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General Comments

In my wildest dreams I can not imagine the torture the city of Liberty is putting the young cambodian couple through as they have tried for nearly two years to open a seafood restaraunt next to their donut shop. A good lawyer could force someone to decide the fairness of the situation and stop the what appears to be a three ring circle jerk!

For the loudmouths criticizing the city inspectors about the opening of the new seafood restaraunt, there are regulations for public restrooms that must be followed that have nothing to do with us. So shut your empty headed mouths and climb on some other bitching project!

No. Not gonna happen! Several businessmen in town have tried to help the youg couple from Cambodia open their restaurant and the city has been absolutely unreasonable. at one point in time a list of what was needed to satisfy the city was requested and the city refused to provide one. I think this could be a racist thing going on, but if it is not and this is how they would treat all of us, IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

General Comments

Seems like how nice you try to keep an election negativity eventually rears its ugly head. Usually the camp that seems to have the edge is verbally assaulted by the side that feels they maybe loosing. The incumbent in the biggest election in Liberty County on March 1st of 2016 has already started throwing mud at the other side. That is very sad because the opponent, has dirt on the incumbent from the 1970's, but refuses to use it. Why? It is dirty pool and if you run a good campaign and are honest and curtest to the voters, you win the election. The incumbent is just getting the jitters and sees he is losing in the race. He is in Church, when the doors open but if a true Christian would turn it over to the Supreme Being of his Church. The opponent attends Church, but refuses to get into the mud with his opponent. He will win the election; if God wills it and his faith in God will lead him down the right path. The incumbent seems to be calling on the Devil and the Devil never wins with God in your corner. The opponent will stay on message and continue to talk to the voters about his plans and he then will turn it over to Liberty County Voters and God.

General Comments

I think it's so dumb for everything here that is promoted as "country" this or that. I mean the upcoming Country Xmas is so silly beyond description. Making something "country" tries to add a semblance of innocence and purity that doesn't really exist, Christmas by itself is under attack by the local merchants beginning in October

To the one complaining about the Christmas parade. If you don't like it .,..... Don't go.

General Comments

Last Friday at about 4:00,I was driving through Liberty headed for Walmart when my engine in my 50 Chevy quit. I coasted to the side of the road and stopped. Immediately A white car made a u turn and pulled in behind me . A man wearing a shirt that said Police Captain offered to help me. He stayed with me until I got the car started. He was very polite and friendly. Thank you Captain, sorry I didn't get your name. I had a similar incident about 2 years ago when I was on my home from Dayton Sonic on a Saturday night. My steering broke on the 50 Chevy and and I called a tow truck. Officer Randall Walter of the Liberty Police Department stayed with me with his lights flashing until the tow truck came.He also was very polite and friendly and I really appreciated him being there because it was dark and the traffic seemed to be going by very fast. Thank you Officer Walter.

General Comments

I thought it is kind of weird that as "We" are anti-ISIS and many Texans believe ISIS has cells in Texas now. The United States of America is buying oil from ISIS held oil companies over-seas. ISIS now has control of many oil reserves in the Middle East and that are doing business with my United States of America. Now ISIS has sent Letters to the United States Senate and House asking them not to accept Syrian Refugees. The House just voted this week with the help of 47 Democrats not to accept Syrians Refugees. It appears that our House of Representatives is taking orders from ISIS and we are doing business with Oil Reserves they control. The Muslim President Obama cannot vote only the House of Representatives and Senate on the Syrian Refugees entering the USA. Instead of worrying about that Muslim Obama, shouldn’t we worry about our country being controlled by "ISIS" now? Think about it you all were right, "ISIS" is here and we are paying them with "Greenback Dollars". Will we Pledge Allegiance to USA or ISIS in the near future and I personally worry about ISIS taking Our Guns!! They are selling us Oil and our House of Representatives vote as ISIS requested not to accept Syrian Refugees. Our United States Congressman, Brian Babin and fellow Conservatives who control our House of Representatives is giving away Our Country, by voting as ISIS requests? I am worried about my Country and My Guns, when ISIS gets in charge financially, then it will be two late. He, who owns the Gold, makes the rules...

In regard to the post by the person who is going on about ISIS taking over the country, are you ok? I mean are your meds working alright? Do you think you may want to have your doctor increase the dosage? In case you may be ok and I misdiagnosed you, I think you are nuts. The only thing running this country or the congress is big business, not ISIS. The President is not a Muslim, but if he comes out and says he is so what? The accusations you make are wild and unsubstantiated and why do I challenge them? Why don't I just ignore them? Because this site published them and gave you an avenue to express them and since that is the case you have to be challenged. You aren't the only one in this area who think like you do, people like you spout such crazy opinions like this and it feeds the paranoia and mental illness that permeates this county, city, and state. Most of what you posted is not true, but it's believed by so many undereducated and mislead slow thinkers that it continues to take root in their minds like its the truth. I can only imagine the conversations around the table at Thanksgiving this year.

Thoughts for Today!

Fertilized human eggs don't kill people, but refugees do. Put that In your liberal pipe and puff on it.

I saw the post about the xmas season and the reference to the Holy Family being Middle Eastern refugees. It's the height of hypocrisy for a nation that is mostly Christian to try and enact laws to make it harder for those in distress to get help. This Nation is better than that and thank goodness we have leaders that can short circuit such evil. Like they say two wrongs do not make a right. Along with slavery the original sin of this country is hating immigrants.

Hating immigrants, what about saving your country from Isis or have you kept up with the news....they don't know how many were blended in with the refugees going into France. Why don't you join them and head to Cuba.

The first picture in the thoughts for today showed children about the same age as I've seen in pictures holding ar15s and severed heads. but hey, the Obama administration assures us these people are being vetted. Much like I saw him on my tv assuring me Isis was contained, then hours later they were slaughtering 150 people in France. Much like I heard him ridiculing people for being afraid of women and orphans, and then hours later a female suicide bomber blew herself up. And then again this morning more cries of allahu Akbar and dead bodies. But hey, if Obama says its what we should do, who is the majority of our population to question him?

Talk about liberal logic. WOW! It shows how twisted their thinking can be. We can be the best Christians in the world. That is fine until the money runs out. Another thing, did we bring German, Italian, or Japanese REFUGES to the USA during WW II?

I do believe helping people in distress from other countries is what has brought us/America where we are today. We need to worry about "TRUE" Americans here on US soil first!! You talk about evil and Christianity all while using the slang "XMAS" give me a break. All of us "Christian Americans" would like to let you know it is CHRISTMAS.....Thank you!!

I do believe helping people in distress from other countries is what has brought us/America where we are today. We need to worry about "TRUE" Americans here on US soil first!! You talk about evil and Christianity all while using the slang "XMAS" give me a break. All of us "Christian Americans" would like to let you know it is CHRISTMAS.....Thank you!!

Holy Family Batman! From deer hunters with daddy issues to allahu Akbar orphans, we're no longer "I Dinning Out" on cheeseburgers at JAX. We'uns is discussing philosophy like we was eatin' at one of those expensive, starched-linen (or is it Lenin?), up-town joints.

Sometimes I wonder what Bible I’ve read and where I have gone wrong. As a believer in Jesus Christ and a follower of  his teachings, I do not recognize what some so called Christians are saying regarding refugees. They make me ashamed to call myself a follower of Christ. Once again many Liberty so called Christians have missed the point. It’s called irony.

If I am ever in the same situation as Syrian citizens and asking for help, I think I would rather ask for a protected no fly zone and remain in my own country. Anyone that knows anything about our military knows we can provide that scenario. Politics has entered in and this whole refugee thing is limiting our thinking.

General Comments

I see it's hunting season again, and it's all out war on the deer, and male bonding is in full rut, and the pissing contests are on. The whole thing makes no sense except to the fatherless and those who were raised by absent fathers. Those still looking for male approval, even the females who find hunting exciting are still looking for their daddies.

I see our little anti hunting weenie is back at it this year. A little late, I was getting worried. But alas we don't get to miss out on their honorable, brave sport of bashing people on I- dine out.

To the person that says deer hunting is about male bonding and for the fatherless, etc etc.... you are an idiot !

Although I am not a hunter, I take great offense to your comment regarding deer hunting and fatherless children. Both of my parents were avid deer hunters and my father still is. He has always been a part of my life. My husband who hunts every year for the entire 23 years we have been married is very much a part of my daughter and son's lives they also enjoy hunting. In fact, almost everyone in my family for may generations, are avid hunters. They do not do it for fun or as you put it "pissing contests", they have always done it as a family bonding time and to put food on our tables. So please do not put things out there that "labels" someone when you don't know anything about everyone that hunts.

"hunting".I also no longer humt but do support those that choose to do so.Believe it or not even today there are quite a few families that is their only way to put food on the table.It is also much healthier then the steroid feed chicken,hog,beef and fish.And it is also a good way for families to bond a so-called family tradition so to speak.As far as those that choose to trophy hunt this i do not agree with BUT it is also their right to do so.As long as one hunts with regards to all involved.So happy hunting to all that choose to do so.Be safe.

General Comments

City of Dayton: I hope the Mayor and the Beautification Committee realize that planting a few flowers is not going to solve Dayton's image problem. They need to talk to people outside of town as to what their impression of the town is. Dayton's problem is that the leaders only listen to a chosen few who tell them the Emperor has clothes.

Liberty Co. Sheriff’s Office Host “Officer Survival Skills” Class

Sheriff Rader is doing more with training and arrests and Sheriff Patrol cars are seen wish we would have an election every few months to put a fire under him to finally to see our patrol cars. New training to boot is also on the agenda also for show. We need a new Sheriff! He cannot manage the department or people.

I am thinking no matter what and when Sheriff Radar does anything will make yall happy. I think he is doing many of you complainers are offering to be sheriff or even an officer of any sort? Nope, gonna sit behind your computer and complain and continue to do nothing!!

Galveston Sex Offender Arrested in Liberty County

A Galveston defendant is an Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child case, Billy Wayne Atwood, age 37, was convicted in visiting Judge David Gamer’s 122nd. Judicial District Court on Thursday, November 5th which sentenced Atwood to life in prison and a fine of $10,000.//// At least Dog the Bounty Hunter will know where to find him when he doesn't pay that fine.

General Comments

Back to a Superintendent who does not overemphasize athletics again. Liberty's football team and all of the tailgating in the world will probably not produce one football player that turns pro, but the same efforts could produce doctors and lawyers and engineers.

So your little feller doesn't play football, does that mean you have to criticize the superintendent? Maybe you should have the boy lift some weights and join the men's club. Reading books is great, but kids need to have fun too.

I think the comment about LISD Superintendent Cody Abshier was more about his emphasis and how he spen ds his energy than a knock on "having fun". A good Superintendent should be seen as an ambassador for academic achievement no a pr man for biking clubs, tailgate parties, and all other attention getting endeavors this man has put forth. Academics, not Superintendents,should be the star.

I am sick and tired of the gotcha mentality in this town. Cody is doing a good job. As for as I am concerned one of the biggest problems in education is that the federal and state regulations leave underpaid teachers feeling like they are always under the gun. i say we hire local people and if we are satisfied with their work we stand behind them make them feel appreciated and worthy of our trust. This gotcha stuff in education is ridiculous. I really don't care what outsiders say about our academic focus. my child is learning and our teachers are doing a fine job.

All of the deep thinkers who have concluded that Cody Abshire and Bobby Rader are bad guys need to either do a reality check or take their whole pill. Perfect men, no; perfect gentlemen, yes. Liberty ISD and LCSO are lucky to have them. As a reality check, compare these two guys to some of their recent predecessors like "Loose-Canon" Lusignolo and "Petered-Out" Patterson. As a whole pill, I suggest Xanax.

Every sheriff from here forward might want to be compared to that idiot Sheriff Patterson so they will look good, but Superintendent Lusignolo had many positives and doesn't belong in the same category. As for Dr. Abshier I have to say he is better at politicking than most.

General Comments

Ben Carson said that the pyramids were nothing more than structures to hold grain in ancient times. Is he painfully ignorant or just plain stupid? Oh I know what it is...he's a republican.

I love it when one of our liberty county liberal weenies tells us how stupid one of the worlds top brain surgeons, and one of the most successful real estate developers the world has ever seen are.

I love it when one of our idiotic blind conservatives can't bring themselves to see the obvious most especially when it comes to a republican nominee for Prez. Just because Carson is a brain surgeon doesn't mean for a second he should be Prez, or dog catcher either. Every time he opens his mouth he makes the most stupid statements ever.

General Comments

Sure glad Sheriff Rader is up for election and has announced it publicly because after nearly 3 years, we are getting some patrolling in our subdivisions. It is amazing that the Sheriff knew we needed patrolling but waited until he wants our vote to get it. Sure we see the cars, sometimes 3 to 5 sitting off 105 when I go to work in the afternoons in Conroe. All of them are just sitting in the cars, burning my gasoline and wasting time. Sheriff you have lost my vote waiting this long to remember we are just sitting ducks for 3 years to get a patrol car to drive through our subdivision. To little to late Sheriff Rader. I have arranged a get together in my area and invited your opponent Chief Evans and he told me thank-you for inviting me. Our votes will be for Rader's opponent. He forgot us and we will forget him on election day.

Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender Arrested in Humble

Re: Mark Anthony Breaux, 49, a Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender,//// Don't spend one more dime of taxpayer money on this scum. Execution time!

General Comments

With all the complaining about Liberty, I feel we have one of best police departments. Police are patroling neighbors all hours of the day and night, right on the spot when you need one. True we have a lot of crime, we also have more crimanals than police officers. No I do not have a relative policeman, just an older woman that works in my yard a lot and feels safe seeing patrol cars more visible than ever.

"Liberty police department"yes great job you are doing,Monday 11/09/2015officer in uniform in Workforce Solutions in Liberty,faxing something,has a job but yet has to go to a tax payer agency to use the fax machine.something wrong with this picture?would it have anything to do with that he is the same as the office manager?

Liberty Police using county fax machine, bet he forgot to wipe his boots before he came Iin...such a petty thing to grip about..

"Liberty police department"yes great job you are doing,Monday 11/09/2015officer in uniform in Workforce Solutions in Liberty,////// You are an idiot. That officer has every right to be in that office as you do. Workforce Solutions is not a state agency and no tax payer’s dollars are spent for anything in that office. If you did your research then you would know that. In fact if it was a state office that officer has every right to be in it as he is also a state employee and that equipment would be there for him to use. I bet you are one of those people who think the law is after you. Also if you are going into that office you are unemployed therefore you don't have tax paying money funding anything. I sure hope one day you do not need that officer to help you out. As far as the officer being the same as the office manager…..what does that mean? Are they both women? Are they the same height? Maybe they are both police officers???? I have been in that office and have seen officers come in and do walk arounds all the time. Maybe if you are afraid of these officers you need to stay out of that office. Please do us all a favor and learn grammar that way all your complaints about officers and the city are easier to read. I say again that you are an Idiot.

Dear Mr. Allen Youngblood,yes i'am the person that posted the comment regarding the Liberty Police officer that came into The Workforce Solutions Office.I would like to clarify my previous posts.Rebuttals to the others that made comments to my post.First and foremost the office r that i spoke of.I have meet and spoken to hime before and he was very professional unlike some of the other officers that Liberty has hade in the past.My post was due in fact that yes i have gone to The Workforce Solutions quite a few times in the past year>And in doing so have observed many things that anyone person could very well see as very simply wrong.This is also something that others that i have spoken to also agree too.It is in fact on the part of the bad management of The Workforce office.This is not opinion simply fact.As the office manager allows people of her race to come in and use the computers and printers to print out tickets for the Astro's game.And to allow the very same person that has a job paying $21.00 @ hour to copy papers about buying a home.As i also know and have worked with this person before.When I need to make copies or send a fax I do so at a local business in town at my cost not on the taxpayers dime.I'am also not in fear of any law enforcement offical at the city,county,state,federal or military level.As I do have great respect for most of the men and women that do so.It is only when the very people that are hired to do this type of work abuse the very power that they have been bestowed.As I had and Uncle that proudly served in the military and upon retirement also became a police officer who just two weeks before his retirement was shot and killed in the line of duty by some low life that robbed a store.So no ill will was meant by my post.May you have a good day Sir.

General Comments

Praying for my friend Judge Julie Harris Kocurek, and her family. God Bless

I think the shooting of Judge Julie Harris Kocurek is scandalous. I hope they find who did it and punish them to fullest extant of the law. I recall hearing of how afraid judge Hight was because of his rulings, that he would carry a gun occasionally and judge Zbranek was afraid of someone shooting him in his home with a rifle from a distance.

General Comments

Liberty County: It is a sad fact that Liberty County is a poor county. There are rich people here but the majority lives from paycheck to paycheck. It is sad that we have not had leaders in the county government, the cities government nor the schools government of Liberty County. These leaders should have had the vision that electrical systems need improvements and maintenance and that all other county, city and school assets need to be managed with a vision towards the future. Now we have numerous large tax increases or bonds issued in various levels of government because past leadership did not plan for the future. In addition the taxpayers are stuck with a hospital that is not up to date, inadequate infrastructure which includes water , electrical and roads to attract new industry. Unfortunately I see no improvement in the future leadership of Liberty County. Note: Bonds without a tax increase means that debt just keeps going and that the tax rate cannot go down.

General Comments

Just attended the middle school football game in Hardin Jefferson.the coaching staff is hideous.they show no energy.I've seen more energy from WalMart greeters.liberty used to be football 🏈 country.

General Comments

Has anyone gone down Lakeland today (11.5)? They have finally unveiled the 'magical' way the street will work now that the new road is almost done. You have to get off Lakeland, get on new road and then go down to get BACK ON LAKELAND!!!! What is wrong with our officials? Why does it have to be so crazy??? You just could have put a stop sign or light at the two intersection into Lakeland and let everyone turn. WHY MAKE IT SO HARD!?!? Has anyone seen all the stripes and signs and crazy...and we wonder why no one likes our city officials? What a joke

Well all of the complaining about the "new street" in Liberty may be an understatement. The complaints seem to all have been geared toward the delay in the opening, but wait until you see what it looks like when it does open! All of us regular people are just too ignorant to understand the great design of the road I guess. It appears to lack the "common sense" us regular folks have. It has that "extra touch" that only nobility can add top a project ........ in other words, in good old plain English, it is another waste of taxpayer money that is designed in a way that may make one of our special citizens like it more, but it is not user friendly for all.

I too just rode on the new road on Lakeland. It boggles the mind, why did they make it so complicated? Were the City of Liberty officials abusing their prescription meds when they approved of this project? Who's running the city anyway the Marx Brothers or the Three Stooges?

Lakeland Crazy! So this morning (Monday 11/9 around 8 a.m.) the city has a police office in the middle of Lakeland drive showing drivers how the road works...REALLY!?!?!?! If it takes an officer to show people where to drive, do you think maybe something is wrong? In the future are we going to pay an officer to always be out there...wouldn't it be cheaper to just FIX IT?!?!?! This ranks in the top 5 dumbest things in Liberty...possibly state of TX!

"new street in the big city",just follow the yellow brick road to the swamp.roll your pants legs up first.and there's money in them there trees.for the land owner that is.poor fools will come near and far and buy the land only later to find out what a big mistake they have made.

General Comments

I worked as a paint professional for over 12 years and the most valuable product I sold Consan Triple Action 20. It not only kills mildew and mold, but prevents it's regrowth, as long as there is a residual on the surface. 2 tablespoons per gal. of water will kill any mildew on carpet and walls and prevent its regrowth. It is odorless and colorless. Chachare and most of the home improvement stores carry it. It us usually priced at #18-$19 a pint, which is less expensive than bleach. Bleach kills and bleaches the mildew stain,but consan kills and prevents. I hope this helps some of my neighbors that got flood water into their homes.

General Comments

I want to bring to the attention of everyone who may have had their cars towed due to the heavy rain, like I did. I flooded out on 146 and my auto was towed to a towing facility I paid an arm and a leg to get my auto out, if I hadn't then I was going to have to pay a daily storage fee, a major rip off.

I contacted a company to tow a vehicle on Saturday but was told the water was too high and he would tow my vehicle the next morning which he tried to do however the authorities that morning called another company that charged me nearly 1200.00. Website says affordable rates that is not affordable.

I would call an out of town laser to nail these towing companies.or report them to the BBB.I know of people who's vehicles were towed even though they were in parking lots to not be flooded.most of these drivers have records.

For those of you writing about your vehicles being towed... call TDLR or go to the website and fill out the complaint form.. be sure to keep your reciept

General Comments

I REALLY,REALLY,REALLY want to thank our pct4 people. As I went to work yesterday morning those poor folks were out working and soaked to the bone. Never seen that before

Escapee Phillip Henry Freeman

In reference to the escapee, how did he escape?

How come the escapee Mr freeman isn't on liberty county's top 10 most wanted?

General Comments

Someone brought the fact to me, that Sheriff Rader's Department is the first law enforcement agency that the goal is to make money. Five vehicles sit on I-69, during their whole shift looking for more money to spend for next, bazookas. The people in the county, has no patrol. Reason being that patrolling makes no money for the Sheriff to spend by Timmy Neimyer. Timmy has Rader wrapped around his little finger, especially with buying machine guns, in Liberty County. My money is that in March/2016, we have a new Sheriff and Bobby back to Insurance business. Please vote to rid the LCSO of the thugs and back to basics, putting folks in jail.

To the writer who criticized the Rader administration for buying "bazookas" and who encouraged voters to rid LCSO of "thugs," I hope that you realize the extent of your hyperbole. Agree or disagree with Bobby Rader, but don't call him a thug - he is not anything like a thug. As far as "bazookas" go, have you taken a look at some of Liberty County's sure-enough thugs? We might not need any of your hyperbolic rocket launchers, but an M2 or two might be useful.

General Comments

To all the a**holes who drove up and down 1409, thanks for sending water into my house. I would have been okay, if not for the waves of water you created by driving your big truck so fast to make rooster tails. I am sorry your wedding tackle is so small you must compensate with a steroid driven truck. I shudder at the thought you are allowed to procreate.

Big Thicket Drug Arrest

Re: Big Thicket Drug Arrest.//// Two chances? Execute time. That's if you are really serious about the so called War on Drugs. LOL!

Decomposed body found in Liberty County

Does anyone know anything about the body found west of the Trinity River?

City of Liberty Power System Analysis

I'll bet the advisory board is the same jackwagons that are on the city these damn clowns an the mayor ever notice how most of the city and county employees are related to some jackass in power.Everytime I tell people I'm from liberty they say that corrupt place.these old liberty legacy county families are trying to preserve this same thought process for the next generation.Time foe liberty to progress.

As the Third-World Turns It is Wednesday, 1:00 P.M. and AGAIN the power is out in the area to the west of the North Main/By-Pass intersection. On a map, this particular area is said to be in the Industrial/Developed World. Judging by the frequent power outages and humidity, however, I'd say we are in the Solomon Islands. If we lived in the Third World, at least we could communicate using bongo drums or native runners. As it is, we are stuck with computers that require dependable electrical power. I am not comforted to read that a City of Liberty advisory group is studying the matter. I would much prefer that a completely independent and outside audit be conducted. I would be pleased to contact such a group, but I can't find their bongo code in my darkened office and my "runner" went home in disgust at another afternoon of productivity being lost.

I know I'm dumb, but why would you need an advisory board with yourself on it to advise yourself? Can't you just look in the mirror and have a discussion? The recently published "electrical analysis" by, and I quote, "Liberty Community Development Advisory Board to the Liberty City Council" has Frank Jordan, Chairman, advising Frank Jordan, Councilman. What am I missing here?

Voters without photo ID may qualify for an exemption or free ID

"voter i.d." ,free election i.d. certificate from tx. d.p.s.,what next? if any person of legal age that does not at least have a drivers license,some thing is wrong,like it or not,i'am not now,never have been and never will be a "P.C." person,and just who will pay for the cost of the free i.d. ? have a nice day y'all ! gotta dig a little deeper .

General Comments

Just wandering what happened to Quality Care Plus? And better yet is what happened to our medical records.

Found this on Facebook about Quality Care Plus: Update on the medical records issue with Quality Care Plus in Liberty, Texas. The custodian of medical records for them is : Rob Turner at University General Hospital. @ 281-216-6871

About the medical records from quality care plus, good luck getting them I have repeatedly called but no return calls! The clinic in Batson is the same, legally these records are suppose to be available.

General Comments

Is anybody else besides me having electrical problems with the City of Liberty?

The power grid in Liberty is a joke. Who is held responsible for the infrastructure in Liberty? We need to hold them accountable for the incompetence of leadership to proactively address this ever-worsening problem.

If given a choice between a high quality consistently dependable electric system and a new road from the by-pass to lakeland drive, how many Liberty citizens would go for the new road?

Yesterday, 10-25-15, the power flickered on an off approximately 15 times. This continued until about 1:35 p.m. whereas it completely went off for a total of 2 hours. Then about 3:00 a.m. this morning 10-26-15 started all over again. The whole Liberty grid is a total failure. I have been keeping a ledger of interruptions of power to send to the Public Utilities Commission. Maybe that will help.

"power outage's" in Liberty,Mon.,10/26/2015 THIRD day in a row,WTH? starting to look like a third world country.

TV two year warranty voided by your electricity going on and off? Visits with friends from out of town interrupted by electricity going on and off? Miss part of the ballgame because your electricity keeps going on and off? Tired of sitting around on the porch waiting for the poor city employees to get the electricity back on? Kick these "leaders" out of the city of Liberty and let's start over. The Mayor, the city manager, and anyone making excuses and spending their time and our money building new streets while we have sub-par services. Let's kick the people out that wan t to raise the standards and use "codes" to make people spend hard earned money to upgrade houses they have owned for years WHILE they have the lowest of standards when it is they who they are applied to - such as the electric grid. Kick them out! they are dealing misery out to the people they are suppose to be serving!

The city is holding its residents hostage to the generator/electrical drug deal they made with Boomerang. People, open your eyes. Energy is deregulated....meaning you have a CHOICE who you buy electricity from. The entire state of Texas does....but not the city of Liberty? Deregulation brings in healthy competition and lower prices. When are ya'll going to get tired of being held hostage to that deal made years ago, and it isn't working for ANYONE but the City of Liberty. Lemme hurry and click "send" before the power goes out again...

The entire state is not deregulated in regard to electrical providers. The City of Liberty is unique in that it is a municipal owned utility which also means the Texas PUC is not the entity to complain to. You have to complain to the City of Liberty. Therein lies the problem. Move to Dayton and you can have lower rates with Entergy which is also not deregulated and also not part of ERCOT.

I don't get it. The same people who wasted millions on a street running through the middle of lowland near the bypass to Lakeland drive are saying sometime in the future we should spend millions fixing Liberty's electricity problems? Do these people believe money grows on trees?

Advisory committee to the Liberty city council- who are these folks? Let me guess, it is some of the city council.When government police's it's own, we are in trouble. But, we in Liberty have known this for a long time. Why have the city fathers began this replacing these 'aging" facilities long ago? "Repaired in the rain", people do not care about this, be professional and stop whining. Who is going to "repair" appliances, air conditioners, etc. that were lost in the outages. We need to get rid of SRMPA. Are any of the Liberty city fathers on their board? Here is the bottom line, our electrical grid has been ignored, but we had the money to build a road to nowhere. We need better leadership, the city manager ( and others need to go).

Really appreciate the Liberty Energy Analysis but nowhere did I see blame placed on the usual suspects - our squirrel population. Guess that excuse got too old, thank goodness. Saying that one problem was Sam Rayburn's and not Liberty's is most ingenious since we own a considerable chunk of that useless entity and our ex-city attorney is El Presidente and our mayor is on the board. Why do we need to call in an electric outage when the city can remotely read our meters? Where's Bruce Halstead when we need him? So many questions and still no satisfactory answers. Why don't they pass an ordinance that no councilman can serve unless they get rid of their electric home generator - that would get their attention.

We have now read the admissionof guilt and incompetence by the city of Liberty's leaders, but I never saw a resignation. Their poor management has caused many hours of miserable conditions for many people. They should all get a new job ..... including the city manager and all of his geniuses down the hallway.

"electrical liberty". someone posted a questions in their comments,"does money grow on trees"? YES but only on the trees that are on the land that will be for sale in the new subdivision in the swamp.y'all have e good day!

Grab your pocketbooks taxpayers, Liberty Community Development spent millions on new street and after the money is gone, now weneed millions to fix Liberty electric needs. Tax, tax, tax

Texas Military Takeover Gains GOP Voter Traction

"A - Jade Helm 15: Texas Military Takeover :" I'm thinking that maybe you two need to put your tin foil hats back in, stop listening to George Noori, and Alex Jones.

The story about Jade Helm was just a report not a condoning of the thing, but of course some think it is a reality. To think that the government is coming to take control of the state of Texas is beyond ludicrous. The point about tin foil hats shows how silly the whole thing is and how some people really believe it to be true. If you can read between the lines you can see how far we have slipped into a type of mental illness and accepted it as reality, and that is scary.

T"A - Jade Helm 15: Texas Military Takeover :" I'm thinking that maybe you two need to put your tin foil hats back in, stop listening to George Noori, and Alex Jones. ///// Yeah you are right, Man! Just look how stupid those German people were. And what about those Cuban people? Man, they were stupid. Hitler and Castro never took over anything, Man. Man, people are stupid.

General Comments

I notice some of the presidential candidates are openly advocating for legalizing pot. I wish something would be done in that regard, there have been too many lives ruined by the unjust drug laws and it hasn't even dampened the usage one iota. Sobriety is relative anyway. People are stoned on so many different things anyway television, alcohol, power etc. so lets free pot.

To the person who wants to legalize pot. Go where its legal. I hope Texas never get that stupid. Marijuana is a dangerous drug, it burns up more brain cells then alcohol. People try to drive high and think because they got a buzz its ok. Well buzz driving is drunk driving. If you or anybody else don't like the laws in Texas please go somewhere else. People who do drugs have no ambition to work, they would rather steel to pay for their habit. If they get a job it only temporary; just long enough to get a paycheck and spend it on drugs. So I say again your welcome to leave Texas.

General Comments

What is the status of Com. McCarty since his indictment? Why is he still a sitting commissioner? Can Judge Knight remove him from commissioners court? It is not good practice to have a grand jury indited politician having any input in running county government business.

An indictment does not represent guilt. There have been other elected officials, including our governor, that continue to work for the public and do an outstanding job. Only a jury or judge can determine guilt. Mike is a good man and this political ploy against him will all eventually all come to an end.

Voters without photo ID may qualify for an exemption or free ID

As early voting continues for the November 3 Election, Texas Secretary of State Carlos H. Cascos again reminds voters about photo ID options for voting in person.//// If you do not have an ID, you are illegal and not allowed to vote. Case closed.

Man on Parole Arrested for Narcotics Trafficking

On Thursday October 22, 2015 the Liberty County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, assisted by Liberty County Precinct 2 Constable’s Office and the Daisetta Police Department, served a felony narcotics arrest warrant at 268 County Road 158 in Liberty, Texas.///// On probation? Where is the tree at the Courthouse for the hanging? Or would you like your kids to get some of this good stuff?

General Comments

U.S. Hospitals Mark Up Prices 1,000 Percent:
Of the 50 hospitals with the highest markups, 49 are for-profit, including 25 owned by Community Health Systems. Liberty County Hospital District No.-1 was reported to have been formed because the indignant citizens of Liberty did not have insurance and therefore no way to pay the cost incurred at The Great Liberty Dayton hospital. The question now asked is as follows ‘ Why do we need the tax payers to pay for the Liberty County Hospital District No-1 ? When everyone has insurance now withOBAMA-CARE in effect . Sounds Like “Double Dipping” To Me , what about you ?

In answer to: "Why do we need the tax payers to pay for the Liberty County Hospital District No-1 ? When everyone has insurance now withOBAMA-CARE in effect . Sounds Like “Double Dipping” To Me , what about you ?" Do you EVER listen to the news? Everyone does NOT have insurance now. Our wonderful, caring Republican run Texas government REFUSED to expand Medicaid to include the really poor people of Texas. So the ones who really can't afford to pay for insurance are STILL not covered. So YES, we still need the Hospital District.

Drug Arrest on Baker Circle St. Liberty County

Re drug bust in baker circle. This is the second time in 3 months. Last time only one person went to jail. Why? I heard there was a child in the house at the time of the first bust. Allen could you check into this and see why the parents of the child didn't go to jail for neglect or child endangerment?. I believe the parents were Cassy and Tevin Mouton. Keep up the good work LCSO but let's not forget about the "second sub" as some call it.

Well now that they got the sub Maby they will bust sexton street. It's terrible over there.

I understand that the lil boys selling drugs in "the sub" isnt right by any means but speaking on things that you have no clue about isnt right either! For the nosey person speaking on the child and the parents...let the laws do their job and MIND YOUR F***ING BUSINESS!! IT ISNT YOUR PLACE TO JUDGE A SITUATION U HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH!!

Re sub bust: must of been one of the wonderful parents who had the best interest of their child at heart chiming in on the last post. All I can say in due time all the activity will stop, one at a time. Keep it up LCSO. In the meantime while I'm minding my business I will continue to watch the activity in that area.

"the drug bust in ames" Dang gurlz,you beez mad or what? all dat cussin and fussin.da po-po gonna get cha,raiz dem chillin right,and dere wont be no mo poblum in yo neck of da woods.

General Comments

O.K. - let's use this space for something really useful. What are the steps to cutting the cable here in Liberty? What are the alternatives to cable tv and how do you get it done?

Speeding Driver Arrested in River Bottom

Speeding driver in river bottom? What a bunch of pig poo... This man was taken to jail over 2.7 grams of weed? The same weed that's legal to buy and smoke in many states. Texas has its backwards head up its butt. The Texas criminal justice system is a blood sucking mafia.

Two Charged after Traffic Stop

"speeding driver in river bottom",to the comment "pig-poo",driver also did NOT have a drivers license,illgeal ? most probably ties to the cartel from Dayton ? laws are the laws,they are in place for all to follow,like it or not.AND if anyone is in The United States Of America illegally the have no rights,like it or not,have a good day.The American Way !

I read the report of the arrest of the two in the river bottom, also read the post about the arrest. No where in the story did it say the pair were "illegal", only the poster made the accusation even going so far as tying them to some cartel in Dayton. The only thing that can be said with any facts is that the pair were arrested for drugs, in the river bottom and...the poster is a racist.

"Two Charged after Traffic Stop" - First off, no where in the story does it say they were speeding at the river bottom. It doesn't even mention where they were pulled over. Second, they were stopped because of equipment violation on the vehicle they were in. The male driver was arrested because he was drunk and got a charge for no drivers license. Now that was kind of odd that he didn't get DWI or DUI, but anyways, it was the female passenger that was charged for drugs. Now to link them to the "Drug Cartel" in Dayton, LMAO!!! No I'm not realated to them at all, thank God, but they are both out of jail and still in the US, so maybe that means they are not ILLEGAL as the the first poster mentioned. Don't go to assuming when you don't know, a hispanic last name does not mean "Illegal". People, read the stories right before you go to sending feedback. It just makes you sound more stupid and like an idiot. Also, you might want to go back to school to learn how to read, write and spell. Now Have a nice day all!!!!

"two charged after traffic stop" 10/11/2015,reported 10/20/ the two people that did not like MY first post,well,well again i'am not now,never have been and never will be a "P.C. person",and if YOU look and read My post it clearly has a question mark after iilgeal and the comment about the cartel,leaving people to question what is going on in The United States Of America,if someone has no driners license(adult) but they can afford a car or truck and gas to put in the tank,as well as $ for drugs.they should be able to buy(get) a drivers license.I have worked (past tense)in places that did,and most likely still do hire people with fake papers,and they also did not have a drivers license.SO yes they are most likely iilgeal.have a nice day y'all !

Heroin arrest in Liberty County

"heroin bust in Dayton",released on $125,000.00 bond,bye-bye like he will really show up in court

General Comments

big drug bust in Dayton,Donald Trump where are you when you are needed? What about the one's that have not been caught? Are these the type of people that we (USA) want or need,people of Liberty County WAKE UP ! This is going on all around you,look at some of the homes that have been built lately,you can not get that cutting grass,no matter how hard and long you work.

General Comments

Just a quick question has their been any news about the inmate that is missing from the Liberty jail ? It was reported that he escaped but not a word has been said since.

Has the escapee been caught?

General Comments

Update on Boat Ramp repair: To any of you who enjoyed having access to the Trinity River for fishing and boating I have some bad news to share. My husband and I have both made attempts to find out information on getting the boatramp cleared of sand build up so that we can once again launch our boat and and go fishing. Last week my husband spent a considerable amount of time contacting any and all county and state departments who would/could have involvement or responsibility in clearing the sand build up from the ramp. He was finally directed to an attorney who informed him that their are NO plans in the future to clear the ramp. There are tentative plans on building a "new" ramp on the opposite, east side of the river, but the existing ramp will not be cleared. Now that makes sense!!!! Obviously,there must be unlimited sources of funds available if a brand new boat launch can be constructed versus having sand removed from the existing ramp! In other words, we will not have any public access to launch a boat in the Trinity River in Liberty, Tx. My husband was also informed that he and one other person were the only people making complaints or reauests to have the boat ramp cleared. Looks like fishing in the Trinity River is now a public recreation of the past.

Re: "Update on boat ramp repair": I am likely that one other person complaining about the boat ramp.I have been trying to get TXDOT and TP&W to clear the boat ramp for over a year. I have pages of emails to both agencies. TP&W is now saying they have to do all kinds of studies before they clear the ramp. Their biologists are coming next week to see if there are zebra mussels at the site. If so, that requires more studies. They need a permit from COE to remove the sand as well. TXDOT can't do anything until TP&W says it's OK. Ain't nothing easy these days.

Concerning the liberty boat ramp if they told you that only one other person has complained they sorely lied to you!

General Comments

It is sad that some elderly citizens cannot understand what Bobby Rader has done to our Liberty County Sheriff's Office in 3 short years. When Patterson was beat I thought the end to the thugs in the County Sheriff's Dept. but by George they are back. Timmy Niemeyer is worse than Louis Guthrie and now with a title he has accrued as president of an association of deputies he will be even more powerful in Rader's eyes. He is listed by Pearland Police Department as a "DO NOT REHIRE" in Liberty County he is a star and about the size of a 6th grade girl and appears to have no muscles in his arms and sits in the Court House, slumping in his chair. He is an embarrassment to the County and he shows no respect for the County Judge and the 4 Commissioners. Two of the Commissioners are State licensed Peace Officers, in Good Standing. They both started in Law Enforcement before he was even born, but he shows them no respect. Please stop Bobby Rader before the number of thugs like Timmy double and triple. He wants to unionize the Deputies. Let’s remember when this happened last time under OJ Stewart and Attorney Julie Cain took Liberty County Taxpayers for a $1.+ Million Dollar Settlement, which would bankrupt the County that has been righted by County Judge Knight at the helm. Get rid of Timmy Niemeyer, by telling Bobby Rader Goodbye on 3/1/16...

The "psycho-rant" against Timmy Niemeyer is the best argument yet for keeping Bobby Rader our sheriff - just hope all these nut-cases don't convince him to seek a more peaceful occupation! Wish we could give Cleveland to Montgomery County. The ranter obviously has never been around the Milenial generation.

I got a belly laugh when the knuckle head wrote a rebuttal to the letter about Timmy Niemeyer and called the initial letter a "Psycho Rant". Then in a drug induced state did not want the Sheriff to leave the county I think or wants Cleveland moved to Montgomery County. Seriously do not write to this feedback forum after just burning some Mary Jane. Your feed back really makes no sense to me. The best thing he mentioned was calling Timmy Niemeyer the "Millennial Generation", (he did not even spell it correctly). Please go to a search engine and put those terms in and read especially the "Pew Research Center" on this “New Generation“. Guess that is why he drives our Police Cars to Pearland, Texas and back everyday on our money for taxes and he sits on Intrastate 69, looking for dope to beat his skinny chest making the Sheriff so Proud of his Prodigy. This is first Law Enforcement outfit that considers making money a good thing and not policing our neighborhoods a good thing to do. It is befuddling to my Generation that works and makes a living and tries to stay out of debt their whole life. Don’t Bogart that joint my friend….

I don't know about this Neimeyer. I don't know about this psycho rant. What I do know is that Im not happy with this sheriffs department. What I do know is that we don't get the help from this sheriffs department when needed. And what I definitely know is that I will not vote for this sheriff again.

Hey Psycho-Ranter, go smoke a doobie, grab another chocolate do-nut with sprinkles, chill-out and try to understand that calling Timmy Niemeyer or anyone else "skinny" is NOT an insult - that gave everybody else a belly laugh. In the future, don't mistake your "generation" as being synonymous with "hayseed" - now that is insulting a lot of people. Why don't you consider removing you svelte boody to Pearland since their crime prevention forces are so wonderful? By the way, you get a "gold star" for spelling millennial correctly to hang on your icebox.

General Comments

Well now I see why there is so much trouble within the Hardin City Council. They're all WOMEN! Everyone knows women will stab each other in the back in a second. But the really disturbing thing is this. Where are the men?

So much trouble with Hardin city council. The poster that said they are all women is sort of right. But I think the ex mayor wants to be mayor again and will do anything to become mayor again. The title of mayor pro tem just don't seem to hit the spot. But anyway it will be exciting to find out ... next month what kind of new drama happens at the monthly meeting.

Hardin City Council should be ashamed of themselves. They're so busy making sure they hold on tight to the reigns and fighting with the mayor that nothing is being accomplished. It's beyond ridiculous. Move on or move out.

Hardin City Council ashamed of themselves. No way they could care less of what people think of their actions. Hardin needs a leash law for all the dogs running around in town, but council thinks a ordinance to take away the keys from the mayor is more important. Before all the fighting started nobody knew or cared for that matter who was on council or who the mayor was

General Comments

Does anyone know why military choppers are landing at Liberty Intercontinental Airport quite often?

General Comments ,Q- Does anyone know why military choppers are landing at Liberty Intercontinental Airport quite often? A - Jade Helm 15: Texas Military Takeover : -- WASHINGTON – A- conspiracy theory that the U.S. military is plotting to invade Texas and impose martial law has gained some traction among Republicans. A poll by Public Policy Polling released on Wednesday found that 32 percent of GOP primary voters nationwide believe that the federal government is in fact trying to take over Texas.

General Comments

Glad to see Rex is running for sheriff. I thought it would be Chip vs Bobby and was worried Liberty County would not even have an oppportunity to vote for a n effective sheriff. By the way what is that snoop deputy dog Patterson doing tehse days/

General Comments

I see where the money to the grand champions and the rest of the auctioned animals were down from last year. The b.oard needs to take an honest look at the complaints by patrons see if it can fix the issue... but we all know it won't

General Comments

I see Sheriff Rader has announced he was running for Sheriff on Face Book and will announce in the media shortly. I think who ever wrote it for him (Veto) figured that his opponent is to ignorant to know he has to file the paper work and pay the filing fee starting on November 14th. So he said he would be doing that on that date as all candidates have to do to run. I think his opponent is not so ignorant to let 5 Tahoe's sit on I-69 and not patrol the subdivisions in the unincorporated areas. You think Rader realizes he is not running against Henry Patterson this time. He will have to spend some money and justify throwing our money away on extra job cars we bought and all the gasoline we pay for cooling the inside for the deputy's to ride home. Rader has us spending more money than any Sheriff and we get no service. Twelve employees do no patrolling and tons of training, to meet regulations who‘s positions are not needed. I guess they have to learn to shoot machine guns Rader bought, along with plastic explosives. Hopefully when they blow a house down it will be the right house and no small children killed when done accidentally. Rader I hope and pray you are not elected again. By the way Veto has her own Tahoe to drive home. Must be nice to be the boss man's favorite at the Sheriff's Office and have a boss...

General Comments

liberty county sheriff department,today,thurs.,10/15/2015 on my way to humble early 7:30am or there about,when at a red light who pulls up beside me,but a nice shiny suv,clearly marked "liberty county sheriff"turned left into a gated apartment complex,just across from lake Houston,must be nice,maybe working with harris county on some sort of crime,

General Comments

Somebody please run for District Clerk. Liberty County can not afford Donna Brown any more.

General Comments

I was totally unconcerned and could have cared less about all of the complaining I was hearing about the new standards and tough inspections by the city of Liberty.But then I unexpectedly decided to sell my house. Unbeliveable! My house was built in the 1970's and now I am told it would have to be brought up to the "new specs" before any sale could be finalized. Really! Has there been a rash of fires caused by 1970's electrical standards? Are the citizens of Liberty in favor of this kind of building code that makes houses more expensive to buy and to rent? The estimate to get my house "up to code" is $6500. Notice I didn't say it was the cost to fix a problem. The buyer of my house will be no more comfortable and the house will not look better. And the "safety upgrade" is negligible. This mayor needs to reign in his inspectors and the outsiders we have hired to gouge us on housing!!!!

AMEN! to the person who is sickened by the city of Liberty's mafiosa-like building inspector. And If "Mayor" Pickett doesn't shut this stuff down, i hope he never draws an opponent and has to be Mayor of this town FOREVER!

I totally sympathize with the poster who has to upgrade his house before it can be sold. I too fell under the scrutiny of city officials concerning my house...and lost. I don't know if the inspector is still on hire here , but the person I had to deal with was totally unreasonable. The City Council hides behind a city charter that hands all power to a city manager, the mayor is only a figure head. The manager I assume hires the inspectors, in any event we the citizens are at the mercy of the city and its minions. If you think you are unhappy try and speak to any number of city employees and listen to their woes. Go to City Hall and engage the clerks that work there a nest of nastier people you wont find anywhere else. The recent ordinances passed by the council to punish the poor and needy is scandalous. The whole situation is incestuous, they all vote with the other member in mind, they all frequent the same parties, their children all used to or still do socialize with each other, thereby bonding in ways that preclude objectivity. Fire the lot!

The people running the city think weare all a buch of stupid hayseeds that just don't understand how the world works.

General Comments

I wonder how much of Liberty County's tax payers' money is going into Donna Brown's "business trip" to Kerrville with some of her employees...All exspence paid I bet...

General Comments

The sheriff truck working the extra job at the pipeline on 1008 is gone! In its place is a $46,000 Tahoe, it seems to be running for the entire time it is one location! 12 plus hours! I would think this would wear these expensive vehicles out faster. Maybe Liberty County has plenty on money. Did anyone else's taxes go up this past year?


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