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General Comments

The county save a lot of money on patrol cars if they had a county garage to do the maintenance instead of one place for oil change another for tires another for electrical another for mechanical, and so on. Why doesn't LCSO have a county garage? Maybe if they did some more would get done so they could have extra vehicles when needed; instead of cars sitting at the office for months brook down.

General Comments

The House republicans ran instead of voting on some sort of gun control measure last week there by proving that they are handily in the pocket of the NRA's checkbook, nothing more than whores, ( I would rather be a honest whore than a republican). The issue of these souped up guns that can be purchased by any mentally ill rage filled man is a national crisis and needs to be addressed federally. Those mental midgets who hide behind some perverted view of the Second Amendment need their wings clipped for the safety of innocent citizens in view of the many people cut down by these weapons of mass destruction. It is a disgrace that this is allowed to happen over and over again just because of small minded gun worshippers are scared they may have to give up their daddy's shotgun that he left them when he died.

General Comments

I would like to give credit where credit is due. The team at the Liberty Pound work hard for our animals. They give their ALL. They deserve a big Thank You. We appreciate all you do for the fur babies. Thank you for saving many lives!! God Bless Y'all!

General Comments

Higher taxes to update city electric and higher taxes to update city sewer? Is there any way we could break out of having the same old people running this city (or their brother-in-law or his best friend)? We need betteroversight of longterm management of assets.

Need to stop buying those expensive family SUV's for the police department, stop blowing thousands of dollars on fireworks, stop building Taj Mahal buildings for city hall, fire, and police, before taxing us for the decades of neglect to water and sewer and electrical systems.

Raising taxes to fix the City infrastructure...building the "road to nowhere"...hiring outside contractors to do what the City should be doing all along... This is what living in Liberty is all about among other issues like punishing the homeless and impecunious by stealing their property for late taxes while Boomerang gets a nod and a look the other way on the same issue. You will never replace the City Council with new people unless you can get concerned individuals together to discuss the possibility of exposing the ones in control and replacing them. The one big problem is those in power here are all friends, their kids all dated one another, they all attend the same Xmas parties, and they inter-marry so the wheel keeps turning in their favor.

How many streets in Liberty could have been repaired or upgraded for the money spent on the road to nowhere? Disgraceful. Some of our city council has no common sense.

City of Liberty higher taxes? No way! This leadership will just put it on everyone's city bill...

All that money spent getting jet fuel and fixing up the airport could have helped fix the sewer and water problems in Liberty.

Liberty Taxes: If they are spending $18 million as reported and that "debt" is spread over every man, woman and child in this "City", that means that each and everyone of us is on the hook for about $2,222 per per. Insanity!!! They all need to be run out of town. There needs to be a complete regime change and management change.

General Comments

So many liquor stores taking over Liberty and Dayton. Since Liberty has a super Wal-Mart, it would be nice if Dayton, had a Target, like you could get groceries, clothing, animal food and stuff, electronics, household good as well. Wouldn't it be nice to have a bowling alley and a movie theater like Mont Belview.ouldn't it be nice to have an indoor flea market with any and everything certain days of the month/ Wouldn't be nice to have a nice BucKies in Dayton instead of Liberty or Mont Belvieu. The new theater, bowling alley and the latest Wal-Mart is on north Side of Baytown. Wouldn't be nice to have better motels/hotels like Baytown, look how many Liberty has. It is not just horrible to look at how many Liquor stores have come in taking up building in Liberty and Daytown. That is all you see, Liquor Stores so people can get drunk and drive and kill another. It is not a race to see what Dayton could have besides Liberty, or Mont Belvieu, or Atascocita. It is just it would be more accessible, create jobs and outweigh the Liquor stores and people would be putting money back in Dayton, instead of Liberty, Baytown or Atascocita. There is an overabundance of liquor stores, so one or more will prosper and the others will phase back. We have more convenient stores and gas station. Don't you want the people of Dayton to buy in Dayton. Why let Liberty and the other neighboring towns have our money. Liberty has better motel/hotels? They are all being used. Dayton had rather tear down houses and sell the land rather than giver a person a chance with what is already there to fix up? Just some ideas and questions? Oh, a Kroger or/and Aldi's would be great. Do you knolw that people go to Liberty for Tractor Supply and they could have had on liquor store like Specs. Instead of all these cheesy ones. It takes money to make money, but if you need clothes, you go to Liberty or Baytown or Humble for Ross, Kohls, and then Liberty played it smart and opened up several retail shops and even Palai Royal, and is it T.Z. Maxx. and also they let Payless close, so we have to go to Baytown or Atascosita, Liberty has opened many retail stores and all we get is gas stations an convenient stores one after another, some with food, but really folks? If you have to pay taxes an grumble about it all the time, at least create jobs for people and have this in our own town. Why buy in Liberty because it is in the same County? Look at Cleveland in Libert County, Burke's Outlet in Liberty is gone but it is in Cleveland for the ones who don't know. you want people to shop locally make Dayton to cath up with Cleveland and Liberty, no more liquor stores and convenient stores. Really?

General Comments

My question is when is the new Mexican restaurant going to open. They have had the same sign up saying coming soon for like 6 months? Starting to wonder if they ran out of $ or something

mexican restaurant still not open after 6 months,must be waiting to see who wins the white house,don't want to bring in a bunch of workers only to have them leave if donny boy gets in !

So if Trump wins, then the new Mexican restaurant that will soon open in Liberty will then have to shutdown because of it's employees being deported? How about becoming legal in the U.S. and then they won't have this fear of deportation. But don't worry because if that lying, deceitful, dishonest, selfish, arrogant, lesbian Hillary wins ; then she will bankrupt the new restaurant because she will make sure all the underprivileged (lazy-ass) , needy(lazy-ass) , welfare recipient (lazy-ass) eat there FREE.

People wondering about the new Mexican restaurant should read the minutes of the Liberty city council for the last several months. There seems to be something going on about tax abatement. Maybe this is keeping them from opening.

In reference to the opening of the Mexican restaurant , maybe we don't all have access to the City Council meeting minutes!!!!

Just so everyone knows, I-Dine publishes a list of items that will be discussed at city council meetings. And also reports on many discussed items at the meetings. Thanks, I-Dineout.

Liberty PD Fleet Accident

when traveling at night in a construction zone, if you don't know what is in the area of the road << STAY OFF the road no matter who you are ...OK ?

Some people are so stupid. Really? Telling a police officer not to go somewhere. That is there job and what happened to him could have happened to anyone. Wow...more of that ol "liberty county" mentality.

Chairman Daniel Sworn In

Ryan Daniels, Mr. Coleman brought you aboard and was willing to step aside as Chairman of a party that he has led to almost pure domination of the local political scene. Why would you join a bunch of Libertarians just weeks before your term in power in order directing the county convention from someone who has been so vital in your rise to chairing the party he has worked so hard to put on the map? I look forward to the end of your term and to ongoing revelations about the people who suckered you into your deception of Mr. Coleman, the man who put this party on the map.

Concerning Mr. Daniel swearing-in responder: A. Grammar and punctuation are still considered desirable. Learn them. B. Oh, Gayle, enough already.

Ken Coleman made the Republican Party the most respected and most active and most participated in party in this county after over forty years of bizarre people leading them to nothingness. Who is Ryan Daniel? The man that tried to sneak Keith Strayhan in as replacement to the much admired John Otto? The man that sat by and used the party to try to outlaw abortion without the Supreme Court? Who is this man - the beginning of the ressurrection of conservative Democrats rejoining moderates.

To the person wanting to know WHO Ryan Daniel is- Obiously you have not been around the Republican Party anytime in recent years. Ryan Daniel has been a precinct chair and active in the party for several years. You can see him and his wife at almost every event, convention, TVE booth, meeting , etc. for the past four or five years. Ken Coleman asked Ryan to run for the position of County Chairman. Reach out to him and get to know him. Or come to a local LCRP meeting. Like the party on Facebook. Learn something, anything about a person before making quick judgments and accusations.

To the person who wanted to know who Ryan Daniels is: You should know he blindsided Ken and helped to make the most important county chairman in the history of the county have a miserable end to his service. While we were tring to stop the infiltrating of some Libertarian group, he was meeting with thembehind Ken's back. Despicable.

Ken Coleman "the most important county chairman in this county's history"? Not even in the top ten.The top ten would ALL be Democrats. You are an idiot moron and should consider having "stupid" branded on your forehead if it isn't there already.

Responding to Feedback on Ryan Daniel. Someone called me and told me that I needed to see I-Dineout because I was being accused again of saying something or doing something that I did not do. Finally figured out how to find something on this site that I normally never go to. After reading the comment about myself, where it says enough Gayle, I'm sorry but I still don't understand what I was supposed to have said because believe me this is the first time I have ever responded to anything on this website and only about the 2nd time I have ever been on it. Whoever accused me of saying something needs to get their story straight--this is getting riduculous being accused of things I would never do or say. But I do want to thank those of you who stood up for the hard work Ken has done over the years as Chairman. He has worked very hard to build the Party up over the years from what it was when we became involved in the Party and hope it continues to be the conservative Republican Party that it has been. We will still be involved but not to the extent that we were before and our grandson's activities can now take First Place over LCRP time--something we have both missed out on the past few years. We wish the Party well; but now, it's our time to do the things we have postponed because of Party obligations.

The new people in charge of the Liberty County Republican Party are either illiterate or totally ignorant or both. They stood outside the polls and talked about how sick and tired they were of Ken Coleman and Mary Bivens helping elect Democrats. If you run for office in the Republican party you are a Republican. Their jobs were to elect people who ran on the Republican ticket. An earlier comment said it 100% correct, Ken and Mary are the best and most significant County Chairman and Vice Chairman in the history of the county. They discarded the hyper partisanship first and as they retire they battle a libertarian invasion of the party not Democrats. Jeff LeBlanc and Keith Strayhan are so far out of the mainstream they spend all of their time explaining themselves to Republicans. In two years people will be begging Ken to run again and fix what these people will break.

The proposition that ken Coleman was a great or good or even halfway effective chairman aside, Terri Bivens, not MARY, was one of his two vice chairmen. Your "history" is not historical and your facts are not factual, but let's at least get the names right so we can brag or complain about the correct people. From my point of view, Terri and Ken Coleman could have just as easily been leaders for the Democratic party. They were about wielding power and hobnosing with the big wigs who came through town. They were about tea and crumpets and "being somebody" in this community. The people trying to return the country to its Constitutional foundations and actually make things better are a mix of the RLC and some of the hardworking faithful GOPers and some young men and women who are sick and tired of the status quo Terri and Ken use to be "good standing members" of the community while they have held their fingers in the holes in the damn and try to stop active advocates for improving things. And that is all I have to say about the matter.

Regarding Comments About RYAN DANIEL; The only reason the Libertarians from the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) are on this page sticking up for Ryan Daniel is (a.) he is their puppet and (b.) these people must not have real jobs. I'm sure it was thought that because Ryan and Courtney Daniel had befriended The Coleman’s and had been asked to run for office by Ken Coleman and others in the party that Mr. Daniel’s loyalty would be "to the party". Instead, he takes the job, all along knowing he will be joining up with all the nut jobs from the RLC, stabbing the Coleman’s in the back. Mr. Daniel may wake up to find that the support of the silent majority, the same silent majority that united to keep the RLC's poster boy -- Keith Strahan out of office is needed. And that support may not be there. We won't stand quietly by and watch him run this party in the ground!! People are sick of seeing hard working people like Ken and Gayle, Terri Bivens and others slandered and lied about. The RLC and its hacks run a slew of Websites and Facebook pages which the Coleman's and Ms. Biven’s are regularly roasted on, along with many others associated with politics. It's shameful to read all the TRASH published. These sites are ran by RLC members currently holding positions within the Republican Party. Their agenda has nothing to do with building the Republican Party but to push the agenda of the RLC. The men and women of this group are all brave with their comments while sitting behind their computers, in the dark, at home. I can see them now ---- like little trolls. But, get them in a room full of the people they trash constantly and they say NOTHING! They coyly sit at party meetings and hold their little cell phone cameras up and video events so they are able to make fun of whoever their next victim is. These are the people influencing your new Chairman!! Nothing that these people post on their websites or on Facebook is about uniting the Republican Party. It's strictly about how they need to run the establishment out of town so they can have control to push their own agenda. Their only mission is to cause disruption in the party and cause confusion and division. Guess their plan worked and Mr. Daniel fell right into their hands. Good job Ryan!! Ken and Gayle have served this community well, and brought a sense of class to the party not seen in a long time --- they do not deserve what has been done to them. When I joined politics I thought I would be fighting to keep the Democrats out of office. I didn’t know that I’d be having to fight so hard within the actual party. Also, as one writer mentioned, I tried to go and look at the Website and Facebook page and there isn't one for the local party anymore. It says it is under construction. LOL! I thought for sure the Mr. Daniel would have had that up and running so his RLC buddies would have one more place to spew their lies. One thing is for certain, everyone now knows where Mr. Daniel's loyalty lies, and it's not with the party that he is the chairman of.

If following the rules and telling the truth mean anything to the self proclaimed protectors of "the party", former Republican Party Chairman Ken Coleman was proven to be lousy at both. A political party chairman is not a king. Puppet Coleman and his puppeteer Terri were experts at cramming things down people's throats. Their idea of democracy is whatever they decided in the absence of everyone else was the direction the party would go. All of the nonsense about "libertarians" in an environment and a time when 80% of the Republicans agree with most of what libertarians espose is an indication that namecalling and ramrodding were the modus operandi rather than political debate and democracy.The way the few RLC memebrs were treated by leadership caused sympathy rather than rejection. Colemen's lies and behavior were embarassing and knowing they were given a greenlight by Bivens didn't make it any better. the party is better in the hands of the people than these bobbleheaded wannabes.

Whoever wrote about the very loyal and admirable commitment by Ken Coleman and his wife to the local Republican Party - you are either out of touch and uninformed you have no idea what you are talking about or you are "in on it". Coleman pulled several moves at the end of his term that lacked integrity and were beneath reproach. He was willing to blow the party up that you say he has worked so hard to build rather than lose political power. Shameful. Please be quiet before you embarass yourself in your silly rebutals.

Have a cupcake and shut up,you are no longer the Queen Republican. Say something smart or become anonymous.

Interesting to read the thoughts about the local politiocal party that is in power here in Liberty County. Here is a thought for those analyzing motivations in leadership of a politiocal party: "When a political party is totally out of power, leadership either bides its time or pays the price to expose why change is necessary. When a political party is in total control, leadership either enjoys the high profile benefits of access to power or they pay the price to push for those things the party listed as the priorities they would work towards when a miniority and new priorites that are not necessarily popular." What are your leaders on this scale? What about past leaders?

The comment asking what our party leaders are like and asking about their motivations makes you think. The Archers loved the Democratic Party. They loved it and worked hard for it and even when their candidates started having no chance of winning they pushed for them way before becoming chairmen. Their motivations were clear. Coleman loved Ted Poe and being a buddy with a Congressman. When Coleman came to office there was almost no way a Democrat could win with the political climate the way it was in Liberty County. All Coleman had to be was a good host unless there was some issues important to him. Instead, he was manipulative and only wanted people to join the party that agreed with him on his favorite candidates. The two new chairmen seem to both be true believers, but time will tell in both parties.

Here is another thought about assessing leadership: when the story reduces to rambling assessments of the leader's character and motivations, the story has become stale, and so has their leadership.

OUCH! I don't necessarliy agree but I don't read any "rambling" when one comment expresses opinion about the motivations of the Archers and Coleman. The response makes me reconsider that the opinion may have some validity. "Rambling"? What a rebuttal! Sounds like an Archer hater or a Coleman fan.

I tell you what ramling looks like. The lady that tries to force Chairman Colemen to bend to her will at the controversial Republican meeting was rambling. She was all over the place. Finally she ran out of anything to say and Coleman restored order and, for anyone listening, embarrassed the nutwigs who tried to take over the party.

I am happy for Ken. I am also happy for Terri! They both have served their time as chairman and as John Otto's secretary and they deserve to get to retire and get out of the heat of politics. If I were either of them, I would spend my time trying to win yard of the year and let the new workers work in the political garden.

Lets get everything straight. The group of libertarians known as the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC), the same group that brought the ugliest and nastiest campaign in recent history to Liberty County via Keith Strahan's (their founder) failed candidacy *AND* the same group who hijacked this year's Liberty County GOP Convention, wants us to believe: A) their group of libertarians are conservative and B) their group of libertarians are Republicans and C) the Liberty County Republican Party under Ryan Daniel's chairmanship will be awesome. Did I miss anything? Despite the fact Liberty County Republicans TWICE rejected RLC founder Keith Strahan (once in the primary and once in the run-off) we are to believe Republicans agree with 80% of the libertarian group's views? Seems like a little too much weed is being smoked.

Karnak The Great's answer: Why Hillary will win. The question: have you read the extended thread about the condition of the Liberty County Republicans?

General Comments

With the most recent slaughter of Americans in Florida social media is posting sound bytes up one side down another on the issue. The story is the same over and over again, some man who lives in unrestrained fury and rage toward a group of people who's lifestyle he can't abide by, in some perverted application of religious fervor decides to purchase a weapon and kill as many of these people as he can, and on social media there are people who still think that ownership of these weapons of mass destruction are more important than human life.

General Comments

i have a cargo container to be shipped drove all over liberty and the county and still can not find the port.and the taxpayers really pay people to be on the port board ?

According to their website, this is the board of the Chambers-Liberty Navigation District. Chair - Terry Haltom Vice Chair - Allen Herrington Secretary - Ken Coleman Member - Ken Mitchell Member - Dave Wilcox It has been suggested in this forum that these board members receive salaries. Is this true?

If the board of the Chambers-Liberty Navigation District are considering paying themselves salaries, I suggest we pay them what the market for another taxpayer funded bureaucracy will bear. One dollar a year. If that is not enough, they should resign and others will take their place for even less than the new suggested one dollar a year. It is called volunteerism.

Unelected power on boards can expose a community to great injustices. This navigation board, like the appraissal board, should not give power to individuals for long periods of time. Boards should be forced to have turnover and the turnover should not include other family members. Board memebrs politicking for pay are overrating their service and they are helping people who believe like I do if they force this issue because it will give us an excuse to demand changes.

General Comments

Watching CNN last night and the political panel discussing Trump and his antics was hard to keep a serious demeanor listening to Trump's defender trying to explain what Trump really means when he makes such obviously racist statements. The fact this bozo is the GOP nominee for Prez is ludicrous! And what's more bizarre is that he was able to seduce so many people to support him! His supporters have to be the most stupid group of people in the world. They have nothing of substance in their heads but what currently is in their refrigerators. This is what happens when you give your self a steady diet of bigotry and football and gun worship. Morons supporting a moron.

Suspect Arrested in Multiple Auto Burglaries

Regarding Jonathan Dewayne Prince, the alleged bad guy who was arrested for the string of auto thefts, LPD did an outstanding job with this. Our police did a great job of giving residents information and warnings about the on-going thefts and did an outstanding job of quickly wrangling the criminal formerly known a Mr. Prince.

General Comments

Going through Hardin yesterday at 3:30pm. A City of Liberty police vehicle was at the barber shop in Hardin. So we pay for their gas and they get haircuts on our tax dollars??

EDITOR'S NOTE: A City of Liberty Police Officer, on his way home in his patrol vehicle made a stop at a barber shop in Hardin on his direct route home to get a hair cut as he had a public speaking engagement at a local service organization the next day.

I guess the editor missed the point. City of Police vehicles are fueled with tax dollars. That fuel is taking the car out of the city limits. Why are they allowed to even take the vehicle home. Its not the first time that a City of Liberty vehicle has been seen around Hardin. The last time I saw one in Hardin it was speeding with no lights and pulled into the officers home. Never mind. It just goes to show that not everyone has to obey the laws and the tax payers thoughts are not important.

In response to the whiner about the City of Liberty policeman stopping in Hardin to get a hair cut. As long as these guys are out there putting their lives on the line every day and getting paid way to little for what they have to deal with every day including nosey neighbors who will be the first to call them over stupid issues taking them away from real problems, I don't care where they drive their police car, how long they take a break while eating, what they do on their days off, or any other petty issues people cry about. They risk not ever seeing their family again every time they walk outside and go to work.

I am very glad to see someone suggest mandatory term limits of the appraissal district board members and their relatives. Too much power in the hands of too few is a recipe for abuse.

General Comments

The City is in dire straits with the flooding, was talking to some City employees and they are becoming overwhelmed with the sink holes and levy issues around Travis park, and the local media isn't covering the issue for some reason.

General Comments

A thank you to Curtis Hudnall, John and all at Curtis & Sons who last week opened an alternative gate exit for the residents and employees stranded by flood waters at the junction of Hwy 146 and Industrial Drive.

General Comments

I want to take the time to make aware what I know many of your readers already know. The tax office at the Dayton annex is a clear example of what is wrong with government. A couple of months back I went in at 11:47am and was told by the one clerk she did not have time to complete my two vehicle license renewals as she had to go to lunch at 12 noon. The times are clearly posted and it says they close at 12 noon, not 11:47 am. I was told I needed to leave and come back after lunch. I refused and insisted she could finish before noon if she would try, I was not driving home round trip over 10 miles just so she could leave early for lunch. She got it done with 2 minutes to spare. This past week I went in at 4:20 pm and there was two employees. They were refusing to provide service to a lady saying it was 4:30 pm and they were closed. The lady was begging them as they stood their ground and lied about the time. This is government gone bad, if the posted time is 4:30 pm then they should be accepting any and everything without question until 4:30 pm. The drivers license office gets a bad rap in comparison. They lock the door at 5:00 pm, not a minute early and they deal with the customers that are still in line. I have seen this practice countless times and that is how it should be. I'm assuming the tax office people are paid until 5:00 they need to adjust their shift, the public comes first, not lunch and not going home early or completing the end of the day paper work. I talked to several people in Dayton and they all were aware of what my two encounters, they have had them as well.

Any county office closing before five o'clock is something new. When Democrats ran the courthouse offices were open until five.

General Comments

What's up with the Sheriffs department vehicle at the apartments on Lakeland? It never moves. Been in the same sport for awhile now.

Re: the Sheriff's car at the Apts on Lakeland Dr., there are 2 sheriff deputies that live there, one city of Liberty officer and one of the dispatchers from the fire dept. I don't know why this person picks on our County Sheriff's Dept. I believe Bobby is doing a great job and reviewing the last election, the majority of the city feels the same way.

General Comments

I would like to express my great excitement for the changes in the attitude and direction of the local Republican Party.

The local Republican are pretty much like the national Republicans. With the Reagan coalition long gone, and with nothing like a McCain or Romney coalition ever built, the Republicans are in free-fall (this is said as an adult-long Republican). The Republicans have abandoned social conservatism of the Evangelical, Moral-Majority variety. The Republicans have abandoned fiscal, small-government conservatism. The Republicans have abandoned constitutional conservatism. The Chamber-of-Commerce Republicans are not palatable to social, fiscal/small government, and constitutional conservatives. The RINOs and GOPes dislike the social, fiscal/small government, and constitutional conservatives. What's left? Hating Hillary is not enough reason to have a party.

General Comments

Two words for the Trumpsters who are measuring the curtains in the White House - Gary Johnson. Game.Set. Match. Whether it is President Hillary or Joe Biden, Trump is finished.

TVE Being Investigated for Compliance with ADA

We must remember that the renovation was for the elite committee members not the public.

Horray for the US Attorneys office for performing a long needed investigation into the TVE for treating our disabled, physically and mentally challenged like 2nd rate citizens. Will be interesting to see the results of the investigation.

In regards to "handicap parking" at the Trinity Valley Exposition: approximately 4 years ago the TVE decided to take in a portion of the general seating inside the arena and make "sponsor seating" that fetched a purchase price of $2500.00 to $5, 000.00, with some of these booths being air conditioned and a rather costly amount of funds for the TVE. At the same time......someone had the brillant (ha) idea of removing the few designated handicap parking areas that were located near the arena and put up a sign that is barely visible to redirect the handicap parking area to a field of grass, mud, and dirt, which is a long way for a disabled person to motivate across or be pushed by a caregiver to reach the arena area. The area near the arena was the designated for "Sponsors" and TVE personnel and a select few, of which NONE are disabled. The renovations were made accessible for strictly NON Disabled individuals. AlSO at this same time, when tens of thousands of dollars were spent on sponsor seating, there remained ONE presuably handicap seating area on the ground floor with NO visibilty of the rodeo from this seating area. And no designated area for companion seating. The American Disabilities Act states in section 36.308: "a public accomodation shall ensure that wheelchair spaces and companion seats are provided in each specialty seating area that provides spectators distinct services or amenities that generally are not available to other spectators". The current so called handicap seating is an insult to the disabled.

True story My family and myself were attending the tve rodeo last year. A man, his wife, and 3 children entered the rodeo arena. The mom and 2 if the children seated themselves in the stands quite aways from the dad and the 3rd child. This child was a small girl with cerebral palsey and in a child's special made power wheelchair. The dad proceeded to place the child in her wheelchair in the colored blue area and he stood beside her, also nextvto the trash can. My daughter went and secured a rusty aluminum chair from one of the box seat areas and brought it to the dad. He was appreciative, and sat down next to his daughter. After 15 minutes he stood up and rounded up the rest of his family from the stands, he thanked mybdaughter and stated that they were leaving. The child and the father sat and smelled the trash, in a can that matches the blue of the "handicap" seating and the father said "We cannot see anything but the rear ends of people in the aisle" later on when I had the opportunity so I sat in the rusty chair and indeed all that I could see was the mid sections or rear ends of people. But even if there is no traffic in the walkway (which is not the case at all because people tend to congregate there) the view from that area is the heads of people in box seats. I tried it. The rodeo was not visible at all. What an embarrasment, what a shame.

TVE is long over due for a reality check. What a shame it has come to this, an organization that is supposed to be for youth. They should have a full audit. Money for youth scholarships is being used for the elite to meet. In comparison to other scholarship enties I believe the TVE will fall short.

The TVE needs a house cleaning like our federal government. But, usually good Ole boys and gals usually get replaced with good Ole boys an gals. It needs to return to the days where the directors cared about the elerdy and special needs persons. It is an elitist society.

Now I know who's voting for Trump. It's the person that thinks the TVE directors are part of an elitist society.

TVE--When our Liberty Lions Club can award $25,000 in scholarships to LHS graduates and the TVE, (who represent Liberty and Chambers) can only award a total of $27,000 in scholarships, I think TVE takes in more money than mop and broom sales--just saying!

I am in total agreement in that the TVE over the past 10 years is all about money money money and instead of paying out salaries to tve persons they need to concentrate more on what the TVE was designated for. Our youth. The people/all the people in our community and surrounding area and treat all people fairly. They have proved over the past 10 yrs to value the almighty dollar and have forgotten the purpose of the TVE. I say: "get real tve board of directors"

The disabled whether it be a disabled veteran, mentally or physically disabled have rights according to the laws of this nation. Liberty tx is not exempt from those laws. It is not a difficult chore to R E A D. The board at the TVE should have been doing a little more reading (of the ADA) during their meetings in the new and very expensive meeting room. They will be in for a rude awakening when hit with a possible $55,000.00 fine for non compliance. That can be the minimal amount for the first offense. It would have been much cheaper to read and to listen to concerned citizens. Someone, give them "their sign" please.

General Comments

Liberty County dodged a bullet when voters rejected Mark Beausoliel's candidacy for county attorney. He is a creepy political animal and manages to hide it from some. We need to distance ourselves from the cronyism Liberty County became infamous for during the last twenty years of one party politics. If Republicans can't clean it up, we need to do something different again.

General Comments

To the person who thinks the election in Hardin went just fine: The Mayor will have the City in Bankruptcy. She herself has had a bankruptcy, and a judgement against her (of course this was in her maiden name ). She denies it, but, it would only cost you 4.99 to do your own checking. Sometimes ignorance is NOT bliss. Karma is a real B*T*C* get ready citizens.... It has begun. The first council meeting that was conducted with the new council was a joke, every council member there with the exception of one that kept abstaining from voting, just nodded their heads ... didn't even use their brain to think. The Mayor openly lied, said she had reviewed the resumes and felt that the present secretary was the most qualified, and in the second breath (when the temp secretary brought the resumes' into the meeting she said that they had NEVER been opened! the council STILL didn't question her. It's gona be a ROUGH ride folks!

To the person who didn't think the Hardin city council didn't use their brains during the meeting. I was there and I thought everything went very well, I spoke to quite a few people after the meeting and received nothing but positive feedback, they said it was rather refreshing having a meeting run so smoothly compared to the past meetings. I have a sneaking suspicion that the person who posted this, might have been one of the two ex council members that were in attendance, who had just been voted off and might still hold a grudge.

To the person who commented on the Council meeting for the City of Hardin, well it WAS a quiet meeting.... because the council did not question that anything from the idiot that is the Mayor. The new council wanted to be elected so bad that they lied to the citizens about what the "old council" was doing, but in turn GIVE their powers to the Mayor... If you didn't want the power, you should not have run, or lied to the citizens... There still has not been anything done to remedy the problem with the City of Liberty. The sewer bill owed TO Liberty by the City of Hardin for May is $22,250.00. Because nothing has been done....STILL.... The previous council kept voting to get things done, but the Mayor would not do them. And with her "all new" Council not even questioning why nothing is getting accomplished, I am guessing they are going to sit back and let her bankrupt the City of Hardin and not even try to make her do something. Since she has been the Mayor, it has been 52,000.00 + 13,000.00 and 22,250.00... Next month should be another doozie.... Is ANYONE else going to wake up and see what is going on? Beside the previous council and very few others.... And if you would have been 1/2 as intelligent as you want to sound, you would have known that she was going around town telling everyone that when she got her "new" council, she could do what ever she wanted.... WAKE UP PEOPLE..

General Comments

Congratulations Ernest Bailes! Liberty County did our part in helping. We are not a bunch of kooks here just beacuse one from here ran against you. We are interested in making government run better and solve more problems. We are a county and not interested in endless law school-like talks about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. We are interested in results, not theory. Get after it man, we have your back here!

reply to congrats Ernest Bailes...Not all here in Liberty believed you were the right man for the job. Some of us saw your true colors and voted for Strahan. It's sad when you use bribery to get votes. All your followers will see when you get to Austin, that your just a puppet on a string. Keith Strahan, keep your head up, you were only defeated by Austin Liberal money.

According to I-DineOut, more than half the voters (roughly 57%) in Liberty County voted for someone else other than Keith Strahan in the Primary Run-Off Election. In the March Primary, Keith Strahan was also not chosen by Liberty County. Keith Strahan made a valiant campaign effort. He worked really hard. No one can say they weren't presented with information on Keith Strahan. We all received his mailers, facebook ads, and emails. Plus his supporters in the Republican Liberty Caucus used their resources (fake facebook accounts, anonymous websites, anonymous facebook pages, etc.) to do their part too. Liberty County has (once again) rejected another Republican Liberty Caucus member/candidate for State Representative. If people didn't vote against the Republican Liberty Caucus because of their libertarian values then they voted against them because of their negative tactics, messages, litmus tests, and general snobbery on "educating" us poor folks on what it means to be a Republican. Strahan and his RLC buddies got their just dessert.

"reply to congrats Ernest Bailes...Some of us saw your true colors and voted for Strahan." And the rest of us were tired of the non-stop phone calls from either Strahan, or a lifelong friend of Strahan, or someone else paid by Strahan to get a vote. I'm so glad this crap is done with for a while, maybe now my mailbox won't be full of their junk mail!

As a libertarian leaning local Republican who wanted Keith Strahan to win the state rep seat, it is a no brainer for me to get behind the winner, Ernest Bailes. He does have some connections that have been disturbing for many of us, but I understand some voters voted for him simply because of Keith's connections to Constitutionalist tea party types. Just as Keith has expressed however, we need to have this man's back every time he chooses to support the Constitution and to minimize the government's footprint in our lives. If Ernest does what I hope he will do, I am 100% on board!

Audience Members Identify Other City Infrastructure Problems

With regard to the neglected water leaks (and there are several), wasn't the purpose of all the money they spent on the new water meters that do not have to be read by humans supposedly to capture water being lost through metering issues? The "lost" water was more likely due to leaks like these. Oh well, they never met a dollar they could not find a way to waste.

The Star cafe is next door to the city of liberty public works.How did they miss that?

General Comments

JNot excited about voting for state representative Tuesday. I voted for Wes Hinch in the primary. He was as close to the type of representative John otto was and, in fact, was endorsed by Otto. I know people who know Bailes well and he is left of Hinch and Otto. I know people who know Strahan and he is to the right of Otto. Could someone please tell me why John decided to hang it up. He did a great job.

General Comments

I have a question for the politician from the north part of our state representative district. Mr. Bailes how can you speak in terms of "the people down there" when you are speaking to groups in Huntsville and Shepard with a clear conscience as you try to be the hometwon candidate everywhere you go. If you were to make this election about the issues you have a different position than your opponent, it would be the race real conservative candidates enjoy these days in Texas. A regulation-loving, lobbyist-connected,candidate running a race just like he has been told to by his sponsors versus Keith Strayhan, a man pushed to run by grassroots activists because of his consistent work promoting life, liberty, and a type of governing most likely to not interfere in our pursuit of happiness or control our property.

General Comments

Why should Bernie Sanders get to be the Democratic nominee when he isn’t even a Democrat? And how is Donald Trump going to be the Republican nominee when he considers being a Republican merely a starting bid?

General Comments

I want to send a special thank you to Elizabeth and Mark Beausoliel for providing the truck with the "go vote" sign on highway 146 that directs citizens to the early polling place. Mark willmake a great county attorney and Elizabeth is a political genius (the sign is accompanied by a "vote for Beausoliel" sign. Helping more people vote is very patriotic and a sign of what a great public servant both Beausoliels are.

Many of us helped the person one person described as a "political genius" just a few short years ago when she was pushing to get people elected. With all due respect to the person that commented on the Beausoliels. Liz and Mark both worked hard to beat Republicans just a few short years ago and they were not shy about how horrible it was for people to be running as Republicans. I have to disagree that these people are motivated by public service. They are opportunists and they are the type that give politicians the bad reputation they have.

General Comments

You know our emergency services are always asking us to report problems to them so they can investigate and do their job to protect the public. I received two phone calls last night and one this morning and the recording says that you are receiving this call from a Liberty County Inmate. That's when I hung up. I don't have anyone in jail. I called the Liberty P D this morning and they said there's nothing they can do to call the Liberty County Jail. I call the Liberty County Jail and the lady said that there is no way she can tell who is making the call. I hung up on her, frustrated. This really makes me want to get involved when some of our emergency services personnel are there just for a pay check. Frustrated in Liberty.

General Comments

I noticed this week at the Dollar Store near the old HEB that a number of city police were talking to the homeless man who sits on the bench outside the store. Now I see the bench has been removed and the homeless man is gone and sitting outside another business. Yes this homeless guy was a extreme danger to the peace and security of the citizens of Liberty! Give me a break. This man obviously has no place to go and was hurting no one. This is a scandal on the fact there is no place for him to live, and that the city deems it an important issue to make his miserable life even more miserable.

I am the homeless man whose bench was so spuriously taken from him. It was a fine bench and sturdy and don't understand why they took it away. It's prime location near the dollar store was also keen because if I had the good fortune of panhandling a dollar I could walk right in and make a purchase. Only issue with the whole enterprise is that lack of fresh thunderbird wine for sale at that particular dollar store. At any rate, thanks for noticing the blight of ol' Jasper, and if you see me again drop of a bottle of the bird for an downtrodden member of this fine community

To the person pretending to be the homeless person who sat by the Dollar store, you are a number one jerk and I firmly believe in karma, your turn will come someday making fun of the less fortunate.

Concerning the homeless man whose bench was removed from the Dollar Store. While it may have hurt business for him to be there and removing the bench was necessary, I would like to address the condescending imposter of the homeless man who posted a response. What a true a%# you are (my opinion only). I'm just saying. I would hope you find yourself in the same position one day.

I don't think that guy sitting on that bench in front of the dollar store hurt business at all, in fact the customers who frequent the store (myself included) are all about one check away from their own bench sitting, that's why we shop there, the City should attend to the needs of it's citizens especially the most needy.

A homeless guy with internet and cell phone? Begging for wine money?

City Neglects Water Leak

In response to the complaint about the water leak on MLK and Louisiana not being fixed but if Main Street had one it would be fixed quickly. Well if you go down Main you would notice that there is a leak at Main and Grand and has been there for a very very long time and hasn't been fixed either.

That water leak has been there on MLK and Louisiana St. since the City Public Works was at Louisiana and Trinity St. (About four years).

Check out the raw sewer in the ditch in front of the Star Cafe on Main Street. So bad, we hate to eat there because of the smell. Been there for quiet while.

Water leaks may be because the city (under this management) seems to have laid off many folks that knew what they were doing and actually cared. The city is only as good as it is lead, may be time to change city manager.

I bet there are no unfixed water leaks at the Liberty airport or the new road to nowhere in town

City water leak, go look at Mizel Rd at Mimosa Lane, the city has an sewer over flow that goes straight in the ditch, its been there for at least 5 years.

General Comments

Can any one tell me why Lake;land Drive is closed to through traffic? I always turn by Jack in the Box to Lakeland Drive to get to the City animal place and to get to WalMart. Now the road is blocked off to through traffic! Why?

LakelandHole: The Liberty City Council has approved hiring a Huntsville company to make repairs to the crumbling sewer line on Lakeland Drive. That section of the street will remain closed for approximately two more weeks. We’ve reported a portion of Lakeland Drive, just north of Jefferson, recently collapsed because of a crumbling sewer line. Liberty Public Works Director Tom Warner told council the initial hole in the street has been growing larger Much like a sinkhole. At last report, that hole in Lakeland Drive is now 20 feet long, 12 feet wide and 11 feet deep. The city had placed barricades to warn motorists away from the hazardous area, but those have now been replaced with city maintenance trucks that completely block Lakeland Drive in both directions. The project will cost an estimated $36,750

About Lakeland Drive : with our economy the way it is, why is a Huntsville company doing the repairs and not a local company? Thanks for looking out for the taxpayers city council.

On the issue of the City using outside contractors to fix the Lakeland Road, the City almost always uses contractors to do the City's work. There is an electrical department but when line work is needed the city hires contractors, tree trimming? outsiders, major road repair? outsiders. The City can't wipe it's a## without an outside contractor. The only thing the city is good for is to harass it's citizens with threats of utility suspension or selling one's property for taxes or passing ordinances to make it hard on the people it rapes with overcharges and penalties and unfit policemen who push their weight around. Yep living here in Podunk is alright.

The City of Liberty does seek local contractors qualified by experience, performance record and necessary equipment. In fact, except in emergency situations requiring immediate response, all interested parties can bid and local contractors are used if qualified and also given a 10% bidding discount. This means if a non-local bids $1,000 and a local $1,100, the local will be given the job because with the 10% City discount his bid equates to $990. Bidders by law must have all required local, state and federal licenses for a job and this unfortunately frequently results in few or no local qualified contractors.

Lakeland drive/local bids vs non local bids. So, I am wondering if this bidding process is how things went when we had our last major hurricane and Phil Fitzgerald got the bid to clean up after the hurricane?????? Just how many bids did the city or county accept? Wasn't it just ONE bid ? No other bids accepted? Never did figure that one out!!


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