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Tractor Supply: I was trying to shop in tractor supply and for about 3 weekend in a row it was like a sauna in the building and stink like backup sewer line...what is going on liberty county? liberty county needs work A/C , no plumbing..not getting my business..those poor workers and no ventilation

Liberty Woman Arrested for DWI

everyone will be real stunned when these charges get thrown out... this women has cancer in her eye that is the reason her eyes reacted the way they did she suffers from lymphoma if our p.d. wasn't so gung ho to hang all the keatons they might have just gave this poor lady a ride home....

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"police picking on blacks",maybe yes,maybe no.BUT on sun.,07/19/2015 the pic and information is on this page,black man john simon,sitting in his car outside apartments,waiting for a girl to come home,that is a know felon,and much younger,living with her mother and grandmother,who just happened to be out of town at the time,people coming and going in and out of the apartment for 4-5 days,doing GOD knows what.caught with pot and meth,kudo's to the L.P.D.not what anyone want's in their neighborhood.

Re: In addition, check State of Texas numbers and you will see a race of people that makes up ~14% of population in the nation have about ~60% of the inmates in Texas prisons./////// I love it when someone else proves my case for me and I don't have to even try. 14% of the population and 60% of the prisoners? So, you think the BAD cops are the reason for this number? Case closed.

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I wish the State would fix the bumpy patch on FM1409 just south of the bridge that replaced the Dead Man's Curve Bridge. This bad spot is on the north bound side of the road.

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Hardin ISD school board wants a pretty new school but they are unable to hire some of the better teachers in the area because of their low pay scale. Better teachers, better students. Better buildings, better pictures.

I agree. Our school borad has mismanaged the district for a long long time, but around here the election is a popularity contest. That is why we hired Larry haynes as the head coach a few years ago and became the only school in the county to have artificial turf. That is why we refuse to make our teacher salaries competitive so we can fill openings with the best available teachers. Mismanaging.

Whoa,you mean we can say the truth about Hardin ISD and all those feeding at the local coffee hole want come after us? We have some really good teachers but we have lost some opportunities to fill spots with some of the better teachers in the county because we are the second worst paying school in the area (thanks Daisetta for being the worst!)

DPS Releases Video of Sandra Bland Traffic Stop

There is a problem with cops who pick on people, even here in Liberty. I know of one incident that happened last year to a woman who was only walking to CVS from her home, a policewoman saw her followed her into the store, followed her around the store, and confronted her outside the store and accused her of being someone else. After the woman was asked to prove her identity, which she couldn't because she left her ID at home, the woman defended her innocence, and the policewoman threatened to arrest her but didn't. There are numerous incidents of people being arrested for something and when they make bail, thinking they are free to go, the jail will bring up another charge in order to hold them longer, when the accused thinks all the charges were taken care of, this happens a great deal. The number of AA being incarcerated greatly outnumbers whites because mostly the AA and the poor whites, and Spanish speaking offenders haven't the funds needed to work themselves out of court system. Those who are affluent never see the inside of a jail for long, but if you are poor you can end up there for a long time.

Get off your soap box about Sandra Bland, let the women rest in piece. If she would have been white it would have been tough shit. There would not have been all this publicity.

"Sandra bland",well,well.a few months ago there was one suicide in the liberty county jail,why not protest that? oops he was white!

Man Dead after Domestic Violence Call

Man Dead after Domestic Violence Call ANAHUAC, July 22, 2015 I am sorry another human being was killed resisting the police again. However, I am glad it was a white man, or we would be having more protests and demonstrations. I am pretty sure there will be none of those due to this incident.

Man Dead After Domestic Violence Call: There should not be any protests or demonstrations because this story clearly states this address has had numerous prior calls for assistance involving domestic violence, aggravated assault w/deadly weapon, violation of a protective order, not to mention he broke free from the officers attempting to arrest him, ran to his truck and grabbed a weapon. It's not like he was innocently walking through a neighborhood with a bag of skittles in his hand, and now dead, he wasn't selling single cigarettes on a street corner and before you know it he's yelling (repeatedly), "I can't breathe" and now he's dead, he wasn't driving down the street and trying to let the cops get by moves to the left without signaling and now she's dead.

General Comments

I continually hear that blacks are picked on by police much more than any race. That the percentage in prison is lopsided. Well, I am reading the feedback report this morning at 11:15 AM, 7/21/2015, and the first three stories involve blacks committing crimes. Not European-Americans, not Mexicans, not Asians, not Space Aliens or Illegal Invaders. No, just blacks. Case closed.

The comment on "blacks are picked on by police much more than any race", all races are picked on by the police. Blacks just seem to be the favorite flavor chosen by the police and other racially motivated individuals. The stories that are posted have been chosen, it doesn't mean that other races didn't do crimes! I don't care how many times you tell yourself that Blacks are bad doesn't make it true. It only makes you IGNORANT and blind. Wake up and look in your immediate family, whether you acknowledge it or not, their are bad seeds growing. And since I know your family, you need to stop before your family's dirty laundry gets aired on here!!! Just Saying!!!!

To the poster speaking about blacks being picked on: The reason you continually hear about blacks being picked on is because it is true. Five times as many Whites are using drugs as African Americans (AA), yet AA are sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of Whites. AA represent 12% of the total population of drug users, but 38% of those arrested for drug offenses, and 59% of those in state prison for drug offenses. You have people that can openly admit to raping their kids and get probation, others go to prison. If you think AA are the only people committing crimes because of what you read on i-dineout, perhaps those are the only ones getting reported. Look on the Sheriff's inmate list and you will see that European-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Space Aliens and Illegal Invaders are being arrested...just not convicted. Case closed.

I thought it was so telling by the person writing the racially charged comments about those "BLACKS" being the three lawbreakers they read about on this news-reporting site. In addition, those Blacks say that number of people in prison is lopsided. Commenter stated "not the "European-Americans, not Mexicans, not Asians, not Space Aliens or Illegal Invaders. No, just blacks" funny but all groups were described with names being started with a capital letter, except them "blacks"! That comment contained pure hate for a whole race of people, just analyzing the wording of it. In addition, did three lawbreakers bastardize the whole race, in the USA? In addition, check State of Texas numbers and you will see a race of people that makes up ~14% of population in the nation have about ~60% of the inmates in Texas prisons. Bet you are a "Christian" and if so the same person that blew his breath into you after birth blew his breath into those three lawbreakers after birth. In addition, are you judge and jury all wrapped into one for Liberty County. The “Commenter” as Senator Graham yesterday called Donald Trump a "Jackass", you to can be described as a "Jackass". From 1865 (in Texas) to 2015 slaves freed but some folks still would like those Blacks to still be slaves and those 3 could be whipped or fed to the gators for their transgressions. Good Luck.

It is ridiculous to say that when any race at all is arrested for committing a crime, it is done so because the police are "picking" on them. When the police do their job of cleaning up the streets it is said they are picking on people. When they do not clean up crime they are accused of not doing their job. Isn't it obvious what the real complaint is here? This cop hate has got to stop.

Re Blacks in prisons... Have you ever been inside a prison? Not a county jail but prison. They are just about all black and disrespectful as they were on the streets. Go see for yourself then your story will change. Numbers don't lie my friend.

General Comments

I started a ledger noting the date and time of each power outage, the weather conditions, length of time power is out. After x amount of outages, I will call the Public Utilities Commission and report them. I think if we all did that, we may get some positive results. Won't hurt to try.

Felony Drug Arrest in Ames

Great job LCSO for starting the cleanup in ames Been poisoning the community for a long time Now on to finish the cleanup with CR 158. It's sad that these people sling drugs year after year and aren't taken off of the streets and when they are they're let out to do the same things

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An election is imminent as we see a picture of our Quasi-Sheriff in the field with one of his finest Sgt. Niemeyer. Crime Numbers out this week from TDPS for 2014 showing reported Sheriff's Department crime and clearance rate. Sheriff Rader’s overall were the same low numbers as 2013. Were there really four homicides in Liberty County in 2014? I slept through them probably.

This is for the poster who likes to throw cheap shots at the sheriff by referring to him as "quasi". Maybe you should move to the quiet little burg over in Harris county called Houston, where it is crime free, drug free, no illegals, really low taxes and no traffic snarls. You can leave for work leaving your home unlocked, let your children play in the park without any supervision. That's just starters.

General Comments

Oh I think the City makes a lot of it's decisions not in closed meetings but in some one's office. This most recent concocted fine about grass clippings is just a shitty way to increase revenue, they are not giving any more warnings after two years of enacting this piece of work. I'm completely convinced Broz and the entire city council must go, also a lot of underlings that work for the city too. They can fine anyone they want for whatever they want, grass clippings, not having a place to stay being forced to sleep wherever one can, but open arms to tattoo parlors , liquor stores, loan shark lending companies.

OK, let's get this straight; the City of Liberty has not been picking limbs by the curb for two (2) months. I heard it was because their place to put the limbs was under water. Yet, they want to fine anyone for grass clippings, limbs that are not exactly where they want them. The City needs to sweep their own door steps first. They have lots of grass to cut and ditches to clean. Some streets you cannot see for the weeds. How about some weed killer? They sell it locally. Also, what's up with the ditches on main street. The City should demand that the State clean them out! The City can't get enough taxes from Boom$$$$, so they will just fine us more. Fire them all. Weak backbones in office here in the third oldest city in Texas.

IF the city wants to make up rules and charge citizens for not following them, could they please make up something a little more consequential. And IF they intend on fining people for this could they please save up some moneu just in case one of our taxpayers decides to look for places to use actual laws to bring them before the magistrate.

I have photos, that I have taken in the last two days, of grass clippings in the street around the City Hall and Library. Even one of clippings around the Mayor's house. Seems logical the first $500 fines should be given to City Manager Broz and each of the Liberty City Council members. After all, it is their ordinance.

I for one embrace the Liberty city ordinance restricting branches ect in the street. The streets in my section of Liberty are narrow. My inconsiderate neighbors pile their tree branches partially in the street, after driving around the piles for 4 to 5 days I get out of my truck and move them back onto the offenders property. Way to go to go Liberty city get out there and start writing tickets. I am tired of moving tree branches out of the street.

To the poster who is glad the city will soon be writing tickets for street debris, you remind me of the stories of the neighbors in Germany who turned in Jews to the police, your motives are selfish and sleezy. I'm sure your neighbors really think highly of you, you seem like a gem to live next to.

Limbs and Grass clippings ? How about abandoned Houses or rental Houses not up to code. Example, three abandoned rent houses behind the Catholic Church near City Hall .. Grass growing wild and Houses failing apart.. Fine them Big Time. These are not the only Houses or even Bussiness in liberty that need to be Torn Down or Reparied if possible. Mayor and the Taks force need to drive around liberty and take notes and write out those fines.

I cant stand these dogooders who travel around town and look for buildings that need to be torn down, and yards that need mowed, and scream for the city to fine those who aren't in compliance according to these pseudo Nazis. These are only minor problems, and those who own these structures more than likely don't have the finances to pour into these repairs. It's not a big secret that being in an impecunious situation is not looked on kindly by the city officials here in Liberty aka. the public camping ordinance, or by the high profile citizens that take it upon themselves to go to the city and complain about structures that they deem unlivable, while they live in nice homes insulated from the poor in places like Travis Park, and others. In order for these busy bodies to see the unsightly residences they must leave their subdivisions, here's some advice, stay home. I have said it once and I say it again, I have never seen any of the members of the city council ever shopping locally, and before you say anything, I always shop locally and in 15 years you would think you might cross paths with some of these people, no never not even in the peak buying seasons like Xmas, not even in the area grocery stores. The ones who are screaming loudly about wanting to fine their fellow citizens are the lousiest type of people.

General Comments

Good luck LCSO regarding the bust in Baker Circle last night. It was long over due but hats off to you guys. 5-6 different families live in that house and none of them have jobs. I work everyday and barley survive. These crack heads roll around in new cars, slinging all kinds of cash, and have kids they can't take care of. But...they will be the first to complain about the cops doing their jobs. They need to get a job and bust a$$ like normal people do. We need to crack down on this activity everywhere. GOOD JOB LCSO. Signed....Your neighborhood crime watch!

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With the grass clippings issue, doesn't the city own something like the first ten feet back from the street? When will they start to maintain what they own?

General Comments

With the law enforcement crowd now driving SUV's and pickups (Lord knows if those might be used personally), I wonder if maybe sports cars and convertibles are next?

General Comments

Hard to believe after all the reports on KSHN and newspaper, more isn't said about Hardin city meetings.

General Comments

I wonder how many people are victimized by the local loan shark lending business that pepper the area. You know the ones who give easy credit to those who have bad credit, and need money. They then get the client hooked on easy money and refinance the loans when the due dates come up, and the client never pays off the loan because they cant ever get out from under them. Then there is the payday loans who are worse than the others. Those who are needy are made easy victims for this kind of money lenders. The City needs to look into these businesses and see if they are doing more harm than good, and if they are not doing more good than harm then it should look into running them out of town. But don't worry the City of Liberty wont ever do anything like that because it doesn't care about it's citizens, it only cares about those citizens who are high profile, not the easily ignored.

General Comments

I must say it is refreshing to have our new Commissioner. As I sat in the living room last night a mosquito truck came by fogging the neighborhood. This is the second time in a month. Thank you Commissioner Wilson

To the person commending Mr Wilson. Do you happen to live on the same road as him?

To the person who thinks Leon Wilson is so great you need to pull your head out of your ---- Drive around the roads are worse now than I can ever remember

All you people complaining about Leon Wilson need to get a life. I live no where near him and we have had numerous mosquito spraying trucks come by. And as far as the roads, give him a minute to get things going. Its not as easy as you think it is, I am sure!! So stop complaining or run for something yourself and make changes since you think its so easy. And no I am not personal friends with him but so sick of seeing people complain on here about people in office, when they sit around doing nothing.

College Station Resident Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

College Station Resident Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography I am really getting upset when reading such high praising for arrests for people found with child pornography. “Thanks to the Child Exploitation Unit and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one more child predator is off the streets and behind bars,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “It is one of our most important jobs as law enforcement to protect our communities from these criminals and we will continue to seek justice to keep our children safe." Where are the arrests of the people MAKING that pornography? What about those poor children that were used to MAKE those movies/videos? What is being done to find the people who are hurting them? You NEVER hear about any arrests being made and it just keeps getting worse!

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about people sexually assaulting young children and the proliferation of child pornography. What's it going to take to stop this horrible crime? When you have Liberty county courts like Judge Morefield and Liberty County DA Logan Picket letting these sick individuals walk our streets like admitted child sexual assultist Eddie Shaubuger.

General Comments

Donald Trump is the face of the republican party, they may want to distance themselves from his mouth and antics but it's too late. As someone said about him he is the GOP's worst nightmare he's "loud, dumb, confident, and independently funded". He's a Frankenstein political monster created by the unholy mating of Fox News and right-wing radio. He is the incarnation of what is considered a white, nativist, xenophobic entity that now can come out of the closet waving the confederate flag in the faces of decent Americans who want an end to this kind of behavior. Trump is a clown, the head clown of the Republican Party, and it may be too late to reign him in.

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Re: Emergency shelter. If people are having to stay there 9-2, or whatever hours it is, but have to leave for the night and it's not opened on the weekend, where do they go? How do they all of a sudden have a place "after hours"? Just curious why coverage isn't allowed for 24 hrs? Please no smart alec remarks or hateful retorts this is a sincere question.

General Comments

POWER OUTAGES: They have become the norm instead of the unusual even on sunny days without even a breeze blowing! I ordered battery operated lanterns after the 12 hour outage a few weeks ago. Since then we have had several shorter ones, but when the house gets in the high 90s, I decided maybe I needed a battery operated fan, too. So I ordered one and put in the batteries Sunday night! Wow Monday I woke up to no electricity! Before I could get to the fan, the power came back on, thankfully. However, it has gone off twice since Sunday! I really was hoping not to have to use the fan or the lanterns. I wonder when or if this problem is being corrected or at least being figured out. I surely hope so. Paying the big electric bill hurts even more when you power is uncertain.

In ref. to the power outages in addition to the nuisance of the power failures is the failure of the City to offer any type of explanation. They don't think they have to tell us anything as to what is going on, because I guess they feel "why should we? we wont loose our jobs any way, regardless of the situation, let the bastards sweat lol" I don't listen to the local stations that much, because they are silly, so I don't know where else the City might try and inform the public about the outages, except maybe the paper. But I will predict that since it's getting hotter there will be many more outages coming.

The City of Liberty has a Power Outage report with causes and duration for each outage, listed by month, including June and July 2015, at

General Comments

It's Thursday 12:50 pm and the power is off again. Second time this week it's went off, the City Officials are NOT fixing the problem they all need to be replaced!

Call Donald Trump about the power outages in the City of Liberty: He knows how to handle situations like this.

General Comments

As a 35 year old Christian wife and mother of three teenagers, I am so frustrated hearing younger Moms doing whatever they can to avoid working and helping their husbands support the family. They need to consider how hardworking Proverbs 31 says they should be and then (HELLO) recognize that the evolution of microwaves and public schools and all kinds of technological advancements leaves one of the best places in 2015 to be a Proverbs 31 woman is to go to work and help support the family. My kiddos are all in school. We go out to eat a fair amount and meals don't take four hours to prepare like they did in Old Testament days. Woman who expect their husbands to work work work and claim that is the order God made need to be mature enough to realize the implications of what it means to be a Proverbs woman these days. It was all about home life and supporting the family. Young woman are running the roads trying to make sure their kids get stuff they don't even need and expecting Hubby to foot the bill and work til he is near dead. Well not mind, he is numero uno and I love to help out and guess what, he loves to help me too. He is so much more likely to listen to me and to pursue God because i am atleat trying to be a helpmate that actually helps take care of priorities rather than shares the list of things I wish he would make enough money to buy us.

A woman wanting to stay home that gets up before her children and husband and fixes breakfast every morning, mows the grass and keeps the yard, makes sure the vehicles are serviced and full of gas, sews new clothes and repairs old ones,baths the children at night, cooks supper (not heats up ready made meals, plants and maintains the garden, washes and folds clothes, and smiles and loves on her family as she starts all over the next day. Could be a proverbs woman. But she should be doing part of this as "her husband stands at the gate of the city" and talks to other men about what is going on. As for me, I have eight to five. Most of my check pays the insurance, but the rest covers some of teh groceries. Plus my retirement will help out when we get old. I encourage my husband toonly take overtime when the company he works for is in a jam. Me and the boys would rather him be with us than make a few extra bucks. Isn't that how God wants us to be? Unselfish. Non-materialistic. Preferring each other?

To the “35 year old Christian wife and mother,” who is preaching, “They need to consider how hardworking Proverbs 31 says they should be,”…. You certainly have a right to your opinions and your religion, but so do everyone else. No one else has to live their life according to “your” religion and personal beliefs.

When I rad my "35 year old" sister's post about how she tries to live as dedicated a life to her family as the Proverbs 31 woman, I had to give her a thumbs up. Her husband is crazy about her and she has wondeful children. What I can't fathom is why anyone would write in and act like she was telling anyone who did not believe in Proverbs that they should live like her. Her comment was to women like me that are a few years younger who do believe in scripture. My my to be so sensitive and think everything is a judgement on how you live. Poleeeez!

Preach sister! Marriage fulfilled in the was created and ordained by God and His rules and His guidance in being fulfilled in the covenant should be spoken and respoken. To the person who says they are willing to let you have your opinion and your religion, maybe we can have their permission to breathe air too. LOL! Our Creator teaches and practices longsuffering with folks like this, but for how much longer.

To the 35 year old woman who brags about being some kind of holy helpmate to her husband and is so full of herself she has to let the internet world know: BALONEY. "The Church" and "Christianity" is criticized for being a male dominated religion. I submit to you that this is more often than not a female dominated religion where men drop in from work and do what they are told or participate very little. I bet this woman is no different. She may be "helping" some but I bet her husband goes where he is told. I bet money is spent where she wants it spent. Women in today's Christianity are willing to yield to the idea God is a "he"becuase they need the deception of submission. But let me worn people who get involved in this cult, even if like me it is as a child being dragged to church, these women's idea of a male God is one like they say is "DaddyGod". This is imporatnt because in they are constantly pretending to be a like the daughter who has their daddy wrapped around their little finger. In other words, they are in control of God. The men? Oh go mow the grass or work on the car. DaddyGod and these ladies will run the family. Cult. Deception female manipulated cult.

General Comments

john otto stepping down,wes hinch to maybe take his place,it is time to move ot of liberty county

While John Otto stood up for conservatives and the people of this county on some important issues, he deserves to be congratulated for being one of the few politicians to go back to private life and make it more possible for a private citizen to get elected to take on some of the conservative issues that Texans want to bring to the forefront. Wes Hinch is a nice enough man, but his "chosen replacement" status makes him a whole lot less likely to broaden the areas we are represented in than if Keith Strahan is elected by the people. New energy, without the hand-picked designation, but with the conservative Texan credentials will be my choice in the next election.

Otto/Hinch: I agree with the prior poster. Really, a retiring Rep endorses someone this early. Given Hinch's baggage with Liberty County Politics (Fitz, Groce, Fontenot, etc.) surely Liberty County Republicans can find someone else to represent them or here is an idea, maybe someone of honor, character and valor from the other two (2) counties could step up and do a great job for all three counties. Hinch, we cannot afford that.

Im glad Otto is stepping down now McCarty needs to do the same thing. Neither have made any improvements for Liberty Co.

Has anyone heard that Kenny Brand may run for Rep.

Otto "yes", Hinch "hell no".

In regard to John Otto stepping down, what's really going on? I hear tale he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. As for him endorsing Wes Hinch, that is like the devil endorsing one of his demons. The person named John Stovall who is running for that State Rep office Otto vacating is connected to a bunch of local kooks who are U.S. Government subversives and soveign citizens RINOs hidden within the local Republican Party. Watch out Liberty County!

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I know this is going to send some into orbit, but I want to say just because you put on a military uniform doesn't make you a hero. All this over kill about posting pictures of military personnel and saying things like "our heroes" is nothing more than some body trying to act self righteous and making like they are really devoted to these people. I wore a uniform too, and was paid money for it, and to me it was just a job. I never wore my uniform when I was home on leave because it wasn't a big deal. Now you cant go on FB without some picture of some obscure soldier getting the royal treatment because they are in the military, its a job. And all this bs coming from the mouths of people to vets "thank you for your service" means nothing, it costs nothing, its hollow and those mouthing these words to these guys are only on some type of ego trip. We are militarizing our schools with ROTC, and all we are doing is making our kids potential cannon fodder.

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Ames TX has the worst mayor ever.the citizens don't get out and vote and we keep getting the sane sorry guy.just the other day I saw a city of Ames vehicle at a gas station on a Sunday filling up.the roads in ameswood are awful but they still pay trash and water .i think the media needs to come and investigate ames.

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According to independent research by the OJJPAC, several cities within the state of Texas are sanctuary cities- just like San Francisco, where a legal citizen was arbitrarily murder by an illegal immigrant who had once resided in Texas. One of the listed sanctuary cities is Baytown. What are officials in Liberty County doing to prevent illegal migration into Liberty County?

General Comments

I heard Paul Haidusek is running for county commissioner???

Please take down comment that Paul Haidusek is running for county commissioner. He is not doing any such thing.

Murder Suspects Apprehended

Murder Suspects -- It is good that the suspects were found and will have to be tried for that murder. However, there was a local murder here in Liberty, the murder of Laura Manning. Has anyone been found or suspected of her death? I have not seen anything about it since the first report of her being shot and killed. Is there a murderer still on the loose here in Liberty?

General Comments

I think the issue about the Confederate flag being removed is not too bad a thing. There is a place for the flag and it's in a museum not in front of a state facility. Now the flag has been identified with racism and that is making every ones panties knot up. The flag of course was a battle flag, but it is the most ubiquitous symbol associated with the Confederacy and the war, and you can say states rights, the rights of the states to hold people in slavery if the state wanted, not whites but blacks, thereby racism. Those who are indignant about removing the flag and screaming "heritage" are lying through their teeth. The flag has become an non honorable symbol, just like the swastika, because it stands for the rebellion against the Government, and hateful citizens have taken to wanting to protect it because they are identifying with it to validate their hatred of non whites in a hidden but non the less real existence of racism. Their off the chart of protecting it is rationalization of their deep seated racist attitudes toward "Yankees, liberals, and non whites" with a pretend defense of something they call "states rights", when in reality they just barely made it through high school and are now experts in Americana. It's a racist symbol and only racists want it around.

General Comments

Hats off to the City of Liberty, especially the Liberty Police Department. The fireworks display was great! And the professionalism of our Police Department was outstanding! Thanks for a job well done by all involved!

Texas Tenors Sing God Bless the USA

"The Fourth Of July",another great day in the history of the United States Of America to be remembered ,and be thankful for.Even with the current state of affairs,it is still the greatest country in the world to live,let us all set our difference's aside at least for the weekend,and be kind to all.Be thankful for the great founding father's,and hopefully "we"can return some of the very,good common sense ways,that they all put on the table so that "we'could live in a peaceful country,And to all the fine men and women who can not be here to enjoy all the fine meals and other activities.Ya'll have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

General Comments

To address the root of most of the problems and conflicts posted here regarding social, religious, moral, political issues, etc., there is one factor that is pivotal: whether one believes in the biblical scriptures of the New Testament of Christ as written or not. It is really quite simple, not written for the intellectual or the bible scholar at all, but for the common man and woman. Either you hold to its tenets or not as inspired by God. If you don't, then you believe that anyone can interpret it as they wish, or there is no God at all. I believe that whether you are religious, an agnostic or an atheist, this is not arguable. Our nation will be ruled by the most accepted beliefs, which in a way is all faith based in the end by the majority of citizens, not any wisdom outside of that.

To the poster who thinks that all our problems can be solved by applying the principles of the New Testament, and understanding that it was inspired by God is all we need to address the conflicts and troubles will magically go away. I'm afraid that's wishful and simplistic thinking. The issues that we face are deep seated and ingrained, and the challenges put forth by the NT unless understood correctly can be used to reinforce these issues unfortunately. For centuries the Scriptures were used to condone slavery, now it's used to continue to harass homosexuals. There are other exNamples too numerous to mention suffice it to say, the real challenge of the NT is much deeper and uncomfortable but transformative non the less, if one has the courage to really look into what the main Person of the NT has to say about being one of His followers.

Believers should search their hearts and try to live out what Christ teaches, but all we can do is try to keep from codifying sin in the law (we can not expect nonbelivers to agree with the bible). Sin is separation from God and while ignoring the Apostle Paul's admonition to treat each other like brothers easily should have been the death nell to slavery in Christian nations, homosexuality (with or without some kind of ability to get the state to license a relationship) does not have any room to wiggle around and distance itself from being called sin. But believers are still commanded to love those who have a sinful lifestyle that they might one day repent. Those believers who embrace the new law under the umbrella of love are in some ways no different than a older brother embracing the idea that his nine year old brother should never be corrected.

The poster who rambled about loving the sinner in hopes he repents missed the mark. Saying "nonbelievers" can't be expected to agree with the bible is a stupid biased remark, inferring only those who agree with the bible are on the right track. Saying homosexuality is always sinful is also judgemental , there could be extenuating circumstances that determine some ones actions that are not completely under their control. Calling someone a sinner is never a black and white matter, we can only hope for the best. To stand in judgement of others is a precarious position, using the Scriptures to do that is not healthy, but it's the way bigots get by, and yes that was a judgement call...sry.

I read the comments about the bible totally different than the critic. The comment seemed to me to not be a personal judgement about anyone. It seemed to be saying those who have come to believe the bible is the standard God has for all mankind and those who believe that should not judge those who do not. instead the writer seems to be saying that "nonbelievers" lack of accepting the standard set forth by the Cross and the scripture leaves them in perpetual disgreement with the believer. But I may be reading my own perception of what the Christians in my circle are saying. Most outspoken Christians I know are very kind and caring and the critic seems to me to be projecting their own judgementalism.

non-believers - I bet the one that is posting about being a non-believer is a Jehovah witness. One came by my house and told me that only witnesses were going to be resurrected. I agree that know none should judge another. We never know what is going on in anothers life.

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Summer is here and even with the cool and wet start my utilities are a whopping 17% higher than last year. Can someone who lives in Liberty tell if their bill is up like mine?

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So proud of our clerk. A clerk working in Liberty County Clerk Paulette Williams'office said several same-sex marriage licenses already had been issued here in Liberty County and there appeared to be no issues. Williams should be applauded for helping gays tie the knot rather than join Governor Abbott, AG Paxton, and nearly half the counties in Texas.

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The tempoaray relief we who live in the city of Liberty received has long passed. The Co-op called SRMPA we are a part of holds millions in overcharges on our city electric bills while they spend money, oor money, on advertisements with media like KSHN radio promoting themselves. FIRST they should give OUR money back to US. We paid the bills sent to us NOT THE CITY OF LIBERTY. The bills were an overcharge. Mayor Pickett should not return to the way it was when Sandy Pickett was running the city. That money should NOT be available to pay for pet projects or even things the city feels it needs. It does not belong to them! Using our money from overcharges is worse than raising taxes without our vote. Stop it!

With the common element being SRMPA is lawyered up and the Mayor of Liberty is a lawyer, trying to shake loose the overpayments made to the SRMPA and the city of Liberty would take a lawsuit. Lawyers like these do what they think is legal, not what is right. But you are right. It is a co-op and they should give us a rebate. WON'T HAPPEN!

SRMPA & Liberty . . .There is so much more to this than the public knows. It is a shame that full disclosure has not been made by the City's Representatives on the SRMPA Board, Mayor Pickett and Manager Broz. The City is in the business of raising rates and then transferring those extra charges to the general fund not only to fund pet projects, but also to keep the tax rate artificially low. You can raise rates paid by citizens and then keep the tax rate the same without having the public vote on a tax roll back. Can you imagine what the tax rate would be if there were no transfers from any city utility funds to the general fund? Utility Rate reductions were realized in the late 90's and early 2000's, but now it is back to the good ole boys doing business as in years past. Sad.

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"junkyard at the old walmart",$$$$$$ is very simply why.

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I would like to request to the citizens of Hardin that if you are having sewer issues when it rains (sewer backup, sewer gas smell in your home, inability to use your facilities when it rains) to please email your concerns to the City of Hardin Mayor at or Hardin's sewer is piped to the City of Liberty water treatment plant and does not work correctly for a lot of citizens in Hardin when it rains. We need to have the mayor know our concerns.



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