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General Comments

Charlotte Warner and Craig McNair may not be right about alot of things but saving the taxpayers the monwy the jail corporation is pocketing is a winner. Spending 64k is another waste of money or a stall game.

This is a complex situation regarding Commissioner Lowery, the Sheriff and Commissioner-elect Wilson. Commissioner Lowery comes up for re-election in a year and half and Lowery is worried because he feels he will have 2 opponents in the race. Lowery is counting on Bobby Rader to pull him over the finish line in his race because Lowery thinks Rader is strong in his area. Lowery you remember at last CC you brought up the spending the $64,000 that the county does not have to placate the Sheriff who is saying "yes" but means "no" to running the county jail. Commissioner-Elect Leon Wilson who does not mince words said something to Bobby Rader at the Budget Workshop about a poor decision he had made recently. So Lowery goes after the meeting and goes back to his office and calls Mr. Wilson a “loose cannon”. Lowery I do not trust you and frankly I hope you are defeated. Leave name calling to children and not by grown men. Leon Wilson speaks the truth and can make a decision, like not spending $64000, when it is not needed and the county cannot afford to spend. Lowery you are a damp fuse! Mr. Wilson never be a commissioner that throws “our money” away and speaks honestly and the citizens will never forget you for being Honest and Thrifty with “Our Money”.

Co-op Puts $2.3 Million Back in Members’ Pockets

Wow after charging the mess out of us for electricity Sam Houston Electric Co-Op is going to take some money off of one of our bills. How about billing us a reasonable rate all year long!

General Comments

Hey mr Youngblood just seen train out here in Hardin with at least 200 hundred assorted military vehicles and tanks headed east. Any idea what's going on?

General Comments

Ok liberty its time to go back to ol school football...I formations spilt back...and chicken wayne called a pisspoor game...was he scared of his hometown fans!!!!

And another thing how does this ref gets to call a game in his hometown!!!!

General Comments

I have heard that the Cleveland Commissioner has been calling the newly elected Commissioner from a “loose cannon”. This apparently came from the last Commissioners Court meeting and work shop. I was not there but what I understand from listening to people who were there, Commissioner elect Wilson was questioning Sheriff Radar about his decision to remove security from the Court House. If asking the questions that commissioners should be asking, if not being afraid to make a decision without spending $64000 dollars to get someone to tell you it is ok is being a loose cannon maybe we should hope the other two members of Commissioners Court are loose cannons also. I can see why this commissioners court is known as a do nothing court. They are afraid to ask questions or make a decision. I have to give credit to C. Warner and Judge McNair, they did ask questions and opposed spending the $64000.

General Comments

The city of Liberty is so proud of "not raisng taxes". I am sick of this scam. The values have been raised on our property and in order for the city to keep taxes the same they know they have to lower the rate. Dayton lowered city taxes while Liberty actually raised theirs. Shameful in an economy that is making it tough on all the middle class.

Precinct 4 Constable Office Makes Drug Arrests

Constable Robby Thornton seems to be doing excellent work going after the Dopers and winning the battle a piece at a time. Hope he is remembered next election. He as a rag tag team of folks making cases, but not driving Tahoe’s for 104 miles a day to go home and back. Constable Thornton does not allow a "prima Donna" drive a Tahoe to Pearland, Texas, but no County Vehicle out of Liberty County. You go get them Constable Thornton; you have Law Enforcement Experience unlike our County Sheriff, who has a 6 man squad, eating Hartz Chicken in Cleveland and no drug arrests. Constable Thornton, would you run for Sheriff, we need Law Enforcement experience and no thugs.

General Comments

A nine year old girl is allowed to shoot a assault weapon at a shooting range, and accidently shoots the instructor and he dies. This is the epitome of what's wrong with guns and gun worshipers. A child is put in the position by an adult of using a weapon like it's a toy and since the child doesn't comprehend what's she doing, only trusting the adult she kills the adult, what is the stupid sound byte gun lovers always say? "guns don't kill people, people kill people", in this case the gun killed the person. Stupid adults, stupid parents, poor little girl.

General Comments

My son's stepfather can't fight this dumb rule that you have to play football if you want to pursue a baseball scholarship at our wonderful high school. My ex will not say anything because he says the school board is so political he does not want to make things worse. While all that is going on my son had to decide whether he should play a sport he did not want to play in order to play one he loves and will surely win a scholarship in. I think we may need more women on the school board and in the administration. men can be childish.

If a child wants to play baseball, what does that have to do with football?

I do not understand the rule that if you want to participate in one sport in school, you have to participate in all or another sport as well. It was definitely not this way when I was growing up. I played basketball and was pretty good for a high school girl but I was absolutely "NO" good at volleyball. It is hard when a child like yours wants to pursue a baseball career and is forced to play football, which is a full contact sport that could lead to injuries that would in turn end his baseball career. I think I would talk to the school board on this one and good luck!!!

Bring a lawyer that specailizes in schoollaw and Dayton will let your son prepare to play baseball in athletic class and he will not have to play football.

Security Positions Removed from LCSO Budget

The Liberty County Commissioners and County Judge put Bobby Rader in his place today. Rader threatened all the judges (by letter) at the court house that effective October 1, 2014 the three court house deputy’s would be taking off the court house assignment and placed in the patrol division. Rader got B##TCH SLAPPED. Maybe he could have pulled it off if he would have got the old man in the leisure suit to make the threat, or Veta, or Sherry, or Brett. Nah I doubt it.

Rader has no clue on how to run the jail, or the Sheriff’s Department.

McNair told Rader to “step up to the plate”. That’s AWSOME

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department has got some BIG problems. Bobby, Ken, Brett, Vita, Timmy, Tommy, Don, Dagle, and Lowery.

Today the Commissioner Court met in Liberty for their normal meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the court adjourned into special session, with Judges Cain, Morefield and Chambers, in attendance, the Sheriff was not invited (a slap in the face). The Special session, had to do with Sheriff Rader's letter to the Judges, he was pulling the 3 Deputy's that were part of Court House Security, to put on patrol. Well, today they hit the Sheriff with a new arrangement, taking 3 of his employees and put them into a special department at the Court House with the 3 Bailiff’s and funding them out of general funds. Sheriff Rader, when you dig your grave, please know when to stop. Bobby wake up, your ship is going to sink, because you think you are untouchable, but you are and bet that after January 1st, no County Cars will be taken out of the County, especially not to Pearland, Texas or anyone’s homes outside of Liberty County. Sheriff that will save you $7,000 a year, at least for your interdiction Sgt., to drive to and from home each day, to show the world, that you hired a person, that his department will not even rehire. (Called a “Patterson”) That is 104+ miles each day, in a Tahoe, in Houston traffic. Bobby, this interdiction team, you are so proud of, is seen lounging around in Cleveland and each sitting in a different spot, not even close to I-69. Bobby, you started out, so well, now you are getting punched around daily, wake up and do the right thing and quit trying to win a popularity contest at the LCSO. It is a sad thing to watch a man implode, in front of all eyes, in the County.

This whole thing with Rader and the Commissioners is the best entertainment for the money anywhere. My question is who were the ones who convinced Rader to run in the first place?

In response to who convinced Rader to run for sheriff, one can only imagine but I bet he hates their guts right now. He should have taken the lesson taught by the ever-popular, late, great Jack Hartel - don't take a position that engenders enemies - stay on the fence. Plus, he failed to review what has happened to past Liberty County sheriffs - not good odds for longevity or future work.

Please leave Bobby Radar alone and let him do his job. Some of you need to get a life. You are destroying the reputation of the county. I have know Bobby for over 30 years and have never known him to be dishonest with anyone or anything. All this talk about the explosives is ridiculous. Do you think he woke up one morning and said, "I think I will buy some explosives to play with". I think, rather, he took advice from Homeland Security or other experts. Don't loose sight of the fact we are only 26 miles from the ship channel. It has been named as a prime candidate for terrorism. Petty small town politics, or national security? And, as to the not being included in the drug raid in Ames: His men were probably working in the north end of the county, again, doing what he they were hired to do. (just a guess). Let him concentrate on his job. He needs all the help and support he can get. Time to study and make critical public safety is what the man needs. LET HIM DO THE JOB WE HIRED HIM TO DO.

I was told that Bobby Raider has a sign at the court house in Pearland advertising for sheriff deputies, Maybe then they can car pool.

The effects on taxpayers is not neutral. It may be neutral financially but not when you take in consideration now there will be less protection on the streets. I can understand why both sides reacted the way they have. But the nitty gritty of it is we do not have enough law enforcement to handle the call volume in Liberty Co. Anyone who has ever had to call for help will attest to that. They are spread out too far and too thin and response time is high. Basically our deputies can only respond reactively. If you try and call for a suspicious anything or just shots fired in the neighborhood you are lucky if you get someone out the very same day. There is not enough personell to be successful at acting proactively and being preventive. Another example of being spread too thin is LCSO Dispatch. LCSO Dispatch handles all the deputies traffic, the state troopers traffic, all EMS and Fire in the county with the exception of cities of Liberty,Dayton and Cleveland.And not only that, they have to deal with walk ins from the public. And this is with only 2 or 3 dispatchers working at one time. Anyone who listens to a scanner or radio can tell you thats a problem waiting to happen. What are the answers besides raising taxes? I don't know. But I know this, all of us law abiding citizens, law enforcement, the courthouse and the jail are all on the same side. We want a safe and clean community to live and raise our families in. We should find a way to work together towards this common goal.

Rader is a Republican and he wants to force the court to raise taxes?

Did I miss something or is the "take your department car home" policy changed since RRader became sheriff?

General Comments

I just read that we, the State of Texas, just paid one (1) of Gov. Rick Perry's attorneys $80,000.00 for work done on his alleged crime. What on earth did Perry get for this extravagant expense? At $400/hour, that's 5 weeks at 40 hours/day or the cost of a high powered law degree. If this is the true cost of defense, most of us can kiss the courtroom goodbye. Now I know the reason for all the plea bargaining - justice is too expensive. You're guilty unless you have the coins - that's great for the guilty, kind of sad for the falsely accused. No wonder we have so many jail hotels.

Mom Thought She Was Sleeping

I thought this story was a great story and had a happy ending this time so many people young and old meet people online and do not have a clue to the dangers that are out there. Waiting and looking for their next victim. I wish we had a way to get the message out to more people.

General Comments

There is no way Dayton residents can fund an $87 million dollar school bond. This will be a nail in the coffin for Dayton. Education is important but the economy is bad and people need to feed their families.

DISD voters (Taxpayers). Do the math before being smoozed into voting for this 87.8 million dollar wish list being put out by our school board and administrators. Two new K-5 schools at 950 students each equals 1,900 students. Cost $57 million. 6th grade school with 30 classrooms at 24 students per room equals 720 students. Cost $11.6 million. Dayton High School, 8 new classrooms at 24 students each equals 192 students. Cost $3.4 million. Add it up, 2,812 new students, where are they coming from? Does our elected officials really expect a 56% increase in enrollment in the immediate future? Also, did you notice in the news release NOTHING was said about Richter, is it because they do not want us to know they intend to tear it down and build a new school on that site? If I recall correctly Richter was built in the early 1980's which makes it a little over 30 years old. So, using this as a guideline, if your home is 30 to 35 years old you need to tear it down and build a new one, oh yeah, you do not have tax money to spend. Also, you folks 65 and older "DON'T WORRY' this bond election won't cost you a nickle. That is if you do not own any other property, and make no additions to your home. DISD, come clean, tell us exactly what you are going to do, and exactly what it will cost a taxpayer per year who owns a home valued at $100,000 - $150,000 - $200,000 - or $300,000. DISD has needs which need to be addressed and I for one would support those needs if they were realistic, straightforward with the taxpayers, and honest about the cost. Don't hide your intentions.

The Proposed Dayton School bond issue does not state the true costs of the tax increase. Once this passes there will be additional teacher costs, maintenance costs, etc, etc. Dayton School district will become one of the most expensive districts in the area and will still have at best an Average education. Buildings, football fields, auditoriums, tennis courts, rodeo arenas does not make an educated person. For example look at the highly touted football team. Most of those kids can't even make it in college because the education was lacking.

What a great time to be a part of Dayton ISD. Things are changing yes maybe a little larger than what people expected but it needs to happen. We have to take care of the kids in Dayton and the surrounding areas. Yes our taxes will go up but in order to give our kids the opportunities they need to excel we need to do this. For those of you who are gripping about the cost and having to pay for the schools, who do you think paid for you to go to school? Your parents, no, it was the community and the tax payers in the school district. No one likes to have their taxes raised, me included, but it is our turn to provide for the kiddos of our community. You talked about the immediate growth, it might not be as big as you said, but it is coming and that you cannot deny. If you do not plan for it now, you are behind and then what? More portable buildings? You walk into a school that is already to small even though it is brand new? That is what happened to Dayton High School when it was built. You talk about tearing down a 30 year old house, yes you tear it down if it is bad. Out of the 20 surrounding school districts, Dayton's SCHOOL tax rate ranks 15th, that's right 14 other districts have higher SCHOOL taxes than Dayton. This was found on Texas comptroller website for 2013. Do we need the elementary schools? Yes. Do we need more safe and secure schools? Yes. Do we need to provide for facilities that will keep our children from having to drive to Mont Belvieu and Hull Daisetta for practice (tennis, one act play)? Yes we do. Is it our turn to provide for the growth that is coming to our school district? You bet. Will it cost us some money, you better believe it. Are our kiddos worth it? No question about it. I hate that you guys do not see that our kids deserve the same chance as other districts that are providing for their kids and their future. You may not agree and that is ok, that is what made this country great, the ability to disagree, but think about who you are hurting, not me, my kids.

People need to quit panicking over the bond issue in Dayton. Are our taxes going to go up? Absolutely, but not enough that I can't see myself helping my kids as well as all of the kiddos in Dayton ISD. I can't wait for the information to come out as to how this will actually affect the voters. I have run the numbers as well, and I can assure our young people and young families in our community are worth it. The taxpayers have always had to pay for the education in our towns, and now it is our turn to continue that tradition. Someone, other than your family, had to help pay for your education so now it is time for you to help. You say that rodeo arenas and football fields are not part of an education, you are wrong. Regardless or that, we are not building rodeo arenas or a football field. So who now needs to tell the truth. We are hoping to improve our existing facilities, and that does include an building an auditorium and tennis courts. Why? Because one, a school of our size needs those things for performances and to provide for athletes that want to participate in tennis. Two, our community needs to have access to those things to allow our community to grow and enjoy the benefits those things bring. We can nitpick whether you think that Dayton ISD should be spending the money or not but I believe we do. There is nothing in the bond that is not a need. Every student, on every campus will be positively affected by this bond. I support it, which means I support having my taxes raised to make Dayton and Dayton ISD a better place.

I could support the Dayton ISD tax increase If it was for education facilities. But this increase is for tennis courts, audittoriums and a cover for the rodeo arena. In the past Dayton has built a new football stadium and replaced the turf twice. Why wasn't the educational infrastructure addressed then. This tax increase is being supported by the people who work at the school and if they were able to do anything else they would.

Look close at who is supporting the Dayton ISD tax increase. It is teachers and administrators who do not do hard manual labor or work in a business environment. They are quick to give away your tax money.

The three things studies say create success in schools are not addressed in the bond issue that appears to be geared toward athletics and extra curricular activities. Number one is school culture. The number two is making sure your teachers make competitive salaries with not only surrounding districts but as related to administrator salaries. Number three up to date educational facilities and related materials. The school culture stinks here. The suoerintendent pay seems to be based on competing with other superintendent pay and is not related to teacher pay whatsoever. Schools should be capped at paying suoperintendents 150 % of the highest teacher's base salary. This bond does not address more up to date anything that has to do with core course education. Vote "no" when they put this in front of you.

Leave your knives in and let's quit being a community that is known for desposing people when things get a little tough. Much of the school's culture is built around our sports teams and sometimes great coaches take a little longer to lay down the base that gives a school long lasting character in good seasons and bad. If we are wanting winning teams and the development of successful young people, we better give them an example of patience and other character traits. TALK ABOUT POSITIVE THINGS AND PULL FOR THE KIDS AND THE STAFF!

Drug Bust and Seizure in Raywood

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!now go get the customers!

Congratulations Constable Thornton and the assists from all other Agencies for a great job in Raywood. As a citizen, I appreciate your selection of partners, leaving out Liberty County Sheriff Rader and Sgt. Timmy. Rader and Timmy are like Sheriff Patterson and Band of Thugs from Harris County that had been fired. Do not know if Timmy was fired or allowed to quit but, Pearland PD has a "Do Not Re-Hire" on his name. Rader and his man, Timmy, would take the credit like Capt. Rex did other Liberty County Departments. Sheriff Rader has his people and the rest of the Law Enforcement in Liberty County stays clear of them. Constable Thornton thanks for good job with all the other Local and Federal Agencies for a good job getting the dope and dopers off the street. This makes the second Sheriff we have had, that would be ignored by the other Law Enforcement Agencies, because of the non-experience of the Sheriff in Law Enforcement and hiring thugs, looking for glamour.

Maybe the Liberty Sheriff's Dept and the Liberty Police were left out of the bust because they have failed for years to shut this place down. I am one of the citizens who reported this place years ago. Nothing ever got done about it or the place in Ames that everyone knows about. It makes me wonder why it had to be reported to different agencies before it finally got shut down?

Drug bust in Raywood Ashlie Powell is bff's with the Mother of the 2yr old that drown in Dayton a couple of Months ago.hmmmm...makes you wonder

That sure was a glowing feedback for the participants in the Raywood drug bust and seizure. It almost looks like a constable's office insider is trying too hard to make themselves look good. It would be nice if they would paint the whole picture though. Like why is the Dayton area constable's office doing narcotic enforcement in Raywood? With the growth of the west side of Liberty County, isn't there enough civil process work to keep the constable's office busy? Can't those deputies assist with patrol of the Dayton area instead of worrying about narcotics in a precinct other than their own? Aren't there narcotics problems in the Dayton area, if the constable wants to start pursuing that line of law enforcement?

liberty county sheriff... is corrupted.

Well it looks like we got a SO insider that has a case of "sour grapes". Did you ever stop to think that the problem in Raywood is very likely affecting all of Liberty County. It appears that they looked into something and took the bull by the horns. I commend them for taking care of business. As far as working drugs in the Dayton area, I know they are because they have acted on tips that I gave them. The Constable is just taking care of citizen complaints as he should be and making good on resources that are made available to his department for the better of Liberty County. You need to stop whining and they need to keep up the good work!

Great job.Now plow through Ames.Those areas include all of Hwy 160,Bakers subdivision and Ameswood.These youngsters sell dope all night and steal all day while most of them live with their parents and they support what they do as long as they get a little something.

General Comments

Whoever drives the little white ford car (always parked at city hall in Dayton) needs to be reminded that the speed limit on 1409 is 55. That car had to be going 75-80 mph passing multiple vehicles, also passing in a no passing zone.

General Comments

The level of intelligent assessment of what's been happening in Missouri by the people I associate with is pretty sad. The theory of group think is no longer a theory, it's a fact. Every morning in a safe environment where there is no chance of discovery from interlopers who would challenge the groups' opinions, people of color are trashed as lazy, latinos are "pedros", and the hyper masculine threats of "just let one of them get to me when I got my gun", is endless. It's almost religious in ritual, they gather in a circle, they share a common cup of coffee, the boss is the minister , he usually starts the attack and the others follow in suit. The stories that are told are taken as truth, with no basis of fact, the only facts are myths told over and over that all blacks are lazy, are thieves, Indians are "rag heads", Mexicans live twenty to one house, etc. I hear it every day. Don't dare call them racist though or even suggest to them they may be wrong in their assessment they will turn on you in righteous indignation and then you will be the judas in their midst. Group think lives.

General Comments

Social media restrictions by employers have found plenty of limits in court lately. You can not violate an employees civil rights. Sheriff Rader and every other demagogue who tries to limit free speech can find themselves spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in court by micro managing. I-dineout is a great example of how free speech benefits a community. we know things because you just can't make people shut up because you own them eight hours a day. Right officer!

If the county wants to have serious , I mean really serious financial troubles, then let try and enforce some kind of band on this website. "Social media" is so linked to the freedomof speech it would be like a full employment move for half the good lawyers in Houston. How about Sheriff Rader simply end the nonsense about us paying for gas and suvs for off duty work and we avoid taking on a cultural mainstay?

Mr. Rader and all the high and mighty in Liberty County, being actively involved in the community is one of the privleges of citizenship. Reading the paper and writing a letter to the editir and any kind of political activity is our duty as patriotic citizens. Social media away from work is an excellent way to communicate and strengthen the ties that bind us. Sure there are negatives but you are not likely to eliminate them by brow beating your officers. You are a good man by almost accounts. Don't let the pressure get to you. Make good decisions and lead to the best of your ability. Take the criticism on here that is valid and change and leave the rest of it.

Our sheriff and whoever is giving him legal advice may ought to stop reading what some groups are writing as social media policy and start reading what the courts are doing when those policies come to them. If the sheriff did that he would simply tell his officers and/or their family to play nice if they must go on this site or any other one. Quit trying to run people's lives just because you think you can.

You wanna talk about social media? Has anyone seen Cleveland ISD police Facebook page? The "chief" over there takes more selfies than a 12 year old girl on twitter. When he's done taking selfies he talks about death. Seems like guy has an infatuation with death and his "drills" are a fantasy role play for him.

DPS Enhances Patrols for Labor Day Enforcement Period

DPS Enhance Patrols Labor day, the DPS and Harris County should patrol around both ATV Parks in Crosby, I'm certain they could arrest at least 50 impaired drivers leaving these places after 5:00 P.M. up unitl the early morning hours, the amount of acholhol consumed by some of them is mind blowing. They seem really concerend about boating while intoxicated but ATV's seem to get a pass.

General Comments

Sheriff Rader came out with a new Social Media policy for LCSO and rumor was that 2 folks were punished by time off work. Yesterday, after a Social Media policy for Harris County Sheriff's Dept. a Federal Lawsuit was filed against Harris County. It was cited in the lawsuit that it was their right to participate on Facebook and Twitter, on their off time. I personally do not see the difference between Social Media and drinking heavily documented by pictures just not on Facebook, but sent to fellow Deputies and other Law Enforcement Officers in Liberty County. Rader guess you consulted with Wes (which way did they go) Hinch who never gives you advice that is over turned, by a Texas Official.

General Comments

I was a fan of Robin Williams, I can't believe he's gone. I am no fan of Rush Limbaugh, and the way he handled Williams death was beyond despicable. To use the death of Williams to promote some right wing agenda take on liberals is what I have come to expect from these slime balls. If I hear some one say "did you hear what Rush had to say?" I judge that person as a mean spirited idiot. I judge people who listen to Michael Berry and Matt Patrick and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck the same way as bigoted trolls. If someone says in conversation that they are sick of seeing "those Mexicans" in Walmart speaking Spanish I know I'm dealing with a racist. When I hear some men talking about how to end the protests in Missouri with guns, I know immediately they are all slow witted violence loving jerks. This is what the conservative movement has turned into, a haven for mean spirited hate fill men and women who have found a place that validates the worst of humanity.

Looks like someone has it all figured out . The way to identify who the ignorant dim-witted bigots are is to see if they listen to certain radio stations. I love science. An easy way to figure out who the haters are so we can hate them. I love that. I hate haters and love lovers. Lovers listen to who and haters listen to you know who!

When you talk you are only repeating what you already know. But when you listen, you may learn something. The less you respond to negative people the more peaceful life becomes.

Texas Governor Perry indicted

Rick Perry getting indicted sounds like something from the Liberty County District Attorneys office.

“Citizen On Patrol” Program Starts Sept. 1st

Citizens on Patrol… What a joke Bobby Rader. Do you remember the name George Zimmerman?

“Hand me down” 1998 model with no gas. I’m guessing those old Ken DeFoor fans are going to take turns pushing the old hand me down around.

I would imagine the "citizen patrol" will only patrol (?) in certain areas. Also, these type programs are known to burn-out quickly in the United States. Dayton tried a similar thing, with "handicapped parking" police but it again burned out quickly. The publicity picture with Rader and most were older people, how many younger members, on the weekends, will "patrol" and Law Suits also have been a reason to stop the program for some Law Enforcement Agencies. If they have Concealed Handgun License, will they carry and what law would stop them from carrying? Good Luck Liberty County, Rader, you seem to have enough problems and this is just another gasoline hog for the budget and ill will for a sheriff’s department that is besieged with negativity.

So they can not afford gas for the deputies to patrol, but they can fill an older model vehicle with gas so that it can be ran around town looking for things by people who are not officers of the law? I am all for a citizins patrol, but why implement them at this time when they say the sherrif's department is out of funds and can not buy gas?

The Citizens on Patrol, was never voted on or even presented to Commissioner's Court because of liability on Liberty County. Rader, Citizen's Liability that county is subjected to by this program.

I am being a "Citizen on Patrol". Would someone from the Sheriff office like to explain why someone that is on the 10 Most Wanted List for Liberty County, is and has been for months living right off of Hwy. 146 on McManus Road and has not been picked up? Someone is not doing their job!!

General Comments

My complaint against the sheriff is the same as my concern about the district attorney. we need to have more open government and taxpayers should know the money these two offices have coming in from confiscating the assets of criminals and they should know what they spend that money on. Period.

How is Tim N even allowed to be a deputy? Wasn't he arrested? We need good officers working at the s.o. Where did the good officers go?

the district attorney spent thousands of secret funds on renovating his offices with ceramic tile and the works. god only knows what else he and rader spend this money on. taxpayers do not know.

Good luck on making Wes Hinch or the District Attorney or Sheriff Raderaccount for off budget money. Politicians loooooove a slush fund!

To everyone saying how bad the sheriffs department is doing their job I have one question. Why don't YOU run for the office? Or is there something in YOUR background you don't want dredged up? Or is it possible you're all just armchair quarterbacks and couldn't do the job of even Security for Walmart?

To the person daring those complaining to run. Trust me one of them will. that is what a great deal of the complaining is aimed at.

In reference to Sgt Niemeyer, I have only known him as Timmy. I went to high school with Timmy and played sports with him. There is so much to be said that people can point fingers at mistakes that have been made by people when everyone has made mistakes. I know Timmy only as a friend, a loving father and husband. These guys do a job that most of us would not dare to do. They put their lives on the line everyday for the citizens of this county and we chose to bash them on an internet site. Has Timmy made mistakes in his past, yes he had, but who hasn't. I know one thing for sure that he has done ALOT of good things for this county and deserves better than this. Keep you head up Timmy we all support what you do.

Tim "timmy" N....bahahaha, please people, what a joke he is.

Timmy as you call him does put his life on the line and maybe even yours if you live next door to a house he is blowing open with plastic explosives. Door's wooden frames, and battering rams, seem to be faster and less likely to kill people, especially if you get the wrong house. Something done all of the time.

All Officers put their life on the line. Its their job but it doesnt make them "good people" jst cause they wear a badge. We have plenty of bad cops at the S.O. and PD. Like the other poster said, ALL of our GOOD cops are no longer in Liberty.

Rader Speaks Out: On Courthouse Security Controversy

That's 1.5 calls an hour do what you get paid for and get over it

Rader Speaks Out On Courthouse Security Controversy: Sheriff Rader, if you are really interested in getting your budget under control please contact : Joseph M. "Joe" Arpaio at The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO)

So, Sheriff Rader, your overall answer to courthouse security, after cutting 3 Deputies, is that you will be available, if needed. Why would we want a 61 year old, fellow, who walks with a limp and last law enforcement experience ended in the late '70's, after 7 years. Sheriff you can run, livestock calls, since you are full of bull-shit!

I don't care for the police. However I do care for accuracy. In 2009 the call volume was 1.6 calls per hour. In 2013 2.23 calls per hour. In 2014 2.45 calls per hour.

As a former dispatcher 1-2 calls an hour isn't anything. That's sit back do a crossword puzzle every 15 minutes kinda shift. So I have to agree with previous commenters. Quit crying and do the job you were elected to do. Maybe there would be money for fuel if the deputies didn't spend their time parked at the gas stations with their unit running while flirting with store clerks or sitting in their unit with it running scratching lottery tickets.

Folks sending in numbers of calls per hour must not monitor Liberty County Sheriff's Department on the 6 pm to 6 am shift on a personal scanner. Friday and Saturday nights fairly busy but rest of nights from midnight till 4 am to 5 am the radio is dead. So, no traffic stops or out checking businesses, because the Deputy would check-out or get registration on vehicle or check Texas Driver’s License on the driver of vehicle/occupants. Grass Legal in Colorado and Washington but many Liberty County drivers and occupants of the vehicle smoke a Doobee. The odor of “Dirt Grass” is very pungent and Deputy can ask to search vehicle or get a dog to sniff the vehicle. All of this would generate traffic on the radio. More traffic stops on major roads in the county, other than Highway 69, would yield warrants and Weed/other drug arrests. So are those 16+ hours a week put into the calculations? Sorry not smart enough to calculate but know how to hide on the night shift, a old time Cop.

I understand what the Sheriff is trying to do. Everyone wants to complain about him asking for more budget money to add more deputies. Those SAME PEOPLE would be the first to cry when they had to wait for an extended period for a deputy to arrive. I'm not on the Sheriff's band wagon but taking 3 deputies from the court house and adding them to patrol because they're needed makes sense to me. It's like everyone is just griping to hear themselves gripe. Get over it folks.

To the last commenter, do you really think, 3 Deputies will make a difference? I have not had a patrol in my neighborhood in a year. They have made maybe a call but last call took 4 hours to respond to the call. Dayton responded, but did nothing but take names and addresses and photos of the area, at 5 pm. Deputy arrived after 9 pm. Three Deputies, will be on Interstate Highway 69, with Sgt. Tim, searching for dope money for the Sheriff to pee into the wind. This fellow is not a law enforcement officer and stands for nothing and so will fall for anything. I yearn for the time, when Henry Patterson, at least had patrols in the neighborhood. I put a hunting camera on my property and for 30 days, in 24 hours, no photos of a patrol car. Drug money to spend is the priority, an addiction, for money equals power. The worse Sheriff, I can remember....

General Comments

Did anyone catch the program on TV on the ID network dealing with the love triangle in Hull-Daisetta years ago? It was a dramatization of the incident and was laughable if you knew any of the people who played out the murder and trial. The portrayal of the principal, coach, and woman was silly if it wasn't such a serious topic.

Man Arrested for DWI at Whataburger

This guy has been a problem for police,his neighbors,and the community for years. Doesn't work but seems to always find a way to buy beer and drugs. He knows he will be out of jail soon because he doesn't have money to be shuffled along through the courts and pay his fines. He is a poster child for the failure of the legal system in Liberty county.

An Open Letter to Sheriff Bobby Rader

That is GREAT!!! Nice one.

I hate being cut and diced by people who can't argue the facts. The Sheriff needs to get the facts on his side before he starts talking at Novrosky's.

It seems that Rader did this week to me what he did to Allen Youngblood, at the Republican Meeting in Liberty. In Cleveland at the Chamber meeting Bobby sided up to a good friend saying “your friend” several times before saying my name and how he never wanted anything to do with me and could not believe I was even going against Ken DeFoor. Rader needs to realize, according to "New York Times Co. vs. Sullivan" in 1964, the Supreme Court defined a "Public Figure", and this decision has stood for 50 years. I think Bobby, should read this decision and realize I am not a "Public Figure". Bobby is opening himself to a Civil Lawsuit and Liberty County as his employer. He does not realize he is uneducated and has only a 7 year career in Law Enforcement. Rader is over his head as Liberty County Sheriff. He does not realize that his mouth could get him into Civil Court, unlike a Criminal Court. Civil Court just takes a small amount of evidence, tipping the scale slightly. Close your big mouth Bobby, before I take action and you will have to defend yourself and Liberty County will also defend them, since you are an employee and your actions cause Liberty County to be a Defendant.

Sheriff Rader Playing Costly Games

I just looked at the most recent article and it is a sho'nuff good'un!!! I'm looking across the river now for a mushroom cloud forming over the Sheriff's office! Anyway, I bet the feedback on this one will be even better than that of the budget article.

Bobby Rader has become a work of art and went from being a very Christian man and a truthful person, to a snake in the grass. Bobby has been through a metaphorical transformation, from an honest and self professed Christian to the complete opposite. You can call yourself a Christian, but your lies and secret life, can let others see through the façade. Bobby is just a human being, instead of someone that you have given the benefit of the doubt. It is obvious that Bobby is making Allen Youngblood, pay for truthful reporting. Bobby’s way or the highway or he will technically go against the Attorney General's opinion that ruled the request, fit the criteria for an open records request. Look and see, what Bobby sent before and since Allen, has shown the voters of Liberty County, his lies and trying to go around the Commissioner's Court on his budget, as if it is a game to him, instead the good use of the citizen's money. So, Bobby, you are making a coalition of naysayer’s, who have the ability to vote you out of office, like Henry Patterson was because of poor performance.

Wow. Why do people who are supposed to be adults act like children fighting on the playground? How are we supposed to feel protected when they are playing childish games? I hope the next new sheriff comes in and cleans house.

Sounds like the old regime at the City of Liberty has taught the sheriff their tired, old tricks. If you behave and don't ask uncomfortable questions, you can be like KSHN or the Vindicator - blah! news; but ask the hard questions and you become... i-dineout - real news. Keep up the pressure and thanks for holding the line - it is always a frustrating and lonely job - just ask Councilpersons Potetz and Simonson. Out with the rubber-stamps; In with the truth-seekers!

In reference to you recent article concerning the picture requests, I find it offensive that Sheriff Reader has the time and energy to conduct county business in such a manner. Additionally, I for one am tired of seeing LCSO police cruisers traveling to and from officers residences and being used during their off duty hours to provide the officers transportation to and from their part time traffic guiding jobs. The tax payers are strapped now for cash and a responsible government servant would look for ways to reduce his offices budget during these times. Sheriff Reader has only sought to ask for increases to his budget, further burdening the already struggling tax payers. Please don't misconstrue my comments. I support the good men and women of the Liberty County Sheriffs Office. As a group they do a thankless job each and every day for what I consider to be a minimal salary. Perks are sometimes necessary but must be kept to a financial minimum. Sheriffs Readers recent money grab is another example of his ineptness. I hope your continued posting of his antics continues. It is responsible journalism and hopefully it will ultimately get someone off their ass to do something about it.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln "All anyone will remember of me is I was crazy and I ruined your happiness." - Mary Todd Lincoln Thoughts on the Rader reports. Trust...honesty...fairness in public office. That's all we expect. Does he have these virtues?

Love your site and your perspective. Give Rader hell. He's just yet another in a long line of Liberty Sheriffs who think their shit don't stink. Keep covering the LCSO's use of seized assets to buy "toys" like C4 instead of plugging up their budget then complain and threaten Comm. Ct if they don't get more money. It's craven. I live near Moss Bluff. We aren't all crazy.

You see what the people of Liberty County Elected as sheriff.excluding me because I don't vote. Just another example of the "Good ol Boy System"in Liberty County at work.

I would like to know why Mr. Youngblood requested those four photographs from the Sheriff. Is there more GOOD STUFF to come? Can’t wait to see what else is screwed up at the Sheriff’s Department.

What does it matter if we see pictures of these Officers?

Man Arrested for DWI at Whataburger

Regarding the guy at Whataburger arrested for DWI: Did the officers take him to the hospital and get a sample of his blood for evidence? On a third or more I believe officers don't have to have a warrant. In 2008 and prior they did ...but the laws have since changed...regarding 3rd or more DWI offenses.

Two Arrested during Traffic Stop in Daisetta

Gosh, they don't look like dopers! Must be incognito. Bet they're undercover informants and will soon be out of jail.

General Comments

Why don't the LCSO focus on protecting the citizens like or MINORS who get physically assaulted by an adult and the adult only gets a slap on the hand if there's a concern of funding...

LCSO Budget Comparison

Thanks for the Sheriff's Budget, increase since 2013, but he still is not satisfied and wants more "blood from this turnip"! Rader seems to think he is the King of Liberty County and even threatens the 2 District Judges and the Criminal County Court of Law. I think these 3 Judges need personal protection, while in the courthouse and their courts. We have seen a Federal District Judge in San Antonio and even a DA up north in Texas, killed. So our Judges need protection, Rader wants the Judge to call and ask for more protection, like a kid asking for more candy. I think legally, that Rader could be over ruled on a civil action by one of our fine Judges. How the three Judges do knows when they will be harmed while on the bench. They are putting their safety on the line, each day they come to work. Rader is wrong and just playing politics (he is not very good at), threatening our three Judges. It is like poker, 3 Judges trump a Sheriff's ego and all the money he is throwing away, on his 70%, of drug money, confiscated. Rader needs to be taken behind the wood shed for an attitude change by my Grandfather. He would quit acting as an ass.

General Comments

What's up with taco bell, it was closed last night.

After daughter-in-law fell on inexcusable slime in Taco Bell drive last Thursday, no assistance was offered on request for water after fainting except a form to be signed! She did not sign and others called 911 which delivered her to Baytown with a complex bone fracture in one leg. Should be Taco Hell instead of Bell!

Problem solved, do like many and do not go to Taco Bell, look inside your burrito and the stuff on the floor are in the burrito. It is poor local management, not the brand name, or they would be out of business now, except for midnight munchies after a little toking. Go, to another fast food, try Mickey Dees, da bomb and super dope uniforms to boot.

General Comments

I was reading a news story that says many of the females crossing into Texas from Mexico are pregnant. It went on to say some were victims of rape. It also stated that these young women accept this as part of their life. As sad as this is the young people crossing are expecting free everything, as this is what they have been told they would be given upon their arrival. I do feel sorry for these people but on the other hand if they are given some sort of amnesty it will be a travesty to those who have spent years and thousands of dollars to try to become legal in America. I think one thing that has not be talked about is the fact is that now these illegal aliens will be taking jobs that other illegal aliens have now. It is a pecking order that only leads to violence and theft. Can we not secure our border, and therefore protect citizens of America, and yes that includes legal aliens? Ponder that thought and then think about these 'poor kids" will affect your families. Reality.

Rader Threatens Courthouse Officials

Bobby Rader should stand up for his department and actually do something so commissioners will actually have more money for the department. But so far Bob has refuse to climb off of the fence and make a very economically beneficial move for the county. If B ob would push for shipping all prisoners to Polk County's jail at a cost savings to Liberty County taxpayers of somewhere between $800,000 and 1,761,000 there would be money for mopre officers and a nice pay raise. But Bob sounds like he wants to force county officials to raise taxes. Damn and spend,tax and spend. This is the warmup for the new county judge I guess.

Rader seems to act like a child, who does not get what he wants so going to try to pressure the Court House and Judges. Rader does not understand, that allowing the Deputies to live, out of the county. Like his Sgt. Tim, who lives in Pearland and others that live a considerable distance from the county? The gasoline adds up and Rader, just recently ask for more gasoline. Should we not go back to not allow the cars to stay in the County and safe that $7000, that our Sgt. Tim, living 54 miles, one away. The vehicles are not fuel efficient. Rader pays Ken DeFoor and Royce Wheeler, each 1/2 of a Deputy's Pay. We do not need either DeFoor (PIO) or Wheeler (range keeper), that would be a patrol deputy, to put on the street. Rader has received enough drug money to give Deputy's a raised and not through the hands of novices to buy toys, that are just too expensive. Bobby Rader, you have Captain Pearce, as a glorified Dispatcher, making the same money as Captain Neyland and Captain Ellington. Ken DeFoor is called a Captain to massage his own ego, but drawling a half of a Deputy's pay. DeFoor is big on titles, as a very old man, still needs to have a title. As a spokesman for the Sheriff's Department when speaking to Houston's Cameras, he is no longer able to give a sound bite that requires a short statement. Watch, he never finishes a thought, anymore, before they end the sound bite. Bobby Rader, we are coming for you in 2916 and you can quit over spending and get back to insurance salesman.

I never thought Sheriff Rader could make Henry Patterson look so good!

Maybe Rader and Audilet could borrow a fire boot and go stand at the intersection in Hardin and collect some change. If that don’t work maybe they could have a bake sale at WalMart and use their food stamps to fund it.

Hang in there Bobby. Keep doing what you believe is right in God's eyes.

Those Court House Security positions are in a line item of their own. Pull them out Rader and you will be three positions short.

Time to form a union - it's the only thing that has your back. Republicans want to keep you down and in your place - anti-uppity. Kind of like their "business friendly" state which translates to "consumer _ _ _ _ ing". Rhymes with trucking.

Well Sheriff Bobby “BIG SPENDER” Rader just can’t stay out of the news can he? As much as money that he, Veta, and Brett A. spend how can we keep him in office any longer? He is whining about his budget being cut when in fact it was increased. Why does he keep lying to us? I’m glad that Harold Seay was able to clear this up for us. PS. Keep pissing off the Judges and you will find out real quick how powerful they are.

You go Bobby. Appreciate someone out there cares about the security of citizens in Liberty Co.

If my memory is correct one of the feed backs are now blaming the REPUBLICANS, for Rader's problems with getting his budget cut by Republican Commissioners. Let's get one line item correct, Rader was the first Republican in Liberty County and stayed over 12 years, as Justice of the Peace in Pct. 1, before running as a Republican for Sheriff. Also in one feedback, they invoke the word "Union" and I thought Republicans were Anti-Unions. Hope Julie Cain gets involved, then the county will have to shut completely down, when she tears the County a new one, like during I believe "OJ's" tenure as Sheriff, when he ordered Two Deputies Fired and Julie Cain, defended them in the case. I could be somewhat wrong in technicalities but think we get the point. There will be no gasoline increases, Deputies will be on Bicycle or Horse, and citizens will really bitch more over response time, laying it all at Rader's feet. ALL COUNTY VEHICLES CAN ONLY BE USED TO DRIVE HOME, AS LONG AS THEY LIVE OUT OF LIBERTY COUNTY, SO BE IT! We have nothing to worry about in my part of Liberty County; they send Dayton PD and First Responders. The Deputies show up in 4 hrs. Give or take an hour, absolute truth. So, have blamed the Republicans, Form a Union and last, one person wants Rader to call in "GOD", he is busy in Israel and helping to “Sue Obama” and the Ebola Disease. Please leave God out of this because he has given up on Rader, because briefly has witnessed the breaking of a couple of the 10 Commandments at the Sheriff's Office. Ok, now since Republicans are the Problem, let's get back the Democrats to run the county again, problem solved. Please do not invoke God's name, since I forgot he also is mediating the Hobby Lobby, quagmire striping women of their Constitutional Rights. Are we on the Titanic? It sank, right! Rader is like the Italian Captain of the Italian cruise ship that ran on to the rocks and started to sink, he gathered up the sheep and got the flock out of there, to hell with passengers.

This isn't a republican and democrat thing! Its apparently about an individual whom was elected(Bobby Rader) by the people, whom is trying to mislead the public. This news site and Kshn advise that what he is putting forth to us is totally misleading. I just hope that our Sheriffs Dept. personnel keep they're heads up until we can make a change.

General Comments

Has anyone noticed how bad the flies are in the Liberty McDonald's? Does the City have a health inspector? If so they need to pay McDonald's a visit and have them do something about the fly problem. I no longer eat at the McDonald's in Liberty because of this. It's just nasty !!!

Well, well. The third world comes to your McDonald's and now you are upset. LOL! That is their way of life. Get over it. You wanted it.

Arrest in Fatal Accident on FM 563 Early Morning Fatal Accident on FM 563

How can you leave the scene of an accident where someone dies and they are saying that the person that left is cooperating. He or she needs to be charged with felony not stopping and rendering aid. Must be a money name in Liberty County

Possible charges???????????

Yep, that's definitely an old moneyed name in Liberty! You just gotta love those conspiracy theorists.

Well even if Diaz isn't a money name. It's a known name in Liberty County.

Report on Police Militarization

Interesting story from the ACLU, although I guessed the slant before I read it. I notice it didn't cover WHY police have adapted military technology. It's because they've had to change their tactics to meet the threats they face. Cops used to have revolvers until the bad guys got semi-automatic pistols, so the cops got them too. Cops had shotguns until the bad guys got semi-automatic, high capacity rifles, so the cops got them too. Cops had bullet proof vests until the bad guys got armor piercing bullets. Since the cops couldn't make armor to stop those bullets, they adopted tactics to take out the shooter(s) quicker and at a distance. Cops used to be able to kick a door in when serving search warrants and apprehending felons, until the bad guys started reinforcing their doors with concrete and steel. The cops had to adopt focused explosive breaching techniques, borrowed not only from the military, but from seismic exploration, quarries and even stump removal experts. In every situation where cops have "militarized" their techniques and equipment, it's been in response to the threats they face. Finally, something the ACLU story predictably left out of their "study"... How many thousands of SUCCESSFUL raids, takedowns and captures of suspects have occured in that time frame? All done with no injuries or deaths, to suspects, officers and innocent bystanders?

With regard to the defender of the militarization of the police, the flaw in your argument is that the police are not using semi-automatic pistols against semi-automatic pistols, nor are they using semi-automatic high capacity rifles against semi-automatic high capacity rifles, they are using them, and explosives, in instances where they are not necessary, hence the injury to the baby and the killing of people in these Gestapo-type raids. And the militarized police are not fighting another military. In many instances that you read about, the military operation could have been avoided and they could have easily arrested the suspects without the need for military action. But these police departments watch too much tv, they are wannabe soldiers, so they carry out the no-knock warrants, sometimes at the wrong address. If they want to play soldier, enlist in one of the branches of the service. Of course, they would have to get in shape if they went that route.

Allen Youngblood has posted a very real and informative article "Report on Police Militarization" and deserves to be read by John & Jane Doe. The turning of policing has been turned into military raids in our communities, with bigger and bigger trucks and equipment brought into our neighborhoods. The fact being is our Elected Sheriff, until his 4 years are up, continues to waste money buying toys, that can actually blowup and kill innocent people and wipe out houses and ultimately kill the Law Enforcement personnel and that is "plastic explosives"! These people have very little training, even in one of the most powerful explosives, that mishandling can kill innocent people and having to much can wipe out adjacent homes and innocent neighbors and cops. So, now, when something small happens, you see tanks roll out and cops in full military garb. You do not know who you are dealing with local police or a military unit from Iraq. So, ASAP, the citizens, become scared and react differently, one story was of a flash bomb, being thrown into a crib, killing the baby. Now, if all that equipment is needed in a house with a baby, we are letting our local Yokels, go too far. Where are the Policeman, we knew, why does the local Sheriff's Department look like Rambo. During one of Bobby Raider's, favorite thing is the "drug interdiction team", one night two out front, two inside and one in the backyard, all with certain jobs, but the one in the back, got so excited he prematurely ejected a tear gas grenade into the bathroom, when the light came on, with out knowing he was wrong for getting that excited and gassed one of his own team. So, not only can these commandos’ hurt us, they can hurt themselves. Plastic Explosives so dangerous, the "ATF" had to make our sheriff, hold them, at the gun range in Cleveland area, until some thief steals it from there. Read it, make you open your eyes and it is happening right here in River City, USA.

If you are black in America and you run a foul of the law you run the risk, the very real risk of being killed by the police. This happens as a result of militarized police who are all hyped up over their position and over zealous in their performance of their so called duties. Un armed citizens are being shot and killed. One man was killed in New York by being held in a choke hold, which is illegal in New York on July 17th. People are all upset about the rioting over the shooting of the young man in St. Louis ringing their hands over the state of lawlessness in the Nation. One issue among many on this issue is that the police think they are above the law, and this may be true because there more than likely wont be any repercussions for these police actions against the citizen victims. These riots are the direct result of people fighting back the only way they know how, mind you they are not the right way, but they are their way.

General Comments

To the Liberty Chamber of Commerce: HELP WE NEED A DESCENT GROCERY STORE !!!!!!

Please post under "Help" we need a decent grocery store! I agree with the above poster, we really do need some new life in the grocery business. I refuse to shop at Brookshire Brothers after the way they treated their customers in the last hurricane. Thriftee's stayed open and tried to help the community every way it could where as BB's closed for 6 months to remodel.

Sex Offender Rearrested

Finally a bond that meets the crime!!!!petty drug cases gets million$ bonds...but sex crimes against children gets a pass!!! I said finally.

General Comments

If you live on or around the new pipeline, need to start checking you property. We have found 2 dead deer in the last 30 days. They have not been attacked, just died. This is what the Pipeline Watch Committee has asked us to be on the look out for and now here it is. Dead deer this month, next month could be dead people.

What location was the area where the deer were found dead near the new pipe line?

Dayton City Council Meets Monday

Sawmill Road? Parks and wildlife grant? Come on Dayton, please don't try and scam government money for local wants. Even if some unscrupulous towns do it elsewhere.

General Comments

CBS Sunday Morning showed an interesting piece entitled "Bad Sports". It showed how in recent years athletes have been involved in domestic violence, murder suicides, and other criminal activities toward their wives and girl friends. The piece talked about the celebrity status of sport figures going to their heads, becoming people who come to believe their own hype, that they can do anything they want because of their super star status. I have always believed that the way we cultivate hero worship through sports does more harm than good, especially in such areas like football. We should be more concerned about how this affects the social and psychological development of a growing adolescent instead of the resume of some careerist high school coach. Simply put the rules are different for a talented football player than for any ordinary student. The talented sport figure will be academically mediocre and in some instances socially and morally dysfunctional but these things will be glossed over by the school so he can continue to play the sport he in which he or she excels. This lays the ground work of cultivating a larger problem later in life.

General Comments

The rail road tracks that cross Hwy 90 in Liberty will be removed soon! A great improvement for our town.

General Comments

Does anyone know whats going on with these nasty web worms this year. Theyre not making the normal irritating webs in the nut trees..instead theyre stripping all the leaves from them. This is happening all around this area. The roads and yards are covered with them.

General Comments

Why has the Sheriff starting lying to us the citizens? Also, does Ken DeFoor actually read what Rader tells him to write or just does it? Ken is getting a little long in the tooth, I admit, but had a distinguished career with Houston PD. So, why is he putting his name on such BS that comes from Rader? He if anyone knows, stuff he is writing for Rader, is completely crazy and impossible. Rader is suppose to be a man of God, but maybe something is happening in his personal life, he is hiding, and that is clouding his mind. I really wish I was able to me sitting outside the Henry B. Gonzalez Conference Center with my digital camera. Last year in Corpus Christie, the Sheriff carried his Wife and Grandkids. Rader seems to be on a power trip and there are close employees that love power and money, so maybe he is trying to impress them, with his BS Lies. I hope in 2016, we end this power trip for an employee or employees. His lies are becoming common place and it is obvious and his lies are becoming far fetched and unbelievable. People wonder why, Ken DeFoor is writing this stuff and sending to others, even TV stations in Houston, when it is so far fetched, they ignore it. Does he not realize, he is making a fool of himself, who many have respect for, but it is waning fast. How long can Bobby Rader lie to the public and think, we believe the lies. The last lie was a real lie, because any gun owner knows that maybe a military sniper can do what he wanted us to believe. Bobby, wake up, you have had a spell put on you that is making a fool out of you. Hope your wife enjoyed San Antonio, if she got to go. All I can say is Bobby Wake up.

Occupied Camper Stolen

Noticed a story... where a Tarkington man was sleeping in his camper trailer at 2 in the morning when some crooks,a man and woman pulled up,hooked onto the trailer and took off with him inside. The man called police on his cell,shot at them and then a deputy got behind them and they ran before stopping and the male fled into the woods,female captured..According to Capt Ken Defour, she was released because of her version of the story and no direct evidence to show she was involved..REALLY that's nuts...They call every available person to search for a missing girl that was at her boyfriends house, but not to catch this bad guy and then they let the girl riding with him go !!! Maybe she could have some sob story if it was 2 in the afternoon,but 2 in the morning !!! Man this Sheriff's Dept is out of control,we better fend for ourselves...

Two Individuals Charged with Possession on FM 563

Who does Nelson Moss know in the courthouse so well that he can be arrested for drugs or DUI's and other crimes as many times as he has and not be in prison somewhere for a long long time? this man may kill someone some day while driving and we will have the media come to his trial because of all of his other arrest and releases or light sentences.

Nelson Moss, arrested again. Money does seems to buy freedom in Liberty.

There are a handful of known druggies living in this area that by themselves are a small crimewave. How people like Nelson Moss fool the courts is beyond me, but he would do better to be in prison for a few years and dry out than continue to sell and use drugs. People around here would be better if all of these known druggies were behind bars so our streets would be safer.

Can you spell confidential informant?

If Nelson Moss is a "confidential informant", I am Colonel Sanders. I don't even eat chicken. Nelson does not have enough sense to "inform". His family raises hell every time he is sent to jail. They gather up a load of money and act crazy and out pops Nelson. Most anyone else would have gone to prison a half a dozen times for doing the things Nelson has been caught doing. He could be arrested any day for what he has in his system at his apartment or in his truck, but nobody wants to buck the family.

Moss is one of the chosen few.

I can visualize the news media now. One of these repeat offenders like Moss that never gets anything but a slap on the wrist will kill someone in a car wreck and all the Houston channels will send their cameras out here because the driver will have a world record number of offenses.

I will get the court date for Moss and send in comments tothis ite when, or if, he goes to trial.

Woman Arrested at Wal-Mart

This Officer had it easy. One look at this beauty and there is no doubt that she's strung out and definitely has drugs in one orifice or another..

General Comments

Sheriff Rader, why are letting a part-time clerk run the Sheriff's Office. You are losing respect and trust with the people working under you. Instead of confiding in her and getting her opinion ,step out and talk to your other peons.

Results of Investigation into Shots Fired at Deputy

Sheriff, reading this report here is virtually impossible to believe! Kenny Dagel who neither has the intellect to do all those calculations, nor wants me to believe it happened that way? You must think I am very ignorant. If these guys have these capabilities', they should work for NASA! Rader, you think someone with sense is going to read this and believe it, is 3 cards shy of a full deck. First no name attached to the report from you and with the type of crime Texas Rangers would be involved ASAP. This initially reported would be an Attempted Capital Murder of a Peace Officer case, drawing them into the mix. Cleveland would have had jurisdiction, since happened about 2 blocks from Cleveland PD. Getting some scuttlebutt, from other Liberty County Officers, the Deputy had worked at Liberty PD, Cleveland PD and now he is at the Sheriff’s Department, because Rader hired him, because like Henry, he picks up strays, who could not make it anywhere. No, convoluted Space Ship calculations were needed by Kenny Dagel or You were needed to try to prove something that still ended up with the same answer, someone was shooting and bullets hit the windshield of the Deputy’s patrol car, all the angles and things that are not provable was a waste of time and money. Two conclusions, someone was shooting at the patrol car or it was someone shooting and it hit the patrol car. JFK was killed in Dallas, Texas, in 1963 and great minds have been studying the trajectory of the bullet, that hit the President and Governor, 51 years, in November. So Rader, you want LCSO to be the Secret Service and they never will be, because we do not have the money and they will be lined up getting Food Stamps. Wind velocity and direction and humidity were not known, that morning, which would have an affect on the bullet. So all this other convoluted measurements and angels of bullets will fly this far and land at this angle and strike a windshield at 33 degrees is more BS and time/tax money, to waste. Bobby, you think I will believe you, no way, no how! Rader, not all us rednecks are stupid and You have insulted me and my redneck, this time and you spent more money to find out what, not a dang thing. Bobby Rader, you are not all that and a bag of chips.

i find it very hard to believe that two or more shots fired into the air would travel their entire arch and all land into a spot the size of a windshield. Even if they were rapid fired, the rifle kick of the first shot would throw the trajectory of the second off a tremendous amount over the distance the bullets would have traveled.


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