and its taking the news media to get involved because nobody wants to listen to the citizens good luck I will be smiling with pride to see y'all get it right.

I have to agree with the two posters complaining about the management of the City. Every day at 4 I get held up by a freight train, I was thinking that maybe instead of spending all that money for the road to nowhere some thought could be given to a crossing that like Dayton has where you can get around the train. As far as the city of liberty employees and their rudeness I will guess you are talking about those in the city hall. Those employees couldn't spell their names if it wasn't written on their debit cards. Fire them all.

General Comments

I don't see Dayton or Liberty touting their academic records. Congrats to Denvers.

General Comments

Its 4:40pm in this god forsaken town and the first storm comes through in over a month and the gd power goes off! Not even through the town, just a glancing pass! This city and its officials are pathetic! Gary Broz and the entire city electrical department needs to go! Now, not tomorrow, now tonight! This wont be the last outage tonight I bet, there will be more coming just wait and see.

city of liberty power outages,it is good to have a site to be able to go to,so one can vent,BUT alais I have come to the realize that NO ON CARES!

The Continued Assault on Religious Liberties Undermines our Constitution

This stupid brief filed by Paxton is so hypocritical. Birth control is the number one pursuit of American women and men. The pill, condoms, tubal ligations, vasectomies, onanism, and abortions. Now this idiot pretends to stand up for religious liberty? Give me a break.

Donna’s Boutique at the Liberty County Courthouse

This Lady has lost it! I got a couple of lawn mowers I want to bring up and sell.

This is unbelievable where are our county leaders. Now I know where I'm going to have my garage sell in a couple of weeks

"holy crap batman",and these people vote.ever hear of sarcasm?MORON!

"garage sale at the liberty county courthouse",would or could someone please tell me where I can set up inside the courthouse,for all the items that I have for sale,it would be real nice with the a.c.,rather then having one at the house in this heat,contact information anyone?

Since the elected attorneys and their lawyer employees practice private law out of their offices, why can't the District Clerk sell her beauty products out of hers? The County Judge, County Commissioners, Sheriff, JP's, and the Constables all have jobs that take precedence over their elected offices. Let's at least try not to be such obvious hypocrites.

How more self indulgent can one get? This stupid boutique in the court house is beyond belief. I imagine her looking at her self in the mirror and thinking "Jesus would not want me to keep my beauty secrets to myself, it is my Christian obligation to share my beauty with the whole community" of course for a small price. Come one come all and avail yourself of these stunning accessories, and pull yourself out of your white trash lifestyle! Oh yeah and don't forget the complementary hug that goes with every purchase.

We all have opinions. This is mine regarding article and picture of DONNA"S BOUTIQUE at courthouse. Does one know how much it would cost her to open a store, go through all the paper work necessary ....and then actually pay rent to run a business such as this? Well...I will tell you...A LOT of $$$$. Is she doing actually doing this, running a side business inside her District Clerk office or beside it or what have you, rent free? FYI: It appears as if she as an elected official is using her position to makie a profit running a seperate personal business using public property. Legal? Ethical? Another quick opinion: The stuff (Harwin Street Faux or what) is selling looks like "junk" that a person could barely give least from the pictures posted. The area looks "trashy." I say take all of it to the Spirit of Sharing. Embarrassment indeed. Very tacky! LOL Thought: "The Beverly Hillbillies" have arrived at the District Clerk's office. OMG!!!!!

Seems like someone came up with a great ideal. No rent, free utilies, free sales clerk, next a sign out front. Now we need a couple more clerks for the county's work...

FYI: Liberty County District Clerk.(SEE Mike McCarty) "State law does not allow the use of government property or the services of government employees by a public official for his or her private use even if the public entity is fully reimbursed for the value of the property or the services after the fact. A public official or public employee can be criminally prosecuted for a violation of the misuse of government property law. See, e.g., Megason v. State, 19 S.W.3d 883 (Tex. App.—Texarkana 2000, pet. ref’d). Punishment for a violation of this law ranges from a Class C misdemeanor to a first degree felony, depending on the value of the misused property.31"

Donna's Boutique : Please. PLEASE do not fight for your right to use government property for a private business. PLEASE, get rid of it and make a public apology. That is how it gets brushed away quickly. Get it over with so we can move on to something else, like the collection of storage buildings at the old jail. Why cant they just build a storage structure? Why do they have to keep adding mini buildings till it looks like tin can alley?

The evidence is right in front of everyone.....Poor Mike, he just made someone mad...

Donna Brown has had many opportunities to be embarrassed in public but she refuses to be. She is one of those rare individuals who no matter how they behave, no matter what they get caught doing, they hold their head high and justify. there is her bumper sticker for next election. Re-elect Brown holding her head high and ready to justify.

What are the hours of the boutique? I hope it stays open after 5 p.m. and the prices are good. Maybe she will give the county employees a discount. Wait until Channel 13 hears about this. We will be the biggest joke of the century. Really Donna...

Is this "Donna's Boutique" legal?

liberty county courthouse store,AND are taxes being paid on any and or sales,time to call,write and email the Houston news stations.GOD what gall!

She is the biggest joke of the century

She needs more mo money for mo makeup

This doesn't surprise me about this lady you can see how she carrys herself. Shes better than us

And she judges other people and their children. Shame on her and shame on the citizens who elected her. What an embarrassment!

The amazing thing about the Donna Brown boutique in the court house is that County Judge Jay Knight confirmed that he knew of its existence....what is wrong with these people? if McCarty was indicted then Donna Brown needs charges filed on her also.

Donna Brown...are you kidding me?? As a business owner, it must be nice to use the courthouse as a side business. I bet there's no paperwork filed on this business. I am sure there is no rent paid. Didn't we just indite a commissioner over stupid stuff like this? Voters in this county need a rude awakening.

A Boutique in the courthouse? How professional is that. Liberty County will become a laughing stock. Put all the power outages up there with that. What a joke

Donna brown needs to be investigated! She's been manipulating the system for years and prancing around as if she's "somebody", And to think we have four more years of this flake. Who does she think she is ... Really??? I wish someone would wipe the smirky grin off her face once and for all.

Since we are on the subject of Donna and her Boutique I was wondering if this will affect her after school daycare when school starts?

Whats all the fuss about Tammy Faye Baker, I mean Donna Faye Baker at the court house?

Can we have Donna Brown removed or a recall?

General Comments

Well we are getting to see just how bizarre and weird the GOP is, thanks to Fox the Dr. Frankenstein that helped create the present GOP. Everybody is screaming about Trump as if he is some oddity , he isn't he and his comments are too familiar in the minds of most east Texans, and in their mouths, he is giving voice to the racists, the women haters, the immigrant haters, and those who need help spelling words. The rest of the candidates are off the chart in their opinions and "I love Jesus and you should too" jackass vision of America.

Here is a great right wing conspiracy concerning Donald Trump. Bill Clinton convinced Trump to run in order to destroy the GOP. Looks like its winning.

General Comments

I know that many Liberty taxpayers know nothing about what is going on. So, I will state what I have heard. You can take it with a grain of salt, or research it on your on. It is only your tax money. What I have heard is that the new super street from Lakeland Drive to the 146 bypass is a road for nothing. Why? I understand that nothing can be built along it because it is designated wetlands. If this is true, the taxpayers paid for a super road that will only benefit the ones that own the land. Run for Council Liberty people.

General Comments

First off who came up with citizens on patrol, seniors driving around wasting county gas and driving better vehicles than deputies. I have seen deputies vehicles paint peeling, dents,cars dirty. Liberty county has some damn good deputies, but they have to drive cars that are wore out. While C.O.P.. get nice S UV's somethings wrong with this picture. Most departments retire a vehicle around 90,000 miles I have heard that some of the deputies vehicles have over 200.000 miles these cars are dangerous. Another thing this county needs a county garage to maintain their vehicles instead of subbing it out to local shops they would save a lot of $$$. I drive by the sheriff's office and it looks like a junk yard of old police cars WHY? You don't see junk cars at Liberty PD or Dayton PD. The sheriff's office looks like a scrap yard, who's in charge here? Never mind I know who's in charge of vehicle's and it's not Bobby. Wake up before a deputy get hurt in a worn out vehicle. Bobby your a good man, but look at whats going around you. You've got a couple of people that just care about their self and you know who they are.

General Comments

congressmen brian babin recent visit to liberty,i would like to hear from any non-veteran or veteran that did meet and speak with mr. b.babin,as the front page of the vindicator clearly stated the meeting was for all of the voters,not what I was told when I did go to said meeting,funny how people get into politics and forget the very people that voted for them,as I was clearly told by one of the staff it was for veterans only.maybe one it comes time to vote again,his office can clearly tell all the voters,it s for veterans did not take him long to forget,just exactly who put him in office.

General Comments

I notice at the court house this week that they had a little boutique opened up by the District Clerks office in the Court house. I was wondering is this something that anyone can do or just a friend of our District Clerk because I have somethings that I would like to sell. I mean really, the court house is not a place to be selling stuff from your boutique that has closed down. That last time I checked it was illegal for a private business to operate on county property. just saying!!

Someone needs to let the commissioners know what she is doing. She thinks she is untouchable.

Shooting at Baytown Church

Shooting at Baytown Church: I am thinking a whole lot more church pastors or deacons need to be armed and spend some nights at their churches. I suspect a lot of these criminals would give a second thought to breaking in and stealing equipment and valuables from them and setting fires to cover their crimes.

General Comments

I agree LISD should sell assests we have no plans to use withing the next decade and put the money from the sales toward paying our debt down. This Superintendent would be considered the Superintendent most respectful of taxpayers in this area if he would handle our business honestly and professionally.

I will believe Liberty Independent School District will sell their large piece of property off of Texas and Grand when I see a for sale sign out on the grounds. It would be smart if we as taxpayers demand a o sign apublic statement from Cody Abshier or the board president as to why held this property while asking the public to sign a $33,000,000 IOU. If they have a good reason we should hear it.

I can tell some just don't understand. Anyone expecting this Superintendent or this school board to volunteer an explanation about anything needs to wake up to reality. they likely will act like they have not read the comment (and we know some have because of the popularity of this site). But if one of the community leaders we have placed in position to oversee the schools were to comment, it would surely be a "planning for the future" excuse. The property mentioned is a public asset and there is nothing in the foreseeable future that should keep us from using the property to generate money to pay our debt down. But if you are a Superintendent or a board member you may say to heck with the debt, it will be paid off eventually. You may want a pet project to work on instead. Wake up and watch! What will you see? Nothing. This property will probably not be put up for sale, and if it is, kiss the money good bye. our leaders will fund something else rather than pay down debt.

LISD property sale. Why sell this property when the would get next to nothing for it? There is plenty of large tracks for sale, that have been for sale for years. There is just no market.

General Comments

Sounds like the majority segment of the Hardin city council has finally learned how to govern like their sisters at the Liberty city council - line up your "rubber-stampers" and shove things through, legally or ???

What in the world is going on in Hardin, and it's City Council?

Hardin, yall need to be at those meetings for the town! This is absolute nonsense! Find out times and be there!

When it comes time to vote for city council members, the residents of Hardin should not forget all of this embarrassment this council has brought to the city. Maybe the city of Liberty should consider annexing Hardin

General Comments

Unless we have a school building programright around the corner, ihe huge and valuable is difficult to understand why the Liberty superintendent just made us responsible for so much debt by bonds. I say that because of the huge and very valuable piece of land where my daughter went to school. I have never seen a for sale sign on the property.Never. There is no one talking about us building a new building in the foreseeable future. That property should have been sold. The money from the sale and the money from selling the behavior school over on the bypass could have saved us fromborrowing nearly one million of the several million added to my Dr.Seus tax caboose.

General Comments

Why do we have to pay so much fuel charges for the city of Liberty utility bill. They do not come around and read meters any more. Or, are we paying for city of Liberty week-end workers to go and pay they loans on the fuel charges we are paying through our bills.

The fuel charge is a pass through cost for any purchased power and the fuel needed to generate the required energy output. It has nothing to do with gasoline and trucks.

So you're saying the "fuel charge" is the city's actual cost and everything else is profit?

What's really strange about "fuel charge" is that the power that the coop gets is delivered power without any added charges, so what is the fuel charge? Is that added charges by the City to help with pet projects and to keep the tax rate artificially low? HMMMMMM. . .

"fuel sur-charge",it helps pay for the trips to the casino,stuff like that.for people to drive the city cars/trucks to their home's for the people who do not even live in the it or not!

Wow, its scary to think that some of the public thinks the gas sur-charge on the electric bill has anything to do with the city employees driving a city vehicle. And another wow is that these morons can vote in an election. Holy crap Batman!

General Comments

Salute to Mayor C. Scott Parker and a fond adieu to one of Liberty's best mayors and citizens ever. He definitely gave more than he ever took and truly loved this old town. May his "true" friends remember his many kindnesses, and the others, well, we'll leave that for posterity to judge - et tu Brute.

I too would like to join in and offer a salute to former Mayor C. Scott Parker. I knew him for years and he was truly a remarkable man. Giving of his own time and resources to help the city and its citizens. He was the epitome of a "giving man". His family should be proud of the legacy that he left our town for his years of service as Mayor and as a contributing citizen. God Speed Mayor Parker. My condolences to Barbara and all family members during this time of their loss. He will be missed.

General Comments

Tractor Supply: I was trying to shop in tractor supply and for about 3 weekend in a row it was like a sauna in the building and stink like backup sewer line...what is going on liberty county? liberty county needs work A/C , no plumbing..not getting my business..those poor workers and no ventilation

"liberty county needs work A/C , no plumbing..not getting my business.." You whine about the work needing to be done and then say they won't get your tell me how you expect that to happen when YOU won't support and help them out? You can't have it both ways!

RE: Tractor supply Your response to the first feedback concerning Tractor supply is ridiculous. I took this feedback to be a "CUSTOMER" complaining about no A/C and some awful plumbing issues and stating the fact that they would not shop at this store due to these issues. I myself stopped shopping there over a year ago for these same reasons and yes, they have had these problems for a long time at this store. Please explain to me why it is the "CUSTOMER'S" responsibility to support and help out?? Tractor supply is a major corporation and I do believe it is their responsibility to make necessary and much needed repairs to keep their customers happy. I mean really, who wants to shop in 90 degree temps all while smelling sewer? Get off your butts Tractor supply and make some repairs!!!

Liberty Woman Arrested for DWI

everyone will be real stunned when these charges get thrown out... this women has cancer in her eye that is the reason her eyes reacted the way they did she suffers from lymphoma if our p.d. wasn't so gung ho to hang all the keatons they might have just gave this poor lady a ride home....

To the ones complaining about the lady getting arrested bc of her name...why is she driving if she has issues with her eyes? What about the innocent person she hit? Seems like her family dropped the ball on that one...can't wait to hear the outcome.

Someone thinks the P.D. is "gung ho" to hang the Keatons? It's actually just the opposite. The P.D. would love to stop dealing with the Keatons. They've wanted that for at least two decades. Unfortunately, it's the Keatons themselves that keep causing law enforcement and the courts to interact with them.

That lady Keaton has been driving around high for years. She has blurred speech every time I see her at walmart. Drug abuse.

I agree with the comment on Mrs. Keaton you know dang good and well she was not intoxicated she is a user of dilahua and runs around liberty driving just messed up ourmt if her mind . so I hope when you took blood from her ya smart enough to see the tracks on her arms and etc stop these Keaton's lock her up throw away the key or send an officer to do heavy surveillance on her house and you will see what the whole dang town see's and knows this is sickening and better be taken care of !!!!! Junkies are a big problem in our town time to clean this place up starting with old Mrs keaton

General Comments

"police picking on blacks",maybe yes,maybe no.BUT on sun.,07/19/2015 the pic and information is on this page,black man john simon,sitting in his car outside apartments,waiting for a girl to come home,that is a know felon,and much younger,living with her mother and grandmother,who just happened to be out of town at the time,people coming and going in and out of the apartment for 4-5 days,doing GOD knows what.caught with pot and meth,kudo's to the L.P.D.not what anyone want's in their neighborhood.

Re: In addition, check State of Texas numbers and you will see a race of people that makes up ~14% of population in the nation have about ~60% of the inmates in Texas prisons./////// I love it when someone else proves my case for me and I don't have to even try. 14% of the population and 60% of the prisoners? So, you think the BAD cops are the reason for this number? Case closed.

"police picking on blacks",if you want to see who they really harass come on over and sit with me for a cup of coffee.people coming and going all hours of the night,no car/truck ever at the apartment more then once for 5-6 days,known felon,and i'am the bad guy? I tried to give proof,and I get treated like the felon,which I am not nor ever have been.

General Comments

I wish the State would fix the bumpy patch on FM1409 just south of the bridge that replaced the Dead Man's Curve Bridge. This bad spot is on the north bound side of the road.

General Comments

Hardin ISD school board wants a pretty new school but they are unable to hire some of the better teachers in the area because of their low pay scale. Better teachers, better students. Better buildings, better pictures.

I agree. Our school borad has mismanaged the district for a long long time, but around here the election is a popularity contest. That is why we hired Larry haynes as the head coach a few years ago and became the only school in the county to have artificial turf. That is why we refuse to make our teacher salaries competitive so we can fill openings with the best available teachers. Mismanaging.

Whoa,you mean we can say the truth about Hardin ISD and all those feeding at the local coffee hole want come after us? We have some really good teachers but we have lost some opportunities to fill spots with some of the better teachers in the county because we are the second worst paying school in the area (thanks Daisetta for being the worst!)

DPS Releases Video of Sandra Bland Traffic Stop

There is a problem with cops who pick on people, even here in Liberty. I know of one incident that happened last year to a woman who was only walking to CVS from her home, a policewoman saw her followed her into the store, followed her around the store, and confronted her outside the store and accused her of being someone else. After the woman was asked to prove her identity, which she couldn't because she left her ID at home, the woman defended her innocence, and the policewoman threatened to arrest her but didn't. There are numerous incidents of people being arrested for something and when they make bail, thinking they are free to go, the jail will bring up another charge in order to hold them longer, when the accused thinks all the charges were taken care of, this happens a great deal. The number of AA being incarcerated greatly outnumbers whites because mostly the AA and the poor whites, and Spanish speaking offenders haven't the funds needed to work themselves out of court system. Those who are affluent never see the inside of a jail for long, but if you are poor you can end up there for a long time.

Get off your soap box about Sandra Bland, let the women rest in piece. If she would have been white it would have been tough shit. There would not have been all this publicity.

"Sandra bland",well,well.a few months ago there was one suicide in the liberty county jail,why not protest that? oops he was white!

Man Dead after Domestic Violence Call

Man Dead after Domestic Violence Call ANAHUAC, July 22, 2015 I am sorry another human being was killed resisting the police again. However, I am glad it was a white man, or we would be having more protests and demonstrations. I am pretty sure there will be none of those due to this incident.

Man Dead After Domestic Violence Call: There should not be any protests or demonstrations because this story clearly states this address has had numerous prior calls for assistance involving domestic violence, aggravated assault w/deadly weapon, violation of a protective order, not to mention he broke free from the officers attempting to arrest him, ran to his truck and grabbed a weapon. It's not like he was innocently walking through a neighborhood with a bag of skittles in his hand, and now dead, he wasn't selling single cigarettes on a street corner and before you know it he's yelling (repeatedly), "I can't breathe" and now he's dead, he wasn't driving down the street and trying to let the cops get by moves to the left without signaling and now she's dead.

General Comments

I continually hear that blacks are picked on by police much more than any race. That the percentage in prison is lopsided. Well, I am reading the feedback report this morning at 11:15 AM, 7/21/2015, and the first three stories involve blacks committing crimes. Not European-Americans, not Mexicans, not Asians, not Space Aliens or Illegal Invaders. No, just blacks. Case closed.

The comment on "blacks are picked on by police much more than any race", all races are picked on by the police. Blacks just seem to be the favorite flavor chosen by the police and other racially motivated individuals. The stories that are posted have been chosen, it doesn't mean that other races didn't do crimes! I don't care how many times you tell yourself that Blacks are bad doesn't make it true. It only makes you IGNORANT and blind. Wake up and look in your immediate family, whether you acknowledge it or not, their are bad seeds growing. And since I know your family, you need to stop before your family's dirty laundry gets aired on here!!! Just Saying!!!!

To the poster speaking about blacks being picked on: The reason you continually hear about blacks being picked on is because it is true. Five times as many Whites are using drugs as African Americans (AA), yet AA are sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of Whites. AA represent 12% of the total population of drug users, but 38% of those arrested for drug offenses, and 59% of those in state prison for drug offenses. You have people that can openly admit to raping their kids and get probation, others go to prison. If you think AA are the only people committing crimes because of what you read on i-dineout, perhaps those are the only ones getting reported. Look on the Sheriff's inmate list and you will see that European-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Space Aliens and Illegal Invaders are being arrested...just not convicted. Case closed.

I thought it was so telling by the person writing the racially charged comments about those "BLACKS" being the three lawbreakers they read about on this news-reporting site. In addition, those Blacks say that number of people in prison is lopsided. Commenter stated "not the "European-Americans, not Mexicans, not Asians, not Space Aliens or Illegal Invaders. No, just blacks" funny but all groups were described with names being started with a capital letter, except them "blacks"! That comment contained pure hate for a whole race of people, just analyzing the wording of it. In addition, did three lawbreakers bastardize the whole race, in the USA? In addition, check State of Texas numbers and you will see a race of people that makes up ~14% of population in the nation have about ~60% of the inmates in Texas prisons. Bet you are a "Christian" and if so the same person that blew his breath into you after birth blew his breath into those three lawbreakers after birth. In addition, are you judge and jury all wrapped into one for Liberty County. The “Commenter” as Senator Graham yesterday called Donald Trump a "Jackass", you to can be described as a "Jackass". From 1865 (in Texas) to 2015 slaves freed but some folks still would like those Blacks to still be slaves and those 3 could be whipped or fed to the gators for their transgressions. Good Luck.

It is ridiculous to say that when any race at all is arrested for committing a crime, it is done so because the police are "picking" on them. When the police do their job of cleaning up the streets it is said they are picking on people. When they do not clean up crime they are accused of not doing their job. Isn't it obvious what the real complaint is here? This cop hate has got to stop.

Re Blacks in prisons... Have you ever been inside a prison? Not a county jail but prison. They are just about all black and disrespectful as they were on the streets. Go see for yourself then your story will change. Numbers don't lie my friend.

General Comments

I started a ledger noting the date and time of each power outage, the weather conditions, length of time power is out. After x amount of outages, I will call the Public Utilities Commission and report them. I think if we all did that, we may get some positive results. Won't hurt to try.

Felony Drug Arrest in Ames

Great job LCSO for starting the cleanup in ames Been poisoning the community for a long time Now on to finish the cleanup with CR 158. It's sad that these people sling drugs year after year and aren't taken off of the streets and when they are they're let out to do the same things

General Comments

An election is imminent as we see a picture of our Quasi-Sheriff in the field with one of his finest Sgt. Niemeyer. Crime Numbers out this week from TDPS for 2014 showing reported Sheriff's Department crime and clearance rate. Sheriff Rader’s overall were the same low numbers as 2013. Were there really four homicides in Liberty County in 2014? I slept through them probably.

This is for the poster who likes to throw cheap shots at the sheriff by referring to him as "quasi". Maybe you should move to the quiet little burg over in Harris county called Houston, where it is crime free, drug free, no illegals, really low taxes and no traffic snarls. You can leave for work leaving your home unlocked, let your children play in the park without any supervision. That's just starters.

General Comments

Oh I think the City makes a lot of it's decisions not in closed meetings but in some one's office. This most recent concocted fine about grass clippings is just a shitty way to increase revenue, they are not giving any more warnings after two years of enacting this piece of work. I'm completely convinced Broz and the entire city council must go, also a lot of underlings that work for the city too. They can fine anyone they want for whatever they want, grass clippings, not having a place to stay being forced to sleep wherever one can, but open arms to tattoo parlors , liquor stores, loan shark lending companies.

OK, let's get this straight; the City of Liberty has not been picking limbs by the curb for two (2) months. I heard it was because their place to put the limbs was under water. Yet, they want to fine anyone for grass clippings, limbs that are not exactly where they want them. The City needs to sweep their own door steps first. They have lots of grass to cut and ditches to clean. Some streets you cannot see for the weeds. How about some weed killer? They sell it locally. Also, what's up with the ditches on main street. The City should demand that the State clean them out! The City can't get enough taxes from Boom$$$$, so they will just fine us more. Fire them all. Weak backbones in office here in the third oldest city in Texas.

IF the city wants to make up rules and charge citizens for not following them, could they please make up something a little more consequential. And IF they intend on fining people for this could they please save up some moneu just in case one of our taxpayers decides to look for places to use actual laws to bring them before the magistrate.

I have photos, that I have taken in the last two days, of grass clippings in the street around the City Hall and Library. Even one of clippings around the Mayor's house. Seems logical the first $500 fines should be given to City Manager Broz and each of the Liberty City Council members. After all, it is their ordinance.

I for one embrace the Liberty city ordinance restricting branches ect in the street. The streets in my section of Liberty are narrow. My inconsiderate neighbors pile their tree branches partially in the street, after driving around the piles for 4 to 5 days I get out of my truck and move them back onto the offenders property. Way to go to go Liberty city get out there and start writing tickets. I am tired of moving tree branches out of the street.

To the poster who is glad the city will soon be writing tickets for street debris, you remind me of the stories of the neighbors in Germany who turned in Jews to the police, your motives are selfish and sleezy. I'm sure your neighbors really think highly of you, you seem like a gem to live next to.

Limbs and Grass clippings ? How about abandoned Houses or rental Houses not up to code. Example, three abandoned rent houses behind the Catholic Church near City Hall .. Grass growing wild and Houses failing apart.. Fine them Big Time. These are not the only Houses or even Bussiness in liberty that need to be Torn Down or Reparied if possible. Mayor and the Taks force need to drive around liberty and take notes and write out those fines.

I cant stand these dogooders who travel around town and look for buildings that need to be torn down, and yards that need mowed, and scream for the city to fine those who aren't in compliance according to these pseudo Nazis. These are only minor problems, and those who own these structures more than likely don't have the finances to pour into these repairs. It's not a big secret that being in an impecunious situation is not looked on kindly by the city officials here in Liberty aka. the public camping ordinance, or by the high profile citizens that take it upon themselves to go to the city and complain about structures that they deem unlivable, while they live in nice homes insulated from the poor in places like Travis Park, and others. In order for these busy bodies to see the unsightly residences they must leave their subdivisions, here's some advice, stay home. I have said it once and I say it again, I have never seen any of the members of the city council ever shopping locally, and before you say anything, I always shop locally and in 15 years you would think you might cross paths with some of these people, no never not even in the peak buying seasons like Xmas, not even in the area grocery stores. The ones who are screaming loudly about wanting to fine their fellow citizens are the lousiest type of people.

General Comments

Good luck LCSO regarding the bust in Baker Circle last night. It was long over due but hats off to you guys. 5-6 different families live in that house and none of them have jobs. I work everyday and barley survive. These crack heads roll around in new cars, slinging all kinds of cash, and have kids they can't take care of. But...they will be the first to complain about the cops doing their jobs. They need to get a job and bust a$$ like normal people do. We need to crack down on this activity everywhere. GOOD JOB LCSO. Signed....Your neighborhood crime watch!

General Comments

With the grass clippings issue, doesn't the city own something like the first ten feet back from the street? When will they start to maintain what they own?

General Comments

With the law enforcement crowd now driving SUV's and pickups (Lord knows if those might be used personally), I wonder if maybe sports cars and convertibles are next?

General Comments

Hard to believe after all the reports on KSHN and newspaper, more isn't said about Hardin city meetings.

General Comments

I wonder how many people are victimized by the local loan shark lending business that pepper the area. You know the ones who give easy credit to those who have bad credit, and need money. They then get the client hooked on easy money and refinance the loans when the due dates come up, and the client never pays off the loan because they cant ever get out from under them. Then there is the payday loans who are worse than the others. Those who are needy are made easy victims for this kind of money lenders. The City needs to look into these businesses and see if they are doing more harm than good, and if they are not doing more good than harm then it should look into running them out of town. But don't worry the City of Liberty wont ever do anything like that because it doesn't care about it's citizens, it only cares about those citizens who are high profile, not the easily ignored.

General Comments

I must say it is refreshing to have our new Commissioner. As I sat in the living room last night a mosquito truck came by fogging the neighborhood. This is the second time in a month. Thank you Commissioner Wilson

To the person commending Mr Wilson. Do you happen to live on the same road as him?

To the person who thinks Leon Wilson is so great you need to pull your head out of your ---- Drive around the roads are worse now than I can ever remember

All you people complaining about Leon Wilson need to get a life. I live no where near him and we have had numerous mosquito spraying trucks come by. And as far as the roads, give him a minute to get things going. Its not as easy as you think it is, I am sure!! So stop complaining or run for something yourself and make changes since you think its so easy. And no I am not personal friends with him but so sick of seeing people complain on here about people in office, when they sit around doing nothing.




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