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General Comments

Was wondering what was going on in town yesterday as a Liberty police officer rounded the corner at Jefferson & Travis and almost hit my wife head on. I get that he was after someone but if he can't drive any better than that?

General Comments

All had to notice that three Deputies were in Commissioners Court meeting on Tuesday morning in the Liberty County Courthouse, besides the Court’s Bailiff and Captain Don Neyland. The Sheriff went back to Sonny Applebee thru Henry Patterson to illustrate that high compensatory time on the books was commonplace among all Sheriffs. First, why is Captain Neyland attending each Commissioners Court Meeting, when the Sheriff is the one speaking when called upon during the Court meetings? In addition, someone slipped and called Greg Arthur, Sheriff. The new Commissioner told them that he is the Commissioner and the Sheriff is across the courtroom. From that, point on Sheriff Rader started calling Commissioner Arthur, "Commissioner - Sheriff" Arthur which was over the top and very inappropriate to say the least. Now back to three Deputies that sat in the meeting, told to be there by the Sheriff and was he paying them Comp. Time to be there at the meeting? If on duty, should they not be running all the calls the Sheriff seems to have, because Cops are more interested in being off than at stuffy meetings? One Commissioner asks are they here to intimidate the four Commissioners and County Judge? Liberty County, that is nearly bankrupt after McNair, Warner and Brown voting as a block and spent money into Liberty County's Fund Balance, which is for emergencies. I would bet a nickel to a doughnut someone from the Sheriff's Office called the Feds in to audit the Comp. time. Who was paying the three Deputies to attend a boring Commissioners Court meeting? I think when our new County Judge told the Sheriff, if you cannot manage the Comp time, I would send someone over there to take care of it for the Commissioners Court, because I never want the Feds out here again. Sheriff Rader quickly let the County Judge, know he would be monitoring the Comp time.

I also wondered if the Deputies at the Commissioner Court meeting were assigned to come and being paid comp time?

Next time you go to Commissioners court pay attention rather than think about how you can twist something to help your "cause". Those who are concerned about comp time at the sheriff's office should not complain that so many from that department were present as the topic came up. It is a seious matter. It has been for several administrations. the question is how can it be solved without raising the budget. If tehre is someone out there that loves this county that knopws how to solve the problem then speak up. Don't just use it to club one sheriff after another. If officers use their comp time for paid leave, you either have to leave county residents with less protection or you have to give someother officer what could amount to comp time. Speak up and tell us a solution that does not raise taxes.

General Comments

Dayton Local Elections: It is time for people to put their name in the ring to run against the incumbents for the Dayton ISD school board election in May. Three people who voted for your taxes to be raised without considering other solutions such as raising standards for teachers and administrators are up for reelection. I encourage people to run against them. The people who are up for election have proven your hardship in paying your taxes means nothing to them. I also encourage new blood in the Dayton city council elections.

Don't worry it is almost time for Liberty's local elections and for people to put their name in the ring to run against the incumbents for the Liberty ISD school board election in May. Three people who may soon vote for your taxes to be raised. I encourage people to prepare to run against them if this happens. The people who do this and are up for election have proven your hardship in paying your taxes means nothing to them.

Well then you should not have laughed. I have four kids, a mortgage, teo car payments and these people are out seeing how big a bond issue will pass in schools that are more than adequate.

I laughed at my friends living in the Dayton ISD when their taxes were raised because of a recent school bond issue, but the $33 million bond issue Liberty ISD plans on placing on the ballot isn't so funny. My Aunt lives in Liberty and she is 88 years old living on a fixed income.

The comment about the Liberty school bond and their 88 yr. old aunt being on a fixed income. I believe her taxes have a cap on them because of her I don't think it would affect her. Our schools really need some improvements.

I have a simple answer for anyone having an excuse to vote against the Liberty school bond that will be on the ballot soon. CHILDREN FIRST! I am not for raising teachers' salaries, but we should be willing to pay whatever else the school officials say they need to give children a first rate education.

General Comments

I tried to tell the citizens what their tax money was being spent on at the airport. Driving along Fregia Road I looked over at the airport and painted on the BIG hangar said it all. Poor little people always get screwed.

The "BIG" new hangar at the Liberty Airport is privately owned and signage on the "BIG" hangar is and has been paid for by the private owner; not the City of Liberty.

Re: The "BIG" new hangar at the Liberty Airport is privately owned and signage on the "BIG" hangar is and has been paid for by the private owner; not the City of Liberty.//// Did I say anything about the taxpayers building the hangar? Have you noticed any other changes out there paid for by the taxpayers? I have. Do you think those IMPROVEMENTS are for Piper Cubs?

Cell Phone Ordinances

Cell phone ordinances: You can put all of the ordinances you want into effect. You will not stop the ignorance of the human being! It's all about the "I can do it just this once and nothing will happen." Face it, drinking and driving is illegal, and nothing has stopped it because "I can do it, nothing will happen, just this once....." All it takes is once!

General Comments

I think it's funny to watch the local big shots scramble to defend Boomerangs' solvency. I guess they don't want to be the ones holding the bag when it shuts down, and believe me it will shut down and sooner than you think.

General Comments

I heard some rumors about a murde and also a body at Hardin, Texas. Do you know if any of this is true.

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To: Mom & Pop If your youngsters have acquired a Craftsman pressure washer, it is stolen from County Road 2058 in Hardin, Texas! I’ve been living out here a long, long time. A bunch of eyes are looking for it. Good luck using it! Hope you have papers, I do. I have partial video. They missed the camera. If it is returned to my property by Friday, 1/30/2015, and HEY, they KNOW where they got it from, I will not prosecute. I would hate to see someone's life get ruined over a used pressure washer. Thank you.

General Comments

I thought people were mean on facebook but this feedback is really out of hand. There is so much hate, not just racial, but politically, I read this whole thing and it was nothing but hate. I was surprised at how inhumane people are in this day and age. Dayton is a small town close to everything you need from Houston, Baytown and the plants or a nice quiet place to come home after work, but that old rice dryer is an object and it was hated on. If you are coming into Dayton from 1960 that is the best historical piece of art that lets you know you have arrived and hopefully, seeing the name, Ripkowski, who is an old prominent family name, may sell rocks, limestone, but he could also turn it around to something good. I read all this feedback on here and I did not realize how much hate is in these small towns in this county. You run down the county you live in, why would anybody else want to move here. I know there are filled churches all over this county, after reading all this something is not being said or done, something is terribly wrong. I wonder why people who did stuff during the hurricane time, got indicted for so many federal things and are still holding offices. Something is not being said. Why? Please quit hating on people. The whole world needs peace.

Simply put, the hater that hates on what he or she calls haters is actually the only specific person the reader can know is guilty of the accusation.

The writer who wrote that people on Facebook and this website are mean is correct. I guess the degree of meanness is determined by what side you are on in an issue. I have noticed that people in this county are not tolerant of others who think differently. I have very strong opinions about various subjects but have learned it is best to not voice those opinions. Even though I have strong opinions I do believe it is important for me to hear all sides. No one and I mean no one knows all the facts of an issue until they are willing to hear all sides. Until we all can listen to all points of view without attacking someone personally I don't believe this county can grow in a meaningful way where everyone is respected.

Strong opinions sometimes do spill over into personal comments that must at least feel like hate. But having a venue for people to express opinions that are present but unspoken otherwise helps communication in this community. Especially for those that have no position or power.The poor taxpayer living within the boundaries of Dayton ISD is a great example.The issue passed anyway, but with the powerful and the teachers vs the scattered nasses, it was close. The opportunity for self expression makes the community healthier in the longrun. Thanks i-dineout for inviting everyone to speak!

Management of Comp Time at LCSO

This doesn't surprise me any more about this Sheriff. Its getting to where we are seeing his mistakes on a regular basis and I'm tired of it.

Did we not run Sheriff Patterson out of town for dereliction of duties, by voters of Liberty County Voters? Patterson at least had good control over the Comp. Time and worked hard to do it! Sheriff Rader not only has let the Comp. Time explode, but got collateral damage to boot, since Feds are now breathing down The County Judge's neck and the four Commissioners too. So, $200K+ and any fines handed down by the Federal Government. What determines dereliction of duties? Will CC let Sheriff Rader off and we pick up the bill because he has not done his job or will he have shot himself in the foot?...

This man repeatedly continues to be a problem. Bobby Rader is responsible for running his ship and apparently he has abandoned it. Election time cannot get here fast enough.

The amended Commissioner's Court Agenda shows item #15 has changed. Instead of handling, something “Personnel” related in Executive Session (Behind Closed Doors). Commissioner's Court is addressing the Compensatory Time predicament of our Sheriff’s Department in open court. As the Citizen and the Taxpayer, my opinion is Sheriff Rader allowed it to happen and he needs to reap what he sows and work within his yearly budget in all facets of the position. The Sheriff will say he inherited the problem from prior administrations but we know that is a lie. Henry Patterson an old boy from Cleveland, Texas managed the Compensatory Time better during his term as the Sheriff. We fired him and hired Sheriff Rader. County Judge Knight said during his first Commissioners Court meeting "Transparency" is the theme of his Administration. I thought just political rhetoric in Liberty County, Texas. What is going to happen? Will Liberty County Commissioner’s Court that holds our purse strings hold the Sheriff accountable for poor management of Compensatory Time or let the taxpayers pay the bill twice like the citizens did with McNair’s $900,000 adjustment to Sheriff Rader’s budget to the plus side in 2014. (“I am not An American. I am The American!“ ...Mark Twain)

Sheriff Rader did take over a comp time problem from Patterson, who took it over from Arthur, who took it over from Stewart. It's an inherent problem in any administration that is short-handed. When you force employees to take off to get their comp time down, the employees filling their slots gain comp time. It appears some people have a short memory.Patterson handled his inhereted problem by getting a payoff for all of those employees that were over the limit. Let's see if the commissioners extend the same courtesy to Rader.

That is such an out right lie! You are either Bobby writing that post or Veta wrighting for him. I know, I've been there and done that and it didn't happen that way. Bobby has no ideal and or gives a flip what is happening in the Department. Wake up voters, the time is coming soon. We need a new Boss and are asking for your help.

You are pathetic in your trying to dismiss the truth by saying Rader or the woman in his office wrote this or that. I agree with whoever wrote the post that tried to jog the memories of everyone exposed to the attacks on the current sheriff. It is an absolute fact that Sheriff Rader took over a comp time problem from Patterson, who took it over from Arthur. It's a problem in any administration that does nopt have enough manpower.

Whooooo! I agree with the other writer. Sheriff Rader ran and stated he would put an end to the problem that the past Sheriff created.Now apparently we have listened to a bunch of political bull out of Raders mouth.

Rader needs to go in two years, correct. Now, we need someone who could do the job and run against him in 2016. The cost for a countywide campaign probably now with two candidates, one as the incumbent and one running against him, probably would be $20,000++ for Liberty County. Greg Arthur or Leon Wilson, now County Commissioners could beat Rader, but they have a 4-year job and how would voters feel, if either left early. Really, think Greg Arthur would not want the headache of following Patterson and Rader. Deputies are not police officers, an academy does not teach that education. Rader cannot teach it, he only has 7 years on the DPS. Therefore, maybe we have good people at the Sheriff’s Department but not real police officers, just a badge and a commission and a uniform, but no nitty-gritty training as a real Police Officer. I am very embarrassed I ever voted with my family for Rader, a big disappointment to Liberty County.

General Comments

"the free mens health clinic"that was held at the liberty hospital,sat.01/10/ all the fine folks that make it happen,each year.the American Cancer Society,KSHN,the staff of the Liberty hospital,and those that go is a blessing to the men and there families,without insurance,or gives peace of mind for another year,and to those that may have a not so good test,may GOD,FAMILY be with you thru the difficult times.HAT OFF TO ALL !

General Comments

Does anyone know what happened in the Sacred Heart Church (Raywood) parking lot yesterday morning?

General Comments

Whoever types the local radio station's online newsgram needs a new typewriter.

General Comments

I really think its time for a change here in the Cleveland area. The tone seems to be that Commissioner Lowery has been a big bag of hot air. I know my family and I are not pleased with him along with others. And YES we do keep up with this news site here in Cleveland.

Volunteers exceed 6,900 hours for Sheriff Office in 2014

I think the reserve work hours is bloated, to use as a ploy for man power.....

Liberty County Sheriff's Department requires two twelve hour shifts per month as a minimum requirement to be a Reserve Deputy. Many Reserves are doing their 24 hours a month to have their Texas Peace Officer License to remain active under auspices of the County Sheriff'. Eleven Reserve Deputies put in 264 hours per month to meet that minimum requirement. So it is a quid pro quo arrangement. It is more or less equal to required hours quoted in the story as hours worked. It is nothing more nothing less.

General Comments

I wonder what the problem is with the City of Liberty employees? If you go to the City Hall and have to discuss some issue with the City Inspector then get ready to find out you haven't dotted an "i" or "crossed some "t" or filled out the correct paperwork in the most allotted time and forget them working with you, they have rules and that's the end of the story. Don't go to the Mayor looking for some help in the matter all he says is "be nice to those people". The various employees that work in the different areas of City departments are just as pathetic, they can barely read their names on the back of their belts, much less answer your questions. If you have to deal with the local police, city or county, then you are in for the most confusing ride of you life. If you need a county deputy to come out on a disturbance there is a 50/50 chance of one showing up, and if one does show up more than likely they will tell you what they cant do instead of doing anything to remedy the situation. The city police are no better they will rather arrest someone instead of trying to find a sensible solution to a fixable problem. Oh god and don't waste time hiring a local attorney for some legal work, they will take your money and promise you the world and you will not get what you want, because they are all in "bed" with each other, in other words they are all friends, they all attend the same parties, their children date each other, the judges were once local lawyers and they wont go against their social circle.

General Comments

I 'm just venting but maybe someone out here can tell me what in the Hell am I missing. Your driving north on FM1008 out of Dayton following cars that have turned right from Winfree and you go along the speed is 35 then it goes to 45 and then to 50 and the cars in front of you keeps going 45 and then it turns into 55 just before the city park and there still going 45, you come to a passing zone that's about 1/4 of a mile where you could pass safely and then the slow driving SOB speeds up from 45 to 60 and then your need to pass is over and then after that little passing zone is over with the speed has dropped to 50 mph. It chaps my *** every time I use that road. I've got a million miles under my belt all over this Country and I should or could write a book on the things that a driver will do. They would tear up $40,000.00 vehicle to get a $ 4.00 hamburger. Thanks for letting me vent, just saying, LOL

to the frustrated 1008 driver. You're not the only one frustrated. There are skid marks into the ditch made by many others that wanted to drive fast down that road. Some by people that have driven that road almost daily their entire driving life. I know of several fatalities in the past few years in front of that very park you are talking about. Right there in that "passing zone" which is actually a turning lane, there is no shoulder. There are many skid marks and broken trees from drivers that left the road slightly and overcorrected. Maybe the next time you are behind one of these drivers that dares to go 5mph less than the speed limit, you could spend the extra 60 seconds it takes to get to kenifick and take a look at all of those crosses that line the road and realize that there are some out there that don't want their kids looking at their cross on the side of that road the rest of their lives.

General Comments

I noticed lowering the speed limit in the area between the bypass and Governor's road is being discussed. The problem of people turning and nearly causing an accident really goes on around the corner past McQuire Road and the subdivision and church on the left. If something isn't done past that curve, the solution will leave the most dangerous part unaddressed.

I agree with the writer who points to the need for speed limits and a center lane from coming into Liberty from Hardin passed North Liberty Baptist.

The name of he churcht on the way out of Liberty going towards Hardin is North Main Baptist Church and there have been at least a dozen wrecks in that curve there. Some reported and some not. I live down McQuire road and it is true the traffic from Hardin has gotten so heavy something needs to be done.

My husband and I were just having a conversation the other day about the speed limit between the bypass and the Ridgewood Store. Those 18-wheelers drive so fast through there. I have seen many times when cars are going to turn and these huge rigs almost wreck crash behind them. I dont even know why the up the speed limit a couple of years ago. I have also seen kids standing in the morning waiting for the bus and all the cars speeding through there all the time. It scares me so much when I see an 18-wheeler behind me because they drive so fast through there. Im just not sure who to cantact about making a change to the speed limit on that piece of road.

I also live on McGuire Road and it is extremely dangerous turning off 146 from either direction, especially coming from Hardin.....people come barreling down the hill behind you and realize that you are stopped to turn, then they either scrape themselves on the guard rail, or hit you from behind.....a turning lane is the much needed solution and it should run from at least 100 yards above the church to at least the red light at the by-pass.....I realize that this is wishful thinking, but that is what is needed.......What scares me is that one of these days, while trying to make the turn coming from Hardin, I'll be smacked from behind and straight into oncoming traffic, which is running 65 by this time headed North.....

General Comments

First meeting of the new County Commissioner’s Court, which included two new Commissioner’s and a new County Judge went very well in my opinion of seeing previous CC‘s. The last Commissioner who was obviously a bitter old man, who tried his best in Precinct 4, to derail the new Commissioner Leon Wilson progress. Norman Brown sold equipment to the two sitting Commissioners at very low prices. Commissioner Wilson needed the equipment to do his job of trying to get Precinct 4 roads back to a decent shape for the voters in the Precinct. Even though it was an agenda item, both Commissioner Lowery and Commissioner McCarty, had before the meeting agreed giving the equipment back, the right thing to do. Also, it should be noted that Commissioners’ Lowery, McCarty and Author pledged their support to help Commissioner Wilson with his roads in his Precinct, that some had never been touched in the terms of the afore mentioned defeated Commissioner Brown. Now after 4 years the new Commissioner’s Court is acting like a team, because the two remaining Commissioners see that their votes, count and matter. One last subject, the last Commissioner’s Court enacted a tax increase on the citizens, because of their money spending and the vote of the County Judge to beak most ties. The folks that attended who wanted relief on their Bridge over Long John Creek that was tabled for numerous times give the new Commissioner’s Court time to asset the scope of the repair and even though a portion of the repair will be paid by a grant, it will be looked at and a solution will forth coming. Realize the County has to acquire the blessings of state requirements and in some cases the federal government. It is not just the Commissioner’s Court. I feel that we have the best Commissioner’s Court we have had in quite awhile and the County Judge promised transparency of the courts actions. I hope people attend voice their concerns and let the new people get more than 12 days on the job. I was impressed at attendance and cooperation of the CC. Good Job, now keep it up!!

RE: First commissioners court meeting. Hate to burst your bubble but all this cooperation won't last for long. Too many big egos. BTW, all the commissioners in the last court also volunteered to help Brown. And if you live in Dayton ISD, county taxes are the least of your worries when it comes to taxes!,

Dale Brown I have been waiting on you all week for you to defend old lame duck Commissioner Norman Brown in the feedback report.

Regarding the recently elected County Commissioners, talk is cheap and talk is all we have to go on with these new guys. Give them a year or so and then we can see if they produce or if they are just so much hot air during election time.

Missing Person in Liberty County

Great job to the Deputies who took the time to go above and beyond to find the gentleman that was missing. Sometimes being a "Public Servant" goes unappreciated and citizens only want to bring up the all do a selfless job without hesitation. Thanks for your service to our community!!

General Comments

I feel so much better now that KSHN reported this morning that "...oil & gas attorney Tracy Foster said that cycle of boom and bust will barely be felt in this area...". Really, Tracy???? I guess you won't feel it when your income is cut in half or the people you work for can't afford you anymore. I do realize there is a high probability that you were misquoted.

Man Arrested at Wal-Mart for Theft

It amazes me reading what goes on in Liberty, since I have moved away years ago. The article about a man involved in theft at Walmart, Jerry Carter, makes me think twice about shopping at a Walmart. He took a pistol, pellets, knife, etc and was allowed to leave the checkout area in that department? What if he loads that gun in there and starts shooting at customers? Isn't there a waiting time to purchase a gun? Why would he be allowed to walk away with a gun before that was completed? The world has all kinds of nuts in it and to know that the safety of customers and employees could be at risk, just amazes me. I understand theft is theft, but, why put a gun in their hand to steal to start with?

"It amazes me reading what goes on in Liberty, since I have moved away years ago." Sure you can purchase a pistol and just walk out with it. Pass the background check and it's yours. If you have a CHL it's even faster. What's wrong with that? Of course just me connecting the dots here...since WalMart doesn't sell pistols, and the thief also stole pellets, I bet he stole a pellet pistol. You think?

OH LAWD!!! I hereby demand Wal-Mart stop selling water guns in case some deranged teenager decides to go to the water fountain and load it up and start shooting customers...

To the smart ass who made the remark about what was written about someone stealing from Walmart. The report said a "pistol" was stolen from Walmart. If a reader doesn't know that they do not sell pistols, you would think it was a shooting pistol that was stolen. Yes, I am aware you can just walk out with a weapon that has been PAID for, but not put in the hands to walk with it until it's paid for. Once they are cleared of the paperwork, there is no reason it shouldn't be released to a customer, but, to just hand one to someone and attention not kept on that person until it is cleared and paid for is unsafe for everyone involved. I am not making a stance about weapons shouldn't be sold, so don't get your panties in a wad! I was just making the statement that until the background check is cleared and the item paid for, it shouldn't have the opportunity to walk out the door in the hands of trouble and that should even include pellet guns! I do support people having weapons if it is there choice, but, let's keep it safe for everyone involved!

Re: Stealing gun at WalMart: Generally speaking when you purchase a firearm at the larger stores, like Academy, a sales person will walk the firearm to customer service where you pay for it. I assume that Academy's procedure has at least 2 reasons: the firearm is one of the most expensive items in the store, and they don't want someone to hide it and shoplift it. It may also reflect a concern for safety. It's difficult to understand what your concern is in your reply.

Re: Stealing a gun from Walmart Thank you for the clarification of a good procedure to buying a gun. My concern was that a gun is allowed to be put in the hands where it has the access to be stolen or (used in the store). I just think that when a gun is shown to a customer that someone should be with that same customer until the gun is secured back into the store's hands. A good policy should be in place to insure the safety of all customers and employees. That was my concern and someone who had to be smart about their response and took it to another level. If a retailer is going to sell weapons they should have strong policies in place to keep everyone safe. Concerned citizen.

Walmart liberty p.d.Jerry Carter(former employee of the city of Liberty?)wow,justice moves slow.theft occurred on 11/12/13,warrant issued 03/20/14,arrest 01/10/15.should it take that long?

Re; stealing pistol at Walmart. This is my last comment since I made the smart ass reply, and the one about Academy. A retailer doesn't want you just wandering around in their store while you look at an item whether it is a $900 gun or a $900 diamond ring. That clerk knows they will be looking for a job if you just happen to wander out the front door while looking at that expensive item. Bubba's Bullets, Beer, & Bait might have a completely different procedure, or none at all. Heck, Bubba might let you step out the back door and test shoot a beer can. Who knows? You seem very concerned about the issue of folks walking around with guns. You may be shocked at how many folks have a .38 in their pocket shopping at the grocery store.

OSHA cites Liberty, Texas, employer for 18 violations; fines total $283,600

Boomerang got fined over two hundred thousand dollars by OSHA for safety violations. In one story I know of one worker who caught himself on fire goofing around there, and there are many other accidents that have happened at Boomerang that have gone under reported, it was and is a death camp to work there, in addition they are or have laid off around 100 workers and the administration is protesting that the " plant is not going to close". Oh yes it's going to close and yes all the workers are going to be laid off, it's National Pipe and Tube all over again.

Boomerang fined.....I worked at Boomerang for 4 1/2 years, starting when there were dirt floors in the place. In that time I did observe several sketchy practices but all the blame doesn't fall on the company. Boomerang was under a great deal of pressure to hire local, which is normally a good thing but in this case there wasn't a lot of skilled workers with pipe mill experience. Everything is bigger, heavier, faster when dealing with a steel processing plant. I was involved with most of the accidents investigations, and easily 80% were avoidable if the workers would have followed safety rules in place and 95% were a lack of using common sense. You can't stop a 9 5/8" piece of pipe traveling down a conveyor with your hand by placing it between the pipe and the backstop. Boomerang does carry some blame though, workers being there 70+ hours a week every week, lack of extended training of employees, only having a two person safety department, workers doing jobs they're not trained on due to staff shortages, ect. I left because I see a shutdown soon also, not because of the safety. Not one scratch in 4 1/2 years. But lets hope they stay running, theres a ton of people working there that would normally only be able to work at McDonalds.

Think of the tax abatements given to boomarang tube by city of liberty, liberty county and libertyisd. Intersturcture for power utilities and improvements. I bet their is exscape clause to get out of paying property taxes at 100 percent they would owe if the shut down... Bend over, assume the postion local goverments; No us Taxpayers will get Screwed First

boomerang tube & osha 2011 they where fined in excess of $400,000.00 (this is public information)and management has failed to correct the problems,fined again in excess of $200,000.00 the upper management had previously operated Maverick in Conroe.And that mill failed,as Tenaris took over,and have made a success of it.As far as the lay-offs go,it goe's with the drop in prices of oil(same occurred with NPT).I have worked there,and shift supervisor's had no problem with someone moving a load with the crane over other employee's.rather then wait,and or ask the employee's to move out of the way.NEVER,EVER DO YOU MOVE A LOAD(ANY LOAD) OVER PEOPLE WORKING,AS ANYTHING CAN AND WILL HAPPEN IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME.Yes it did appear to be(at 1st)a good thing for the local economy,but the taxpayers should look at the tax abatement that boomerang was granted.looks like the hospital and npt all over again,there will be a large un-paid electric and tax bill before it is all over.and the top management will still walk away with fat wallets,at the cost of the good people of Liberty.go to and you will see it is controlled 98% by a Russian,Not an AMERICAN.and a very large amount of the employees ARE NOT FROM THE LIBERTY AREA.HAVE A GREAT DAY,AND WISHING ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE AT BOOMERANG MUCH SUCESS IN FINDING OTHER EMPLOYMENT.

Commissioners Lowery and McCarty Cannibalize Pct. 4

What Norman did he will have to live with. It is selfish. It is mean spirited and vindictive. Whether it is reversible is questionable. Perhaps it will depend solely on the character of McCarty and Lowery. One of which says he has scheduled my road to be fixed early this year and we are still waiting and the other, who keeps us spending hundreds of thousands of dollars more than we have to on the jail. Good luck on the equipment Leon!

Norman Brown is showing his true colors. Brown couldn't have Leon Wilson indicted or arrested to keep Wilson from getting elected, now Brown gets back at Wilson the only way he can- by cutting Wilson's and Liberty County's throat. What arrogant, selfish and morally corrupt criminal bunch the Browns are - If the DA has any salt, he should indict Brown for official misconduct.

I guess since there were so many family and friends involved it was just too difficult for people to really see how Norman Brown, Lester Wisegerber, and the Bivens lady were so self serving.Dayton was probably no worse off than with previous commissionersby electing Brown, but he and his little political circle have made lttle progress in all these years. By practically giving away equipment to the Liberty commissioner, Brown's last move is not any less political than many of his others.

Commissioners Court was good. you know Mr. Wilson had to be telling the truth since no one disputed what he had to say.

Jury Convicts Guard who Deployed Taser at Wal-Mart

No big surprise a law enforcement officer from liberty county has been indicted. There are corrupt elements in liberty county law enforcement and the DA's office who have been well schooled in violating people's rights for many years and now. The question is, when are these people going to be publicly exposed and made to answer? Liberty County has a long way to go before it removes its corrupt cancer.

"jury convicts guard(former kenefick p.d.)at walmart".corruption has and most probably will go on not just in the liberty,city,county state of texas and throughout the USA,until all law enforcement is held to a higher standard.a person in any profession,there is bad/good,and they must also understand the laws on the books and follow them diligently.if not that makes them no better then the common long as the "good old boys"network of thinking goes by the wayside,on the streets,courtrooms,law offices and must follow an officers commands,regardless if they infringe upon your rights that(for non-felons)are protected by the constitution and the bill of rights of the UNITED STATES OF GOD fearing,hard working tax paying citizens of liberty dig deep in your pockets,to pay some local attorney(one of the good old boys)who most probably attempted to pass the bar more times then you can count on both hands,your hard earned dollars.

General Comments

Walmart & Liberty I picked up a few items at Walmart just the other day.liberty police had two units and officers waiting just outside for someone,anyone to steal something,at what cost to the GOD fearing,hard working,tax payers of liberty? as large as Walmart is(billion $ corporation)can they not afford some sort of private security?

To the person complaining about Police @ Walmart, I bet Walmart pays more taxes than you do. I'm sure you would not hesitate to call these same Cops if you were at Walmart and needed help if these thugs were robbing you.

To the person complaining about the officers outside of Wal-Mart: chances are Wal-Mart's Lost Prevention team had already observed someone stealing and contacted LPD. Wal-Mart employees cannot arrest a person; therefore, when they observe a theft they follow the suspect past the point of sale, contain the person, and turn them over to the police officers. Those officers were actually there to protect your hard-earned tax dollars because the stores pass the lost of revenue on to the consumer by increasing the price of their products.

"walmart-liberty p.d."to the second person that posted a reply to my post.i was clearly asking,not to why the l.p.d had two units at walmart.and how do you "contain the person"detain would be the correct word to use.and as far as passing the cost of to the consumer,prices most always go up regardless of theft.and I know for a fact around 1998 a walmart in the Houston-Galveston area where and internal audit was performed by walmart employees from other stores,and that particular store that was being audited had an internal loss of one million dollars in one year(that is by there own employees)and whom do you think that walmart passed that loss on to?as to the first person that made a comment on my long as I can stand on both of my own two feet,i do not need,and will not call if i'am being robbed.on average it takes 20 minutes for the police to show up,and a world of hurt can come down in that short period of time,self preservation always comes first.GOD,COUNTRY,FAMILY AND SERVICE!

Man Arrested for DWI, Third or More Offense

Mr. Alfaro that was arrested on a DWT 3rd, His son is or used to be a cop in Daisetta.

Re: Mr. Alfaro You must have had a few yourself if you think that guy is Juan Alfaro's Dad. So sad that you make a comment in a public forum and only do so because they have the same last name. People such as yourself make me SMH. Get your facts straight before pointing your finger or running your mouth next time.

Man Spotted Breaking into Coke Machine

Young black male arrested for breaking into coke machine Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could take away his monthly SSI check, his food stamps, his Obama phone, the housing subsidy, the electric subsidy and hold this little shit stain accountable??

To the poster who complained about the robbers food stamps, Obama phone etc. where in the piece did it state all those things? No where that's where. Just another example of racist ranting from hate filled ignorant morons. Obama phones? What the hell is that? How stupid can one person be, pretty damn stupid I guess.

re: coke machine thief Do you doubt what I said was the truth?? You may want to crawl back under your rock.. The one thing you didn't take issue with is that he's a shit stain on the clean underpants of society hahaahaa.

Re: coke machine theft There is much about your post I take issue with, mostly your inability to prove your stupid examples of stereotyping this guy. Regardless of his legal outcome you automatically label him without any proof. Obama phone? Again what the hell is that? Oh I bet that's a white racist reference to the first black President huh? And all the other references to freebies which you have provided absolutely no proof makes you a liar, he may be a thief, and the courts will tackle that, but there is no question of your racist leanings. Maybe you should "crawl back under your rock" that's where social vermin like you deserve to live, too bad we can't look at your life and see where you and those like you may have contributed to this guys lifestyle. The "shit stained" reference goes to show just how stupid you and your type really are, people who anoint themselves judge and jury, and allow me to stereotype you, probably have more guns than brain cells.

LOL that you don't know about Obama phones are x2. I have my house in order as I've been on the right side of 120k for years now and never had to resort to theiving.. Maybe you need to worry about coaching this shit stain to legitamacy. As far as more guns than brain cells? Almost, but you don't have the girlie nuts to come and get 'em....

Re: :girlie nuts, come and take my guns post" Are you on some kind of medication we should be aware of, because it looks like you may want to have them increased. I'm sure you haven't resorted to thieving being that your house is in order lol. You accused this guy of a lot of things you didn't think you had to prove about him as fact right? So I will do the same to you , I would bet if we went through your Income Tax documents with a fine tooth comb we might fine some discrepancies , and how faithful have you been to your significant others in your past? You cant accuse others of things you yourself may be guilty of just because you don't like their skin color, pointing the finger at some else takes the light off of yourself.

General Comments

"the Liberty Hospital".it is and always has beev a "band aid stop",in the late 70's as may sister was driving our aunt to the airport in Houston on F.M. 1960,just in the Dayton area.A front tire blew out(Firestone had recall's for that type of tire shortly)the car ran off into a ditch(where a very large tree had just been cut down,thank fully).My sister was taken to the Liberty Hospital with internal pain,was released to go home.the pain did not stop,she was then taken to Houston Hospital and it was discovered that she had internal bleeding! so much for the "band aid stop"

New Office Holders Take Office

Bobby Rader has his #1 employee, Vieta, defending herself and him today at the swearing in ceremony. I was standing out of the elevator and heard her verbally accost a older male. The jest of the one sided conversation was she wanted him to quit writing in to this website with his comments about her and her Boss, Sheriff Rader. The older fellow was pretty tall and have seen him before, but he should have told her to go to Hell, since this still is America! I ask someone who she was and they said she used to be fairly pretty, but now she looks like the south end of a north bound mule. That large fellow was a gentleman, because she would talk to me that way I would have ended the conversation very soon. She was wearing a coat with the Sheriff Dept. shoulder patch. Maybe she is undercover, way undercover and the man figured she could arrest him for writing in to He was a gentleman, because I could not have been one after that assault by Undercover Deputy Vieta. A real nasty person, to say the least.

I cant stand that lady! It really makes me wonder why she would approach that older man and why she is so protective of the Sheriff.

That tall feller needs to keep on writrivial coming about the sheriff's department. It is all pretty trivial compared to all of the 007 stuff we use to read going on under Sheriff Patterson's nose and the running around going on under Sheriff Arthur. But it still might have something true and worth hearing some day.

Have you been to the Sheriff's office after lunch...almost all the offices are closed for the afternoon. If you go on fridays it is complete ghost town.How can the Sheriff run a office when nobody works?

That lady needs to be punished if she talked to a citizen like that wearing a Sheriffs Department uniform or coat. What is going on with the Sheriff? We voted you in and we can vote you out.

Boil Water Notice

Notice: If you live in "Snake River" and you have survived, then boiling water is not necessary because you are one tough hombre already and can take anything and make it.

General Comments

Two signs read on the road to my house read, "Mike McCarty is responsible for the way this road is". I don't know Mike McCarty. I have come to find out he is my commissioner and a man with a grat many friends and few enemies. I would guess that means he is a pretty good feller. A good man with not much money in his road repair budget I would bet. The problem is all the good people and their friends that have to drive down Rice Belt Road past the section of houses neareswt Devers. At the end of that first section the road is so bad people are choosing to pull off of the road and drive between the raod and the ditch. Seriously. It is less destructive to your vehicles to bypass the road. I do not like the condition of the road and I do not like the two signs blaming the commissioner. But we pay taxes out here and we need to make sure their is a resurfacing scheduled before we have to buy pack mules and walk to the grocery store.

I too have called about patching some deep holes on my road but got no help.the lady that answers the phone was less than helpful.the road material has grass growing on it because it hasn't been touched in so long.then you can go down some of the less traveled rd and you see the guys sitting there sleep.maybe some pictures need to be sent of the sleeping on the job county employees.i thought they worked for the taxpayers.

My Grandmother lives down Rice Belt Road and because it is in such bad shape and her car is so old, I send my son to bring her to town when she grocery shops.

There are several bad roads around the county. That is not unusual. Rice belt Road is the worst I have ridden on. If it gets much worse, it will cost more than unusual to repair it.

It is good to see other landowners from Devers are upset enough to speak up for this disaster Mike Mccarty calls a road. Rice Belt Road must not have any of his buddies living on it.

In reference to the signs on Rice Belt Rd. I think they are perfect. They identify who maintains the road and taxpayers need to know. People in Devers have been told for months that the road would be repaired and nothing has been done. The school buses will need to be repaired also. Is the commissioner going to pay for having the school buses repaired? The signs say Mike McCarty maintains this road! And that is right, he does maintain a terrible job of it. We cant help it if he doesn't have the money....somebody got our tax money!

It isn't jsut the county not making the streets good. Drive over by the river in Liberty and you have to wonder why these streets look so different than the rest of the ones in this city.

Well the shoe is on the other foot. Or maybe I should say it is somebody else's road that is in ill repair. When Todd Fontenot was the commissioner I seriously considered driving 20 miles further to avoid the part of the road he waited forever to repair. It was terrible! So all of you folks that are on the wrong end of Rice Belt, your turn may be near but pray foryour car in the meantime.

Mike M said that everything was set to do work on the road, he wanted to wait until after the holidays, and then he got a call from TxDot that the grant had been held up because the county judge hadn't signed off on it. So now they have to go through that process again to get the new judge to sign off.

General Comments

Hillary Clinton, the most admired woman of the year in this country, go figure.

President Hillary Clinton, go figure you bunch of redkneck libertarians !!!

General Comments

If you are dining at Novrozsky's and want to leave a tip, don't do it on your credit card. Novrozsky's does not distribute tips left on your credit card to the employees. It is kept by Novrozsky's. If you want to leave a tip the employees will receive, use cash.

Not eat at Novrozsky's because of whetehr or not the tip goes to the waitress? I don't get that far in my thinking. The food is not bad but it aint worth the price. If I were a waitress there I would get another gig.

So you don't like Novrozky's because it's overpriced or the waitresses don't get their tips? Well your other choices in Liberty, Dayton or within 30 miles is MEXICAN food or FAST food.

General Comments

I was talking with some co-workers about what we all got for xmas, one got a pistol, another got copious amounts of alcohol. Nothing says Christmas like guns and booze right?

Woman Arrested for Shoplifting Beauty Items at Wal-Mart

Whoever decided to build the police station near Walmart should get a big pat on the back. It has saved alot of gas. Now maybe we should build a jail in their parking lot.

General Comments

It has been a year or so and the seafood restaurant across from Potetz is still not open! Wonder who the owner made mad at the city?

Throw Out the Lifeline THEN We Shall Overcome

Reverend Henry said it right. And when one falls in the pig pen, another comes and embraces him as he returns to the flock! We need to live boldly in the light, and with honor and integrity in the dark. We need to expect our men to take care of their babies and be there for them. Dr. King would expect no less.

Driver Arrested for DWI & Man Arrested for DWI, Third or More Offense

The two illegal immigrants that were arrested for dwi's will be on their bosses in liberty will bail them out and deduct it from their check.Thats why most businesses in liberty don't hire black people.if they do the wages are low.

"The two illegal immigrants that were arrested" Wow, are you the Liberty County psychic? I saw nothing in either of those stories saying those men were illegal. Oh, and your comment about nobody hiring black people that was a real stretch too!

DWI Story: Was a blood search warrant obtained and was the suspect's blood taken after he was arrested for felony DWI third or more? If so, what were the results? If not ..then why? Or was a warrant even required to get a sample of his blood being that this was his 3rd or more DWI offense? Did he consent to a blood draw? Was he taken to the hospital before being taken to jail? Did he consent to a breathalyzer test? More info. on this story would be appreciated. Also general...which office keeps and/or files a signed blood search warrant once obtained? Is the warrant kept on file at the courthouse? Or is it normally on file at the police department?

In reference to the dwi's recently, I think some of these county judges need to start being questioned and coming up with some pretty good answers as to why Mr Alfaro only had a $10,000 bond for his third dwi (which was posted the next day) and then the 2nd one he got in 2005 he got out the very SAME day he got charged with NO bond. All public information people. Check out a lot of these bonds that are being set for these criminals out there. Half of them are ridiculous. And yet, we wonder why we keep having the same and even worse problems in this community erupt. The judges are giving them a slap on the wrist if that, for the crimes they are being charged with. This is why it is such a big deal to vote, which I think we all know with how this county works, wouldn't make a difference if you voted or not. They will have in office whoever they want to play that puppet. So it is up to you to start raising a eyebrow and a voice as to why our elected officials are doing their JOB so poorly and yet want to gripe about the crime continuing and repeat offenders continuing doing what they do best.. It starts with them for one. Hope everyone likes the website if they haven't been on it yet or if they didn't know about it til now.

Whoever posted that confusing post about those arrested for DWI's being "illegal " is beyond stupid. That's what you expect to hear from east Texas rednecks, who have nothing more on their minds than racism and ignorance. The poster attacks two groups that are always in the sights of the half witted morons that are always ready to jump out and show just how undereducated they are, and spare me the pretend concern about my name calling, making a big deal about that and ignoring the racism in the posters post.

Woman Gives Mink Coat to Whataburger Employee

"mink coat at what-a-burger",it is always nice to hear when someone doe's a good deed out of the kindness of there heart,but really where and when can she wear the mink coat out?with some one trying to knock her in the head for it?USLESS!

General Comments

In regards to the old Walmart building, I was wondering why it could not be converted into a regional campus for higher education and continual education. Have Lee College, Sam Houston State and Lamar hold classes there. Seems to me that would be a huge benefit to students and adults living in Liberty/Chambers counties. Just something to think about.

"In regards to the old Walmart building" while it would be a great use of an otherwise wasted space, Lee College holds classes at extension sites already in Liberty County and charges almost double the tuition for it legally. Thanks to our lawmakers in Austin, they can charge anyone outside the city limits of baytown almost double.

General Comments

Liberty County: I read on this site where people want businesses to come to Liberty County and for the Economy to improve so people will pay less taxes. I see where they are critical of county and city governments. I believe this blame is misplaced. The blame belongs to the school districts for raising taxes to a level where no one can afford to buy new housing. People need to understand the results of voting for these huge school tax increases. If Liberty is smart they will not follow Dayton in voting a huge tax increase in their citizens.

Too many people are willing to vote for a tax that either they do not have to pay or they pay very little and from which they receive a large benefit. If they continue to raise our appraisals and our taxes we will have to move from the town I was raised in to a cheaper place.

The City of Liberty has not increased the City of Liberty tax rate in six years, while the City of Liberty credit rating has been raised two levels due to fiscal soundness in the same period.

Politicians around here make me sick. Did you read this disinformation: " The City of Liberty has not increased the City of Liberty tax rate in six years." They do not have to raise the rate for the taxes to be raised due to the higher appraisals. The city's elected officials could lower the tax rate and keep theamount taxpayers pay the same, but they act like that is not an option. This Mayor has made no effort to keep taxes the same. As for our "rating", when those who give out the rating have seen these politicans sit on their hands and let taxes go up, they have seen our debt (the debt these politicians created) will be paid down. Poor taxpayers!

The Picketts from Sandy as a Coucilman to Carl as Mayor, have used the electric bills to commandeer money fromtaxpayers. As large landowners, they are not chomping at the bits to raise land taxes. They, in their unique and snobbish way of thinking, makes "the little people" pay for city services and assets.

Is it really fair to blame the Picketts for the high utility rates and all the other complaints anyone in a hundred mile radius of Liberty has without giving them credit for all the lovely things they have done over the years?

Wish there was some way to put on the ballot that the county commissioners and local schoolboards could not spend more money in a year than what came in.

General Comments

January 2, 2015, things will change in Liberty County government and the Taxpayer's dollars will be a tough struggle to gain our dollars back that (3) votes by County Judge and Commissioner Pct. 2 and Commissioner Pct. 4 seemed to let those dollars flow from their hands and out of our hands. Our new County Judge Jay Knight, will be a full time County Judge. County Judge Knight has been already working on Economic Development for Liberty County and Pct. 2 Commissioner Greg Arthur and Pct. 4 Commissioner Leon Wilson seem to also have developed a relationship with County Judge Jay Knight and that Liberty County has to have Economic Development to take the burden of County Government from the citizens to the business's that want to come to Liberty County. Chambers County have Economic Development and it lightens the burden on Chambers County citizens. This is the time that Farmers realize that their land is more valuable to their families, with business's wanting their property to do business in Liberty County. County Government cannot be on the shoulders of the home and land owner in 2015. We need to trust our new Commissioners Court and give them a chance to change the complexion of Liberty County, Texas.

I certainly don't want to rain on anyone's parade including those calling for people to give the new Liberty County leaders a chance, but I suggest we all follow the money. Specically watching FOP's (friends of politicians).

General Comments

I have a Xmas wish for whoever reads this post. For Xmas this year lets not kill any animals, lets not have a stupid party for some silly reason under the pretense of getting drunk, and how about toning down the hate and anger. I know it's a great deal to wish for, but for Christians this day is a big deal. So no killing deer, try to be civil, and lets not get drunk.

For the xmas person, Christians call it Christmas.

The deer is a clean animal per Yahwehs instruction...... There is nothing sinister about killing your own meat. Its much more humane to kill a deer that had a free roaming lfe -than a hog or chicken that has spent his life crowded in a factory.

General Comments

Does anybody know what they are building accross the street from Liberty Wal-Mart, at the curve?

RE: What are they building across fro, Wal-Mart. It will be a Stripes Gas station.

What is going on with all the new gas stations being built in Liberty and Dayton? We do not have enough business to support these new large stations. Unless something new will be coming through this way? There is one going in across from Walmart: another one at the corner of Hwy 146 & FM 1011 and two new ones in Dayton at the corner of Hwy 90 & Hwy 146 & on Hwy 321 & FM 1960. They must think they are going to make enough money to pay for themselves, but where is all the business going to come from?

General Comments

Trains honking their horns has gotten way out of hand in Liberty. At 5:50 A.M. on Monday December 15, 2014 the train blasted its horn 16 times while slowly beginning its journey west. Yes I said 16. And then the same train blasted its horn another 8 times while passing through our small town. Perhaps the conductor thinks this is funny. Or maybe they think since they are up early that everyone else should be also. I know it is expensive but it is time to bring this under control. Many communities have trains that travel through their towns without honking. I called the train company so I could speak to someone about the excessive honking and never got close to speaking to a human, only a recording that told of the benefits of train safety. I hung up after 10 minutes. Please Mayor and City leaders do something to help put a stop to the excess honking. We deserve less noise pollution.

Well let me help you out a little more. Trains, Boomerrang pipes, Harley Davidsons, loud exhaust on punks trucks, football games, traffic on the highway, 18 wheelers jake braking, etc. If you do not like living at the Ott Hotel then move. Since you do not know the rules of the railroad let me help you out again. 2 longs, a short, and a long. That must be repeated over and over until the locomotive occupies the crossing. Count the crossings in Liberty. And if the train has a slow order, it will be even more blowing. And let me inform you of something else. If they don't blow that horn at ONE crossing and they hit you, you WILL be the first one at the lawyers office. Don't forget, those trains have been traveling through Liberty a lot longer than you have been around.

To the person defending the train is OK to give your opinion but talking about The Ott Hotel is just terrible. They provide shelter for many and the owners are very nice.

Discharge of Weapon at the Courthouse

Covering up a cover up. Today the Liberty County Sheriff was asked by County Judge C. McNair in Commissioners Court about the shooting that that had taking place on the third floor of the Liberty County Court House. Well shocked Sheriff Rader did confirm that it did happen and had been investigated but didn’t know that much about it. Bullshit Bobby Rader! You are aware of all that happened on the third floor. Now the NEWS media people that sat in Commissioners Court are not reporting it in their NEWS. STEP DOWN RADER.

I’m glad Sheriff Rader aint in bed with

The shooting at the court house has NOT been investigated. Rader lied again.

It didn’t take Rader long to put the questions on Don Neyland.

It another simple equation, he's an insurance salesman. That's all he knows and all he will ever know. He was at the time was a better pick than Patterson. WE NEED A NEW SHERIFF PEOPLE!

I heard that the swearing in of the newly elected officials will be on January 2, 2015. Everyone planning on attending the courtroom ceremony please be careful. My understanding is that shots fired on the third floor can go unreported.

Rader told the County Judge in commissioner’s court the reason why nothing has been done on the courthouse security is because he needs more manpower. What did you do with the extra $ 900,000 the judge gave you last year? Get the guys off 59 and take care of our local crooks first.

I-Dineout reported that the Sheriff didn't know about the accidental discharge at the courthouse, and said it wasn't investigated. But a Feedback comment from someone that was obviously at Commisioners Court said the Sheriff did know and it was investigated. a second comment said the questions were handed over to Don Neyland, who is the person who investigated it. So which is the truth? And why is Deputy Davis listed as Courthouse Security? He is a bailiff assigned to the 75th District Court.

I have to agree with the previous poster. We need a new Sheriff. Bobby Rader needs to go.

So maybe or maybe not the investigation has been conducted into the accidental discharge of a firearm by the S.O., but, HOW THE HECK do you ACCIDENTLY do this is my question??? I don't buy the sheriff is jst now finding out about it. You can't pee on a bush in this small town and someone not know about it. You accidently flip your lights on in your patrol car, you accidently forget your pen in the office while out on traffic, you accidently key your radio and have an open mike at times but, shooting your weapon inside a building, ummmm NO! And to the poster addressing a balif and courthouse security...that is actually the title of their position. They "baliff" as a job description but they are hired and staffed as courthouse security. The sheriff needs to hire more people and I don't know why certain interdiction spots are filled before patrol. We need more patrol officers in the county. Look at the good job the deputy did while being on the streets (pursuit/fleeing story). More deputies and their presence is very much needed. Hire more deputies sheriff and put good officers on our streets, not just your pick of the crop. And...we need a new sheriff. I hate to say it but i lost all faith in you. What a change in your personality and ethics you made after being elected. You were a better JP then sheriff, this county was in a rut with Patterson and you were our only other option given on our ballet really.

Raders name came up at the café drinking coffee the other morning and the general consensus was we would be better without him.

Sheriff Bobby Rader is the most absolutely unprofessional Sheriff, Liberty County has maybe ever had in modern times. Can you imagine Bobby Rader being a Sheriff in a County that has television media and interviewed by reporters. He would be a hayseed with no rhyme or reason to his screw-ups as sheriff. We have to elect a new sheriff in 2 years, Bobby is an idiot and becomes more apparent daily.

I enjoy this site daily and have for years. So do many ofmy friends. But we talked at a Christmas party last night and we are all sick of the campaign some have launched to beat the sheriff down. Bobby Rader may have sold insurance for years but anyone that knows Bobby knows he was in law enforcement for years before that.he was trained and it was in his blood. Anyone that knows Bobby knows he is smart and faithfull to stay up to date on any training he needs and we all know he is prepared to serve as sheriff. On top of all that and many other good things that could be said, the main thing we know about Bobby is that he is a good and fair man. Any campaign that says otherwise is asking the public to believe someone else's accounts and interpretation more than one's on eyes and experience. That is a losing proposition if you ask me. So is the logic that says "if we had a television station"in this county. If Sheriff Rader was doing anything the Houston or Beaumont media could make a story out of, surely his detractors would report it to these stations and they would report it. So please quit wasting your time and our time and trying i-dineout's patience and taking up their valuable space.

Dear Christmas Party: Please let us(the voting public) make our own decisions that affect this county and how we see things taking place without you attempting to sway our thoughts while consuming your Christmas cheer. Bobby Rader is a disappointment as Sheriff, plain and simple.

The unbridled naggingly persistent public criticism of law enforcement, both locally and nationally, is unproductive. It would promote ineffectiveness in the best of situations and in the worst, it could cost people their lives. You can not have an unchecked campaign against law enforcement's integrity and competence, without contributing to a negative environment with possible major consequences.

I think you have it totally wrong. I don't see any one bashing our Law Enforcement on this web site or any other. I do see those who believe that the elected Sheriff is the problem, not our hard working officers. I, we and us will support those Officers until the last days of this earth, but justifiably I, we and us believe that Bobby Rader must be gone and is not cutting the mustard. Please keep up the GREAT work Officers we support you.

"discharge of weapon in courthouse"i have handled many different weapons over the years also full-auto's,never,never have I had an accidently discharge.the weapon will not "go off"until a person place a finger in,on and or around the trigger.WHAT A MORON!and these are the men and women that are "to protect and serve" the liberty county residents? go back to gun safety 101,thank fully no one was shot!

I think both of you "got it wrong"! The mantra man saying he isn't "bashing the hard working officers", but one example after another he is bashing them to try and criticize Rader. Rader did not discharge the gun in the courthouse. The person acting like this is part of the race baiting, rioting going on elsewhere fails to connect the two. The mantra man is preparing to run someone for sheriff by dogging this sheriff. He is using spies in the department to get information and then twisting everything onto Rader. Stuff that is really left overs from previous administartions DOES need to be fixed, but Rader is addressing these things more than any sheriff we have had It just takes time. I-dineout's posting of criticism could actully help Rader dig all of the past out and prioritize improvements.

In regards to the POW/MIA at the Post Office, here is the fact: With the passage of Section 1082 of the 1998 Defense Authorization Act during the first term of the 105th Congress, the POW/MIA Flag was specified to fly each year on: Armed Forces Day—Third Saturday in May Memorial Day—Last Monday in May Flag Day—June 14 Independence Day—July 4 National POW/MIA Recognition Day—Third Friday in September Veterans Day—November 11 The POW/MIA Flag will be flown on the grounds or the public lobbies of major military installations as designated by the U.S. Secretary of Defense, all Federal National Cemeteries, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the White House, the United States Post Offices and at official offices of the Secretaries of State, Defense and Veterans Affairs, and Director of the Selective Service System. Civilians are free to fly the POW/MIA flag whenever they wish.

"pow mia flag at post office",to the person that poste the negative and very mis-informed comment regarding pow/mia's.i ask you this,where were you born?raised?are you not an AMERICAN?where is'your patriotism?for many years men/women have put there lives on the line so people like you can speak your is due to there un-dying bravery that allows you and the rest of "US AMERICANS" the ability to speak,write,post,etc.,what we feel and or are please get all of your facts correct,before you do so,and be sure to thank a veteran for there service so that you can continue to do so.STAND AND SALUTE! "LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT"

General Comments

You were right. It is coming! I heard two people at lunch talking about Liberty school bonds. Somebody please explain to me why the government and school entities around here think its residents are overflowing with money.

Certificates of obligation allow a governmental entity to borrow and for years into the future obligate others to pay for their borrowing. Ever wonder why they don't hold a bond election? lol

I am no fan of our Superintendent or raising taxes. But I do have three children that are in these schools and I want them to have every advantage any other child has, no matter what the cost is. I was one of the 51% that voted "yes" and I hope the nice new things we are building are started real soon since my youngest is a 6th grader.

The Dayton citizen with three children and the youngest is in sixth grade needs to realize the amount of money our school district is snatching from taxpayers's funds are future taxes that will be crippling to mamny for the next two DECADES, not just until her sixth grader graduates. It is obscene!

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My Liberty County Christmas List: 1. Fix the Dayton Train situation on US 90. 2. Synchronize the lights in Dayton so traffic flows better during peak times. 3. Accountability of Elected Officials to the citizens. 4. No more pet projects for elected officials. 5. Leadership that results in economic growth and diversity for the county. 6. Real Economic Development for the County. 7. A nice family style sit down restaurant that can survive the fast food mentality of South Liberty County. 8. Efficient Government leading to lower taxes for the hard working people of Liberty County. 9. Better Government Services for our tax dollars. 10. Someone to compete with Walmart! Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Re: My Liberty County Christmas List:///// LOL! When great candidates run for office they are not voted in unless they are part of the clique of the area. Get over it. The railroad does not have to change anything. One man in Dayton has made it worse and I guarantee you he could care less about you or your concerns.

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A heartfelt thank you to the people at the North Main Baptist Church for their extraordinary presentation of Christmas Uner the Stars! I brought my son and granddaughter to it and we just could not believe all of work and all of the different opportunities to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas that were offered.

Thanks for posting the lady's "thank you". Ihave driven by the lights out by that church every year for three years since we moved to Moss Hill. I just figured the church decorated for Christmas every year. After her post I asked about what was going on and we are taking the family tonight.

Liberty Police Investigate Shooting

The woman that was killed on the 9th was Laura Elizabeth Scott, daughter of Gary Scott & Linda Gatlin. She was born 04 Nov 1970.

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$71,500.00 to design a "bell tower"? Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Are you sure you didn't mean $715.00? Handling charges for copying a previously built, from anywhere in the world, bell tower. Why pay to re-invent the wheel? Why not use that kind of money or fundraising abilities to improve the lives of our less fortunate citizens? Or deteriorating infrastructure? Water lines for instance. Why doesn't anybody think? Or better yet, if it is such a private matter, keep it to yourself and build it anonymously. Not even going to get into the issue of spending $400,000.00+ on this "not-even-a-quality-of-life" structure. You could buy the Catholic's bell tower a lot cheaper.

The proposed Liberty Bell Tower by contractual agreement with the architect firm must be constructed with private funds with no City of Liberty commitment of tax funds or assumption of liabilities for the project.

"the Liberty Bell Tower",has anyone noticed that it looks very much like a derrick on a drilling rig?with the price of oil going down the city should be able to pick one up a lot less expensive.

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Just a general comment: I am glad that we got a new building for the police, lots of improvements at the airport(which not many use) and now a new bell tower. Seems like money(whether private or grants) can always be found for pet projects while the streets are getting in terrible condition, the sewage system is old and we have lots of power outages(although they don't last long). I would like to seem some improvements in these areas. I would also like to see the city ordinances enforced or if they aren't going to be enforced they should be repealed, ie, junk vehicles, old boats, travel trailers are in many areas and are eye sores. Speed limits are not enforced on city streets and on highway 90. We have more and more truck traffic on 90 and they go through town so fast that they cannot stop when the light turns red. I know the police get complaints from the locals when tickets are issued but either raise the limit or enforce it. Even if you are a local politician your children and grandchildren should be taught to obey the law.

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The report on the CIA's method of attaining information has come out and it documents what those who were concerned about our government using torture proves it to be true. In the aftermath of WWII the Allies prosecuted and executed and imprisoned the Germans for doing things that were called crimes against humanity, now we are guilty of the same crimes.

"report on the C.I.A.",we the great people of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,are not in any way shape form or fashion as bad as the terrorist.never have never will be.if a few or even a couple of hundred lives are sacrificed during any type of interrogation then so be it,if it saves AMERICAN LIVES,then it has done some good.I ask where does your patriotism lay?

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To anyone interested in seeing Christmas lights: Last year I headed north on hwy 146 toward Hardin from Liberty to the church where that large flag is and went to their outdoor Christmas event and saw as many lights in one pace as any three neighborhoods. The ranch across the hwy decorates beautifully too. My children and grandchildren will head that way Friday December 12th.

Burned Human Remains Identified

Human remains, I stand corrected, I see the remains are ISAIAH DEROME RIOS. I assumed incorrectly that it was Christpher Maes remains. Such a strange thing to find remains of another person that close to where he went missing. It just makes it all more mysterious. I hope the Rios family have some peace from this.

Drug Deal Gone Bad at Wal-Mart

How many breaks is this clown going to get?Too many political connections in liberty for the white kids.

Mr. Youngblood, Hi I am Dustin Rhoades mother. Drug deal gone bad at Walmart parking lot. I am requesting that the part that says that (Rhoades told the officers that there was another guy present that was in the store) be changed or removed. I am a concerned mother and that labels my child as a snitch and can cause him many problems while incarcerated. I'm sure it didn't happen like that. Thank you

Uh,you're worried that your son will be labeled a snitch? Yeah, those "snitches" are dropping dead all over the place - read about 'em all the time. Don't ever hear anything about those drug overdoses though. However, there's nothing you can do about it so you might as well focus on the "snitch" issue.

To the mother of Dustin Rhodes who wants your sons name to be removed as a "snitch". This isnt your sons first rodeo with the law .He got off lucky the first time and now its time for the little drug head thug to pay for his actions. This time aroud instead of praying for god to move in his life I pray that they lock him up in TDC for a change. It will either make a man out of him or he will be someones bitch. Im sure you know all about the old saying "Snitches get stitches". He made the choices to be a thug now let him pay the price.

It's funny that people comment and judge without your name visible. That's probably because you have done worse than him. Ashamed I'm sure. Drug addiction is real. God help it ever hits your family. These kids need help. My child is not a snitch and this whole story is a lie. It's sad that an old man needs to make up lies to have a life and then act like he knows my child. You have no clue what my child has been thru. Regardless of how you feel God has his hand on this one. Everyone is equal in Gods eyes. That's why idiots aren't allowed to judge and decide the fate of people that make mistakes. I will be praying for all these people bound by drugs and the people that think they are better than others.

While yes, everyone is equal in God's eyes -not everyone is His child. Therefore, not everyone will inherit His kingdom -only His children. The true children of God will bear good fruits of righteousness, not sin and worldly lusts. Continue to pray for your son, it's never too late until it's too late.

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Congratulations to Mayor Pickett and the Liberty City Council for completing a first rate building to house our police. For years we had Mayors Halstead and Pickett working on high dollar building projects and Liberty is really looking good. Now we need a Mayor who will spend money on less expensive projects but ones that have a more dirct impact on the taxpayers. Things like sidewalks, etc.

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I'm the father of Braiden Mainor... We've found that where the accident happened and his memorial is. Someone has been stealing the lights and things my boy loved...God sees all, and if I see you or anyone else there for any reason god help you... A crackhead kills my son,now crackheads are robbing his memorial... This is no threat but a promise...Bobby Mainor

To Bobby Mainor , YOU MORON. If someone is defacing the memorial for your child then deal with it. But deal with it discreetly. And while beeing discreet then deal with that person harshly up to the point of snuffing their ever worthless sorry ass out of existance on earth. But Bobby don't write on this site and tell everyone. You just put yourself in legal jeopardy. I do support your taking care of this person or persones for thier total lack of humanity, but keep it quiet and to yourself, and take'em out

I'm a moron and in legal worries? No sir or ma'am I don't believe I am. I'd rather just let it be known and hopefully it keeps crackheads from stealing. I've threatened nobody, and just want justice for my son... Billy Jordan has not seen a day in jail. Hell all I really want is my son, nothing more. I suffer daily thinking of who he was and who he would have been today. I just want all this behind me and so I can have closure and move forward with my life. But hey if you see me in the streets let me know what a moron I am buddy...

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Liberty Cy has had four sheriffs since I moved here. I did not know anyn county in the country could have a a sheriff as inept as the last one -Patterson. The fact is however that I have not been impressed by any of them. Is there anyone in this county that could run that could be that type of sheriff we can all be proud of?

I agree with one thing the person said about Liberty County Sheriffs. Sheriff Patterson was by far the worst!

Rader is not far behind Patterson! As a matter of fact we believe he is catching up to Patterson at an accelerated pace.

Human Remains of Missing Man Found

Christpher Maes skeletal remains found approximately 75 yards behind the family home in the thick woods. That is so sad yet it must give his family some sense of closure. I hope it does give them some peace.

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Someone with money why don't you bring a Long John Silver to Liberty.

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15.00 Minimum Wage :For those fast food employees striking for $15 an hour, let's do some math. At $15 an hour Johnny Fry-Boy would make $31,200 annually. An E-1 (Private) in the military makes $18,378. An E-5 (Sergeant) with 8 years of service only makes $35,067 annually. So you're telling me, Sally McBurgerflipper, that you deserve as much as those kids getting shot at, deploying for months in hostile environments, and putting their collective asses on the line every day protecting your unskilled butt!? Here's the deal, Baconator, you are working in a job designed for a kid in high school who is learning how to work and earning enough for gas, and hanging out with their high school pals. If you have chosen this as your life long profession, you have failed. If you don't want minimum wage,Then don't have minimum skills. And Cut your hair, Lift your pants up, Learn how Americans talk.

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I have noticed that, here recently, a lot of the feedback on i-dineout has been placed in order to spark controversy and get a negative reaction from those of us who really enjoy reading what is on the minds of others and not those who relentlessly bash our Veterans and Republicans. Yes, it is freedom of speech but maybe, just maybe if people stop responding to them, they will stop the bashing others as a whole. And by the way, I don't want these people to respond to this calling me a "Rush Limbaugh lover" or a "Right-wing Conservative". Have you know, I am an educated BLACK woman who did vote for Obama. I am almost sure those who want the negative reaction are one of my brothers/sisters and a Democrat. Please stop embarrassing our race because the black citizens of Ferguson, MO are doing enough of that to last me a lifetime.

2014 Country Christmas Parade

2014 Country Christmas Parade .......It would be nice to know about these things before they happen. How many people showed up to watch the parade? I bet a lot more would if they advertised it here on i-dineout. I remember some many years ago when the Christmas Parade was a BIG event here.

Christmas Parade - there were signs posted all over town advertising for the parade. I also saw fliers posted on several business windows. My daughter was in the parade, and I walked along beside her trailer - there was a pretty good crowd all along the parade route, especially in front of the courthouse/city hall/bank area.

Comp Time at LCSO & Management Practice at LCSO

I think it is so funny how does a news story about the Liberty County Sheriff, and the Sheriff will not respond to But the Sheriff will respond to all his cronies on his Facebook page that is ran by none other than his Chief Deputy Vita O’rielly. Now with that being said, I know that Allen Youngblood investigates his news stories before they are published and I also know that the Sheriff and Vita DON’T investigate crap! Keep up the good work Allen and look for more payoffs on the Commissioners Court Agenda. The Sheriff is losing good employees monthly because of all the lying and Vita shenanigans going on up there. If the agenda is done right there should be two to three on it that quit.

The Sheriff told all his staff that he was going to track us down and fire any of us that are telling idineout the truth. Come and get me…

People are not quitting the sheriff's office because of Vita it's because of Crystal Pierce...

The people of Liberty County should send Chrystal Pierce, Sheriff Vita and Mike Koen packing they suck the blood out of Liberty County and are corrupt. PLEASE LEAVE!!!

You forgot the top Dog Rader! he needs to lead the pack walking out!

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Can anyone suggest some good places to bring children to look at Christmas lights in Liberty and Dayton.

Newton County Youth Pastor Sentenced for Child Pornography

I am always shocked at what some people will do to children. It is particularly sad when it is done by a man of the cloth.

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DO NOT GO TO OUR GREAT LIBERTY HOSPITAL!! on thanksgiving my husband bent down and came back up with horrible pain. Took him to the quack hospital in liberty and the dr saw him for about 5 minutes. Dr told hubby to go home and drink some hot totties and take niquil and it should be better in a few days. no nothing.Today he went to the v.a and come to find out..he has two cracked ribs.Thank you liberty hosp for letting my husband go all weekend in horrible pain!

In response to liberty dayton regional medical. I was in and out of that hospital recently due to fainting, seizures, vomiting, dehydration due to pregnancy. Twice I went I was POORLY treated. Once I was told it was all in my head and in that same visit, my heart monitor started beeping and ringing. Some nurse came in and told me that I didn't need to hear all of that and just turned it off!!! The next time, I went in I came in basically begging for fluids! Nothing more. ( let's not forget I'm pregnant). The same doctor told me it was because I was bipolar. He stood there denying me, which made me cry. He told me " there is no way you are dehydrated, you are crying. It's obvious you're bipolar." Then LAUGHING said ," now let's go see if that baby still has a heartbeat." Oh hell no. I left. Some days later I went to my OB/GYN they ended up wheeling me next door to the ER. I was in fact dehydrated and was diagnosed with Hypokalemia. I could of had a Damn heart attack due to his incompetence. Worse, my unborn child could have died!!!!! Oh, I was evaluated for this bipolar. Guess what, I AM NOT BIPOLAR!!! this was in October and November and it is now the beginning of December and now I am finally feeling somewhat up to pace with my health. That place is evil. I will be contacting the Texas Medical Board against that doctor. Is lawsuit possible? That man has shook me to my core. How can some be soon rotten?

Liberty hospital what a joke I went to the ER because I woke up To bumps on the left side of my head and severe pain After 10min the dr. Comes in to take a look and he looks like they found him off the streets anyway he orders blood work so the lady comes and takes my blood 2min latter the doctor comes in and tells me I have strep throat I said what he said you have strep throat and gives me four prescriptions he never even looked at my throat anyway I go to my personal physician The next day and I have shingles How in the hell did the liberty WE doctor get strep throat from SHINGLES

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I just noticed today that there is a Pow/Mia flag flying in front of the Post Office. I wonder what uber patriot decided to ok that? There are NO Pow's or Mia's anywhere, all have been accounted for, I suppose some moron has watched too many Rambo films and has bought into the myth that there are some missing from the Vietnam war or something, do some checking all have been accounted for, except the ones who still think that there are some being held captive, these are the ones who are missing, they are missing reality.

To the freaking moron who is complaining about the POW/MIA flag at the post office. How about 1. You do some fact checking on reputable websites. According to the DOD, which is an acronym for Department of Defense, as of November 26, 2014, there are still 83,158 service members still unaccounted for. 2. Move your un-American butt to North Korea with Dennis Rodman.

For the smarty who posted about the POW/MIA flags. Did you know, that there are veterans who served and lost their comrades due to them missing in action or getting thrown in POW camps? Maybe, just maybe, they want to honor their buddies who aren't from liberty county?? Oh, if you haven't noticed, Liberty County is one of the worst places to post that kind of crap. Those flags are not for you, silly. Sheesh. The nerve of some.

I've learned one thing about getting into a posting war on here, no matter what you say if you take the opposite view of the America Love it or Leave it crowd you will never find any level headed dialogue only emotional sentiment mixed with a healthy dose of ignorance. The Post Office is part of the federal government, it comes under federal laws of protection etc. It should be apart from the silly sentimental displays like that stupid Pow/Mia flag. That flag is not a national symbol, it is though a pathetic attempt to make a statement that is based more on silly myth than fact. Those who defend it are just plain ignorant and mislead. It needs to be taken down.

Well, too bad for you. It's probably not gonna get taken down because you find it unappealing. I personally respect it. Just like your opinion, there are plenty other opinions that do outweigh yours. So enjoy hating that flag that flag that wasn't meant for you anyhow. :) enjoy your rants on " unappealing" flags.

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The Historical Home Dedication on Saturday was great but we had to deal with Mayor Skarpa again. Once he found out that there was no free meal he was gone with the wind.

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At a family reunion my wife tried to get me to "confess" that I voted for Obama. I laughed and admitted I would have great remorse EXCEPT THE ONLY OTHER OPTION WAS ROMNEY. How about better choices in 2016!

To the person who voted for Obama because Romney was "THE ONLY OTHER OPTION": There is a plethora of other options. Last time I checked, Republican and Democrat were not the only political parties in this country.

To the person who tried to redirect the person who defended his vote for Obama by saying Romney was a poorer choice: "You just don't get it do you? You probably are one of those diehards who think the Houston Oilers might win the Super Bowl if you just holler for them loud enough. Those of us who live in reality know the president will be chosen from the nominees of the two major parties and that President Ross Perot is as close to anything different as we have seen.

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Does anyone know what they are building across from Walmart?

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There is a sign that has been up for well over a year that indicates a new seafood restaurant will open in Liberty. But months have gone by and though I have seen workers, it stillhas not opened. Can someone "in the know"in Liberty tell me what the deal is.

To the person wanting to know "what the deal is" on the steak and seafood sign across from Potetz: It is plain and simple if you stop and talk to the owner there. The City of liberty has a new inspector and she is the type that runs businesses off rather than helps them. The poor owner has tried to satisy them for almost a year and a half. i hope he has enough money to buy some fish when the City is finished with him.

Several of us were talking and we determined this new city inspector in Liberty is the same woman who had somuch trouble in Cleveland. We reaching deep down to get Cleveland's rejects these days?

What's up with attacking the new city inspector. She deserves a second chance just like anybody else. Where is the Christmas cheer? Are we a bunch of griping grinches here in Liberty or do we give a helping hand up to those who are looking to get their lives going again?

My sister did NOT get any Christmas cheer from this woman when she was being inspected.A city city inspector needs to work on behalf of their employer, the citizens of the city. A city inspector should help businesses open safely. Nit keep them closed safely.

The City Of Liberty Building Inspectors. There is two in the office. One is a Journeyman Plumber and the other one supposed to be a real inspector. What is wrong with this is the Journeyman Plumber doing all the inspections. While the real inspector does what only God knows. Supposed to be a real building Inspector going out doing her job. Only a Master of each trade. Can find fought in another Master work. Why it takes them so long to do an Inspection. They have to go back to there office and read up on their findings. If they were true Building Inspectors it would on take 10 min to 20 min. On average job to see a problem. They aren't experienced in what they do. By all this it's costing the City Of Liberty a great deal of money. If the City Of Liberty wants Liberty to grow. Get someone in there that knows what they are doing. The more Business we have the more Tax money Liberty gets and jobs. Then Liberty will grow.

If the city inspector is so strict in Liberty why has she not wrote up the store across from the old Wal mart building? The front of the building is falling off it could kill someone

To the person who wrote. Re:If the City Inspector is so strict in Liberty why has she not wrote up the store across from the old Walmart building? The front of the building is falling off it could kill someone. It doesn't matter if she knows it or not our Building Inspector aren't Licensed by State Of Texas to act as Inspectors. Go to this site and read it. Make your on judgement Also, couldn't find Building Inspectors license on them. Maybe the City Of Liberty doesn't make you have to be License. If that's is the case. Everything they Inspected was for nothing.

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Does anyone know what they are building across the street from Family Dollar on Hwy 90 in dayton?

I have no idea what they are building across from the dollar store in Dayton, but it can't possibly be a liqupr store or a gas station. We have that pretty well covered. Maybe, just maybe, it will be something that benefitd this community.

The little strip of building going up across from Family Dollar on hwy90 is going to have Subway as one of the tenants and a few spaces left for lease within.

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The Texas Failure to Identify law is fairly simple. Why don’t police get it? Liberty police have a habit of doing whatever they want; regardless of the law. It states: Tex. Pen. Code Ann. § 38.02. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information. (b) A person commits an offense if he intentionally gives a false or fictitious name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has: (1) lawfully arrested the person; (2) lawfully detained the person; or (3) requested the information from a person that the peace officer has good cause to believe is a witness to a criminal offense. (c) Except as provided by Subsections (d) and (e), an offense under this section is: (1) a Class C misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (a); or (2) a Class B misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (b). (d) If it is shown on the trial of an offense under this section that the defendant was a fugitive from justice at the time of the offense, the offense is: (1) a Class B misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (a); or (2) a Class A misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (b). (e) If conduct that constitutes an offense under this section also constitutes an offense under Section 106.07, Alcoholic Beverage Code, the actor may be prosecuted only under Section 106.07. There is NO law requiring you to have any identification on you. Only that you identify yourself truthfully.

general comments regarding texas failure to i.d.,you are dead on correct,although the l.p.d. dept.,dis-regards the law' they have for quite some time.and most likely will continue to do so until someone sues them in federal court.from:GOD fearing,hard working,tax payer!

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I know of two incidents where two people were stopped by City of Liberty Police and checked out under the guise of looking for someone else. Both times the police said that they thought the ones stopped looked like someone they were looking for, and on one incident the person stopped was told since they didn't have any ID they could be taken to jail for that reason. Now is this what the citizens of Liberty have to look forward to? Arbitrary stops of people who have no transportation and have to walk or ride a bicycle to get around, and are easy targets for overzealous police?

Debt per Student Rises as Result of Bond Election

I want to thank I-dineout for verifying that the passage of the hotly contested Dayton ISD school bond raises our debt per student to close to a whopping $18,000 per student. This kind of debt is almost unbelieveable, but it is the correct amount.

Management Practice at LCSO

Bobby Rader is a narcissistic, habitual liar. Being narcissistic, Rader has such a conceited view of himself that he has to cover his own actions by becoming a skilled liar. It tends to snow ball causing even more lies to more people. Rader is so conceited he feels he can cover all of his lies but now he in slightly more than a month will meet a trio of men head/head, Jay Knight, Greg Arthur and last but not least Leon Wilson. His world of lies could come crumbling down around his very throat and he will be questioned by 2 men, who have spent a life-time as Police Officers and the other who spent 20 years in the State Prison System and is shrewd businessman. All three of these gentleman will make Bobby Rader look very foolish and expose his personality disorders. See when Bobby was a JP, he did not interact with many normal people especially, like our new County Judge and two new County Commissioners. So, when he delivers a $13,000+ Comp. Time to be approved Rader may meet with a wall of questions and that money will come out of his yearly budget and if some operations are set aside at LSCO, he will have to explain to citizens why services have been cut, because of his allowing 300 hours of Overtime, something that businesses now have abandoned and found work a rounds that just has to be instituted. It now for the average voter makes Rader look mighty silly writing a $46,000 check for a new car, no matter the nuances he did it behind. If we did not have Mr. Allen Youngblood bringing these things to our attention, Bobby Rader would be running wide open daily. January 1, 2015, Lowery and McCarty, you two better decide if you are going to fish or cut bait, because Commissioner's Court is having a new majority coming into town, that is looking to be the people of Liberty County's eyes and ears. It is long overdue.

The comments analyzing bobby Rader's character and his responsibility for out of control overtime payments and the sheriff's office vehicle use policy could be said about the last two sheriffs. Sheriff Rader may be able to end and fix some of the longtime problems of his office but he clearly did start these policies. As for Mr. youngblood allowing the comments by Sgeriff Rader's detractor...... tghis is asite that allows allkinds of opinions. who knows how the website's editor feels about any issue by reading opinions he has posted? An opinion on here does not validate whether or noit it is factual.

Vita your education is lacking when you try to respond to the first commenter concerning Bobby Rader's psychological problems. Also do not try to indict other Sheriff's, because as poor of a Sheriff, Henry Patterson was he worked very hard to cut the Comp. time in the Sheriff's Department and it was very evident and numbers proved that fact. County Judge Phil Fitzgerald and Commissioner’s Court left office with a Budget Surplus. Vita, you do not have to defend Sheriff Rader, I think there will always be various positions for you at the LCSO. Why? You are easily manipulated and ever wish by Bobby Rader is your command.

Vita may or may not need to go, but Rader won in a huge landslide. He is well known by the public and all of the negative comments before and after the election do not effect a large number of citizens who know Bobby rader well.

Rita needs to go. Whether you know and like Rader or not, Rita needs to go.

General Comments

Now of course Bill Cosby is innocent until a court can decide if he isn't, and that may never happen. But the crazy right wingers out there are flocking to the demi-god of irrationality Rush Limbaugh as he says that Cosby is the target of liberals because of his get tough talk to black family responsibility, and Cosby is just the latest in liberal attacks. They say that we don't know if he is guilty, and simply because Cosby settled out of court in some of the allegations that doesn't make him guilty. Well now that's a big turn of events now isn't it? Because when Michael Jackson was catching all the media attention during his allegations of sexual impropriety everyone said he was guilty because he settled out of court. Rush Limbaugh is a completely evil person to try and trivialize the accusations of these women just for a chance to attack liberals, and those who buy into his crap are just plain idiots.

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There is no other way to say this. Dayton needs to have three or four losing football seasons to bring education back as the number one priority in the district. I have no doubt that grades are being given to football players so they can continue to play.

The Facebook News

I think this sheriff has lost it. Its time he steps down!

General Comments

Dayton is a dying city. It will never be Liberty or Barbers Hill. Taxes and small visioned people have doomed Dayton. Dayton will never have the businesses or the quality of schools to support attracting the people who can buy and support the tax structure in town. Dayton will become Detroit. I know people are trying but the location , taxes and the high percentage of low income residents will not allow true growth to happen. Gas stations, etc will not draw in the high income earners who are needed to support this tax structure. Why move to Dayton when you can live in much nicer places that are a short distance from Dayton. Even if Dayton gets more businesses there is no reason to live here. The same people who have controlled the city for years will still control it in the future. Drive around Dayton and you will see run down buildings, a falling down rice dryer, and substandard housing.

If Dayton is dying town why is hwy property worth more in Dayton that Liberty it a big difference. All the sera around here is considered Dayton. Liberty is small but they have daisetta Ames around them.

Yes land is probably higher in Dayton but what have those prices got Dayton. If you do anything but grocery shop and buy gas you probably are leaving Dayton to do it.



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