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General Comments

As a Sanders supporter, I think it is an insane thought that would even suggest We would become Trump supporters. I was, and still am, for the working man. Trump would pay the working man $1 to build his buildings if he could.

Mother Identifies Doppy Son

Mother Identifies Doppy Son I know this was probably a hard thing to do for this Mother. I have been in this situation and have called the police on my Son for his own safety due to a chemical addiction. That was 8 years ago for me and I thank the Lord daily that things worked out and he is a healthy productive member of society and I now have two beautiful Grandchildren. Tough love is called that for a reason.. it is TOUGH.. but many time it could save a life.

General Comments

Another attack on police. Whoever it was that said "violence is as American as apple pie" really got it right. All the hand wringing and "prayers going up", and "this has to stop" has now become trite. There will be no ending the violence. We are caught in a spiral of rage and hate and we are armed to the teeth and we lack the moral muscle to address the issue, because we are a sick dysfunctional society. We for the most part seem to be a society of Wrestling watching slugs who think that the answer to the problem is to elect a president who mirrors our own idiocy.

Melania Trump convention speech seems to plagiarise Michelle Obama

The first night of the RNC

The first night of the RNC was absolutely bizarre. Pat Smith using all the grief she could muster for the cameras to make a moot point, and Marcus Luttrell who is obviously off his rocker again along with Willie Robertson and Scott Baio trying to sound all insightful and sage and oh yeah don't forget all folksy and full of common sense, for the millions of slack jawed yolkles who are supporters of one of the most idiotic candidates to ever run for President. They could have put two dogs hung up while reproducing on stage with a Trump for Prez sign on them and elicited just the same amount of support.

EDITOR'S NOTE: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Charles Caleb Colton 1780-1832

How sad for someone to say that Marcus Luttrell was anything but from the heart. This is a man that has been in the business of making sure we ( including your sorry self) are safe. God Bless our TX FROG!

Baby Born in Texas with Microcephaly Linked to Zika

Baby Born in Texas with Microcephaly Linked to Zika! Was this female an American citizen? Is she a legal citizen here in this country?

General Comments

Every morning between 3:30 and 7:00 a.m. and every evening between the same p.m. hours there are six sheriff department vehicles and deputies directing traffic for construction parking on Hwy.146 near Mount Belvieu. Is the sheriff department being paid for this or are the deputies using county equipment to work extra jobs? Who is taking calls in the county while they are directing traffic?

"Every morning between 3:30 and 7:00 a.m. and every evening between the same p.m." With all the problems going on in the world you are worried about this?? How stupid are you? Our officers have to work extra jobs to make ends meet. What would you have them do sit on the side of the road and collect foodstamps. You know it is very easy for you to sit behind a computer and list all the wrongs being done by our law enforcement. Why don't you get out there and say it in person. So what they are using their patrol cars to work an EJ that is an extra job just in case you don't understand. Get a life and worry about yourself.

" Our officers have to work extra jobs to make ends meet. What would you have them do sit on the side of the road and collect foodstamps." The average salary of a Deputy Sheriff is $42,000. That definitely will NOT qualify ANYONE for Food Stamps! Where do you people come up with this stuff? They knew what the job paid when they took it. Why should we have to pay for their gas and vehicle to work a side job? Our tax money should NOT be going for that. It could be used to fix some of these terrible roads in the county or plenty of other needed things for the CITIZENS of the county.

Officers and foodstamps. You need to do more research. Get out from behind you computer and go and investigate these officers using all of your tax money. Oh wait you actually have to be working for the tax dollars for them to use first.

Can I come get a cop car so I can go work my second job?

Can I come get a cop car so I can go work my second job? Doesn't take a car to sit behind your computer. Try putting your life in danger everyday to have ungrateful citizens complain about the use of a car.

General Comments

Who shares in the blame for the killing of those police officers in Dallas? Those who insist in allowing assault weapons in the hands of anyone who wants them that's who. Those who have supported the "open carry" laws in Texas, that's who. Those who parade around with long guns and confederate flags that's who. The ones who have a perverted view of the Second Amendment that's who. Yes you can post all the little "support law enforcement" posts on social media, but if you in anyway support the owning of assault weapons you have the blood of those officers on your hands and if you attend any local prayer services for those slain men and women then you are hypocrites.

People that have problems with Texans exercising their second amendment rights aside, throughout history people have gained noteriety because somewhere in their time on earth they either never learned the value of life, or they lost the concept. As for me I am thankful the killer just shot his gun because had he blown some of the bombs up he had prepared to build - it could have been much worse.

Hey Mr. Gun Lover,you misspelled notoriety. You also made a stupid argument, but let's get your spelling right before we work on your reasoning.

To the poster who is "glad the killer just shot his gun" are you insane? Using the fact that he shot and killed instead of blowing up was much better again ARE YOU FREAKING INSANE? Every time someone challenges the perverted view of the Second Amendment (which by the way made it easier to shoot those folks) some troglodytic gun worshiper makes the same analogy "duh...tank gawd he was able to uh...shoot them duhhh" There are many problems out there and one of the proverbial elephants in the living room is the absolute stupidity of hyper patriotic gun owners and their unconscious desire to see to it that someday they can shoot someone too.

Who shares in the blame for the killing of those police officers. First, to claim any credibility you should learn what an assault weapon is. No one can buy an assault weapon. What you are referring to is a weapon that may look like an assault weapon to the untrained eye. The AR style rifles are a semi automatic sporting rifle, not unlike my first deer rifle bought in 1980. They are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and the ammo is cheap. This latest shooting in Dallas and some of the other highly publicized shootings were done by seriously mentally ill individuals. That should be addressed. Sharing the blame are the community activists that organize protests shouting "pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon" or "what do we want: dead cops". These professional haters rarely wait until the facts are known. Instead they incite riots and feed the mentally disturbed like the one in Dallas. There is plenty of blame to go around. Some of it just not politically correct to talk about.

To the commentator who hates the second amendment and claims some gun lovers use the same arguments over and over, if this argument is so common perhaps you should google a better response to it. Your name calling has me thinking you lack all kinds of proper weapons to defend yourself.

To the poster who thinks that political correctness precludes blame: thanks for the class in gun recognition 101. The fact remains that if the shooter hadn't had possession of what he used he couldn't have done the damage that he did, and all of your silly indefensible gun ownership arguments can't hold water. The protests didn't cause the shootings or the so called "professional haters" (that's a new one)like Bill O'Reilly proclaims, the shooting of blacks by police on a regular basis caused the protests. Right mentally ill people seem to be the ones who are shooting up the place so why are they allowed a gun in the first place...oh yeah right the perverted view of the Second Amendment that's why, so much of the blame goes to the gun nuts out there, along with the NRA and the politicians in its pocket, and anyone else who thinks that a gun should be in the hands of anyone nutty or not.

Who shares in the blame? Where did we get the idea that blame is to be automatically shared?

How 'bout a real live gun story to balance the insanity? I recently took an unarmed trip down to my river property to view the damage after months and months of flooding (it was pretty bad). While down there, I accidentally got between a momma hog and her piglets. Solution - rapid retreat. Next time I'll take my AR. Why? Handy to carry and hard-hitting (especially since I'll also carry an extra mag) I really need to see all of the damage, I really do not need to be bothered by critters, and I REALLY do not need any more pigs. Observation: firearms are real live tools, especially useful in the parts of the world that do not keep John Lennon's IMAGINE rattling around in their brain. Question #1 - does anyone else have a real, live gun story (I've got more)? Question #2 - what would someone suffering from anti-gun hysteria take with them?

I don't own a gun and have no plans to purchase one, but do not understand why the hysteria about disarming our society. I would hate to see that happen. The possibility of our republic ending any time soon is made much more difficult by following the Constitution.

General Comments

The Tea Party arose not because of racism, but because President Barack Obama made clear he was going to push through his agenda regardless of the wishes of the opposition or the constraints of the Constitution, and because voters realized that the Republicans, left to their own devices, were not going to stop him.

General Comments

A new book has been written about Donnie Rudd. He was raised in Liberty back in the 40's and 50's. He was arrested in December in Sugarland for the murder of one of his wives. The title of the book is: Living with the Devil. Two of his former step daughters wrote it. You can google the title and order it on line. I hope you will publish this information. Also, before you publish it, google his name and read all about his crimes. Thanks.

General Comments

Mayor Picket said in a "meet the mayor" breakfast meeting that the city of Liberty makes a profit on the electrical usage in Liberty I can't imagine why the city would mark up the price it's citizens pay for electric service. WHAT A RIP-OFF!

General Comments

Texas’ delegates to this years Republican Party National Convention should abstain in the first round of voting for their selection for President. Donald Trump never says ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty.’ He gives no indication of caring about the Constitution,” and he was quick to point out “this is the Republican Party, not the Conservative Party.” On the second round they should vote for a Republican.

2 Snipers Ambush, Kill 5 Officers, Injure 7 in Dallas

Dallas Assassinations of Police: props to LPD and to LCSO - we love you guys and gals! Be safe out there.

General Comments

Good to hear how those sold out to Hillary Clinton view her lying and endangering national secrets. She is a hawk and Bernie is someone who believes we as a nation should go to war less. he is too good to criticize her like she deserves, but it is clear our nation would be much safer under his leadership.She is as bad as Donald Trump for this country.

Wheneever one of these highly charged political situations comes to an official resolution, the side that wins declares it is over and everyone that disagrees is an idiot, and the side that loses argues that if the shoe were on the other foot things would have been resolved differently. Regardless of which side you are on, I have decided to vote for one of the unknowns on the Presidential ballot. Trump is unacceptable and Hillary has disgraced our party.

I can no longer act as if Hillary should be our nominee. Obama was left in the awkward position of vouching for Hillary’s “steady judgment” to run an angry, violent, jittery nation on the very day that his F.B.I. director lambasted her errant judgment on circumventing the State Department email system, making it clear that she had been lying to the American public for the last 16 months. I wish the convention would change directions and nominate Joe Biden so when we win the country will be safe and have a future of success.

General Comments

Eleven police officers shot in lets see how fast gun control gets a kick in the ass.

General Comments

So Hillary didn't get recommended for indictment. The conservatives and Trump are screaming "unfair" and "rigged system" among other things, people who barely squeaked through school are now the experts on law and order, who probably haven't read a book in years now know enough to see through the lies of the system. The truth is they don't give hoot in hell what Hillary may have done they are just mad that she is still on her way to the White House.

Attcking straw men with the accusation that they donot have enough education to judge the outcome and recommendation fromthe FBI investigation may make someone feel like they are winning an argument with an ignorant opponent, but there are legions of well educated people and hundreds of legal minds that have publicly expressed that the first 85% of Comey's summary would be damning in a prosecution. Unless Comey has a good explanation I agree. I was promoted from kindergarten to elementary to jr high to high school and easily went beyond completing college, BUT my children can see through all of this. This is not about partisanship, it is about right and wrong.

In response to the poster who thinks Hillary is guilty: The whole issue is directly partisan, no denying it. The key word is "intent", she made an error in judgment there was or is no proof she intended to put the Nation in peril, but the Republicans in their haste to destroy the Dems chance at the White House are adamant in in saying she is criminal, no way. As far as "there are legions of well educated people and legal minds" finding fault with Comey, well that's a lie. For the most part the only news station that is producing any "legal minds" going against the FBI report is Faux News, not exactly a bastion of truth. Just because you may be educated doesn't mean you are above bias, it just means you may have the vocabulary to defend your position to simple minded people who think they are in the presence of greatness. Saying this is a matter of "right and wrong" shows how disingenuous you are, but that's expected, I wonder if your children can see through that? Climbing into the chair of righteous indignation on this issue is a sham and shows that bias and hate take over where truth and civility once sat. No poster you are a Hillary hater and that is your right I suppose but the fact is she did nothing wrong only in the fact of a bad choice and that isn't criminal, except in the hate filled minds of republicans.

In response to the person or persons who questioned the education of people and then when an indication of education was presented indicated education could provide a vocabulary to trick the uneducated ...... I am not addressing you from here forward in this comment. You have an agenda and the facts are irrelevant to you. To others: FBI Director Comey told the world Hillary was guilty of extreme carelessness. The criminal statute that Hillary should be charged with specifies no intent is required - only gross negilgence (extreme carelessness). FBI Director Comey then explained Hillary should not be charged because of the history of this old statute. The FBI Director is not the reinventor of statutes. he should find the facts and follow the law. Appearing before lawmakers, he showed a willingness, not to reinterpret the law, but to ignore it. Then he showed an amazing disinterest in the perjury Hillary will forever be remebered for. There is so much more here to debate but that is enough for now. Okay Mr. Education, rebutt since you are purely nonpartisan and the protector of all of the ignorant.

To the poster who knows more than the FBI as to who should be prosecuted and who shouldn't: I have no "agenda" and you are the one who is "loose" with the "facts". "Legions of legal minds and educated people" commenting on this issue? You are a liar. The FBI director didn't recommend indictment and that is the thorn in your side, not any of your so called moral sensitivities that you pretend to have been damaged, your ideas of "right and wrong" that your children can see through...give me a break. She didn't do anything criminal but being the one with the higher degree of intellect you cant see that through you bias eyes. Perjury? Don't think so lady. You are feeding at the trough of Faux News and from the bowls of Limbaugh and O'Reilly and their hate filled "agendas". You cant stand the fact that she is running for Prez and just might win, and I suppose you may be a Trump supporter, those a closeted one for fear of being discovered. How are you going to sleep if Hillary wins? How ever are you going to make it through this "terrible awful" that is coming your way? Educated people and mediocrely educated people and un-educated people, and you seem to fall somewhere in that group, are not at the mercy of their intellects, they are at the mercy of their biases and cultures and things like decency and truth find no home in their lives. You must be a miserable person not having an outlet for your obviously superior insight into law and order and what's right and wrong.

General Comments

Hillary Clinton and Phil Fitzgeraldare like Mutt and Jeff.

General Comments

I believe the media trying to push the idea thst Trump is a racists is wrong and it is a mistake that causes further distruxt of them. They shouldn't lie about who Trump hates. They should advertise the broad and deep deep self love he has for NOT THE NATION but for himself.

General Comments

I was unaware of two of the liquor stores that opened here recently. It is amaxing we went from zero to six in a matter of months. Bottoms up!

Liquor stores and silent partners.

Liquor stores: since the argument in favor of allowing these stores was for the greater good (increase our tax revenues), I expect to soon see our taxes reduced and our services increased.

General Comments

The new sidewalks in Liberty are so nice and there is so many linear feet it would be difficult for even the most vocal of complainers to say anything. It would be if the sidewalks were where people could walk on them but our leaders set them all up and down the road to nowhere,. Someday the wealthier new home builders will have less to mow because of these sidewalks. In the meantime this city sucks!

If yopu donot like the way the citry is run then run for mayor or city council. Otherwise, deaf ears have captured your every complaint.

I will be thinking of that over $2000 a piece for fixing something that should have been planned for when the"free" fireworks go off. I will be shaking when I write my check for the "hospital tax" as I contemplate the total abandonment of long term planning that has left us paying for revamping electric and sewage in this city. Officials who run for re-election are shameless after allof this.

General Comments

The county save a lot of money on patrol cars if they had a county garage to do the maintenance instead of one place for oil change another for tires another for electrical another for mechanical, and so on. Why doesn't LCSO have a county garage? Maybe if they did some more would get done so they could have extra vehicles when needed; instead of cars sitting at the office for months brook down.

General Comments

The House republicans ran instead of voting on some sort of gun control measure last week there by proving that they are handily in the pocket of the NRA's checkbook, nothing more than whores, ( I would rather be a honest whore than a republican). The issue of these souped up guns that can be purchased by any mentally ill rage filled man is a national crisis and needs to be addressed federally. Those mental midgets who hide behind some perverted view of the Second Amendment need their wings clipped for the safety of innocent citizens in view of the many people cut down by these weapons of mass destruction. It is a disgrace that this is allowed to happen over and over again just because of small minded gun worshippers are scared they may have to give up their daddy's shotgun that he left them when he died.

"is a disgrace that this is allowed to happen over and over again." No, you small minded simpleton. The disgrace is people like you, who think that a gun free nation will stop crime....... Here's a hint, it won't! BecUse only criminals will have weapons, and you will be a sitting target because people like YOU would even want to disarm police officers because they have a gun too!

GUNPOCALYPSE: several months have passed since Texas legalized the dreaded, drizzles-inducing "Open Carry." It's been the same several months since local Democrats and Democrat-controlled thought-control organs like the HOUSTON CHRONICLE predicted that blood would flow in Texas streets like flood waters between Liberty and Dayton as the direct result of crazed gun-toting Texans openly carrying. I've noticed that the CHRONICLE tired of the story and moved on (possibly because of the complete absence of the terrors the CHRONICLE predicted). Has anyone else noticed any of the dire predictions about Open Carry coming true? Has anyone even noticed very much Open Carry?

General Comments

I would like to give credit where credit is due. The team at the Liberty Pound work hard for our animals. They give their ALL. They deserve a big Thank You. We appreciate all you do for the fur babies. Thank you for saving many lives!! God Bless Y'all!

General Comments

Higher taxes to update city electric and higher taxes to update city sewer? Is there any way we could break out of having the same old people running this city (or their brother-in-law or his best friend)? We need betteroversight of longterm management of assets.

Need to stop buying those expensive family SUV's for the police department, stop blowing thousands of dollars on fireworks, stop building Taj Mahal buildings for city hall, fire, and police, before taxing us for the decades of neglect to water and sewer and electrical systems.

Raising taxes to fix the City infrastructure...building the "road to nowhere"...hiring outside contractors to do what the City should be doing all along... This is what living in Liberty is all about among other issues like punishing the homeless and impecunious by stealing their property for late taxes while Boomerang gets a nod and a look the other way on the same issue. You will never replace the City Council with new people unless you can get concerned individuals together to discuss the possibility of exposing the ones in control and replacing them. The one big problem is those in power here are all friends, their kids all dated one another, they all attend the same Xmas parties, and they inter-marry so the wheel keeps turning in their favor.

How many streets in Liberty could have been repaired or upgraded for the money spent on the road to nowhere? Disgraceful. Some of our city council has no common sense.

City of Liberty higher taxes? No way! This leadership will just put it on everyone's city bill...

All that money spent getting jet fuel and fixing up the airport could have helped fix the sewer and water problems in Liberty.

Liberty Taxes: If they are spending $18 million as reported and that "debt" is spread over every man, woman and child in this "City", that means that each and everyone of us is on the hook for about $2,222 per per. Insanity!!! They all need to be run out of town. There needs to be a complete regime change and management change.

General Comments

So many liquor stores taking over Liberty and Dayton. Since Liberty has a super Wal-Mart, it would be nice if Dayton, had a Target, like you could get groceries, clothing, animal food and stuff, electronics, household good as well. Wouldn't it be nice to have a bowling alley and a movie theater like Mont Belview.ouldn't it be nice to have an indoor flea market with any and everything certain days of the month/ Wouldn't be nice to have a nice BucKies in Dayton instead of Liberty or Mont Belvieu. The new theater, bowling alley and the latest Wal-Mart is on north Side of Baytown. Wouldn't be nice to have better motels/hotels like Baytown, look how many Liberty has. It is not just horrible to look at how many Liquor stores have come in taking up building in Liberty and Daytown. That is all you see, Liquor Stores so people can get drunk and drive and kill another. It is not a race to see what Dayton could have besides Liberty, or Mont Belvieu, or Atascocita. It is just it would be more accessible, create jobs and outweigh the Liquor stores and people would be putting money back in Dayton, instead of Liberty, Baytown or Atascocita. There is an overabundance of liquor stores, so one or more will prosper and the others will phase back. We have more convenient stores and gas station. Don't you want the people of Dayton to buy in Dayton. Why let Liberty and the other neighboring towns have our money. Liberty has better motel/hotels? They are all being used. Dayton had rather tear down houses and sell the land rather than giver a person a chance with what is already there to fix up? Just some ideas and questions? Oh, a Kroger or/and Aldi's would be great. Do you knolw that people go to Liberty for Tractor Supply and they could have had on liquor store like Specs. Instead of all these cheesy ones. It takes money to make money, but if you need clothes, you go to Liberty or Baytown or Humble for Ross, Kohls, and then Liberty played it smart and opened up several retail shops and even Palai Royal, and is it T.Z. Maxx. and also they let Payless close, so we have to go to Baytown or Atascosita, Liberty has opened many retail stores and all we get is gas stations an convenient stores one after another, some with food, but really folks? If you have to pay taxes an grumble about it all the time, at least create jobs for people and have this in our own town. Why buy in Liberty because it is in the same County? Look at Cleveland in Libert County, Burke's Outlet in Liberty is gone but it is in Cleveland for the ones who don't know. you want people to shop locally make Dayton to cath up with Cleveland and Liberty, no more liquor stores and convenient stores. Really?

General Comments

My question is when is the new Mexican restaurant going to open. They have had the same sign up saying coming soon for like 6 months? Starting to wonder if they ran out of $ or something

mexican restaurant still not open after 6 months,must be waiting to see who wins the white house,don't want to bring in a bunch of workers only to have them leave if donny boy gets in !

So if Trump wins, then the new Mexican restaurant that will soon open in Liberty will then have to shutdown because of it's employees being deported? How about becoming legal in the U.S. and then they won't have this fear of deportation. But don't worry because if that lying, deceitful, dishonest, selfish, arrogant, lesbian Hillary wins ; then she will bankrupt the new restaurant because she will make sure all the underprivileged (lazy-ass) , needy(lazy-ass) , welfare recipient (lazy-ass) eat there FREE.

People wondering about the new Mexican restaurant should read the minutes of the Liberty city council for the last several months. There seems to be something going on about tax abatement. Maybe this is keeping them from opening.

In reference to the opening of the Mexican restaurant , maybe we don't all have access to the City Council meeting minutes!!!!

Just so everyone knows, I-Dine publishes a list of items that will be discussed at city council meetings. And also reports on many discussed items at the meetings. Thanks, I-Dineout.

Liberty PD Fleet Accident

when traveling at night in a construction zone, if you don't know what is in the area of the road << STAY OFF the road no matter who you are ...OK ?

Some people are so stupid. Really? Telling a police officer not to go somewhere. That is there job and what happened to him could have happened to anyone. Wow...more of that ol "liberty county" mentality.

Chairman Daniel Sworn In

Ryan Daniels, Mr. Coleman brought you aboard and was willing to step aside as Chairman of a party that he has led to almost pure domination of the local political scene. Why would you join a bunch of Libertarians just weeks before your term in power in order directing the county convention from someone who has been so vital in your rise to chairing the party he has worked so hard to put on the map? I look forward to the end of your term and to ongoing revelations about the people who suckered you into your deception of Mr. Coleman, the man who put this party on the map.

Concerning Mr. Daniel swearing-in responder: A. Grammar and punctuation are still considered desirable. Learn them. B. Oh, Gayle, enough already.

Ken Coleman made the Republican Party the most respected and most active and most participated in party in this county after over forty years of bizarre people leading them to nothingness. Who is Ryan Daniel? The man that tried to sneak Keith Strayhan in as replacement to the much admired John Otto? The man that sat by and used the party to try to outlaw abortion without the Supreme Court? Who is this man - the beginning of the ressurrection of conservative Democrats rejoining moderates.

To the person wanting to know WHO Ryan Daniel is- Obiously you have not been around the Republican Party anytime in recent years. Ryan Daniel has been a precinct chair and active in the party for several years. You can see him and his wife at almost every event, convention, TVE booth, meeting , etc. for the past four or five years. Ken Coleman asked Ryan to run for the position of County Chairman. Reach out to him and get to know him. Or come to a local LCRP meeting. Like the party on Facebook. Learn something, anything about a person before making quick judgments and accusations.

To the person who wanted to know who Ryan Daniels is: You should know he blindsided Ken and helped to make the most important county chairman in the history of the county have a miserable end to his service. While we were tring to stop the infiltrating of some Libertarian group, he was meeting with thembehind Ken's back. Despicable.

Ken Coleman "the most important county chairman in this county's history"? Not even in the top ten.The top ten would ALL be Democrats. You are an idiot moron and should consider having "stupid" branded on your forehead if it isn't there already.

Responding to Feedback on Ryan Daniel. Someone called me and told me that I needed to see I-Dineout because I was being accused again of saying something or doing something that I did not do. Finally figured out how to find something on this site that I normally never go to. After reading the comment about myself, where it says enough Gayle, I'm sorry but I still don't understand what I was supposed to have said because believe me this is the first time I have ever responded to anything on this website and only about the 2nd time I have ever been on it. Whoever accused me of saying something needs to get their story straight--this is getting riduculous being accused of things I would never do or say. But I do want to thank those of you who stood up for the hard work Ken has done over the years as Chairman. He has worked very hard to build the Party up over the years from what it was when we became involved in the Party and hope it continues to be the conservative Republican Party that it has been. We will still be involved but not to the extent that we were before and our grandson's activities can now take First Place over LCRP time--something we have both missed out on the past few years. We wish the Party well; but now, it's our time to do the things we have postponed because of Party obligations.

The new people in charge of the Liberty County Republican Party are either illiterate or totally ignorant or both. They stood outside the polls and talked about how sick and tired they were of Ken Coleman and Mary Bivens helping elect Democrats. If you run for office in the Republican party you are a Republican. Their jobs were to elect people who ran on the Republican ticket. An earlier comment said it 100% correct, Ken and Mary are the best and most significant County Chairman and Vice Chairman in the history of the county. They discarded the hyper partisanship first and as they retire they battle a libertarian invasion of the party not Democrats. Jeff LeBlanc and Keith Strayhan are so far out of the mainstream they spend all of their time explaining themselves to Republicans. In two years people will be begging Ken to run again and fix what these people will break.

The proposition that ken Coleman was a great or good or even halfway effective chairman aside, Terri Bivens, not MARY, was one of his two vice chairmen. Your "history" is not historical and your facts are not factual, but let's at least get the names right so we can brag or complain about the correct people. From my point of view, Terri and Ken Coleman could have just as easily been leaders for the Democratic party. They were about wielding power and hobnosing with the big wigs who came through town. They were about tea and crumpets and "being somebody" in this community. The people trying to return the country to its Constitutional foundations and actually make things better are a mix of the RLC and some of the hardworking faithful GOPers and some young men and women who are sick and tired of the status quo Terri and Ken use to be "good standing members" of the community while they have held their fingers in the holes in the damn and try to stop active advocates for improving things. And that is all I have to say about the matter.

Regarding Comments About RYAN DANIEL; The only reason the Libertarians from the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) are on this page sticking up for Ryan Daniel is (a.) he is their puppet and (b.) these people must not have real jobs. I'm sure it was thought that because Ryan and Courtney Daniel had befriended The Coleman’s and had been asked to run for office by Ken Coleman and others in the party that Mr. Daniel’s loyalty would be "to the party". Instead, he takes the job, all along knowing he will be joining up with all the nut jobs from the RLC, stabbing the Coleman’s in the back. Mr. Daniel may wake up to find that the support of the silent majority, the same silent majority that united to keep the RLC's poster boy -- Keith Strahan out of office is needed. And that support may not be there. We won't stand quietly by and watch him run this party in the ground!! People are sick of seeing hard working people like Ken and Gayle, Terri Bivens and others slandered and lied about. The RLC and its hacks run a slew of Websites and Facebook pages which the Coleman's and Ms. Biven’s are regularly roasted on, along with many others associated with politics. It's shameful to read all the TRASH published. These sites are ran by RLC members currently holding positions within the Republican Party. Their agenda has nothing to do with building the Republican Party but to push the agenda of the RLC. The men and women of this group are all brave with their comments while sitting behind their computers, in the dark, at home. I can see them now ---- like little trolls. But, get them in a room full of the people they trash constantly and they say NOTHING! They coyly sit at party meetings and hold their little cell phone cameras up and video events so they are able to make fun of whoever their next victim is. These are the people influencing your new Chairman!! Nothing that these people post on their websites or on Facebook is about uniting the Republican Party. It's strictly about how they need to run the establishment out of town so they can have control to push their own agenda. Their only mission is to cause disruption in the party and cause confusion and division. Guess their plan worked and Mr. Daniel fell right into their hands. Good job Ryan!! Ken and Gayle have served this community well, and brought a sense of class to the party not seen in a long time --- they do not deserve what has been done to them. When I joined politics I thought I would be fighting to keep the Democrats out of office. I didn’t know that I’d be having to fight so hard within the actual party. Also, as one writer mentioned, I tried to go and look at the Website and Facebook page and there isn't one for the local party anymore. It says it is under construction. LOL! I thought for sure the Mr. Daniel would have had that up and running so his RLC buddies would have one more place to spew their lies. One thing is for certain, everyone now knows where Mr. Daniel's loyalty lies, and it's not with the party that he is the chairman of.

If following the rules and telling the truth mean anything to the self proclaimed protectors of "the party", former Republican Party Chairman Ken Coleman was proven to be lousy at both. A political party chairman is not a king. Puppet Coleman and his puppeteer Terri were experts at cramming things down people's throats. Their idea of democracy is whatever they decided in the absence of everyone else was the direction the party would go. All of the nonsense about "libertarians" in an environment and a time when 80% of the Republicans agree with most of what libertarians espose is an indication that namecalling and ramrodding were the modus operandi rather than political debate and democracy.The way the few RLC memebrs were treated by leadership caused sympathy rather than rejection. Colemen's lies and behavior were embarassing and knowing they were given a greenlight by Bivens didn't make it any better. the party is better in the hands of the people than these bobbleheaded wannabes.

Whoever wrote about the very loyal and admirable commitment by Ken Coleman and his wife to the local Republican Party - you are either out of touch and uninformed you have no idea what you are talking about or you are "in on it". Coleman pulled several moves at the end of his term that lacked integrity and were beneath reproach. He was willing to blow the party up that you say he has worked so hard to build rather than lose political power. Shameful. Please be quiet before you embarass yourself in your silly rebutals.

Have a cupcake and shut up,you are no longer the Queen Republican. Say something smart or become anonymous.

Interesting to read the thoughts about the local politiocal party that is in power here in Liberty County. Here is a thought for those analyzing motivations in leadership of a politiocal party: "When a political party is totally out of power, leadership either bides its time or pays the price to expose why change is necessary. When a political party is in total control, leadership either enjoys the high profile benefits of access to power or they pay the price to push for those things the party listed as the priorities they would work towards when a miniority and new priorites that are not necessarily popular." What are your leaders on this scale? What about past leaders?

The comment asking what our party leaders are like and asking about their motivations makes you think. The Archers loved the Democratic Party. They loved it and worked hard for it and even when their candidates started having no chance of winning they pushed for them way before becoming chairmen. Their motivations were clear. Coleman loved Ted Poe and being a buddy with a Congressman. When Coleman came to office there was almost no way a Democrat could win with the political climate the way it was in Liberty County. All Coleman had to be was a good host unless there was some issues important to him. Instead, he was manipulative and only wanted people to join the party that agreed with him on his favorite candidates. The two new chairmen seem to both be true believers, but time will tell in both parties.

Here is another thought about assessing leadership: when the story reduces to rambling assessments of the leader's character and motivations, the story has become stale, and so has their leadership.

OUCH! I don't necessarliy agree but I don't read any "rambling" when one comment expresses opinion about the motivations of the Archers and Coleman. The response makes me reconsider that the opinion may have some validity. "Rambling"? What a rebuttal! Sounds like an Archer hater or a Coleman fan.

I tell you what ramling looks like. The lady that tries to force Chairman Colemen to bend to her will at the controversial Republican meeting was rambling. She was all over the place. Finally she ran out of anything to say and Coleman restored order and, for anyone listening, embarrassed the nutwigs who tried to take over the party.

I am happy for Ken. I am also happy for Terri! They both have served their time as chairman and as John Otto's secretary and they deserve to get to retire and get out of the heat of politics. If I were either of them, I would spend my time trying to win yard of the year and let the new workers work in the political garden.

Lets get everything straight. The group of libertarians known as the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC), the same group that brought the ugliest and nastiest campaign in recent history to Liberty County via Keith Strahan's (their founder) failed candidacy *AND* the same group who hijacked this year's Liberty County GOP Convention, wants us to believe: A) their group of libertarians are conservative and B) their group of libertarians are Republicans and C) the Liberty County Republican Party under Ryan Daniel's chairmanship will be awesome. Did I miss anything? Despite the fact Liberty County Republicans TWICE rejected RLC founder Keith Strahan (once in the primary and once in the run-off) we are to believe Republicans agree with 80% of the libertarian group's views? Seems like a little too much weed is being smoked.

Karnak The Great's answer: Why Hillary will win. The question: have you read the extended thread about the condition of the Liberty County Republicans?

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With the most recent slaughter of Americans in Florida social media is posting sound bytes up one side down another on the issue. The story is the same over and over again, some man who lives in unrestrained fury and rage toward a group of people who's lifestyle he can't abide by, in some perverted application of religious fervor decides to purchase a weapon and kill as many of these people as he can, and on social media there are people who still think that ownership of these weapons of mass destruction are more important than human life.

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i have a cargo container to be shipped drove all over liberty and the county and still can not find the port.and the taxpayers really pay people to be on the port board ?

According to their website, this is the board of the Chambers-Liberty Navigation District. Chair - Terry Haltom Vice Chair - Allen Herrington Secretary - Ken Coleman Member - Ken Mitchell Member - Dave Wilcox It has been suggested in this forum that these board members receive salaries. Is this true?

If the board of the Chambers-Liberty Navigation District are considering paying themselves salaries, I suggest we pay them what the market for another taxpayer funded bureaucracy will bear. One dollar a year. If that is not enough, they should resign and others will take their place for even less than the new suggested one dollar a year. It is called volunteerism.

Unelected power on boards can expose a community to great injustices. This navigation board, like the appraissal board, should not give power to individuals for long periods of time. Boards should be forced to have turnover and the turnover should not include other family members. Board memebrs politicking for pay are overrating their service and they are helping people who believe like I do if they force this issue because it will give us an excuse to demand changes.

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Watching CNN last night and the political panel discussing Trump and his antics was hard to keep a serious demeanor listening to Trump's defender trying to explain what Trump really means when he makes such obviously racist statements. The fact this bozo is the GOP nominee for Prez is ludicrous! And what's more bizarre is that he was able to seduce so many people to support him! His supporters have to be the most stupid group of people in the world. They have nothing of substance in their heads but what currently is in their refrigerators. This is what happens when you give your self a steady diet of bigotry and football and gun worship. Morons supporting a moron.



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