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Liberty Constable Timothy Allison Sued

Tim Allison's heavy-handed, power hungry, obnoxious attitude should make the Catholic's think twice about supporting him again - a very good man lost the last race to this Republican... - no need to mention his wife's lovely personality - birds-of-a-feather. It appears you thought "you were somebody" Timmy-boy.

Why will you report on on constable being sude in Harris county but won't report thatformer liberty county sheriff Henry Patterson is being suid along with Steve green James cooper Rex Evans mark Ellington and liberty county and that the tax payers money is being used to defend all of them by a high priced law firm out of Beaumont think you need to look into it and why we the tax payers are having to support that

The accusations against the Constable are serious ones. If they are true then he was way out of line, and makes me wonder if he hasn't done things like this before since the accusations show him to be completely confidant in that type of behavior.

General Comments

Thanks to whoever initiated the removal of the old train tracks across Hwy 90 in Liberty.

You can thank Union Pacific Railroad for removing the Hwy. 90 crossing tracks that used to service National Pipe & Tube. The service would have helped the longevity of Boomerang here in town but the impending oil crash will soon see them leaving.

Comments about the tracks across highway 90. What "impending oil crash" are you referring to?

Know Your History

Regarding your editorial about knowing your history... I find it humorous that your thesis eludes to making the same 'dumb mistakes', and your closing statement says that you're proud to be a democrat. Though your organization skills are lacking, I'll commend you on another valiant attempt at journalism.

Soooooo, as a member of the Creek Tribe of Indians, you're not a fan of the immortal John Wayne who allegedly said, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian"????? I heard that is why that idiot Dan Patrick, our presumed to be next Lt. Gov., likes to watch Rio Bravo every Thanksgiving. Better hope the real Republicans and whatever is left of the Democrat party get out and vote.

I enjoyed your editorial. We have seen throughout time, those who have not learned from their past mistakes continue to repeat the same. The Republicans who seem to be the 'Christian Right', fail to realize the biblical history of God's chosen people and how they continually repeated their mistakes and were punished time and time again for the error of their ways. It is too bad that it has to be Democrat v. Republican all the time. Why can it not be person v. person, morals v. morals, ethics v. ethics and leave the party politics out of it. The city of Liberty continues to ignore history and return to their roots. For so long, they artificially taxed the citizens through electric rates. We then had someone come in and change that. Now we are back to the same old 'transfers' from electric sales to general fund to avoid tax increases for the unnecessary pet projects of our 'elected' officials. I say elected, but I do not believe Liberty has experienced a contested election in many cycles. We see ISD's always wanting to issue bonds to build new facilities, while taxing the backs of the already over taxed. While I will agree some time they are necessary, most of the time they are not. Any funding should go to increase teacher salaries, attract better, more qualified teachers and bring better education to Liberty County. You can build all the facilities you want, but if you do not have quality, dedicated and inspired teaching, it is all for nothing. Enough of the partisan politics on this website. How about some educated discussion and debate to bring about a better Liberty County. Thanks Allen for your continued focus on the needs of our community. I, for one, appreciate your efforts and dedication.

I like it. And people have got to change their dynamics. It's no longer R vs D. It's statism vs liberty and both parties are filled to the brim with statists.

"Yes, I’m a proud Democrat and very proud of the responsiveness of our party to constituents. I know my history. I look forward with anticipation of the possible opportunity to vote for Hillary Clinton. It’s time we had a woman president of the old, White man’s government." Knowing what the "Old White Man's Government" did to your ancestors, shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself for allowing it to occur again? Or are you as an "Old White man" getting some sort of kickback from the Democratic party of the handout? To keep our nation moving in the same direction is tantamount to running full steam ahead into an iceberg Captain. Thanks, for admitting your part in the fleecing of the nation.

General Comments

I would like to know is there anything we can do about the vehicles that drive up and down the road all hours of the day and night with the extremely loud radios that have so much bass in them that they make everything in your house rattle? I have lived in my current location for 28 years in the country, just because we don't live in town or there any ordinances about this I am so fed up with the boom, boom, boom!!

General Comments

FOOTBALL!-- When was the last time you saw Liberty citizens excited on Friday night? Sure, we can't wait for friday to come to watch our sons, friends, neighbors, or family members play out on the field but how do us football viewers play a part? We need to come out to the games and support the Liberty Panthers!! (which the stands have not been full for years!!)-- We need to rally around them (which at Friday's home game you could hear a pin drop- the fans were quiet).... because we were losing!??-- NOT AN EXCUSE! We need to support our Panthers whether they win or lose!! Get some team spirit!!-- If you have ever been to a Dayton or Huffman football game-- YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!-- the stadiums are consistantly full whether they win or LOSE... But one thing in paticular ASTONISHES me at friday's home game against Orangefield.... As we sat all quiet in the stands-- no one cheering-- no words of encouragement for our Panthers that were getting sacked/killed over and over-- But there was one man, solo, --- cheering, hollaring, attempting to get the stands to hollar out for our players!!-- to get us to pick the team up, showing our support!!-- AND WHAT DID HE GET IN RESPONSE-- NOTHING FROM THE CROWD BECAUSE WE WERE LOSING? BUT AN OFFICER COMING TO HIM AND STATING HE WOULD HAVE TO CITATE HIM A TICKET if he continued hollaring and yelling out from the stands!!! Are you serious!!?? I sat there looking around thinking- this man is so right!! and he gets in trouble for rallying behind our Liberty Panther team!! It made me sick!! Come on Liberty-- we want our team to get better and better- Well, they want and need us to back them also!!-- We have a job to do as well as the team and their coaches!! Let's pack those stands and hollar for our Liberty Panthers and see if local policeman want to quiet us!! Let's bring our Panther spirit back and put it in full force!! --- A proud Liberty citizen/parent of our Liberty Athletic program/kids!!

AIR HORNS!! WHY/ WHY???? Why are air horns not allowed at football games?? Where is the sign?? And why do sheriff/baliff's?? confiscate them from kids and will not give them back to the parents when they tell them they were unaware of airhorns not allowed and would put them up or even away back in their car?? Why do they have to be so rude about not giving something back that was clearly a noise maker to support our Liberty Panthers/ Homecoming court/ etc..... Again-- Officers with no Liberty spirit breaking our Team down even further when citizens make noise to try and rally behind them!! Did he just want his own air horn?? P.S.- just so you know you can get one at Walmart, you don't have to take up little kids airhorns and not give them back to the parents who bought them!!...... sincerely, an upset citizen- again unable to show support by making noise at our Liberty Football games

in response to Liberty football games, cheering and noise makers. it is just not football. I went to a basketball game and was clapping and showing support for our team. an officer came from the visitors side to tell me and the other people that were cheering, that Liberty ISD had hired them to keep everybody quiet. She did even take some of the kids cell phones. I asked her when did you go to a game and not be able to cheer. She informed me that was the rule for Liberty. Same thing happened at the volleyball games. When i go to Hardin, Hull-Daisetta, Dayton, and other games i actually hear cheering. So because of this i have stopped supporting Liberty teams because of the dumb decisions made by someone. At football games, you don't even the bands playing. When I say support and cheering, I don't mean offensive. Maybe that is why the stadium is empty, and not because we don't care.

To me it's just sad to read the posts about the lack of football spirit here in Liberty games, not that there isn't spirit, but the sad belly aching about football. On facebook and other social sites and now here, you would think that the only life some people have is football. One local guy on fb constantly goes on about the Longhorns, and the dismal Texans performance ad nauseam. Don't misunderstand me, rallying around ones team during the season is a nice little bit of diversity to the mundane, but for some of these people it's a lifestyle. When it's the season it's all they talk about, when the season is over, all they can say is when will it return. The lack of spirit is one thing, but the lack of anything but football is sad,

Football! Sadly Liberty football has suffered a down turn the last several years. After visiting with a friend, something was brought to my attention about Liberty's athletic program in general. I had never thought of this before...many of our Liberty youth have had to move to Dayton because that is where their families can find nice, affordable housing. Liberty is very lacking where housing is concerned, but Dayton has built many nice apartment homes. Obviously our teams can't grow due to the housing issue. Maybe the solution is to quit losing players is to have more housing. By the way, during the conversation, there were names of 5 varsity players that now live in Dayton, that were is Liberty during their younger years. Think about it, this makes sense.

General Comments

ok, time to do something about the trains in Dayton that goes a cross hwy 90 several times a day, blocks traffic for several miles anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes each time, not to mention the gas we waste setting there. Our fearless leaders could get something done if they wanted to. Since the ruling was over turned that trains don't have the 10 minute delay they (trains) see how long they can take now like "we will show them". Liberty County residence were told an over pass was going to be built. That was to just get people off their backs I guess because according to Union Pacific they have no knowledge of that in the plans. Turning my car off while I wait is not an options

Relax, that train is the only thing keeping the amount of traffic down in Dayton in the long run. Leave earlier or take a detour everyday :)

General Comments

Why, oh why did the city lose power again?

Letter to the Editor - For public knowledge, from public record

Letter to the editor comment: PBK is being charged with ethics violations and being sued in another ISD over stuff like this. While they have the right to donate, I surely don't want them rewarded with a contract in Dayton for us to pay their legal fees.

here we go again, the pustule has risen again. Lablank, who cares about a 2,000 contribution? There is no smoking gun here. No matter how many times you get up in public and wring your hands and jump up and down, no one will care what you say and think. Now go slime your way back under your rock like a good slug.

Somebody is either lying about Jeff LeBlanc in an effort to marginalize him or they unexplicably ignorant. LeBlanc represents a large number of active and independent voters. he is well spoken and well informed. His opponents can make up things and try and destroy his representation, but LeBlanc is a successful patriotic American.

In regard to the funding for the DISD bond: Not only is it inappropriate for the committee to accept this money it is also scary that the school district would even consider this builder for the schools. It will be bad enough to have everyone's taxes skyrocket but even worse if the taxpayers have to pay for for faulty construction.

It seems to me a non-school employee with no children in DISD the Bond election should be passed, as a no brainer. Why you ask? I saw amenities in other slightly larger towns 50 years ago. Our Children need to have as many opportunities as conceivably possible today even in a "small town" perceived school district. We have cut education over the last decade why? To use for state and federal officials to placate puppet masters who have given them their positions. Now it is time to give our children a chance to have a diversity of avenues at the old proverbial school house. I say we have a very good school Supt. who is a product of the Dayton School System. We have just hired her and let's look through her eyes to our children's future in the USA. Vote Yes on DISD Bonds. Vote Yes Now!

Wow! People really get ugly when anyone speaks up against the DISD "say yes" campaign. Shame on all of you. l can tell you that the children of this community need good role models, respectful parents, and above-board teachers & administrators far more than they need new schools. Jeff LeBlanc has only expressed his opinions and asked the voters to pause and stop to think about the issue. He has done so thru editorial letters and legal campaigning. All ways we are allowed to express our values and beliefs in this country. Calling him "Lablank", "pustule", "slug", and "moron" is just ugly and mean. To anyone looking in from the outside, it would seem as though the second a person disagrees with the popular idea, they are subject to attacks and name calling from our supposed leaders. This is just disgusting and immature to me. Our children need respectful adults with integrity to lead our community and schools. If what I have seen from this bond election is the leadership of DISD, you can bet that I'm homeschooling!

The DISD superintendent talks to voters like they are eighth graders. It is clear she thinks she is superior to us low life's the taxpayers. Of course she and her husband can afford this because they get every perk known in the political tax avoiders.

Thank God for I -Dine Out. This site presents the news on both sides of an issue. If we depended on the Dayton News or the Liberty Vindicator for both sides of the news we would be hurting. This has become very evident in the DISD bond issue. The mainstream newspapers are for the bond issue and present the news accordingly. The mainstream news should have been investigating the back story of the bond and published who is funding the issue and the issues with the main contributor for all the signs in town and most likely the builder of the new schools. They also should investigate all the connections between the Dayton City Council and the DISD administrators.

King Otto, big spender of the taxpayer has a yes sign in his yard to $87M in new ISD debt ($160,000,000 with interest)... John we need your help to lower our taxes, not spend our money. We can do that ourselves.

The bond needs to be rejected and sent back to the elected board of trustees to rework without the assistance of 65 non-elected community delagates and traveling salesmen. The board was elected to make these decisions, not push responsibility back to members of the community that we didn't select to represent. Come back with a lower number and a better game plan. No parent or community member that opposes this bond does so out of hatred of kids. For 25 years, I have heard that Dayton is on the verge of breaking out in terms of population, industrial and commercial growth. Yet, in 25 years, we haven't seen the private sector growth we have been promised, but continue to build the public monuments as if we had. In 25 years, the elected officials in our town haven't changed their response to this either. Is this coincidental? Maybe. Is this mutually exclusive? Probably not. This needs to change. We can't burden our industrial base with the majority of an 88MM dollar tab and expect new business to come here. Listen- If this bond passes, it is going to be due to the legal, however spitefully unethical, practice of voter targeting administered by Dayton ISD and its direct associates. Call a spade a spade, it is what it is. Our community is overwhelmingly conservative/republican (not a cheap shot, but a number of our beloved incumbents who had identified as democrats werent re-elected after obamacare passed), and can't quite figure out why so many people can't see or dont care what this bond represents. Dayton ISD willfully admits that they proposed this bond with everything and the kitchen sink included because they wont get another one passed for a very long time. This is fiscally irresponsible. They literally expect us to have buyer's remorse after they've pushed it so hard. Look- If you want to see a better community for your kids, lets be a better community for our kids and cut the "Sign Wars!" and name calling out and actually listen to each other. Create a dialouge instead. If we did this, we'd be better at spotting and adressing our community needs/wants and finding a middle ground. This zero-sum modus operandi is not the philosophy of our town. Never has been. Listen to each other- I'd bet you'd see both sides of the table want the best for our children.

My next door neighbor chose Dayton to live in rather than Liberty even though his drive to work is shorter from Liberty. Why did he choose Dayton? Liberty had just tried to pass a school bond issue. One his is a great football player and Liberty's football reputation is dwindling. His other son and his only daughter are near the top in their class and Liberty loses to higher paying districts. THE ONLY THING HE DIDN'T FIGURE WAS THIS INSANE MAGA SCHOOL BOND DAYTON WOULD PUT FORTH 17 MONTHS AFTER HE MOVED IN. The little sales job we hear don't impress him or the rest of us. 87 million dollars is crazy!

My perspective on the DISD Bond. I have heard many complaints about how a bond will increase the debt owed by the citizens. I have heard many people in favor of the bond and how our students need it to be on par with other districts of similar size. I live in Hardin where a bond was passed earlier in the year, so Dayton is certainly entitled to growth as well. I don't personally know anyone who buys a home or a car for that matter and pays cash for it. Most people get a loan and go in debt. What nobody has mentioned here is yes, there is a debt but there is also an asset tied to that debt. The net worth of the school districts are not going into the negative. These bonds are for capital improvements. There is a tangible asset that will offset the debt. The depreciable life of these assets and the true life as seen from the current school facilities will be much longer then the temporary increase in taxes. Yes, it is temporary. Will the school districts raise taxes again once the bond is paid off? Maybe, but that is not what is up for vote right now. In the simplest terms, you are voting to buy a house with a mortgage. When the mortgage is paid off that house will belong to you and your heirs. The funny thing is. Most people that are complaining about taxes going up are property owners that have already made the decision that debt and mortgages are ok, because that is how they became property owners in the first place and most are still paying their personal debt off. How about they show that same commitment to the children in Liberty County. Maybe those same kids will see how great our county is and stick around, buy their own property and help pay for the future.

I am almost at the point in this DISD bond election where I hope the bond passes. If it passes it will make industry and homeowners think twice about moving to Dayton. That way Dayton will stay the way it is. It will also make the people who will pay the highest taxes think about moving somewhere else. There are better places to live where the school and the city believe in education and not how many tennis courts you have.

My perspective on the DISD Bond. I have heard many complaints about how a bond will increase the debt owed by the citizens. I have heard many people in favor of the bond and how our students need it to be on par with other districts of similar size. I live in Hardin where a bond was passed earlier in the year, so Dayton is certainly entitled to growth as well. I don't personally know anyone who buys a home or a car for that matter and pays cash for it. Most people get a loan and go in debt. What nobody has mentioned here is yes, there is a debt but there is also an asset tied to that debt. The net worth of the school districts are not going into the negative. These bonds are for capital improvements. There is a tangible asset that will offset the debt. The depreciable life of these assets and the true life as seen from the current school facilities will be much longer then the temporary increase in taxes. Yes, it is temporary. Will the school districts raise taxes again once the bond is paid off? Maybe, but that is not what is up for vote right now. In the simplest terms, you are voting to buy a house with a mortgage. When the mortgage is paid off that house will belong to you and your heirs. The funny thing is. Most people that are complaining about taxes going up are property owners that have already made the decision that debt and mortgages are ok, because that is how they became property owners in the first place and most are still paying their personal debt off. How about they show that same commitment to the children in Liberty County. Maybe those same kids will see how great our county is and stick around, buy their own property and help pay for the future.

I feel sorry for anyone who has kids in Dayton School district if they have publicly stated they are against the bond. The behavior of the principals, teachers and their family members towards those who are not for the bond is appalling. I am concerned about the community going forward.

The majority of the people with “YES” signs in their yards for the DISD Bond Issue are retired individuals with no real concern since it won’t affect their tax rates anyway. Their network of friends and employees are driving this “YES” campaign. The bond will pass because of networking, unionization, and campaign funding. It is not because the bond is practical or clearly presented. I appreciate the effort on the part of Jeff LeBlanc. He is the only person on this forum, or any media outlet, that has offered objective evidence supporting his positions. After reviewing the Power Point proposal of the bond issue and making a concerted effort to obtain line item budgets for the proposals, there are clear naiveties in the statistical presentations, and I am afraid there are multiple agendas being hidden in the context of the double bottom line.

When I think I have heard the most hateful comments from DISD employees to NO voters I am surprised by even more ugly comments. One thing is clear. People should remove their kids from DISD schools no matter what they have to do. No child should be taught by people this angry and rude.

2014 TVE Parade

2014 TVE Parade… The good ole days are over. I remember when Sheriff G.F. Arthur and his group of guys along with Texas Rangers and other law enforcement officers would ride horseback in the parade. Now we have a Sheriff that won’t even show up. At least I didn’t see him. Maybe he was in that home health van.

Why do they block off main street in Liberty so early on the day of parade?? I was going to attend the parade Wed. morning and arrived in Liberty before 9AM and main street was already blocked off, WHY???? It is not really a big deal for me because I can still walk the distance to main street but my Mother which I try to take to parade each year is unable to walk that far due to her health. What are people suppose to do?? Arrive at 7AM??

For the person asking why Main Street is closed so early on parade day. This year there were almost 170 parade entries. All of these entries have to get on Main Street, find their location and get in line. Many of these are pedestrians (such as bands and cheerleaders), some are floats (large floats and Baby Parade floats), and some are just large (trucks, fire trucks, tractors, etc.) It is difficult and dangerous to line up 170 parade entries when traffic is flowing as usual on Main Street. The parade entries begin lining up at about 8:00am and we have to make it safe for them to do that, so we close down Main Street to north and south traffic, unless they are in the parade or attempting to get to one of the businesses on Main Street. In addition, in the downtown portion of Main Street people begin lining up before 9:00am and our concern is the danger to them when traffic is flowing as usual on Main Street. During our briefing officers are told to assist people in any way they can to enjoy the parade but to limit traffic on Main Street to prevent someone from getting hurt. If any person has difficulty walking and would like to see the parade they simply need to ask the officer nearest the intersection they would like to go to and the officer will assist them in getting there. I know of a number of occasions where that happened this year. However, your point is well taken, and next year we should make preparations for this type of situation and provide people with mobility issues the public information they need on how to access the parade events. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please be aware when you have concerns you want to address with the Liberty Police Department you can call us at 936-336-5666...

General Comments

I refuse to be disappointed! Someone many of us have hope to rise to the top has made it and I refuse to think it anything but temporary when I hear of them passing the buck or being rude to underlings or allowing bullies to direct and derail initiatives. But just as I refuse to point to the stress that comes with a big job, I also refuse to let the person who has risen to new heights not hear that all those interactions he is having with employees are interactions that are connected to me. I am either a friend of the employee or a friend of a friend. This IS a small town. If stress results in you fingerpointing or putting people under your thumb, you are doing it to someone who has friends. You are doing it to someone who has family. And they have friends. I refuse to be disappointed, but if you can’t get your act together, I will refuse to defend you when the mob that always gathers when too many butt chewings happens to too many underlings comes. Stop what you are doing and BE WHO WE EXPECTED before you became Dr. Muckity Muck!

One commentator may refuse to be "disappointed" in how someone is struggling with the politics at their new job in LISD, but there are some of us who are not surprised. There is one school board member who might as well be shooting a Colt 45 at the feet of the Superintendent and making him dance. Ron Mayo needs to quit acting like some school yard bully and just do the job he was elected to do. Cody Abshier needs to return to being someone who finds and brings out the best in the school employees and students. He loves people and too many people have noted his moodiness and willingness to go off on a few select people since Mayo's microscope started interfering with an otherwise very forward moving LISD. Abshier should refuse to dance to Mayo's tune and instead go ahead and become one of the best, most well liked Superintendents in LISD's history. If the Mayo way of brow beating people looks like it is going to rub off on you, you would be better off going back to the classroom than losing yourself.

Anyone who was thinking Mr. Mayo was going to be one of those school board members who cleaned house and made the school run on all cylinders has been sold a bad bill of goods. He may talk a good game with his circle of associates, but in reality he is all in the middle of stuff to help himself and his family and a couple of friends. A school board member is suppose to participate in the process of SETTING POLICY. The policies should apply equally to all students, all school employees, and to the citizenry. Any school board member who pushes for an exception because of their children, their friends' children, the athletic participation of a student, a relationship to a school employee, or any deviation IS subject to being accused of using their elected position improperly. Mr. Mayo was not elected King and neither was Dr. Abshier. They wil all be fired by the public if they do not run an open process that does not try to hide the application of policy. School board members getting involved in the day to day decisions are overstepping their boundaries even if they have been invited to do so. Texas school law is clear. We have a Superintendent who oversees this matters. Even if you approve everything administration does, it is not your job. Get out of it. Ulcer avoidance is one reason, but the main reason is you should not expand your role and your importance beyond how the systemis set up. Spend more time with your family or at your job, but refuse to spend time micro managing the schools. Dr. Abshier started this job with almost 100% support. Let him have an opportunity to pull the community forward. Without a Mayo or micro managing, he is great at his job!

Ron wants to put his white gloves on and inspect everything at tthe schools like he is some kind of commandant. Ron this community will not allow you to make a schhol board position some kind of gotcha platform. You will either leave the people we have hired to run the schools alone or you will be sent packing off the board. You will not ruin our community atmosphere in our schools.

With the people compalining about Ron Mayo. He is a bull in a china closet. It's like he is looking for a fight. I don't know Mr. Abshier, but he should stick with the sugarlike elements of leadership to get things done instead of this man's methods. Encouragement to struggling students or staff and being nice to the lowest person on the totem pole will pay off in the long run over this other.

You ran for the wrong office if you want to fix things Mayo! We hired Dr. Abshier for that. Maybe you should run for mayor.

Mr. Mayo is not the only person on the Liberty School Board that is on a power trip. Members are abusing their power to have Dr. Abshire do their dirty work. We need to get rid of members using their position for personal reasons. And we need to get rid of the ones that never think on their own and become yes men for others.

When I read yahoo's recent story about leadership I thought about the conversation on here about the school board and the superintendent in Liberty. here is the crux of the story: "In an age where authoritarian power is being questioned from the classroom to the boardroom, the emerging research is conclusive -- humility is a dramatically more powerful and effective way of leading." It sounds like your leaders over there missed the memo and are using the "commandant" method despite the fact it is the equivalent of committing professional suicide.

For sure the comments about the mayo man are right. Mr. Abshier may need a board member like Mayo though. Mr. Abshier, like one of the posts says, fails to recognize that "his employees" are OUR NEIGHBORS. I have already heard three stories this year about Mr. Abshier's heavy hand and sharp tongue. It aggravates me that he would speak that way and think because he does it privately that itis okay.

I leave town for a few days and Ron Mayu is attacked again for his public service on the school board? I use to go to church with Ron and I find the picture being painted of him to be erroneous and ridiculous. I also have difficult time thinking fans of a school board that covered up the punishment for last year's baseball team scandal would single out Ron. Either Cody Abshier runs the school borad like it is suppose to be run by requiring all school business peratining tothe board come through the board rather than individuals or just openly admit that the most powerful people in town with influence with the smoozers on the board will receive a disproportionate consideration.

Several of us were talking at halftime about the school board situation and Ron Mayo may be the member who interferes the least. Can you say "baseball team" last year? I would encourage Ron to run for another term and realize anybody who is actually doing something will get criticism.

"As the School Board Worms" latest episode featured: Ron Mayo questioning the wisdom of Ronnie Gunter wearing a legal hat and a asst superintendent hat and having so much influence and Ron was attacked. Stay tuned folks this gets better and better!

Before anyone listens to the negative things being said about Ron Mayo, I suggest you ask Ron why all of the negative things are being said. If he will, he can tell you about one instance after another that he was standing as an eyewitness when Dr. Abshier was dealing with problems that simply should not occur. To make matters worse, if you talk to a few of the school employees, you might find one or two that will may tell you how he goes ballistic "in private" and chews people's asses out on the tiniest thing IF HE THINKS IT MADE HIM LOOK BAD.Then he walks around the corner and smiles and greets people. What he might not know is WE TALK. WE ARE FRIENDS. WE ARE RELATIVES.You can't hide this behavior, but you can change it. Work with people, don't scold them like you are their master and they are your servant. Ron Mayo is accused of doing what others are doing.

I have watched football for the past 21 years and I can remember seeing the superintendent at a few of the games but my gosh I can hardly see the game for all of the cheerleading this new guy does. Is he still campaigning for the job or what?

It is difficult to get excited about the cesspool of politics known as Liberty ISD.

General Comments

Let's talk about Chambers County for a moment. The Winnie/Stowell area, we hardly see a deputy. The traffic laws are not enforced, stop signs are ignored, people speeding through the school zone. The sad thing is a lot of these people work at the school. Most of the time we only have one deputy covering the east side. If he or she has to go to Anahuac that leaves the area unprotected. Chambers Co. needs more deputies, not more good ole boys hanging around the office. Just another sheriff that made a bunch of promises and didn't keep. Remember we do vote on the east side too.

General Comments

It seems to me that the Texas Secretary of State statement on the website says, "AUSTIN — “We have received a copy of the judge’s ruling in this matter. The ruling is currently under review by my office and the Office of the Attorney General. As always, the Office of the Secretary of State will assist Texas election officials in providing elections that are smooth, secure and successful.” –Texas Secretary of State Nandita Berry. This statement was made on Oct. 10th. Unless this judge is overturned before early voting I will not produce a picture ID. I will fight for my voting rights, even if jailed. My right by Constitution, I am white and not scared of people trying to sway the vote for big money, like Koch Brothers. Stand Strong!

2014 TVE Baby Parade

We braved the humidity and went to the Baby Parade this morning, found a seat behind the announcers stand on the east side of the Court House. The attendance was poor and the parade was mediocre, hardly any entrees. The high profile citizens were there though running along their relatives floats taking pictures of their little precious babies being ever so cute for all of the common citizens to enjoy. The local daily media personalities were there too with their families pontificating about their silly no lives between drags on their cigarettes making sure they are loud enough for all to hear and surely have a chance to admire them. I especially liked the woman with the Nancy Grace hair cut on the platform, nice touch, and the top of the lungs hollering for the radio staff member for all to hear "come on here they come".

To the negative commenter about the baby parade. If you don't like the small town atmosphere the please move to houston or beaumont. It must be hell living in your small world of negativity. I for one enjoyed it and cherish this small town that we won't have for much longer. And I don't understand why you would pull politics into something so innocent as a baby parade

General Comments

Has anyone had any dealings with the new woman city inspector? I have and she is a real piece of work, pushy and arrogant and takes her job way too seriously. She makes threats too about how she will "cite" you if you don't do what she says in an appropriate time. She must have done her training at one of the old Nazi death camps.

I have had two experience s with the city inspector, I tried to do the right thing, both times I was treated badly in the office and they continued to tried to find things wrong. The job was done by a licensed contractor and the uneducated inspector continued for several days to keep the job stopped. If this type of treatment continues it is going to cost our city and slow down progress. The city may become liable.

The city manager is aweful brave to keep this new city inspector. She is making enemies for him that will eventually cause himto need tomove on.

Re: city inspector...if she is arrogant, pushy, and threats you then by golly-g she fits in with every other city employee we have here. Welcome ma'am. You are in a town full of bullies who dare their skeletons to come out.

Ha! The city manager Gary "gross" needed to be gone 30 min after arriving. Maybe he and his bff Billy "kisswell" can go elsewhere together.

Who wants to spend $64,000 Dollars

I love the story on the commissioners and their 64 thousand dollar boondoggle. I also like seeing Norman Brown called out for what he is... "lame" an understatement. Over the years I have seen this guy and his family of brown skidmarks victimize both the Democrat and Republican parties in Liberty County. That is in between he and his son's arrogant and flagrant disregard for the people. I hope this self serving and narcissistic rule over Dayton and Liberty County will finally come to an end. My only wish now is to see John Otto and Terry/Randy Bivins thrown in the same garbage heap.

Well as I expected Lowery was running interference for the County Sheriff and to Hell with the Liberty County Citizens that pay the bills. He voted to spend $64,000 for a consultant company to come in and tell them, what they already know about the Liberty County Jail it is bleeding money from the Citizens of the County! Commissioner Brown finally woke up after 12 years and now wants the jail decided before he leaves office on 12/31. Where has he been for all 12 years that he has been in office? Maybe the new County Commissioner in Pct. #4, Leon Wilson, will work as hard as he has for the last 6 months and into the next 4 years. I was proud that all 3 new members (Knight, Wilson and Arthur) of the Commissioners Court all stood and spoke against spending the $64,000 until every bid has come in and presented next Commissioner Court Meeting next week. Mike McCarty seconded the motion, but voted against it and old Norman Brown refused to vote. I say that Lowery has to be defeated in the next election. Why, because he is willing to throw “OUR” money away to a company he dealt with solely and voted for today. Check his donation paperwork next time he runs in 2 years. Maybe he stood tight for a reason, because Lowery is looking to next election. He does not mind spending the Citizen’s Money like it is water. My taxes come due every year to be spent as fiscally responsible as possible, not thrown away by Commissioner Lowery!

Like Norman Dale Brown is The village idiot, the only person in that commsioner's court that is more amusing than Norman Brown is that bumbling Bufoon county attorney Wes Hinch. What happened in Liberty County for such joke like Wes Hinch got elected?

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What going on? No water since earlier today. From Marshall street to the bypass?

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i sure am sorry Tonys closed, I will greatly miss it.

General Comments

Remember how the local people were pushing for the passage of the local ordinance to purchase liquor within the city limits? Remember how they said in their pitch that restaurants were going to come here and do business because of the liquor ordinance? Well where are these restaurants? In fact since the passage of the get drunk locally ordinance was passed, two restaurants have close, what gives?

Commissioners Meet Thursday

Tomorrow at 3 pm, the Commissioner Court will vote to hire a Jail Consultant at $64000 to tell them what they already know. Wes Hinch has "Sat" on a contract with CEC, for $50 per inmate for one year. The Citizens of Liberty County have paid as high as $79 per inmate, when Wes Hinch, our County Attorney, cost us $29 more per inmate because he did not have the contract signed with CEC. The County had the chance to send all inmates to Polk County for $45 per inmate including Medical. Liberty County has dropped the ball and the citizens were screwed. They are other options available, but that will be up to the "new" Commissioners Court on January 1, 2015 to consider. Please understand that Eddie Lowery is in the Sheriff's back pocket, hoping that close association will get him re-elected. Our glorious Sheriff is going to do all he can to keep from running the jail, even if he can do it cheaper. We citizens sit on our hands and re-elect people like Lowery, who does not care about the citizens, but only if Bobby Rader can get him re-elected in Cleveland. I say if Melvin Hunt runs then maybe the citizens around Cleveland will elect him, again. He was part of the Commissioners Court that left us, with a debt surplus, with Phil Fitzgerald as County Judge. Why do we allow the Commissioners Court vote against our pocketbook, as we face $3 a gallon gas and $5 a gallon milk and bread nearly to $3. Wake up Liberty County, vote Eddie Lowery out of office and if Sheriff Rader runs again vote him out. If the “New Court” throws our money away, throw them out of office, in 4 years. Good-Bye McNair, Warner and Brown, you did a bad job and you will not be missed.

General Comments

Last evening our clerk announced that during early voting the schools in DISD will have 'special' voting locations on various campuses on different nights for the bond issue. After a call to the clerk's office: ask the ISD why they can't even repair a leaky roof but will pay 1/3 of the costs to have early voting provided at the schools in addition to the regular early voting poll. Ask the clerk why we're paying 1/3 to pay to have special polling places set up at schools for this bond issue. Then ask for a cost, which they won't know til after the election. Free and fair? We think not! Costs associated with these 'special polling places' include: workers, supplies, ballots, machines, newspaper ads for these locations, etc...This practice, known as “rolling polling” is unfortunately, legal, and is a common tactic among ISD’s when passing bonds. So that's 1/3 the clerk, 1/3 the ISD and 1/3 City of Dayton for 'rolling polls' Not sure why they are doing this when there are normal polling locations in place for the general election. (well I know why, but it seems to be something that is a waste of taxpayer dollars).

We paid for outside are the results: A telephone poll conducted by an outside firm on Oct 7, 2014 regarding the 87 million dollar DISD Bond resulted in over 52% would vote NO to the bond, undecided at 24% and only 23% voting in favor.

Dayton: I have never seen a town or school district work so hard to make their taxpayers and citizens suffer. And even the local newspaper is ready to assist in this effort. If you are not on board with this 87 Million dollar tax increase you are against the children, and pretty much outside the little elite social circle in Dayton.

Regarding DISD bond election. What the voters are not being told. The 87.8 million is only for the land, demolition, architect fees, and construction of the new facilities. Then, there will be new teachers added, new administrative staff, additional utilities for the new campuses, new buses, etc. The list goes on and on. Where will the money come from to pay for all these extras which we are not being told about. You can bet your boots these items will be paid for out of another tax increase. VOTE NO to this ill conceived wish list that will cause such a back breaking burden on the community. SCHOOL BOARD, go back to the drawing board and come up with something the taxpayers can live with. Stop trying to build a legacy to yourself.

Your perception of additional costs arising after the bond election are not entirely true or accurate unless the anticipated increase in enrollment happens all at once. New buildings are built more energy efficient and should have lower utility cost. Additional staff will be added as students are added which also indicates an increase in school funding from the state. I am not a Dayton resident. I have nothing to gain from disagreeing with you. The cost of the additional staffing and utilities will be offset with the additional revenue generated with higher attendance numbers. On the other hand, adding temporary buildings to undersized campuses require that doors be opened throughout the day, raising utility costs on inefficient buildings. Furthermore, if the state does not address school funding properly, the burden to operate the local ISD will increase the burden on you the local tax payer. The need is real, the bond is temporary and voting the wrong folks into office could cause greater, longer term financial hurt to you the tax payer.

The DISD web site has an info section about the bond. One of the sections is for frequently asked questions. Of course only six questions have been frequently asked and answered all with the school superintendent's slanted view. Her live in person interview with a student is also on the site. I wish people would watch the video. It is a very poor display of her skills. This is probably the worse I have ever seen a bond issued handled. It may pass but it really shows who she and her board are. If you voice opposition, you are spreading rumors, if you ask questions they are only answered if they wish to answer.

Dayton ISD - It must be nice to be on the opposing side of the bond in Dayton. You are allowed to lie, use scare tactics, and place signs, illegally, on private property that you do not have permission to place signs. They treat the people of Dayton like they are stupid, which they are not. The opposition uses the word debt to try and scare people. I am not going into debt, Dayton ISD is going into debt and I am agreeing to raise my taxes so my children will have better facilities and better educational tools for our teachers to use in the classroom. I am also voting to raise my taxes so that my young daughter can feel comfortable in the same school for 6 years and not have to make six school changes before she reaches high school. The opposition is also lead by a man that does not even live in Dayton and could care less about our town in 10 years. He even put the opposition signs in Liberty colors. No disrespect to Liberty, but we are ready for growth in Dayton and you just disrespected our entire school district and community by using those colors. Thanks buddy, for creating a sense of community with the supporters and community for the bond election. Also, your survey is trash as I know of at least 20 people that hung up on you, because they did not want to listen to your lies. It was also paid for by a tea party group that opposes every school bond in the state of Texas just because. They do not care about Dayton, and neither do you. We bleed purple on this side of the river, not black and gold. And we love our kids and want the best for them.

DISD Bond. I had a yes sign placed in my yard after I requested that a sign not be put up. The very thing that one of the previous writers wrote is happening in yards regardless of what side you are on. This may pass but this town will not be the same. The support is from an elite school group in town that only associates with the "IN" crowd.

So I'd like to reply to the comment that we're not from here and we're using lies and scare tactics. I can also say Mr. Nations has his facts are wrong. Yes, I am aware it is you, you posted this same comment on Facebook where you can't hide your name, can care less if Youngblood wants to out you or keep you safe. It must be nice to be on the side of the bond. Asking me to pay more for your grand wish list. Nothing we have posted is a lie. There is indeed a debt being proposed for 87 million, correct? At a conservative interest rate of 4.5% it will end up being 150 million, correct? But we really don't know do we? Because we won't know till you sell off the bonds, it may be higher. I don't think anyone is stupid Mr. Nations, actually I think you are fighting so hard because the average tax payer does not support an increase in taxation. The vote is usually already set against the bonds. But bonds make it because most are unaware of them or don't vote on them leaving people like administrators and educators to specifically vote for it. I love our community too and don't want to see bankers made rich on millions of interest payments 'for my kids'. Let me ask you this: Last year the ISD debt service was 365 thousand dollars. I ask, could we have used that money to better educate? Probably. Imagine how much the debit service will be on 87 million more? My family owns a business in Dayton and I am here every day and glad to meet you whenever you wish. Please, let's review our tax bills, I can assure you we are paying for more of a burden than you could dream of. I have lived here and voted here since the early 2000's. I also own property in the south of the county, still DISD. We, our company, have supported the rodeo and athletics in this town many, many times through the years. I love that you think I won't care in 10 years. I'm not going anywhere, to your and many others dismay. This argument is played out. No signs have been placed illegally. I have the addresses of everyone who requested one and that's where they went. I also know of one gentleman specifically who's signs went missing and now has to watch his yards for the bandits. If signs go up illegally, I'll gladly have them picked up. Or TXDOT will if they are in right of ways. Believe it or not, I don't put them all out myself, lol. The signs are yellow and black to stand out, which they do. So, are the red signs you have out un-Dayton friendly? How much more childish can you get over sign colors? It is truly funny. Gee, I wanted the best for my kids too (which did attend DISD schools for a few years), but we give our children what we can afford. Lastly, it doesn't matter how many hung up on the phone calls, we got a decent number of responses. And yes many organizations fight Texas Debt and Bond issues. Our very own Texas State Comptroller is consistently calling out ISD's for this obsessive need of bond debt that doesn't match the growth rates of Texas. Like or not Mr. Nations, we have a debt problem in our great state. And it all starts down the local level like this

Why do people who have always had plenty of money like our Superintendent always want to borrow money in the name of the taxpayer and minimize its ramifications? Jessica came from a wealthy banking family in Dayton and has never wanted for a thing. But shouldn't bankers, of all people, be the ones to warn against historically large loans that aremade to look small by long payouts? The people "for" the bond issue want voters to think that those against it are radicals, but Jessica and her rich friends are the radicals. The loan amount is ridiculously large and as much as they would like to charge debt off to future generations and act like that IS business as usual, this loan amount is unheard of and very unusual. Veru unacceptable.

My neighbor was trying to sell me on voting for the new school bonds. He stopped when I responded to his idea that it was just a few hundred dollars a year for us regular folks. My response was to point out to him that for that amount of money and theloan term, I could buy a brand new truck. Then I asked him if he felt DISD needed all of us regular people to borrow enough money to buy the equivalent of a new F-150? It gave him a whole new perspective of "just a few hundred dollars" is. The school may need some money but not these millions they are trying to stick on our bill!

Are you really interested in my child? Brand new buildings and the most modern looking class rooms will impress some, but will it give my child a better education and a better quality of life? And if you answer yes, to what degree should we collect money from the community and continuously build impressive buildings for the children that come through our school district in the future? After all, my oldest and my youngest are ten years apart. Shouldn't my youngest have a new building when she gets older rather than be subject tousing her sister's hand me downs?

Have all of our local political school officials lost their minds? it appears we are having an epidemic of public borrowing. It has spread like wildfire as Liberty ISD is preparing to follow Dayton ISD and two other Liberty id I miss something? Is there a reversal on the answer to the age old question of whether money grows on trees?

General Comments

I was driving 146 south today in the right lane running 70 mph minding my own business when here comes a Gal doing about 73 mph in the passing lane reading something laid up on the steering wheel. A car was coming up on her and she never looked up and drove all the way to I-10 and never moved to the right lane so that the other car could pass. REALLY!!!!! I don't know where these people ever got the ideal that they don't have to move to the right and share the road. I have got over a million miles under my belt in the past 30 years and I have never seen this kind of disrespect for others on the road. Nothing more than being rude and disrespectful to others on the road don't give a damn about any one else but themselves. Courtesy is contagious, try it, don't think like if you are doing the speed limit or better that you don't share the road and move to the right. Move right except to pass. Come own people be kind.

General Comments

In public life among a the constituents in a small rural town it is easy to be very popular one day and the next day hear demands for you to be strung fromthe highest tree. It is very simple dear public servants. Try to make everyone happy and you will make very few. Do the right thing and make yourself and the most possible happy in the long run. You see in a small town everyone has enough friends to cause a people-pleasing servant of the public enough grief to make them wish they had never taken the nice paying job they seek to defend by kissing rear ends. Some people have enough to clout to make you empty your office within weeks of a simple nasty look at them. So doing the right thing is your best option. Threatening people, firing people, belittling people, etc. to make you look like you are on top of your game - not a good idea. Being fair, honest, caring, TO ALL - your best bet. Please public servants realize we read i-dineout. We go to the grocwery store. We have freinds at church. We have friends at school. We know people. You can not act one way to one group and another way to others. Let your conscience and common decency guide you rather than bowing down to a small group you think will save you and your job if things go south.

General Comments

I have now seen everything in Liberty County politics. A man claiming to be a "college football player" and a "defender of liberty' joining his high school buddy whose simliar claim to be a "defender of liberty" seems to be rooted in a degree from a law school are spreading the new mantra of young conservatives. Like their resumes, they are somewhat choosy about what they say and where they say it. For instance the "lawyer" has been in a courtroom less than many adoptive parents. And "the college football player"...... well let's just say, you have bever been to a game his college team played in or one where any of tehir opponents did. These two clowns graduted three yearsbefore me just down the rode in the land of panther pride, but like I said, they are choosy hwere they say certain things. They have one foot in the Republican party, but are constantly berating it. (Convenient and chickensh^t, wouldn't you say?) They talk about defending liberty, but have no or few wars in their personal version of history they say the United States should have fought. They claim to be constitutionalist, but when it comes to the one thing most all agree is the government's responsibility - THE COMMON DEFENSE - they choose certain places to admit they do not think we should have a standing army.... or at other times, they balance the budget the Democrat way - cut the bohankers out of the defense budget. There must be something in the water in Liberty Texas! With loudmouths like these two pontificating in public restaurants, the Democratic party will rise again. Speak up and come out of the closet everywhere or shut up!

Drug Arrest in City Cemetery

In response the arrest at the Liberty Cemetery why was that child not taken into CPS custody?

Re:City cemetary arrest. At 1:00am when an arrest is made, who is CPS? Where is CPS? Is a there a safe place at that time designated for the purpose of taking small children when adults are arrested? I am serious about this question? This arrest made me wonder how Liberty handles things like this.

In RE: Drug arrest in cemetery. The child will be released to a family member if one is available to take care of him/her.

General Comments

We have two (2) years until we elect a "NEW" Liberty County Sheriff and we have to elect a person with Law Enforcement. So, anyone who wants to run against Bobby Rader, make it know, ASAP. Many voters are ready for a change and want to see an experienced Law Enforcement Officer, with Leadership abilities. Our current Sheriff, has only 7 years of experience in law enforcement. Thanks!

While it is true our sheriff has a little more than four years left on his first term as sheriff and while competiton for public office is good for the public, I can not find anyone to run for that office that is better than the incumbent. Perhaps the two or three people who are constantly stirring up trouble for our law enforcement can come on out with their 'mystery" candidate so we can all be impressed by his credentials and his obvious superiority to the easily elected 2012 candidate (rader won easily).

Three People Arrested in Theft of Wallet Case

Meth, it will make you do just about anything! My grandchild has been allowed by their parent to hang out with Cody and Tiffany, don't know about the Glover girl, but probably her also!

General Comments

My isn't Liberty a picturesque little town. Just look at the number of family owned and family atmosphere businesses. Oh wait, there are none. Instead it has become a trash town. You have liquor stores, tatoo parlors, pawn shops, cigar shops, donut shops, and numerous mexican food places. Well thats it. Hats off to the city leaders and developers

Letter to the Editor

What a moron. Who cares what this pinhead says or thinks. Who does he think he is to stick his nose into local government proceedings that are perfectly legal and working well. There isn't a county in Texas that is not behind financially. I'm a Republican and this goof doesn't speak for me or my family. Hey Jeff Lablank or whomever you are, go squirm back under the rock for whatchamacallit you came from.

Thank you for publishing the Letter to the Editor about the DISD Bond issue.

On the bond for Dayton ISD...when you build any school no matter what town, at some point it will be too small if the town continues to grow. I am not sure yet on how I feel about the bond but I do know that getting tennis courts are important and having 2 campus that house k-5 is an awesome thing. Hopefully it will cut down on the amount of children in each classroom which would then give each child more one on one with their teacher as to help with any areas they children needs extra help in. My issue with the entire thing is that we built a beautiful field and trach for our Broncos to play football on but yet we are still not allowed to use the track after 5pm bc no one wants to come and lock it up after that. Also, we have totally been locked out of each playground due to some parents not watching their own children so they then destroy the playgrounds after school hours. I feel like if we continue to okay every bond but are still not allowed to use the track or other school facilities then why are we paying for them?? Shouldn't we, as tax payers, be allowed to use what we are paying for or do we continue to pay and keep our mouths shut as not to "make a scene" because we are a small town and don't want our community upset with us? Yes, I am aware we can go and walk around the community center but I would like to walk the track, if I chose to and not have to worry about making someone upset or made to feel like we should be on that field. If it so important and no one can be on it, then we shouldnt be paying for it!! PERIOD!!

I have been involved in Republican politics ina real public way for almost as long as anyone questioned around here and I have publicly challenged Mr. LeBlanc over his affiliations and his bonifides more than once. I may have frustrated him and pushed him to declare exactly what he is "for" and :against" as much or more than anyone. Having said that, this letter to the editor is pure conservatism and Mr. Jeff LeBlanc may have some difficulty trying to pull libertarians in to party activism with him, but he is the real deal. Agree with him or not, he has proven to me he has more integrity and is a great spokesman for Texas and for conservatism. Argue with him if you want, but you may identify yourself as less than Republican when you do. He is fighting for a return to economic intelligence and standing tall for Christian morality while trying to help push the government out of our pockets, etc. Bravo sir! If the heat gets too hot, your detractors better run for cover!

To reply to feedback: First, my family owns a business in Dayton and likely pay a larger share of taxes than the average homeowner in Dayton. That does indeed give me a voice when you want to burden me with more debt. Second, I only put the organization I was with because we are working the no campaign. You'll notice I did not mention party affiliation as this issue affects the entire community. And, let's be honest, we didn't get to 17 trillion dollars in debt via one party. Lastly, let's be CRYSTAL clear on what a bond is, it is NOT free money. We ALL repay it. What are bonds? A bond is a debt instrument. It is the government borrowing money they do not have upon the promise (collateral) of future taxation. Taxation is the wicked step-sister of spending. No cuts in spending will lead to more taxes and/or more debt. Politicians lie to us and tell us they are against taxation, when they are not anti-spending. Taking control of spending locally is a prerequisite to doing something about national spending and debt. The players at the national level are even more entrenched and the loot is bigger. Vote NO on all bonds and say YES to freedom and fiscal responsibility!

The Dayton News is a one sided news organization. They will only print DISD provided news. No doubt someone at the paper wants the taxpayers to only hear one side of this issue.

Editor's Note - You may want to review the articles at the following links concerning public debt locally and in Texas.

Follow the links below…

Leblanc, shut up, just shut up. We don't care what you have to say. You are nothing more than a kook who wants attention just like Aubrey Vaughn who won't shut up. Do the Republican Party a favor and shut your pie hole and quit embarrassing the Republcans with your "real deal" dribble. Thank you...

I have a question I hope someone can answer for me. These bonds are loans that the tax increases pay off in time. But, they DO eventually get paid off. What happens to the tax increase money when the bonds are paid? Everyone just keeps on paying it. Where does the money go then? We never get it back. We just keep paying more and more on new bonds they have to have.

"LeBlanc shut up"? What an eloquent rebuttal! Demonize a man that has worked non stop to breath new life into the conservaties since Lester Wisegerber compromised the principles we believe in.

In reply to "I have a question I hope someone can answer for me. These bonds are loans that the tax increases pay off in time. But, they DO eventually get paid off. What happens to the tax increase money when the bonds are paid? Everyone just keeps on paying it. Where does the money go then? We never get it back. We just keep paying more and more on new bonds they have to have." You have figured it out. The debt never goes away, because another bond and another and another is always added before one is paid off. Just as DISD is $17M in debt currently, they will now, with this addition be over $100M. They love the fact that their $17M is almost paid off in a 'few' more years...but is that even worthy of mentioning while piling on $87M more? Not really. It is a never ending cycle of re-payment of debt. Texas schools have grown 19%, Debt service up 103%. God Bless our current comptroller who is advocating non-stop about the un-sustainability of the school debt in our state, it is reaching insane levels.

General Comments

When is the county going to do something about the meth heads selling and doing drugs around the elementary school in Hull the whole north block is meth alley please help us!!!!

"The whole north block is meth alley...." That is total nonsense. I know many people that live north of the elementary school in Hull, and none of them are meth users. Are there users over there, I have no doubt that there are. But to call the entire north side of the elementary school "meth alley" is a bit of an exaggeration. Drugs are an issue in every community and it needs to be stopped, but sitting around screaming that the sky is falling isn't fixing the issue. Focus on some of the good going on in the town of Hull and you will see there is a lot more good than bad.

Y'all worried bout getting meth off the streets you ever thought that the police putting it on the streets liberty county is curupted and been that way they nothing but rejects

Read the whole post before you make ignorant comments, i didnt say everyone was on meth, i said it is taking over that part of town, you have a major dealer just down the street and i have kids and it needs to be stopped, and get our nice neighborhood back, its people like you who choose to ignore the problem or perhaps you are the problem?

General Comments

When I moved here I was surprised to see such a thriving and openly active Masonic Lodge. The churches where I came from frowned on their work.

The new comer that is not thrilled about the Masonic Lodge needs to go back where she came from!

Liberty does indeed have an active Masonic Lodge. It's members believe in service to the community. They also have annual ceremonies that recognize community builders, the best teachers, and our law enforcement and firefighters/EMTs. Their recent cornerstone leveling ceremony at Liberty PD is symbolic of their belief in being a cornerstone of the community, striving to interact with all citizens in a level, charitable manner.

Christians are so freaky about the masonic lodge they need to chill and let the rest of practice our own religion.lodge.

Narcotics Investigation Yields Arrests

Really... "Narcotics Investigation..." This should be titled, "The community is sick of crack heads and has resulted to calling the police and telling them everything they know and the police finally got one!" Because I, personally, Have called with vehicle descriptions and plate #'s and they are still out there...

You are so right, I've gone as far as giving information, the people, address, license plates, you name it, to get these scumbags locked away. Most of them have children. What are our local officials doing? Are they not paid to serve and protect the children and law abiding, tax paying citizens of this county? I believe we need to call in one of our local news station investigators!!

GREAT JOB! I am glad to see some local drugs dealers off the streets. To the people complaining that they have called and given names, license plates, addresses etc.. please remember that these cases take time if you want these drug dealers off the streets. I am not sure what agency you are giving the information too but, it looks like to me these agencies are working hard to get "local" drug dealers off the streets. Again good job Dayton PD and Pct. #4 Constable's office keep up the hard work.

General Comments

I hear that the City of Daisetta has purchased yet another new patrol unit. This town continues to not have quality drinking water, decent streets, animal control, and can't spray for mosquitos when there have been several reports of west nile in the county but elect to purchase a new patrol unit for the Chief?? I don't get it. The Mayor and council have got to get their priorities straight. And while I am on my soap box the Mayor just might want to tell her "hubby" to stop discussing city business where the general public can hear all. This is such a liability for the city but I do not believe that either of them are smart enough to realize this. Please do not say that this doesn't happen, I have heard it with my own two ears while in town having lunch with my Mother. Makes me sad that the town I grew up in is in such bad shape due to poor leadership.

Mayor Debra Fregia went around kissing babies when she was being elected, now AGAIN walks around with her nose up like she is better than everyone, she should pay more attention to city businees, instead of worrying were her husband is and the dirt he is doing that everyone knows about, the roads in daisetta are terrible, please run again next election ERIC THAXTON i bet the outcome will be different

You are projecting your own beliefs. Debra Fregia is a very nice, very friendly person.

Daisetta has never had water that you can drink for the last thirty years and the last police car which was a lemon, was donated by Exxon- Mobil. Over a million dollars that was in a grant for a new well, was wasted and the remainder disappeared. We've had nothing but a bunch of thieves in the city hall for the past twenty years. When people in city hall get caught with their hand in the til the are allowed to "retire" and nothing is ever done to them. The sad part about this situation is that nobody will run for these offices that has the least bit of integrity or honesty. They ones that do run are only in it to see what they can get for themselves. Then there's poor old Eric Thackston who doesn't have the brains to pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel.

I have something to say about the comments regarding Mayor Fregia in Daisetta. First of all I didn't vote for her or the vice mayor Lynn.. they are both more messed up than a cricket in a hub cap! I often wonder if she won again because of the donation they made to the church right before election time?...probably the oil money Lynn has been getting... what's that you say? Lynn doesn't own any wells? Nope he doesn't.. but he sure acts as if he does ... He is the one really running Daisetta.. his wife is the puppet and he pulls the strings. I bet everyone that voted for her is really wishing they would have elected Eric Thaxton. He is a much better level headed person and is way smarter than a previous poster portrayed him to be. Debra Fregia is fake just as he is. Don't believe me? Just try and wave to him as he passes you on the road..before election.. he waved and would He drives by like he doesn't even see you...

To the people complaining about the mayor in daisetta...hell least yall have a half way police dept...local businesses. in poor ames ain't got nothing but highrr taxes and nothing to show for it!!!!

General Comments

Why doesn't Liberty spray for mosquitoes anymore? We have 3 cases of West Nile and you never see them spray. Unbelievable. Who can we complain to about this?

General Comments

the T.V.E has gotten ridicoluosly outrageous on the prices you guys have made it to were a lower to middle class family cannot afford to take there chidren to this event.I mean 5 bucks to park in that mud pit, and 10 for each adult and 5 for kids just to walk in the place! It use to be about the kids, now its about WHO IS WHO in Liberty county, I for one could afford to take my family,but refuse to pay your ridiculous prices!

General comment regarding TVE...I agree with your statement! The only people charged are the general public! Money is left on the table because, too many people are getting in free and parking free due to who they know! You can pretty much bet if you are parked on the west side within the fairgrounds then you are there as a non paying guest! Ironically, most of these same said people are from a financial background that puts them in the upper income bracket! These people are in a better position financially to pay the required parking and fair prices! I am sure some of these people would lay claim to the fact that they contribute a lot of time and money to the TVE and would argue that they deserve a free pass! But, too many people are riding on these peoples coat tails that are NOT providing money or time!! What about the scholarships? What about upgrades and maintenance to the fairgrounds and parking areas? How ironic that the people paying for parking and entry to the fair grounds are directed to park in muddy fields and sludge thru the mud!!

About the T.V.E. it is NOT about the children anymore. It is ALL about the people on the board and the upper class people.Getting what they want to heck with the children.What happened with a dressing room, and other accesories they NEED..They can not use the dance hall and alchol.

TVE is not for kids and it has not been for years. All children want to go to the fair but unfortunately many cannot attend because it does not fit in the family budget. The TVE board should re-think about the projects they think are good, and think of the good of the children of Liberty and Chambers County. It is a sad situation how much money is NOT given in scholarships. We will never be Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, so lets use some common sense and bring it back to the children. Why not call the TVE and voice your opinion 936-336-7455?

Concerning the terrible parking conditions at the T.V.E. and the over priced entry fee. Don't go. It's a no brainer.

I am a vendor at TVE and have been for over 10 years. The price of entry into TVE is very expensive. Brady and the board, this is not Houston. This is Liberty County. People can not afford 10.00 just to walk in the 5.00 food and not even to talk about price of rides. What is the deal.

Wow, TVE prices are $10.00. Thats expensive. Whats up with that. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is cheaper!

It would do no good to call the TVE and complain, there probably already setting up there complimentary alcohol room, for the big shots, and picking out outfits for there pictures in the paper

TVE---I feel that TVE has outpriced the regular people in Liberty County. 5.00 to park in a muddy field, that requires wreckers to pull you out and that can cost. 10.00 for adults and 5.00 for children. so about 30.00 for two adults and one child and parking. Then here comes the expensive rides. I guess we need to pay for THE NEW PRIVATE CLUB THAT WAS BUILT INTO THE AREA . It is closed in and even air condition. Really nice. I wonder who will get to use it. Before you say it is not true--GO AND LOOK.

What does the TVE pay in property tax per year?

TVE: To the people griping about the cost of TVE and saying it's not for the kids anymore...the majority of you are ONLY going out there for the fair - and you are right, those prices are ridiculous...but guess what, the fair has NOTHING to do with the scholarships the kids receive! For those of you that are griping about parking - I have 2 parking passes - 1 in the Gate 1 parking area which is just as muddy as the general parking area - oh and by the way, I PAID to be a volunteer as a committee member...I also have a gate 3 West Side Box seat pass because my family PAID to have box seats. Those parking passes do not come without a price tag - I bust my a** out there during TVE week helping out where I'm needed. Those that are griping about not supporting kids - are you going to be out there today during the Auction and Freezer sale???? That money goes to the kids - but i'd be willing to bet that you won't be out there, you will just go to ride the carnival rides and eat vendor foods - NONE OF WHICH SUPPORTS SCHOLARSHIPS FOR KIDS!!!! Before you start bashing TVE about it's prices, how about you walk a little in the shoes that work hard months on end to bring all of this together.

General Comments

What is the hold upon the new street coming off the bypass? Where does the street go? Why was it important enough for taxpayers to pay for it to access the bypass?

General Comments

If Bruce Stratton was a fair minded man he would already be working on freeing us from the hospital district tax since we will live several miles closer to the Hermann Hospital facility than the one in Liberty. the big question now is why would the Liberty taxpayers want to be taxed for a future hospital when there is one so near?

General Comments

Liberty people think everything revolves around them. I wrote a comment about our school's math department and followed it up with a comment about the cozy relationship between our board and our notsoSuperintendent and Liberty thinks it is all about them. Guess what Liberty, everything is not about you.

General Comments

This earlier morning, at around 1 am, I entered Liberty County, from San Jacinto County and traveled from north of the county to within 5 miles of the most southern part of Liberty County. It is a miracle that we can even live without being robbed or assaulted in our homes or on the public roads because in that early morning trip through Liberty County, Cleveland and Dayton there was not one law enforcement officer seen. Passing by Walgreens in Dayton, I noticed a male standing in the shadows smoking a cigarette. I can remember at one point in time, when Dayton had a Police Chief Buddy Bean that had officers on the street, patrolling in Dayton. The county had Sheriff "OJ", after getting the new jail, saying, "I own it, now fill it up!" We then had Sheriff Arthur another retired 30 year, DPS Trooper, who had "Mad Dog" Davidson as a Patrol Sgt., who never let his Deputies sit, they were moving and making traffic stops and crooks to jail. Liberty County will inherit bad crime. Liberty County is also running wide open, because the county has lost its "Real Police Officers". Now law enforcement is reduced to texting and Facebook. Saw that a young Dayton policeman had pictures posing in front of their patrol car and posted on social media. Buddy Bean "RIP", a great Trooper in Liberty County for a whole career and then a Great Dayton Police Chief, is rolling in his grave. Everyone buy a weapon and learn to use it, because it is not “isil” to worry about, it is a dope head allowed to run free and crime flourishing, because all our real law men are gone and like our new sheriff, who has 7 years experience has young morally unethical officers guiding him.

It's funny how some people's rose colored glasses filter the past days of law enforcement in Liberty County as better times. Here's the way I remember it... Sheriff Stewart did indeed start the new jail. He was also the person that first privatized it and let a for-profit company run it. He was also the Sheriff that ran out of gas and had deputies stay at home and answer most calls by phone. They could only leave their house for real emergencies. And let's not forget the nights when there were only two deputies patrolling the whole county. Then there was Buddy Bean. The former highway patrolman who brought the same traffic stop mentality to Dayton. He insisted his officers make traffic stops at the expense of everything else. The drug dealers knew their prime time for business was during school hours because all of the officers would be in the school zones. Then there was the quality of training back then. Officers and deputies were pretty much given a two or three day tour of their jursidiction, then turned loose. So sit back and keep drinking your Kool Aid from days gone by. I'll take today's Sheriff's Office deputies and Dayton PD officers over any of those from the past.

General Comments

Congratulations to Bridge City for winning their first game of the year! Hang in there Panthers. You are looking better every game.

General Comments

Since when does a professional football player, Adrian Peterson, charged with causing injury to his own child, get so much publicity and me, a concerned grandparent, has to sit back in this corrupt town and watch my grandchild slip through the judicial and educational system while watching the custodial parent get by with whatever they want to do? This is for the Liberty County CPS, Sheriff and Police Dept., Attorneys and Judges, School Staff, and Individuals that I have consulted with. I want to know, "How can you walk around holding your heads high?" I know most of you have grandchildren. What would you do if it were your grandchildren and you were told, "You don't have grandparents rights in the state of Texas?" What if you had to experience your grandchildren being raised by a parent that exposes them year after year to drugs, drug dealers, felons, promiscuous and risky behavior, lies, fear, and much more? Isn't this considered more than injury to a child? When is that parent held responsible and accountable for exposing that child to this environment? I have to wonder about the whole picture. Does this parent have more pull in Liberty than a professional football player?

To the person commenting about the lack of grandparents' rights in Liberty County, you are so right. We just went through this very scenario. We won, though, through pure stubbornness. Keep calling CPS. Any time there is an incident, call the cops. If there's no record, they can't do anything about it. You might tick them off, but they have to note it down. We went over the heads of the local CPS and magically got results. They do get a ton of pointless and unfounded calls, so the true needs fall in the cracks. It's up to you as a grandparent to make sure that doesn't happen. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. It took a year, but we eventually got custody of my niece (my mother, her grandmother, was the legal guardian). If the child's parent is into drugs, odds are, they have a record and are known to the police. Keep knocking on that door and you'll get a sympathetic ear at some point, even if they just get tired of hearing you! Good luck and God bless.

Hey "Adrian Peterson/wonder about the whole picture", the use of drugs changes the whole equation of parenting, civilized behavior, etc. If the legal system had the cure, it would be heaven on earth. There is no answer. There is no hope. You may have been the best parent in the world but drugs override everything good and enhance everything bad. I feel your pain, just know there is a legion of grandparents in the same boat. So much for a pleasant retirement.

In response to the grandparent trying to get DHR to do something about issues with their grandchildren(child). I live in Alabama and had to call on my daughter from here. She lives in Liberty County. None of my family would do anything even though they had first hand knowledge of what was going on. Well when my daughter went to jail and couldn't tell them where my grandchild was, I have issues. They removed her from my daughter's care the first time I called. If there are drugs involved call the cops. If you think your grandchild is being abused call the cops. You don't have to always call DHR. If the cops get involved and they are busted for whatever, that is a first step situation. Oh but the ending here is a happy one. My daughter got the help she needed and has become the best mother she can be to my grandchild. She was angry in the beginning, but came back later and thanked me.

Thank you, thank you, for all the responses about our children falling into the cracks of the judicial and educational systems!! I am relieved to know that I am not alone out there and refuse to accept that I have no rights about speaking out about my grandchild!! I'm telling you, even if it was another child going through the same thing time after time, and I knew about it,I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET THAT CHILD OUT OF THAT SITUATION!! When it comes to the parents being involved in drugs and their acquaintances this is totally unacceptable!! What does the CPS website, along with other articles say? It tells any individual that you should report any suspicion of child neglect or abuse. Well I'm telling you, I did on an acquaintance of mine who was neglecting their child, the child was taken by CPS and placed with a family member and doing very well. Now, what I don't understand when it comes to my grandchild, and the CPS has proof in the past of drug use on the parents, they are quick to tell me that I don't have Grandparents Rights. I also read that the person not reporting child abuse or neglect are just as guilty as those committing it. Make absolutely no sense to me!! To the response about the people who had to go over the CPS head, please tell me, how did you do it? I'M STUBBORN AND I WILL NOT GO AWAY LIBERTY COUNTY UNTIL THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED AND MY GRANDCHILD HAS A SAFE, SECURE, ENVIRONMENT TO LIVE IN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!

General Comments

One problem with Liberty is they do not use their assets very well. According to my Liberty friends instead of committing to the consolidation of the school district they are still holding on to three old abandoned campuses. Two campuses near the river and a large campus in the residential section behind their Mexican restaurant are not utilized for much of anything. They are off of the tax rolls and require at least some maintenance. The shame of the whole thing is Liberty will probably have success getting bonds issued before us. They should be asking the question, “Do we really need to spend money now or should we consider a way to use what we have?” This is not true for us though. We have no assets to trade or sell. We are the largest school district in the county, not Liberty. We are the fastest growing district in the county, not Liberty. We need a bond issue badly. Our school board is not a bunch of friends wanting to go on a shopping spree. We have serious needs.

I could care less about Liberty's schools, but Dayton's taxpayers I care about. We are in a perilous time with a novice in foreign affairs for a President and a bunch of Republicans stopping any action that might help the economy. Please don't even consider a bond issue fellow taxpayers!

I do not know the condition of Dayton’s school district’s finances or the property they own. With all due respect to the person from Dayton who hopes they will pass a bond issue there, you know some of the economics involved over here across the river in Panther country. One of the campuses you refer to is the old West Liberty school. It is unusable because of asbestos. This property would sell for very little money because of its location and the cost of leveling everything on it. The old San Jacinto property is in “a residential area” just as you said, and if Liberty grows it is in a great place for the facilities that will be needed. If you have ever served on a city council or school board you might would hesitate to sell this property. If the land over between Sun’s oil tanks and the by pass is developed residentially, the school system would have to turn back around and buy property if they sold this land. I understand your frustration and the need your community has for a successful bond election, but we are not competing with you. Many ofus want to take advantage of the low interest rates over here too. The administration building has been taped and nailed and painted together for years. If that building was a person, it could draw social security. We need more parking for the football stadium and the land that building sits on is the logical location. Our district’s building are well maintained now, but we are wasting money patching that dinosaur when we could be using that money to prepare for the future. I wish you luck on whatever your educational needs are and hope you will be the same about us.

I think your sources are misinformed about Liberty ISD's land holdings. Liberty has two old school grounds. one is over off of Texas and Grand where most of the school has been cleared from the site. The other is almost like a crackhouse for some of the druggies around here and it is halfway between the post office and the river.



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