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General Comments

Will someone please explain why the clinic that was built for county employees & their families is now closed down. And why they never brought in a Dr. as they said they were. I am so tired of this "Good Old Boy" crap that is going on in Liberty County. I feel an independant auditor needs to be brought in ( not some ones buddy) andan audit needs to be done of ALL the money that Liberty County brings in from from everywhere. It is not only affecting the Sheriff department or the Jail. It is affecting all the Liberty County workers. but it also affecting EVERYONE OF US who live in this county. ie: roads, schools, or just increasing jobs. Because who wants to open up a business and contribute taxes to this county. Do the audit... where we can all see where the money is being spent .Maybe even form a citizen review board(again not people affiliated with anyone)that may be able to contribute some thoughts and ideas.

Liberty Deputy Narrowly Misses Being Shot

Re: Liberty Deputy Narrowly Misses Being Shot... I've called the SO before about people shooting erratically into the woods off the pipeline behind my property several times. I was told that "maybe I should call the game warden." This gets a full blown investigation and other peoples lives and property not to mention livestock gets pushed off to another department! Great double standard.

So you think there's a double standard in the Sheriff's Office investigating the shootings? Let's see... your shooting involved someone "erratically" shooting in the woods. The other shooting involved a deputy being directly shot at, with bullets hitting his car. Your shooting involves someone being reckless, out in the woods, where a game warden probably would have a better chance of catching them. The other shooting happened in the city, with the real possibility of attempted capital murder. YEAH. Real double standard there. To top it off, it says Cleveland PD is investigating it because it happened in their city.

Deputies on Food Stamps Increases

Deputies on food stamps my A$$... First of all as a Liberty County Deputy myself, I have applied for a Lone Star Card to see if it’s true, and was DENIED. The Commissioners want to give us a raise but cannot because there is no extra money. Now quit all your crying and either suck it up or go somewhere else. We have take home cars that you idiots keep forgetting about. We get to use them on our extra jobs and do not report that as income. Now with that said all you new guys and gals, Quit talking one hit wonder Ken into calling the NEWS for you so you can cry on TV. Nothing but Rader new hires.

It is disingenuous to talk about take home pay for the sheriff's deputies. A lot of folks have taxes, insurance, retirement, and other deductions. Some of those vary by employers, some are fixed by law. How much do first year teachers make? I haven't heard of any of them getting the Lone Star card. How does this information about deputies on the Lone Star card come out? I don't recall it being an issue in prior years. I guess it has a lot to do with it being budget time.

What Sheriff Rader and Ken Defour did was so unprofessional that I cant believe I actually voted for Rader. We all know Sheriff Rader that our officers need a raise, but so does the rest of the employees in this county. Your actions and unprofessional conduct does Liberty Co. and your Officers no good. Do us a favor Sheriff Rader, do the rest of your term (if you can)and GET OUT OF DODGE! You can rest assured I WONT be supporting you again.

General Comments

I followed our last political race with careful thoughts and observations. It seems that our newly elected Commissioner Wilson was on to something as to the cost of the jail and the amount we tax payers were putting out. The man made sound reasonable sense in his thoughts about how to save us money. I now believe I made the best choice.

General Comments

I feel very secure now that I read about John Otto visiting the Tex-Mex border, our version of the Berlin Wall. Hope he marches with the "open carry" followers this Saturday - they appear to all be on the same page.

General Comments

Can someone please tell me why Veta Oreily is taking Advanced Crime Scene class? Veta is a civilian employee at LCSO. Veta is not a Peace Officer. What a waste of payroll Bobby Rader. If you want to make your department better then send your deputy’s to training...

Well this doesn't surprise me about Rader. At the time of the elections he was the lesser of the evils. Lets move forward and prepare to help our Officers the next election and it wont be Rader.

Rader was a good man when he was a JP. He backed his word during this time. Since he has taken office, he is a different person, and it's NOT for the better. Rader as a sheriff is not an honest man. He has hired people not worth a dang to work for him. I personally know a few people that would benefit the department if he would hire them but he lets the captain etc hire their own. Rader will not get my vote next election nor several other votes from talking to people. He was a good JP only.

Today, Houston Channel 13, with reporter Pooja Lodhia, reporting on a few Deputies (6), that can draw food stamps, but did not say, they were drawing them. Bobbie Rader is behind this and after he is buying dually pick-ups to work traffic on Hwy 59, the gasoline cost are tremendous. Last I heard Auditor Harold Seay has not received an accounting of the 70% of the drug money, used by the discretion of the Sheriff of Liberty County. So instead of buying dually's to work traffic and Tahoe‘s as county vehicles. With all this money available to Bobby Rader, why has he not added to the Deputy's pay? If Tim Niemeyer is spending $7000 a year to go back and forth home and the taxpayers are paying, why is some money not going to the "poor" Deputies? How do these Deputies, go out to eat each day, at a minimum of $5. I cannot eat out 15 times a month. They work about 14/15 days a month at a cost of about $75 a month for lunch, while I have a Vienna sausage sandwich. This is just a ruse, by the sheriff, being called the worst in modern time, to the Budget that is being worked on now. We have to defeat Bobby Rader, in 2016; he needs to go back to selling insurance, with his personal assistant, vita o'reilly. Is it a rumor that Rader is sending her to classes for Peace Officers and she is not one of those?... Bobby Rader has "Hen House Ways" and will continue to be all about politics and little about law enforcement, with only 7 years of experience,

On "Sheriff's Deputies on Food Stamps": It should be noted that there are not as many "second jobs" as you might think. Most deputies don't have an Extra Job (or EJ). Most of those that do work EJs don't have a fully scheduled EJ... in other words; they get to work when they get to work. Seniority holds sway over the EJs... if one deputy holds nearly every day available working a security gig while a deputy under him has nothing, the wealth doesn't get spread unless that senior deputy wants to give up some of his days. You should also realize that it's not just the Sheriff's office that is being left in the dark ages as far as salaries and step progression. The Liberty County Jail is also stuck at the original "hiring wages" from five or six years ago. Jailers haven't received a raise since CCA (two or three companies ago?) lost their contract. Judging by every other county jail in our area (check Chambers, Montgomery, Polk, etc.), our senior jailers should be earning over $12 per hour... where as they currently earn their starting pay from five years ago; $10.5 per hour. Like the Sheriff's office, this means that it doesn't matter when a jailer was hired... they all earn the same. They've also got some of the lowest paying rank positions (again, like the Sheriff's Office) of any jail in Texas. This comes down to a few issues, but the underlying cause to most problems is going to be the county commissioners' unwillingness to improve the living wage for some of the county employees. The jail is a corporate entity that pulls their wages from the budget they've been allowed due to the contract they've signed. The CCs are also hard pressed to consider that the jailers may be working for a company... but they are still citizens of their county (for the most part). The Deputies are under paid, under staffed, and often end up having to go elsewhere when they want to start earning a living wage. The Liberty County Sheriff's Office and the Liberty County Jail are mired down in an ongoing argument on what their services are worth to the county... apparently, the county seems to think that they aren't worth very much at all.

The Sheriff and Veta keeps all of them fed with the drug money. Remember the fish fry for Bobby and Veta after the last training?

That dually truck that Sheriff Rader purchased? It's puropose is for the deputy that has to tow a trailer for livestock estrays. So yeah, you might see him on a traffic stop on occasion. But its real purpose is for trailering animals that the animal's owners can't seem to keep pinned up. It's a much better vehicle for towing trailers than a standard police Crown Victoria. As for the Tahoes now used for patrol deputies, if you get out into the county and see some of the roads and terrain that the deputies have to navigate, you'd see that the Tahoes are what's required. Pretty much standard issue in rural counties across the U.S. these days. the bigger question would seem to be why do Liberty PD and Dayton PD need SUV's?

The person writing in saying the pick-up dually is for livestock and occasionally it may make a traffic stop. The person writing this is a underling of Rader, and lying. Go out on Liberty County's small piece of Hwy 59 and you will see the Pickup Dually sitting working traffic. It is not sitting there waiting on a bull or cow, to walk by, so they can put it into a trailer, oh yeah, no trailer attached! Also, see the gas pedal down spinning those dually wheels after a vehicle, to pull over. So, the person, that is writing this for Rader, is lying or they are working Hwy 59, for loose cattle, while they go get the trailer. Maybe Vita, is pulling a trailer, to bring to the dually, working cow traffic on Highway 59. What a joke!!

Comments on Vida this lady is a good person and a lot of what she does at the sheriff's office is on her time and with her own personal money! As for our Sheriff shame on you for keeping people like Crystal Pierce on the payroll she is not what our county needs. It is my understanding that she accused her own son in law of drugging and sexual assault... The charges were no billed by the grand jury for lack of evidence! Who gets away with things like this? Absolutely not what our county needs! It was also brought to my attention that Captain Pierce's daughter has been arrested approximately 2x for theft and once on drug related charges but still is allowed free reign to the Sheriff's office. I question our Sheriff's judgment why would he keep such people in the department? I will not vote for Bobby Rader again!

General Comments

What's the story with the horseshoe lanscaping design put at the west end of Martin Luther and Hwy. 90? Go Broncos!!

General Comments

By my calcualtion it is costing taxpayersa minimum of $5,000 a day to continue to delay either putting the jail back under the county sheriff or sending prisoners to Polk county. What are we waiting for? Is $5,000 a day chump change to these commissioners? It would be nice if Sheriff Rader ledthe charge , but in his indecision we are straining the county coffers. It would be nice if Liberty Commissioner McCartney was satisfied that he looks enough like a thoughtful protector of the people that we could now stop the money from bleeding out of the county's treasury, but we can't afford this kind of game playing. $5,000 a day! Some more one term commissioners are going to hear that if they delay any longer. They will hear it when they run for re-election. It will be clear by then to taxpayers that every week they delayed was $35,000 wasted. Every month was $150,000 wasted. Etc.

Privatization of jail issue: To the poster who says we are losing 5 grand a day because we haven't taken the jail back under county control, exactly what are your calculations? You sound like one of the district judges who has an old buddy needing a job as the county jail administrator. Maybe the sheriff hasn't signed off on the push to take the jail back by courthouse officials who don't know what they're talking about because it doesn't look like we will save money. Figure in insurance, attorney's fees for the lawsuits, utilities, increased personnel costs, food for the inmates and the prep thereof, etc., and show us how it will save money and I'll be behind you 100%. But until you do that, you have no credibility. Put up or shut up.

I have no idea wompre that to the figures in here the individual claiming a $5000 a day savings by changing what Liberty County is doing now. But that sounds about right. Polk County says they will charge us $45 a day per prisoner and that includes medical. Compare that to the current contract and unless you just want to cause confusion you can see a savings in that range. But if Polk County can do it for $45, why can't Liberty County? I am tired of lame excuses. take the deal with Polk county now and save taxpayers big bucks as we continue to consider doing it ourselves. The constant vague accusations aimed at our judges are factless. The judges have not, and will not,suggest a warden for Liberty County to hire.

Someone wants to house our inmates in Polk County??? The last time I looked, Livingston is a 100 mile round trip from Liberty. Are we going to put the inmates on a bus and hope they make the trip to and from the courthouse??? People, use your heads! That's a real wacky idea. Maybe we should take the jail back. But no one wants to figure out the TOTAL costs. Until then, I remain much unconvinced.

What an idiot! The tarnfer cost to Livingston is easy to calculate and Liberty County, as any one should know, will save money. The formula for calculating savings is simple. I am beginning to believe the commissioenrs are holding for a deal. The taxpayers need action NOW!

General Comments

i will declare my republican affliation when they get out of making decisions about who marries who and who decides to stop their pregnancy. i believe that will be sooner rather than later. then we can work as a party on the economy and world peace.

General Comments

There seems to be a disagreement about how to overcome your fears when in WalMart. Some feel a need to carry a gun. As for me, I just leave my wife at home. Both fears are related to someone emptying the wallet and someone getting hurt trying to prevent it.

General Comments

Some people seem to think education, science & the internet are the cure..... but they need to spend some time talking to young college graduates these days. Many are so busy telling you they are a genius that the conversation begins and ends with their bragging.But the fact is today's "educational standards" aren't even 1/5th of that in the 1950's.... And today's "science" is only to make profits for shareholders or to promote a naive political agenda through funding. And the internet has produced wikigeniuses in such abundance! .. but when the site goes down they can only drool. The sickness is "common sense & intelligence" and I am afraid the exceptions are the young that have it. They have brought selfishness to a new level and they break their arms patting themselves on the back in between playing video games and telling the rest of us how wrong we are.

I had to laugh at the description of colege graduates these days. the description is too accurate. My poor brother has a 28 and a 30 year old and they still know "everything". What they really know is the video game world..... not much else. What they pretend to have depth of knowledge about is wikisearches filling their wikiknotheads full of wikinonsense. Poor parents are waiting until these two start becoming unselfish and get away fromtheir "special knowledge" and join reality not the dream world of "if I were in charge" craziness.

To the recent poster who wrote about the young and their limitations brought about by lack luster education BRAVO! I wish I had posted that! I agree with you, todays young people are so self indulgent it is almost diagnosable. Their conversations begin and end with "Me, I, us", they know nothing of substance because they don't read, their only daily duty is to see how many profile pictures they can change in a twenty four hour period on Facebook. Yes poster you did a great observation, and the real spooky thing is they are going to run this country one day.

General Comments

I see you are posting articles where is the money going something that the commissioners have not voted on was to hire an outside law firm to protect several former liberty county employees from a law suite which is filed why is the county paying to protect them why is some out side working on the case instead of the lawyer that draw county pay and when they loose who will pay the complainant off it will be the county some more questions need to be asked

Narcotics Arrest From Traffic Stop

How long will people keep being blind. The driver that was released was none other than long time veteran officer brady hopkins. Still serving liberty county. I'll expose the rest of their eorkers shortly.

Frank went to jail. Driver released. Imagine that. Was the driver officer brady hopkins

The driver that was released on the narcotics traffic stop was not Brady Hopkins. His initials were R.M. And he was released because he didn't have anything on him. I don't know who Brady Hopkins is, but he isn't a law officer in these parts for at least 20 years. Was he part of the Ames Police Department that went under over 20 years ago?

Open Carry to Conduct Walk in Liberty

The upcoming OCT march in my opinion has got to be the most stupid thing to be publicly performed ever. The local chapter says it's to "demonstrate their Second Amendment rights to own weapons", these people are only being seduced by the right wing nuts who have been spewing misinformation about the government limiting the right to bear arms. There hasn't been one incident, not one, not even a smidgen of fact to back that up. These people have chosen to believe rumor as fact, lie as truth in order to promote an obsession with guns. In this country the number of people who have been killed and maimed with firearms is scandalous and these bozos are promoting gun ownership above and beyond reason. The trite saying "a mind is a terrible thing to waste' can now be the epitome of the local OCT. This crazy gun worshipping culture that this local chapter is helping to cultivate is nothing more than a group of slow witted individuals who think they are the holy remnant of the true USA. Too many people have been harmed with guns. Too many innocent children have been killed with guns. This is just another example of redkneckatiion , and here in South East Texas Liberty County, a nest of this kind of bubba larvae is parading around town to show off it's ignorance. This kind of understanding of the Second Amendment is only a perversion and not the original intent, but what can you expect from Limbaugh lovers, and Fox News watchers?

Talk about misinformation and having your head in the sand. The previous contributor is the one who should do some REAL checking of the facts.

Unfortunately, some in government continue to use the idea that they are doing the public a service while they continue to add more and more laws and regulations restricting freedom and liberty. Perhaps equally unfortunate is the response by some, is their focus on the idea that less restrictions on guns will ultimately be the where they will defend this growing infringement. Current gun laws are reasonable to a majority of voters, but a push to cut existing restrictions, according to pols, will likely turn voters sympathies. Reasonable activists would serve their interest better by picking other areas where government is seeking control and directly focusing on limiting intrusion there. The fringe activists like libertarians have successfully snowballed legalization of drugs by doing just that.

Nine mile ranch. If you are worried about speeders drunks trash and the crime rate ....then why in the heck are you talking about life guards water test and public notification....seams to me you just want to complain

I don't know what to think about Open Carry Texas.. While you will find no one who supports the 2nd ammendment more than me, it seems to result in a negative public opinion as evidenced by several national businesses asking that even the concealed license holders stay out. I just believe that concealed carry is the only option for me and the wife. While it is still well within the law for me to mount a shotgun in the back window of my truck, it's only asking for problems.

I know someone must be kidding. the open carry protest is not about carrying rifles in WalMart. It is about the right to bear arms and protect yourself wherever you go. if a criminal knows no one has a gun, they will go there first.

It's all an act to get people to react with shock that these evil businesses won't allow you to walk in like you're in a third world country with a weapon slung over your back. This kind of activity is just what the liberal agenda is looking for right now. They want gun owners to make fools out of themselves much like they are doing with these publicity stunts! Keep going and you'll do more harm to the 2nd amendment than good. As a gun owner I am ashamed at the actions of these "other" gun owners!

I would consider anyone carrying a weapon armed and dangerous. I have no idea if you have a license to carry or not. I have no idea if you are sane or not. I have no idea what your intentions are and consider you hostile. You are a threat to society.  Your right to bear arms does not trump my right to pursue happiness and live my life peacefully in my community.  People walking down the street or going in stores with guns do exactly that. I will not shop nor frequent any place that allows people carrying guns. If the Brookshire parking lot is no longer safe, I will not buy groceries from them ever again. You are all nuts as far as I am concerned. This is not about protecting yourself; it’s about idiots showing off.

General Comments


General Comments

What is happening on Grand St.? The road is in horrible condition. It took almost a month to repair a huge hole in the middle of the street. Interesting that Liberty thinks we need a new street and has the funding for it but can't repair simple potholes. I grew up on this street and it is just horrible at the condition of the houses and yards. Recently there was a small house for sale on Grand. Someone bought it and has completely trashed the house in about a month. Atleast 5 huge dogs are cramped in a small fenced area in the back yard of this house. It's an eyesore for the neighbors. Refrigerators and appliances are beginning to fill the yard. It looks as if the guy throws his household trash in the front yard. Is there no laws that can make a person keep their yard clean? Does Liberty not care about it's residents? Why do we all have to suffer? As far as calling the cops they are already over there enough. It's disgusting. Not proud to call Liberty home.

General Comments

I'm the father of Braiden Mainor the boy that was killed by billy shane jordan on October 14th last year.i wondering how long it takes for justice to be served? It's been over nine months. I realize I will never have my boy back... Im trying to keep faith in our judicial system but its very hard to do so now after so long, without anything being done... Really wish the Dps and the county would hurry up so I can move forward with my life. My boy was our world he will never be forgotten.

General Comments

Why would someone order up the tree trimming at the old Walmart? They look horrible. The old building looks bad enough and now the trees are raped! Pathetic. What a waste of someone's money...probably mine, the taxpayer.

General Comments

I see Coach T is grooming the gridiron for his second season as the man in charge of the Liberty Panthers. We're fired up coach. We're behind you and the team all the way. so glad you are here and can't wait to see the band, the cheerleaders, and the team this year. Go big L!

Texas Prepaid Tuition Program Enrollment Deadline Approaches

I highly recommend the Texas Prepaid college fund if you can afford it. My husband and I did the Texas Tomorrow fund when it first came out. We saved a lot of money by doing this. Tutition went up drastically from the time we purchased to when our child actually went to college. It allowed us to concentrate on living expenses while our child was in college.

Burglary of Pct. 4 County Barn

"NOT POLITICAL FEEDBACK!!" Notice: PCT. 4 County Barn Thieves, January 1, 2015, Leon Wilson a long time Liberty County Lawman & still hold his license and will when over that barn and equipment. Check with some Liberty County Thieves he is like a Blue Tick Hound. He will be on top of you when you turn around he will be looking square into your eyes. He hates thieves and dopers. Ask some ole time thieves and dopers from Liberty County their opinions of Wilson's abilities. Mr. Brown hope the Liberty County Sheriff solves this and PCT 4 gets their (our) equipment back soon!!

I lived in that area for 18 years moved last year because all the stealing my atvs and such the cops said there is not enough cops to patrol those areas so I moved ..if the area was patrolled frequently they would be nervous about the cops patrolling...

Theft at county barn? If this cop is so bad ass... Like a blue tick hound! Lol why we got so many thieves and dope heads? Also why isn't he a detective? Hell I could drive around this county any given day and see dopers and dope deals being done.

Drowning at Nine Mile Ranch Water Park

Nine Mile Ranch Water Park? Is this the infamous resort the DCDC or ACDC or whatever it's called financed?

I have 3 questions about this waterpark. #1 Since this is a public swimming hole with paid admission how come there is not a life guard on duty. # 2 & 3 Is the water quality tested and if so are the results published to the community?

NINE MILE RANCH To the poster commenting about life guards and water quality...why dont you take your Obama votin self back to the city!. Its country jest cant understand. You like city laws and city control and city regs...go back tothe pavement. Dont tread where the cow shit lays. Its that dang simple. Dont like it dont go. Build your own your way. NINE MILE RANCH CARRY ON....YOU ROCK

Re: 9 mile ranch. To the poster berating me for asking 3 questions about the waterpark - You are right it IS a country thing. The people who live out there, do so because they like the country kind of living. Not the kind of living and atmosphere where they have loud music pounding through the neighborhood all weekend. And not where they have drunks coming out of the park and speeding through the neighborhood and throwing their trash all along the road! Not to mention that the crime rate and stealing jumped up when the park opened!

Nine mile ranch. If you are worried about speeders drunks trash and the crime rate ....then why in the heck are you talking about life guards water test and public notification....seams to me you just want to complain

I just saw the post about the nine mile ranch defender, I never thought a person who had English as a native tongue could actually write in broken English! This Einstein is actually defending country life over and above human safety! The poster is trying to say that "country thang" is something to be proud of, let's see what country living contains: alcoholism, domestic violence, under educated, mullet wearing, toothless grins, hog hunting racists, cousin fornicating, dog breeding mouth breathers. Yep a "country thang" indeed, once you go over the tracks and turn right toward Kenefick you can actually hear the banjos tuning up.

LCSO Drug Interdiction Team

What, Omg! Tim Niemeyer did this AND is working for the S.O. now. Way to lead by example there Niemeyer. I'm not sure I feel comfortable with the lunatic walking around with a gun.

This "transfer"of money from drug seizures has been going long before Rader and Pickett. We were warned about it under Arthur, under Patterson, and yes of course under Mike Little. No accountability! Rader is probabkly more trustworthy than all opf these other clowns, but he still should account for every dime whether he has to or not.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.” - Walter Scott The Insurance salesman, turned Sheriff, has the "Beaver Cleaver" charm, when in reality he is "Larry Haskell", when not around June and Ward Cleaver. Rader seems to be very good at it and very convincing or diabolical, according to who you are and what he wants from you. My old Grand Pappy would call him, "a snake in the grass". It is going to be quiet a match, when January rolls around and 3 of 5 on the Commissioner's Court, of Liberty County, will change. Will Beaver Cleaver show up, because 2 of the 3 are life long Law Men and one has run the LCSO for 8 years? Rader has been dreading this day, since, election was announced and results announced. I bet he even kicked his dog that night, but was very noticeable not being at Republican Headquarters, when results announced, that night. I wonder if the new folks on the court, will allow, Sgt. Tim, now we find out was a gang banger at Liberty High School and a “Dirty Cop“ at Pearland PD, pay that huge gasoline bill, every month, to commute on our dime everyday (over 100 miles, in a gas guzzling Tahoe). Also, he did something so dastardly at Pearland PD, he just quit and a "do not rehire" was posted on his head, at Pearland. Now Mr. Youngblood has cleared one lie, that Sheriff Haskell as told about background on Sgt. Tim. A crook is a crook and one day, might bring down maybe our Sheriff, and unless he has to “fire” his prized, Sgt. to save his own neck. See Rader, is no dummy, he has this scheme going to dupe Commissioner's Court/Citizens, hollering "Need More Gas" $18,000. Actually, it is about $7,000 to fuel Sgt. Tim's Tahoe, just for his ride to and from home each day of work, for a year. In a drug infested County, why is our neighborhoods cleaned up and not just Highway 59/69? The Insurance Salesman/Sheriff is one cunning linguist, using several languages, according to your ability to do something for him, when he needs it. What happened to that mild mannered JP, we elected. Can, we not find a truthful/knowledgeable replacement, for the next Sheriff’s race or do we keep the “Snake in the Grass”, we have elected.

LCSO Drug Interdiction Story- that's good work I-dineout uncovering the misconduct of the sheriff's office and the DA's office. You have proven that the links between the two money pits run deep. The corruption runs deep. What's are the Picketts 'not' running in Liberty County.

Bobby Rader will not get my vote again! There are plenty of good law enforcement officers he could hire to work for him BUT..he hires people like Niemeyer and a few more who think they're unstoppable. ...what a joke! Wake up and hire some good Deputy's Sheriff!

Former District attorney Mike Little peeled back afew thousand here and there out of that drug money to keep different law enforcemnet groups towing the company line. Here in Cleveland thepolice department was like a lap dog for Little. This money should have been accounted for under Little and now under Pickett. I don't care if Rader is the most wonderful person on earth - money corrupts good men. Make them account for the drug money to the penny.

My question is why is Allen Youngblood, the testiest personality to take on the Sheriff of Liberty County, through the open records act. Using the open records act, makes the story believable, because even "you" can use it to find out, the same information, for yourself. Who do you know that has a picture of Sgt. Timmy, when he was arrested at age 17, with Constable Belt, talking very directly to the young punk. I have done many strange things at age 17, but never loaded up with weapons to take on another High School. Why, because I wanted to be a Police Officer, one day and never wanted to soil myself, for that venture. Sheriff Bobby, hire him straight from, working for Constable Pafford. Constable Pafford was actually fired by Constable Belt and the LCSO, so if Constable Pafford gave you as a reference, how credible could that actually be to Sheriff Bobby. It is second hand information, that Sgt., Timmy was actually told to the Sheriff, not to hire, but the 7 year DPS Officer, did anyway! I guess it is easy to recognize that our New DA, Logan Pickett, gave his classmate the thumbs up to the Sheriff. The first time Sgt. Timmy, hands Logan Pickett a bad case, maybe he will look at it and wish he never gave that thumbs up to Rader. That will be when the proverbial Crap, will hit the fan. Sheriff Bobby, you were duped and $7,000, of $18,000 for more gas, is for the 100+ miles he drives, his Tahoe home to Pearland. Thank goodness that Mr. Allen Youngblood has the testes, to stand up to our new Sheriff that speaks from two sides of his mouth. Thanks Mr. Youngblood, for telling it like it is, for all that fear this fellow.

A year and a half into office and we are already having to deal with problems with this new Sheriff. Yeap, a one termer!

General Comments

Recently I tried to have a peaceful protest in Moss Hill, TX. which is my right as an American citizen. I flew my flag upside down which is a Signal of Dire Distress. It represents that you see your country is in Crisis and Constitutional distress. However what I did not realize was how many people did not know this and took it as a sign of disrespect. It was never my intention to disrespect anyone, I only wanted to bring attention to the crisis we have on our Texas border at the present. I love my country and the troops representing us, I respect the flag under which so many have died for. I am asking you, no matter what your political belief is, to please print this in order to educate the citizens of what flying the flag upside down means. I would be so grateful, I am willing to have people to disagree with me on the stand I am taking to secure our borders. I don't mind the shouting some are doing as they pass me, but I do not want my fellow citizens to think I do not love the flag or my country. Many thanks, I've never been one to sit on the sidelines when issues that can change our country and well being are happening all around us. Sincerely: Patsy Lucas

To the hyper patriot poster who flew his flag upside down to draw attention to his take on the country's crisis...quit watching Fox News, and get a grip on reality. I wonder did you fly your flag upside down when Wall Street gutted the economy? When we went to war in Iraq based on lies? When the Bush administration dragged it's heals on helping people in New Orleans after Katrina? I bet not. Your actions are based on your personal bigotry and nothing less, not some high minded concern about the Nation.

Aggravated Kidnapping at Walgreens

I am the mother of this to boy his name is LARRY DAVID BISSELL Jr. Not just Larry bissell as he shares the same name is as his n. ame father please correct this and I would like to express myself my sonshould not just have done this to thi girl and I am very disappointed in his actions my heart truly goe

General Comments

The county is out of money and Sheriff Rader is buying SUV's and his men are running them to private gigs and back and forth long distance to the house. No one can tell me why Rader is not willing to save the county money by taking the jail back, but he better push for it because any politician pushing for a tax increasem\ in this environment will get his walking papers.

When the sheriff of a county is out of money and understaffed, common sense says the teaxpayer will pay more taxes to protect their homes and their children. Judge McNair has no common sense.

Theft at Wal-Mart

Ahhh...he was just hot and needed a shave. Oh well, now he can "chill" out at the jail and use one of those cheap, generic Bic razors they pass out for free. Ha Ha another Wal Mart Mystery Shopper Flunkie no longer on the loose. Way to go Liberty PD. Keep up the good work!

General Comments

Have you ever noticed that the police dept. is always asking us for help . They need help solving a case or they need more gas money , or they need new cars !! Isn't it there job and duty to help us ? The only way the cops and detectives in this county can make a arrest is if the see them doing it . Let's face it , our detectives suck just as bad as our crooked judges !!

Aggravated Kidnapping at Walgreens

Thank God this young lady was of sound mind and was able to end this situation the way she did. I'm willing to bet he wasn't only looking for a ride... I'm also sure his parents are damn glad he didn't pick on a young lady with a CHL, as they would be planning a funeral while saving the taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars.

LCSO Out of Fuel

WHAT? LCSO is out of gas? Oh well don't worry folks they got plenty of plastic explosives right? Bobby Rader how much gas did you burn going to pick up those plastic explosives anyway? Shoot you musta drove all the way to Timbucktoo if you used up all the gas. Don't you think you shoulda checked the county gas tank before you went to burning money on plastic explosives? Folks I'm thinking we might have to put this one out just like we did McNair. Yep another one term wonder.

Bobby Rader is out of gas........hahahahahahaha!

We had to really consider who to vote for in the last election for Sheriff. It came down to Rader and I feel that was a big mistake.

Our inexperienced Sheriff (aka Insurance Salesman), proves he can keep numbers, but basically cannot be the Sheriff of Liberty County. He has shown, he is not much better than Henry Patterson, and Sheriff Greg Arthur, was the last thing we has that deserves the title. Let's check the crime rate and the rate of felons reaching the State Prison, by the Detective Division of the Sheriff's Dept. in Liberty County. We need a lawman, not an Insurance Salesman, working on a County Retirement. Many citizens think because he is a polished salesman and likeable, he is a Sheriff, but believe me, he is not. He relies on Ken DeFoor, who is bumping 80 years old, and worked under last 3 Sheriff's, staying one year, only one time. Don Neyland is also looking for a county retirement and Insurance, and is not a leader but just making each day, looking to leave. Rader, has made many mistakes the citizens, do not know about, because they have no Law Enforcement experience. We need to look for a person, that has experience (more than Rader's 7 years) in the field and a good manager of LCSO, budget money. He confiscated $200,000 plus, which the Sheriff got $140,000+, if not thrown away, would have paid the $80,000 for gas, but no he pissed it away. Do Not Vote, Bobby Rader, in 2016, let's go out to try find Man/Women, with Law Enforcement Experience and Fiscal Responsibility of the LSO. My Dad used to say, never trust a man, with a grin, on his face all the time, he is one mean SOB!

How did the LCSO run out of fuel, guess back to the 90's , we ran out of gas, bring your on tp, take calls , and say we can't respond to the call. Set in the office explain that one. Maybe all the gas they use could be on less vehicles. How much does it cost to fill up all the big suv's they drive

A lot of the fuel problem within the county could be solved by turning a vehicle off while they're not in the car as well. Too many times I have seen an unoccupied police vehicle left running and the officer nowhere to be found! Either in eating, or visiting, or just standing around. It happens in Liberty County all the time! Not just the SO, but Local PD's and I've even watched Cleveland ISD do it as well.

I read the article about the fuel for Liberty County this morning and honestly did not pay a lot of attention to it. Today at lunch we went to Taco Bell in Liberty for lunch. A few minutes after we arrived, two officers in uniform from Liberty County came in to eat their lunch. Around 30 minutes later we got up to leave and the officers were still sitting in Taco Bell. While walking out to our vehicle, we noticed that the SUV marked with Liberty County Sheriff's Office, License Plate # 114 0831 sitting in the parking lot was still running, therefore using fuel. I thought the Sheriffs Office was complaining that they had run out of money for fuel? I wonder how much fuel has been wasted in this manner??

Fuel at LCSO….. Allen I love reading your feedback report because we are able to read what the public thinks about the Sheriff and his staff. The car at Taco Bell was great. I’m glad that people are paying attention and taking notes on these deputies goofing off our money. I bet Rader will respond with some three page letter explaining why it was so important to leave the gas guzzler running why his deputy was eating in Taco Bell.

The Sheriff vehicle at Taco Bell was the k 9 unit...there was a dog in there

LCSO has the BEST Sheriff Liberty County has had in MANY years. Bobby Rader is a honest man. LCSO runs out of fuel budget money EVERY year. So apparently all who are making a big deal out of this...arent paying attention!! Liberty County Comm Court never takes in consideration that crime and Fuel is forever on the rise in our county. I am sure each one of you that have posted a negative feedback here...expect the Sheriffs Office to respond when its you and your family in need!! Are you then going to be worried about the budget that our Dear Sheriff struggles with daily or will you be screaming into the ear of the 911 Dispatcher who will be trying to get you some help...and you saying they arent coming fast enough. Crime continues to change, which requires of law enforcement to stay a step ahead. Best advice for all of you...Get off your butts and help!! Not sit around and grip about the ones that are fighting this battle!

The k 9 unit my a...Nice try !!!

Yeah..dont just sit around and "grip"!! Now thats funny,shows the kind of folks working for rader ..

General Comments

I just watched a news report about a group of gun owners parading around in local business with rifles strapped to the bodies and pistols on their waists. These people are using this tactic to protest what they say is their constitutional right under the Second Amendment. They are overwhelmingly white and middle class, and that means they are of a limited horizon. They have also been seduced by a perversion of the Second Amendment brought on by a vision of America that is no longer viable. They are gun worshipers that believe in some strange way that guns are the answer to everything good and wholesome. To these people owning a gun isn't enough, they must own many guns even though they will not use them, they just want them in their possession. These people are misguided and disturbed and they are all around us, its time to put a limit on this behavior.

Like it or not,there is a faction in the Republican party that does not want to maintain current gun rights, they want to expand them.

About the folks parading firearms into businesses. This group is a bunch of imbecils and even the NRA has denounced any support of their organization! "Open Carry Texas" is a dangerously moronic group of people that are making the 2nd amendment supporters look senseless and dangerous! Much more useful is a concealed pistol with an extra magazine or two, and a back up pistol (also concealed). I'd be very upset if any store welcomed this kind of moronic behavior!

General Comments

This is a warning concerning a scam using a statement that resembles an AT&T bill. The fake company sends a bill for a small amount hoping someone will pay it without investigation. The thieves take the info from your check or credit card to drain an account. This has happened in our area and the public needs to be vigilant. If you are suspicious contact the real AT&T or the police.

General Comments

WOW The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has declared Hobby Lobby a person. Turns out, it worships a god too. This god thinks women get pregnant by themselves and every time an egg is produced it could make a life. Who Knew? As a Christian I have concerns about this god and other corporations (people) and what their gods may impose on me. After all, they may not all be Christians and I don’t know what their gods may require of me under the guise of “religious freedom”. Who’s religion, who’s freedom?

WOW. Not exactly sure what you think Hobby Lobby has imposed on you or anyone else. You can still use birth control even if you work for Hobby Lobby. You can even still use the morning after pill or kill your unborn baby. I think requiring someone else to pay to do it is the real imposition here. Oh, and you can't have it both ways. You don't get to say it's my body and my decision, claiming all the responsibility and then point your finger at the man and say it's just as much his responsibility. A man that wants nothing to do with his kid is called a deadbeat dad, a woman that wants to kill hers is called pro choice.

General Comments

POTTS: Dayton residents deserve an apology By WAYNE POTTS Contributing Writer | Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2014 11:42 pm It seems that a bit of a rift happened at Dayton’s city council meeting on June 16. The issue of race was raised by Councilman Dwight Pruitt during a discussion on replacing three members of the Dayton Housing Authority whose terms had expired. The Dayton Housing Authority submitted the names of people, for the council to consider, who were willing to serve on their board. This is when the problem arose. Pruitt thought that the Housing Authority's recommendations needed more black representation so he recommended another candidate. Councilwoman Sherial Lawson disagreed that race should be used when appointing board members. This is when the race card was played by Pruitt. He stated, “I think that you always need some balance and I’m going to always look at race” when considering appointments to boards. This is a slap in the face to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, he said this; “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Really? So he would consider someone, who may not be qualified, based on skin color, over someone who was qualified in order to maintain a certain color balance? Can you even begin to imagine the uproar if a statement such as this was made on local television stations by a person of different color than Pruitt? That was the first thing that crossed my mind. The second thing was, Pruitt should, at the very least, apologize to the Dayton City Council and the people of Dayton. If this is the type of representative he is, maybe the people of Dayton should have a recall election to replace him. I must admit that over all of the years he has served the community, this is the first negative thing I have heard, but this is a big one. The discussion over appointing board members and the fact that council did just that might all prove to be a moot point. According to Councilwoman Lawson, the Housing Authority bylaws state that appointments are to be made by the mayor. Mayor Skarpa was not present at the meeting. Council should have tabled this issue until such time as our mayor was present or until the question of who has the right to appoint board members to the Housing Authority was settled. In the meantime, Councilman Pruitt should man up and apologize for his offensive remark.

On the request for Pruitt to apologize: You are offended too easily.i am tired of the race bating, but I am tired of the people who are offended everytime you turn around too.

General Comments

I judge people harshly when they mention a news story they saw on Fox, or if they are fans of Limbaugh or any of the so called right wing conservative commentators. I judge them as mediocre educated bigots. I don't apologize for judging them harshly. I also mentally label gun worshipping individuals as violent and cruel and potential killers some day when they think their world view may be threatened by some imagined group who may or may not be the wrong color or race. Yes I judge these people harshly and I cant help it.

Yes, you judge us harshly because you have been propagandized by the mainstream leftist media. No news agency reports with 100% accuracy. Don't you remember the edited phone calls of Zimmerman? Or the edited in "heckling" of a Sandy Hook father in the courtroom?

To the person that judges Fox News watchers, limbaugh listeners, and gun owners, as bigots and racists. You can't help it because you are suffering from a mental disorder. It's called liberalism. You are showing the classic symptoms. They include, demanding tolerance and acceptance without giving any, judging others by the television or radio they listen to and then demanding they don't judge you. A desperate need to feel superior without putting forth any effort, while at the same time condemning recognition of those that have put forth the effort and achieved. Also known as the "everyone gets a trophy syndrome" It appears you have chosen the wrong prescription for your disorder. The liberal taught practices of blanket accusations of racism, hatred, and bigotry on worsen your disorder.

To the individual who judges people harshly. I am a VERY WELL EDUCATED conservative who lawfully carries a gun to protect myself and my family from people such as yourself.

Don't worry, I judge people equally as harsh when I find out they worship CNBC and Mother Jones. Especially when they discount my constitutional right to bear arms and possibly defend my hard earned property. I guess that makes two of us...

"I judge people harshly when they mention a news story they saw on Fox" That's the problem with people like YOU! You judge others, but not yourself...Maybe if you'd take a good long look in the mirror you would see that you are no better than what you hate.

I always enjoy it when I get a chance to tweek the nose of a right wing nut. Yes I judge conservatives, and by the replies posted I stand justified in my judging. The way I see it those who watch Faux, and worship Limbaugh and his ilk are the epitome of what's wrong with things in a nutshell. Tea Party members and gun lovers, and bigots all fit into one pot. The pot of intolerance the pot of ignorance, oh you may be educated in your mind but your actions and hate speech tell another story. I hear your stories, the ones about the Spanish speaking people at Walmart that take too long to decide what to buy, the stories about the lazy blacks on welfare, the stories about gays that are destroying the moral fiber of our Nation, talk about intolerance. You conservatives are the ones who have been seduced and now are in the grips of a mental illness, not me.

General Comments

Did anyone happen to see channel 11 news last night where the Kenefick cop Bill Marks was once again in the news showing how he bullies others that thinks he can get away with whatever he wants. He pulls people over takes them out of their vehicle and searches everything without probable cause. He harasses lots of people giving them tickets.... I know there are lots of others out there that have had problems with him. Something needs to be done about his misconduct! Now in Kenefick the "judge" is also the secretary who has no education and no law back ground can someone please explain how that works?

Drama at LCSO

Wow, great article. Like they are just going to “turn over what you want” just by calling. That never happens! Keep up the great work. Enjoyed it.

Keep up the good work Allen. Hopefully the SWAT team won’t bully you around and blow up your front door.

Allen keep up the good job following up on leads you get. We the tax payers are due an explanation of first why the LCSO needs this since these groups he has mentioned have been in this county for over 15 years and probably longer. Second how much did the department purchase and at what cost. Last but most important who is in control of this since many things come up missing with our local elected officials.

Bobby Raider is a very good man, has good morals and is doing what's right for liberty county, leave him alone and let him do his job! He is by far the best we have seen in years to run the sheriffs office and if he wants to have some explosives on hand for the right reason so be it, not a big deal! If your neighbor was a major threat to society and those explosives "saved the day" y'all would not be crying about it! Bobby is a 100% fair man in every way, I have dealt with him on both sides of the law and he is a good, honest, and fair person and means well for liberty county, leave him the hell alone people! He has only been a professional part of our community for years and his heart is right, he wants to improve our quality of life as we know it and that's a huge job with all the dope heads that have consumed our neighborhoods and it has to stop. GO BOBBY RAIDER!!!! Keep up the good work, but more explosives whenever the heck you want!! Run all the idiots out if LIBERTY COUNTY!!!!!!

To the Crook that says “Bobby Rader is a very good man” I’m sure you work for him. You say that you have dealt with him on both sides of the law before. That tells me that you been in the jail before and maybe if he “Run all the idiots out of LIBERTY COUNTY!!!!!!” you would be first in line. So for now why don’t you just chill out because there is PLENTY more that will be coming out in the future about Rader and his staff.

With all that's happening at that Sheriffs Department, I guess we need to be thinking of the up coming election. We got rid of Patterson and it appears Rader must go!

on drama at lcso Sheriff Rader is a good man however, he is letting some other people run the lcso office that should in no way be there. Yes I am talking about a certain captain that has staffed almost the entire office with her "friends" and has cried wolf more than one time telling lies and spreading deception. This captain even accused an innocent your man of a crime against her and ruined a whole year of his life. The case even went before the grand jury and from my understanding was recently no billed by them for lack of evidence and now this young man has been put through a year of hell and a year of not being able to see his child. Is this the type of people we want running our county? Not to mention this captain has a child that has been arrested numerous times for theft and drug related reasons but yet has full open access to the sheriff's office.

Thanks Mr. Youngblood for you work. The people of this county need someone that can look out for us from your point. I got seriously concerned about the people in this county when I was called upon to be a possible juror. The potential folks were ask "HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD TAKE THE TESTIMONY OF A POLICE OFFICER OVER THAT OF A REGULAR PERSON". In that room were about 60 possible juror folks. The hands raised answering "yes" that a police officers testimony was better than any other witness, was about 57 people. 57 people of those 60 in that room believe that police officers are the most truthful people living. That is scarey to me. Police folks are people just like everyone else. They have a job to do, but they are NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. THANKS MR. YOUNGBLOOD.... maybe you can enlighten the folks of this county.

Bobby Rader, has many people fooled and hopes you continue to uncover more of his foolish behavior, to be Dick Tracy of Liberty County. Rader and his Drug interdiction team, Sgt., sit around think up more ways to spend "drug money". Why do we never hear about his Patrol Captain Ellington, what does he do and why is nothing he does is ever noteworthy? Does anyone actually know anything about his Female Captain, who had exactly 2 years of law enforcement experience at Dayton PD and made Captain! When was the last case Capt. Neyland, worked and made an arrest, made it through Grand Jury and be prosecuted by the DA? Sheriff Rader, loves to sit around with his drug interdiction team Sgt., dreaming Liberty County, is New York City and have agents in the Middle East, as they do. Maybe, we do need a new Sheriff, after getting rid of Henry; think we may have another that will keep bringing in thugs, to run the department, like Henry. Plastic Explosives, for Liberty County, what is the shelve life?

Ref to Sheriff Rader. His employees in my opinion are a direct reflection of himself. If he doesn't clean house he will be a one term sheriff like Patterson. Patterson had a sub par staff he chose to support and lost the support of the voters. Wake up Rader

You can say what you want but there are people working undercover in at least four of the type groups our Sheriff mentioned. A list of members and other information is being collected. Too many incidents have happened in this country in the last few tears to ridicule law enforcement when they are pro active.

My comment is simple. I often travel to liberty County texas to arrive to visit my family. I Spent many summers there. Times have Changed I now enjoy our wknd home there. My comment is on the statements made On the elected Bobby Rader whom I must add That did win by the large amount of votes that He got from his supporters. Therefore the Complaints must be arriving from those that Voted for Patterson. Those same people that Voted for Obama. Yes all of you that voted For him now whining. Finger pointing bunch Of people that live on drama cheap tobacco Bush beer and pump only ten bucks of gas In your cars. Wanna complain call the law on Your friends and neighbors that smoke crack Teach your kids manners. Better get a damn Job! Cut your loan star card! That's what you Do. If you can't do the time don't do the crime! Bobby and his staff will take your rescued butt To jail and Mr. Pickett will see that you get a Cot and 3 hots in TDCJ. Products of your environment you have become What you need to do is be born into Gods Familu Quit pointing your finger. You cannot answer For me nor I you. Remember that God is no Respecter of persons. All these wanna be People pointing their fingers. With their grown kids Now that are men sleeping with men yes men With men. Yes Obama supporters. Shame On you! God don't like ugly. Nor those that Teach that bastard doctrine. Clean your own Back yards before you whine like cowards. If the shoe fits wear it!

From what I see, my community is in better shape than it has been in years because of LCSD. Times are different, crime has reached a new level. Just because you don't see the horrific mess that is going on in lawlessness doesn't mean it isn't happening. I for one want the law to have more power than the meth cook down the street. People get behind your law enforcement. Some day your gonna need them.

To the very last commenter on their praise of our current sheriff of Liberty County, who beat Henry Patterson? You are one Racist & Elitist Ass and thank goodness you do not live in Liberty County any longer. Henry's voters were Obama supporters, "live on drama cheap tobacco Bush (Busch or G.W.) beer and pump only ten bucks of gas in your cars", you just described, minimum wage citizens, who work every day, in this county. Another Racist and Elitist Quote, describing Henry's voters, "Wanna (is this a word? Spewed by an educated person) complain call the law on your friends and neighbors that smoke crack Teach your kids manners. Better get a damn Job! Cut your loan star card! That's what you do. If you can't do the time don't do the crime!" So, Henry's voters can be described like this, wow, you’re an Elitist Ass. So Henry's voters, but none of Bobby Raders, smoke, drink beer, smoke crack, their kids have bad manners, they have not a job and all commit crimes and do Jail or Prison time. You have just described some of Liberty County's finest citizen's children, minor and adult. I do none of these things, but remember $5 worth of gas, took you for a week. I do have many friends, that have minimum wage jobs, that smoke and know some very wealthy people, who drink beer, smoke tobacco and grass, they voted for Rader not Henry. I voted for Rader, but will not next time! He has spent a lot of budget money, and "drug money", on frivolous things, even though the Deputy's have had one 3% raise, in 6 years. I would imagine many Deputy's, do all the things, you quoted (maybe not jail or smoke crack or have terrible kids), including a Lonestar card, if they have at least 2 children, so this wide brush you painted of poor people, includes them. Why, their wage falls into the poverty level, sorry to say! So, my vote and many people who did vote for Rader, want him to go back selling insurance. I think he is more qualified to do that and while he does both, Insurance is his forte, not Law Enforcement.

Good reporting on this. Why would LCSO need plastic explosives, even in small quantities ? Too many cops are starting to think they don't need to follow the rule of law, they're acting more like the military on search and destroy missions and that is not a good thing for the citizens of this country. They are looking for reasons to ignore our rights all in the name of protecting us from dangers that do not exist. They're creating problems where problems do not exist, for some reason the police are making a mountain out of a mole hill. I guess they'll be patrolling in MRAPS before long stopping any and all citizens demanding to see our papers.

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WOW! West Chambers voters.....BEWARE! One of your "elected officials" that goes to church every Sunday and vows to his wife or girlfriend how devout he NOT speaking the he is on and he doesn't realize it but he is "interested" in meeting with me....EWWW NO THANK YOU!!! It is people like HIM that keep people like ME out of church...

Re: EWWW NO THANK YOU!!! It is people like HIM that keep people like ME out of church... You poor pathetic person. He's keeping you out of Church? No, I believe it is YOU that keeps you out. How many excuses can you find not to go? Wal-Mart, the beach, vacation, someone on

General Comments

The constitution is flawed and this country will never be able to go forward successfully with a document written in the 1700's as its guide. Join a libertarian group and learn how dysfunctional politics are these days.

To the poster who thinks the constitution is flawed and libertarian policies are the answer, you are wrong. The problem is the Republican Party and it's pimp the Tea Party.

The Constitution isn't a flawed document. Without it we would have already spiraled into a third world country. Don't like it? Pack up and move...

"To the poster who thinks the constitution is flawed and libertarian policies are the answer, you are wrong. The problem is the Republican Party and it's pimp the Tea Party." Actually you're both the problem. Our nation needs to come together to fix the mess we're in, not point fingers and keep blaming each other! If you didn't act like pubescent children maybe we would be better off!

Kyle Antoine Found Guilty

Good for D.A. Picket. Only 45 min,and 99 years. That convict has 99 problems and and heterosexual sex ain't one hahahaa

99 years? Really? The da in liberty county is a monster. Enjoy your one term.

Really, the DA is a monster? No I think not, the REAL monster is the guy who committed the offense. How dare anyone think they can or should get away with doing what he did.

How dare you and the DA think it is ok to give someone 99 years for a burglary. People make mistakes, and the punishment does NOT fit the crime. Only a self absorbed arrogant monster would push to meat locker a human being for 99 years over a simple burglary. Justice should be tempered with compassion and appropriateness not psycho monster punishment. Hitler did the same thing, are you down with that too?

This was so much more than just a burglary...This was an act commited by a monster who beat and attempted to rape someones grandmother and beat her half to death.Maybe you want that happening to your family but me personally I wish he would have gotten the death penalty.More punishment like this needs to be handed out and maybe we will live in a safer environment to raise our children and grow older....Get your facts straight before you bash anyone even our elected officials they have a job to do also and I think he done a fine job with this....

To the poster that thinks it is so terrible that this person got 99 years for burglary....did you even read the article??? He ASSAULTED an elderly person for 20+ mins and attempted to rape her!!! I know this woman personally and she fought every second to stay alive even after he told her "just give up"!! How about we let this piece of shit free and let him come rape and assault your daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and then see if you think 99 years is too much time for him to serve....As for DA Logan Pickett I think he is a outstanding DA to give this guy the full sentence and I applaud him and this victim for having to look at this sorry excuse for a human being one last time while she testified and relived every single moment of HELL he put her through!! So get your story straight before you call someone a monster for "burglary" was WAY beyond that!!

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What is up with the boat ramp on Hwy.90 in Liberty, The State has just stopped doing anything to it. It looks just like 105 in Moss Hill, whats up with the trucks on the sandbar? The city of liberty needs to do something about this!!!

LCSO Obtains Plastic Explosives

I find your article very interesting and hope to follow your investigation. Thank you very much for not only noticing this matter but also for following up on it. As a past resident and native of Liberty county I want to know what is happening at my old home place, should I ever decide to return to live there. Is buying and storing plastic explosives in the scope of Bobby Radar's job description and what use would he ever have for such items? This entire situation is frightening.

...I see nothing wrong with training and exploring new ways to address issues in OUR county! I do believe the good Sheriff sent several men to a special school just to learn (Qualify)about explosives and how to handle, use, secure them. We are living in the time of severe hostility to America! Why does it bother you that he is taking every effort to make Liberty County better, safer, secured? Task task!!

Can someone please tell me what kind of threat Liberty County has that we need explosives in law enforcement. I know we have plenty of thieves. Now get in our neighborhoods and protect our property while we work to pay our taxes.

I hope you follow up on this article about LCSO having plastic explosives. What are they planning to do with this stuff and why be so secretive about it ?

Maybe it's the drug house down the road. Gotta admit, would make quite the "movie" type explosion I'm sure.

General Comments

Just wanted to let the puplic know about all the calls that have been going out for help for my daughter and no one seems to care. Her husband has busted 3 windows out of her car, followed her all over liberty county, called her phone 1000 times, put a hole in the kids swimming pole, chased her with a tire tool, messed up the emergency brake in her car I had to buy her since he took the one he bought for her, has stalked her, tried to run her off the road several times, drives by her house a 100 times a day and now is even spoofing her phone. Really how much more can be done before he kills my daughter. Now he has drug MY TRUCK off the property with a chain in park and still nothing is being done. Liberty Co. has been called, Liberty PD, Daisetta PD, Constable office and this dude is still driving around. Let me do anything to him and I would be under the jail. I will get justice but it may take me a short time. Oh, I forgot to mention that the last time they split up he sliced 4 tires on the truck....REALLY... and we wonder why spouses kill the other spouse. I just wish someone would point me in the right direction. Thanks for listening.

RE: help for my daughter. First of all, she needs to change her phone number, then get her kids and if nothing else, go to a shelter and not tell him where she is at. But, according to your post, this is not the first time this has happened because you have stated, "Oh, I forgot to mention that the last time they split up...". I am not one to pass judgement, as this is a serious situation, but law enforcement are not marriage counselors and if they have dealt with these two in the past and she just keeps running back to him, they will not take this current situation seriously. As parents, we try to protect our children at all cost but sounds to me, just based on the information you have provided, she will run back to him. Sorry to be so blunt. There is help out there but she has to be willing give up on this guy and not run back to him. I am speaking from experience. I know it is killing you as a parent but some people get off on such drama. Before anyone can help her, she has to help herself. Just saying....

General Comments

If all these christians around here go around quoting Jesus and don't think that offends some of us, then why are they all upset when muslims quote their prophet?

Problem is, Jesus said nothing hateful. His law is a law of love and forgiveness if you are willing to repent. Islam is fishy, why are there rules on how to beat your wife? And what kind of wholesome paradise is it where their heaven is a place where men lounge in chairs and have sexual relations with as many women as they want... that's why. Its immoral! Even if God were proved not to exist -if we followed sound Christian doctrine (not modern ear tickling) we would be a loving, generous, and a helpful people. Mainstream media likes to paint God's message of love and forgiveness as hate.

General Comments

What I don't understand is why a religion has people killing each other. Is there some justification within their religion for these Shi'ites and Sunnis to be killing each other. I know the radica; ones have promised to kill all infidels, but do they belive people within their own ranks are infidels? these people do not think like we do!

General Comments

we are having a benefit at Roooster's Bar in Dayton, Texas on Saturday Jun3 21, 2014, to raise funds for the funeral cost of Lee Edwin Pugh Sr. (January 15,1951 - June 3, 2014). He was a Vietnam Vet that served proudly. He was the father to six beautiful children, 5 of these biologically 1 because he loved her because she became his responsibility to raise. He had over 20 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. He was a friend to all and would do anything to help someone. His family does not have the funds to bury him so we are trying to raise them. We will have an auction and fish fry and other things to raise money. Rooster's was formally Stuart's Nite Life on Hwy 321. Everyone please come help. Call (936)402-0024 for info or to donate something for the auction. Talk to Kayen or Juanelle Thank You. Not much time ya'll come join us. Doors open at 10 am

Deputy Injured in Pursuit

Since when can the police take a vehicle for simple "possesion?" That was supposed to be for the dealers of drugs, NOT the victims! That is simply legal STEALING.

Victim? Victim of possession? You are missing alot more than a car!

Near Drowning of 2 yr. old

My Grandson is Drake Nobles, the baby that drown. Can anyone there please help me? My son, Kevin Nobles id Drake's father. Kevin is incarcerated at this time on a non-violent crime at the Larry Gist State Jail. The warden there, Gene Kroll, is denying my son to attend his babies funeral. Kevins exit date from jail is just a little over a month away. All we are asking is that he be able to see his baby one last time. Once they close the casket at Pace Funeral home it is over. Kevin will never see his child again. The State representative John Otto and his number is 936-258-8135 and he has approved Kevin to attend the funeral of his baby but now the warden refuses to provide transportation even though they have a staffed transportation fleet. The Warden does not like Kevin but is that a reason to deny him seeing his baby? This is a terrible tragedy, does it have to get worse? Please call me if you can help 409-599-9851

Baby that drowned I am sad for the family that lost this child, Drake. But, his Daddy should have been a man and stayed out of trouble. I am sure this baby could have benefited from having a dad in his life. This is what happens when you live the thug life.

It's very sad that you lost your grandson. But it's your sons fault that he is not there. Real men take care of there kids. If he is in prison he did more than one mistake. The warden must have a good reason not to let him go.

To the person that is talking about baby Drake's daddy you should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone has made mistakes in their life and I am sure he is regretting every one he has ever made. No parent, whether you think they are good or bad, deserves the pain of losing a child. People that have done far worse things than he is in jail for have been let out early or been allowed to go to family members funerals. I know he has done bad things but he is scheduled to be released next month and he should be allowed to go to his child's funeral. He will have guilt and heartache for the rest of his life that he will have to learn to deal with. Everyone needs to take a step back and put yourself in this fathers shoes and then maybe you will re-think talking bad about a parent that needs love and support not more people dragging him down.

I'm all for a prisoner serving all of their time that the court says they have to do as punishment for their crime. But the couple of feedback comments are really heartless in regard to the baby's father getting what he deserves. Yes, he knew what he was doing was wrong when he committed the crime. But I would venture to say that he (and every criminal) doesn't pause long enough to think, "You know, I really shouldn't do this because my child could die sometime in the future and I would sure like to attend the funeral." The guy isn't asking for his sentence to be commuted. He's asking for a few hours, under guard, to attend his child's funeral. It's done all the time. He'd go right back to his prison cell when it's over. He'd still be serving his sentence. He would still have to live through the shame and embarrassment of failing his family, of being at his child's funeral in handcuffs, belly chain and leg cuffs. And it would probably be a better incentive to never commit a crime again than any "correction" the state could ever give him.

Concerning the father's request to attend the funeral. TDCJ does not approve or deny requests based on the Warden's approval of the Inmate. There are guidelines that your son must meet. First one being he must be disciplinary free, that means he must have followed all rules while in prison. The second is being incarcerated for a certain amount of time. Another is have a certain custody status which means he can not be in seg or a "problem" inmate, (follows the rules). If he gets out in a month then more than likely his request is being denied due to behavior problems not because a Warden doesn't like him or he hasn't been there long enough. It's for his own behavior. It's a horrible situation and I'm always sadden when a child dies, but rules are rules. I'm sure if you call his prison they can tell you what the qualifications are and possibly the exact reason the request was denied, even if a state representative approved it. TDCJ has it's own procedures and policies to follow.

Kevin was sentenced for 1yr for INTERFERING WITH CHILD CUSTODY for trying to SEE HIS SON that the Mother refused to allow. Some parents will go to ANY LENGTHS to prevent a Dad from BEING A DAD. PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY INSTEAD OF PASSING JUDGEMENT!

For everyone that doesn't know the reason why Kevin is in jail, it is because he felt the mother and the other guy were unfit to be watching his son and took him and is in prison for that, clearly trying to do what was definitely the right thing.

Volunteer fire department in Liberty County out of money

How about the people who can help The Westlake FD, give them the money they need? Its nothing but politics but what happens when someone dies or a house burns down because people who are selfish don't want to help!! Sickening!! Stop being selfish and help your community!!

I am not sure of all the facts on the withholding of Tax Dollars from the West lake V.F.D. but it sounds as though some one has screwed up!!!!!! If an individual is responsible, then it seems that prosecution should be forthcoming. After all, the public safety of a whole community is involved. and this is of great concern to all in Liberty County. This is way beyond stupid!!!!!!!!

WCVFD has never been without insurance. To this day they are fully covered the members, the trucks, buildings, etc. by their ESD. Their ESD also pays ALL of their utility bills every month. They are still in negotiations on a contract

Why would the Fire District need a contract, with the West Lake VFD, are they planning to hold their monies until they can control the Fire Dept. Their job at the board is to collect the taxes and give those monies to the Departments, NOT TO MAKE THEM SIGN OVER CONTROL TO THE TAXING aGENCY

After reading the comments it is my understanding of this that there is no contract in place. Well for me who has a background in government entities and contracts you can not pay out one dime to any party without a contract in place. Also someone stated that this ESD is paying utilities for the department well how is this so if the department has no contract with the ESD. These are written laws for Emergency service districts or ESDs. Check Chapter 775 of the Health and Safety Code people. I looked into this and spoke to a former member of the ESD out there and they stated when they were on the board it was the decision of the board that any utilities to the building was not the expenses of the department because none of the utilities or the building are the responsibility of the department because they belong to the ESD. That would mean that anything paid is for the ESDs benefit not the department. Further investigation also shows that no expenses referred in one of the previous comments as ever been submitted by the department to the ESD as their expenses so how are they paying for something they don't have. This story made me curious so I reached out to others not just department or esd. There are people who live out in that area that have sit on that board out there and state they are happy to be away from it because they see some very fishy business going on and how secret esd business has become out there. You can get the info too not just from word of mouth but the ESD out there is suppose to have regular monthly scheduled meeting that I have been told are the third Thursday of every month and the fire department meets every Monday night at 7 pm. If you really want to know what is going on go to one of these meetings and ask questions don't just jump on a band wagon you have no info about. -signed a concerned citizen for Liberty County's integrity and justice for the law (Laws have been broken here, some minor some that can be serious prison time, someone should consider that first. These funds belong to the tax payers not the ESD)

General Comments

I have spent most of my lifetime serving the Public, in the Navy, in local politics, as a Funeral Director an in Law Enforcement. I Think the Celebration of Appreciation for D-Day was a good deal. Myself, I did not participate, because of the Bitterness, I still hold , as a result of my Viet Nam Service. I was disrespected, in many despicable ways, by both friends and family, as well as folks I didn't know. I still have some difficulty with crowds of people clamoring around, trying to right the wrongs of past Generations. I have not yet come to grips with the impression I got, coming home,in 1969. I probably never will forget the people in California,or forgive them. I did volunteer to Stand for my Country, I went where I was ordered, I carried out my orders to the best of my ability, and I came home. God says we should forgive, and I'm good with that, it's bitter memories, that I have not forgotten.

Man Shoots Himself while Driving

Well if we have laws that say no drinking and driving, we should also have laws that say...No jacking your gun while driving.

A weapon won't accidentally discharge if you keep your finger off the trigger, and you don't try to unload one while driving in the first place. Two stupid actions that could have cost him and his family their lives. This is the reason they say gun owners are dangerous. That 1% of stupid actions causes 100% of the hysteria of the people who think guns kill. Mine sits all day loaded and hasn't gotten up and killed anyone in 15+years.

Man shot himself in his car....... So he took his "small" children home and left them there with the gun, while he and his wife went to the hospital? How small is small? That is just as irresponsible as the gun incident! OMG!

The poster who posted about the stupid things done that would have prevented the driver from shooting himself in the leg while trying to unload his gun, said there were two stupid actions that could have prevented the mishap, well there is one big stupid mistake the poster didn't see, carrying a gun in the first place. In my opinion there are no more stupid people out there than those who insist in owning hand guns.

Dear anti-gun crowd, it would be nice if you would come up with some kind of identifier, like a certain colored hat or shirt, or even a sticker for your car, that would let the CHL carriers know who you are. That way, if we see you getting robbed at the gas pump, or suffering a vicious assault or even see one of your loved ones being attacked by a dog, we can turn a blind eye. Rest assured, the criminals would appreciate those identifiers too.But you know you would never do that. Instead, y'all just bash us in anonymous blogs. I would expect nothing less from a member of the broken left these days hahaha..

To the gun loving poster who thinks gun haters should have some kind of ID to let CHLers turn their eyes when we are attacked...uh let me get this right now, are you inferring that CHL carriers are saving people from crime and violence, even attacks from dogs? LMAO! The only thing CHL carriers are doing is feeding their egos, acting like some Clint Eastwood type or some movie fantasy image. CHL carriers are sucking at the teat of the NRA, lying to themselves that carrying firearms is some kind of exercise in Civil Liberties instead of what it really is a perversion of the Second Amendment. CHL carriers are contributing to the gun culture that would rather children and innocents get slaughtered wholesale instead of giving up their weapons. The broken left you say? Don't bet on it, you little fascist larvae.

I amnot sure people are aware of it but we have a group in our area that is advocating the lawful carrying of easily seen holstered hand guns and rifles in public every where they go that it is not specifically prohibited by the owner of property.

First of all I am a proud Texan and American and I appreciate my freedoms. It is my right to own and have a CHL to protect myself and my family and the things I have purchased with my hard earned money. I also enjoy hunting and we eat everything I kill when I hunt. Some people want a gun free country, wake up it will never happen the criminals will always have weapons one way or the other and it maybe supplied by our own government. It is your right now to own a fire arm but don't push or force your views on the rest of us law abiding citizens that are fed up with the criminal activities all over this county and country.

Two Arrested for Theft at Wal-Mart

These two need to be sent to jail for a long time! He has been arrestd several times in the last two months and so has she. She has been in prison for burglary and needs to go back. She has been arrested 3 times since Jan. this year for theft and burglary. She sounds habitual. The sheriffs dept has to keep arresting them because the judges keep slapping their hands and letting them off and the public is the ones who has to pay the price!

Pursuit and Capture of Two Theft Suspects

Mr Hebert, I urge you to set the highest bond allowed by law. I would even support you if you tested the boundaries.. Please keep these thieving dope heads off our streets before a law abiding citizen has to appear before you for protecting his property.

General Comments

Why did the commissioners approve a refund of $6,432.12 by the countyto FEMA? Asked the reason for the refund, County Auditor Harold Seay said the letter he received from FEMA did not explain, “They just want their money back.” It was for an overpayment to the county from FEMA on the Hurricane Rita project. That sounds like that FEMA wanted the commissioners to help get the first monthly payment back from Phil Fitzgerald's wheeling and dealing.

Okay, I enjoyed the clever jab at former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald for making so much money off of FEMA during an emergency. But what about Paul, George,John, and Ringo up there playing the sameole tunes about the jail.These people were not humming when they ran for office. They were not acting as if they would continue the poliices of the past. What is the problem Republicans? is your sheriff too busy doing insurance, announcing baseball games with Bill, and "other extra curricular activities" to oversee an administrator? Then he should resign! If the commissioners can't figures out whether we could save money by hiring the same number of people, Paying themthe same amount, and then reaping the corporate profits the private company is making, then they should all resign!

I agree the insurance man from Liberty that was elected sheriff should resign or help interview candidates with experience that say what they can do for us.

Commissioner McCarty sure did sound like he was telling Sheriff Rader, "I wanna hold your hand." This whole mess should tell us all two things: All of Rader's concerns about criminal activity going on in the jail before he was elected were pacified as soon as he saw he had more votes than his opponent. Number two, because the judges who have some control over jail population have worked hard to reduce the jail numbers and they are publicly pushing this, the take over is almost a no brainer. So where are the brains Republicans?

The Liberty County Jail……. Just to give you people a little heads up. In the past 8 to 10 years previous Sheriffs Henry Patterson and Greg Arthur submitted the cost to take the jail back. Now we have a Sheriff that can’t do that because he says he’s not a “number cruncher” I thought all insurance salesmen were number crunchers (15 minutes could save you 15%). Now the county is going to hire someone for Bobby Rader to try and come up with some numbers. That’s Crazy. Now here’s a little extra information for you all. The Sheriff is responsible to maintain a county jail for the county. Commissioners Court responsibility is to fund it. It’s that easy. Now Bobby Rader, do your job and quit wasting the taxpayers money.

No secret we will save money by ceasing to pay some company to run it. if Rader won't help hire someone to manage ut or manage it himself, cut his salary.

It is unfair to Bobby Rader to blame the lack of hiring an administrator to manage the jail which will save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. He does not have a vote on Commissioners Court.

With McNair out, maybe we can quit acting like our local government has no responsibilities to help its citizens. if we do not have cash but want to do something we can get certificates of obligation. Government is here to serve us. McNair used the lack of money as an excuse.

Since neighboring hardin County will take our jailbirds at $40 a day there are two things for sure - Liberty County can run a jail and save money if Hardin County can do it this cheap and Todd fontenot and the commissioners in the past paid too much to house prisoners

How can the person say since Hardin County would require Liberty County to pay $40 per prisioner that there is no doubt we can save money by getting away from CEC? That makes no sense!

New State Campaign Sparks Discussion About Mental Health

They need to get N.A.M.I national alliance for the mentally ill. Involved great organization ..

General Comments

Can anyone tell me how a person gets stabbed 6 times at the 770 Club in Raywood Saturday night and it not make any of the news providers in Liberty?

I thought that at the 770 Club in Raywood, if you didn't have a knife going in, they'd give you one?

RE: Stabbing at 770 Club in Raywood. Who got stabbed, by whom and where were the owners?

"Can anyone tell me how a person gets stabbed 6....." It always amazes me when people put up "Breking news that hasn't made the news" stories like this. Always makes me wonder if it's actually legit, or someone looking for a little limelight.

"Stabbing art 770", 23 year old man was stabbed 6 times in the lower to middle back on his left side, he received numerous stitches and staples at the liberty hospital. The sheriff's officers interviewed witnesses at the club and came to the hospital to interview the victim. Now, does that sound like someone looking for the limelight? I swear people are so stupid around here

General Comments

Does Liberty. Co. have a health dept. that performs routine inspections of restaurants, grocery stores, etc.? I travel a lot between Liberty and Hardin Co. and each month I tend to read the inspection report from Hardin, Co. but have yet to find one for Liberty, Co. Just curious, it is nice to know that establishments you may be frequenting are clean and up to par.

"Does Liberty County have a health inspector?" No. Eat here at your own risk. You're on your own. One of the basic roles of government is ignored in Liberty County. There may be a state inspector, but I have yet to find a restaurant employee that has encountered one.

When Can My Child Ride in the Front?

Thank you for posting this article. It is very interesting and informative. It would be nice if more parents and grandparents would read it and follow the instructions in it. It also gives adults the information to help explain to the children why they should be in the back seat. "It is because we love you."

As a grandparent, sometimes it hard to tell the wonderful little children we love, "NO". This is one of those cases where you need to in order to protect them and show them that you love them. They might not think so now, but when they have kids of their own, they will. And then they will know how much we love them. Don't be afraid to protect our children!

General Comments

I am so upset reading about and seeing on local News about Animal Cruelty in Liberty County! I am grateful that these Animals are being rescued . A animal can't call 911. Can we establish a place for owners where they can turn in animals that they can no longer care for? Also, as far as I am concerned People who are cruel, abuse animals should have higher fines or jail time!! Let's Prevent this Tragic Action in Liberty County!

General Comments

I would like to ask who in hell is responsible for the mess that was left behind out at the Port of Liberty after that barge was removed?? What a darn shame !!! If one of those business along the Port had made a mess like that The City would be all over them with all kinds of fines and what not.. Truly that mess should be declared an Environmental Disaster but isnt and why not ??? Someone be held accountable for that !!! Who is to blame ??? Someone man up and go clean that crap up !!! We have no one to care for or clean the boat ramp on hwy 90 putting a boat in is next to impossible down at the river !!! They took the only area here in Liberty where you can put a boat in and turned it into a dump !!!



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