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General Comments

I have a Xmas wish for whoever reads this post. For Xmas this year lets not kill any animals, lets not have a stupid party for some silly reason under the pretense of getting drunk, and how about toning down the hate and anger. I know it's a great deal to wish for, but for Christians this day is a big deal. So no killing deer, try to be civil, and lets not get drunk.

General Comments

Does anybody know what they are building accross the street from Liberty Wal-Mart, at the curve?

RE: What are they building across fro, Wal-Mart. It will be a Stripes Gas station.

What is going on with all the new gas stations being built in Liberty and Dayton? We do not have enough business to support these new large stations. Unless something new will be coming through this way? There is one going in across from Walmart: another one at the corner of Hwy 146 & FM 1011 and two new ones in Dayton at the corner of Hwy 90 & Hwy 146 & on Hwy 321 & FM 1960. They must think they are going to make enough money to pay for themselves, but where is all the business going to come from?

General Comments

Trains honking their horns has gotten way out of hand in Liberty. At 5:50 A.M. on Monday December 15, 2014 the train blasted its horn 16 times while slowly beginning its journey west. Yes I said 16. And then the same train blasted its horn another 8 times while passing through our small town. Perhaps the conductor thinks this is funny. Or maybe they think since they are up early that everyone else should be also. I know it is expensive but it is time to bring this under control. Many communities have trains that travel through their towns without honking. I called the train company so I could speak to someone about the excessive honking and never got close to speaking to a human, only a recording that told of the benefits of train safety. I hung up after 10 minutes. Please Mayor and City leaders do something to help put a stop to the excess honking. We deserve less noise pollution.

Well let me help you out a little more. Trains, Boomerrang pipes, Harley Davidsons, loud exhaust on punks trucks, football games, traffic on the highway, 18 wheelers jake braking, etc. If you do not like living at the Ott Hotel then move. Since you do not know the rules of the railroad let me help you out again. 2 longs, a short, and a long. That must be repeated over and over until the locomotive occupies the crossing. Count the crossings in Liberty. And if the train has a slow order, it will be even more blowing. And let me inform you of something else. If they don't blow that horn at ONE crossing and they hit you, you WILL be the first one at the lawyers office. Don't forget, those trains have been traveling through Liberty a lot longer than you have been around.

Discharge of Weapon at the Courthouse

Covering up a cover up. Today the Liberty County Sheriff was asked by County Judge C. McNair in Commissioners Court about the shooting that that had taking place on the third floor of the Liberty County Court House. Well shocked Sheriff Rader did confirm that it did happen and had been investigated but didn’t know that much about it. Bullshit Bobby Rader! You are aware of all that happened on the third floor. Now the NEWS media people that sat in Commissioners Court are not reporting it in their NEWS. STEP DOWN RADER.

I’m glad Sheriff Rader aint in bed with

The shooting at the court house has NOT been investigated. Rader lied again.

It didn’t take Rader long to put the questions on Don Neyland.

It another simple equation, he's an insurance salesman. That's all he knows and all he will ever know. He was at the time was a better pick than Patterson. WE NEED A NEW SHERIFF PEOPLE!

I heard that the swearing in of the newly elected officials will be on January 2, 2015. Everyone planning on attending the courtroom ceremony please be careful. My understanding is that shots fired on the third floor can go unreported.

Rader told the County Judge in commissioner’s court the reason why nothing has been done on the courthouse security is because he needs more manpower. What did you do with the extra $ 900,000 the judge gave you last year? Get the guys off 59 and take care of our local crooks first.

I-Dineout reported that the Sheriff didn't know about the accidental discharge at the courthouse, and said it wasn't investigated. But a Feedback comment from someone that was obviously at Commisioners Court said the Sheriff did know and it was investigated. a second comment said the questions were handed over to Don Neyland, who is the person who investigated it. So which is the truth? And why is Deputy Davis listed as Courthouse Security? He is a bailiff assigned to the 75th District Court.

I have to agree with the previous poster. We need a new Sheriff. Bobby Rader needs to go.

So maybe or maybe not the investigation has been conducted into the accidental discharge of a firearm by the S.O., but, HOW THE HECK do you ACCIDENTLY do this is my question??? I don't buy the sheriff is jst now finding out about it. You can't pee on a bush in this small town and someone not know about it. You accidently flip your lights on in your patrol car, you accidently forget your pen in the office while out on traffic, you accidently key your radio and have an open mike at times but, shooting your weapon inside a building, ummmm NO! And to the poster addressing a balif and courthouse security...that is actually the title of their position. They "baliff" as a job description but they are hired and staffed as courthouse security. The sheriff needs to hire more people and I don't know why certain interdiction spots are filled before patrol. We need more patrol officers in the county. Look at the good job the deputy did while being on the streets (pursuit/fleeing story). More deputies and their presence is very much needed. Hire more deputies sheriff and put good officers on our streets, not just your pick of the crop. And...we need a new sheriff. I hate to say it but i lost all faith in you. What a change in your personality and ethics you made after being elected. You were a better JP then sheriff, this county was in a rut with Patterson and you were our only other option given on our ballet really.

Raders name came up at the café drinking coffee the other morning and the general consensus was we would be better without him.

Sheriff Bobby Rader is the most absolutely unprofessional Sheriff, Liberty County has maybe ever had in modern times. Can you imagine Bobby Rader being a Sheriff in a County that has television media and interviewed by reporters. He would be a hayseed with no rhyme or reason to his screw-ups as sheriff. We have to elect a new sheriff in 2 years, Bobby is an idiot and becomes more apparent daily.

I enjoy this site daily and have for years. So do many ofmy friends. But we talked at a Christmas party last night and we are all sick of the campaign some have launched to beat the sheriff down. Bobby Rader may have sold insurance for years but anyone that knows Bobby knows he was in law enforcement for years before that.he was trained and it was in his blood. Anyone that knows Bobby knows he is smart and faithfull to stay up to date on any training he needs and we all know he is prepared to serve as sheriff. On top of all that and many other good things that could be said, the main thing we know about Bobby is that he is a good and fair man. Any campaign that says otherwise is asking the public to believe someone else's accounts and interpretation more than one's on eyes and experience. That is a losing proposition if you ask me. So is the logic that says "if we had a television station"in this county. If Sheriff Rader was doing anything the Houston or Beaumont media could make a story out of, surely his detractors would report it to these stations and they would report it. So please quit wasting your time and our time and trying i-dineout's patience and taking up their valuable space.

General Comments

You were right. It is coming! I heard two people at lunch talking about Liberty school bonds. Somebody please explain to me why the government and school entities around here think its residents are overflowing with money.

Certificates of obligation allow a governmental entity to borrow and for years into the future obligate others to pay for their borrowing. Ever wonder why they don't hold a bond election? lol

I am no fan of our Superintendent or raising taxes. But I do have three children that are in these schools and I want them to have every advantage any other child has, no matter what the cost is. I was one of the 51% that voted "yes" and I hope the nice new things we are building are started real soon since my youngest is a 6th grader.

General Comments

My Liberty County Christmas List: 1. Fix the Dayton Train situation on US 90. 2. Synchronize the lights in Dayton so traffic flows better during peak times. 3. Accountability of Elected Officials to the citizens. 4. No more pet projects for elected officials. 5. Leadership that results in economic growth and diversity for the county. 6. Real Economic Development for the County. 7. A nice family style sit down restaurant that can survive the fast food mentality of South Liberty County. 8. Efficient Government leading to lower taxes for the hard working people of Liberty County. 9. Better Government Services for our tax dollars. 10. Someone to compete with Walmart! Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Re: My Liberty County Christmas List:///// LOL! When great candidates run for office they are not voted in unless they are part of the clique of the area. Get over it. The railroad does not have to change anything. One man in Dayton has made it worse and I guarantee you he could care less about you or your concerns.

General Comments

A heartfelt thank you to the people at the North Main Baptist Church for their extraordinary presentation of Christmas Uner the Stars! I brought my son and granddaughter to it and we just could not believe all of work and all of the different opportunities to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas that were offered.

Thanks for posting the lady's "thank you". Ihave driven by the lights out by that church every year for three years since we moved to Moss Hill. I just figured the church decorated for Christmas every year. After her post I asked about what was going on and we are taking the family tonight.

Liberty Police Investigate Shooting

The woman that was killed on the 9th was Laura Elizabeth Scott, daughter of Gary Scott & Linda Gatlin. She was born 04 Nov 1970.

General Comments

$71,500.00 to design a "bell tower"? Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Are you sure you didn't mean $715.00? Handling charges for copying a previously built, from anywhere in the world, bell tower. Why pay to re-invent the wheel? Why not use that kind of money or fundraising abilities to improve the lives of our less fortunate citizens? Or deteriorating infrastructure? Water lines for instance. Why doesn't anybody think? Or better yet, if it is such a private matter, keep it to yourself and build it anonymously. Not even going to get into the issue of spending $400,000.00+ on this "not-even-a-quality-of-life" structure. You could buy the Catholic's bell tower a lot cheaper.

The proposed Liberty Bell Tower by contractual agreement with the architect firm must be constructed with private funds with no City of Liberty commitment of tax funds or assumption of liabilities for the project.

"the Liberty Bell Tower",has anyone noticed that it looks very much like a derrick on a drilling rig?with the price of oil going down the city should be able to pick one up a lot less expensive.

General Comments

Just a general comment: I am glad that we got a new building for the police, lots of improvements at the airport(which not many use) and now a new bell tower. Seems like money(whether private or grants) can always be found for pet projects while the streets are getting in terrible condition, the sewage system is old and we have lots of power outages(although they don't last long). I would like to seem some improvements in these areas. I would also like to see the city ordinances enforced or if they aren't going to be enforced they should be repealed, ie, junk vehicles, old boats, travel trailers are in many areas and are eye sores. Speed limits are not enforced on city streets and on highway 90. We have more and more truck traffic on 90 and they go through town so fast that they cannot stop when the light turns red. I know the police get complaints from the locals when tickets are issued but either raise the limit or enforce it. Even if you are a local politician your children and grandchildren should be taught to obey the law.

General Comments

The report on the CIA's method of attaining information has come out and it documents what those who were concerned about our government using torture proves it to be true. In the aftermath of WWII the Allies prosecuted and executed and imprisoned the Germans for doing things that were called crimes against humanity, now we are guilty of the same crimes.

General Comments

To anyone interested in seeing Christmas lights: Last year I headed north on hwy 146 toward Hardin from Liberty to the church where that large flag is and went to their outdoor Christmas event and saw as many lights in one pace as any three neighborhoods. The ranch across the hwy decorates beautifully too. My children and grandchildren will head that way Friday December 12th.

Burned Human Remains Identified

Human remains, I stand corrected, I see the remains are ISAIAH DEROME RIOS. I assumed incorrectly that it was Christpher Maes remains. Such a strange thing to find remains of another person that close to where he went missing. It just makes it all more mysterious. I hope the Rios family have some peace from this.

Drug Deal Gone Bad at Wal-Mart

How many breaks is this clown going to get?Too many political connections in liberty for the white kids.

Mr. Youngblood, Hi I am Dustin Rhoades mother. Drug deal gone bad at Walmart parking lot. I am requesting that the part that says that (Rhoades told the officers that there was another guy present that was in the store) be changed or removed. I am a concerned mother and that labels my child as a snitch and can cause him many problems while incarcerated. I'm sure it didn't happen like that. Thank you

Uh,you're worried that your son will be labeled a snitch? Yeah, those "snitches" are dropping dead all over the place - read about 'em all the time. Don't ever hear anything about those drug overdoses though. However, there's nothing you can do about it so you might as well focus on the "snitch" issue.

To the mother of Dustin Rhodes who wants your sons name to be removed as a "snitch". This isnt your sons first rodeo with the law .He got off lucky the first time and now its time for the little drug head thug to pay for his actions. This time aroud instead of praying for god to move in his life I pray that they lock him up in TDC for a change. It will either make a man out of him or he will be someones bitch. Im sure you know all about the old saying "Snitches get stitches". He made the choices to be a thug now let him pay the price.

It's funny that people comment and judge without your name visible. That's probably because you have done worse than him. Ashamed I'm sure. Drug addiction is real. God help it ever hits your family. These kids need help. My child is not a snitch and this whole story is a lie. It's sad that an old man needs to make up lies to have a life and then act like he knows my child. You have no clue what my child has been thru. Regardless of how you feel God has his hand on this one. Everyone is equal in Gods eyes. That's why idiots aren't allowed to judge and decide the fate of people that make mistakes. I will be praying for all these people bound by drugs and the people that think they are better than others.

General Comments

Congratulations to Mayor Pickett and the Liberty City Council for completing a first rate building to house our police. For years we had Mayors Halstead and Pickett working on high dollar building projects and Liberty is really looking good. Now we need a Mayor who will spend money on less expensive projects but ones that have a more dirct impact on the taxpayers. Things like sidewalks, etc.

General Comments

I'm the father of Braiden Mainor... We've found that where the accident happened and his memorial is. Someone has been stealing the lights and things my boy loved...God sees all, and if I see you or anyone else there for any reason god help you... A crackhead kills my son,now crackheads are robbing his memorial... This is no threat but a promise...Bobby Mainor

To Bobby Mainor , YOU MORON. If someone is defacing the memorial for your child then deal with it. But deal with it discreetly. And while beeing discreet then deal with that person harshly up to the point of snuffing their ever worthless sorry ass out of existance on earth. But Bobby don't write on this site and tell everyone. You just put yourself in legal jeopardy. I do support your taking care of this person or persones for thier total lack of humanity, but keep it quiet and to yourself, and take'em out

I'm a moron and in legal worries? No sir or ma'am I don't believe I am. I'd rather just let it be known and hopefully it keeps crackheads from stealing. I've threatened nobody, and just want justice for my son... Billy Jordan has not seen a day in jail. Hell all I really want is my son, nothing more. I suffer daily thinking of who he was and who he would have been today. I just want all this behind me and so I can have closure and move forward with my life. But hey if you see me in the streets let me know what a moron I am buddy...

General Comments

Liberty Cy has had four sheriffs since I moved here. I did not know anyn county in the country could have a a sheriff as inept as the last one -Patterson. The fact is however that I have not been impressed by any of them. Is there anyone in this county that could run that could be that type of sheriff we can all be proud of?

I agree with one thing the person said about Liberty County Sheriffs. Sheriff Patterson was by far the worst!

Rader is not far behind Patterson! As a matter of fact we believe he is catching up to Patterson at an accelerated pace.

Human Remains of Missing Man Found

Christpher Maes skeletal remains found approximately 75 yards behind the family home in the thick woods. That is so sad yet it must give his family some sense of closure. I hope it does give them some peace.

General Comments

Someone with money why don't you bring a Long John Silver to Liberty.

General Comments

15.00 Minimum Wage :For those fast food employees striking for $15 an hour, let's do some math. At $15 an hour Johnny Fry-Boy would make $31,200 annually. An E-1 (Private) in the military makes $18,378. An E-5 (Sergeant) with 8 years of service only makes $35,067 annually. So you're telling me, Sally McBurgerflipper, that you deserve as much as those kids getting shot at, deploying for months in hostile environments, and putting their collective asses on the line every day protecting your unskilled butt!? Here's the deal, Baconator, you are working in a job designed for a kid in high school who is learning how to work and earning enough for gas, and hanging out with their high school pals. If you have chosen this as your life long profession, you have failed. If you don't want minimum wage,Then don't have minimum skills. And Cut your hair, Lift your pants up, Learn how Americans talk.

General Comments

I have noticed that, here recently, a lot of the feedback on i-dineout has been placed in order to spark controversy and get a negative reaction from those of us who really enjoy reading what is on the minds of others and not those who relentlessly bash our Veterans and Republicans. Yes, it is freedom of speech but maybe, just maybe if people stop responding to them, they will stop the bashing others as a whole. And by the way, I don't want these people to respond to this calling me a "Rush Limbaugh lover" or a "Right-wing Conservative". Have you know, I am an educated BLACK woman who did vote for Obama. I am almost sure those who want the negative reaction are one of my brothers/sisters and a Democrat. Please stop embarrassing our race because the black citizens of Ferguson, MO are doing enough of that to last me a lifetime.

2014 Country Christmas Parade

2014 Country Christmas Parade .......It would be nice to know about these things before they happen. How many people showed up to watch the parade? I bet a lot more would if they advertised it here on i-dineout. I remember some many years ago when the Christmas Parade was a BIG event here.

Christmas Parade - there were signs posted all over town advertising for the parade. I also saw fliers posted on several business windows. My daughter was in the parade, and I walked along beside her trailer - there was a pretty good crowd all along the parade route, especially in front of the courthouse/city hall/bank area.

Comp Time at LCSO & Management Practice at LCSO

I think it is so funny how does a news story about the Liberty County Sheriff, and the Sheriff will not respond to But the Sheriff will respond to all his cronies on his Facebook page that is ran by none other than his Chief Deputy Vita O’rielly. Now with that being said, I know that Allen Youngblood investigates his news stories before they are published and I also know that the Sheriff and Vita DON’T investigate crap! Keep up the good work Allen and look for more payoffs on the Commissioners Court Agenda. The Sheriff is losing good employees monthly because of all the lying and Vita shenanigans going on up there. If the agenda is done right there should be two to three on it that quit.

The Sheriff told all his staff that he was going to track us down and fire any of us that are telling idineout the truth. Come and get me…

People are not quitting the sheriff's office because of Vita it's because of Crystal Pierce...

The people of Liberty County should send Chrystal Pierce, Sheriff Vita and Mike Koen packing they suck the blood out of Liberty County and are corrupt. PLEASE LEAVE!!!

You forgot the top Dog Rader! he needs to lead the pack walking out!

General Comments

Can anyone suggest some good places to bring children to look at Christmas lights in Liberty and Dayton.

Newton County Youth Pastor Sentenced for Child Pornography

I am always shocked at what some people will do to children. It is particularly sad when it is done by a man of the cloth.

General Comments

DO NOT GO TO OUR GREAT LIBERTY HOSPITAL!! on thanksgiving my husband bent down and came back up with horrible pain. Took him to the quack hospital in liberty and the dr saw him for about 5 minutes. Dr told hubby to go home and drink some hot totties and take niquil and it should be better in a few days. no nothing.Today he went to the v.a and come to find out..he has two cracked ribs.Thank you liberty hosp for letting my husband go all weekend in horrible pain!

In response to liberty dayton regional medical. I was in and out of that hospital recently due to fainting, seizures, vomiting, dehydration due to pregnancy. Twice I went I was POORLY treated. Once I was told it was all in my head and in that same visit, my heart monitor started beeping and ringing. Some nurse came in and told me that I didn't need to hear all of that and just turned it off!!! The next time, I went in I came in basically begging for fluids! Nothing more. ( let's not forget I'm pregnant). The same doctor told me it was because I was bipolar. He stood there denying me, which made me cry. He told me " there is no way you are dehydrated, you are crying. It's obvious you're bipolar." Then LAUGHING said ," now let's go see if that baby still has a heartbeat." Oh hell no. I left. Some days later I went to my OB/GYN they ended up wheeling me next door to the ER. I was in fact dehydrated and was diagnosed with Hypokalemia. I could of had a Damn heart attack due to his incompetence. Worse, my unborn child could have died!!!!! Oh, I was evaluated for this bipolar. Guess what, I AM NOT BIPOLAR!!! this was in October and November and it is now the beginning of December and now I am finally feeling somewhat up to pace with my health. That place is evil. I will be contacting the Texas Medical Board against that doctor. Is lawsuit possible? That man has shook me to my core. How can some be soon rotten?

Liberty hospital what a joke I went to the ER because I woke up To bumps on the left side of my head and severe pain After 10min the dr. Comes in to take a look and he looks like they found him off the streets anyway he orders blood work so the lady comes and takes my blood 2min latter the doctor comes in and tells me I have strep throat I said what he said you have strep throat and gives me four prescriptions he never even looked at my throat anyway I go to my personal physician The next day and I have shingles How in the hell did the liberty WE doctor get strep throat from SHINGLES

General Comments

I just noticed today that there is a Pow/Mia flag flying in front of the Post Office. I wonder what uber patriot decided to ok that? There are NO Pow's or Mia's anywhere, all have been accounted for, I suppose some moron has watched too many Rambo films and has bought into the myth that there are some missing from the Vietnam war or something, do some checking all have been accounted for, except the ones who still think that there are some being held captive, these are the ones who are missing, they are missing reality.

To the freaking moron who is complaining about the POW/MIA flag at the post office. How about 1. You do some fact checking on reputable websites. According to the DOD, which is an acronym for Department of Defense, as of November 26, 2014, there are still 83,158 service members still unaccounted for. 2. Move your un-American butt to North Korea with Dennis Rodman.

For the smarty who posted about the POW/MIA flags. Did you know, that there are veterans who served and lost their comrades due to them missing in action or getting thrown in POW camps? Maybe, just maybe, they want to honor their buddies who aren't from liberty county?? Oh, if you haven't noticed, Liberty County is one of the worst places to post that kind of crap. Those flags are not for you, silly. Sheesh. The nerve of some.

I've learned one thing about getting into a posting war on here, no matter what you say if you take the opposite view of the America Love it or Leave it crowd you will never find any level headed dialogue only emotional sentiment mixed with a healthy dose of ignorance. The Post Office is part of the federal government, it comes under federal laws of protection etc. It should be apart from the silly sentimental displays like that stupid Pow/Mia flag. That flag is not a national symbol, it is though a pathetic attempt to make a statement that is based more on silly myth than fact. Those who defend it are just plain ignorant and mislead. It needs to be taken down.

Well, too bad for you. It's probably not gonna get taken down because you find it unappealing. I personally respect it. Just like your opinion, there are plenty other opinions that do outweigh yours. So enjoy hating that flag that flag that wasn't meant for you anyhow. :) enjoy your rants on " unappealing" flags.

General Comments

The Historical Home Dedication on Saturday was great but we had to deal with Mayor Skarpa again. Once he found out that there was no free meal he was gone with the wind.

General Comments

At a family reunion my wife tried to get me to "confess" that I voted for Obama. I laughed and admitted I would have great remorse EXCEPT THE ONLY OTHER OPTION WAS ROMNEY. How about better choices in 2016!

To the person who voted for Obama because Romney was "THE ONLY OTHER OPTION": There is a plethora of other options. Last time I checked, Republican and Democrat were not the only political parties in this country.

To the person who tried to redirect the person who defended his vote for Obama by saying Romney was a poorer choice: "You just don't get it do you? You probably are one of those diehards who think the Houston Oilers might win the Super Bowl if you just holler for them loud enough. Those of us who live in reality know the president will be chosen from the nominees of the two major parties and that President Ross Perot is as close to anything different as we have seen.

General Comments

Does anyone know what they are building across from Walmart?

General Comments

There is a sign that has been up for well over a year that indicates a new seafood restaurant will open in Liberty. But months have gone by and though I have seen workers, it stillhas not opened. Can someone "in the know"in Liberty tell me what the deal is.

To the person wanting to know "what the deal is" on the steak and seafood sign across from Potetz: It is plain and simple if you stop and talk to the owner there. The City of liberty has a new inspector and she is the type that runs businesses off rather than helps them. The poor owner has tried to satisy them for almost a year and a half. i hope he has enough money to buy some fish when the City is finished with him.

Several of us were talking and we determined this new city inspector in Liberty is the same woman who had somuch trouble in Cleveland. We reaching deep down to get Cleveland's rejects these days?

What's up with attacking the new city inspector. She deserves a second chance just like anybody else. Where is the Christmas cheer? Are we a bunch of griping grinches here in Liberty or do we give a helping hand up to those who are looking to get their lives going again?

My sister did NOT get any Christmas cheer from this woman when she was being inspected.A city city inspector needs to work on behalf of their employer, the citizens of the city. A city inspector should help businesses open safely. Nit keep them closed safely.

The City Of Liberty Building Inspectors. There is two in the office. One is a Journeyman Plumber and the other one supposed to be a real inspector. What is wrong with this is the Journeyman Plumber doing all the inspections. While the real inspector does what only God knows. Supposed to be a real building Inspector going out doing her job. Only a Master of each trade. Can find fought in another Master work. Why it takes them so long to do an Inspection. They have to go back to there office and read up on their findings. If they were true Building Inspectors it would on take 10 min to 20 min. On average job to see a problem. They aren't experienced in what they do. By all this it's costing the City Of Liberty a great deal of money. If the City Of Liberty wants Liberty to grow. Get someone in there that knows what they are doing. The more Business we have the more Tax money Liberty gets and jobs. Then Liberty will grow.

If the city inspector is so strict in Liberty why has she not wrote up the store across from the old Wal mart building? The front of the building is falling off it could kill someone

To the person who wrote. Re:If the City Inspector is so strict in Liberty why has she not wrote up the store across from the old Walmart building? The front of the building is falling off it could kill someone. It doesn't matter if she knows it or not our Building Inspector aren't Licensed by State Of Texas to act as Inspectors. Go to this site and read it. Make your on judgement Also, couldn't find Building Inspectors license on them. Maybe the City Of Liberty doesn't make you have to be License. If that's is the case. Everything they Inspected was for nothing.

General Comments

Does anyone know what they are building across the street from Family Dollar on Hwy 90 in dayton?

I have no idea what they are building across from the dollar store in Dayton, but it can't possibly be a liqupr store or a gas station. We have that pretty well covered. Maybe, just maybe, it will be something that benefitd this community.

The little strip of building going up across from Family Dollar on hwy90 is going to have Subway as one of the tenants and a few spaces left for lease within.

General Comments

The Texas Failure to Identify law is fairly simple. Why don’t police get it? Liberty police have a habit of doing whatever they want; regardless of the law. It states: Tex. Pen. Code Ann. § 38.02. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information. (b) A person commits an offense if he intentionally gives a false or fictitious name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has: (1) lawfully arrested the person; (2) lawfully detained the person; or (3) requested the information from a person that the peace officer has good cause to believe is a witness to a criminal offense. (c) Except as provided by Subsections (d) and (e), an offense under this section is: (1) a Class C misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (a); or (2) a Class B misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (b). (d) If it is shown on the trial of an offense under this section that the defendant was a fugitive from justice at the time of the offense, the offense is: (1) a Class B misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (a); or (2) a Class A misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (b). (e) If conduct that constitutes an offense under this section also constitutes an offense under Section 106.07, Alcoholic Beverage Code, the actor may be prosecuted only under Section 106.07. There is NO law requiring you to have any identification on you. Only that you identify yourself truthfully.

general comments regarding texas failure to i.d.,you are dead on correct,although the l.p.d. dept.,dis-regards the law' they have for quite some time.and most likely will continue to do so until someone sues them in federal court.from:GOD fearing,hard working,tax payer!

General Comments

I know of two incidents where two people were stopped by City of Liberty Police and checked out under the guise of looking for someone else. Both times the police said that they thought the ones stopped looked like someone they were looking for, and on one incident the person stopped was told since they didn't have any ID they could be taken to jail for that reason. Now is this what the citizens of Liberty have to look forward to? Arbitrary stops of people who have no transportation and have to walk or ride a bicycle to get around, and are easy targets for overzealous police?

Debt per Student Rises as Result of Bond Election

I want to thank I-dineout for verifying that the passage of the hotly contested Dayton ISD school bond raises our debt per student to close to a whopping $18,000 per student. This kind of debt is almost unbelieveable, but it is the correct amount.

Management Practice at LCSO

Bobby Rader is a narcissistic, habitual liar. Being narcissistic, Rader has such a conceited view of himself that he has to cover his own actions by becoming a skilled liar. It tends to snow ball causing even more lies to more people. Rader is so conceited he feels he can cover all of his lies but now he in slightly more than a month will meet a trio of men head/head, Jay Knight, Greg Arthur and last but not least Leon Wilson. His world of lies could come crumbling down around his very throat and he will be questioned by 2 men, who have spent a life-time as Police Officers and the other who spent 20 years in the State Prison System and is shrewd businessman. All three of these gentleman will make Bobby Rader look very foolish and expose his personality disorders. See when Bobby was a JP, he did not interact with many normal people especially, like our new County Judge and two new County Commissioners. So, when he delivers a $13,000+ Comp. Time to be approved Rader may meet with a wall of questions and that money will come out of his yearly budget and if some operations are set aside at LSCO, he will have to explain to citizens why services have been cut, because of his allowing 300 hours of Overtime, something that businesses now have abandoned and found work a rounds that just has to be instituted. It now for the average voter makes Rader look mighty silly writing a $46,000 check for a new car, no matter the nuances he did it behind. If we did not have Mr. Allen Youngblood bringing these things to our attention, Bobby Rader would be running wide open daily. January 1, 2015, Lowery and McCarty, you two better decide if you are going to fish or cut bait, because Commissioner's Court is having a new majority coming into town, that is looking to be the people of Liberty County's eyes and ears. It is long overdue.

The comments analyzing bobby Rader's character and his responsibility for out of control overtime payments and the sheriff's office vehicle use policy could be said about the last two sheriffs. Sheriff Rader may be able to end and fix some of the longtime problems of his office but he clearly did start these policies. As for Mr. youngblood allowing the comments by Sgeriff Rader's detractor...... tghis is asite that allows allkinds of opinions. who knows how the website's editor feels about any issue by reading opinions he has posted? An opinion on here does not validate whether or noit it is factual.

Vita your education is lacking when you try to respond to the first commenter concerning Bobby Rader's psychological problems. Also do not try to indict other Sheriff's, because as poor of a Sheriff, Henry Patterson was he worked very hard to cut the Comp. time in the Sheriff's Department and it was very evident and numbers proved that fact. County Judge Phil Fitzgerald and Commissioner’s Court left office with a Budget Surplus. Vita, you do not have to defend Sheriff Rader, I think there will always be various positions for you at the LCSO. Why? You are easily manipulated and ever wish by Bobby Rader is your command.

Vita may or may not need to go, but Rader won in a huge landslide. He is well known by the public and all of the negative comments before and after the election do not effect a large number of citizens who know Bobby rader well.

Rita needs to go. Whether you know and like Rader or not, Rita needs to go.

General Comments

Now of course Bill Cosby is innocent until a court can decide if he isn't, and that may never happen. But the crazy right wingers out there are flocking to the demi-god of irrationality Rush Limbaugh as he says that Cosby is the target of liberals because of his get tough talk to black family responsibility, and Cosby is just the latest in liberal attacks. They say that we don't know if he is guilty, and simply because Cosby settled out of court in some of the allegations that doesn't make him guilty. Well now that's a big turn of events now isn't it? Because when Michael Jackson was catching all the media attention during his allegations of sexual impropriety everyone said he was guilty because he settled out of court. Rush Limbaugh is a completely evil person to try and trivialize the accusations of these women just for a chance to attack liberals, and those who buy into his crap are just plain idiots.

General Comments

There is no other way to say this. Dayton needs to have three or four losing football seasons to bring education back as the number one priority in the district. I have no doubt that grades are being given to football players so they can continue to play.

The Facebook News

I think this sheriff has lost it. Its time he steps down!

General Comments

Dayton is a dying city. It will never be Liberty or Barbers Hill. Taxes and small visioned people have doomed Dayton. Dayton will never have the businesses or the quality of schools to support attracting the people who can buy and support the tax structure in town. Dayton will become Detroit. I know people are trying but the location , taxes and the high percentage of low income residents will not allow true growth to happen. Gas stations, etc will not draw in the high income earners who are needed to support this tax structure. Why move to Dayton when you can live in much nicer places that are a short distance from Dayton. Even if Dayton gets more businesses there is no reason to live here. The same people who have controlled the city for years will still control it in the future. Drive around Dayton and you will see run down buildings, a falling down rice dryer, and substandard housing.

If Dayton is dying town why is hwy property worth more in Dayton that Liberty it a big difference. All the sera around here is considered Dayton. Liberty is small but they have daisetta Ames around them.

Yes land is probably higher in Dayton but what have those prices got Dayton. If you do anything but grocery shop and buy gas you probably are leaving Dayton to do it.

Comp Time at LCSO

Deputy Food stamp only worked for Rader for around a year. I don’t know if any of you other tax payers care but let me say this to you. THIRTEEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY ONE DOLLARS and SIXTY SIX CENTS.

Rader and his management. We can’t afford them any longer.

This story on the poor management of Comp Time by the Liberty County Sheriff is completely unacceptable and Henry Patterson at least worked to keep the Comp Time to a manageable number of hours (check the records). Last week happened to run into two Liberty County Deputies that have worked at the LCSO many years. Privately I ask both how was things at the Sheriff's Department and both even though not together stated that some women were running the Sheriff's Department. I then ask what do you mean? They both said the same thing Bobby Rader has turned the Liberty County Sheriff's Department over to Vita. Vita is probably known by anyone around the Sheriff's Department through out the years, except Henry Patterson, who let her go and she then went to work for Bobby, either at the JP's office or the Insurance business that Bobby is owner of today. So the Liberty County Sheriff's Department is being run by a woman that is a non-commissioned officer, who maybe is commissioned in other things, but not law enforcement. Vita, has been around the LCSO so long and in the lime light she as went from employee to a "Public Figure", based on the 1964 Supreme Court Ruling in the case titled "New York Times Co. vs. Sullivan. Other than some Commissioned Officers and Bobby Rader no one meets the criteria other than Vita O'Reilly. The 1964 Supreme Court Ruling, opens Vita up to be discussed in print or verbally like a Public Figure, without backlash from Vita, to sue in Civil Court, because of her fitting the 1964 Supreme Ruling. Just Like Bobby Rader, but not all of his Deputies, so she has made a real splash at the LCSO. So, now I understand how Vita O'Reilly has become the “Pseudo” Sheriff of our Liberty County Sheriff's Department. What a damn shame, Bobby you take the cake for this and have had the audacity to talk about other Commissioned Officers for Vita's close relationship with them. Well ,here's another nice mess you've gotten us into, Bobby!

With regard to the comp time issue, who started the comp time program? The article reads as if the Sheriff can change the policy. Surely you know that would have to come through the Commissioners' Court, right? Who all has been in office since it began and has done nothing about it?

To the responder about it being the Commissioner Court that approves the Comp Time is completely wrong. What happen at the Sheriff's Department are the Sheriff's responsibility and his alone? Maybe you need to read the legal verbiage per Texas Law and the Sheriff's authority over it and the jail. This is spelled out in Texas Law, so read it. Yes, it is approved by the Commissioner's Court, when employee terminates, but it is then subtracted from the Sheriff's Budget, that total is voted on by Commissioner's, at the beginning of the fiscal year of the county. I think before pointing fingers at the County Judge or County Commissioners you do a little more reading of Texas Law. We have a chance to vote them out every four years and Commissioner's Court can set the Sheriff's Budget, but the Sheriff by State Law, is over the Deputies and the Jail 100%. All the commissioner's do is hold the purse string. The current Commissioners and County Judge gave the Sheriff around $900,000 extra dollars the past fiscal year. Maybe that is why the County Judge and 2 Commissioners as of 1-1-15 will be seeking new employment, the citizens had enough of their loose purse strings and lack of care they showed. Thanks Voters!

General Comments

Obama seems to be the leader of the sheepish liberals across the country, but who is he? He is a community organizer that became president after a two year senate term (where he voted present 129 times and was accused by Hillary Clinton of taking a pass on tough issues). He had that deadbeat dad and a mother that abandon him. He has a degree in law but has no regard for it, which he has demonstrated with countless end arounds of the constitution, and position on illegal immigration.

To the poster who claims Obama is the leader of sheepish liberals, where do you get your info? I agree the liberals could have done a better job at protecting the Nation from falling into the hands of the rightwing nut republicans, but what does that have to do with taking cheap shots at Obama and his family, which I question the validity of anyway. If O does end runs around the Constitution then he's doing his job which is a lot more than anyone can say about the nitwit republicans who have been sitting on their butts for the last few years doing absolutely nothing, and btw he is not breaking any laws he is working within the system, I guess you were absent that day in school huh? Oh yeah speaking of cheap shots here's one, the way you express yourself isn't much better than Coco the ape who knew sign language, at least she made sense.

To the poster who thinks I am fool, and thinks I don't know where my rights came from, and who gave them to me, well I know one thing my rights came from the Constitution, not from some post traumatic syndrome victim who can't get past some idealistic notion of himself like that ex marine in Walmart. Certainly not from some slipped through the cracks educated chicken plucker like yourself. I always marvel at you hyper patriots who are so willing to want to "mop the floor" with someone who doesn't buy into the BS you rednecks always want to peddle.

General Comments

While driving around the City of Dayton, I saw Christmas decorations that were of the Protestant and Catholic religions. Not any that was of any other religions. Last year the City Manager told city council, that banners were bought that were available, because "Merry Christmas" is not made anymore. Also, a diverse community does not have to celebrate "Christmas", but their own holidays, they want to celebrate. I see none of the new banners displayed from last year that were generic. Jeff Lambright must have ordered David Douglas not to display the generic holiday signs and Douglas followed his command. I even see Santa behind the deer on the police department. I never have seen a display on the police department. I guess Nan ordered the Christmas displays and the three council people who work for her at the Appraisal District, jumped to attention. She of course is a Daniel’s granddaughter and she rules the town of Dayton now and has for the last 15 months. Maybe you will burn in Hell, as your Religion advocates, Matthew 25 verses 31-46.

To the person complaining about the Christmas decorations,have you ever heard of separation of church and state?

Yes, we have all heard of separation of churchand state. If you are truly familiar with the intention of the law and want to apply it to decorations, it could prevent the state from taking up Christmas decorations out of my yard simply because I live next to a government building or it could mean the stae can not come place religious decorations in my yard or make a law that I must. Our city however is in no danger of breaking the law by displaying things that have to do with Christ on Christ mas.

General Comments

Rand Paul seems to be the favorite of many of the fruitcake Republicans in Liberty County. But who is he? He is an ophthalmologist who never held office before his successful 2010 Senate race. He’s got that sporadically kooky dad. He’s a dove in a party aflutter with hawks. And he’s a gleeful nuisance, which he demonstrated when he commandeered the Senate floor for nearly 13 hours

General Comments

A community with an untold number of churches who uses the city's tax money to buy decorations and banners that do not honor the birth of Christ? Who makes these decisions? Who purchased these "winter holiday" decorations with our money?

General Comments

Liberty City Ordinances: We have city ordinances about loud music, junk vehicles and loose dogs but it seems that none of them are being enforced. I have complained numerous times about junk vehicles in my neighborhood and have been unable to get any action. Last week for three days there was a part pit bull running loose and chasing after the kids coming from school, called the police and the the animal control officer said he would take care of it but the next day the dog was still loose. I finally found the owner and got the animal penned. Tonight there was loud music coming from a party down the street, called the police over an hour ago and the music can still be heard over the sound of the tv. What is going on with enforcement of our regulations?

City ordinance: HA HA Several days a week I have to listen to the loud music. I call repeatedly they do show up but as soon as they leave it starts again. My bedroom walls shake from music a street away. Ridiculous.

General Comments

To the retired vet who is lamenting our lost freedoms under the Democrats, what freedoms have you lost, please name some, name one? The constant bellyaching about so called destruction of the Nation by these republicans is so ridiculous it's beyond belief. And this nauseating refrain we have to listen to after every patriotic holiday: " I love my country, I am a disabled vet, I live by the Constitution, my grandkids are my whole being etc", give me a break. Hey here's an idea that may actually work in your favor old retired disabled vet, get your meds adjusted.

To the retired vet who is lamenting our lost freedoms under the Democrats, what freedoms have you lost, please name some, name one? ///// You know something, if I could hang the idiot that wrote this I would. Dishonoring veterans! What a low life. the basher of the old, retired are really a "piece of work ", the old vet has earned the right to speak from his heart...and maybe if he started naming the things that are different about the democrats now , they would be WAY OVER YOUR HEAD......I would be interested to know what your "claim to fame " is,other than bellyaching and whining about those VETS that ,bought and , paid for your right to do so .It is very obvious you are not a VET......the crack about getting his MEDS adjusted is way out of line.....A meds adjustment obviously would not HELP YOU.......stand down , maroon

After all that noise, anyone want to comment about what rights you/we have lost?

To the poster that was responding to me who has been asleep under a rock for the last 6-8 years, here is just one thing we are losing from the man in office, " Commander and Chief" with no Military experience what so ever wanting to be a Dictator. There are many good Democrats out there but they just don't want to play with the same Constitution that was created for all in power to go by and they didn't think it was any good for them to enforce and uphold faithfully like they swore to do when inaugurated. I love my Country and nobody said anything about dishonoring Veterans. Get yourself some medicine and straiten your self up and pay attention to whats going on in your world and you will see other things being taken from you.

In response to the rambling post accusing me of being asleep for six to eight years. You my old retired disabled vet cant back up your accusations. You said we have lost some rights, you also say the president wants to be a dictator, but you cant produce one iota of evidence to back up your silly prejudiced position. You and others like you listen to the lies of Fox News and others who make wild accusations with no basis of fact. For someone who pretends to know the Constitution no where in it does it recommend that the Commander in Chief is required to have any military experience, but that wont matter to ingrained savants like you now does it? No, just because you served in the military automatically makes you and other vets the cream of the crop of this country, more intelligent, more moral, more American than anyone else, give me a break. I was at Walmart today when a guy in the line behind me dressed top to bottom in camo had to show his ID for some beer he was buying, he showed his military ID and pontificated about his being in the Marines, OMG one of the checkout women I thought was going to pass out in praising his military service. The last patriotic war this country was in was WWII. The other wars Korea, Vietnam, Iraq were wars waged in error, based on lies and deception, especially Vietnam, and Iraq. The soldiers who served in those wars were manipulated and wounded and killed for the likes of big business, they were no more protecting the rights of Americans any more than my pet dog does. You go ahead and keep up that silly "I am a old disabled vet who loves his country" act, and living in your fairy tale world of hyper patriotism, and someday someone will adjust your meds and you will be ok.

No matter how you spin it, the most obvious right I lost was I no longer have the right not to buy health insurance because big government nanny Obama says I have to buy it or lose my private property. OBAMA SAID IT WASN'T A TAX SO HIS INTENTION WAS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT

one example of rights lost.... The right to choose to have health insurance or not. Now, your turn. Give us an example of these "fox news lies".

To the idiot living under a rock for the last few years and gets his kicks harassing veterans of this country, this is what I say to you. I noticed you never stepped up and said anything to the Marine in line at Walmarts. Why didn't you tell him he wasn't all that according to you. Because you knew he would clean that floor with your ass. It is obvious you were never in the military, because you were tied to mamas apron strings. As far as rights being lost, you must not ever see what is going on around you every day. Kids are being taught Islam religion in school and the parents can't do anything about it. Ministers have to get their sermons okayed thru a lesbian mayor, muslins are slowly but surely taking over , you can't say Merry Christmas anymore because it is not politically correct. Instead of sitting behind a computer and spewing your venom toward the people that fought for your freedoms, just to see them being taken away, why don't you get out there and fight to keep the freedoms we are losing? By the way, I am married to one of those Vietnam veterans and I am so proud of him for doing what he was instructed to do, whether it was political or for big business. He went and served his country and what did you do?

To the posters who use Obamacare as an example of rights lost, you are simple minded, you infer that our civil liberties are being lost then the only thing you can come up with is Obamacare, pathetic. You are living a lie and are too stupid to realize it. And to the woman who is proud of her husband being a Vietnam vet? I bet he isn't all that proud of it if you were to really question him about it. The ex-Marine in Walmart is what we used to call in the Military a "regular service clown". A person who uses his past service record to get attention from simple minded buffoons like you and others who live in a fantasy world of Hollywood and TV. Oh and by the way when you say you can't say "merry Christmas" that's a lie straight from Fox, and if they are teaching about Islam in school well guess what Einstein that's what you're supposed to do in school, something you missed out on while chasing after male companionship, is to acquire knowledge. That is one sign of a undereducated person the fear of knowledge and learning and making statements based on bigotry instead of facts. The only thing we are losing is the battle against ignorance and stupidity which lady you are the postal child for today.

It sounds to me that this poster has never had anything of real value and definitive has not served his Country as to call a man in uniform a clown. He does not love this Country or the men and women who have given him the right to say all of these things on feedback. I truly believe that we are dealing with a ####### idiot. Lord forgive him he doesn't know. and I don't think in my mind that anyone could show or tell him anything. Every thing anyone has thrown out there to read, ha has twisted it around so that he could have the last word. You can't argue with a fool. I still say what the woman said that the Marine at Walmarts would have mopped the floor with his Bunns if he had called him a clown. So much on this post as it is a perfect example of some of the type of people that are in this Country willing to give away things that were gave to them and they just don't how or who gave them their rights.

General Comments

Liberty and Dayton are getting three new gas-convenience stores! More good paying jobs are coming. Thanks to all the rich people who made this happen.

General Comments

I left here in '98 and Republicans were talking about how important it was to have a two party system and give voters two good choices on the ballot. Have Democrats just thrown in the towel in such a short period of time? We have great Democrats in this county. Somebody needs to step up!

To the poster that had left in 98 and the Republicans were talking about how important it was to have two parties, well you were right until the Democrats started telling how much of our freedom they would start taking away from us and to make all of the Veterans feel like they were useless for giving their lives and time fighting for this great Country and all of our freedom for everyone to raise their family in a country with Capitalism so everyone could enjoy the "Dream" of having a business that would profit and not just to be Taxed to where we could not flourish. There are many good Democrats out there but they just don't want to play with the same Constitution that was created for all in power to go by and they didn't think it was any good for them to enforce and uphold faithfully like they swore to do when inaugurated. I love my Country and I served my Country with honor and now that I'm a disabled Vet and retired all I can still do is VOTE. I for one have switched party a long time ago and now today if I live a few more years I can fall in love with my Country again and watch my Grandkids and their kids come up to a wonderful Country as I once knew. So there is my way of thinking that the Country need to go. God Bless the USA.

General Comments

Can someone please tell m e what the city ordinance is concerning parking your car on the city street. There were so many cars parked on my street last week that I felt like I was driving through a tunnel.

In Liberty, there is no ordinance about parking your car(s) on the street and/or blocking the sidewalk with it. However, if you blow leaves or grass clippings into the street you will get ticketed. Crazy, huh? Oh well, maybe they can build a bell tower for less than half a million.

General Comments

A warning to these people pleasing Superintendents of schools around here that want to impress people by being "cutting edge", Common Core is not in line with what we know about children from science. The problem is that Common Core assumes children under the age of 11 are capable of conceptual thinking when in fact they are concrete thinkers. It’s like expecting a toddler to run a mile. Sounds good in theory but is unachievable. Leadership should lead toward things that make children successful and not what makes them look good. i worry about this here in this area.

I agree with the poster who expresses hope that Common Core willnot be introduced to our school.

"People pleasing Superintendents"? Aren't these people working for us? Shouldn't they be trying to please us?

I agree with the people against "Common Core", let's keep their kids a dumb as they are - maybe they will devolve into Neanderthals and provide us cheap labor flipping hamburgers and mowing lawns.

Common Core should not be controversial. It takes young math students step by step thru problems in a way that allows tehm to understand why they are doing what they are doing instead of short cutting thru problems in a way that makes them just learn "math tricks". Every school should embrace this!

General Comments

The railroad crossing at the 146 Bypass is getting worse every day, traffic almost has to come to a stop to cross the tracks in a safe manner. The concrete panel on the outside section of the embedded track has broken loose and is now 6-8” below the top of the rail. I talked to TXDOT the other day and they stated they have called UPRR many times to get them to repair it only to have no luck. We all can help by call UPRR and reporting the crossing 1-800-848-8715 and the crossing location is 763062E.

General Comments

Can someone tell me how Hardin I.S.D. would allow a parent to get by with and not be held accountable for their child being absent/unexcused 13 times, 22 tardies, too many 0's to keep up with because that parent will not see to it that the child does their homework assignments??? What is going on in Hardin I.S.D.?? TEA needs to investigate this's Way out of hand when the child is seen on school nights at the local convenience stores while the parent is gambling on their machines until no telling what time!!

To the poster referring to the student in HISD with all the tardiness and absences, parents gambling all night, etc........... That ain't your circus and they're not your monkeys.

In regards to the person concerned about a student falling behind in Hardin I.S.D., the unconcerned parent, circus, and monkeys. I feel sorry for this child. If the child's parent is exposing this child to gambling at these establishments, I've been in some of these convenience stores that offer gambling, it was nothing but deplorable...smoke filled area...unsavory characters hanging around. I've been told drugs were being exchanged around the gambling areas. It sounds to me the parent is exposing the child to more than a circus with monkeys...more like a three ring circus with a bunch of clowns, and I don't mean Barnum and Bailey. If that parent is not concerned about this environment the child is exposed to then that tells me the parent could care less about this child's education or anything else. That child's education and welfare will suffer until someone makes a report about their concerns to the PROPER...TRUSTED officials that may make a difference in the child's life!!

General Comments

Anyone know whats being constructed in the triangle in Dayton,Tx? hwy90 & SH 146

To the person wanting to know what was being built behind the large flag pole in the triangle area in Dayton. This will be a "Stripes" gasoline and store and according to the size a café is possible. The "Stripes" varies in size and amenities offered.

General Comments

OK the election is over. Lets hope the new commissioner's will help get our Sheriff's Office up to date. Everybody knows they need better equipment and man power. The old res-hem couldn't care less. They let their personal feeling about somebody control their thinking. It's time the people of Liberty Co. spoke up let them know how they feel. Don't just go to the commissioner's meeting and sit there, speak up. People complain about the crime rate,but just sit back and hope someone else will say something about. We have some very dedicated deputies that do a lot for the people of this county, but with limited man power they can only do so much. People would some public relations with the deputies, but when you have to answer one call after another. For example your at 770 and 563 on a call and the next call is in Hardin there's no time for PR. and yes i work at S O and damn proud of it.

Regarding the bills showing up monday... the seat changes take place in January.

General Comments

Sheriff Bobby Rader is a habitual liar, which is a character flaw. Bobby tells each person a different story, no matter the truth. He will be a very difficult person for the new Commissioner Court to deal with after January 1, 2015. It will be difficult to get Sheriff Rader to tell the same truth to the new Commissioner's Court. He seems to have one ally on the court presently and that being Commissioner Lowery. Ex-Commissioner Melvin Hunt is eyeing a run against Lowry in 2016. I understand that Melvin Hunt has many people in the Cleveland that would welcome a change in that area. Lowry is to self absorbed and worries about the next election than the business at hand for the citizens of the county. The new Commissioner Court members are aware of Bobby Rader and his proclivity to lie, when the truth would be the best. Looking forward to the new Commissioner's Court being seated after Jan. 1st and that they do the best job possible to start to dig the County out of a fiscally bad place, the previous court has put the county into in a short time and raising our taxes. Many people are looking good things from the new CC.

General Comments

The results of this election should convince any future politician with Democratic beliefs to run as a Republican - like all the other current officials have done. After all, it wasn't that long ago when they were staunch Democrats. We just need to make sure the fascist portion of the party doesn't ever control the nation a la Germany pre-WWII. If you're not a history buff, that refers to a little fella named Hitler.

I agree with the poster about concern that the fascist part of the republicans getting power. Just today I saw on one of the news stations that the new Gov, said if an open carry law passes his desk he will sign it, the new bills start showing up Monday. I am afraid the Nation has made a awful mistake letting these idiots into power, we are all going to pay for this mistake.

Re: I am afraid the Nation has made a awful mistake letting these idiots into power, we are all going to pay for this mistake.///// I hope Abbott does sign an open carry law. It is time for the law abiding citizens to carry guns and fight back against the Democraps. See, most criminals vote Democrap.

To the poster who hopes there will be an open carry law. Dude/or Dudette you are an imbecile. The idiotic statement that democrats are such a threat that guns are needed to hold them back, tell me do you have any brain synapsis at all? This republican power situation is going to turn out to be a terrible situation for the Nation, because those who see themselves as being of that mind set are beyond belief, they are the beginning of the American Fascist party. Be afraid be very afraid because we are now being ruled by what will become the closest thing to the Nazis we have every seen. You moron.

I am not interested in the name calling, but history clearly shows it is the fascist that promte gun control. They have done this in the past so they will be able to control the county. I have no doubt that Democrats who are in favor of gun control are not motivated by this, but neither are Republicans. Freedom is the motivating factor for many. It is difficult to overtake a country where most households are armed. It is the subject of many debates, but the name calling is unnecessary.

Re:" not interested in the name calling". I think the preoccupation with "name calling" is silly and pretentious in the light of more serious issues. These being the rise to power of one of the most malicious political parties in the history of the Nation There is a mind set among many based on bigotry and prejudice toward those who are not white and not among the affluent. This group of people share a common belief that they are the only ones who can make the right choices for the rest of us, they wrap themselves in the flag and pretend to know the mind of God by making ridiculous statements of what is good for the country, like open carry laws, punishing the immigrants. In the past they have proclaimed that Obama has built Fema camps and had plans to take away our guns, and that O will run for a third term etc, These who carry these beliefs are worthy of names that define them...trouble making fascists.

General Comments

IS ANYTHING EVER GONA CHANGE IN LIBERTY COUNTY, For your information the folks who "keep complaining" are not the ones who voted for these folks. It is the Dems who voted for the losers who keep sending the complaints here to i-dine-out. Those who keep voting for the officials are just happy and not complaining. I thought you might eventually figure that out. Since you haven't; I decided to explain it to you! We who voted for the Republicans, who won, are not the ones complaining. Now maybe you can understand, maybe.

Debt per Student Rises as Result of Bond Election

Great move psuhing and shoving Dayton into a debt per student of nearly $23,000 per student. Those of us who were in favor of hiring a superintendent that was from Dayton can now be first in line to suggest we finish our contract with her and then hire someone who is better at business. What an incredible mistake!

I voted for the Dayton School Bonds and I am happy it was passed by the voters using the DISD to educate their children. I see there will be a lot of debt per student, but many things have changed over the years, like Security and extra personnel to do required tasks for the State reporting and even Federal reporting. It has not been many years, since we become aware of mold and how it affects our health. It cannot be present in schools and has to be removed or buildings replaced to cure the mold presence. Also buildings that have many problems can be replaced cheaper than repair costs. Last I could not believe that DISD does not have one (1) tennis court, since when the football stadium was upgraded, our only courts became part of the parking lot. To have to tennis the players have to be bussed to Barbers Hill. Students tend to stop playing on the team because of the long bus ride every afternoon, for about 45 minutes at the out of town court. The "Tea Party" got involved and put a negative spin on the bond election, not caring about the kids, but just trying to score points for themselves. We need to realize our children are our most valuable resource and need not be involved with graft and corruption of today's politics.

I am so tired of being told that I am against the children because I believed the DISD bond was putting a burden on taxpayers. The bond passed and the taxpayers will pay the debt. It is time for the YES supporters to stop being rude and hateful to the NO voters. Do they realize almost half the voters were on the NO side. Yes it passed so be nice in your win.

The person who wrote these storys was right on alot of things we need to get these old money out of office, we need to change alot of things. Why can't the people with and dayton address vote? It does have alot to do with us our kids go go disd, and illegal people an alot of people who could care less can vote what is up with that

"The "Tea Party" got involved and put a negative spin on the bond election, not caring about the kids, but just trying to score points for themselves." Actually, if Dayton wanted to really help the kids in school then they should start teaching and make them put down the cellphones, stop taking selfies during class and posting to Facebook all day. If they really wanted to save some money, then cut some exorbitant salaries and get rid of some uneccessary positions!

To the commenter asking why they were not allowed to vote on the School Bond Proposal. If your children go to a DISD school and the Bond proposal was not on your ballot, it should be reported. I do think this election was about the "Children" now and the future of the district. More minutia is required ever year for the schools to deal with in the form of reports to many different agencies. In the recent past the State of Texas cut funding to public schools on a couple of times. The Public Schools are still recovering from the cuts. We all gripe about China taking over our retail sales of all our various items. If you think China not teaching their children for the future and at any cost, you are mistaken. I say that 75% of all DISD voters actually knew very little or nothing about any part of the proposed $87 Million Bond proposal. If you voted based on rumor that was negative or incorrect, then you must have not been that interested. If you voted your pocket book without the facts and had kids in the DISD were your kiddo’s future taken into account? Call the DISD and make an appointment to see our Superintendent, Dr. Jessica Johnson. Go and ask Dr. Johnson about what the proposed bonds will be used for and why needed! You will be given answers to your questions about how the money is intended to be spent, but she does not have time to sit and argue with you. I think that you will be treated very nice and your questions will be answered to the best of her ability. Jessica Johnson is a product of DISD schools and a very nice person.

The school board is elected to set policy not run rough shod and be vindictive towards people that disagree with their politics. Not only have they signed us up for over five times the debt per student we had last week, but they have laid the groundwork for a political fight they may take years to settle back down

My kids dont need a new school built, another demolished, nor covered arenas or tennis courts to have a good education. I did just fine and I came from Channelview ISD. The student and the family are what makes the difference.

If it is true teachers are the reason our bond issue passed, I hope they understand raises over the next few years will be smaller and less frequent.

I don't know if it is true are not but it makes sense schools servicing a large bond debt will have less money to pay their staff. Dayton may begin to lose teachers because of this in a few years.

When Dayton ISD passed a bond issue that raised the debt per student ratio over $17,000, they basically forced a taxpayer with no children to do the equivalent of buy a student a new car. That is beyond the pale! This "for the kids" argument is too!! Some seniors in high school will go to work next year and thay will benearly 40 before they finish helping pay for this bond issue.

Dayton ISD Bond Election Passes

"Why are public officials on all sides badmouthing citizens and trying to get them blackballed just because they have actively participated in politics around here in the past and present?" I have an easy answer for that. All the conservatives balk at spending money. they are the new people on teh scene and just like the school bond issue, they want fiscal responsible leaders to lead with common sense.

I guess "common" sense is we need to max out the credit card and build build build under our new superduperintendent. Taxpayers buck up and get your wallets out!

Dr. Jessika deserves a raise! The politburo deserves a raise and us little people need to work harder at the factory to make them all more comfortable and have nicer cars.

Election Night Unofficial Returns

Hats off to Walter Fontenot and Tommy Chambers! True gentlemen.


Well the Republicans now have the power, everything will be coming up roses right? Let's see where these half raised morons will take us.

General Comments

Does the drawing for the "pistol" require a background check or does it go to just any ol' nut? You crazy Repubs couldn't just give away a fruitcake to make your point?

"Does the drawing for the "pistol" require a background check or does it go to just any ol' nut?" Well a democrat would most likely demand the government defend him instead.

General Comments

Tomorrow is the vote for the Dayton School Bond. Regardless of how the vote goes, the community will need a lot of healing. Even if the school board, superintendent and the teachers get their way the community has been divided and the YES organization has been behind most of the division. It has been heated on both sides. The YES side believes that the community has to spend 160 million dollars with interest and the NO side is saying ...we can't afford it. There will be hardship on both sides regardless of the vote. If it passes people will need to cut back in their other spending. I suggest that you start with the businesses of the school board and the superintendent and any other YES voters in town. If the vote is NO I suggest the community work together to scale down the bond. The group should be made up of both yes and no voters and not stacked like the last community group that decided the YES campaign. Also need to stop taking money from groups that will earn millions and millions of dollars if this passes.

General Comments

Why are public officials on all sides badmouthing citizens and trying to get them blackballed just because they have actively participated in politics around here in the past and present. If one more person tells me to beware reading this website and to never admit I read this website, I think I will scream. We need more participants in democracy and less blackballing instead of the reverse!

General Comments

The Liberty Police officer that was handing our glow bracelets for kids while patrolling neighborhoods on Halloween is to be commended for a great community service. If this was at his own expense it is even more commendable. Also thanks to other Liberty police officers for slowing down Hwy 146 near Forest Hills for safety of trick or treaters.

Editors Note: has learned that it was Officer Walter's idea to pass out the bracelets and that he funded the purchase of the bracelets with his own money. Congratulations to Officer Walters for his spirit of public service!

Absolutely the City of Liberty Police Dept. deserves praise. Enjoyed seeing them out and about Halloween night. As a resident of Travis Park we saw them in our subdivision that night passing out goodies to the kids. What a great way to get out and show kids that you are the good guy.

General Comments

The plan to get rich of off being the first liquor stores on the block worked in Liberty so now the plan is to use Dayton’s continual effort “to keep up with Liberty” to pass the City of Dayton’s liquor by the drink and package liquor proposition. In Liberty it was sold to voters as giving small independent restaurants the right to have a bar as Chili’s. Behind close doors manipulators were using this call for fairness to counter the dry county laws we have had for years. There is not much chance of stopping the scheme now ..... but voting is always the best thing to do.

General Comments

Seems our Sheriff/Constable/etc Departments always catch a ration of negative grief. Sat 01Nov2014, I was headed out FM1409 going home when my wife had a minor asthma attack. Of course we didn't have a rescue inhaler with us. Beyond her being sick, we were in my new truck and I really wasn't interested in it being "broken in" if you get my drift... So--- I'm driving fast to make it home. Got clocked by one of Liberty County's finest at 73 in a 55... We stopped, talked for a minute or two, when told of the situation he asked if we needed medical help, we didn't. He turned me loose, no citation or... Appeared to be genuinely compassionate and concerned as to whether my wife was ok, she was and is--- And the new truck too. Regardless of whether he had issued a citation or not, I appreciated this man's people skills.

Liberty Constable Timothy Allison Sued

Tim Allison's heavy-handed, power hungry, obnoxious attitude should make the Catholic's think twice about supporting him again - a very good man lost the last race to this Republican... - no need to mention his wife's lovely personality - birds-of-a-feather. It appears you thought "you were somebody" Timmy-boy.

Why will you report on on constable being sude in Harris county but won't report thatformer liberty county sheriff Henry Patterson is being suid along with Steve green James cooper Rex Evans mark Ellington and liberty county and that the tax payers money is being used to defend all of them by a high priced law firm out of Beaumont think you need to look into it and why we the tax payers are having to support that

The accusations against the Constable are serious ones. If they are true then he was way out of line, and makes me wonder if he hasn't done things like this before since the accusations show him to be completely confidant in that type of behavior.

General Comments

Thanks to whoever initiated the removal of the old train tracks across Hwy 90 in Liberty.

You can thank Union Pacific Railroad for removing the Hwy. 90 crossing tracks that used to service National Pipe & Tube. The service would have helped the longevity of Boomerang here in town but the impending oil crash will soon see them leaving.

Comments about the tracks across highway 90. What "impending oil crash" are you referring to?

as to the comments regarding the railroad tracks crossing hwy.90 and boomerang.if or I should say when the pipe mill closes,it is not due in fact to the rail,it is due to the very high injury rate and very poor management,as well as 2 other pipe mills that have opened shortly afterwards,omk in the Sheldon area,and boursan in Baytown.better product coming out of those 2 mills.

Know Your History

Regarding your editorial about knowing your history... I find it humorous that your thesis eludes to making the same 'dumb mistakes', and your closing statement says that you're proud to be a democrat. Though your organization skills are lacking, I'll commend you on another valiant attempt at journalism.

Soooooo, as a member of the Creek Tribe of Indians, you're not a fan of the immortal John Wayne who allegedly said, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian"????? I heard that is why that idiot Dan Patrick, our presumed to be next Lt. Gov., likes to watch Rio Bravo every Thanksgiving. Better hope the real Republicans and whatever is left of the Democrat party get out and vote.

I enjoyed your editorial. We have seen throughout time, those who have not learned from their past mistakes continue to repeat the same. The Republicans who seem to be the 'Christian Right', fail to realize the biblical history of God's chosen people and how they continually repeated their mistakes and were punished time and time again for the error of their ways. It is too bad that it has to be Democrat v. Republican all the time. Why can it not be person v. person, morals v. morals, ethics v. ethics and leave the party politics out of it. The city of Liberty continues to ignore history and return to their roots. For so long, they artificially taxed the citizens through electric rates. We then had someone come in and change that. Now we are back to the same old 'transfers' from electric sales to general fund to avoid tax increases for the unnecessary pet projects of our 'elected' officials. I say elected, but I do not believe Liberty has experienced a contested election in many cycles. We see ISD's always wanting to issue bonds to build new facilities, while taxing the backs of the already over taxed. While I will agree some time they are necessary, most of the time they are not. Any funding should go to increase teacher salaries, attract better, more qualified teachers and bring better education to Liberty County. You can build all the facilities you want, but if you do not have quality, dedicated and inspired teaching, it is all for nothing. Enough of the partisan politics on this website. How about some educated discussion and debate to bring about a better Liberty County. Thanks Allen for your continued focus on the needs of our community. I, for one, appreciate your efforts and dedication.

I like it. And people have got to change their dynamics. It's no longer R vs D. It's statism vs liberty and both parties are filled to the brim with statists.

"Yes, I’m a proud Democrat and very proud of the responsiveness of our party to constituents. I know my history. I look forward with anticipation of the possible opportunity to vote for Hillary Clinton. It’s time we had a woman president of the old, White man’s government." Knowing what the "Old White Man's Government" did to your ancestors, shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself for allowing it to occur again? Or are you as an "Old White man" getting some sort of kickback from the Democratic party of the handout? To keep our nation moving in the same direction is tantamount to running full steam ahead into an iceberg Captain. Thanks, for admitting your part in the fleecing of the nation.

General Comments

I would like to know is there anything we can do about the vehicles that drive up and down the road all hours of the day and night with the extremely loud radios that have so much bass in them that they make everything in your house rattle? I have lived in my current location for 28 years in the country, just because we don't live in town or there any ordinances about this I am so fed up with the boom, boom, boom!!

General Comments

FOOTBALL!-- When was the last time you saw Liberty citizens excited on Friday night? Sure, we can't wait for friday to come to watch our sons, friends, neighbors, or family members play out on the field but how do us football viewers play a part? We need to come out to the games and support the Liberty Panthers!! (which the stands have not been full for years!!)-- We need to rally around them (which at Friday's home game you could hear a pin drop- the fans were quiet).... because we were losing!??-- NOT AN EXCUSE! We need to support our Panthers whether they win or lose!! Get some team spirit!!-- If you have ever been to a Dayton or Huffman football game-- YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!-- the stadiums are consistantly full whether they win or LOSE... But one thing in paticular ASTONISHES me at friday's home game against Orangefield.... As we sat all quiet in the stands-- no one cheering-- no words of encouragement for our Panthers that were getting sacked/killed over and over-- But there was one man, solo, --- cheering, hollaring, attempting to get the stands to hollar out for our players!!-- to get us to pick the team up, showing our support!!-- AND WHAT DID HE GET IN RESPONSE-- NOTHING FROM THE CROWD BECAUSE WE WERE LOSING? BUT AN OFFICER COMING TO HIM AND STATING HE WOULD HAVE TO CITATE HIM A TICKET if he continued hollaring and yelling out from the stands!!! Are you serious!!?? I sat there looking around thinking- this man is so right!! and he gets in trouble for rallying behind our Liberty Panther team!! It made me sick!! Come on Liberty-- we want our team to get better and better- Well, they want and need us to back them also!!-- We have a job to do as well as the team and their coaches!! Let's pack those stands and hollar for our Liberty Panthers and see if local policeman want to quiet us!! Let's bring our Panther spirit back and put it in full force!! --- A proud Liberty citizen/parent of our Liberty Athletic program/kids!!

AIR HORNS!! WHY/ WHY???? Why are air horns not allowed at football games?? Where is the sign?? And why do sheriff/baliff's?? confiscate them from kids and will not give them back to the parents when they tell them they were unaware of airhorns not allowed and would put them up or even away back in their car?? Why do they have to be so rude about not giving something back that was clearly a noise maker to support our Liberty Panthers/ Homecoming court/ etc..... Again-- Officers with no Liberty spirit breaking our Team down even further when citizens make noise to try and rally behind them!! Did he just want his own air horn?? P.S.- just so you know you can get one at Walmart, you don't have to take up little kids airhorns and not give them back to the parents who bought them!!...... sincerely, an upset citizen- again unable to show support by making noise at our Liberty Football games

in response to Liberty football games, cheering and noise makers. it is just not football. I went to a basketball game and was clapping and showing support for our team. an officer came from the visitors side to tell me and the other people that were cheering, that Liberty ISD had hired them to keep everybody quiet. She did even take some of the kids cell phones. I asked her when did you go to a game and not be able to cheer. She informed me that was the rule for Liberty. Same thing happened at the volleyball games. When i go to Hardin, Hull-Daisetta, Dayton, and other games i actually hear cheering. So because of this i have stopped supporting Liberty teams because of the dumb decisions made by someone. At football games, you don't even the bands playing. When I say support and cheering, I don't mean offensive. Maybe that is why the stadium is empty, and not because we don't care.

To me it's just sad to read the posts about the lack of football spirit here in Liberty games, not that there isn't spirit, but the sad belly aching about football. On facebook and other social sites and now here, you would think that the only life some people have is football. One local guy on fb constantly goes on about the Longhorns, and the dismal Texans performance ad nauseam. Don't misunderstand me, rallying around ones team during the season is a nice little bit of diversity to the mundane, but for some of these people it's a lifestyle. When it's the season it's all they talk about, when the season is over, all they can say is when will it return. The lack of spirit is one thing, but the lack of anything but football is sad,

Football! Sadly Liberty football has suffered a down turn the last several years. After visiting with a friend, something was brought to my attention about Liberty's athletic program in general. I had never thought of this before...many of our Liberty youth have had to move to Dayton because that is where their families can find nice, affordable housing. Liberty is very lacking where housing is concerned, but Dayton has built many nice apartment homes. Obviously our teams can't grow due to the housing issue. Maybe the solution is to quit losing players is to have more housing. By the way, during the conversation, there were names of 5 varsity players that now live in Dayton, that were is Liberty during their younger years. Think about it, this makes sense.

General Comments

ok, time to do something about the trains in Dayton that goes a cross hwy 90 several times a day, blocks traffic for several miles anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes each time, not to mention the gas we waste setting there. Our fearless leaders could get something done if they wanted to. Since the ruling was over turned that trains don't have the 10 minute delay they (trains) see how long they can take now like "we will show them". Liberty County residence were told an over pass was going to be built. That was to just get people off their backs I guess because according to Union Pacific they have no knowledge of that in the plans. Turning my car off while I wait is not an options

Relax, that train is the only thing keeping the amount of traffic down in Dayton in the long run. Leave earlier or take a detour everyday :)

To all the posters that are complaining about the Dayton trains blocking hwy 90, the reason nothing is being done about it is because the railroad and the people that own that storage yard are pumping millions of dollars into the City of Dayton and into the County of Liberty every time a railcar`rolls into that storage yard. Think about it!

General Comments

Why, oh why did the city lose power again?

Letter to the Editor - For public knowledge, from public record

Letter to the editor comment: PBK is being charged with ethics violations and being sued in another ISD over stuff like this. While they have the right to donate, I surely don't want them rewarded with a contract in Dayton for us to pay their legal fees.

here we go again, the pustule has risen again. Lablank, who cares about a 2,000 contribution? There is no smoking gun here. No matter how many times you get up in public and wring your hands and jump up and down, no one will care what you say and think. Now go slime your way back under your rock like a good slug.

Somebody is either lying about Jeff LeBlanc in an effort to marginalize him or they unexplicably ignorant. LeBlanc represents a large number of active and independent voters. he is well spoken and well informed. His opponents can make up things and try and destroy his representation, but LeBlanc is a successful patriotic American.

In regard to the funding for the DISD bond: Not only is it inappropriate for the committee to accept this money it is also scary that the school district would even consider this builder for the schools. It will be bad enough to have everyone's taxes skyrocket but even worse if the taxpayers have to pay for for faulty construction.

It seems to me a non-school employee with no children in DISD the Bond election should be passed, as a no brainer. Why you ask? I saw amenities in other slightly larger towns 50 years ago. Our Children need to have as many opportunities as conceivably possible today even in a "small town" perceived school district. We have cut education over the last decade why? To use for state and federal officials to placate puppet masters who have given them their positions. Now it is time to give our children a chance to have a diversity of avenues at the old proverbial school house. I say we have a very good school Supt. who is a product of the Dayton School System. We have just hired her and let's look through her eyes to our children's future in the USA. Vote Yes on DISD Bonds. Vote Yes Now!

Wow! People really get ugly when anyone speaks up against the DISD "say yes" campaign. Shame on all of you. l can tell you that the children of this community need good role models, respectful parents, and above-board teachers & administrators far more than they need new schools. Jeff LeBlanc has only expressed his opinions and asked the voters to pause and stop to think about the issue. He has done so thru editorial letters and legal campaigning. All ways we are allowed to express our values and beliefs in this country. Calling him "Lablank", "pustule", "slug", and "moron" is just ugly and mean. To anyone looking in from the outside, it would seem as though the second a person disagrees with the popular idea, they are subject to attacks and name calling from our supposed leaders. This is just disgusting and immature to me. Our children need respectful adults with integrity to lead our community and schools. If what I have seen from this bond election is the leadership of DISD, you can bet that I'm homeschooling!

The DISD superintendent talks to voters like they are eighth graders. It is clear she thinks she is superior to us low life's the taxpayers. Of course she and her husband can afford this because they get every perk known in the political tax avoiders.

Thank God for I -Dine Out. This site presents the news on both sides of an issue. If we depended on the Dayton News or the Liberty Vindicator for both sides of the news we would be hurting. This has become very evident in the DISD bond issue. The mainstream newspapers are for the bond issue and present the news accordingly. The mainstream news should have been investigating the back story of the bond and published who is funding the issue and the issues with the main contributor for all the signs in town and most likely the builder of the new schools. They also should investigate all the connections between the Dayton City Council and the DISD administrators.

King Otto, big spender of the taxpayer has a yes sign in his yard to $87M in new ISD debt ($160,000,000 with interest)... John we need your help to lower our taxes, not spend our money. We can do that ourselves.

The bond needs to be rejected and sent back to the elected board of trustees to rework without the assistance of 65 non-elected community delagates and traveling salesmen. The board was elected to make these decisions, not push responsibility back to members of the community that we didn't select to represent. Come back with a lower number and a better game plan. No parent or community member that opposes this bond does so out of hatred of kids. For 25 years, I have heard that Dayton is on the verge of breaking out in terms of population, industrial and commercial growth. Yet, in 25 years, we haven't seen the private sector growth we have been promised, but continue to build the public monuments as if we had. In 25 years, the elected officials in our town haven't changed their response to this either. Is this coincidental? Maybe. Is this mutually exclusive? Probably not. This needs to change. We can't burden our industrial base with the majority of an 88MM dollar tab and expect new business to come here. Listen- If this bond passes, it is going to be due to the legal, however spitefully unethical, practice of voter targeting administered by Dayton ISD and its direct associates. Call a spade a spade, it is what it is. Our community is overwhelmingly conservative/republican (not a cheap shot, but a number of our beloved incumbents who had identified as democrats werent re-elected after obamacare passed), and can't quite figure out why so many people can't see or dont care what this bond represents. Dayton ISD willfully admits that they proposed this bond with everything and the kitchen sink included because they wont get another one passed for a very long time. This is fiscally irresponsible. They literally expect us to have buyer's remorse after they've pushed it so hard. Look- If you want to see a better community for your kids, lets be a better community for our kids and cut the "Sign Wars!" and name calling out and actually listen to each other. Create a dialouge instead. If we did this, we'd be better at spotting and adressing our community needs/wants and finding a middle ground. This zero-sum modus operandi is not the philosophy of our town. Never has been. Listen to each other- I'd bet you'd see both sides of the table want the best for our children.

My next door neighbor chose Dayton to live in rather than Liberty even though his drive to work is shorter from Liberty. Why did he choose Dayton? Liberty had just tried to pass a school bond issue. One his is a great football player and Liberty's football reputation is dwindling. His other son and his only daughter are near the top in their class and Liberty loses to higher paying districts. THE ONLY THING HE DIDN'T FIGURE WAS THIS INSANE MAGA SCHOOL BOND DAYTON WOULD PUT FORTH 17 MONTHS AFTER HE MOVED IN. The little sales job we hear don't impress him or the rest of us. 87 million dollars is crazy!

My perspective on the DISD Bond. I have heard many complaints about how a bond will increase the debt owed by the citizens. I have heard many people in favor of the bond and how our students need it to be on par with other districts of similar size. I live in Hardin where a bond was passed earlier in the year, so Dayton is certainly entitled to growth as well. I don't personally know anyone who buys a home or a car for that matter and pays cash for it. Most people get a loan and go in debt. What nobody has mentioned here is yes, there is a debt but there is also an asset tied to that debt. The net worth of the school districts are not going into the negative. These bonds are for capital improvements. There is a tangible asset that will offset the debt. The depreciable life of these assets and the true life as seen from the current school facilities will be much longer then the temporary increase in taxes. Yes, it is temporary. Will the school districts raise taxes again once the bond is paid off? Maybe, but that is not what is up for vote right now. In the simplest terms, you are voting to buy a house with a mortgage. When the mortgage is paid off that house will belong to you and your heirs. The funny thing is. Most people that are complaining about taxes going up are property owners that have already made the decision that debt and mortgages are ok, because that is how they became property owners in the first place and most are still paying their personal debt off. How about they show that same commitment to the children in Liberty County. Maybe those same kids will see how great our county is and stick around, buy their own property and help pay for the future.

I am almost at the point in this DISD bond election where I hope the bond passes. If it passes it will make industry and homeowners think twice about moving to Dayton. That way Dayton will stay the way it is. It will also make the people who will pay the highest taxes think about moving somewhere else. There are better places to live where the school and the city believe in education and not how many tennis courts you have.

My perspective on the DISD Bond. I have heard many complaints about how a bond will increase the debt owed by the citizens. I have heard many people in favor of the bond and how our students need it to be on par with other districts of similar size. I live in Hardin where a bond was passed earlier in the year, so Dayton is certainly entitled to growth as well. I don't personally know anyone who buys a home or a car for that matter and pays cash for it. Most people get a loan and go in debt. What nobody has mentioned here is yes, there is a debt but there is also an asset tied to that debt. The net worth of the school districts are not going into the negative. These bonds are for capital improvements. There is a tangible asset that will offset the debt. The depreciable life of these assets and the true life as seen from the current school facilities will be much longer then the temporary increase in taxes. Yes, it is temporary. Will the school districts raise taxes again once the bond is paid off? Maybe, but that is not what is up for vote right now. In the simplest terms, you are voting to buy a house with a mortgage. When the mortgage is paid off that house will belong to you and your heirs. The funny thing is. Most people that are complaining about taxes going up are property owners that have already made the decision that debt and mortgages are ok, because that is how they became property owners in the first place and most are still paying their personal debt off. How about they show that same commitment to the children in Liberty County. Maybe those same kids will see how great our county is and stick around, buy their own property and help pay for the future.

I feel sorry for anyone who has kids in Dayton School district if they have publicly stated they are against the bond. The behavior of the principals, teachers and their family members towards those who are not for the bond is appalling. I am concerned about the community going forward.

The majority of the people with “YES” signs in their yards for the DISD Bond Issue are retired individuals with no real concern since it won’t affect their tax rates anyway. Their network of friends and employees are driving this “YES” campaign. The bond will pass because of networking, unionization, and campaign funding. It is not because the bond is practical or clearly presented. I appreciate the effort on the part of Jeff LeBlanc. He is the only person on this forum, or any media outlet, that has offered objective evidence supporting his positions. After reviewing the Power Point proposal of the bond issue and making a concerted effort to obtain line item budgets for the proposals, there are clear naiveties in the statistical presentations, and I am afraid there are multiple agendas being hidden in the context of the double bottom line.

When I think I have heard the most hateful comments from DISD employees to NO voters I am surprised by even more ugly comments. One thing is clear. People should remove their kids from DISD schools no matter what they have to do. No child should be taught by people this angry and rude.

I agree about the public officials and am shocked that someone who does not want toborrow nearly $100 million is being ostracized because of our EMPLOYEES at the school. Careful or you may get the same thing back!

2014 TVE Parade

2014 TVE Parade… The good ole days are over. I remember when Sheriff G.F. Arthur and his group of guys along with Texas Rangers and other law enforcement officers would ride horseback in the parade. Now we have a Sheriff that won’t even show up. At least I didn’t see him. Maybe he was in that home health van.

Why do they block off main street in Liberty so early on the day of parade?? I was going to attend the parade Wed. morning and arrived in Liberty before 9AM and main street was already blocked off, WHY???? It is not really a big deal for me because I can still walk the distance to main street but my Mother which I try to take to parade each year is unable to walk that far due to her health. What are people suppose to do?? Arrive at 7AM??

For the person asking why Main Street is closed so early on parade day. This year there were almost 170 parade entries. All of these entries have to get on Main Street, find their location and get in line. Many of these are pedestrians (such as bands and cheerleaders), some are floats (large floats and Baby Parade floats), and some are just large (trucks, fire trucks, tractors, etc.) It is difficult and dangerous to line up 170 parade entries when traffic is flowing as usual on Main Street. The parade entries begin lining up at about 8:00am and we have to make it safe for them to do that, so we close down Main Street to north and south traffic, unless they are in the parade or attempting to get to one of the businesses on Main Street. In addition, in the downtown portion of Main Street people begin lining up before 9:00am and our concern is the danger to them when traffic is flowing as usual on Main Street. During our briefing officers are told to assist people in any way they can to enjoy the parade but to limit traffic on Main Street to prevent someone from getting hurt. If any person has difficulty walking and would like to see the parade they simply need to ask the officer nearest the intersection they would like to go to and the officer will assist them in getting there. I know of a number of occasions where that happened this year. However, your point is well taken, and next year we should make preparations for this type of situation and provide people with mobility issues the public information they need on how to access the parade events. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please be aware when you have concerns you want to address with the Liberty Police Department you can call us at 936-336-5666...

General Comments

I refuse to be disappointed! Someone many of us have hope to rise to the top has made it and I refuse to think it anything but temporary when I hear of them passing the buck or being rude to underlings or allowing bullies to direct and derail initiatives. But just as I refuse to point to the stress that comes with a big job, I also refuse to let the person who has risen to new heights not hear that all those interactions he is having with employees are interactions that are connected to me. I am either a friend of the employee or a friend of a friend. This IS a small town. If stress results in you fingerpointing or putting people under your thumb, you are doing it to someone who has friends. You are doing it to someone who has family. And they have friends. I refuse to be disappointed, but if you can’t get your act together, I will refuse to defend you when the mob that always gathers when too many butt chewings happens to too many underlings comes. Stop what you are doing and BE WHO WE EXPECTED before you became Dr. Muckity Muck!

One commentator may refuse to be "disappointed" in how someone is struggling with the politics at their new job in LISD, but there are some of us who are not surprised. There is one school board member who might as well be shooting a Colt 45 at the feet of the Superintendent and making him dance. Ron Mayo needs to quit acting like some school yard bully and just do the job he was elected to do. Cody Abshier needs to return to being someone who finds and brings out the best in the school employees and students. He loves people and too many people have noted his moodiness and willingness to go off on a few select people since Mayo's microscope started interfering with an otherwise very forward moving LISD. Abshier should refuse to dance to Mayo's tune and instead go ahead and become one of the best, most well liked Superintendents in LISD's history. If the Mayo way of brow beating people looks like it is going to rub off on you, you would be better off going back to the classroom than losing yourself.

Anyone who was thinking Mr. Mayo was going to be one of those school board members who cleaned house and made the school run on all cylinders has been sold a bad bill of goods. He may talk a good game with his circle of associates, but in reality he is all in the middle of stuff to help himself and his family and a couple of friends. A school board member is suppose to participate in the process of SETTING POLICY. The policies should apply equally to all students, all school employees, and to the citizenry. Any school board member who pushes for an exception because of their children, their friends' children, the athletic participation of a student, a relationship to a school employee, or any deviation IS subject to being accused of using their elected position improperly. Mr. Mayo was not elected King and neither was Dr. Abshier. They wil all be fired by the public if they do not run an open process that does not try to hide the application of policy. School board members getting involved in the day to day decisions are overstepping their boundaries even if they have been invited to do so. Texas school law is clear. We have a Superintendent who oversees this matters. Even if you approve everything administration does, it is not your job. Get out of it. Ulcer avoidance is one reason, but the main reason is you should not expand your role and your importance beyond how the systemis set up. Spend more time with your family or at your job, but refuse to spend time micro managing the schools. Dr. Abshier started this job with almost 100% support. Let him have an opportunity to pull the community forward. Without a Mayo or micro managing, he is great at his job!

Ron wants to put his white gloves on and inspect everything at tthe schools like he is some kind of commandant. Ron this community will not allow you to make a schhol board position some kind of gotcha platform. You will either leave the people we have hired to run the schools alone or you will be sent packing off the board. You will not ruin our community atmosphere in our schools.

With the people compalining about Ron Mayo. He is a bull in a china closet. It's like he is looking for a fight. I don't know Mr. Abshier, but he should stick with the sugarlike elements of leadership to get things done instead of this man's methods. Encouragement to struggling students or staff and being nice to the lowest person on the totem pole will pay off in the long run over this other.

You ran for the wrong office if you want to fix things Mayo! We hired Dr. Abshier for that. Maybe you should run for mayor.

Mr. Mayo is not the only person on the Liberty School Board that is on a power trip. Members are abusing their power to have Dr. Abshire do their dirty work. We need to get rid of members using their position for personal reasons. And we need to get rid of the ones that never think on their own and become yes men for others.

When I read yahoo's recent story about leadership I thought about the conversation on here about the school board and the superintendent in Liberty. here is the crux of the story: "In an age where authoritarian power is being questioned from the classroom to the boardroom, the emerging research is conclusive -- humility is a dramatically more powerful and effective way of leading." It sounds like your leaders over there missed the memo and are using the "commandant" method despite the fact it is the equivalent of committing professional suicide.

For sure the comments about the mayo man are right. Mr. Abshier may need a board member like Mayo though. Mr. Abshier, like one of the posts says, fails to recognize that "his employees" are OUR NEIGHBORS. I have already heard three stories this year about Mr. Abshier's heavy hand and sharp tongue. It aggravates me that he would speak that way and think because he does it privately that itis okay.

I leave town for a few days and Ron Mayu is attacked again for his public service on the school board? I use to go to church with Ron and I find the picture being painted of him to be erroneous and ridiculous. I also have difficult time thinking fans of a school board that covered up the punishment for last year's baseball team scandal would single out Ron. Either Cody Abshier runs the school borad like it is suppose to be run by requiring all school business peratining tothe board come through the board rather than individuals or just openly admit that the most powerful people in town with influence with the smoozers on the board will receive a disproportionate consideration.

Several of us were talking at halftime about the school board situation and Ron Mayo may be the member who interferes the least. Can you say "baseball team" last year? I would encourage Ron to run for another term and realize anybody who is actually doing something will get criticism.

"As the School Board Worms" latest episode featured: Ron Mayo questioning the wisdom of Ronnie Gunter wearing a legal hat and a asst superintendent hat and having so much influence and Ron was attacked. Stay tuned folks this gets better and better!

Before anyone listens to the negative things being said about Ron Mayo, I suggest you ask Ron why all of the negative things are being said. If he will, he can tell you about one instance after another that he was standing as an eyewitness when Dr. Abshier was dealing with problems that simply should not occur. To make matters worse, if you talk to a few of the school employees, you might find one or two that will may tell you how he goes ballistic "in private" and chews people's asses out on the tiniest thing IF HE THINKS IT MADE HIM LOOK BAD.Then he walks around the corner and smiles and greets people. What he might not know is WE TALK. WE ARE FRIENDS. WE ARE RELATIVES.You can't hide this behavior, but you can change it. Work with people, don't scold them like you are their master and they are your servant. Ron Mayo is accused of doing what others are doing.

I have watched football for the past 21 years and I can remember seeing the superintendent at a few of the games but my gosh I can hardly see the game for all of the cheerleading this new guy does. Is he still campaigning for the job or what?

It is difficult to get excited about the cesspool of politics known as Liberty ISD.


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