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General Comments

Everytime I go into the Liberty Wal-Mart the "people greeter"; hispanic lady, is always talking and chatting with friends instead of checking receipts and "greeting people" . She needs to get fired and let another person have the job. I just walk right by her and she doesnt say anything.

Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive Driving - How can you be passed on the wrong side? If you are in the left lane and passed on the right, YOU are in the WRONG for being in the left lane. when I was learning to drive it was always 'the left lane is for passing only'. you should pass and get out of the left lane. I cannot tell you how many times in the river bottom there will be 6-7 or more cars just 'hanging out' in the left lane doing the speed limit or less. Move over and get out of the way of people who know who to drive. I am not an aggressive drive, merely an attentive and law abiding driver.

aggressive drivers If you're in the left lane and someone wants to pass,hang up the phone, move over and let the driver pass you. What makes you people think that the left lane is to drive in? Where did you learn this, you are the reason for a lot of Rage starting on the road. When you get thru with the passing lane move over where you belong and stay out of the way. You people that drive pulling a trailer going below posted speed limit in the passing lane are wrong. Motorist are never supposed to pass on the right. I have come upon slow drivers in the left lane while staying in the right with my cruise set at posted speed limit 65 and when I pass have taken a look left to see what a distracted driver looks like and most always they are talking or texting on the phone not even aware of whats going on around them and some have actually boxed me in and then just hang in passing lane like a knot on a log. Makes me so mad I could spit nails. I just don"t know where this poor driving habit comes from. Worse come to worse these people could get in their right lane and do all of this nonsense and stop being an accident looking for a place to happen and get people hurt or killed. It does not matter if you are going 10 mph over speed limit and think that it's okay to run in fast lane, if someone comes up on you your supposed to move back to right lane and let them pass. "Common courtesy" it's contagious try it.

General Comments

Memorial Weekend gets special treatment from television by playing a lot of old war type movies, only patriotic ones not ones that would dare call into question our involvement. Anyway one that they have been running is an old John Wayne epic, "The Green Berets". Never has a movie gone so far as to promote a more hokey portrayal of a fantastical idea of American soldiers. Overweight actors playing soldiers, not one cuss word from the mouths of the soldiers, the soldiers always accommodating the indigenous people with any type of help they need etc. John Wayne's view of America was a little one sided and unrealistic.

Okay, John Wayne's depiction of the Viet Nam WAR was unrealistic and one-sided, but I would be willing to bet your one of those morons that get thrilled at watching todays TV programs and movies about vampires or zombies or democrats.

John Wayne movie critic: do you really not have anything better to do with your time? Try volunteering somewhere or just pray for something to come along that you like( if there is such).

to the person with the negative comment regarding Mr. John"The Duke"Wayne,today Tues.,05/26/2015 the Great State Of Texas has proclaimed it to be John Wayne day,so enjoy the day.and in the past when movies where made they did not use the vulgar language that society appears to love today,although violence was depicted the still had some class,unlike the garbage on the big screen today,may "The Duke",R.I.P.,and do not ever forget all the fine men and women,that have given their all,so that people like yourself can sit in the very comfort of your home,and post such negative comments,may you have a good day.GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THE TROOPS,PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE!

General Comments

Have you noticed the newest trick the local convenience stores are using to get you to buy their gasoline? Their signs on the highway advertise a low price for their gas, but when you pull to the pump it's not the price on the pump its more expensive, the signs have a small print that is hard to see that says one price for cash and another for debit or credit cards. They know you aren't going to leave once you get there and most people use debit or credit cards anyway so the customer pays the price instead of leaving. So if you are going to get gas thinking you're getting a cheaper price think twice. There are two stores doing this duplicitous advertising, one on highway 90 and one on 146, pay attention, and don't get fooled and don't buy their product until they show some respect for the consumers.

Respond to sign for one price for gas and then another if you use debit or credit card. Walmart has done this same practice at both of their locations in Liberty. The price of gas is cheaper for cash. Most people don"t want to go into the store twice, so they use the card and pay more. Twice meaning pay a certain amount then pump gas, if you do not use all your money you have to go into the store to get your change.

General Comments

Sheriff what does Brett have on you. He talks to people like dirt, calls kids with disability's retards in a restaurant, and nothing is done about it. if another deputy had done that there ass would be grass. The mother of this child was very upset at the way a deputy acted toward he child. By the way another SGT at LCSO has a disabled child, does Brett call his kid retarded. If you could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he worth, you would make a lot money. The reputation at S O is bad enough and he is not helping.

Abide With Me - A Tribute to the Brave

On this day,may all the Men and Women,whom have given their all,may the R.I.P.may they never be forgotten.May the tradition be passed on,so those that have perished never have given their all least be forgotten,to what this great country has and hopefully will continue to be,to all future generations.And to the families may you find peace with you loss.GOD BLESS'EM ALL !

General Comments

Pickett! Mayor Pickett! We have a problem. You are not the cause of it but you are the logical person for us to turn to for help. The electricity has gone off three times at my house in six days. Please!

What is up with liberty losing power all the time? Especially in ridgewood subdivision. They charge an outrageous service charge each month and I am without power it seems like if the wind blows just a little when it sprinkles. They should give us discounts on our bills for this crap.

Well once again the power goes off in the whole city. I wonder if the City has to compensate the local business for their loss of revenue when that happens? It should. We went for a ride during the black out and one of the local radio stations was giving updates on the situation, the announcer kept saying "keep tuned to the radio for info on the electrical problem" I thought how many people were in their cars listening to that particular station during this particular time, and if there is no power how could they hear the station if the outage was city wide?

How can folks, at home in the dark, be listening to the local radio station during recent recurring power outages? My advice buy lots of batteries for your old battery operated radio CD players! Sounds like we may be needing them during the up coming hurricane season, or just for everyday normal day power outages.

You people demanding a "discount" on your electric bill because of the power being out...You do realize that you are NOT being charged for electricity if your power is out, right?? BOOM, there is your discount!

Duggars reeling from Josh's sex-abuse scandal

If this is True about Josh Duggard. I am sicken. Did the girls receive any therapy afterwards. Did his wife know about this? How is she protecting her Daughter? Did someone assault Josh as a child? I will pray for this pathetic Family.

The story unfolding about the Duggar family is an unfortunate situation, but not unexpected. The family has promoted itself as "squeaky clean" in all areas of life. The silly republicans who have been seen photographed ad nauseum with the family only wanted to cash in on their seemingly wholesomeness. The family's constant attacks on gays and others who don't fit their view of decency only go to expose their intolerance, and the republican co-opting of same. The real crime here isn't the molestation, unfortunate as that is, it's the duplicitousness of the cult like atmosphere of the family that more than likely cultivated the garden from which this came. A blind person could see it a mile away, the way the women gaze adoringly at the husbands when they speak, waiting dutifully until they get their time to offer an opinion, which is not an opinion it's just a parroting of the husband. The irrational over birthing that has to be a strain on the health of the mother, physically and mentally, and inferring the same for the daughters. In one episode the father suggested to the mother that they, the parents, maybe should teach one of the daughters the correct way to kiss, by demonstrating, how more controlling can it get? No, the whole family is sick, and the republicans who stampeded to be seen with then are just as sick. Carl Jung the depth psychologist who was a contemporary of Freud once said "the brighter the persona, the darker the shadow", in other words watch out for the ones who come off squeaky clean, they are hiding something sinister.

I don't care how many republicans had their picture taken with a Dugger, I'm still not voting for Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriends wife.

In regards to Josh Duggar. The family has forgiven him, and they have moved on from the incident which happened in his teens. Christianity isn't only for the righteous, quite the opposite- Jesus said He came to call sinners. God changes lives and changes hearts, but we still are in the flesh and will have temptations and struggles. The Church, the family of believers worldwide could do well to take the advice of the apostles and confess our sins and struggles to each other. Part of he reason for fellowship among believers is to help each other with our struggles in sin- but its a difficult topic to speak on when so many are self righteous and pretend that they do not struggle. Therefore our struggles remain in the closet, and slowly eat away at us inside. Christians WAKE UP, restore each other gently- admonish and accept righteous admonishment from your brethren. Together we can grow and over come.

OMG! At least Monica's ex boyfriend was having sexual relations with an adult! Apparently the Duggar family is not the only ones under mind control! Amazes me that this is the only retort you have regarding the whole horrible molestation nightmare of INNOCENT YOUNG GIRLS!

To the poster condemning republicans that had their picture taken with a dugger. That was not the only retort I could come up with. It's the only retort your asinine post deserved. I wonder if your as appalled at bill Clinton hanging out with Jeffery Epstein? Google it, I'm not wasting anymore time with your two faced ignorance.

The issue isn't pardon for sins, that's a given. The issue is the fact that the family is like a cult, and they act as a cult. The molestations are a side effect of this sick family, and the fact that the republicans running for the highest office in the country want to be seen with this family thereby giving assent to the weirdness that is present, because they haven't distanced themselves from them once the news broke. Rallying around someone in need is a Christian virtue of somewhat, so is forgiveness. The issue of sexual molestation is a complicated one, and in my opinion doesn't deserve incarceration only mental and emotional assistance. I don't think the lifestyle of the Duggar's needs to be one held up for a model of good family living like they have been, and the politicians who are standing by them should be examined as to why they are doing that and what nasty little secrets they may be holding onto in their lives.

Clinton and Epstein are no saints, and you aren't either by using that reference to defend a group of politician who would rather stand with a family of dysfunctionality instead of taking the high road, talk about asinine. The politicians who wont remove themselves from this quagmire are more interested in getting media coverage than doing the right thing, and you poster are just like them, a silly defender of everything conservative and republican attaching oneself to some idiotic myth about wholesomeness that doesn't exist in the real world. Google idiot and see if your picture doesn't come up.

Wow. Bill Clinton, an ex president of the United States, who committed adultery in our White House, lied about it until absolute proof was produced and then used his political power and wealth to destroy any woman that dared to share any of his other discretions. A man that has traveled to the private island, aboard the private jet of a convicted child molester on several occasions gets a pass from you. But some presidential candidates that shake hands in a photo with a lobbyist that has a similar past a dozen years ago at the age of 15 are the ones you have an issue with. You may not be smart enough to use google.

Wow. To the poster who wants to condemn Clinton for taking a plane ride as a private citizen, and pretends to know what he may or may not have done out of your sight, you should go to Vegas with that power of mind reading you should make a ton of money! The politicians who are not condemning the family of Duggars for protecting their nasty little lives but wanting to cash in on what money the Duggars can claim by projecting an image of wholesomeness and purity, are just as nasty, and so are you poster, and don't forget 'denial aint just a river in Egypt".

General Comments

Verifiable facts: 1)Our utility company, a/k/a SRMPA, has millions of our dollars that should equal nice refund or credit. 2)The refund has not come 3)SRMPA is paying Bruce Mintz, a less than distinguished Liberty lawyer, $250,000 a year 4) IT IS TIME TO FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE BASTARDS

General Comments

There is a story making the media rounds about a man from Texas who paid over three hundred thousand dollars to kill an endangered black Rhino. It was billed as a conservation procedure, now some one tell me (as I'm sure those who do this kind of thing will certainly do) how killing an animal as I understand is one of only 5000 left in existence is conservation? This guy gets on T.V. and rationalizes his actions by saying that the meat goes to a village, and what he's done is good for the other rhinos. It seems that when you have an unlimited supply of money, and an unquenchable thirst for killing, nothing is too far out of your reach. I am supposed to believe that this man's sole intent was to kill this animal because of his altruistic desire of conservation? This guy and others are just killers that's all, killing for conservation is like having sex for aint gonna happen.

Commissioners to Meet on Tuesday

Dear County Commissioners, Please do something about our wonderful Sheriff Bobby, he and he alone will put Liberty County in bankruptcy with all of this comp and flex time he allows his employees to collect. Bobby thinks he is teaching y'all a lesson, thinking it will get him more Deputies. Several more Deputies have jobs lined up and will be leaving over the next couple of months, meaning the county will be paying out even more money. Add the amount of comp paid out this year alone it's crazy! The only comp time pay out the County would benefit from is if they paid the Bret and Sherry show, or the famous narcotics team who sit on 59 waiting for those poor people(victims), with out of state plates. I have a great idea, can commissioners court ask Bobby to have "The Famous Five Narcotics Guys" cover a shift, allowing each shift to take off, using comp time for one month and see how much money the county would save? Bobby you should be ashamed!! Hurting Liberty County financially because you don't like three of the County Commissioners. With all that said, Bobby we don't need a insurance salesman, we need a Sheriff. My prayers go out to the three wonderful Commissioners, in this time of need dealing with this problem child. Sorry I haven't mentioned the Commissioner from Cleveland, but the voters will take care of him this coming up election.

I too read the agenda for upcoming commissioners court and am blown away by the $$ amounts for comp time, flex, time, and vac. pay. It was not that long ago some were on our local news concerning how under paid they were, some even on government assistance. The amounts listed on agenda in comparison to their salaries do not differ much at all. If commissioners approve these excessive amounts then maybe the sheriff is not the only one who needs to go. Liberty County, gotta love em!!!!!

Dear Mr. Concerned, It is the department head (Sheriff Rader), whom allows his employees to accrue comp time, not Commissioners. Commissioners have to pay out the money owed, there is no choice on their behalf, it has to be paid. For those of you whom are not aware of this fact, Sheriff Rader is the one who urged his Deputies to go to the media about their salaries. The intent of the statement to the media was to make Liberty County appear that their employees are so poor, that they are working for peanuts. What was omitted was all of the comp time that has been accrued by these same employees, totals in upwards of tens of thousands of dollars! Hmmmm, wonder why that information was intentionally left out?? Maybe because this information would show the poor leadership of Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader's role as department head!

Yall make me sick! Those deputies are not getting anything from building up their time until they leave. These deputies work their butts off for very low pay! Yall are the first to whine about the pay outs and the first people to call them for help! SUCK it up and PAY our deputies better!

Why in the world is the comp time, vacation, ect time allowed to reach so high without being paid? Whey isn't their overtime paid each payday like other businesses? Why do they have to wait so long to be paid for the work they did? Would YOU work overtime that way?

Paid Comp-time: Really I just don't understand all the back and forth about comp time. My father worked for the county for 20+ years and yes he received comp time and was not paid for it, he used it along with his vacation time. He would take days off of work to use his comp time. I also work in HR and I have not work for a company that paid theirs employees for unused time, that is your responsibility to use your time. You know the saying "Use it or loose it" well the county should be the same way. If these employees work the extra time that is fine, if they put in the extra time comp them for it that is fine but don't pay them for it, tell them they should take days off to compensation for the overtime they have received. EASY ANSWER TO AN EASY SOLUTION.

Biker Gang Fight Leaves Nine Dead in Waco

Nine dead and sixteen wounded in gang fight in Waco. what a bunch of idiots. What a bunch of armed idiots. What a bunch of stupid violent "we take care of business our own way, no need to call the police that's why we carry guns" morons. If every one owned a gun these types of things wouldn't happen idiots. Let's protect our right to carry guns, any type of gun, and let's wipe our asses on the Second Amendment in order to make sure these out of control gun carrying violent psychopathic monsters get to do whatever they want to, and lets have another local gun show to let the community see how stupid we are on this issue.

Come on, give those Waco bikers a break! It was probably a Rotary sponsored event - oops, whatever happened to our lovely event out at the TVE?

Congratulations to the anti gun nut on the quickness of his reply to the Waco shootings. It must be a sad life sitting around waiting on a tragedy involving a gun to give you the opportunity to respond with the same tired sayings and insults used by every other delusional whack job like yourself. I'm sure as these ideas pop in your head they seem like your own thoughts but, you have heard all of these insults and slogans from other illogical people just like yourself just like the rest of us. In your search for opportunity to display your pirated cleverness may I suggest you look into the Chicago news scene where there are more shootings than this every weekend. The technique you want to steal while exploiting the situation there is to ignore the fact that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, which has resulted in it being the murder Capitol of the country. Better hurry though, recent changes in the strictness of their gun laws has resulted in a reduction violent crime.

Congratulations to the pro gun nut defending the right to access as many guns that can be afforded. Using the same tired old "check out the Chicago gun violence scene, with the strictest gun laws around example". I am sure you too think that these are your own ideas, but just as disingenuous as the pro gun whackos are you wont be able to be honest in your position as the facts preclude the honesty of your position. Personally I don't give two S@@ts in the wind what you or any other gun nut thinks about the morality of your position. You and every other gun nut who pushes his/her idea about guns is guilty of every innocent person killed in this country by a gun, in Chicago or anywhere else. In Texas now there is an open carry law making its way through the state congress, Waco is just the prime example of why this stupid law is wrong. The problem is that the gun culture is making it easier to kill, kill people, kill innocent people under the pretense of some perverted understanding of the Second Amendment. Those who own guns for nothing more than over arming themselves under the idea that they need protection is contributing to the culture of violence that they have helped construct. Gun owners who are irrational (like you poster) are dangerous and crazy. And the time is coming that major restrictions on gun ownership will be long over due.

To the anti gun nut. I recognize you from previous posts. Your obsession with the amount of guns a person owns is puzzling. As are your issues with conceled and open carry laws. Not one of those thugs in Waco was carrying a gun legally. That means there are already laws to prevent these things from happening. How well are they working? laws against known gang members possessing guns, laws against felons possessing guns, laws against unlicensed conceled carry, and laws against flat out shooting someone. What new law would these type of people follow? Wait, don't hurt yourself thinking, I will give you the answer. None. Criminals don't follow the law. That's why they are criminals. Law abiding citizens follow the law. Citizens that have the constitutional right to possess a fire arm to protect themself, hunt, hang on the wall, or just get it out to shine everyday. They have the right to own as many as they want, despite you irrational fear of them. While you sit and try and blame every legal gun owner for the deaths of a bunch of criminals at the hands of other criminals and the police, maybe you could apply that tired line about "blood on your hands" to yourself when it comes to every unarmed person who's home was invaded, killed, raped, or brutally assaulted, because the gun laws in their area prohibited them from protecting themself.

To the pro gun nut. I am always amazed at the energy expounded by those who defend guns in the face of violence. The constant use of "legal gun ownership" vs. "illegal gun ownership" is like the good witch waving her wand over those who are legal and those who are not distinguishing the good gun owners against the bad ones. The problem is that there are too many guns out there, an estimated 300 million gun owners in this country. The statistics say in states where there is a great deal of gun ownership (legal) there is more deaths by guns. In Texas those drivers who are armed (legally) are more aggressive toward others who are unarmed. How many mass gun killings have been stopped by armed citizens(legal)? Don't put your beer down to answer NONE! In Louisiana a bill was being drafted that if a person committed domestic violence that person could no longer carry a firearm, the NRA stepped in and watered down the bill so that the perpetrator of domestic violence could retain his/her firearm, so the NRA helped to raise the ownership of a gun over domestic violence! That is the reason gun ownership is gone beyond common sense. Those like you poster, who think gun ownership is some damn sacred right are certifiably crazy. You have slipped over to the dark side and are close to losing your soul to an issue that ignores the obvious for the lie.

To The Anti Gun Nut.: THE STORY OF MY GUN today I swung my front door wide open and placed my Remington 30.06 right beside the doorway. I left 6 cartridges beside it, then left it alone and went about my business. While I was gone, the mailman delivered my mail, the neighbor boy across the street mowed the yard, a girl walked her dog down the street, and quite a few cars stopped at the stop sign near the front of my house. After about an hour, I checked on the gun. It was still sitting there; right where I had left it .It hadn't moved itself outside. It certainly hadn't killed anyone, even with the numerous opportunities it had presented to do so. In fact, it hadn't even loaded itself Well you can imagine my surprise, with all the hype by the Left and the Media about how dangerous guns are and how they kill people. Either the media is wrong or I'm in possession of the laziest gun in the world. Did You Know This? The United States is 3rd in Murders throughout the World. But if you take out just 4 cities: Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom, in the entire world, for Murders. These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the U.S.ALL 4 of these cities are controlled by Democrats. It would be absurd to draw any conclusions from this data – right? Well, I'm off to check on my spoons.

To the pro gun nut who thinks his spoons and guns are animated. I am so taken by the sagacious intellect of the pro gun goofies. Using the tired old example of "guns don't kill people, people kill ... anyway now listen very carefully now...I'm typing slowly so you can keep up...people WITH guns kill people, guns are a tool without guns people wouldn't kill as much. The U.S. has too many guns. The riot in Waco was facilitated by jerks who used guns. If there had been some type of restrictions on gun ownership these one step above apes bikers maybe wouldn't have killed 7 people!. But no matter you can go back to your beer and cigarette and Fox News pundit and NRA spokesman who defend the rights of gun ownership over and above the safety of innocent people, because like the saying " your brains are like concrete, thoroughly mixed up, and permanently set".

To the "ape biker" poster... Do you actually read what you write? I will type SLLLOOOOWWWEr for you. You Sir/ Madam are an idiot if you think if we had stricter gun laws criminals wouldn’t own guns/weapons. You are using some big fancy words to try to make yourself sound smarter than you are. I read all the posts on this site. I don’t ever reply, but your statement is LUDICRIS. Aren’t there lots of drug laws saying the “illegal/illicit” drugs are ILLEGAL????Against the law?? Has that/does that stop criminals??? NO IT DOESN’T. Just like a lock on your doors, IT KEEPS AN HONEST MAN HONEST. Criminals will do whatever they want. Why is that SO hard for people to understand. From what I read in the liberal media’s reports, None of the bikers were licensed to carry a weapon (CRIMINAL, plain and simple). Are you too stupid to understand this concept?? Signed, Much smarter than you.

To the poster who thinks he/she is much smarter: First of all I can tell you aren't afraid of "big fancy words" because you misspelled one in caps (typing r...e...a.s...l...o...w now) it's ludicrous not LUDICRIS, but no matter your logic is no better than your spelling. Trying to make a point with some silly mouth breather like your self is a waste of time, it' like trying to explain what an orgasm is to a child. In todays news report 5/21/15 there was a report of a find of a great deal of weapons stashed in the area of the riot In other words they had access to more guns, it doesn't matter if they are "legal or illegal" there are too many guns out there (big word warning) idiot. So go and increase your meds and run from big fancy words, and try and figure out how you ever got a diploma, because you might want to wipe your bottom with it for all the good it did.

Regarding the rhino question, I haven't read up too much on it, but I do know that endangered animals have to be cultivated in which will breed. It may have been old, too closely related to the females in the conservation, or defective in some way. I don't agree with it whatsoever, since other conservations request animals all the time and are denied. Zoos support their animals for breeding programs. There was a huge backlash over a zoo in Europe putting down a healthy young male giraffe because it was too closely related to safely breed to the females. Many facilities volunteered to take it, but were refused. It's insane and all depends on the bottom dollar.

General Comments

this is not to p off anybody,but here goe's.the city(liberty) wants to spend just how much on the schools?but yet in just three days the power has gone out all over the city.maybe just maybe,that should be looked into,and do not put all the blame on the electric provider.and where is the 7.1 million that willie carter has hid?

To the idiot talking about the City of Liberty. 1) The City of Liberty has nothing to do with spending money on the schools. That was the bond that passed for the school district and the school district only. 2) In reference to the power outage, do you think the bad storms that came through had anything to do with the outage? If I’m not mistaken, Entergy also lost power. Sometimes we can’t control Mother Nature. I guess you will complain if the power goes out during a hurricane. 3) Willie Carter has nothing to do with the City of Liberty. He worked for Liberty County and that is separate from the City of Liberty. Please get your facts straight before you start writing BS about the City of Liberty.

Response to City of Liberty Power Outages: Recent power outages were proved to be Entergy transmission problems patched but still unresolved and neither City of Liberty nor Dayton maintenance issues past or present. The City of Liberty did not have any involvement in the $33 million bond issue of the Liberty Independent School District approved by 70% of those who voted, and the Liberty Independent School District is in sole charge of spending those funds. The Willie Carter housing funds issue is a Liberty County Housing Authority matter and also has no involvement nor input by the City of Liberty. Note criminal sabotage, flooding, lightening and tornadic force winds do cause electricity outages that are most often not due to lack of maintenance by anyone.

Who cares about the "whys" anymore? Can someone with leadership skills and no other agenda run for mayor and fix the high cost and low service in our electric area? Liberty is the county seat and we who live here would like to talk about why the city is a great place to live, not how we survive.

to the person amd or person's that called(me)an idiot,thank you for the very intelligent post,and clearly stated the post was not to p off anyone,but alias it has.regarding the "bond election"for the schools IN Liberty,if the city doe's not pay for it,just where doe's the money come from?as the good hard working,tax payers THAT LIVE in the city do,so alias the city(which is made up of the citizens),did anyone get the funds from the money tree out back?the power outage on Fri.,05/14/2015(there was no storm),and the city has had many power outage's for quite some time,when there has been no bad weather.Willie Carter,the funds came from H.U.D.,federal dollars,again tax dollars,and just where did 7.1 million go?the second person who posted to (my)comment,and please look at your post,ie:"criminal sabotage"regarding power outages,need a tin foil hat?the post(my)was a generalization of just some of the current state of affairs in and around the city and or county,like it or not,sometime's the truth hurts.ya'll have a great day!

General Comments

"commissioners court,considering tax abatements(for another company?)called Simbaline Development Llc."well maybe just,maybe someone should look into these companies just a little harder before giving them all the tax breaks.look them up on the net,they do not have a website,but they do list an address in Houston.4605 post oak place,suite 107,houston,texas 77027(no phone number),and 800 brazos st.,suite 400,austin,texas 78701-2548.the website,has 17 different companies listed at the exact same address in Houston!the registered agents are,scott butler,scott r. butler,john r. butler,boyd j. butler,christine d. butler,and mike ecklund.and just what do they service and or produce?

blue Bell's Agonizing Decision

Blue Bell's Agonizing Decision..... i finally broke down and bought some ice cream. I sure do miss Blue Bell! This ice cream did not compare in any way, it is called Blue Bunny. Anyone have any suggestions of which ice cream to buy until Blue Bell is back??

I still have some pre-ban Blue Bell hoarded away. They will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.

General Comments

Strange arm twisting may have gotten the school bond issue passed, but th eteacher pay is getting farther and farther behind other local schools and troublke is a brewing.

As long as Liberty pays more than Hardin ISD and Hull ISD, most people will not care if that the cost of living is going up at a rate higher than teacher raises.

You would think all these teachers around the country who help pass these huge multi-million dollar bonds would realize the committment school administration has made in the name of the taxpayers will hinder the size and frequency of teacher raises.

Brief translation of one of the messages about the passage of Liberty ISD's bond issue: Hahaha, teachers you screwed yourself but you made the $125,000+ Superintendent feel good. Suckers!

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TVE Scholarships...Well I see that Ronnie and Gina Worthy's daughter was awarded a TVE Scholarship. Maybe they will give her the money because they never gave their other daughter hers. Wish the TVE would take notice and do something about this abuse.

TVE Scholarship: Congrats to the winners of the TVE Scholarships. I know a lot of these kids and they work very hard at showing. They live, breath and do it everyday. But I would like to say to the committee that decided to give only 12 people this opportunity is a little out there. If you divide what each of these kids gets that is almost enough to pay for all of their college. They could have given 24 students a scholarship and still given a substantial amount to each student. There are a lot of kids out there that I am sure work just as hard as these do and don't win anything because they don't have the money to spend on the high dollar breeds, but they where out there and gave their time and dedication. Those students probably did not get anything and even a small $5000 scholarship would mean the world to them and give them the opportunity to go to college. Congrats to all that won but TVE you could have done spread it out to more than just 12 students.

TVE Scholarship.....that's very interesting that parents can withhold scholarship money when it is a FACT that TVE Scholarships are made out and sent directly to the college or university. Someone is jealous and trying to start drama.

TVE Scholarships: The are not sent to the college. They are put in the bank, sometimes in a trust. This is what makes it a parents option to send money to the college, or NOT. And some do NOT!

Anyone wonder how a daughter of a TVE employee was awarded a scholarship.

TVE Scholarships: Let's make this simple. If you have money enough or on the TVE board or work there; send your kid to college on your dime. TVE needs to help those who really need the money. Some think this is some kind of bragging right. Shame on you if you allowed your kid to accept money when YOU can afford their college. Greed.

TVE scholarships are made for the children and Should not be giving mainly to the board members children but it has always been like that. And another question is Why is Dayton having their Rodeo at TVE grounds? When our children are NOT allowed to perform in the Dayton FFA.

On the TVE scholarship issue: some of you people are truly ignorant. That is all.

TVE Scholarships---Lot of talk out here about these TVE Scholarships, I would like for the "Board" to STOP THE SPIN and tell us the dollar amount each student was awarded, other organizations do--"It's all about the kids".

TVE Scholarships: we would all be stunned if we only knew how much money the TVE takes in, we would also be stunned if we knew what dollar amount goes to children. sure seems like a lot of building going on that has nothing to do with children. Can we see an accounting of the monies spent? If so this should put some issues to rest. I have heard that some folks have left the organization because of the way they spend the money.

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Well the school bond passed finally. I voted against it twice, but I knew it was just a matter of time. But I have faith in the school board and the faculty to make sure the money is well spent and not squandered on a bunch of inane, stupid unnecessary things. Ten school busses on the agenda is one of the most important. Safely transporting children to and from school comes first. Football uniforms and sports equipment should not be a priority. But a raise for the teachers should be. I wish that was in the budget, but probably not. Good luck with the new deal.

Heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Cody Abshier on shepherding the successful bond election - he's the best superintendent Liberty has had since Joe Leonard! Let's keep him until he retires in a couple of decades. Cody for Mayor!

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Thank the Lord " Felix Skarpa " is gone and I mean thank you Lord. He is and has been the worst Mayor the City of Dayton has ever seen.

I been wanting to say the same thing, glad that man is gone. Not a good man at all. Dayton is better now

Skarpa did nothing for Dayton. Good bye and don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

Bye Bye Felix Skarpa we have soooooo been waiting for this moment. Believe this you wont be missed

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has anyone in the area,that has gone to the workforce solutions office in Liberty,had any negative experience's.if so I would like to hear about them.ya'll have a great day!

I have gone into the Workforce solutions office many times and I have always had positive experiences. The staff are always very helpful and go to extreme lengths to help me. The ladies that worked there have helped me get a job, they have helped me get assistance to help me be prepared for my new job. The ladies there have given resources to help me out also. I have had nothing but a great experience in that office.

Workforce Solutions has helped me start a job by giving me the the work clothes I needed to start the new job they found for me!!

I know of some incidents with the Workforce office here in Liberty. My wife before we were married was unemployed and had to go to the WF to search for a job, she would go daily, the staff there would tell her when she would come in "there is nothing in the way of a job for you", or "why are you coming here every day?" The treatment she received was discouraging and she was forced to go there in order to receive her food stamps, it was not a pleasant experience. She never received any type of leads on any jobs, and the staff were no help at all.

Workforce Solutions is there to help people go to work by giving them referrals to jobs in the area that are hiring. They are not a staffing agency. That being said if your wife was on the food stamp program it was because she was mandatory to search for work through Health and Human Services. If she participated in the program as I have she would have found work. With the program that is in place by the State of Texas it is mandatory that you search for work for 30 hours a week until you find a job. That can be up to 120 job applications. The staff is always helpful and try to give as much help as they can. If you don’t follow up with the jobs that you apply for then you are never going to find a job.

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OK you live in Liberty Co. you moved from the big city. Guess what people shoot guns in the country, people play loud music, somebody drives slow by your house don't mean their looking to do harm they may be lost. Dogs run amuck, guess what no leash law. If a dog threatens you take care of it, defend your self. If your kid don't mind you spank it, don't call the police because you didn't raise them right. If you get hit by your spouse and don't want to press charges, WHY CALL? There is not enough officers to cover this county number 1 because of pay. The county is losing officers because of this. Guess what if you want better service taxes need to go up. A penny on the hundred would make a big difference.

Yes I got my appraisal from the central appraisal district today and yes they have LOST their mind. This is absolutely outrageous. We need to find some way of making changes in the way they are hurting us. If it means getting rid of the leadership it needs to be done. Then we have another idiot calling for a 1 cent tax increase. I, we are taxed enough go back to your zoo.

Just a penny or just a couple of pennies per $100 of appraised value and the problemis solved. One problem anyway. Then the same sales pitch for another problem to be solved. My taxex will go up nearly $500 if the school bond issue passes. my taxes will go up another couple of hundred if commissioners successfully ask for enough money to help the Sheriff's Department. Then when other groups see how easy this is they will ask for another tax hike and on and on and on. But what about solving the problem that the people that pay the bills want solved. We want discipline back in the schools. we want to get the government and all of the testing off the kids back. We want the commissioners to share more of the money we are taxed with the Sheriff's department and stop looking to us or their on bond issue to cover their lack of management skills.

Remember the last Liberty annexation? Does everyone have city sewer and water now? How is your police protection going?

Yes I got my appraisal from the central appraisal district ; If You Are Fed Up With The Runaway Tax And Spend Please Go To The Web Site Below And Read The Original Proposition 13 . This Was Put On The California Ballot And Passed By Fed-up California Property Tax Payers In 1977.It Needs To Happen In Texas To Stop These Glory Hounds Spending Like There Is No Tomorrow…. This Is A Copy Of proposition -13 as Put On The Ballot This Is A Copy Of Prooosition -13 As Written By Lawyers And Installed Into The California State Constitution :

To the people complaining about a slight tax increase one penny on the hundred dollars give me a break. I welcome it. If that will get our county the man power it needs and keep good officers on the street the thats what we should do. That slight increase shouldnt break the bank. On the other hand if we dont do something the next time one of use is in trouble just call a crack head. People are leaving the Sheriff's Office in droves, because as soon as they get a job outside our county line its atleast a 10k a year raise. So what incentive do they have to stay. What were going to end up with is officers at the bottom of the barrel, that no other department wants, you know like officers they brought in with the last administration. You get what you pay for people!!! Luckly for us, some of the good officers live in this county and love this County and are tring to stick it out.

Yes we need taxes but the taxpayers also need something for those dollars they worked so hard for. We need people in office who understand budgets and limitations on what you can do. The city of Dayton is building seven million dollars worth of new buildings for the fire station and the police. Yes this is needed but don't say this does not cost the taxpayers. You are spending seven million dollars that could reduce total city debt. Dayton also annexes areas that it can't afford to provide water and sewer to. This is a crime. It is no different than someone coming to my house and taking something away from me. Also the city of Dayton has the poorest EMS service. If you are sick, you better drive yourself to the emergency room or you stand a chance of dying at your house or in the city hospital morgue in Liberty. I support no candidate running for office in Dayton but I will vote and I won't vote for the county tax assessor or the city councilman who is best friends with the tax office.

They are leaving the Sheriffs Department because of the Leadership and low morale. Lets tell it like it is.

To the person welcoming the tax increase. You state that if the increase "...will get our county the man power (sic)it needs..." well why haven't prior tax increases gotten the county the manpower? What guarantee have we that this will? And the "slight increase" cannot be considered in a vacuum since you will, year after year, get an increase in the appraised value of your propery or properties. You say that you "...get what you pay for people!!!" but we don't. But we might get to pay even more to get what we aren't getting, but are paying for.

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Man just got my appraisal and DAMM have the C.A.D. lost their mind. The tax Man cometh for sure.

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I never took these charges to be much more than politics but most of us are so sick of hearing about it we are glad it is over. Eddie Shauberger took a plea deal and was sentenced to two years deferred adjudication Monday in the 75th District Court after pleading guilty to one count of tampering with a governmental record. What got most of our attention was the sexual charges he was arrested for concerning his two adopted daughters. This should be on the court docket sooner rather than later.

If both the man's adopted daughters testified he sexually molested them and the Liberty Police Department was not allowed to pursuit it until a recent Grand Jury forced the case to be heard by the District Attorney, how likely is it that this will ever be prosecuted. Chief Tidwell will tell you it is a solid case while two District Attorneys have given Mr. Shauberger a pass. Go figure.

Can someone,anyone please explain to me how Eddie Shauberger can admit his guilt on a sexual assualt charge and not have to register as a sex offender. Just adds to what I already know and that is our judicial system is really screwed up.

In the United States, no in Texas, a man can admit in open court under oath he sexually assaulted two children and walk out of the courtroom and go back to his day to day activities? That kind of man has some real creepy day to day activities that it is in the public interest to stop by both incarcerating him and making him file as a sexual predator. If the court did not require that perhaps we all need to know where Mr. Shaubereger is so we can protect the children nearby.

In answer to: "Can someone,anyone please explain to me how Eddie Shauberger can admit his guilt on a sexual assualt charge and not have to register as a sex offender." Did you even READ the report? He didn't admit any guilt on the sexual assult charges. Those charges were completely DROPPED in exchange for him admitting guilt on ONE charge of Tampering With a Government Record. They gave him only 2 years probation on that charge. After serving the 2 years, he can get the conviction completely stricken from his record.

This man, Eddie Shauberger can diddle little children and get off scot free. How does Sexual crimes get lumped into those other business crimes? Who got the payoff.

This child sexual assault scumbag needs to be put in jail and the Judge and DA need to be removed from office.

Excuse me! Shauberger, according to the news, admitted sexually assaulting his two daughters when they were children. The D.A.did not have to, but apparently did agree with the daughters to make the public admission his only punishment. Unfortunately, the D.A. did not stand up for every child in the pathway of this admitted monster. A victim can ask for leniency, but the crime Shauberger committed is a crime against mankind. If this story is true, he should have done prison time.

The children Eddie Shauberger sexually assaulted didn't want to be put through a public trial. Instead wanted him to plead guilty in open court to sexually assaulting them, which he did. So my question still is why doesn't he have to register as a sex offender just like every other sex offender?

Eddie Shauberger, the DA and Judge Morefield have made a victim of everyone in Liberty County AND the state of Texas for allowing this bizarre travesty of justice. I have talked to several Judges and attorneys and believe the judge should be brought up on charges as does the DA. The Texas State judicial commission should be contacted and a complaint filled immediately. I don't really care how a judge rules or what he allows in most any case, but an admitted child sexual assault criminal should be given the max sentance evey time, no exceptions. I cried all day after I heard about this, what is wrong with these people? Does Picket or Morefield not have a heart?

Shaberger did not PLEAD guilty, he AMITTED to guilt. There is a difference as I understand it. The victims did not want to testify and would refuse to testify in the court proceedings as I understand it. So with that being said, the Judge and the D.A s hands were tied. They followed the Law as we the public DEMAND that they do. If we want change lets change the Laws and not blame these to good Men for following the Law.

Pleading guilty and admitting he sexually assaulted his daughters are one in the same. Your logic is a bunch of horse hockey. This judge and DA are monsters and should be immeaditly removed from office for not persuing an admitted child sexual assault criminal. If judges and DA's everywhere allowed child sexual assaults and when perpetrator caught just admitted it and got off, we would have bloody children roaming the streets. This act by Picket and Morefield set an evil standard in Texas law and in Liberty County. Your comment is obvious pandering to monsters who could have at least made that scum be listed as a sex offender as notification to the public that he was an admitted child sexual assault offender. Liberty County is sick... As are the people running it.

It is my understanding Shauberger's two adopted daughters gave statements to law enforcement and also testified in front of a grand jury. Telling the public he could not be prosecuted because they would not testify is weak.

If a man sexually assaults his children repeatedly, should his ability to "pay them off" make law enforcement, grand juries, judges, and prosecutors powerless to act on previously given testimony? Shauberger is not a con artists that tricks people. He is a sickman that has functioned at a high level in society until his hidden life was revealed. Why he is allowed to walk when it benefits no one is unexpalinable. Children will be hurt, our local justice system was hurt, and Shaubereger himself is denied the opportunity of chnaging after thelights and mirrors force self reflectiveness.

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It is so sad that families chose to bring babies to graduation , dance recitals, etc. It just ruins to event for persons there to actually pay attention. Please get a babysitter.

"Please get a babysitter" I am one of those parents who brings my kids everywhere. Just a little background information... I waited 11 years to be a mom and God blessed me with 3 overnight, one was taken and given back to the biological mother for a month before she came back to me. Needless to say she and I are attached at the hip. She won't stay with a babysitter for fear of losing me. So before you go juding people who bring their kids to graduations, dance recitals, etc think! The parents don't bring them to ruin your evening. But people like you make it harder for a mother to calm a screaming child down because the mother gets aggravated quicker because she doesn't want the crying to bother YOU! So how about instead of us leaving our babies at home, YOU JUST STAY HOME since you know there will be kids ruining your good time! I know it would make it easier on me not having to worry about disrupting those that have little respect for the screaming baby going through withdrawls! This is the nicest way I know of saying stuff it, my kids will still go everywhere with me no matter who it tends to disrupt. Maybe next time instead of giving the hateful looks or mumbling under your breath you could smile and give a few encouraging words to the frantic mom trying to calm the screaming baby so it doesn't ruin your event!

In response to the person that feels all children should not attend graduations or recitals I have the following comments: 1. Should children be completely banned from every public place? You can't keep kids from attending places like that 2. I have no choice but to bring my kids wherever I go because I don't leave my kids with babysitters and family things like graduations and recitals have my family there 3. If you are sitting by kids then feel free to move!!! Maybe move all the way out of the door!

Dear "Frantic Mom", it takes quite a bit of effort, sacrifice and self-discipline to prepare our smaller loved ones for prime time. Just because you are "frantic" does not alleviate your obligation to control your children and teach them to respect their neighbor.

My mama was right. You can't argue with stupid. Warning, my family has been invited to quite a few graduations this year and I will be there with my children ☺ If you don't like the idea STAY HOME!

to the person that posted the very negative comment about bringing children to any open public event,have you lost your mind?where you never a "child",i do not even have any kids(now) and that just p.o. me !

"Screaming babies going through withdrawals", now that is something I thought I would never read as an excuse for being in public with a crying baby. Have some manners. Stay home or get a babysitter.

Screaming babies going through withdrawls something you thought you would have never heard... I am a foster mother who as sad as it is have had children who went through withdrawls. And since you have no way to tell when a screaming fit will surface, you suggest I stay home and never leave? How about all of you people that seem to think life is just perfect for everyone stay home! For your added information you aren't legally supposed to leave foster children anywhere unless it is a state inspected day care how many of those do you know that are open during graduations and dance recitals. Get a clue people

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School bonds in Liberty are on the ballot this week. Let's get out and vote "for" or "against" and exercise our freedoms!

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The tax man has come to Liberty County and he has hit hard. Appraisals are way up and the new Dayton school bond rate isn't even reflected in the new estimated taxes shown on the appraisal notices. In October people in Dayton are going to find out the real cost of voting yes. Let's hope the schools can start doing better academically. Buildings alone are not going to educate our children. I also hope all teachers are certified for what they are teaching.

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At a party for one of our kids, I discovered five out of the six families present knew of someone who had been through great trials because of the new city inspector here in Liberty. This is our city and that is unacceptable!

"Click It or Ticket" Campaign Warns Texans of Deadly Consequences

May 3, 2015 : I fully agree 100 % with the wearing of seatbelts . What I disagree with is the campaign to “Click It Or Ticket” threats before our wise leaders check themselves. When and if you take notice as you drive around Liberty County and the Cities within its boundaries you will observe that 80 to 90% of our State, County Or City Vehicle Drivers are not buckled up. That includes all vehicles. It is small things like this that gets the Citizens down on Public Employees. Fix Their Own Wagon Before Shooting Tickets At Yours and Mine. And Before you ask, I have not had a “TICKET” of any kind in over 40n years !

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Well it seems that the Gray man in Baltimore wasn't even supposed to be arrested. The community in Baltimore are tired of being pushed around by the white cops.

To the ignorant small-minded person that believes the Baltimore riots are about black citizens being pushed around by "white" officers I must attempt to push around a few facts. Three of the six officers charged in the Freddy Gray death are black. Looting is a crime and the most active people involved in this seem to be criminals and therefore if people want "justice" but don't want these criminals thrown in prison there is no sincerety in their stated reasons.

"Baltimore tired of being pushed around by white cops", can you people get any dumber? Judging by how you act in public I really dont think its possible. I guess when you have no education, no job, and are dumber than a box of rocks all you can do is blame whitey. But guess what genious, 3 of the 6 cops charged were BLACK!!! Oh no, your race bating preachers and community activist probably couldnt get on a plane quick enough to get out of Baltimore when they heard that the "gray man " commenter , the "white " cops you allude to consist of at least 1 Latino, 2 Blacks and 3 Whites......"say what"....

Yeah ok all the cops in the incident weren't white, my bad. But all the cops in the incident were indicted. And the African American community in Baltimore are tired of being pushed around by the local police as they demonstrated. The social issue is one of racism, the way Fox News and it's reporters did their reporting smacked of racism, the way Paul Rand said the reason those in the rioting did what they did was because they had no fathers in their lives, he didn't address that to the whites he meant the blacks, racism. The constant references to our black President having adverse effects on black white relations, racism. Just like the man on CNN in the interview said to the interviewer about the situation in Baltimore "just go ahead and call them n----rs, that's what you want to say", he being black knew racism when he encountered it, especially when it's trying to be hidden. The issue is racism, poverty, and oppression. The only reason that mother who was caught on camera disciplining her kid by slapping him around, became a media hero, was not because she was being a parent, she was slapping a young black kid, and that's why we liked it, for no other reason.

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to "this is silly,open carry laws",have you ever heard of a joke? do not take your self SO SERIOUS!maybe we can get the Nigerian witch doctor out on bond to fix all the problems in the city and county!

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Commissioners of this fine county may have short memories but they should not expect the rest of us to. They hired a guy and paid him $64,000 to tell them they should stick with the private firm that runs the jail in Liberty because the sheriff can't run it cheaper. But the folks in Livingston have already offered a money saving rescue plan that sends our prisoners to Polk County. Are we trying to save money or not?

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Wow! Liberty is becoming such a snake of a place....the local rookies are arresting people for a dirty license plate?!? Really, come on. Even though it is an offense let's get real. This city has gone to the birds due to it's corruption. Some things never change. Give a rookie a badge and watch him go. should focus on speeding in school zones. I never see our law enforcement in our school zones. What a joke!

Yes your are correct. Hwy. 146 is a race track from Liberty to Hardin and I never see a Liberty cop stopping anyone. I guess they are too busy at Wal-Mart.

Want to fix Liberty County - Rex for Sheriff and Brent Slaughter for Chief Deputy!

Brent slaughter for chief deputy!!!...seriously and rex evans for sherriff!!!...get off tha dope yall ran rex off before huh people in this county is so wishy washy...just because the sheriff radar slapped the wrong family everybody wants to cry...yall won't be satisfied until meth heads take over.

Is some misguided soul suggesting the same "REX" that had half the world watching on tv waiting to see a bunch of bodies dug up in Hardin Texas a few years ago should be the county sheriff? Rex Evans? you have to be kidding!

Dear Bret, in reference to Rex calling the media, You know him being a Capt. at the Sheriffs Office, when given orders from your upper command has to fallow them just like he did. so that being said, you and Bobby need to find something else to try and make Rex look bad because that is not going to do it. Bret, as far as Brent being chief Deputy, He makes as much money now as Bobby, why would he leave from somewhere being the head of the department, making more money to going to the Sheriffs Office, being the second in command for less money. You like to start stuff on I-Dineout feedback just like you do at the office. You wonder why the Bret and Sherry show has low ratings at the office. Bret, if you want to talk about something, why not you tell everyone how Bobby Radars narcotic guru, Paul Young, who had a few of his employees, run from Liberty PD Officers in a vehicle so that they wouldn't get caught with drugs. Tell us how Paul shows up on scene in his personal vehicle, while Liberty PD works the scene and after all of that he kept the employees,why don't you tell us how we can expect him to keep the drugs off the street, when he cant even keep it out of his own place of business?

LCSO Forms Family Assistance Unit

Sounds like Bobby Rader is preparing for the 2016 election. He will do anything to be re-elected, even calling on a preacher brigade to do it. No offenses to preachers, but you are being used to try to seal the deal of the 2016 election for your Boss. You 4 need to know he is not sincere and using your good name, to enhance his bad name as Liberty County Sheriff. Maybe Sgt. Timmy can get a preacher card. I Think he needs on the preacher squad and stay away from running the Sheriff's Department...

Are these pastors/deputies, going to be taken off the street and we lose 4 more patrol deputies to a "special" assignment that we do not need like "swat". Sheriff Rader is the biggest disappointment to Liberty County law enforcement. Read the constitution Sheriff about separation of church and state. I "pray" you are never re-elected in this county. Amen.

In regard to the LCSO Family Assistance Unit... It looks like someone didn't read the entire article, or the U.S. Constitution that they mentioned. There won't be any deputies removed from the street because the pastors are VOLUNTEERS from the community. They are NOT DEPUTIES. The article also stated that the idea has been done before, just in larger agencies. Police departments and Sheriff's Offices have utilized chaplains for decades. Liberty PD has used a chaplain for over 20 years. It's not a "separation of church and state" matter because the government isn't forcing religion on anyone, nor are they telling anyone to stop worshiping how they want to. All the Sheriff is doing is providing clergy assistance to those who want it. He's even gone so far as to say he'd provide a specific minister if any of the volunteer chaplains don't quite fit the bill. It's real simple. If you have an incident at your home and don't want any clergy there, none will be summoned.

In reference to Sheriff Rader initiating the Chaplain's at the Sheriff's Office: Let me start off by saying that I have known Bobby for many years. As a judge, he was probably one of the best that Liberty County has ever had, and have always considered him a friend. It's time to be honest, and set the record straight! Bobby, I have set by and watched you send press releases claiming false numbers for arrests in the County, that were false stats, until I-DINE-Out proved you and the S.O. wrong. Once again, here you are claiming that you were the person whom initiated the Chaplain's to assist the S.O., this an untrue statement, as well. Truth be told, Chaplain's were present, and came when needed, going back to the good old days when Greg Arthur and OJ Stewart were Sheriff. With that being said, my friend, you have got to be one of the worst Sheriff's Liberty County has ever had in office, you and Henry Patterson could run a tight race of being the worst. I think Raywood needs a good judge, you should consider going back to what you are good at, being a J.P.!

The poor little group trying to make Sheriff Rader a bad sheriff and a bad person has now stepped over the line. Acting like ministers have been fooled by Bobby Rader because he welcomed themaboard to help make this community all it can be? That is just plain stupid! Most of us welcome their help. And most of us know Bobby Rader has been a strong committed Christian for many many years. Pretending this is a political ploy speaks more about the little group who have someone they want to run than anything it says about the Sheriff.

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On the 27th early in the morning some punks damaged several mail boxes in and around Hardin. Costing many people money to replace them. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Please help catch these PUNKS. They will brag about this to someone. If you know or here anything please call the Sheriff' Office or Crime Stoppers. Thanks

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I may have missed it, but why hasn't the names of the police who were involved in the shooting at the Check and Cash robbery been disclosed as of yet?

The reason the names of the officers involved in the check cashing shooting by Liberty Cop has not been released is because of the major coverup going on. Lots of evil minds are working hard to cover their @sses. How can a public servant shoot a man in the back and then hide from the public eye? ONLY IN LIBERTY COUNTY, CORRUPTION IN LIBERTY CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT! The new police chief has settled in real good.

Please, post this source of where you got this information that the officer shot the suspect in the back at Check into Cash. All I have read was that the suspect was in active robbery and had two women tied up. On top of that, the man charged the officer- and was shot in his side, not back.

Who cares who shot the person that was ROBBING and TERRORIZING the employees of the Check and Cash? He was in the wrong!! I appreciate the officers who protect us...seriously, A COVERUP? Get a life or move to another county!!

attemped robbery at cash&check,if anyone,and IF is a big word,has ever had any dealings with the City Of Liberty Police Department,you should know not to believe anything,as the old saying goe's,"believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see".

Please do not judge the officer without the facts. they put their life on the line for YOU. Could have easily been her/him going home in a body bag.

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Is there a line item listing of how the LISD plans to spend the funds should the bond election pass? I have heard so many million for this, so many million for that, in rather broad categories. Surely they must have what those categories include. I remember in one, or more, of the prior bond elections, large sums were planned to be used for ticket booths at the football stadium.

If you go to the site, there are videos that go through how the funds will be spent. It is on the home page in the middle and is titled Bond Informational Videos.

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Did we negotiate a contract that forbid working on Saturday? When the contractor working on the new city of Liberty street to the by pass does not work Saturdays or Sundays and it rains three week days a week on the average, it leaves residents who do not live in the Mayor's mansion or in Travis Park detouring for months around their mess.

I too agree with the poster about the new road construction, if they aren't working why keep the road closed? It is really a pain to have to detour around in order to get to that part of town avoiding all the traffic. Then again thinking about it when was the last time anyone saw any City of Liberty officials or their spouses shopping in that area of town? I was surprised to see one local attorney shopping for fruit once in Walmart, he was in and out in a flash. During the Xmas season the local media tells the citizens to "shop locally", never have I ever seen a local city council person ever there shopping for anything lol. When Lewies was open and it's owner died, the local radio station went on and on about how Lewies was a main stay in our community, forgetting to mention how inflated its prices were, and acting like so many of Liberty's finest frequented the store lol. There is definitely a double standard about how the town looks at who and what is expected from its citizens, if you are in the socially acceptable group you walk between the raindrops, if not you get wet.

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this is a long overdue rebuttal to kshn newsletter of thurs.,09/06/2007,vol.22,#172.county attorney gary bunyard statement regarding arrest.texas law ss38.03,resisting arrest,search,or transportation.(a)a person commits an offense if he intentionally prevents or obstructs a person he knows is a peace officer or a person acting in a peace officer's presence and at his direction from effecting an arrest,search,or transporation of the actor by USING FORCE AGAINST THE PEACE OFFICER OR ANOTHER.YOU CAN NOT KNOCK ON ANYONE'S DOOR,WITHOUT REASONABLE SUSPICION AND OR PROBABLE CAUSE,AND OR WITHOUT AN ARREST WARRANT AND OR SEARCH WARRANT,AND EFFECT AN ARREST.IT IS NOW,AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES TO DO SO.ONLY AFTER A PERSON AND OR PERSON'S, HAVE BEEN LAWFULLY ARRESTED MUST THE PERSON AND OR PERSON,SHOW AND OR GIVE THEIR FULL LEGAL NAME,RESIDENCE ADDRESS AND DATE OF BIRTH.FAILURE TO I.D.,SS38.02.HAVE A GREAT DAY YA'LL!CHANGE WILL COME TO THE CITY AND COUNTY.a badge and or uniform doe's not give anyone the right to break the law.


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