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General Comments

Hats off to the City of Liberty, especially the Liberty Police Department. The fireworks display was great! And the professionalism of our Police Department was outstanding! Thanks for a job well done by all involved!

Texas Tenors Sing God Bless the USA

"The Fourth Of July",another great day in the history of the United States Of America to be remembered ,and be thankful for.Even with the current state of affairs,it is still the greatest country in the world to live,let us all set our difference's aside at least for the weekend,and be kind to all.Be thankful for the great founding father's,and hopefully "we"can return some of the very,good common sense ways,that they all put on the table so that "we'could live in a peaceful country,And to all the fine men and women who can not be here to enjoy all the fine meals and other activities.Ya'll have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

General Comments

To address the root of most of the problems and conflicts posted here regarding social, religious, moral, political issues, etc., there is one factor that is pivotal: whether one believes in the biblical scriptures of the New Testament of Christ as written or not. It is really quite simple, not written for the intellectual or the bible scholar at all, but for the common man and woman. Either you hold to its tenets or not as inspired by God. If you don't, then you believe that anyone can interpret it as they wish, or there is no God at all. I believe that whether you are religious, an agnostic or an atheist, this is not arguable. Our nation will be ruled by the most accepted beliefs, which in a way is all faith based in the end by the majority of citizens, not any wisdom outside of that.

To the poster who thinks that all our problems can be solved by applying the principles of the New Testament, and understanding that it was inspired by God is all we need to address the conflicts and troubles will magically go away. I'm afraid that's wishful and simplistic thinking. The issues that we face are deep seated and ingrained, and the challenges put forth by the NT unless understood correctly can be used to reinforce these issues unfortunately. For centuries the Scriptures were used to condone slavery, now it's used to continue to harass homosexuals. There are other exNamples too numerous to mention suffice it to say, the real challenge of the NT is much deeper and uncomfortable but transformative non the less, if one has the courage to really look into what the main Person of the NT has to say about being one of His followers.

Believers should search their hearts and try to live out what Christ teaches, but all we can do is try to keep from codifying sin in the law (we can not expect nonbelivers to agree with the bible). Sin is separation from God and while ignoring the Apostle Paul's admonition to treat each other like brothers easily should have been the death nell to slavery in Christian nations, homosexuality (with or without some kind of ability to get the state to license a relationship) does not have any room to wiggle around and distance itself from being called sin. But believers are still commanded to love those who have a sinful lifestyle that they might one day repent. Those believers who embrace the new law under the umbrella of love are in some ways no different than a older brother embracing the idea that his nine year old brother should never be corrected.

The poster who rambled about loving the sinner in hopes he repents missed the mark. Saying "nonbelievers" can't be expected to agree with the bible is a stupid biased remark, inferring only those who agree with the bible are on the right track. Saying homosexuality is always sinful is also judgemental , there could be extenuating circumstances that determine some ones actions that are not completely under their control. Calling someone a sinner is never a black and white matter, we can only hope for the best. To stand in judgement of others is a precarious position, using the Scriptures to do that is not healthy, but it's the way bigots get by, and yes that was a judgement call...sry.

General Comments

Summer is here and even with the cool and wet start my utilities are a whopping 17% higher than last year. Can someone who lives in Liberty tell if their bill is up like mine?

General Comments

So proud of our clerk. A clerk working in Liberty County Clerk Paulette Williams'office said several same-sex marriage licenses already had been issued here in Liberty County and there appeared to be no issues. Williams should be applauded for helping gays tie the knot rather than join Governor Abbott, AG Paxton, and nearly half the counties in Texas.

General Commenst

The tempoaray relief we who live in the city of Liberty received has long passed. The Co-op called SRMPA we are a part of holds millions in overcharges on our city electric bills while they spend money, oor money, on advertisements with media like KSHN radio promoting themselves. FIRST they should give OUR money back to US. We paid the bills sent to us NOT THE CITY OF LIBERTY. The bills were an overcharge. Mayor Pickett should not return to the way it was when Sandy Pickett was running the city. That money should NOT be available to pay for pet projects or even things the city feels it needs. It does not belong to them! Using our money from overcharges is worse than raising taxes without our vote. Stop it!

With the common element being SRMPA is lawyered up and the Mayor of Liberty is a lawyer, trying to shake loose the overpayments made to the SRMPA and the city of Liberty would take a lawsuit. Lawyers like these do what they think is legal, not what is right. But you are right. It is a co-op and they should give us a rebate. WON'T HAPPEN!

SRMPA & Liberty . . .There is so much more to this than the public knows. It is a shame that full disclosure has not been made by the City's Representatives on the SRMPA Board, Mayor Pickett and Manager Broz. The City is in the business of raising rates and then transferring those extra charges to the general fund not only to fund pet projects, but also to keep the tax rate artificially low. You can raise rates paid by citizens and then keep the tax rate the same without having the public vote on a tax roll back. Can you imagine what the tax rate would be if there were no transfers from any city utility funds to the general fund? Utility Rate reductions were realized in the late 90's and early 2000's, but now it is back to the good ole boys doing business as in years past. Sad.

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"junkyard at the old walmart",$$$$$$ is very simply why.

General Comments

I would like to request to the citizens of Hardin that if you are having sewer issues when it rains (sewer backup, sewer gas smell in your home, inability to use your facilities when it rains) to please email your concerns to the City of Hardin Mayor at or Hardin's sewer is piped to the City of Liberty water treatment plant and does not work correctly for a lot of citizens in Hardin when it rains. We need to have the mayor know our concerns.

General Comments

Republicans believe that their God will show up any day now to murder anybody who doesn't go to their church, and prove once and for all that they really are better than everybody else. Their ignorance, narcissistic delusions and self-serving bigotry are the only reality for them. The rest of us, especially those of us who are gay, are just 'sinners'

To the homosexual poster that thinks they know what is in republicans minds, many republicans are not religious, most republicans have nothing against gays. Please realize how simple minded it is to fall Into the liberal mindset that because of a persons political beliefs,( that include, many foreign. Fiscal, and domestic policies) they hate you because of your abnormality. Collectively condemning a group of people that include a wide range of beliefs on many subjects by calling them bigots doesn't make much sense does it?

To the poster who didn't care for the lumping of a whole group of people into one sack, the reason this person did so is because of the behavior of the republicans as he/she perceives that behavior and because they are such an easy target. He/she called the offenders "republicans" I would call them conservatives who are for the most part republican. When they get behind an issue they always take the opposite position, individually and collectively. These people are led by the most silly of indefensible postulates and defend these postulates with sound bytes from Facebook and other idiotic places instead of doing any deep search for the truth. "gays are going to hell", "liberal agenda", "Obama is Moslem", "the U.S. army is planning to take over Texas" etc. Yes it is easy to place a group into one box, because when they speak politically or socially these and other sayings are what comes out of their mouths to defend their positions. Saying things without any knowledge of what they are talking about.

General Comments

To the people who always want to seize our guns,folks in New York were sure glad to have their guns handy as the escaped prisoner swandered their woods. They also will be glad to have their guns when we are invaded as most countries in the world have been.

General Comments

I didn't think we could get a governor worse than Rick Perry but Greg Abbott is "worser" - an imbecilic moron.

I am sorry to hear one of the folks wrote in and said Governor Abbott is a moron. He appears to me to be on his way to being one of the best Governors Texas has ever had and one of the best in the country. He is very smart and he stands up for the values that were the bedrock of this country for two hundred years.

Sounds like to me our governor has stood Up for something our whole Country use to. I thank god I live in a state where we have A governor with some balls! Turn or burn

General Comments

I heard something interesting, can't say if it is true or even remotely accurate. I heard that there were two functioning KKK groups in the area, one in Moss Bluff, and one in Kenefick, and they contain some high profile local business owners. Anyone know if this is true?

General Comments

Here is some interesting news about our new STRIPES. Disclaimer: I do not wear tin-foil over my NRA cap, do not scan the night skies for black helicopters, and I think that Jade Helm is a Chinese-American actress who co-starred in a few INDIANA JONES movies. That said, for the past two days while visiting the new STRIPES, I have observed that they are running Al Jazeera on their television (true story). On the first day, I mentioned Al Jazeera to the management and they responded by asking "What's Al Jazeera?" before assuring me that they would most very certainly do something about it yes sir right this minute. Today - guess what? - STRIPES is still running Al Jazeera. For those who CAIR, this is obviously great news.

Commissioner Mike McCarty Arrested

Mike, you know better than that.

McCarty was simply doing things the "oil field way". But private companies aren't wasting taxpayer money when they use funds the good ole boy oilfield way. McCarty should have known better. The fact this has gone on for near forever or the idea that it is political revenge is no excuse.

Mike, I wish you good luck because of all your charitable works in the past, but if worst comes to worst, at least you will be able to segregate your friends into the "good-time" or "real" friend categories. That should be an eye-opener.

That is why we could NOT get anything done to our road.Cr.143 Now maybe we can get it fixed. Mike you need to pay every penny back plus intrest.

I have known Mike since 1st grade. I know he was raised to be a good Christian man and to be honest. I am guessing there is a "good old boy" system still alive and thriving in Liberty County. The names mentioned in his indictment did not surprise me. At least 1 of the women is a known liar and cheat in Liberty. Nothing she has ever done in her life from high school on has been honest or above board. She has used her looks and charm to do some seriously disturbing things. But I digress. Mike needs to man up and own up to anything he knowingly did that was wrong. The old saying "if you did it OWN IT" would apply to this situation.

A Good "Christian Man" is not indicted by a Grand Jury, unless there were several things done illegally by the Commissioner. Texas Rangers do not investigate and testify also another DA from another County brought in to present the case, unless there was smoke and a fire. Our present DA did the right thing and let another county collect the evidence and present it to the grand jury. Maybe County Judge Jay Knight on day one said my administration will be transparent to the taxpayers of the county. Maybe just maybe the Good Ole Boy system in over in Liberty County. Good job, Logan Pickett and Jay Knight, keep the citizens in the loop, you are two good men.

McCarty indictment:CHAPTER 87. REMOVAL OF COUNTY OFFICERS FROM OFFICE; Let's not let this one be swept under the rug like Fitz, Groce, Fontenot and all the others that plowed the way for the culture of corruption in this county.

I feel the man should step aside or step down until this mess is over.

McCarty this, Fontenot that. Let's get to the big stuff. Willie Carter! What is going on with the Carter case? When willhe be indicted and arrested and tried? Or have we got another case like Teflon Phil?

Is what McCarty done any different then what Bobby is allowing his Deputies to do. They work extra jobs on Hwy 146 in county vehicles, the money they make is not going to the county. But guess its ok, being how Bobby and Pickett are such good friends. Do laws only apply to certain people?

Innocent until proven guilty - give McCarty a break. Sounds like an employee's "sour grapes" against his bosses. Just plead no lo contendere and get it over with. This can't happen to an ex-city councilman, LCDC officer, Paul Harris Fellowship recipient, 1998 Citizen of the Year, fiscal conservative, financially stable, given away more bar-b-que than Joe Blake - the list goes on and on. This is one of the good guys, people. Leave 'em be. And don't listen to his competitors at the other vacuum truck companies.

"Used a county vehicle to transport his cooker"? The embarrassment Mike McCarty is enduring may or may not be deserved, but NOTHING was done to his predecessor, Todd Fontenot, for using county funds to repair a friend's truck. NOTHING was done to Phil for what everyone in the county knows he did. NOTHING has been done to that despicable Carter man for what he did as Judge Kirkham's housing guru. McCarty is not even accused of crimes anywhere near as great. I smell a political and a personal vendetta.

I agree what about Willie Carter? He was head and shoulders above Mike as a crook! Mike may have got caught, but there are bigger fish to fry, and Carter may be Moby Dick compared to Mike.

flashback i can remember seeing a city of liberty backhoe on mike mccarty's property located on mcmanus road while he was a liberty city councilman

My comment is about Commissioner McCarty indictment. All I hear now that its someone upset with Mike, or the Left is out to get him. The fact of the matter is that Good Old Mike has been good doing things that he should not have done. No one is above the law. I am reminded of how Good old Mike after taken office walked into a Secretary Office on April Fool Day 2014 and told a single working mother with a child in college trying to support her that he was eliminating her position it was no longer needed. Oh but no one cried that it was political. See he was saving the taxpayers some money. Well looks like it ended up in his pockets. Now the right say why not get Mr. Fontenot, Mr. Carter and my question is this, if they had done as bad as Mike we would not be reading about Mike, but about them. Let us focus on what is going on now. I am not happy to see what happen to Mike, but I want to tell anyone my Bible tells me to be sure to know your sins will find you out. I am glad that the Indictment is being handled outside of Liberty because if the Good old boys had anything to do with it they would slap him on his hand and give another one of his family members a job somewhere in our county. I don't like seeing all this about Liberty in the news, it does not help our Good old town, but wrong is wrong and you can't make it right, so Mike man up to it you messed up, step down, and move on and God Bless you, Your Family and The Good Old Boy System. Oops did I really say that, Because that is the whole problem the Good old Boy System.

When I think of WILLIE CARTER and all of that missing money or Phil Fitzgerald and the $600,000 or Eddie Shauberger and his admission to sexual crimes against his daughters, it would be so ironic if "justice" punishes Mike McCarty with much or any kind of force.

What’s the McCarty Indictment all About

Linda H. shut up, do not be so stupid!

General Comments

Just got back from Raywood at the food give away at the Church. I think that whole thing is a racket. We sat there waiting from 7:30 am in line until 12:00 pm. The truck with the food from the Houston Food Bank finally got there around 10:30 and then it was unloaded and the food was divided up in beer flats, but not before the parishioners got theirs first. Their food was not in beer flats but in boxes. There were watermelons and the workers got their cut first, two cars owned by parishioners put up to three watermelons in their cars, and parked them out of the way. Some workers took melons and hid them on the side of the building for themselves. When we got to be served , and we were in the first ten cars, all we received was two mangos, four cucumbers, four bunches of broccoli, two sacks of potatoes , a sack of hot dog buns and a loaf of bread. This needs to be looked into to see if this is being run on the up and up.

Just got back from Raywood at the food give away at the Church :-Reply To Watermelons :SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE GOT MAD FOR NOT GETTING A WATERMELON . WAS THE DATE JUNE19 . 2015 ? BEER FLATS, A BEER FLAT AND NO BEER THAT’S NOT GOOD .

This comment is to the complainer about the commodities given at the Raywood church. There are several things you can do if you don't like the way things are handled. First, do not wait in line for free food. Second, volunteer to help and maybe you can get your watermelon. Third, wait in line and be thankful for whatever you get since it is not coming out of you pocket.

General Comments


Concerning the Liberty County Sheriff Department, on Tuesday, June 23 2015. On hwy 146 south of Dayton, their is a new construction employee parking lot and around 5:30 pm there were 5 Liberty County Sheriff Department vehicles with LC officers directing traffic. I was shocked and feel this is abuse of County funds and equipment. I could see 1 possibly 2 vehicles but 5, this is overkill in my opinion. Who is picking up the $ for this?

General Comments

I think it's scandalous that Dayton hosted a gun show in light of what took place recently in South Carolina. The promoting of gun ownership when nine innocent people were killed by a gun wielding racist precludes rational thought, but rationality is not something to be expected from gun worshipers. The self indulgence of gun promoters borders on insanity, but declaring insanity on them would only be giving them a break.

This is Texas-Dayton, TX. We love our guns and are God Loving, Law Abiding People. If ya don't like it move to Washington.

Do you mean to tell me Dayton had a gathering with a bunch of guns and those gun loving nut jobs and not one person was shot?

You may think you "are God loving, law abiding people", but the reality is you just might be gun worshiping, slow witted , undereducated one step away from hillbillies, who haven't the slightest hint of decency.

When are the bleeding hearts of gun control going to realize that you can have all the laws on gun control on the books, but since when did the criminals obey the law? They, the criminals, will obtain a weapon illegally by any means in order to commit a crime regardless what ever gun control laws my be enacted. I say ban those brainless, violent video games that has influenced the minds of our young people. People need to demand the FCC to censor all the garbage that kids watch on TV and at the movies. Since I'm on my soap box here, we need to put GOD back in America!

I agree with the previous writer. Move to Washington.

Re DAYTON GUN SHOW: If you want tough gun control laws you might want to move to Chicago, where the tightest gun laws are on the books and there is NO GUN CRIME there at all.

The point was that the upcoming gun show in Dayton should be cancelled due to the killing in South Carolina. The posters seem to be missing that point because they can't seem to be all that bright a bunch. To think the community of Dayton would be willing to forgo something as needless as a gun show in light of the killing of nine people was too much to ask of the people of Dayton.

"The point was that the upcoming gun show in Dayton should be cancelled due to the killing in South Carolina." What??? I guess we should cancel all boxing/mma/martial arts matches if someone is killed by the hands of someone or cancel all cooking shows for if someone is stabbed with a kitchen knife.

To the poster who posted his/her profound analogy about getting rid of kitchen knives, and banning martial arts and boxing matches etc. if someone is killed during such activities.'re a special kind of stupid aren't you? One of the biggest mistakes we have ever allowed is letting people try and think their way into a serious subject and get stuck in the mud of the mind where thought is too thick for the participant. The gun show in Dayton is a sign Dayton and it's surrounding areas, Kenefick etc. haven't evolved very far yet.

General Comments

PLASTIC RECYCLING When is the City of Liberty going to get "plastics recycling"? Everywhere I have lived and worked over the past several years from Bakersfield, CA to Woodville, TX, ALL have plastics recycling locations. Come on Carl, Louie and the good ole boys. Let's get with the 21st Century and the environment. Let's be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

General Comments

Here we go again, another Liberty County Deputy leaving and the county owing over twenty thousand dollars in comp time. When are this commissioners going to make Sheriff Rader accountable for his inability to manage the Sheriffs Department? Seems like every commissioners meeting they are having to payout this kind of money, maybe he is another member of the swat team leaving, who obtained all that comp time for training.

Looking at the Commissioners Court Meeting on Tuesday, It seems that the Liberty County Sheriff wants a wage increase. Has he went crazy? Does he think after all the money he throws away and in the middle of a fiscal year, he will get an increase gone crazy? What a fool.

It is hard to believe that Bobby Rader, on Tuesday (6/23/15) at Commissioners Court is asking for more money. He submitted a budget and now in the 3/4 point he wants more money. This fellow has obviously lost his mind, to think the County Judge and Commissioners Court will give him one red cent. Fast Eddie may vote for Bobby, because they are Siamese Twins and birds of a feather flock together. Bobby shut down Swat and interdiction and you will have enough money for rest of the budget year. People remember when Allen Youngblood showed us all that $46,000+ check on FLNB to buy a Tahoe, with no equipment. Bobby you are a loser...

General Comments

Well once again the combination of unbridled hatred and a mix of easy access to guns has resulted in a mass killing. The question of how long will this go on unabated is no longer a valid question. It's matter for immediate attention, sure prayers are being said but the issue needs legal backing. Wringing our hands and rocking back and forth in grief needs to be replaced with substantial action on the part of decent people who may be next on the bulls eye of some person with a gun and broken brain. This coming local gun show should be cancelled in support of the victims of the most recent killings and the ones of the past. The gun culture that is pervasive in this nation should stop and reflect on how it may be responsible for these types of incidents. The Second Amendment has been perverted by the N.R.A., and many people who want to see as many guns in the hands of as many people who want them at the expense of the lives of innocent victims. The culture of hunting has now become the culture of killing, the obscene display of animals in local business with deer and other animals on the walls speaks not of any type of concern about the preservation of wildlife to the contrary it speaks of the blood lust of people who parade their thirst for killing. This is just the tip of the iceberg, the gun culture with its obsession with guns and killing animals and displaying their kill contributes to the violence across the country. No one is safe anywhere anymore.

The guy who did the shooting supposedly said while he was shooting that he had to do it because "you are taking over the country". and the victims were "raping our women" and other generalizations. I hear the same thing toward blacks at work every day, "all n###### do this or that" "they are all the same". Jews are all rich, Mexicans are referred to as Pedros, Indians are all "ragheads". This guy as young as he is heard this type of talk and used it to form his thinking in such a way as to believe these things as to be true. I don't think this guy is sick, he is no more sicker than Adolph Eichman was when he orchestrated the killing of millions of Jews in WWII. I remember years ago there was a accident with a school bus and I was listening to a woman who worked in a convenience store talking about how it was no big deal since all the kids hurt were only "n######". The issue is racism and racists, racists who own guns. Now wait for the backlash.

General Comments

6 times my electricity has gone off in 2015. Only six more months to go and we will have a new record for one year. Thanks City of Liberty. I feel more sympathy for third world countries because of your service.

Recent Power Outages in the Liberty Area were listed and explained to those attending in the June 9, 2015 Liberty Council Meeting: 5/15/15: Entergy transmission service outage-1 hr-Raywood location affecting Liberty. Entergy repaired. 5/17/15: Entergy transmission service outage-4 hrs-Entergy replaced failed insulator. 5/22/15: Distribution feeder #3 trips open-1 hr-Wildlife contacted primary line. 5/24/15: SRMPA Liberty to Beaumont 69KV transmission line outage-4 hrs-fallen tree on line. 5/27/15: System wide localized outages due to storm-broken poles pulled down by trees on damaged lines and other tree/limb issues in inaccessible areas including Ridgewood Subdivision. 5/31/15: Feeder#6 tripped open due to a vehicular incident-3 hrs-broken pole replaced on Hwy 90. Severe flooding and storms continue to cause damages, especially fallen trees on lines, that can cause outages. The City reported it is working to minimize down time and inconveniences due to such outages.

To the person who has lost their electricity six times recently. I would say the quick response to your comment by a city of liberty official should make you prepare for outage number seven. The city of liberty's top dogs are not going to do anything new so how can we expect anything different.

The person who encouraged people that wanted to know about what they called "the hulabaloo" take a test drive messed up the directions. The street is worse than described but to see what they are talking about on Cos Street got to either go down Texas and turn west on Cos Street or drive east down Cos from Main Street. It looks like the street is offset and skinnier with a different surface. The LEAST the city could do is cut all the greenery and the stump on the corner.

General Comments

City of Dayton: I find it amusing that the City of Dayton orders a small structure by the high school to be torn down due to being a hazard but the most hazardous building and the ugliest building in town still stands and no one does anything about it. I don't have to call the structure by name. I guess we will wait until a hurricane brings down the building and other structures close too it.

General Comments

Why are those flood cars here? If you leave a car on your property that isn't running for so long the city police will send you a letter telling you how many days you have to get it off your own property before you will be fined. If seems the City has no credibility since it opened a whole lot for damaged cars, the same incident that would get a citizen fined. I'm saying a total recall of all city council personnel, and city manager is the only way to go here in order to clean up this crap, fire the whole bunch. Those who make these decisions do so in a vacuum with the idea that they are heads above the ordinary people who live here, they know what's best for the city. Just like that stupid retention pond the city purchased from a member of the city council years ago, no insider dealings there right? The issue of changing out electrical poles in order to help stamp out electrical outages, this will take about 90 days or so, why wasn't this taken care of before now? The city electrical department is notorious for hiring electrical contractors to do the jobs they should be doing it seems, and when they decide to undertake this project watch and see who they hire for this job.

The City of Liberty has no involvement in the flood related cars parked in the old Walmart building parking lot. This is reported to be an insurance company project.

General Comments

Someone in this city should look at how ppl are treated in the PARK PLACE APT. HERE IN LIBERTY,TX.One may be surprise the things that is going on in management. People of color is profiled daily. Paying renters are being told by the city fire dept. that they will go to jail if dont leave their apt. because of the mistakes the apartment made themselves. Bad attitudes towards certain. Pay your rent and u get a frown and other mistreatment of renters that has been going on for sometime.

If you don't like how things are done at the Park Place Apartments, move!!! If they mistreat you, why give them any more of your money? Find somewhere else to live and move!

To the poster complaining about the treatment from the Park Place Apt manager to her tenants you should get on her Facebook page and read the comments she puts on there about her tenants. No she hasnt put names on there but her comments are rude, disrespectful and very unprofessional to say the least.

In regards to the post about "Park Place" Apartments I am currently a tenant in the apartments myself and since I moved in have constantly had issues with management. Not just does the manager racial profile she doesn't treat people fair that she just doesn't like for other reasons. I can't stand this place and am currently trying to find somewhere else to live but every single time there is an issue she is unavailable and the phone number to call you always have to leave a message that is not returned. If you are a working citizen it is absolutely impossible to get ahold of this manager to discuss maintenance or any other type of issues. You basically have to take off work and track her down at her other place of business that must be more important to run. I would never ever advise anyone to live in this place and if I had the access to do it I would have her investigated for embezzlement. Falsified leases with only money orders to pay them not made out to anyone. Hmmm..... Seems fishy to me!


Park Place Apartments are a JOKE!!!! We lived there for a year and were there for the manager change. The current manager is the rudest person I have ever encountered in my life. She is prejudice, has NO personal skills, and commits slander daily on her facebook. I know for a fact that she has been reported to the property owners and all they did was send her an email with what the complainant said. Our lease should have been up mid February, but received a notice in December that our year was up at the end of December. Rent was going up as well. I had so many maintenance issues that I could NEVER get a hold of her to report. So, I "friended" the maintenance guy on Facebook and that is how I got all of the things fixed. Including a water leak from upstairs. When we moved out the ceiling had still not been repaired. Unless you have no other choice, I would say NEVER move there. It is a serious JOKE!

General Comments

Now that there is a junkyard at the old Walmart, the unsightliness continues. Not sure why the powers that be allow that.

General Comments

The local newspaper stated today that Liberty electricity providers are controlled by the legislature, the inference being that our local elected officials are unable to do anything about reliable delivery. Now I've finally heard it all. At least it isn't that terrorist squirrel's fault anymore.

Man Arrested for Assault of Public Servant

Having read the article about the man arrested for assault of a public servant I feel compelled to take a moment to thank all of our law enforcement officers in Liberty County. It is frightening to read this and contemplate what you have to deal with on a daily basis in your attempts to keep us safe. Special thanks to Officer Frank Longoria, and I hope you are well. As a side note Frank wrote me a speeding ticket a few years back on Main street!

Having read the article about the man arrested for assault of a public servant I feel compelled to take a moment to thank all of our law enforcement officers in Liberty County.//////// Did anyone really expect an illegal to have respect for the police officer. He comes from a sewer ditch, third world country that he should be sent back too.

Woman Arrested for Theft of Computers at Wal-Mart

How do you steal from WalMart in December 2013, have a warrant issued in January 2015 and get arrested in June 2015? IN LIBERTY! And she lives in the city limits, in the same place for YEARS!

General Comments

I need to know where to coomplaine about the man next door..he has a pond next to our property line and when it floods it will dump into my yard..and the man don't keep his fence line cleaned off it grows in to my side of yard causing snakes and mice.. AND ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS RAYWOOD COUNTY BARN DONE KEEP DITCHES CLEANED OUT OR MOWED..WE ARE A LITTLE DEADEND STREET THATS PUT ON THE BACK BURNER..OUR DITCHES NEED TO BE CLEANED OUTso there's some where for all this rain to go. HELP..

To the person complaining about the pond flooding and coming on to your property, That's an Act Of GOD. The fence line you can cut what ever is on your side, or get some brush killer and spray. As for the ditches call the county barn, and if they don't come out call till they do. Problem Solved.

This is for the PERSON who needed to know where to complain about the man next door. Why don't you start with him????? For one thing he is only responsible for HIS side of the fence and his own property!!! NOT YOURS!!! I guess the government didn't build you a privacy fence when they built your house. Then, as for as the mice and snakes, it comes along with living in the COUNTRY and on top of that you have a hay field ALL around you. So if you can talk to MOTHER NATURE about the animals that come into your yard, ask her to stop all the rain so his pond will stop flooding as well. Then maybe all your issues will come to an end. He must have a job so he is not able to Keep up his property to meet others standards, so should he quit his job and live off the Government and let everyone else's tax dollars pay for him to have nice things and feed his family? So until then have a great day, and don't forget to buy mice traps and snake poison.

General Comments

FLOOD. You folks who live in liberty along with the other people who live in the trinity water shed might should take a good long look at what is holding this water and causing it to stay up so long. IF I WERE YOU I WOULD BE TRYING TO GET SOMEONE TO CUT A BIGGER HOLE IN THAT SALTWATER BARRIER BECAUSE THEY ARE WIDE OPEN NOW SO THE WATER CAN'T D ANYTHING BUT RISE.

General Comments

Here comes the tropical storm and there goes our electrical power!

General Comments

Could someone please tell me how the city of Liberty can get away with leaving one of its downtown area streets in such poor condition that it has almost become so similar to a one car trail that oncoming traffic has to wait on the other side before they can go? Seriously. Go to Texas and Cos and see for yourself. I almost ripped the car door off driving at the same time the oncoming side tried to slip through!

The "new street" never should have been started until the city of Liberty fixes streets like the one mentioned at Cos and Texas. Drivers can scratch their vehicles up on that street just like they sc ratch their ATV's riding down deer trails during hunting season. It is not very exciting fixing up old streets but it is part of the job of the city manager and the mayor and the city council. The new street may impress some but it these other ones were repaired.

I use to jog down Cos but I always turned before Texas because of the narrowness and offset of the street there.

Traveled Texas Street in Liberty from Beaumont Ave to Hwy 146 (N Main St), including crossing Cos Street, and it was totally clear in both lanes the entire length of Texas with no blockage issues.

If you want to test drive what all of the hulabaloo is about you have to go down Texas and turn east on Cos Street or drive west from Main Street until you hit Cos. Previous posters have not mentioned the large furry stump at that corner that blocks visibility. Somebody may have to get hurt or killed before something is done to remove the stump and widen the road, but it is an obvious danger.

I checked the Texas Cos Street intersection out because of all the concern and want to report to i-dineout readers that the city's mowing roatation took care of vegetation that was being complained about. From looking at it after the fat, it looks like they added back about five foot of the road. It must have been extremely narrow. Nothing has been done by either the city or the landowner by the huge stump with all of its vegetation that makes it impossible to pull on to Texas without risking the front end of your vehicle. The city should remove it or require the lot owner to remove it before someone gets killed.

General Comments

The new street in Liberty would have been finished much earlier except there was nothing to induce the contractor to work on weekends. The way this was set up if it rained Monday through Friday all week every week, we may still be waiting for the trees to be bulldozed. We may not have the street reopened until July. Oh excuse me, it is almost July now!

Genereal Comments

That new highway from Dayton to Barbers Hill has really gone to pot quickly. Wonder who got the kickback on that job?

General Comments

my elderly mother was just approached by a scam artist. He was alleged to be with Publishers Clearing House and wanted her to wire $450.00 as an F.D.I.C. fee to process her check as it was over $10,000. It was all I could do to get her to realize it was a scam. Might be wise to inform your readers that P.C.H. never notifies you by phone or asks for money upfront. Might save just one from grief and be worth it. Thanks for your time.

Solving Crime in Liberty County

“Holy... Batman, what do we do now?” Bobby who are you going to blame this on? O I know the Brett and Sherry show. Bobby it looks like you're running out of people to blame for the lack of leadership. Bobby no need to play the blame game you're known for,the statistics speak for you and they are loud and clear.

Bobby Rader, I need to show you how easy it is to stand up, and say you made a mistake. Readers of I-dineout, I lied to y'all, I commented on a post, saying Bobby was almost as bad as Patterson, hell is worse, look it's in black and white. Own it Bobby, own it, Stand up tell us the citizens you earned that 8%. LOL what a joke.

First, I would like to thank Mr. Youngblood for his outstanding investigative reporting, keep up the good work. I would like to point out a couple of things, Sheriff Rader tells everyone that his call volume is greater than any other sheriff's before him, look at Patterson 2011, total offenses 1391 to Rader 2013 totals 1193. Hmmm. guess Rader didn't plan on Liberty County's own little Wayne delcefino (Youngblood) to be looking into his lies. With Rader proven to be a habitual liar, can't expect the citizens of Liberty County to vote him back in office.

Allen appreciate the crime numbers from the State, for Bobby Rader & Henry Patterson and the numbers tell the tale in this case. Henry was a better Sheriff of this County than Bobby Rader. Since Rader always wants to compare himself to Commissioner Arthur when he was Sheriff I wish we could have had Sheriff Arthur's numbers in his last year. I looked at those numbers once on the State website and they were very impressive. Arthur had no Drug Interdiction or Swat and still fought crime better than Rader and the numbers reflect it. Bobby keep fighting the Commissioner Court and those purse strings will get tighter on your throat. Yes you are Sheriff and no one can tell you what to do as you beach the LCSO on a sandbar right under the water. There are 3 votes if needed to stop the financial bleeding at the LCSO and the County Judge looks at the big picture and sees the Sheriff is a poor manager of the county citizens money. Commissioners Court will not bend and waste our taxes we pay yearly. Judge Knight you say you do not want to vote, but remember Fast Eddie, is big buddies with Sheriff Rader therefore his vote is going with the Sheriff not the citizens of this county. Hang tough County Judge Knight, Commissioner Wilson and Commissioner Arthur do not let the Insurance Man beat you with my money throwing it away on toys and poor policing.

Im so fed up with this Sheriff, can we have the election now?

Who is Brett and Sherry of the LCSO???

Brett and Sherry are two employees at the LCSO that tell Bobby Reader how to run the sheriff's department. Brett is also the guy Reader is trying to get the people of Hardin to vote into office, as Constable, We the people are not going to let it happen. Bobby you might want to think about trying to get the people to vote for you, not.

Dear Youngblood, you have done such a great job on keeping the citizens informed on Sheriff Bobby Rader's mismanagement of the sheriffs office employees, operations, and funds. The information that has been provided has been very informative, and eye opening for the tax payers of our great county. If you don't mind, will you investigate some information I have received? I was informed that deputies are working the Park-N-Ride lot on FM149, using county owned patrol units, while working this as an extra job! I checked, in Montgomery county you can use a county vehicle, only the county is receiving part of the proceeds from the extra job to pay for the fuel and wear on the patrol unit.Most of law enforcement officers have to buy their on patrol unit for personal use for an extra job. But, there are always a few that will try to make an extra buck at the cost of someone else (the tax payers of this great county)!

I voted for Rader but it wont happen again

General Comments

The city council voted unanimously to enact the "punish the poor" ordinance. In order to make the situation more palatable to enact, words like "cursing, urination, aggressive, drug paraphernalia" are used to demonize the homeless. I can imagine those on the council placing their hands over their mouths as they stood aghast at the mention of such horror. The council did mention they had compassion on those who cant help themselves, but it counts for nothing, as long as the city makes no provision for those who have no roof over their head. I'm sure all those on the council who claim to belong to some church will attend Sunday with a good conscience just like the Germans did in the 30's when the laws to punish the Jews went by with no protest.

Looks like our investment in Boomerang will cost us to lose 90% of past debt and 100% of future promises - oops! Maybe our investment in the Hospital District will provide better returns, or if we would ever build our $800K bell tower we might get back to even. Anybody know what the resale value of a 300 lb. concrete Liberty bell is worth? Unpainted? Nah, let's go pick on the homeless since they can't afford to defend themselves.

The people who complained about the homeless are the ones who have never nor will ever be in that situation, myself am only a bad case of the flu away from being homeless. The complainers are the people in social circle of the council members. They all attend the same parties, their kids date the kids of the same social circle, it's almost incestuous. They are so insulated from the real poor they know nothing about them except they want them out of view. I guess if they are arrested at least they will have a roof over their head and food. The distance between the haves and have nots are growing. The same people hold most of the property in the city and county, and their families have for years held the same property. The same names are in the positions of authority the only thing changes is their ages. I wish we could know who made the complaints about the homeless, I have an idea what names would come up, I can barely contain myself from guessing who they are but I don't want to be sued because some are married to lawyers, and some are judges and lawyers lol

General Comments

So Boomerang has filed Chpt.11? Doesn't it owe the City a hell of a lot of money? I guess that money wont get paid right? Who was that woman who predicted the oil bust wouldn't bother Boomerang? Oh well here we go again. National Pipe and Tube all over again.

Commissioners Deal with Excessive Flex Time

THIS DEALS WITH COMP TIME. when you working people you pay them fair wages for time worked. the people who are on salary are in charge of and responsible for the worker. If cannot pay overtime then comp.them with time and half days off with pay.If you can not do this then you will have to lay people off. LIBERTY HAS TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE PAYROLL from janitorial to top people. we use to have one city cop, sheriff, a chief deputy, and a couple of deputies for the night shift. what it boils down to is if you can not afford it you can not have it.

Bobby, I know your are trying to teach the Commissioners a lesson about how they can't tell you how to run the Sheriffs Office, and that you need more deputies. But to what extent, or should I say to what expense are you willing to go? Leaving the tax payers to pick up the tab? It's crazy the way you are going about showing Commissioners that you're in charge. I think between the Bret & Sherry Show and yourself, Y'all will run this ship aground. You, Bobby are wanting Hardin voters to get behind the Bret & Sherry Show and push them into office. Well my Friend, the great people of Hardin are going to push! Push his tail back to Montgomery County! Bobby, if you would just listen and take some advise from the great leaders of this county, like County Judge Jay Knight, Leon Wilson and Greg Arthur you might be able to salvage what is left of the good name you HAD in this county. Continue listening to the one term Lowery and "the don't know nothing" Pct.1 Commissioner, thinking y'all can change things in the county. Truth is, the only change Liberty County will have, is the change left in the county checkbook when you run us dry.

Commissioners, we the citizens of Liberty County are supporting y'all in this trying time, dealing with this fulltime insurance salesmen and part time Sheriff. Radar should be held accountable for his inability to manage the Sheriffs Office and its budget. Radar we should have known, you had no clue what you were doing, when you made a female with very little experience a Captain, what were you thinking with and by the way how's that working out for you now?

Rader if you have not noticed your department imploding from within your own rank and file. I thought Henry was the worst Sheriff in Liberty County, but Rader by far is the worst. Now your own people are turning against you and hope for your demise next year.

General Comments

I saw an article about the suicide of a 13 year old girl who killed herself after her father disciplined her by cutting all her hair off and putting it on Youtube to further humiliate her I remember the incident here in Liberty many years ago of a local businessman , a real redneck bully type, who took his sons to view the body of a young man who was killed in a auto accident while on alcohol and drugs. When he was standing in front of the casket and in front the dead boys family he proclaimed in a loud voice loud enough for all to hear "NOW SEE WHAT DRUGS WILL DO TO YOU?", in order to teach his kids right from wrong. There was a woman who owned a small stop and go type of store on 563 many years ago, she too was a tyrant toward her daughter. The daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, the girl terrified of what her mother would do shot herself in the stomach and killed herself. Some people should never be parents.

General Comments

Finally something Bobby Radar can assist Liberty County with. Help the citizens with insurance claims in the county, that has occurred due to the damage caused by the flood waters. I have to mention "The Bret and Sherry Show", Bret, you might want to think twice about Bobby backing you, due to the fast decline of supporters in the Hardin area. You might want to call Henry Patterson to back you, you would have a better chance of getting more votes! LOL!

General Comments

"liberty county tim Allison",this is long overdue,but what if anything has happened to "tiny tim",when he tried to arrest a lady at an impound yard in harris county nov. 2012?

General Comments

former city of liberty police and liberty county sheriff department I do not want a slander suit,you all know him,fired for wrecking cars,pawned stolen goods in mount belvieu,and when he and I lived at the very same apartment complex,i had a pistol stolen,and he would not even take a report.never did get the pistol back,should have contacted the atf.and these are the people that are paid to "serve and protect".

Liberty City Council Meets Tuesday

City Council Agenda, "Consider adoption of an Ordinance regulating public camping and aggressive solicitation in the City of Liberty." Yep, good idea--make those poor people camping in tents by the river criminals. Then they can be arrested for breaking the compasionate City of Liberty's new ordinance and be thrown in jail. At least then they will have food and a real roof over their heads.

Liberty Residents, our electricity issues is on the agenda for Tuesdays City council meeting. Go, at least call a council person and let them know we consider this a REAL issue.

"boomerang does not lose power",if you lined certain peoples pockets,you would not lose power.

I am ashamed of myself for not noticing the city council item concerning the ordinance about public camping and solicitation. I suppose some self righteous do gooder took it upon herself(I would bet money it was a woman) to bring the city council into action concerning this issue. And I will also bet it has to do with the young man who sleeps all over town, from one place to another, usually on city property, he has been sleeping in the shadow of the Catholic Church on Milam in the big gazebo, which is ironic in itself. Now we want to make sure we are legal before we put him in jail for being homeless, so the members who are pushing this, can attend the churches of their choice in good conscience. The local churches are all supposed to support SOS, the supposedly social outreach place, and for all practical purposes is a joke. The larger churches are always adding on to their buildings, and support for the needy is paltry. No matter making a city ordinance to legally harass the homeless is just like it was making the Nuremberg Laws in the 30's to legally harass the jews in Germany.

In response to those grumbling about putting the "homeless" in jail under authority of a proposed city ordinance, think about how unsightly they would be around our eventual $800K bell tower! Now that's an ex-gov. Rick Perry-type investment - loaded with smarts.

Liberty City Council Meeting: I see that Executive Director Bruce Mintz is going to update the Council on SRMPA. I hope he discusses the money they are spending on litigation in Liberty County. It is hundreds of thousands of dollars of our money that could be used to lower electric rates. How about the deal the former Mayor put in place that provided additional revenue for rate reduction, where is that? I know I have not seen any rate reduction since he left and Picket took over. SRMPA is cloaked in secrecy, shady deals, unbridled power grabs and a bunch of egos out of control. Time to wake up and tell the City Council to investigate, be involved and take action to get the money due Liberty residents and use it for rate reduction, not a bell tower, pet projects or transfers to the general fund to artificially keep the property tax rate low. I would bet good money that if you asked each and every City Council member to explain SRMPA, they could not do it. Wake up or we may see Liberty back to the "good ole days" to one of the highest electric rates in the state.

General Comments

I have seen some snippets of the Duggar interview to be soon televised by Fox news on the scandal concerning the eldest Duggar son. What I saw was pure Fox. The inconsistencies of the Duggars are not confronted, and I am sure will never be by Fox. Daddy Duggar in 2002 said he thought crimes of rape and incest should be treated as capital crimes. I have a problem condemning the Duggars completely for the scandal, because I am convinced they are so out of touch with reality that they truly have convinced themselves that because they are "God fearing" Christians that they have a straight line to the Almighty and a get out of jail free card. Fox though is just a dishonest parasite that thinks giving these sickos a place to present their dysfunctional behavior as normal is as evil as it can come. Fox is pure evil, and those who cant see that are just as seduced as those little Duggar girls were seduced by their big brother.

General Comments

WOW!!!! Without power once again! I'm curious, why is it that Boomerang never loses power......does it have anything to do with the new substation they operate from? Is power drawn from the city so that Boomerang does not lose power? Did the city give Boomerang assurance (and insure) that they will not lose power?

Once again the City looses power! No storms, no lighting, no nothing. This is every week, and you can bet as the heat rises they will yelling "brown outs coming!". It's time to fire the city manager and recall all the members of the City Council until we get some people in there that can run this Podunk more efficiently. All these so called smart meters keep the citizens in line in case they are late paying their utility bills, a switch flipped and you are out of power. Something needs to be done, a signed petition to recall is a damn good start.

General Comments

Has someone lost their mind at the courthouse? I work five days a week like most people and realize the courthouse has its banker's hours already. But rather than make their hours more conducive to the hours of the tacxpayers, the car licensing department has made their hours more convenient for the EMPLOYEES! Ridiculous!!I left my job in Houston early and hustled to get my tags only to read a sign informing me that the people we pay to take care of tehse things have shrtened their own hours!

The answer is "yes" someone has lost their mind. Shortening the hours we have the privilege ofpaying taxes and fees.

General Comments

"city of liberty electric",well all the hard working folks,one might guess that we all should stock up on water,and purchase a nice big generator to power the whole house,maybe the city will give everyone a nice tax break for doing so,i mean they(the city)can do it for business's,why not the little people too.

General Comments

"liberty county courthouse".would someone please inform all the fine employee's there,when a person pays for their vehicle registration to give the proper information,or at the very least,be somewhat helpful and point people in the right paid for another year's registration,as it expires the end of the month,as the inspection expires in august,inquries as what to do.i was told that I would not need to have my vehicle inspected until june of 2016!very incorrect,called the state (512)424-7293 dps regulatory services hotline,and was clearly given the correct information.must be inspected in august and get a vehicle inspection report(VIR),so much for proper training of the employee's.if someone ask's and you do not know,at least say so,and be of some help and point the person in the right direction.have a nice day ya'll.

To the person misinformed on the new laws for registration and inspection. I'm not sure what wording u used on ur call to the state...but if you go to 2 steps sticker .com u will see that u were told correctly by the clerks. If ur sticker expires 6/16 U do not need a inspection until 90 days prior of renewing in 2016. That's a fact. Call beaumont dmv regional to confirm!4098953201

"liberty county courthouse vehicle registration",to the person that posted to my first post,i suggest reading comprehension,as the inspection expires August 2015,registration expires June 2015.not 2016,thank you for your fine comment,have a nice day!

To the sticker person..u said u renewed ur I'm assuming it now expires June 2016....and if ur inspection expires August 2015.....u don't need a inspection till 90 days prior of renewing ur registraion for June 2016. Get ur own facts straight. Call the tax assesor if u think the employees or wrong.

Rescue Cattle Drive in Liberty County

While I give praise to those that came out and volunteered to help get the cattle out I don't have good things to say for the owners. They gambled and lost and it cost this community a lot.

Ive just figured out that we don't have a sheriff that keeps the thieves from stealin our stuff and dopers sellin to our dope heads but we have a cattle sheriff

"cattle drive",it is always good to help one another out,BUT at what cost?quite a few volunteers helped out and the community pitched in.and the owner WILL get a tax break on the cattle lost,where the officers that helped on the payroll?and if so,why should the tax payers of the city and county have to pay for it?living in the "river bottom"is one of the calculated risk's.can I at least get some taco meat or a burger?

Regardless of your opinion Liberty County and Dayton probably received more positive press from this event than any other event that has happened in Liberty County. Neither the county or Dayton can brag about its schools or its ability to bring sustaining industry to the area but this event has made Dayton and the county known across the world. I believe something positive will come from this.

Pat Henscey needs to be presented with a bill from the city of Dayton, city of Liberty, the county and the state because by god if any of them called Henscey Electric & Air Conditioning for electrical or A/C work he darn sure would bill them to the hilt plus 20%. I have been here all 70 years of my life and seen the river come up many times but have never seen a cattle owner leave them until the last gun is fired and cost the taxpayers the money that Pat Henscey just cost us. The Daniel, Graves and Jamison families always got theirs out when the river began to rise not after the cattle were up to their eyeballs with water and they darn sure didn’t need city, county and state people on the tax payers payroll to help get them out of the bottoms. I guess they were real cattle ranchers and not part time cattle ranchers just looking for a tax right off to cover up their hi dollar hunting enterprise

To the person talking about the good publicity Liberty and Dayton got from the cattle drive. If they had mentioned all the cows and calfes that died in that operation the publicity would not have been good

Whats this going to cost us Sheriff Rader? All this talk about over time and your workin cows with people and county cars.

I too agree that the owner of those cows rescued should be presented a bill for the services by the local police. I was in Brookshire Brothers in Liberty and there was a hot discussion about the whole incident going on between two men. It needs to be explained how this businessman was able to faniggle his way into getting everything he wanted. What's really interesting is the same people who complain how their tax money is spent on the so called people with their hands out for help from the county or state or federal government, or hate the new Dayton Civic center being built as a waste of money etc. will not see anything wrong with the tax money spent in this situation because of their affinity for nostalgia toward some idiotic "good ole cowboys" or because this businessman is an acquaintance of theirs. The poster was right when he/she said if he did any work for you , you can expect a hefty bill coming your way. These local electrical companies are notorious for gouging for the work they do around this area.

All you people that are bitching and complaining about the cattle drive....I bet you all would bitch if you were hung with a new rope also! Go find something else to complain about.

I don't think anyone is bitching about the cattle drive. It the fact that this owner didn't take care of his cattle and now cost us a lot of money when it comes to our tax dollars.

Cattle drive Man if you people that griped and complained about all the things that could have, should have, would have, or may have been done had a clue about the community, people , sacrifice, looking out for your neighbor , good deeds done , help , and do unto others as you would want done for you. You think because he's a well know business man that has built up a career that benefits his family and the community with jobs and tax man for the county, that he doesn't have his own problems like the rest of this county does. Everybody has struggles and I don't think you naysayers know the man enough to talk trash about anything. If those said naysayers needed help from the community I'm sure there would be people ready and willing to help those who would be willing to help themselves. Instead of complaining about things, everyone work together and make this county, community, and people a better place to be proud of !!!!!

From what I understand the cattle drive was a necessity to save animals and leave enough room on dry ground for the ones left behind. Most disturbing to me is the neglect to monitor the river levels and dam release data and take prompt action. No complaints on the community pitching in to save the animals, my complaint is not hearing of any action being taken against the cattle owner for animal neglect and abuse. His neglect to take prompt action has caused cattle to drown, separated from herd, calves separated from their mothers, and now lack of grass and hay. The cattle are fenced in the river bottom and can't get out of the bottom on their own so it is the owners responsibility to get them out safely by other means.

General Comments

Well Hardin Folks, get ready! Rumor is:Bobby Rader is "prepping" Brett, from The Brett and Sherry Show, to be the Constable in the Hardin area. Lord help us all if this is the truth! Can anyone confirm or deny the vicious rumor?

General Comments

This is absolutely ridiculous! Last night from around 11:45 to way into the morning there was no electrical power. The whole city council should be voted out, and the city Manager should be replaced along with whoever else works at dropping the ball. How long are we going to allow ourselves to be at the mercy of these incompetents? If it was a repair problem scheduled at that time, then why weren't we warned? If we were warned then what form of media did they use? One of the local radio stations? The radio stations that hardly no one in the area listen to? Enough of excuses fire the whole damn bunch, and hire some people who can do the job.

General Comments

I hope and pray that the city officials are looking ahead and planning for a mosquito spray in the neighborhoods with all the standing water we have.

"mosquito spray",only in the high traffic area's like travis park.

General Comments

Well it is almost 11PM, Saturday night. NO WATER! It seems it is either no electricity or no water every few days in Liberty. How long are you people going to put up with this crap? I bet Liberty Intercontinental Airport is doing ok tonight.

General Comments

How about our crippled governor and our illegal alien senator Cruz saying how they would see to it the federal government get hasty help to the flood victims? How hypocritical can one be? Texas is sending state militia to shadow the federal troops in case we are taken over by the "Yankees". Then we demand federal help in the same breath. I am sure the words "republican, Fox News, John Wayne's understanding of America, and psychotic are all synonymous. Oh let's not forget the Duggars who wrap themselves in the flag and the Bible and rationalize playing nasty with little girls while making sure they are seen with right wing politicians.

General Comments

The City of Liberty really needs to put in speed bumps on Cook Road coming out of the City Park. I sit on my deck in the evenings and watch people drag race leaving the park. Kids play at the apartments and the new duplex's every evening and it's just a matter of time before someone's kid is hit and killed. I have been watching this for weeks and it makes me sick!

What Will Sheriff Bobby Rader Do?

The sheriff can not do anything about the problem with comp time within the sheriff's department. You need to research farther back in time before pointing the finger. This problem has existed long before Sheriff Radar took office. Greg Arthur's staff did enormous amounts of research and presented it to the commissioners court. The comp and overtime laws are clear with the state and federal labor boards. This is not the first time the issue has been taken to the labor boards. The sheriff's department covers over 1,100 square miles. Four deputies are on the streets per shift. One deputy is responsible for approximately 280 square miles. So of course overtime is expected. It's either pay at the time worked or comp time, which if not taken as off time must be paid as overtime. Personally I think more deputies need to be hired. But one solution to comp time is to pay out annually for unused comp time. Obviously because of lack of man power time off is out of the question.

What will you do Sheriff Rader? Cost me more money? I think not next election

What Will Sheriff Bobby Rader Do? First thing Bobby your telling the public that this went back in time, but flex time was not as fare back as you want the public to think, but anyway we could go back and forth in this feedback, don't tell us what you cant do, tell us what you can, you've already shown us what you cant do. Like I said before Bobby all you have to is us the employees you have on hand, take the five Deputies that set on 59 and look for out of state plates, put them covering a shift so you could let Deputies burn time. If you wanted to you could take Bret away from the Bret and Sherry show and put him on the streets, I could tell you several other people that you could put on the street, that do nothing other than draw a check, You Bobby have the largest budget and the most man power than any sheriff before you and all you do is tell people what you can not do. Please do us a big favor and not sign up to run. Commissioners please do something with Bobby, Like he has said yall cant tell him how to run his Department which is true, But you can make county policy on some of the things that will stop him from costing tax payers money. Commissioners I know yall might be scared to do anything in fear of him doing something like he did before, like trying to pull Deputies from the court house. Lol what a joke Bobby, I know this isn't Facebook but I'm needing all the prayer warriors to help the Commissioners in this time of need in dealing with this sheriff, sorry shouldn't say sheriff because he is far from that, ill just call him Bobby.

This problem is simple,its costing us tax payers money. This Sheriff is not a good manager and its very apparent he is not a good Sheriff. Simple folks lets vote him out. PROBLEM SOLVED

General Comments

Everytime I go into the Liberty Wal-Mart the "people greeter"; hispanic lady, is always talking and chatting with friends instead of checking receipts and "greeting people" . She needs to get fired and let another person have the job. I just walk right by her and she doesnt say anything.

It sounds like someone either got fired from Wal-Mart and is jealous of a better worker or she doesn't have a clue about what that lady does. It just happens that the lady she is talking about is one of Wal-Marts best workers. If this lady thinks that the Spanish lady is doing such a bad job, she should park her fat ass at that doorway for an entire eight hours every day and listen to people like her bitch about things they have no clue about. This lady sounds like she had a personal vendetta against the Wal-Mart worker, or she's been fired at one time or another by Wal-Mart.

To the poster who is put out because the walmart greeter isn't doing her job as the poster thinks she should. Good lord I'm glad she doesn't bother to stop and greet or check receipts, I just want to get in and get out. I wonder how lonely and needy you have to be to want to be noticed by a Walmart greeter? I wonder if you just dislike the greeter because she is "Hispanic", I bet that is more the problem than not being noticed. Good lord that greeter is probably making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year you think? How petty.

just goes to show us how the world works,different people different perceptions,the lady you speak of has always done her job when i've been there,always pleasant,has always treated me and my wife with respect and dignity,since your not there all the time to really see how she does her job maybe you could afford her the same respect.our time could probaly be better spent trying to find that guy talking bad about John Wayne,I hear he works for FOX NEWS,an is a life long REPUBLICAN.Im not sure if he's hispanic but let's get him.

To the person bashing the "greeter person", this woman who stands on her feet for many hours at a time is very nice. And who are you to decide who gets fired? Get a life.

The Hispanic lady at Walmart is only doing as she is asked to do by her management. She probably acts like that because of people like me... If she asks to see my receipt, I politely decline as its my receipt and I don't want to show her. If she asks to look in one of my bags, I let her know it's my stuff now and I don't want her in my stuff. Walmart has a room full of security watching from overhead and if they think I'm stealing stuff, they need to either address it themselves or call the police. Don't ask this probably otherwise nice grandma to shake me down.. Shame on Walmart and her management.

When I walked Walmart, she was standing in the middle of the entry isle talking with a friend. I had to ask her to move as she and the cart of her friend were blocking my entry. She did not apologize for my inconvenience,but did move just enough for me to enter. I had another incident on my way out with the same greeter on my way out. She stopped me and as I was handing her my receipt, she said, "wait here", as she walked 6 ft away to talk to another Hispanic lady. I just looked at her and said, "I'm not waiting of you to gossip", and walked out of the store. Is she the "token" Hispanic Walmart hired to lure other Mexicans to the store? Why else would they hire someone that is rude and inattentive? There are many pleasant and more efficient people in the area that would be happy to take her place in that cushion job.

To the racist person trying to make his/her point about the "Hisanic" people greeter at Walmart: I was raised with respecting others & their backgrounds. I appreciate diversity in other languages & backgrounds of countries others came from. In 2000 I met people that came over to this country from Kosovo that could not speak hardly any english except for Yes, No & Hello. Walmart offered them a job in maintenance & health & beauty department. Their daughters soon followed & became cashiers. To this day the girls are now a Doctor & a Photographer & their mother, father & relatives are still with Walmart 15 years later & speak to all their customers. This nation was founded on great men & women who knew the importance of hard work & diversity but furthermore on loving one another to grow this great nation to be the beacon of freedom for so many around the world. The racist comments about the hispanic lady are not appreciated. It reflects your own character & ugly heart. That hispanic lady has a name & a job to do. It may be beneficial for you to stop being hateful & examine your own heart & life. Remember when you point your finger at others that you have 4 pointing back at yourself! Signed, One who loves red, yellow, black, brown & white. We are all precious in His sight. JESUS loves all the people in the world.


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