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I have a legitimate question.i could not believe what I read in one of the local Liberty papers.On Sunday 09/18/2016 there was a parade in Liberty for the Mexican independence Day? Is that correct? What about a parade for Texas Independence day? Memorial Day?Veterans Day?Patriots Day?Armed Forces Day? Independence Day? Pearl Harbor? where has the Patriotism in the city,county state and country gone?

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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the management and staff of Liberty Wal-Mart for their support of the Liberty High School Band. Saturday Wal-Mart hosted the band’s fund raiser in front of their store. Allowing us this location contributed to success of the fundraiser. Wal-Mart’s continuing support of not only our group, but their support in the many organizations of this community is greatly appreciated! In addition, our heartfelt thanks to everyone that bought the “Links and Drinks” and/or gave a donation to the Band. Sincerely, The Liberty High School Band Boosters

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Hardin's football coach has been fired 5 games into the season. Someone give us the story

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Well we have only a few more months and Obama will be gone, I know of one local business man who regularly pontificates that "Obama will try to keep the presidency, just watch and see!", I am still waiting for the national collection of guns by the O administration...waiting still, where are all the Fema camps that O was building to stick people in like the Nazis did? And let's not forget the future war that was coming with the Muslims and O was going to "be on the side of "rag heads" you just watch and see!" I heard that more than once. None of these predictions came true, not even the one about Obama being the anti-Christ, and even used the Bible to back up their point. All that these mouthy ignorant stupid undereducated gun loving over drinking illiterate delporables have to go on is that they continue the stereotype of an east texas red kneck is alive and living.

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Bob Rader and the local Judges and the Commissioners court better get ready, Hillary Clinton does not like privately owned prisons.

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When I drive down into the river bottom and see that old rusty bridge, and when I drive through Liberty by the old WalMart building on my way to my home in Hardin, I am reminded how ignorant and stupid the leaders we had at the end of the reign of terror democrats had on this county. Plans that never go forward and leave the rest of us paying for huuuuuge mistakes.

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Today at the library parked near the entrance was a red auto with a sun protector on the inside of the car's windshield printed on it were the words something to the effect "One of Trumps deplorables" and a supporter of Trump. Of course that's this person's right to support who ever they want, but I think that wanting to wear a badge that identifies one with this guy and his values is a most telling event. I know that saying one is a "deplorable" is really a statement against Clinton but it shows how shallow Trump supporters really are. To not understand the meaning of what deplorable means or worse yet do understand what it means and still use it as a sign of honor shows a remarkable lack of good sense. Then again we are talking about a Trump supporter.

Dang - you don't mean to tell me that "deplorable" literally refers to something terrible, awful, and appalling. Silly me. Here I was a-thinkin' that the current popularity of "Deplorable" has to do with its use as sarcasm and irony for the purposes of ridicule.

Well shazam! Weee dogies! I aint never thought of it like that, deplorable bein misused, instead of its real intent, but dang blamit you done missed the hole point there of that there post.

I gots it. Iza just thinkin' that maybe the poster dun hyper-literalized the popular use o' "Deplorable" and wensta soundin' all high-fallutin'. Whens a young-un say they wansta getsa coke, he don't always means Cokie-Cola. They'll settle for uh Dr. Pepper just like it waza "coke." Some o' the time "coke," and in the current political climate "Deplorable," don't has to has its literal meaning. Like Missy Clinton's insulting, condescending, and arrogant original use of "Deplorables." By a-usin' all those fancy words with no real definitions (i.e., Islamaphib), she's justa speakin' with hyperbole. You know, hyperbole, that ole figure o' speech that stretches a word plumb outa its real meanin'. I don't takes no offense at it. 'Cause I knows that she is just plumb full o' hot air (not real hot air, ya see, that fake kind that only means something when she's just a whistlin' Dixie [not the real Dixie] inside o' her basket of imbeciles). It's important, though, for these matters to be discussed in such an educated way (smile)!

"today at the library". "red auto".no it is a maroon truck."sun protector"again is a sign to be placed in a supporters yard.gald that you understand it is the person's right to support the candidate of their choosing.that is one of the many thing's that still makes the U.S.A. such a great place to live."but i think" maybe not at all.and the person that owns the maroon truck was deplorable before it became cool."i know that saying".really? have you ever had the pleasure of meeting and or speaking to the owner of the maroon truck? so how do you know what is in their heart and or mind?"to not understand the meaning of deplorable".do you sir understand the meaning of patriotism? "a sign of honor" next time you sir are anywhere in town look very close at the American flag's decals on the truck as well."lack of good sense" you say.well one could go long into the night as to a conversation about "good sense".take a very good look at the other candidates record and maybe a good hard look at yourself.if you can stand to do so.before you make such a harsh judgement regarding someone you have never ever had the pleasure of sitting down and breaking bread with.the freedom of the press is a great thing would you not agree?as well as the laws regarding should not be that hard for a person like yourself to understand that is one of the many great principles that this great country where built upon."as great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" Albert can be free too,it hurts,i get it.may you have a great day The American Way."during times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell. Proud American Deplorable.

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Congratulations Liberty Panthers! 4 wins and 0 losses!! Congratulations Jacob, you siad you were going to be a running back since you were ten years old and now you are one on an undefeated team!

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The person who compared Hillary Clinton to a real sour puss, out of touch school teacher and Donald Trump to an old style winning football coach is as close to having it right as anyone.

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Why is it so dark on the streets of Liberty at night? Why don't the streetlights turn on at dark? Our electric bill are so high, surely the city can afford to turn the streetlights on. We live 2 blocks from N. Main St. The long street we live on has 2 working streetlights for 9 city blocks. If folks don't have their porch lights on, it is total darkness. It is dangerous for residents.

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Until further notice, the Houston TEXANS should be known as the LOUISIANANS. Teams must not always win, but they should always at least show.

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Hillary's deplorables: Oh those who behead,slash and attack and bomb Americans? She doesn't call them anything, she can't say what they are. Islamic terrorists is not in her vocabulary. They are just poor unfortunates who need jobs. Maybe if Trump wins they will be able to get jobs and be really nice to us. Sarcasm!!

To the poster who's whining about Clinton's use of the term "deplorables", in my opinion she was spot on. Trump's rhetoric speaks to the people who support him, and yes he has spoken in racist, bigoted, prejudiced tones, and the ones who respond to this type of speech rally around him as their hero. Clinton doesn't mix words when speaking about the terrorists it's just not what the "deplorables" want to hear, because when they are sitting around their burn piles in their back yards swilling their beer and petting their hunting dogs, the words of civility are a foreign language to them, they are used to speaking with words that spew hate and judgment like n@@@@r, and rag heads and others. Trump speaks the language of the deplorables and deplorable people they are.

Ok, Trump accuses Cruz's father of being a part of the killing of JFK, never takes it back to this day. Yesterday Cruz supports Trump for Prez I tell you is there anything more stupid than a Republican? I don't think there is, I don't think the Republican party and its supporters are not only deplorable, they are just plain pathetic.

"Is there anything more stupid than a republican?" Why yes there is, anyone that would vote for or stand and applaud bill or Hillary Clinton when they tell you that someone else mistreats women.

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It never ceases to amaze me when I check in here and if printed words have attitude, or tone, there are so many "haters" and unhappy people in this area. They complain about everything. If I were to complain about everything around me, I think I would move. But you would probably just end up next to another person like yourself. The point here is any college or school book will tell you that the Texas Constitution , not the U.S. Constitution, but hold on, the Texas Constitution has been changed so many times, a professor will tell you in a heartbeat, that it needs to be torn up and start over. As far as elections go, if the young people don't vote, they are the ones that are going to have to live with the consequences, and all these senior citizens that have always voted per party, need to think about what kind of life the young people, your children and grand-children are going to have to grow up in and quit being so brutal. If we allow a man to spew vile words across the nation's televisions to be a President of the United States, we are already doomed. That kind of language is not used by people given that much freedom to run this nation. It just shows how sick this world actually is. May everybody, including myself, be forgiven for all the injustices we have committed in our lives or the vile things we say to each other or about other people. Southeast Texas is known for being such a vile place with the most hateful, narrow minded people, it is embarrassing when someone comes to visit and leaves our part of the state with such a bitter taste in their mouth. We really need to calm down and think about what we are doing to ourselves and others. I never commented in this feedback report because I rarely came here even to read anything but this last year, I have read such hateful tones about everything imaginable. People elect people in the county and then dog them so bad, why are they still holding office, if they are so bad? Just saying....Don't you want people that visit here to think it is a nice place to visit, with nice people instead of thinking of us as downright stupid and narrow-minded. It is embarrassing. Our young people have higher morals than the senior folks do nowadays.

Changes Coming to the Way We Vote

It seems that Our Governor and Attorney General are fighting very hard with our tax dollars to stop Texas Citizens from voting in our upcoming election. This is very sad that those two Politicians want to limit voting in Texas, so their agenda is to win the vote of their party. When we stop Americans in Texas from voting we die a little as a free America. We currently have a Two Party system and both sides should have access to the polls on every election. This is appalling and Anti-American, since we do have the right to vote by the US Constitution. Limiting Polling places and by moving into Computer Voting, is another attempt to stop voters. The Federal and State and County voting is a must and if you think, all of us White Senior’s are on board is crazy since like you we are also educated, but inclusive, and think the larger the vote, the better America we will have in the future. Why are the Governor and Attorney General in Texas fighting so hard to limit Black and Hispanic Voters? Governor Abbott and Attorney General keep throwing logs into the path to the polling places and we will keep jumping them and receive our right to VOTE! You use our money to fight access to the polls by the very people that pay the taxes for you to squander to stop our vote! November 8, 2016 is Election Day in America, please Vote and Do Not Let the Governor/Attorney General stop you from voting! Together we Win America and We win Texas and we win in Liberty County. God Bless America!

Child Left in Vehicle Succumbs to Heat

The child left in a car and she says she forgot to leave it at day care. How do you not know whether or not you stopped to let your child off. Dayton PD really needs to investigate this thoroughly. Some thing is wrong here. You don't forget a child. When the first res-ponders found the child was there an odor in the car and if so why didn't the mother notice, after all she drove all the way from Pasadena.

There has to be some middle ground in the case of the tragedy of the young child forgotten and left to die in its car seat. This is happening with alarming frequency (almost 700 since 1998; 31 in the U.S. so far this year). While one can feel some sympathy for a preoccupied young working mother, preoccupation that costs a life should not be dismissed as just another accident. Angry persecution and vengeful prosecution, no; penalties (even above the self-imposed penalty of grief), yes.

I do not feel sorry for the mother, she left a baby to die. She was more concerned about her job than that child. If that is what really happen.

I never heard of this happening before these rear facing child "safety seats" became law. Before this law, we could see our babies and it would be very hard to forget one.

General Comments

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that since TransCanda pipeline has come into our area, more and more people are getting cancer? Breast, Lung, Brain, we have a legal case against them?

To the person asking if the TransCanada pipeline is causing cancer: I think it's just you. An oil pipeline that's not leaking anything is no harm to anyone. It's only been pushing product through for a couple of years. If oil in underground pipes caused a spike in cancer, the multitude of pipelines under Liberty County would have proven to have been a problem years ago. And where did you get this information that there's been a spike in all those cancers you listed in just two or three years? You just heard it? Are they all calling you? Have been going around to all the doctors' offices and asking them to download all their data for you to analyze?

so if pipeline is not leaking why is a emergency envromintal(yes I know I didn't spell that right) recovery truck showing up by my house and when asked whats going on being told there is a leak and we have to dig it up and fix it...why is it every morning and evening it smells like rotten eggs? Why are there more and more dead wild animals showing up? Why is it TC says oh well, so sad, we are in the business to make money not make you happy? As far as knowing about the people having cancer...I can count on both hands of people I KNOW personally that either have died or going through treatment. Two are very close to mother in law is a survivor so far and my husband who since April has had two tumors removed from his brain and has to undergo gamma knife in order to get rid of the third..if we are lucky! That is how I know.

To the jack ass saying Trans Canada pipeline cause of cancer. You dumb ass Trans Canada pipeline not even in service yet.

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This is Hillary's list of "Deplorables": "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic." What nasty name has she called those who attack the United States with bombs or slice up Americans with knives?

General Comments

How's this for a political statement? (1) I am confident in the genius of the original framers of the U.S. Constitution and of the unqualified value of the document, strictly constructed. (2) History has seen our nation grow strong and do great things when government was small and freedom was large (reflecting strict construction). (3) There has been a general increase in the size of government and a parallel increase in infringements on freedoms as the direct result of the recent actions of the Democrat party, its candidates, its policies, and its appointments. (4) Wishing to return to smaller government, greater freedom, and, I am prepared to assume, a greater country, I wish for Obama, Clinton, and the RINOs to go away. (5) Thus I turn to Trump, not as the ultimate candidate, but as the superior option (given the options that we have).

In response to the poster who laid out his/her reasons that Trump is the best choice. (1)The constitution works because it' a flexible document adjusting to the times we find ourselves (2)the idea of the small government works best is a myth concocted by idiots. (3)I am still waiting for evidence of all these supposedly rights that has been taken away by the Democrats...I'm waiting hello? (4)and (5) You can vote forever you wish but given the evidence coming from the mouth of Trump and exposed by Clinton you definitely do come from a "basket of deplorables" and I just wish I had said that first but Clinton nailed it!

For the juvenile poster, "Hello, I'm waiting!" is not an argument. Like soy added to hamburger meat, this is just sub-rhetorical verbal filler. Perhaps amusing when uttered inside a basket of imbeciles, adults find it tedious and tiresome.

It is deplorable that someone believes the Constitution's "flexibility" is what Democrat's and Obama have been exercizing. There is one way to change the U.S. Constitution and that is by amendment, not by interpretation of the Supreme Court. Not by executive privilege. The Democrats have trampled the work of Madison and the Founding Fathers and Republicans have mostly stood by and watched.

The federalization of the public schools is a classic example of increasing size of government at the cost of individual freedoms. Once, public schools were under predominantly local control. Now, the schools are controlled by the strings attached to federal grants, by DOE mandates, and even by the school lunch program. Specific examples of intrusions are (1) Barak Obama's on-going attempt to force schools to provide bathrooms of choice for the sexually confused (even though we do not have the right of school choice), (2) yes, Virginia, there are discipline quotas, and (3) the unhappy meals gleefully promoted by Michelle Obama. All of these are quite distasteful.

I am still waiting for the examples of how our rights have been taken away by Obama and the Dems. The examples shown are not valid except in the minds of a group of deplorables. The statements of Trump doing his best to de-legitimate Obama's presidency by pushing the lie that O is not a citizen is ubiquitous. The issue was all about racism not valid birth. The Constitution is a good document because of it's ability to adapt to the contemporary situations that arise. The so called federalization of our schools is a joke, if the federal government just sat by and let the states run things then the students would become the victims of rampant racism at the hands of school systems operated by slow witted locals with ideas so out of date that they are laughable. The idea that some people are "sexually confused" being promoted by posters who probably still can't pronounce the word "clitoris" correctly is ludicrous. The issues here are simple, simple from the start. Obama is a thorn in the side of those who hate him only because he is black. The other issues of loosing our rights because of Dems is an out right lie. The statement about the "basket of deplorables" is accurate and spot on.

To the lightweight deal illiterate wannabe political commentator who is "still waiting" to hear...... Hello! Somebody smoked your dumb comments when they pointed out how the document you called "good" has been changed by the current President. He is not emptying Guantonomo and the federal prisons and the U.S. military, he is emptying even the possibility of returning to a Constitutional Republic by his actions. I would say that is more than deplorable!

Conservatives are always so in love with a document written over two hundred years ago that they are blinded when they defend it by using "the process" the documet itself lays out how it must be changed. It is out of date. Who cares what it says about how to change it! I am sick of Constitutionalists.

I have no doubt the person bashing the Constitution is "sick". I just wish he/she would not spread their sickness so we can make America great again.

To the poster who thinks that my post was "smoked" you are an idiot, first of all you don't know how to spell, it's not "Guantonomo" it's "Guantanamo", and the Prez isn't emptying the prisons and the military, he is though exercising his Constitutional right to pardon. Though in the light of your inability to spell simple words I can't expect you to comprehend the meaning of my post and or simple high school civics. So do us all a favor and go polish your gun and make sure your confederate flag is still flying and watch Fox News for your daily dose of Trump love that they infect the Nation with all day long.

I agree with the lady who implies that an inability to spell disqualifies a person from requiring adherence to the Constitution. NOT! Obama should have been challenged on more things and then his record number of losses in Constitutional challenges would be more difficult to beat.

Felony Warrant Served at Motel in Liberty

If ur man enough to go out commit felonies then do the manly thing and go on do the time! My god Jason "shrimpboat" Morgan why all the passing out when the laws finally show up? If u can't handle a simple arrest I feel sorry for u when u get to TDC! MITE WANNA START WORKIN OUT THEIR SHRIMPBOAT! Good luck to you, I think u gonna need it.

General Comments

I would like to know if anyone knows how much a cemetery plot at cost at Fairlawn inLiberty cost. I have Left messages with David Castle but have not received any responce. Can anyone help me???

General Comments

I went to register my auto and used my debit card and I was charged an extra two dollars because I used my card. This is ridiculous! By law we have to register and using our debit cards to pay for the transaction is perfectly legal tender, why in the hell are charged extra! I understand why merchants charge extra, I don't agree with it, but I understand. I certainly don't understand why a local government entity gets to charge extra is it loosing money in the transaction? It's just another way to get money out of the hands of people who don't have all that clout.

Most places charge a fee to use a credit/debit card because the card company charges them to use it. It's a convenience fee, because it's convenient for you to use the card. An ATM machine other than one belonging to your bank will also charge you. They push us all to use cards because it's safer, and it is, but it all costs money.

Bobby Rader is Watching YOU!

Bobby Rader is watching YOU! It seems Mr. Rader is the modern Day "Humpy" Parker with his own version of "Terror on Highway 59".

There are some of the most crazy ass stories about Sheriff Rader on here.

Talking about crazy I read another news article where 5 deputys helped a lady change a flat tire while our homes are being broken into our property is being stolen and drugs every where. Now that's crazy. Take control Sheriff Rader it takes just one to change a tire.

The problem with Rader is he is not proactive. A sheriff should be out there with his deputies patrolling in a marked unit. Setting an example. You hardly see him with a weapon. Bobby your a good person but you let people below you take control. You need to listen to the little people, namely your deputies.

A while back, this site offered up a story on the License Plate Readers installed on Hwy59/I69 by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office. This to me is just another attempt to make "Money" for Sheriff Rader and DA Pickett to use as a "private fund” for their elected offices. No other Office Holder gets this Bonanza, except the Sheriff and DA and they have to play the budget game every year. Salaries are not being paid from the funds that are seized and a few other items are a no-no, but a nice addition to their budget‘s. It seems to me to be likened to the old movie with Paul Newman about Judge Roy Bean; he who has the Gold makes the Laws/Rules. We have accepted the fact that sometimes five patrol cars and Deputies spend large amounts of time on this northern spot that seems to be a constant source of Gold for those willing to fund 12 miles of roadway as opposed to putting that effort into the rest of the county. Still today, look at the faces and names of the arrested and maybe like me the faces of the greater number that are stopped and arrested are of browner skin tones and Hispanic surnames. Therefore, with money being that plentiful for our Sheriff and DA, I think this practice and resources invested signal copious amounts of money to be made and spent for those two office holders for their next four years in office.

General Comments

I know this will sound petty...but I read continually a misspelled word, I read it on one of the obits here on this site and I saw it recently on a headstone in one of the local cemeteries and it's the word "altar". It is spelled "altar" not "alter". I'm sorry but it shows a level of ignorance that needs to be corrected. Its "ALTAR" NOT "ALTER"!

In the context of the criticism being offered, I believe it is noteworthy that the awkward wording of one of the commentators may be the best response to the "spelling policing" rhetoric. "I read continually a misspelled word"?opefully thisperson is better at speaking, and hopefully theyalter their hypercritical attitude by spending some time at the altar.

People who fuss about spelling and grammar live in an altarnative universe.

"in the context of the criticism being offered",you try to correct someone(nad very poorly at that) "opefully thisperson" and "theyalter" look at ones self before you try to do so again.Then they other party/person "altarnative".in this day and age computers DO HAVE SPELL CHECK,although they can not look at the character of a man and or women.

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I really don't have that much to say, I saw that August took out like 43 local people dying from young to the eldest. It is so hot. Hotter than that is the filth from everybody's mouth about everybody else. Everybody worries about people they know nothing about and apparently, do not care to know people that are not like them. I am still on the divide and conquer. It is not to the point of Hillary Clinton is a liar, but that Donald Trump has made it okay to tell people it is okay to tell people not like them to f..themselves and he would just bomb the sh...out of them and a white girl in the audience said something and he said to punch her in the face. Really? Has this Nation come down to low and lower. When we were brought up you might not care for your neighbor or somebody you didn't want to associate with but it was never to this point of outright hate and say anything to anybody about whatever. So the person trying to get elected as a President for the United States sounds just as ignorant as the racist people in Southeast Texas. Good church going bigots, if that what you want to be known for? Really? It always amazes me to see the difference and the hate, the nasty things everybody says. Because someone is having seizures, it makes them unable to do their job, I don't think so. When you mention medical problems in politics and go to church as Godly people and hate just spews from your mouth. It just makes others want to stay just as far away as they can and talk to God personally. I have also made some controversial statements here. But people we only have the officers you elect and then the officers they hire and are you out there putting your life on the line every day? Police officers cannot even be comfortable in a small town anymore. If you are different from other people, you might need to watch your back. How can it be that way and churches full on Sunday? I don't get it. Either you are or you are not. I sincerely believe there are more good people in this entire world but you just don't hear about them. I have not read one report about saying anything good about a person in this County since I have started reading these reports. That is sad! Really sad!

You are right. You don't have much to say.

I am saddened to hear the poster say they have not heard about positive people in our area. Let me start with one of the BEST, John Hebert Sr.! This is a true man of GOD! He supports this community in many ways and does it without wanting any praise. He is a Blessing to our community! I challenge others to post about someone or a group that helps others in our community.

"i really don't have much to say".I for one will and do agree with some if not all of your post.As i have had the privilege to have traveled,and in those travels met with many different people from all walks of life.And in this are there are many small closed minded people,sad but true.They smile at or with you then when you get 8 or ten steps away you most likely will feel a sharp pain in your back.Then they get all dressed up and go to church to try to but their way into heaven.Have a real nice day.

General Comments

I get a kick out the people/posters that say "Somebody needs too" As in somebody needs to tell Bobby Rader.... Somebody needs to tell DISD... Somebody needs to tell Liberty county courthouse to inspect the elevator. Guess what people, YOU ARE A SOMEBODY. Here is the phone for Bobby Rader 936 336 4500. Here is DISD phone number 936 258 2667, last but not least, Liberty county courthouse Phone # 936 336 4665. I look forward to hearing what all you SOMEBODIES find out. I will check back in a week or two. Good luck to all of you.

Radio Blog Propaganda

Somebody needs to tell Bobby Rader to quit driving around in the citizens on patrol vehicle. That vehicle was bought by the tax payers of Liberty County not drug money. Rader gets a car allowance and it is illegal for him to do that. I wish The District Attorney’s Office and the County Auditor’s Office would do something about all of Raders crooked stuff going on at the Sheriff’s Dept.

Radio Blog Propaganda, Reply Radio Blog Propaganda ~ Part of the problem with slow response time for Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies could be jurisdiction. The cities with their own police departments should handle the calls within their city limits. The DPS State Troopers should handle state highways and accidents with injuries within the unincorporated county areas. The Liberty County SO should handle crime in the unincorporated County Areas. The Cities Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty should handle the crime and traffic. Each Constable Precinct should handle delivering legal summons and act as court bailiffs. Each department should have a mutual assistance agreement and assist when asked for help and anytime an emergency dictates. Each department Should Stomp Their Own Snakes and Stay Out of the Other District unless requested

I have to agree with your article. Rader is by far the worst Sheriff we've had since I've lived here.

Radio Blog Propaganda, in a perfect world police would work the city and deputies in the county, DPS on the highways. Guess what the world is not perfect. If you look at a police officer, deputy sheriff, or DPS badge the seal says THE STATE OF TEXAS. We go where we are needed. We don't stop at the city limits and yes we have to cross the county and state line sometimes. We are a team and if one of us needs help we can count on the other agencies to be there. If someone in the city is in trouble and all city officers are on calls, do you expect that person wait till an officer get free? We all work with one another city, county, and state to protect and keep the public safe. Think about that when your in the county and all deputies are busy on calls and someone is breaking into you house, do you think then it's okay to send a city unit or should we wait till a county unit gets free. I've been in law enforcement for years and the problem i see is non-emergency calls tying up officers. If your kid won't mind whip-em don't call the police to discipline your child you had-em. If a car is sitting on the side of the road with the flashers on and the hood is up, they are probably having car trouble, this is not a suspicious vehicle. If someone is walking down the road unless they are hiding behind trees, cars and carrying a large TV this is not a suspicious person. Think about this a thief will not bring attention to his self. So think about it when you make that call to tie up an officer on a call.

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Somebody on the DISD board better read the law and make sure we follow it concerning teachers' aides. Teacher aides MUST be paid if they work early or late at school. Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits.

I appreciate the post about paying aides for their time working and I think I know what well meaning person posted it. Theonly thing is I do not mind working for these kids. law or no law. My husband makes a good living and I am not here for the money.

It is nice that someone married well and has plenty of money. That is not true for all of us. A teacher's aide is not paid much to begin with and the laws demanding that school administrators not allow aides to stay late or come early without being paid for should be folowed. While one person may not care for themselves, they would care if they knew the money struggles of others.

The law says there are two choices: Pay aides that come early or stay late or send themhome when they are not on the clock. DISD is not above the law!

It's not the law that DISD fears. It's the lawsuit. Periodically, opportunistic attorneys circle in like vultures to pick an ISD's bones over this very issue. Many ed. aides are very genuinely dedicated and are, like teaching professionals, very willing to put in all kinds of hours to get the job done. They love the kids and will do anything for them, including spending hours at their work far beyond their contract time (like so many teachers do). The difference is that aides, unlike teachers, are hourly employees and must be paid for the whatever hours they spend at work. Opportunistic attorneys have been able to swoop in, convince one or two aides that they have been done wrong, prove that those aides have not been paid for all the hours they work, and sue the be-gebers out of ISDs for back pay and punitive damages. That's why districts do what seems to be counter intuitive. They get all huffy and puffy about aides clocking in and out, and pass around directives stating that aids must not work extra hours. Hyper-dedicated aides get their feelings hurt by these directives, as if they are doing something wrong by being so dedicated. ISDs end up sounding like they don't like professionalism and dedication, and even sorta sound as if they don't like aides. In fact, the ISDS are protecting themselves from lawsuits brought by aides that become disgruntled somewhere down the line.

After a lawsuit that cost her district over $300,000, it became mandatory for my sister and the rest of the aides at her school to leave their campuses and they could not come on campus early. "Most" of the aides did not like the new rules, but it is the only way the school could be lawsuit proof.

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Can someone tell me when the last tax rate hike took place?Just wondering.

Three Arrested for Theft at Wal-Mart

Ref: 3 Arrested for theft at Wal-Mart. Liberty/Dayton, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THESE 3 YOUNG MEN. The number 1 reason to steal a cell phone is to use it in the worst possible way. #1, untraceable, #2 as a "device". If you know these three guys, WATCH THEM. Its not so much about stealing, its WHAT they are stealing. Put your head on a swivel, there are more out there doing this that is getting away with it, they cant be the only ones.

Man Arrested for Possession

I did read that correctly right? Evil Knevil right??? Was his parents thinking at all?

Yes you read it correctly. Evil is only one famous named kids in the family. There is a Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton,Roy Rogers...and several others.

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Hurricane season is here. Some of us are hoping to get an opportunity to invest in Jay Knight's version of Fitzpak Tree Removal and Fitzpak Generator Exchange.

The “Feedback Section” has produced a snipe at our County Judge, tying him, to a prior County Judge and problems after Hurricane Ike. This negative comment about County Judge Knight is just that a negative comment for lack of knowledge. Our Pro-Active County Judge and Commissioner’s at the last Commissioners Court voted on an agenda item for Liberty County to enter into a contract with a Debris Removal Contractor, Crowder-Gulf, who is on the Houston-Galveston Area Council approval list for this service to the 13 County Governments it currently represents. H-GAC anticipates and addresses common problems, therefore saves public funds for these problems when they will exist. Liberty County will again have another TS/Hurricane and debris removal will be needed by the county to operate afterwards. Crowder-Gulf will be in place during our contract with them to remove storm debris and they are able to direct bill FEMA, for their services taking this task off the back of Liberty County Government. Working behind this type problem only causes poor management of fiscal resources and makes mistakes more glaring on a government that is working everyday to handle problems before they become a problem. Therefore, to the individual that is trying to make County Judge Knight and Commissioners Court look bad, your attempts are not working. Go to Commissioners Court to find the truth for yourself, unless you just want to try to spread negativity, and then at least have all the facts of a serious problem, Liberty County will encounter in the future.

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I did not vote for Jay Knight. In fact I shared some of his past struggles n the belief he would not be the best county judge. But he has done a good job and, though I have watched from a distance, I believe I will be hoping he has no opponent in his re-election effort.


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