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Local Man Arrested for Theft

Looks like the Oilfield bully finally bullied the wrong people. God bless the people he bullied.

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I see on one internet news outlet that some Trump supporters are threating a "revolution" of sorts if Clinton wins. A march on Washington etc. And these yo yos take offense at being called deplorables! Clinton hid the nail on the head when she called Trump supporters deplorable. They are not only deplorable they are socially retarded and civically stupid. Anyone who votes republican these days are detrimental to the Nation. Deplorable is too nice a word for them.

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Al Gore did not contest the legality of the election process in 2000. The vote was so close in Florida that by law he was allowed to request a recount. Once the recount was completed and the Supreme Court made their decision in favor of the WORST President EVER, Al Gore was gracious and conceded the race to #43. The rest is history for the spectacular mess "W" made of this country, the lies, deceit, the loss of life in the Middle East and a complete collapse of the economy. Trump 2016!

Hate to be the one to interrupt your fantasy world of blaming George bush and the republicans for everything, but democrats had a majority in the house and senate for the first two years of Obama and they had majority in the senate for the first six years. But hey, just keep saying it and it will become true one day.

Gore . . . good post from the Republican about Obama. Yes, you are right, the Dems did have majorities and looked at all the good that occurred. Saved the banking industry and the country from financial destruction (due to Bush), Stock market at al all-time high, unemployment at a historic low, High School Graduation rate at a record high, more people are able to have health insurance, no inflation, no more 9/11 attacks (happened on Bush watch), all areas of crime down since Obama took office, need me to keep going? Yes, let's elect Trump (Bush III) and return to home foreclosures, banks on the verge of failing, car makers about to go bankrupt, more wars, more for the rich, less for the middle class, nothing for the impoverished, but YES, WE GET TO KEEP OUR GUNS!!! Trump/Pence 2016. Hell Yeah!!!!

Turn Out in Early Voting 2016

Allen, appreciate the early voting and including the last two Presidential voting totals in 2008 and 2012. Tonight, would be a good time to remind The United States of America that we have Not had a weak President in Barrack Obama, but total control of the United States House and Senate is by the Republican Party for 8 years. This has parlayed into a total collapse of our Economy and Obstruction of a Great President. If you control the House and Senate, you control our Government and Bad Decisions on our Economy. Good Job GOP, maybe the Senate will be taken back and close to taking back the House, to let our new President put our country back into the plus column. God Bless The United States of America!

Went and early voted yesterday. The ones voting beside me were all women at the time we went. I got the feeling, can't prove it of course, but I think all these women were voting for Clinton...including us.

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Deliver us from the hypocrisy of the Democrats. With all of the huffing and puffing about Trump's refusal to pledge allegiance to election results, one would think that the Dems have forgotten that Al "Internet" Gore challenged the Florida ballot IN COURT way back in 2000 (GOOGLE Florida Vote Recount).

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Excited for November 8 and the opportunity to vote against the worst of establishment politicians, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Excited for November 8 and the opportunity to vote against the "Worst Candidate" in modern times on the ballot for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Excited for November 8 and the opportunity to get away from nonstop politics by the candidate Democrats chose for their party and the candidate the Democrats in the media chose for the Republican party

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Hillary doubled down on how violent Trump rallies are AFTER the video shows Democrats planning to foment violence at Trump rallies? This is one sorry ass election choice!!

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How to continue the status quo: run "Mittens" Romney and "Trashy" Trump. It is beyond belief that the Republican Party (if, indeed, the Republican Party actually exists) has not been able to field an effective candidate. Mittens was too soft; Trump is too hard. Where is "just right" (and I do mean Right)?

Man Found Using Flashlight for Healights

Instead of psychoanalyzing Trump supporters, maybe our resident psychoanalyst should do their thing on the guy who was arrested for driving with a flashlight. His appearance and his decision making call for some HELP.

General Comments

Just saw on Facebook where the board of directors from the TVE chartered a bus and took some sponsors to Vic and Anthony’s in Houston. I wonder what that tab cost. Probably enough for two scholarships for some needed kids. Such a shame that the TVE is not for the kids anymore. Seems like our board of directors are trying to keep up with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and it doesn’t compare. And the volunteers have to pay to volunteer.

Over the most recent 10 year period TVE Sponsors have contributed $1.5 million-plus to make the TVE a great success in its mission to support Trinity Valley Youth. There are appreciation dinners given each year for both sponsors and TVE volunteers (200+ dinner attendees)who together with many more make the TVE a success. As to providing funds for Trinity Valley youth. over that 10 year period auction earnings paid youth exhibitors were $3.5 million plus! Even rabbit auction proceeds tripled in six years from $1,000 to $3,000 annually. Including auctions, scholarships and other events, the TVE has presented area youth more than $425,000 annually in each of the past two years. The TVE takes only 5% of auction proceeds for organization fees compared to 50% or more generally for the Houston Livestock Show to have a TVE return to youth participating a much higher percentage of auction income. Add in also 9 TVE Scholarships in 2016 totaling $25,000 awarded to graduating seniors in 8 Trinity Valley towns. Also, the TVE is now developing a new Vocational Scholarship program for Trinity Valley folks to be implemented in 2017. Volunteers, sponsors, vendors, participants from baby parade to mutton busting to beef auctions and the 35-45,000 annual attendees to the TVE are all appreciated. For a Liberty/Chambers County organization with about 110,000 total population in the two counties to give back more than $3.5 million in a decade as a benefit to area youth while providing quality family fun for all is an accomplishment for which we can all be proud. Frank Jordan TVE Director – Special Events

Can you believe the prices in order to go attend the TVE? Someone on the planning committee needs to get a reality check and do something about the fee for the entrance at least, the carnival rides are astronomical too, I mean what the hell are we going in to see some sort of celebrity or something? This will not be addressed because those who are making these decisions are so far removed from the common folk that they couldn't car less. The TVE sucks.

These TVE turds have been doing this for years. Who votes as to sits on the committee. The same crooks that always sits there. Same as judges at courthouse. My advice to parents of children who want to show animals is show everywhere you can except liberty. Dayton has their own show every year.

I was reading the post by one of the TVE directors about how much money has been contributed to the youth over a ten year period. It was an impressive amount. I don't know where if any, a place there is to be able to confirm where all this money comes from, seems like there should be an audit just for the curious minded to be able to discern the figures. It seems to me though if all this money that the TVE generates, and it seems to be an impressive amount, and like this director says in his post "for quality family fun" then it would be a generous gesture on the part of the almost saintly TVE directors, to do away with the gate fees so those who want to avail themselves of the "family fun" might be able to attend. I would assume that those who have found themselves on the various boards and directorships of the TVE and its events are there because they are not the ones who find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. The TVE is hawked as a community event, but it leaves out some segments of the community who can't afford to attend. 5.00 dollars for parking, 10.00 dollars for entry, two adults and maybe two to three children to a do the math. So let's lean back and say what's not being said, if they are so strapped for money they don't need to attend anyway right? Let them embrace their poverty and let the affluent embrace this "family fun event" because after all its the affluent who make all the decisions for every one else, right?

RE: $15.00 Entry ticket price to fair and rodeo and $5.00 parking fee. There is more parking options and lot is nice and easy to drive on. In my opinion, this is totally worth the money and the rodeo Saturday night was awesome👍 and very entertaining. The arena was packed. I had a wonderful time! Price not bad at all considering it includes entrance to rodeo, in my opinion.

went to the TVE Sat. night, the guy taking money for parking said it was 10 dollars when I protested he laughed and said it was 5...ha ha. Got to the entrance and the entrance fee went from 10 dollars to 15 dollars! When was that mentioned in the news that the fee would be raised 5 bucks on Sat. night? NEVER I THINK! The TVE is a rip off and those who are "directors" and on the committees are highway robbers, the TVE should be boycotted next year.

TVE: The directors and committee people work hard all year for our fair to be nice and I appreciate that. There are many sponsors and people that contribute to the sale and other areas. Parents and kids work hard on projects all year long that are exhibited there. It should truly be about kids. With all the money and sponsors we have giving, is there a way to give more in scholarship money to each kid? $25,000 for 8 scholarships out of 1.5 million?

Frank Jordan, Lynn Ayers, Fred Lemond & a few others– What do they all have in common? They don’t know the first thing about running a livestock show or rodeo, yet are appointed to the TVE Board. Why wouldn’t the majority of the board members be promoted from the hard working committee men and women? Maybe because they may actually have their own opinions and ideas and not simply “Yes” men and women? I’d like to fill Mr. Jordan in on a few “facts” about livestock shows and youth auctions. Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo DOES NOT hold out a 50% commission as he stated. The amount paid to the exhibitor is capped with the remaining amount going into their SCHOLARSHIP FUND, which in turn goes back to the kids. As far as the TVE auction goes, the buyers from the community purchase those animals & projects. TVE merely provides the facility and holds out their commission. It is insane to think that TVE takes credit for “paying” youth exhibitors “$3.5 million” plus! These kids are selling animals that they had to “purchase” at above market value, then buy feed and care for them. At the end of the day, the buyers own those animals after the auction. Yet Frank & the boys want full credit for “donating” that money to the kids. It was never their money to begin with. The appreciation dinner for volunteers (“200+ attendees”) and sponsors has NOTHING to do with the $20,000 (or more) trip to Vic and Anthony’s for the “sponsors” only. TVE and Mr. Jordan, are very proud that they give $25,000 in scholarships. And they spend how much on their trip to Vic and Anthony’s? TVE holds out a 5% commission on auction items, which is a total of $15,407 they made off the auction this year alone – which they claim is to be used for auction expense and to pay off the livestock barn debt. Why was there EVER debt on the livestock barn or ANYTHING for that matter? The good folks that built the arena back in the mid 80’s were proud of the fact that there was very little debt after the first year. There are many sponsors who donate to the livestock show, and other events, and those contributions simply go into the “general fund” to buy more booze and steak dinners. I don't think the sponsor really realize that they are the ones benefitting from their own contributions with catered meals, open bar, free admission to the rodeo and VIP parking for four nights, while handicap parking is across the road. “Why don’t they just get together and fund a 4-day party for themselves, beginning with a night on the town complete with chartered buses, open bar to and from Houston, open bar and dining at Vic and Anthony’s. Then step aside and let the community have their event for the youth and families. You’re right Frank! Thanks for your hard work and dedication over the last 15 minutes you’ve been involved. I sure hope this information helps. And since you’re quoting all these figures, how much debt does TVE have currently? And where can we find a copy of those by-laws that you folks amend on a monthly basis? Certainly not on the website. Oh, maybe they were used to line the chicken cages.

to the person saying the committees at TVE are also crooks, I am a committee chairperson and I can assure you, I AM NO CROOK! I have volunteered out there many years and do it because I love doing it. To the other negative responders, there is only one paid person out there and she does a jam up job, she works 16 and more hours a day during TVE and runs back and forth tying up loose ends! Think about how much it costs to run that place, they have to pay for the carnival, petting zoo, rodeo announcer, judges, Security, to keep everyone safe (that is well worth the money, good job over seeing it Kenny), etc!! nothing is free, they pay as well as you do! I pay to volunteer, but I enjoy it! Don't complain if you don't know what is going on! If you are unhappy about something, go to a board meeting and address it with them instead of blasting crap on the Internet you know nothing about! The president of TVE is awesome, the directors are awesome, they will not have a problem listening to anyone's input!

I know a young lady that received a scholarship a few years ago. Had to fight to get it. Brady had a different excuse every time as to why she had not received it. Took almost a year to get and not real sure she actually got it.

You go to board meeting you get spoken over by load mouths because they don't want you to be heard.

In response to the comment seeking everyone on the TVE Board to be a rodeo expert, I personally am not a cowboy but am pleased to be a TVE sponsor who has his donation specifically targeted to partially pay for the giant replay screen and professional camera personnel that cost in excess of $10,000 per year. You don't have to know how to worm a cow to be helpful to the TVE! There are numerous folks incredibly rodeo knowledgeable on the TVE Board including Robbie Herrinton, Jim Bob Evans, Brady Hanson and many others. Having business and media professionals also on the board is a good addition in my opinion as the TVE is a community and area event that is a large business that needs to provide access 365 days per year for all forms of family entertainment and that requires more than rodeo experience. As to Board experience, the critical writer favorably references the 1980 Board that built the arena and, just to show more than 15 minutes TVE Board experience, I served on that Board of Directors 36 years ago, helped arrange the pipe used in arena construction, and served for several years on the TVE Board with some great dedicated folks. As another note, I did say, "...over the 10 year period AUCTION EARNINGS paid youth exhibitors were $3.5 million plus"; not that the TVE paid out of TVE funds alone. A major goal of TVE in coming years is to establish vocational scholarships for area folks seeking employment and better jobs. The $25,000 in high school graduate scholarships are to be continued. Sponsor funds over the past 10 years have averaged $150,000 per year to total $1.5 million and to say that most is for boose,steaks and partying is ridiculous from a negative and bitter person. You're invited to a TVE Board meeting to see the real numbers. Thank you to the thousands of folks who attended and for those who helped support the area youth auction with about $400,000 given in 2016 for such a good cause. And anonymous, you know my name so you can attack me personally because I sign my comments. Frank Jordan, TVE Director

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the awesome lady that gave me 4 tickets Saturday as We were walking in and going to pay for tickets. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ☺

General Comments

Liberty County is controlled by the Republican Party and therefore local candidates for office are all Republican, so if you want to participate you have to vote in the Republican Primary or do not vote. I personally would rather have a mixture of Democrat and Republican candidates to vote for in the General Elections, but the ballot this year had a mixture until you come to Liberty County government and they were all Republicans. I remember when a number of the candidates were Democrats and now having flipped to Republican, and they remain in office. The leaders in Liberty County Government tout the “Family Values” and “Regular Church Attendance”, until you disagree to vote for their candidate for President of the Good Ole’ USA. They try to shove the Republican nominee down your throat and launch into a tirade against the Democrat nominee, using fowl and vulgar language, not taught in any church or school, I have ever attended in America. God Bless these People and forgive their choice of language to describe one of your creations, qualifying them as “Child of Christ“.

I agree with the post that longs for a choice from both parties that is electable, but I must say the domination for lifetimes by Democrats around here needed to end to break that stonghold

To the post that " Liberty county is controlled by Republicans for the vote. Just a FYI, the local govt candidates listed, ie:Tax assessor, county attorney etc, these were positions already voted for in last local election, they are not actually running on this ballot, not sure why they are listed , as they have already won their election, in the election that they won there were indeed democratic nominees as well

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To the poster who finds fault with psychoanalyzing Trump supporters, you need to catch the woman at the Pence rally who wants to have "a revolution" if Clinton is elected. Or by all means try and catch the interview with the guy wearing the Harley Davidson cap who invokes the book of Revelation as a warning to the nation if Clinton is elected, as he said "the end is near". There is no need for a degree in any type of psychiatrics to detect that there is really something odd about these people, just listen to them speak, just read what they write and post. Trump supporters or not there is a segment in our Nation that is mediocrely educated and angry at halluncinatory metaphorical images that they take as reality. In other words I think they are nuts.

General Comments

General comment about speed limits on highway 90 and the bypass in the city limits. If you have ever driven from Livingston to Lufkin on Hwy 59 then you know that when you get to Corrigan or Diboll, everyone slows down to the exact speed limit and that includes trucks. Liberty PD could learn from these two small cities. If the existing speed limits on 90 and the bypass were strictly enforced it would help prevent accidents. I have observed several trucks on 90 traveling so fast that they could not stop when the traffic signal changed to red.Nothing wrong with being considered a "speed trap" if it prevents accidents.

To the comments about speed limits I would add where there are no accidents, there should be no highway patrol or local traffic enforcers. We,the taxpayers, are interested in "speed limits" and the enforcement there of, only to make things safe. Not to fine ourselves.

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I always hear if businesses would just take 3 min a day in Liberty to have their employees pick up it would make the town look better.Someone needs to tell one of the the city council members he needs mow in front of his store.Its a eye sore

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The eyesore coming intoLiberty from the west or Dayton side reminds me of what a corrupt little town we have for our county seat.People tried to clean it up by removing all the Democrats but the gains were temporary as it seems criminals are attracted to politics. Let's tear down that old bridge rather than sandblast it and paint it again only to be left with future headaches. Let's insist on honesty.

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Can someone please tell me why we taxpayers would want to buy the building on Cos and Travis? Is this really the building of our dreams? Surely we can do better!

I'm betting one of the "important people" owns the building at Travis/Cos intersection and OF COURSE we must consider buying whatever they are selling.

I was told if I voted Republican they would not buy building from their buds.

State Record Alligator removed from Champion Lake at Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge

I saw the pics of the huge alligator that was captured and relocated. I noticed in one of the pics the man standing right near the opened mouth of the gator... was he supposed to be the brave country boy posing for all to see that he wasn't afraid of the monster gator? I guess we were all supposed to be enthralled at his "good old country boy common sense" and unmatched fortitude in the face of terror...not to mention his gator fighting duds...sleeveless t-shirt and worn out jeans. Give me a break.

The comment about the guy right at the mouth of the huge alligator was not trying to show how a good ole country boy was safe. These people work with these alligators. Take a vacation, and go watch the guys feeding these alligators, or that go in the water with them. I hear there is a great alligator farm in Florida. It would be nice to take your smart remarks and all your hatefulness to another state.

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One thing I have notice is the speed limit is too high on Hwy 146, in Liberty. All these 18- wheelers coming from the bypass don't even make a yield, when clearly a sign is there. I have seen so many times when buses are unloading and cars still go around the bus, on Hwy 146, going towards Hardin. I'm afraid one day they will run over me also, while turning, because I too live on one off these streets off of 146. The speed limit needs to be changed, lowered. The road roads needs to be fixed fast, its tearing my tires. Slow down peole !!! Get off the phone and pay attention.

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So Trump threatens Clinton with jail if he is elected. Isn't that what dictators do in other countries? This guy is a real danger to our Nation by the things he says and thinks he is entitled to by he being some sort of celebrity like grabbing women without their consent and using his position to prosecute innocent people who would dare call into question his right to be president. The deplorables that support him are no better than the Germans and others who supported Hitler in the 1930's by turning in Jews and other people who were the outsiders in that situation. Trump and his supporters are indeed worthy of the title deplorable.

What is "deplorable" is Hillary Clinton's law breaking going unchecked. She should be prosecuted like any other person who has committed the crimes she has committed. Trump would just hold back all the special treatment she receives and allow the justice system to work like it should.

I am so sick of the main stream media coming down on Donald Trump because of his remarks about women 16 years ago. These same media outlets bent over backward to excuse bill clinton when he was abusing women and whoring around with the intern when he was supposedly leading this great nation. No, Mr. Trumps remarks weren't appropriate, but any man who claims he has not made similar remarks in his life a liar, and that includes myself. No, hillary (maybe) didn't make such remarks (about women), but she did support her husband and tried to make out his victims as whores and "trailer park trash". For those republicans who are turning their back on Mr. Trump, who do you think will be elected if Mr. Trump is not? Wise up, people. America is doomed if this witch gets elected.

If, like me, you loathe both major party presidential candidates, vote for a minor party. I'm voting for Gary Johnson. It doesn't matter if he's a total idiot. There's absolutely no hope for him becoming president, but it's a way to make your voice heard. If enough votes are cast to a minor party, maybe it'll be a wake up call to the Dems and Reps that America is unhappy with them. I was planning to do a write in, but write ins are more of a joke than anything, and rarely even signify.

How about this for deplorable? Bill and Hillary parade around in public pretending to be husband and wife (when we all know that their marriage is an empty shell). If Trump's got cooties, then these two ARE cooties.

To the poster who thinks Clinton is a criminal you poster are an idiot. Clinton has done nothing criminal in any way, although Trump has spoken about how he forces himself on women, married or otherwise, he is no better than Bill Cosby. You poster listen way too much to Fox and its ilk, get ready for it, Clinton will be the next Prez.

Fox News is drunk with Trump spinning news stories.

Hillary Clinton has done nothing illegal? Give me a break!

It will not be Trump that convicts Hillary Clinton. It will be the application of the law regardless of who breaks it.

Trump's language is not worthy of defense. But consider this contradiction, If you take every vile thing that Trump said, used it as lyrics, and set it to a Rap music, Democrats would defend it as a 1A right, and the majority of those who down-loaded the song would be Democrats.

Who really wants another Clinton to have the keys to the White House?

You can tell automatically a Trump supporter's post. I'm not talking about the obvious hate spewing hang Hillary comments I'm talking about the irrational thought process that every Trump supporting poster has. The almost uncontrollable need to see violence happen to Clinton based on nothing factual except in a alternative reality situation fueled by conspiracy theories and emotion. Trump supporters are the crypto-Nazi types who are undereducated and half raised by single parents or no parents or by parents who had multiple dysfunctions that were passed on to their children who have grown up to overlook the dysfunctions in others (like Trump) in order to validate their own deplorabilities. "Birds of a feather, flock together". The word "deplorable" fits the situation of the pro-Trump posters.

I am always fascinated when one of our locals pontificates with their psychoanalysis of Trump supporters. Hillary Clinton's track record and her plans for this country have inspiredsome to vote for anyone but her and, evidently, she has inspired some to imagine having earned a degree in psychology. oh, for a race between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. What would our psychoramblers pontificate about then!

General Comments

Trump has finally inspired me to skip voting for President

General Comments

Attended Dayton/Porter game last night. Noticed two things.Porter's band got extremely loud everytime Dayton's offense got ready for next play. Not just every once in a while,but the entire game! Is this how they came this far? Seemed kinda RUDE to me.Second thing was Mr.G doesn't announce kids names very often. Lots of people look forward to hearing a loved ones name over the PA.Does he not have a current roster? I think I can get him one if he needs it. A little more recognition would be nice Mr.G. Just saying...

Someone hasn't attended many football games. The Porter band is doing exactly what all bands should do. Problem is, band directors have gotten lazy and apathetic toward why they are really there. They are an accessory to the football team and should interject themselves into the game as often as possible. Bands these days are too busy worrying about their own performance to bother with the game. Bravo Porter!

Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005

Trump's lewd's getting to the point...

We have a choice between two contemptible scoundrels

I write here a lot about Trump and his acts of idiocy etc. I have to say that his most recent revelation about his crude and vulgar talk about women is a media overkill. Anyone who knows men know that when men get together they talk just like that, and I suspect women do too. If someone is outraged about this "locker room speech" then they are hypocrites. Does this type of talk remove his ability to be Prez? No, there are plenty of other reasons to deny him the Presidency, his attitudes toward women are more than obviously proven in his past statements about women. I think on this most recent Trumpism is "Just get over it".

As far as Trumps language, men get together they talk like that. Go to any construction site, office party, mechanic shop, or any place similar you'll hear talk like that, and women are just as bad. Trust I've worked around some women that made me blush. So get over it, Clinton will destroy this county. We don't need a female obama. I know I didn't use a capitol O in obama

To the guy writing about “Trump and his acts of idiocy” and saying, “Anyone who knows men know that when men get together they talk just like that,” I do believe he is very WRONG. I do believe we have some decent men who do NOT talk about women that way. And I KNOW my women friends do not talk about men that way. He wasn’t just saying what he WANTED to do, he was describing what he DOES. By his own words, “Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Bush: Whatever you want. Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” That isn’t just “locker room talk.” That is Trump describing his sexual assaults on women. And you believe it is OK. It’s OK for your son to act the same way and your daughter shouldn’t be upset when she is assaulted in this way? Or is it just OK for Trump since he “is a star”? This is the kind of man you want for President of the United States of America? Personally I want better.

General Comments

Is opposition to out-of-control immigration purely a matter of racial prejudice? What about the mathematics and economics of unlimited immigration? There are only two options; (1) run-away immigration will result in an enlivened economy, or (2) run-away immigration will overwhelm our economy. So far, immigration is winning, but the economy is loosing. Is the loosing economy a result of Deplorables and their dark heart, or it is the result of pure mathematics?

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Heard about some bars waning to stay open later. Just what we need; bars open later so people can get drunker and drive.

The way the vote to allow liquor was sold to the voters was about as honest as the way the hospital district was sold to us.

General Comments

I want to make your readers aware of a great music listening room in Livingston, Texas named Across the Tracks. They have live music performed by local artist most every Saturday evening. The room is in the rear of their artist market shop and it is BYOB, they do sale water and soda and provide ice and cups. The shows start at 8:00 pm and runs around 2 hours for a small cover charge. The Blue Duck kitchen and bar is within easy walking distance should one decide to have a meal beforehand. Across the Tracks is a listening room, there is no dance floor, there is no talking during the performance and it is close quartered with live music as if you were in your own living room. This Saturday evening, they have singer/song writer/recording artist Zach Aaron from Tarkington Prairie. Zach recently headlined a show at Dosey Doe Music Café in Conroe. Come and check out this rising star and find a true East Texas gem in Across the Tracks and do your part to support live music.

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Dear Unlce Alan, Hillary keeps lying, stealing, and getting people killed. And Donald exaggerates and can't get away from his own huge ego. The Green Party and the Libertarian Party have nominated unelectable, impractical candidates. What shall we do? Signed, Yearning for past election candidates.

Dear Yearning, Give us a break!

Yearning - oh, for the days of Gerald Ford (who promised not to run) vs. Jimmah Carter (the second worst president in history). Think platform and not personality.

Dear Yearning, Watch the VP debate. It is likely they will finish the terms of whoever is elected President. Sincerely, "Likeability Poll"

General Comments

The blame for the WalMart money pit goes to Phil Fitzgerald. While a Democrat, his behavior was not that of most Democrats. The blame for the old bridge would more properly go to the old Liberty guard of Liberty. We still can't figure out why people over there let that group save the bridge.... or form the hospital district. Those people have no idea how much fun the rest of make of them and there "rule" over poor Liberty. Move to Dayton and get away fromthat group!

"The blame for the WalMart..." You'resaying for people to "Move to Dayton and get away fromthat group!" Right....So they can be under the grips of another group that won't let the city grow.... How many years did it take to get McCoy's to come to town?????

General Comments

your site is liberal news. read drudge report and learn



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