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General Comments

The latest Ernest Bailes advertisement indicates he has a problem with those of us "unmarried". OK, that does it, I'm voting for Keith Strahan.

In case you have missed it,te man running for state representative that is not from around here has some criteria that we never heard from John Otto or anyone else that has run here. On example, and there are several, is Ernest Bailes believes a single person running for state rep is less qualified than a married person. The more I listen to out of this guy's mouth, the less his ideas match the "nice young man" image that he has in his pictures. He is kookie.

General Comments

Hooray! Ted Cruz is gone from the presidential list. Boo! He's back representing Texas. How much longer do we have to endure these right-wing ding-bats? Let's send them all to Syria then carpet bomb the place...

Shooting Investigation in Knight's Forest

meth and gun-play in Knight's Forest.

Meth and Guns? Is this a mandatory state jail felony? Is the victim talking? Was it an accident or attempted murder via domestic dispute?

Deputies Seize Money on US 59

I loved the story that the LCSO works 10-12 miles of inter-state 69, not looking for drugs but looking for money to be split 70%/30% between the County Sheriff and the Liberty County DA Logan Pickett. Logan has really fixed up his office with his 30% of the funds and LC Sheriff Rader, has written checks for foolish amounts for vehicles and things that have never been used by the LCSO. So, The DA and the Sheriff have a very close relationship and have worked hard to make sure the Sheriff was re-elected in May. The Pickett's and Rader’s are hard fast friends. They have a symbiotic relationship, all to do with $$$. They both have a very close relationship with Sgt. Niemeyer who is over the Drug Interdiction Team. The DA and Sgt. Niemeyer were classmates and Sheriff Rader hired Sgt. Neymeir, after he was terminated by the Pearland Police Department. The Sgt. has a “do not rehire” by Pearland PD. He is the Prostitute for Rader and Logan; he is turned loose and has no restrictions, except bring in the 70%/30% spilt. The Sgt. gets a brand new Chevy Tahoe and can take it to Pearland everyday home. The employee handbook for the County says no but the DA/Sheriff, say yes, we are your pimps and we want the money from your stops that according to Texas Dept. of Public Safety standards are illegal because they do not meet with the non-discrimination of minority stops that are made by the team. Logan Pickett/Bobby Rader are in Church every week, but illegal minority stops are ok, God, turn your head, Please. These two men are pillars of the County, but are really going to over look everything as long as the DA and Sheriff get their wants met and the Sgt., can violate the employee handbook and we buy his gasoline to drive home everyday. Shame on you DA/Sheriff, you look like the best men, but in reality you are just glorified Pimps looking for the Money…

General Comments

Not really trying to play to race card,but why has DISD,replaced all the Black higher ups? Under the 2 black principles, the test scores where great,but you replace them. I understand it's a good Ole boy thing going on, but our kids need an education. Stop filing the jobs with your church members and leave qualified people where they belong. TEA came in for KMB,and you're really keeping the principal there, they couldn't pass a test over there if you gave them the answers. I guess next you will find a way to make Dayton a WHITES only school,since you're getting rid of all the black principles and teachers. That's okay Jessica,keep employing your church members,family,and friends. Other schools will continue to hire our good teachers that you let go,regardless of their color and religious beliefs, and the orher schools will continue to pass DISD up, like always. People, wake up! She's making a fool out of EVERYONE!!!! Hey Jessica, give me a couple of your millions so I can build a school and hire teachers who want to teach, and who really care about students. You can keep all the new schools(especially the death trap on 146), church members,family and friends. I'll just keep the schools with the great teachers that are giving the students a great education. One that doesn't go by the color of your skin, last name,wealth,school board relations or religious beliefs. See my friends, I'm a Good Ole Boy and even I see that things are out of hand a need to change. Sorry Jess. I just had to speak without being stopped.

General Comments

Attended Dayton Chambers Diva Night tonight and had so much fun AFTER the CHILDREN left. Don't get me wrong, the kid dancers were adorable but it's LADIES NIGHT! Not a place for CHILDREN! Bad call Dayton Chamber, bad call!

General Comments

Our county commissioner Eddie Lowrey will not come fix our roads. So people from the neighborhood bought and patched our road. The county came a couple of days ago and didn't do anything at all. I have pictures of the man fixing our road on Friday 4-29-2016 at 7:00 pm.

Lets hope Lowery gets bet in this run off election. He has done nothing for my neighborhood in 3 years.

Lets face it Lowery must go, he's done nothing for us and is a liar!

Its a no brainer Lowery needs to go.

General Comments

It is a shame when the city of Liberty fires an Inspector for doing the job they hired her to do. The citizens of Liberty now have absolutely NO protection from unscrupulous and deceptive contractors, handymen and unlicensed plumbers or electricians many of whom are free, again, to work without a license and skirt permit requirements and inspections. These unlicensed boobs are the ones complaining about the requirements (state mandated) that they are being expected to meet through the inspection process.

Good riddance! Liberty's city inspector might have been rude to the wrong person. The idea the inspector was protecting all of us from people who did not meet standard is betrayed by the fact no finish list would be provided when citizens frustrated with the inspector wanted to know what was needed to prevent being denied a certification after several denials. The inspector reserved the right to continue denials by not specifying what was left to finish.

To the citizen of Liberty that feels so strongly about the city inspector... What a complete uninformed idiot you must be. Just so you know the city has an interm inspector in place. Who happens to have competed many inspections (about 5) the first day he stepped in to work. Just so you know. The female that was let go was a joke. She had already been ran out of Cleveland and now praise Jesus and city council she is out of Liberty. She didn't know the laws. She wasn't informed of the zoning requirements and she did not do her job. So please before you run your mouth make sure you have checked all your information. Immature the job will be posted soon and let's all hope the city used their sense to get the former worker back in the job. Talk about informed and on top of things. She might not have known everything but I assure you she took her job serious. And in the event she didn't know the answer she made sure she found out AND called you back. The city has been the laughing stock for long enough. Thank you COL for stepping up and weeding out the dead weight.

General Comments

I must say I am impressed by Matthew Poston, one of the two men in a run-off for County Attorney. He is really Sharp and exudes integrity when talking to him.

Known Matthew Poston for twenty years and his presence in the courthouse working for us is a real plus for Liberty County.

In reference to Poston. I hope and pray this man is elected. Liberty county needs someone wth integrity, morals, strong work ethics, and honesty. In all the time he's been involved in the courthouse we haven't heard anything about his wife. Can't say that about the other candidates wife. Her or kinkos. Just saying people. Remember when it's time to vote some wives needs to support their husbands. Not make a nasty name for them. Hats off to Mr and Mrs Poston. Keep up the good work and Wel see what happens. w

General Comments

In the previous article, the writer suggested Mr. Coleman "go back to the Real Estate Business". Let me tell ya, he is a fraud in that endeavor as well. I have personal knowledge of a case where he defrauded a family out of their home, stole their equity and earnest money, and I believe moved his son into the home after he illegally confiscated it. In the process, Mr. Coleman lied, obfuscated, broke numerous TREC rules and state laws. This "church elder" has shown time and again that there are just NO rules that apply to him. Don't be fooled, the man is a greedy, and ruthless fraud. That he is finally being exposed for who he really is awesome. I will probably not ever get back the money he stole from my family, so I will just be satisfied that he is finally being exposed for who he truly is. I would personally be ashamed if he were the "Elder" of my church, or the "chairman" of anything I claimed association with.

Lighten up on Ken Coleman. At least he did not name Carly Fiorina as his vice/co...

General Comments

Clear weather - electricity in Liberty goes out Friday night - then again Saturday mid-morning - early voting the 26th will find me taking out the incumbent megadouches. Enough is enough!

City Electric. I am with your brother/sister. Take out all incumbents and replace them with new blood. I recall that happening years ago and it worked out just fine. the elec coop is killing us. We get the "refunds" for overcharges or profits and then do not get the rates reduced. I also found out that the coop is suing someone, spending 1000's of our dollars on a lawsuit that is frivilous. I heard they sued a lawyer who made them tens of millions of dollars. Talk about ungrateful! Why would you sue someone who made you millions of dollars? That bunch needs to go at the coop along with all the "establishment" candidates at the city level come may 7th. I am with the poster on this one and will vote for a whole new slate. Throw out the bums in there now. wish someone would have run for mayor too.

General Comments

Trump has now come to voters and said he’s been lying to his supporters all along, but it won’t really change the fact that we’ve seen that the man is completely unfit for the Presidency. The Donald Trump of the last nine months is who Donald Trump really is. And he’s a man who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House.

General Comments

Wow.DISD never seems to surprise me. First you wait too late to call school due to bad weather. Those kids that was stuck on the bus in all that bad weather, I'm glad all of you are okay. That could have been avoided. Good Ole Boys are at it again. How many good teachers, staffers,facility, and subs are you going to continue to run away? I love all the new fake jobs DISD is making for family and friends. It's truly about who you know,who your friends are,and what church you attend if you want to get ahead. I think another call to TEA is needed so they can really see what's going on.They try so hard to keep up with the bigger surrounding schools, but that's hard if you don't care and work hard like the other schools. Dayton isn't keeping up with the Jones's, they're keeping up with the Johnsons. DISD is sinking fast. Wake up DISD, you're losing good people. You would be surprised on how much work the "little " people do at the schools. They get little pay while everyone praises the teachers and administration when all they do is talk about people and plan trips. They get big raises and the other staff get what, 1%-2% raises. It pays more to be a sub than a staff member. You have a total of 15 teachers and staff members leaving DISD for surrounding schools. Soon, there will be no one left. Good job Broncos. Keep the tradition going, that way you will continue to be at the bottom.

General Comments

I notice on the Commissioners Court Agenda for Tuesday, April 26, 2016, committees of Locals/Friends of the County Judge have been appointed to negotiate with Niemeyer and his Deputies Association (if vote is yes on CC). This will get ugly, because Liberty County is not Chambers County, who has a very large Tax Base. Chambers County Sheriff talked Sheriff Rader into taking this course of action a year or so ago and obviously Sheriff Rader is taking his advice. I would think the County Judge decided to go proactive and get the committee together early, to have Rader and Niemeyer to see that these heavy hitters on the proposed Committee, will not roll over and play dead and spend money this County does not have in it's coffers. Niemeyer has been spoiling for a dual with our County Judge, since Mr. Knight was elected and Niemeyer left first mtg. not shaking his hand. It was the Proverbial Slap in the Face by Tim to our new County Judge and was very noticed by all. The next encounter was a Meeting with LCSO over the first budget Judge Knight had passed and Deputies like all County Workers received ~5%. Niemeyer screamed at the Judge, no way to say hello now for the second time. Tim should have been asked to leave, but he is Rader‘s boy. Rader knows that the County Judge is no slouch at a bargaining table especially when his County is in the cross-hairs. I think Rader and Tim have their hands full with this proposed Committee to deal with Deputy's Association. Tim should be studying the Committees abilities and contracts they have negotiated in Liberty County over the years as residents and business men. Judge Knight is also a horse-trader and after the Jail Contract was negotiated and signed by the County, for this Budget year it shows his abilities. A new set of Eyes have been appointed with good credentials and Judge Knight, thanks for being pro-active and showing Tim, you and CC mean business. Do not like the pay, quit and find other work, this is not Chambers County.

General Comments

When we moved here two of my biggest disappointments were the local newspaper and the local radio station, which I never listen to any more. The newspaper in Dayton does not focus on the part of a story that is NEWS. Look at the reporting on the race for the State Representative. My husband and I knew Mr. Bales when we lived in Liovingston. I will definitely be voting for him, but my husband has not decided. But we are both surprised at the lack of emphasis by the paper that Mr.Strahan is from here and Ernie is from Sheperd. There is not near as much local favoritism towards residents like we have up there. No biggie to us, but unusual. But the paper also fails to focus on who each candidate would support for the speaker of the house. That is a biggie and there should be more analysis than a simple quote or two from the candidates themselves. Bailes is a Strauss supporter and Strahan is not and that is huge to those of us who keep up with what is going on in Austin. Strauss is a bridge to the Democrat party and invites Democrats to support equally, He receives his votes and his power from both parties. Strahan wants the leader to make it where Republicans can pass "their" legislation and keep out the Democrats. Any responsible newspaper would highlight this point and keep up with the race for speaker. We will stop reading the local paper unless they start covering things like they know something about it.

To the post about Keith Strahan and his money. frist, Liberty County and honesty in politics?! You clearly aren't from here. You have a commissoner runing now who is under indicement. Thanks for the laugh on that one. John Otto didn't get any of his money here either, who was he in bed with? John otto has also put his money behind other rep races through the state. How's that for outside influence, buddy? He's tried to influence good conservatives from winnig because he wants the strauss rregiem to continue. bailes is being funded from that pool too. In the end, all this is laughable. Liberty county has always had an eithics problem.

Thank God for this West Texan supporting Keith Strahan Liberals like Joe Strauss are supporting are trying to find people like Bailes to run for office and beat conservatives in the Republican party by joining with Democrats. We need to support Keith Strahan for more reasons than he is from here and has sacrificed much to run. We need to support him because he has our values and is not a Trojan horse trying to steal votes by disguising themselves.

Why would I vote for someone who lives as great a distance from me as the difference in our politicsl views are instead of a man that is right here in Liberty County whose values are like mine? I will hear Ernest Bailes speak next week and make a final decision on my vote, but right now I am leaning big time toward Strahan.

People of Liberty County need to be made aware of Ernest Bailes' political ambitions. Ernest has been endorsed by pro-LGBT groups like TX Business PAC, and taken money from multiple pro-abortion groups. Ernest has been on the phone with the same folks that bankrolled LIBERAL Wendy Davis governor race. That group is the TX Parent PAC, a historically LIBERAL organization that supports abortion and the LGBT community. Ernest Bailes has also taken tens of thousands of dollars from pro-abortion/pro-Obamacare groups, such as Texas Medical Association. It's also been brought to my attention that Ernest refuses to debate Mr. Strahan on the issues. He just sends some Austin staffer to talk about the issues. Ernest has also spent several years of his life lobbying for the Farm Bureau in Washington. Yes. Another lobbyist. Ernest Bailes is a Washington Lobbyist. Ernest Bailes has repeatedly said in public forums that he is willing to compromise on issues such as life and liberty in order to get something done that fits his agenda. Ernest Bailes has on multiple occasions defended the idea that we need MORE property taxes. Yes. MORE PROPERTY TAXES. We need to understand that Ernest really is a closet democrat that wants more power for himself. Look guys, I know it sounds like I have a vendetta against Ernest. I do not. I have known his parents for years. (never really got a chance to know him). Heck, I even voted for Ernest in the primary, but I did some research and found out that Ernest is no friend of people that call themselves Republican or conservative.

The list of Keith Strahan's Liberty County values: 1) Rents an apartment in Houston's second largest homosexual neighborhood, Greenway Plaza. 2) Strahan holds fundraisers in Houston's largest homosexual neighborhood, Montrose. 3) Strahan is 38 years old, never married, has no girlfriend. 4) He doesn't hunt or fish, not an outdoorsman. 5) Strahan moved into his mother's house so he could run for office. 6) Bankrolled by a West Texas millionaire who sets Strahan's agenda. 7) Liberty County gets no say. Liberty County get's no representation.

I see Liberty's own "Pee-wee Herman" in Travis Park is supporting that San-Jac County Ernest Bailes over our long-time resident, Keith Strahan. Not a good time to finally stick your head out, turtle-butt. Vote for somebody that's got our back - vote for 34 year old Keith Strahan - a staight shooter from an old line Moss Bluff family.

You gotta be kidding me. Lying about Keith Strahan's sexual life is part of the Bailes strategy. Hey Ernie, you may pull that kind of crap in San Jacinto County and get away with it, but here in liberty Countyis well known. OH and by the way, every winning candidate and many of the losing candidates for State Representative fromthis county have raised the majority of their money from out of the county - just like you. Strahan raised his from Republicans and you raised yours from people associated with the man that won the Speakersh ip with a pile of Democrats' votes. You better hope time runs out before you are outed.

At the advice of Paul Newton I researched the candidates for State Representative. He thought my research would lead me to vote for Wes Hinch, but what I found out was County Attorney Hinch was a go-along-to-get-along politician. Nice guy, bad candidate. Now I am once again applying Paul’s advice just to make sure what this district would have when we elect one of the two remaining candidates, Ernest Bailes or Keith Strahan. I already have come to believe, unlike Hinch, both are leaders but where they would lead is in direct opposite directions. The disinformation in this race is troubling however and I won’t know what my research can attest to until I hear back from some folks on the inside of the House. I enjoy reading comments on here in the meantime.

I don't know why everyone is making a big deal about where Keith Strahan lives. All of my friends in Liberty already knew he lived in Houston.

I have seen Keith Strahan often the last few years and even more often the last 6 months. There is no way Bales would represent us with the same hometown commitment Keith has.

General Comments

The citizens of Liberty County need to be aware of Keith Strahan's background. He grew up in Liberty but moved away. Why did he return home specifically to run for office after being gone for 20 years? The answer: Keith Strahan is being financed by West Texas millionaire, Tim Dunn. For those who are unware, Tim Dunn created a group known as Empower Texans. Empower Texans finances a ton of other, smaller groups and political action committees. Most of Keith Strahan's endorsements and campaign money (aside from the fundraisers he has held in Houston's Montrose section) all come from these groups. In order to receive their money, a candidate has to agree to vote Tim Dunn's way on all matters. Tim Dunn publishes a legislative scorecard and those who score high are those who go along with Tim Dunn. The point is this: a vote for Keith Strahan is a vote for giving our representation away to a West Texas millionaire who could care less about Liberty County and is more interested in a personal vendetta against Joe Straus or whoever he is mad at any given moment. Follow the money of Keith Strahan. Keith Strahan isn't honest and he isn't for Liberty County.

General Comments

Has anyone seen what a Horses A$$ Norman Brown has made of himself on Robby Thornton's Facebook. This man has lost it!

General Comments

I guess Ted Cruse is going to claim another win in New York. Way to go Ted.

General Comments

I have a question?? At Wal-Mart are the lines behind/or in front the handicap parking for handicap also? Just asking

General Comments

We went to the Dayton Old Time thing Saturday and what a waste of time. Nothing to see and nothing to do, it too is gone the way of the Liberty Jubilee, I thought is was funny how the local media tried to spin the sparse attendance at the Jubilee by saying "people were afraid of potential rain, so they didn't attend" instead of saying the truth that it sucked, and people have grown tired of attending something so lame as the Jubilee.

General Comments

Can you believe it?? I mean really? The lights are still on!!! OMG! It's a little Easter miracle!!

General Comments

General Observation Saturday 04/16/2016 went to Liberty to shop for dining room table. Me and my wife found a table that we were interested in and asked about financing. Table was only around $1,200 but did not want to part with that much cash. Saleslady indicated 6 months 0% interest if you qualify. But indicated if not paid in full after 6 months you would be charged 29.99% for the 6 months and for the amount you owe. I am a older person with my home paid for and have 800+ credit score and chose not to purchase there. Instead I left liberty drove to ABC Furniture off I-10 and purchased a like kind table 200 dollars less. Used the exact same finance company they use in Liberty. Got 0% interest for 18 months with delivery and set up at my home for $40 dollars more. Why can they not do this in Liberty County. I like to shop locally where I pay my taxes. But I work hard for what I have and will not give my money away. I feel sorry for the young people who do not have good credit or any credit and have to shop in Liberty.

General Comments

Come folks! Am I the only one that sees the trail that follows John Joslin everywhere he is employed? EVERY single place he has worked, he has encountered issues. He has had more LE jobs in a few years than 10 other people have in a lifetime. He is TROUBLE. How in the world this man got elected in the first place is beyond me. THEN, they re-elect him. Really folks? Are the people of that precinct that naïve, stupid or do they just not care? I think folks need to start doing some "homework" and send this man packing. Enough is enough and Liberty County afford this guy's shanagins...

General Comments

Thankful the blowhard didn't run as a Democrat. Donald Trump is monumentally incompetent. There is no kinder way of putting it. His name, in business is associated with an excess of hype followed by abject failure and bankruptcies. He is the poster child for the small-handed rich kid, who, being born on third base, trips over his own shoelaces, does a faceplant, and then demands to be given credit for a home run because he really could have done it if things had gone the way he wanted.

Trump lies or sells or both every time he opens his mouth. Cruz is a religious zealot that over emphasizes the constitution. hillary is a practical thinker with experience. this election will be simple.

For some reason CBS and YouGov have teamed up to systematically overstate Trump’s support in pretty much every primary they have polled this year. They predicted that Cruz would win Texas by 11% – he ended up winning by over 17%. They predicted that Trump would win Virginia by 13% – he ended up winning by less than 3%. They predicted that Trump would tie Kasich in Ohio, but he ended up losing by 11%. They predicted that Cruz would win Wisconsin by 6%, but he ended up winning by 13%. I think Trump is fiull of shit and that he makes stories up and spreads them all over the country. I have heard some wild stories that have not hit the media yet and they are crazy but I bet they make it to one of trump's media partners.

The only thing worse than Trump is Cruz!

General Comments

I try to check the news and obituaries at least once a month but I rarely see the feedback. I have never heard so many hateful people talking about each other and calling people names, and especially calling them out on their jobs. If Liberty and Dayton can be this racially charged up about things that don't really matter, and people in Kenefick bother you, too? What is the point of any of us showing up for church on Sunday is we are going to be so ugly on a feedback report. We think our country is in trouble from refugees, it sounds like it is more like people here dividing and with that comes conquer. Does anybody remember being conquered because of division? People should at least be civil. Why do we, as people, who are bleed the same blood, talk so ugly and call other people names. We don't even have a person to hold the position of President in this country and we all know it. I see nobody even speaking of Greenpeace, or the plastic in the environment, just talking ugly and calling other people names. This is not what a nation should be. Hello? It is not what a state should be. Please choose better words and remember once you have passed from this life nobody will remember you or what you had in a hundred years and only the Lord knows what He will do with use if we keep this pattern up and no, I am not a religious fanatic, just a concerned citizen. Thank you for this moment of your time.

General Comments

The sheriff's department has refused to follow the rules during Couty Attorney Wes Hinch' sreign, but let me assure you Bobby Rader will do what Mark Beausoliel tells him to do.

General Comments

Why are deputies carrying their families in patrol vehicles. I don't think the tax payers should be paying for gas in patrol cars for a deputy's personal use. Actually they shouldn't be allowed to use county vehicles foe their personal use.

Handicapped Deputies

Just more proof that Liberty County deputies think they are superior and that the laws DO NOT apply to them. Had that been Joe Citizen parked in the handicap spot he would have been handcuffed and carried to jail. These deputies think they are above the law.........This county is the laughing stock of Texas.

I would like to know what disciplinary action Sheriff radar will take against the person parking in a handicap Zone I really don't expect any because I am guessing it is one of his interdiction boys

Regarding the deputy or deputies who parked in the handicapped zone at Whataburger in Liberty: Yes, this is wrong. A citizen would have either gotten a ticket, or at best, been asked to move their vehicle and written and/or written a warning. BUT, I an assure you that our Liberty County Sheriff, Bobby Rader DOES NOT think he or his deputies are superior or above the law. Sheriff Rader is an honest, ethical, and hard-working law enforcement officer. He will take this very seriously. I would expect there would be a meeting going on about now with very stern warning to his deputies that he will NOT TOLERATE such irresponsible behavior.

In reference to a member of the Sherriff's Dept. staff parking in a handicap parking space, I say fire them. There is absolutely no excuse for it at all and they should be given their walking papers. You are suppose to uphold the law, not break it!

General Comments

With Donald Trump and Ted Cruz carrying the mantel for the Republican Party, I have to look to vote Democrat. Hillary vs. Bernie, so guess it will be Hillary. The friends I have that are Republican, want to put religion into the U.S.A. and that is not how the Constitution reads. If you are Southern Baptist and I am an Atheist, the Southern Baptist think the country should be run according to their believe and not mine. I have decided that I will vote for Hillary. So, we have a Woman as President of the United States. Southern Baptist you are not the only religion that counts. My vote as an Atheist is important as your vote. Also, my zealot friends, a fetus is not a baby, they have to hatch first. Before they are part of your family...sorry to inform you.

To the Atheist: Donald J. Trump says he will protect Christians. One should wonder if he is simply trying to get their votes. He has shown no consideration of themin his decision making through the years. Ted Cruz, while there is no doubt of his personal convictions, has a long history of making the Constitution his guide for how to govern. That said, I agree with one thing the Atheist implies, Kasich or Ryan would cement where my vote would go.

To the person posting about voting for Hillary because we then would have a woman in the White House as well as being atheist and wanting to vote against the Southern Baptist.... I seriously am hoping this is loaded with sarcasm, because it is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long, long time ! To vote for Hillary just because she is a woman, is as ignorant as voting for Obama because he was half black ~ smh Hillary is well beyond herself in her wrong doings in this life time. I hope it catches up to her ... and SOON !! YES, I would like to see a Christian in the White House, but that's not the only reason to vote or not vote for someone. Are they credible, can they help our country out of the mess Obama put us in ?? Hillary has been neck deep into all this crap with Obama. She needs to go to prison right along with him !! Pull your heard out of your rectum and rethink your vote !!!

Your a Communist FOOL!

Constable John Joslin Arrested

Who is surprised about John Joslin? The rumors swirling around him before he announced made most people that knew about him thinkthat neither party would let him run without putting an asterisk process next to his campaign. Democratswere sure the local Republican party would somehow let voters know he was not a good person to vote for. But local Republicans have no filtering process. IE:Post scandal Phil Fitzgerald and others.

Commissioners Meet Tuesday

"DISCUSSION AND TAKE ACTION REGARDING QUOTES FOR PUTTING UP A WOODEN FENCE ON THE PROPERTY OFF FM 1010 - PCT.#3" Why would they put a fence up around a piece of property that isn't developed, has no buildings on it, and has water standing on a third of it?

General Comments

If you were an active participant in electing Democrats to office in the last thirty or forty years, please stop going to Republican functions and please stop supporting people you know are democrats even though they have chosen to run Republicans. We are going through a rebuilding process and the national polls are encouraging because they indicate that Republicans refuse to cooperate with each other and their own party members do not trust their party. Locally if mour people will quit adopting the idea that all of a sudden you can't win if you are not a Republican and run a great slate of candidates. Local Republican ifficeholders have had a great deal of trouble with the law and with actually accomplishing anything. Why would anyone want to join that?

Thank you,thank you,thank you! I have been thinking the exact same thing. It is like where did all of the Democrats go when it comes to fielding candidates. Our people need to realize that the localoffices do not have to be filled with someone wearing the Republican tag. there are more lifelong Democrats living around here than Republicans and independents put together. And God bless them, but the local Republican Party is weak. If we could stop our people from running in their party, we could win now.

I agree with the comments about staying in the party. Michael Mark is licking his chops to re-introduce the facts. the Democratic Party is the party of the working man, not the rich people and the big companies. Our new Chairman with help fromNancy Archer, will prepare the Democrats to start winning like they use to.

LOL at the person who thinks the Democrats are the party of the working folks.. Maybe 50 years ago. Today, the Dems are the party of the people with their hands out.

Excuse me! I have been around here a long time. I worked with all of the woman chairmen of the Democratic Party - Mrs. Jamison, Mrs. Beausoliel, Mrs. Archer. I can tell you the Democratic Party is,and always has been,the party of working men and woman. The Democratic Party also is the protector of the poor and the elderly and minorities. Republicans like DonaldTrump have always been around. They are just being more candid now. Many, not all, would do away with any aid for the unfortunate. They would end all immigration of non-whites. They would lower taxes and services. Someone is misinformed in their claim that you have to go back fifty years to see what is still their in my party.

To the poster who posted that the Democratic party is the party of the people "with their hands out" is an idiot. All those allegations come from hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. It's a way of characterizing with absolutely no proof to back it up, just because you hear it on the radio doesn't make it a fact. But slack jawed sloped headed hog hunters who just recently learned how to use a keyboard attach themselves to opinions born from their own bigotry think it's a gospel truth. The facts are that the economy usually does better under a democrat, and usually the rich are the ones who benefit from the republicans, but no matter if the republicans are so wonderful and their platform is so beneficial, and their candidates are so saintly, then why is their party on the brink of total destruction?

Naah, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News don't have to tell me that the last 20 criminals that idineout has featured are no doubt Democratic voters. How do I know? The good conservative folks are too busy working to sell dope, steal from Walmart or run from the police. ... The conservative folks don't have time to sell dope, steal from Walmart

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People are really amazing to me in Liberty County and never understand their logic in Politics. I noticed about a month before the March 1st primary, I saw more Liberty County Sheriff Department patrol cars. Nearly every box in Liberty County voted for Sheriff Rader, with 60 to 70% of the vote. The election is over and no more Deputies in Patrol cars, running the roads, for show during the Primary Election. So now we have settled back into no patrol and sure the Sheriff, will be blaming the Commissioners Court for not enough personnel to do the job. The vote is locked in and 5 more years of the same old thing and 19% crime clearance reported to the Texas Dept. of Public Safety again. Politics is like magic and we love magic! Where is Sheriff Red Rose when we really need him back as Sheriff? Kim Harris I bet he was a great Grandfather and the longest term as Sheriff in Liberty County history.

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When the oilfield gears back up and the economy gets cooking again, Dayton will experience a teacher exodus like never before. Superintendents forget how teachers are. Mistreat one and word gets out. It's a huge soririty/fraternity.

This is for the comment about DISD and the oilfield..... Truthfully, I hope the people waiting for the oilfield take some of the establishment teachers with them. I have had my kids in DISD schools for the past 10 years. Frankly, I can't get my youngest one out of Kimmie Brown fast enough. I've never seen so many ugly adults in one building. And it seems that the principle knows about it but chooses to do nothing. Like any profession there are good and bad. I'm not here to bash the good teachers because I know there are many more of these. But we have only managed to get the worst ones. Your right it is a fraternity, they cover for each other even when they know the teacher is in the wrong. Teaching is a gift, either you have it or you don't. Please don't be mean to our kids because you can't get the job you want and settle for what is available! It's not the kids' fault the oilfield went dry....

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Over a decade ago, Norman Brown and Lester Wiesgerber and others were fed up with commissioners like Payne and Wilburn who made promises about our roads and our county services. These two men believed they could help make our area better. I appreciate them trying to change things. I also recognize not much changed. Some things got better, some worse. The fact they did not rescue is evident, but just like with Payne and Wilburn,that is all the forgettable past. It is time now to help,and to hold accountable, the leaders we have today and to stop harping on the past.

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Most ofus willreally be happy after the next city election to see the results of new blood on the council. The group we have nowhas been in there long enough and citizens have sevred their time enduring poor and expensive electrical services and cranky unresponsive officials at city hall. Change is good!

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What's going on with Brookhollow Apartments.. Been here for a 1 1/2 and rent was $670 for a 1 bedroom,no washer/dryer connections. After a 1 1/2 later with 1 unprofessional pain job the rent went up to $695 for 1 bedroom. I noticed a lot of people moving when they went up the first time but people are really hauling ass now. Bld built in early 1980s.No remodeling since when? Parking is horrible, concrete is cracking really bad.$695 to stay in these apartments is not worth it. I believe Madison Court is cheaper then this and they have washer/dryer connections.

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If you have children in Dayton ISD you may want to tune in to what our new superintendent is doing. She will drag this school district down as long as she draws a paycheck and has a key to the front doors. If you are going to raise kids here you may want to start going to board meetings.

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To all of you Norman Brown haters that said he was the very worst county commissioner that prescient 4 has or will ever have. Let me introduce you to our new ones work. Please take a drive down County Road 604 and see all of the pothole repairs that have been done since the new asphalt road was laid around 6 weeks ago. Folks this is our tax dollars the man is throwing away on jobs like this. Maybe old man Norman was not so bad after all

That road has been a long awaited God Send for us out here. Thank you Commissioner Wilson. As far as Norman Brown, please do us all a big favor "PLEASE" get back on your daily Medication.

Ken Coleman VS. the RLC (Repbiican Liberty Caucus) & RLC Response to Ken Coleman & Republican Chairs Air Dirty Laundry

Oh boo-hoo-hoo, the local Republican party ex-leader is crying about the "wishy-washy Libertarians" taking over the "conservative" moniker. Hate to tell you fellow, but that is what every Democrat-turned-Republican is except for the wing-bats in the Tea Party faction. Better go back to peddling real estate and leave the new political arena to the millenials - No Country For Old Men!

It has come to my attention the local republican party chairman has issued statements in regards to the republican liberty caucus. While we accept the chairman's praise of being effective and some might say super human by being able to cause such a stir with only 5 members, his release is filled with lies and untruths. We feel sorry the chairman was so embarrassed to lose his chairmanship over the recent convention that he felt the need to lash out. Furthermore, we are sadden to see his anger misplaced as over half of his current executive committee voted against him. Yes, Mr. Coleman has lost the party. Not to the RLC, but by the very conservatives and precinct chairs he poorly managed. We suggest Mr. Coleman calm down, enjoy his last 70 days as a lame duck chairman and preserve his legacy as a fair and grounded man; Not end it in a ball of anger and hurt pride. Meanwhile, republicans are getting ready for the new chairman elect to take office in June. We shall be a unified and stronger party under Mr. Daniel. In Liberty, Jeff LeBlanc Chairman Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

I'm watching the national Republican Party eat its own and now the local Republicans are doing the same thing. It would be enjoyable to watch except it's so sad for our country. How embarrassing !! The whole world is watching.

My opinion is Mr Coleman is paying for the probelms created by Ms. Bivins. He should have removed those snotty, not welcoming people years ago. Shame, but he is the leader and should have handled this before it boiled over

By now folks should realize that is Jeff LeBlanc's lips are moving, he's lying. He spent years spreading lies and rumors about the Liberty County GOP and now he's receiving the same treatment. It's about time someone punched the schoolyard bully right in the face. Good for Ken Coleman! More power to him.

If Jeff Leblanc's lips are moving he's lying? LOL. I haven't been active in this local party for years for the very reasons he and others are fghting. The corrupt liberty county governement is no super secret to any of us. Myself and many others have privately cheered the efforts of these guys on.maybe we can be more than cookies, cakes and gossip when the new leaders take office.

How funny. The only reason the RLC people are upset is because their man Keith Strahan is being outed as a founder and member of their group. No wonder. I would be mad too if my lies to the voters had been uncovered. Good job Ken Coleman!

I hate to burst the bubble for good old Jeff LeBlanc but one doesn't have to dig too deep to find out how many haters this man has....The only people complaining about Ken Coleman and the Republican party is Jeff and the few nut job followers he has. It is amazing to me how he continually fails to remember all the facts unless it suits him. Pretty sure Jeff is the only one with something to hide. For example Keith Strahan is a member of his illustrious RLC Group. But I think maybe that's supposed to be a secret. Oooops. He will do anything to get his man elected. So all you Keith Strahan supports better read up on who you are voting for. And, yes the Party Chairman is on his way out, he has nothing to gain from telling lies about these people and their agenda, only to enlighten the county voters. He has been silent and tried to work with these people. Jeff LeBlanc will be the very first person to trash hard working people that have been devoted to the Republican party for years. It's amazing that he has so much time on his hands. DOES HE WORK? Or is being on Facebook all day his job? How does it feel Mr. LeBlanc to be the center of so much negative attention. I bet you are loving it - I am praying for you Jeff.

I am struggling with the whole idea that Mr. Coleman believes he had some kind of mandate to be the Convention Chairman or to direct anything other than a welcoming speech at the Convention. He had six or seven people vote for him? This county has no democrat officials and this Chairman has a County Convention and only six or seven people were there that sided with him? Wow! That is worrisome in itself.It makes me think Mr. Coleman has presided over many more meetin gs where things wer sounds like e done without anything but a handful agreeing on it. Now they may or may not have thought they were doing the will of the majority but what it seemslike now is the possibility the will of a small minority has been shoved down the throat of the majority. This might apply to a narrow set of issues and they may all agree on most things, but this sounds like a case of people forcing democracy on Machiavelian elitists.

The ignorance of some is hillarious here. If anyone thinks that keith strahan being a founding members of this group is some big yourself a favor and get educated. Its one of his endorsements and he has never hidden this. Grow up people.

Of course there is a ton of ignorance surrounding Keith Strahan's candidacy. For example, the fact Keith Strahan doesn't live in the district, moved into his mother's house days before running. The fact Strahan has accepted huge campaign contributions from a Midland/Odessa millionaire and had to sign a pledge stating he would go along with whatever the millionaire wanted. The fact Strahan claims to be an "Austin oustsider" but has received tons of endorsements from Austin "insider" groups and no endorsements from within the district. Keith Strahan has no intention of representing our district in Austin, he is bought and paid for by someone else to go fight other Republicans, just like the RLC. Strahan supporters need to know what Strahan is really about.

I find this funny that most of these attacks are directed at one person. After reading three of these articlesit seems to me there are plenty involved in the happenings. It also appears to me some in the actual party are going for the chairman. How is this being laid all one one group. some of this reply was even put in here by people in the party, including the new chairman and a vice chairman. its not making sense to me. some yall giving too much credit to two or three people

Good grief! people know Keith Strahan around here. The man has spoken in public about the issues as much as anyone and he spoke way before he ran for office. there is nothing frightening or hidden about him. That is the stupidest thing I have heard lately.

Ken Coleman and Terri Bivens must be two people put into political leadership that do not really believe in democracy. The position of convention chairman is decided by whoever gets the most votes. We outvoted Coleman and Bivens almost 4 to 1. That is a huge, almost unheard of defeat in politics. I like Coleman okay and he has been a wonderful host when dignitaries have come through town, but I can tell you his lack of emphasis in building the party is what burned him at the convention. The natural growth the party had when Justice of the peace Bobby Rader in Liberty won office was huge, but Coleman and Bivens have failed to capitalize on even bringing in the people that should have naturally gotten involved with winning.The Democrats convention has shrunk to nothing, but the people at the Republican convention were not there because of their leadership. The vote removes all doubt that most people were at the convention excited to support new leadership. Why? Because the party needs to grow to include more than those that are exactly like the leaders. There was no conspiracy to shut Coleman out, but there was a drive to allow more people to be included. His insistence in keeping a thumb on things and controlling opinions and pushing his favorite candidates quietly and subtle caused the local party a very stunted growth since its historic first victory years ago. Sure local candidates are winning, but just like Democrats around here will tell you, a party label in a favorable environment can make members of the opposite party lose every race. Leadership needs to focus on developing and participating in things that are not as certain rather than taking credit for inevitable vistories. Ken needs to come back and sit quietly and listen for awhile and stop shooting off his mouth about conspiracies and sounding like his minority is owed anything. His legacy is that Liberty County is known for doing a great job welcoming distinguished party visitors. Don’t ruin that now.

Mr Coleman has always come across as a quiet, respectable, distinguished gentleman, & is still claiming to be so while this "lying, scheming, trouble maker" Jeff LeBlanc has been single-handedly been trying to dismantle the liberty county republican party for years now...I'll be honest, i've personally never had anything against Mr Coleman, except that he's been relatively ineffective as a party chairman, & he's let Terri Bivens run wild trying to implement her own rules (maybe he just didn't know better-maybe he thought she sounded legit so she must have been right-but again, that would make him ineffective, right?) & turn the LCGOP into her own dues paying social club...however, he has taken this country convention thing way out of bounds...did all of this drama really stem from the fact that he did not win the right to chair the remainder of the county convention over the chairman elect? Let me say that again...he began running the convention, title "temporary convention chairman"...after the precinct conventions, a "permanent convention chairman" was elected by the participants at the convention...all of this because his feelings were hurt because he wasn't chosen to run the remainder of the convention, approx 4 hours...he had already decided not to run for chairman again, the elections were held, Ryan Daniel was elected (unopposed) to be the next chairman, Ken had announced Ryan as chairman elect at the start of the county convention & asked all of us to welcome him as how petty is all of this drama, that all off the name calling & the lies are being brought about because he wasn't chosen to finish running a meeting, & from all explanations was actually being asked to stand behind Mr Daniel & help him run this meeting, lending his experience to the situation...however this was such a personal affront that Mr Coleman & his wife, his henchman Terri Bivens & several other older members of the party decided to walk out, without explanation, (except Ms Parrot, whom I believe was manipulated to believe something unethical had occurred) like children not chosen to captain the kickball team taking their toys & leaving the playground...what I have learned as someone who was at this convention in is its entirety is that Mr Coleman is not the person I've believed him to be all these years...his behavior at & since the county convention has been anything be respectable & distinguished...not only has he acted childish & not in the interest of the Republican party of Liberty County, he has blatantly & out right lied about the people he thinks ousted him from the convention chair, a position he seems to believe he was entitled to as opposed to being an elected position, one voted on by the convention participants...what it boils down to is that he didn't have the support he assumed he had...& saying his actions since the convention, it seems that the people who voted against him made the right choice...

Mr. Coleman was warned of the coming stormand felt he knew more than the half dozen or so people who tried to tell him it was coming. What were they trying to tell himwas coming? Basically he was told that his bully pulpit would be stripped from him while he was county chairman. And that is what happened. His predecessor, Lester Wisegerber had something close to that happen when an unknown railroad employee from Daisetta beat him in the vote count for county chairman a few years ago. One common element we have all heard is the Wizard of Oz behind these two men - Terri Bivens. Bivens enjoyed pulling the strings and manipulating the machinations of the ruling political party in this county by passing on the limelight to these older men. These two men have very polite southern ladies for wives who i amsure enjoyed their husbands getting to direct the officeholders in some way in their golden years and were, and undoubtedly still are,convinced Bivens is just a "helpful" worker bee. Another thing the two men have in common was an insatiable desire to win. Or is that Bivens? Whatever - with offices sure to be filled by Republicans after Democrats lost power about a decade ago, these people have failed to find real Republicans to fill offices. They have "won" with old Democrats! The last huge mistake is on Coleman's watch. With Bivens acting like some kind of damn guard dog on one hand and like the devil in a blue dress on the other. Together, Bivens and Colemen have restricted free speech and kept out the kind of discussions and soul searching political parties need to remain principled and directed at their goals. With just a few weeks in office, Coleman's chicken's came home to roost. he was relegated to sit down and particpate in the order another person dictated. Exit the two and the small minority and enter made up lies about a long less than stellar time in leadership.

Since Terri Bivens "won" so many races with Democrats running as Republican, maybe she could help the Republicans by signing herself up to "help" the Democratic Party.

Keith Strahan grew up in Liberty, works with kids here in Liberty & has always been involved in politics in Liberty...there's nothing secret about him, he's a Christian, he's educated & he cares about your liberty, even if you don't realize it's being taken from you...if you think he's beholden to a big money donor, think again...however, Mr Bailes is the handpicked candidate of Joe Straus (elected by the liberal "gang of 11" republicans & all 65 democrats as speaker of the house, with a 100% rating by Planned Parenthood & the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) & funded by the same...we definitely need a true Christian conservative representing HD 18, & Keith Strahan is the local choice who truly represents Liberty, San Jacinto & Walker counties...

Keith Strahan grew up in Liberty. Then he left for 20 years and only decided to come back because he saw an opportunity. Keith is a Christian? Heck, Obama claims to be a Christian. What church does Strahan go to or is a member of? None in Liberty. In fact, none in Liberty County. Strahan works with kids in Liberty? LOL! Campaign supporters kids don't count. Fact is Keith isn't involved in ANYTHING in Liberty County outside of politics just like his libertarian RLC friends. Name something Strahan was involved with in Liberty County before October. Can't be done. This is because Keith Strahan doesn't live in Liberty County. He doesn't even own property in the county. Lotsa red flags with Strahan.

There is no way in hell I would support Keith Strahan for State Representative. The reason is simple. Strahan turned down the opportunity to endorse Gary Dennison for County Attorney. By his actions it is very easy to see he is not willing to support the status quo here in his own home county. Voters would be more likely to avoid disruptions in our courthouse by electing Strahan's opponent even though he is from another county.

Keith Strahan grew up in Liberty, works with kids here in Liberty & has always been involved in politics in Liberty...there's nothing secret about him, he's a Christian, he's educated & he cares about your liberty, even if you don't realize it's being taken from you...if you think he's beholden to a big money donor, think again...however, Mr Bailes is the handpicked candidate of Joe Straus (elected by the liberal "gang of 11" republicans & all 65 democrats as speaker of the house, with a 100% rating by Planned Parenthood & the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) & funded by the same...we definitely need a true Christian conservative representing HD 18, & Keith Strahan is the local choice who truly represents Liberty, San Jacinto & Walker counties...

I will never understand why our Republican leadershiplocally was so upset at the county convention. For so long some of us have discouraged any kind ofmove to force them to yield to the grassroots majority of active people in the county. We have been reluctant to harm the party in any way with any kind of argument that would become public. We have had the numbers to force the leadership to change their tactics and their direction but we have played props in their play and provided them with large audiences and a unified front. That is what is so amazing about the convention. The leadership chose not to seek office. With the chairman and his vice chairman choosing not to run, people that have been faithful and participated for years as quiet background workers. The idea that because a majority of people wanted new leadership to run the convention there was something sinister going on is ridiculous. The chairman and his vice chairman embarrassed themselves and the party by complaining publicly. It is regretful that they did not have the same class as those that have honored them for years even when they disagreed. A great deal has already been said about what happened but I sincerely hope the outgoing leadership will get it together and remeber how it is to lead even when there is no public acrimony.



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