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General Comments

It is so sad that families chose to bring babies to graduation , dance recitals, etc. It just ruins to event for persons there to actually pay attention. Please get a babysitter.

"Please get a babysitter" I am one of those parents who brings my kids everywhere. Just a little background information... I waited 11 years to be a mom and God blessed me with 3 overnight, one was taken and given back to the biological mother for a month before she came back to me. Needless to say she and I are attached at the hip. She won't stay with a babysitter for fear of losing me. So before you go juding people who bring their kids to graduations, dance recitals, etc think! The parents don't bring them to ruin your evening. But people like you make it harder for a mother to calm a screaming child down because the mother gets aggravated quicker because she doesn't want the crying to bother YOU! So how about instead of us leaving our babies at home, YOU JUST STAY HOME since you know there will be kids ruining your good time! I know it would make it easier on me not having to worry about disrupting those that have little respect for the screaming baby going through withdrawls! This is the nicest way I know of saying stuff it, my kids will still go everywhere with me no matter who it tends to disrupt. Maybe next time instead of giving the hateful looks or mumbling under your breath you could smile and give a few encouraging words to the frantic mom trying to calm the screaming baby so it doesn't ruin your event!

In response to the person that feels all children should not attend graduations or recitals I have the following comments: 1. Should children be completely banned from every public place? You can't keep kids from attending places like that 2. I have no choice but to bring my kids wherever I go because I don't leave my kids with babysitters and family things like graduations and recitals have my family there 3. If you are sitting by kids then feel free to move!!! Maybe move all the way out of the door!

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School bonds in Liberty are on the ballot this week. Let's get out and vote "for" or "against" and exercise our freedoms!

General Comments

The tax man has come to Liberty County and he has hit hard. Appraisals are way up and the new Dayton school bond rate isn't even reflected in the new estimated taxes shown on the appraisal notices. In October people in Dayton are going to find out the real cost of voting yes. Let's hope the schools can start doing better academically. Buildings alone are not going to educate our children. I also hope all teachers are certified for what they are teaching.

General Comments

At a party for one of our kids, I discovered five out of the six families present knew of someone who had been through great trials because of the new city inspector here in Liberty. This is our city and that is unacceptable!

"Click It or Ticket" Campaign Warns Texans of Deadly Consequences

May 3, 2015 : I fully agree 100 % with the wearing of seatbelts . What I disagree with is the campaign to “Click It Or Ticket” threats before our wise leaders check themselves. When and if you take notice as you drive around Liberty County and the Cities within its boundaries you will observe that 80 to 90% of our State, County Or City Vehicle Drivers are not buckled up. That includes all vehicles. It is small things like this that gets the Citizens down on Public Employees. Fix Their Own Wagon Before Shooting Tickets At Yours and Mine. And Before you ask, I have not had a “TICKET” of any kind in over 40n years !

General Comments

Well it seems that the Gray man in Baltimore wasn't even supposed to be arrested. The community in Baltimore are tired of being pushed around by the white cops.

To the ignorant small-minded person that believes the Baltimore riots are about black citizens being pushed around by "white" officers I must attempt to push around a few facts. Three of the six officers charged in the Freddy Gray death are black. Looting is a crime and the most active people involved in this seem to be criminals and therefore if people want "justice" but don't want these criminals thrown in prison there is no sincerety in their stated reasons.

"Baltimore tired of being pushed around by white cops", can you people get any dumber? Judging by how you act in public I really dont think its possible. I guess when you have no education, no job, and are dumber than a box of rocks all you can do is blame whitey. But guess what genious, 3 of the 6 cops charged were BLACK!!! Oh no, your race bating preachers and community activist probably couldnt get on a plane quick enough to get out of Baltimore when they heard that the "gray man " commenter , the "white " cops you allude to consist of at least 1 Latino, 2 Blacks and 3 Whites......"say what"....

Yeah ok all the cops in the incident weren't white, my bad. But all the cops in the incident were indicted. And the African American community in Baltimore are tired of being pushed around by the local police as they demonstrated. The social issue is one of racism, the way Fox News and it's reporters did their reporting smacked of racism, the way Paul Rand said the reason those in the rioting did what they did was because they had no fathers in their lives, he didn't address that to the whites he meant the blacks, racism. The constant references to our black President having adverse effects on black white relations, racism. Just like the man on CNN in the interview said to the interviewer about the situation in Baltimore "just go ahead and call them n----rs, that's what you want to say", he being black knew racism when he encountered it, especially when it's trying to be hidden. The issue is racism, poverty, and oppression. The only reason that mother who was caught on camera disciplining her kid by slapping him around, became a media hero, was not because she was being a parent, she was slapping a young black kid, and that's why we liked it, for no other reason.

General Comments

to "this is silly,open carry laws",have you ever heard of a joke? do not take your self SO SERIOUS!maybe we can get the Nigerian witch doctor out on bond to fix all the problems in the city and county!

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Commissioners of this fine county may have short memories but they should not expect the rest of us to. They hired a guy and paid him $64,000 to tell them they should stick with the private firm that runs the jail in Liberty because the sheriff can't run it cheaper. But the folks in Livingston have already offered a money saving rescue plan that sends our prisoners to Polk County. Are we trying to save money or not?

General Comments

Wow! Liberty is becoming such a snake of a place....the local rookies are arresting people for a dirty license plate?!? Really, come on. Even though it is an offense let's get real. This city has gone to the birds due to it's corruption. Some things never change. Give a rookie a badge and watch him go. should focus on speeding in school zones. I never see our law enforcement in our school zones. What a joke!

Yes your are correct. Hwy. 146 is a race track from Liberty to Hardin and I never see a Liberty cop stopping anyone. I guess they are too busy at Wal-Mart.

Want to fix Liberty County - Rex for Sheriff and Brent Slaughter for Chief Deputy!

Brent slaughter for chief deputy!!!...seriously and rex evans for sherriff!!!...get off tha dope yall ran rex off before huh people in this county is so wishy washy...just because the sheriff radar slapped the wrong family everybody wants to cry...yall won't be satisfied until meth heads take over.

Is some misguided soul suggesting the same "REX" that had half the world watching on tv waiting to see a bunch of bodies dug up in Hardin Texas a few years ago should be the county sheriff? Rex Evans? you have to be kidding!

Dear Bret, in reference to Rex calling the media, You know him being a Capt. at the Sheriffs Office, when given orders from your upper command has to fallow them just like he did. so that being said, you and Bobby need to find something else to try and make Rex look bad because that is not going to do it. Bret, as far as Brent being chief Deputy, He makes as much money now as Bobby, why would he leave from somewhere being the head of the department, making more money to going to the Sheriffs Office, being the second in command for less money. You like to start stuff on I-Dineout feedback just like you do at the office. You wonder why the Bret and Sherry show has low ratings at the office. Bret, if you want to talk about something, why not you tell everyone how Bobby Radars narcotic guru, Paul Young, who had a few of his employees, run from Liberty PD Officers in a vehicle so that they wouldn't get caught with drugs. Tell us how Paul shows up on scene in his personal vehicle, while Liberty PD works the scene and after all of that he kept the employees,why don't you tell us how we can expect him to keep the drugs off the street, when he cant even keep it out of his own place of business?

LCSO Forms Family Assistance Unit

Sounds like Bobby Rader is preparing for the 2016 election. He will do anything to be re-elected, even calling on a preacher brigade to do it. No offenses to preachers, but you are being used to try to seal the deal of the 2016 election for your Boss. You 4 need to know he is not sincere and using your good name, to enhance his bad name as Liberty County Sheriff. Maybe Sgt. Timmy can get a preacher card. I Think he needs on the preacher squad and stay away from running the Sheriff's Department...

Are these pastors/deputies, going to be taken off the street and we lose 4 more patrol deputies to a "special" assignment that we do not need like "swat". Sheriff Rader is the biggest disappointment to Liberty County law enforcement. Read the constitution Sheriff about separation of church and state. I "pray" you are never re-elected in this county. Amen.

In regard to the LCSO Family Assistance Unit... It looks like someone didn't read the entire article, or the U.S. Constitution that they mentioned. There won't be any deputies removed from the street because the pastors are VOLUNTEERS from the community. They are NOT DEPUTIES. The article also stated that the idea has been done before, just in larger agencies. Police departments and Sheriff's Offices have utilized chaplains for decades. Liberty PD has used a chaplain for over 20 years. It's not a "separation of church and state" matter because the government isn't forcing religion on anyone, nor are they telling anyone to stop worshiping how they want to. All the Sheriff is doing is providing clergy assistance to those who want it. He's even gone so far as to say he'd provide a specific minister if any of the volunteer chaplains don't quite fit the bill. It's real simple. If you have an incident at your home and don't want any clergy there, none will be summoned.

In reference to Sheriff Rader initiating the Chaplain's at the Sheriff's Office: Let me start off by saying that I have known Bobby for many years. As a judge, he was probably one of the best that Liberty County has ever had, and have always considered him a friend. It's time to be honest, and set the record straight! Bobby, I have set by and watched you send press releases claiming false numbers for arrests in the County, that were false stats, until I-DINE-Out proved you and the S.O. wrong. Once again, here you are claiming that you were the person whom initiated the Chaplain's to assist the S.O., this an untrue statement, as well. Truth be told, Chaplain's were present, and came when needed, going back to the good old days when Greg Arthur and OJ Stewart were Sheriff. With that being said, my friend, you have got to be one of the worst Sheriff's Liberty County has ever had in office, you and Henry Patterson could run a tight race of being the worst. I think Raywood needs a good judge, you should consider going back to what you are good at, being a J.P.!

The poor little group trying to make Sheriff Rader a bad sheriff and a bad person has now stepped over the line. Acting like ministers have been fooled by Bobby Rader because he welcomed themaboard to help make this community all it can be? That is just plain stupid! Most of us welcome their help. And most of us know Bobby Rader has been a strong committed Christian for many many years. Pretending this is a political ploy speaks more about the little group who have someone they want to run than anything it says about the Sheriff.

General Comments

On the 27th early in the morning some punks damaged several mail boxes in and around Hardin. Costing many people money to replace them. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Please help catch these PUNKS. They will brag about this to someone. If you know or here anything please call the Sheriff' Office or Crime Stoppers. Thanks

General Comments

I may have missed it, but why hasn't the names of the police who were involved in the shooting at the Check and Cash robbery been disclosed as of yet?

The reason the names of the officers involved in the check cashing shooting by Liberty Cop has not been released is because of the major coverup going on. Lots of evil minds are working hard to cover their @sses. How can a public servant shoot a man in the back and then hide from the public eye? ONLY IN LIBERTY COUNTY, CORRUPTION IN LIBERTY CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT! The new police chief has settled in real good.

Please, post this source of where you got this information that the officer shot the suspect in the back at Check into Cash. All I have read was that the suspect was in active robbery and had two women tied up. On top of that, the man charged the officer- and was shot in his side, not back.

Who cares who shot the person that was ROBBING and TERRORIZING the employees of the Check and Cash? He was in the wrong!! I appreciate the officers who protect us...seriously, A COVERUP? Get a life or move to another county!!

attemped robbery at cash&check,if anyone,and IF is a big word,has ever had any dealings with the City Of Liberty Police Department,you should know not to believe anything,as the old saying goe's,"believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see".

Please do not judge the officer without the facts. they put their life on the line for YOU. Could have easily been her/him going home in a body bag.

General Comments

Is there a line item listing of how the LISD plans to spend the funds should the bond election pass? I have heard so many million for this, so many million for that, in rather broad categories. Surely they must have what those categories include. I remember in one, or more, of the prior bond elections, large sums were planned to be used for ticket booths at the football stadium.

If you go to the site, there are videos that go through how the funds will be spent. It is on the home page in the middle and is titled Bond Informational Videos.

General Comments

Did we negotiate a contract that forbid working on Saturday? When the contractor working on the new city of Liberty street to the by pass does not work Saturdays or Sundays and it rains three week days a week on the average, it leaves residents who do not live in the Mayor's mansion or in Travis Park detouring for months around their mess.

I too agree with the poster about the new road construction, if they aren't working why keep the road closed? It is really a pain to have to detour around in order to get to that part of town avoiding all the traffic. Then again thinking about it when was the last time anyone saw any City of Liberty officials or their spouses shopping in that area of town? I was surprised to see one local attorney shopping for fruit once in Walmart, he was in and out in a flash. During the Xmas season the local media tells the citizens to "shop locally", never have I ever seen a local city council person ever there shopping for anything lol. When Lewies was open and it's owner died, the local radio station went on and on about how Lewies was a main stay in our community, forgetting to mention how inflated its prices were, and acting like so many of Liberty's finest frequented the store lol. There is definitely a double standard about how the town looks at who and what is expected from its citizens, if you are in the socially acceptable group you walk between the raindrops, if not you get wet.

General Comments

this is a long overdue rebuttal to kshn newsletter of thurs.,09/06/2007,vol.22,#172.county attorney gary bunyard statement regarding arrest.texas law ss38.03,resisting arrest,search,or transportation.(a)a person commits an offense if he intentionally prevents or obstructs a person he knows is a peace officer or a person acting in a peace officer's presence and at his direction from effecting an arrest,search,or transporation of the actor by USING FORCE AGAINST THE PEACE OFFICER OR ANOTHER.YOU CAN NOT KNOCK ON ANYONE'S DOOR,WITHOUT REASONABLE SUSPICION AND OR PROBABLE CAUSE,AND OR WITHOUT AN ARREST WARRANT AND OR SEARCH WARRANT,AND EFFECT AN ARREST.IT IS NOW,AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES TO DO SO.ONLY AFTER A PERSON AND OR PERSON'S, HAVE BEEN LAWFULLY ARRESTED MUST THE PERSON AND OR PERSON,SHOW AND OR GIVE THEIR FULL LEGAL NAME,RESIDENCE ADDRESS AND DATE OF BIRTH.FAILURE TO I.D.,SS38.02.HAVE A GREAT DAY YA'LL!CHANGE WILL COME TO THE CITY AND COUNTY.a badge and or uniform doe's not give anyone the right to break the law.

General Comments

Things have turned dirty in the run for Mayors race in the City Of Dayton. Hang tight Mr. Stephens and continue your path. We all see what's happening and it will cause those few to regret what they are doing.

Re: At the Dayton election Candidate Forum at the Dayton Civic Center, it was somewhat funny at the lack of knowledge Jeff Lambright started the night, but by the end of the forum, Candidate for Mayor Steven Stevens, a past Mayor of the City of Dayton had schooled him about city government. Former Mayor Stephens did not run because of health issues of his Wife at that time. He was not defeated. I'm not really sure if Mr. Stevens is schooling anyone. From what I've heard, the city council members are already in the process of doing many of the things he's basing his campaign promises on this time around. He didn't keep from running due to his wife being ill. According to his quote to the Dayton News he didn't run so he and his wife could enjoy time off together.

I heard the rumor that Mr Stephens was against buildings of the fire and police departmnts and it made me upset. I cauaght Mr stephens at the old time days and now I know fore sure how he stands. he sayed from his mouth he is not against building those places.

I have seen a semi negative campaign on Steve Stephens Facebook page and also in various postings by his friends. I have not seen nor heard any negative comments about Steve Stephens from the other candiate. I have to wonder who is starting these rumors. Only Mr Stephens seems to know. I really see no difference in the candidates except their personalities.

The negative campaign posting has disappeared from the local Facebook page. So someone is backing off.

I have not seen any other negative campaigning from the other Candidate. Who in the World do you think your fooling? I have recently took an interest in the City election because I live here and the talk has taking my interest as a Citizen of Dayton. Its a shame that people lie and spread rumors in which to get someone elected, so I did some research. The one thing I learned was that is a fact that I do not want is a Tax Man as my Mayor! Yes Jeff Lambright is the Tax Man. He works at the C.A.D. I don't want a Mayor whom works for and has ties to raising our Taxs! Plain and simple, and that's a fact.

I want to briefly address the person who is apparently mis-informed, or ignorant, regarding his comment aimed at Mr. Stephens, quote, “In regards to the race for mayor for the City of Dayton, Mr. Stephens, have you ever asked a city official, administrator, or citizen to help stop, kill, or prevent the current process in which the city is currently pursuing to receive funds to build a new police/fire department?” Unquote. Have you ever taken the time to make a call to meet with the police chief to ask for a tour of the police station before shooting your mouth off? I don't think so. It is an old dilapidated building with no security, the police officers have very limited and cramped space in which to complete their daily reports, the offices are small and cramped, dispatch, although functional, is very antiquated and dispatchers have to work with computer and outdated 911 systems,the old 1940's electrical wiring throughout the building is substandard for today's technology, and worst of all, there are bats living in the attic that get into the offices which adds to the bottom line because an exterminator has to be on call to remove them. The old fire department also needs modernizing to keep up with a growing city that is adding new structures on a daily basis. So, why would Mr. Stevens want to try to block or stop, a project that he approves of and knows that is badly needed? You are out of touch with not only reality, but progress.

Oooo No! The Tax Man, not Me

Do you know which candidate alders is supporting for Dayton Mayor? I won't say who, but I assure you it's not Jeff Lambright!! What's in it for alders to support the other candidate? He wants control of the county again. It's just that simple. Vote for Jeff and stop the attack.

There we go again, more lies to get Lambright elected. We"ve heard you spilling these lies lately and know who you are. You should be ashamed of yourself

THE TAX MAN COMETH AND THE TAX MAN TAKETH AWAY. A vote for Jeff Lambright is a vote for him and his running buddy Dwight Pruitt to raise the value on your property at Liberty County Central Appraisal District, then raise your tax rate at the city of Dayton. Boy that is double dipping.

Hardin I.S.D. Bomb Threat

Hardin School… A bomb threat was made to Hardin ISD today. The Sheriff’s Department dispatched the NEWS media from Houston first and then all the law enforcement in Liberty County to the scene. Now most of us know that the call was a hoax and I definitely understand about the safety of our kids in these schools. But why does the Sheriff’s Department dramatize those types of calls? Get in those schools and search them. That’s what you get paid to do. But no, let’s call the ATF and have more drama. Rader loves to go to these local schools with his boss Brett Audilet and show off his drug dog “Sherry”. My understanding is that the kids are taught about how Sherry the K9 takes drugs off the street. The only drugs taking off the street here in Liberty County are from the PD’s and Constables. Quit all the drama and lying and maybe it’s time to trade ole Sherry in for a bomb and cadaver dog. After all we have had two bomb threats in the county and two deaths in the jail in the last couple of weeks.

What kind of idiotic moron is so ate up with wanting their buddy to be sheriff that they criticize Sheriff Rader for bringing in the highly trained ATF bomb-sniffing dog to respond and clear all of the campuses. By 1:30 p.m. we all felt safe. Before that it was a crap shoot in our favor with hundreds of kids used as pawns.

RE: Hardin ISD Bomb Threat I have heard and read so many people criticize the teachers, staff, law enforcement about what they did wrong. You never know how YOU will handle a situation and do it to the best of their ability. Parents didn't like how they were notified, well at least they attempted to notify you and you didn't hear about it when your child got home from school. Criticized because they were only given limited food, at least they tried to feed them what they could and get them something to drink. Criticized because they brought in the ATF dogs, had they not then you would have criticized that too. As a parent I was extremely worried but running up there only would fuel the chaos and make the kids feel even more nervous and worried...let people do their job and if you don't like it, then next time you can sit in a potential harmed building and personally call every parent and personally deliver food and water to every child at the school district!

The kind of "idiotic moron" that will say and do anything to be considered for sheriff next time would spout such nonsense. The rest of us are glad the bomb threat was handled so completely.

If I felt the same about our sheriff as some of you people on here, I would move out of the county. If he is as inept as you all say he is, how can you actually lay down and go to sleep at night. I would be barricaded in my house with guns poking out every window.

General Comments

At the Dayton election Candidate Forum at the Dayton Civic Center, it was somewhat funny at the lack of knowledge Jeff Lambright started the night, but by the end of the forum, Candidate for Mayor Steven Stevens, a past Mayor of the City of Dayton had schooled him about city government. Mayor Stevens did not run because of health issues of his Wife at that time. He was not defeated.

General Comments

In regards to the race for mayor for the city of Dayton... Mr. Stepehens, have you ever asked a city official, city administrator, city staff member, or city citizen to help stop, kill, or prevent the current process in which the city is currently pursuing to receive the funds to build the future Dayton fire/police station?

General Comments

What ever came of the Willie Carter/ housing scandal? I hope this is not another deal like with Phil. Local officials that are being paid to keep folks honest and punish the ones that aren't need to come to the plate and let us know what has happened and what they are going to do about it.

The old broom is out and Willie will never face any charges.

Second Person Dies at Liberty County Jail

Another one dies in the jail, this time suicide. Who is dropping the ball there so consistently?

Re: Another one dies in the jail, this time suicide. Who is dropping the ball there so consistently? //// Maybe if they would not being doing all of their criminal stuff they would not have to hang themselves in jail!! SMH! One more scumbag we taxpayers do not have to pay for.

Here we go again, another death in the Liberty County jail. What does that make about a dozen in the past several years? But we can all sleep well tonight knowing that the Texas Rangers, DA and LCSO will be (covering up) investigating the crime. Maybe our Honkytonk jjudge can go down to the jail and serenade the prisoners while the Texas Rangers and LCSO shreds documents, falsify reports and deletes video. The curse continues.

To the poster who called the person who committed suicide a "scumbag". The only difference between him and you, or me, is he got caught. I always marvel at how indignant some people get over how their tax money is spent. They pretend to be so self righteous only on some things not others.

To the person calling the person who committed suicide a scumbag, people like you are the reason Liberty County has serious corruption problems and a general disconnect with the people. The insensitive disregard for people and their rights in Liberty County is a sad indictment of the people who run it... From the DA through the sheriff and local DPS and other phoney balogna people, Liberty County elected officials are killing the people. No one is safe, no one!

To the people that has commented on the deaths in the jail .Has any one asked the questions about medical staff? CEC has successfully gotten reed of all the nursing staff that has been there for years and replaced them with nurses that worked in Livingston where they lost the contract mainly due to poor medical care. I do not understand how Bobby has let this happen. We need to get the jail back to where local people has a job and let CEC take their staff back to Livingston/New Jersey. WE will never know what happens there as long as the Nurse and the PA/Doctor goes on vacation to gather. The cooperate Nurse Lavine Wright RN has the company fooled in her ability to run medical she just keeps the Doctor and PA in her back pocket and covers up what happens in the jails. Warden Carnes you are a joke and all the medical staff that did there job you wanted gone you are getting what you dissever you only wanted the people from Livingston to work for you and now the prisoners are dyeing you must have something to hide or is it you are afraid that some of the locals will tell what really happens behind the bars.

Ok first off let me get something strat , when someone is put in jail they always check them out and take all of there things so they can do any thing to them selfs. There is no way that any one could hang there self with a shoe lace in a jail . This is wrong and someone did this to this man. Where in the hell could he had gotten a shoe lace in the first place. No he had help . And for the lady that passed away ... Something was going on with her when she come in. I will be the first a long with 20 others that will be going to see the governor of Texas because I don't care what someone has dune if they have medical problems jails need to take note and let them see a DR. ASAP. It's ok liberty co is not the only one on my list. Montgomery county Is as well. My some was in Montgomery County for a no show to court And he was sentence for 100 days and he has 5 cancers tumors and my son was not given medical when he was in need. He was throwing up blood and hurting so bad and when I would go see him he said they where going to take him down to be seen... We'll never happened at all. I got a lawyer ASAP and got him out fast. And one of the men in there with him had come out and he had bacterial flash disease on his face. My son said it's bad and they didn't want to do any thing for it. There was a lady that I had see coming out and she was waiting on her husband and they had been falsely arrested for Breaking in their own building because they where called on by some lady that lives in a rent home this man and lady had. She ask if I had some money I ask her why was she wanting something to eat she said yes she had only had water. She had just got out of the hospital that day and that night the cops came a put her and her husband in jail. The jail would not let her take her med's . And her husband to was not in Good health He had a pacemaker and some other health problems ,the lady told me to that when she would ask the jailer to give her her med's she said they told her no she was not getting them.They got a lawyer and it's not over for Montgomery county . I knew one more day my son being in there he may to had died. I don't care if any one has dune you don't put someone in jail and not give them there med's . And keep a close Watch on them.

General Comments

Texas is closer to an open carry law becoming a reality. How much more stupid can things get? There are too many guns out there in the first place, now the legislators want to make it easier to carry guns. Those in favor of this ignorance scream "personal protection" makes it necessary that is nothing more than BS! With the consumption of alcohol on the rise, and the incidents of road rage climbing as well it's nothing more than a recipe for social disaster.

Another anti gun nut with great logic. Drunken shootouts, and cars speeding down the highway shooting at each other. Sounds like the making of a good tv show. Too bad it won't be a reality show. Because it isn't and won't happen. Texas already has concealed carry, and open carry of long guns yet these drunken shoot outs are rarely if ever heard of. Most people that are shot are unarmed and shot by someone that illegally has a gun. Much of the time in a place where guns are forbidden. The reality is guns prevent crime. Millions of these gun nuts attend gun shows and shooting ranges across the country, ever heard of a shooting at one of those?

About the gun laws, millions of criminals carry guns every day illegally, and without a permit. Would you honestly prefer for only these criminals to be armed? I sincerely want to know. Would you rather put millions of innocent families in danger simply because you don't want to grant them their right to defend themselves?

Leave it to a gun nut to defend carrying weapons and deny the incidents that should preclude carrying weapons. In your post you said it's mostly unarmed shot by those who illegally carry guns, two days ago in Washington State an infant was shot in its car seat in a road rage incident. You Mr. Gun Nut are a real Einstein aren't you? By your impeccable logic if the baby had had its gun then it wouldn't have been shot right? Or are you trying to say that Texas is immune from such incidents because it's so special? It's special alright, and not in a good way either. The ones who defend the rights of anyone anywhere anytime to be able to carry a gun over the safety of the innocent have blood on their hands. Anytime an innocent person is shot or killed or there is a mass killing gun nuts and the NRA are guilty of the blood of these innocent people. Oh yeah by the way January 26, 2013 marked the day six people were shot accidentally at a gun show. Google it you gun nut moron.

Two years ago 6 people were ACCIDENTALLY shot at a gun show. More people are shot every weekend in Chicago, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. 10x the number of children harmed by guns drown in swimming pools every year. Want to do away with them too? You still can't escape the fact that we have people all over this state already licensed to carry a weapon and it is very rare that you hear of any of these incidents happening involving one of them. Your warning of drunkin shootouts is as stupid as it gets and anyone with any common sense or ability to apply logic can see that.

In the latest posting war about guns its funny the pro gun groups run to defend accidental shootings at gun shows and ignore the possibility of the danger of carrying guns and mixing alcohol consumption as a fairy tale never to be a reality, but not one mention the fact of the road rage incident where an infant is shot while in its car seat! That is a little too hard to defend, which shows the disingenuousness of their position. Which really doesn't make a difference anyway, the love affair with guns by these people is "off the hook" so to speak. It's used to defend their idea of patriotism, while ignoring the other virtues. This issue is a cancer in the nation, it has perverted the Second Amendment, the motivation behind owning guns is way past any type of reason or logic, men and women who barely made it through school find some kind of social validation in owning guns that are of no practical use in hunting or anything productive. They love to buy needless weapons that they will never have the chance to use just to bring them to work and show them to their coworkers who will "oooh and awwww" them into some sort of sick social bonding. The idiot who sponsored this open carry bill needs to be run out of office in the next election.

"open carry",gives a whole new meaning to "high noon",one way to settle disputes,on the court house steps.

This is silly, open carry laws will not create high noon situations. The people carrying, will be the same ones that are currently carrying, only now its visible.

General Comments

Liberty residents, please check your electric bill. I follow my rates each month and noticed a 6.76% increase from March to April billing. My billing was from 3/9 to 4/9. Last months kWh rate was .10824 and this months rate was .11556. If you take the amount of money charged for electricity and divide by the consumption, you get your rate or at least thats what I was told. How can a rate change that much in 1 month? from last november to March, my rate was steady and now this. Am I wrong? Are others noticing the same thing happening? Just would like an answer.

To the Liberty resident complaining of his electrical increase, to paraphrase ol' Claytie Williams concerning a similar matter, just lay back and enjoy it.

I read where the electical co-op the city of Liberty is a member of hired a local attorney Fluctuations in the monthly rate one just be one more smelly particular.

The city of Liberty is a member of the co-op that is centered in Livingston and they are the entity that bills me for the electricity they access through the co-op. They would be the ones that are responsible for adding to my bill beyond the cost of the purchase they make as a member of the SRMPA. A lawsuit freeing us to solicit and choose competition may be the only way we lower our rates and win the game we are forced into with this Mayor.

General Comments

I noticed in the Dayton Mayoral Candidates announcement that one of them failed to mention they were responsible for building that atrocious railroad water tower on the West side of town - if elected, he should be banned from even thinking about building anything again -- forever.

I drive tru that part of town twice a day 5 days a week. There's nothing wrong with that water tower. Sounds as if your just a bitter little boy.

To the person writing in about the ATROCIOUS water tower in Dayton. my, my, my, are you still a bedweter

General Comments

Whoever is responsible for placing Liberty County legal notices in the newspaper needs to be informed that Craig McNair is no longer our county judge. I'm sure that Thursdays half page legal notice was a waste of money and time. See what happens when you give responsibilities to minimum wage employees? You get what you pay for.

Woman Dies in Liberty County Jail

The woman who died in the custody of the liberty county jail needs to be investigated, and not by the local police either. When you are in jail the jail has the duty to make sure you are well taken care of, since you are in THEIR custody. I have know several incidents of people who have been in jail and they tell of incidents of being all but ignored by the jail personnel when it comes to medical care. It doesn't even have to be a medical situation, I know of one woman who was placed in a holding cell for up to two days, and a jailer noticed that she hadn't been processed, there was no telling how long that would have gone on before she was noticed. The family of the dead woman needs to hire an attorney, not a local attorney, and sue the living Sh@t out of the County on this one. Regardless of the situation the jail is culpable for the safety of the inmates.

We can all rest easy in Liberty County knowing the Texas Rangers and LCSO will be investigating (covering up) the death that occurred in the Liberty County jail. How many more people have to be abused, killed, denied medical treatment before the numbskull judges and commissioners take back the operation of the jail in Liberty County? Liberty County officials have a curse upon them, this curse started years ago and will continue measured by the corruption they all share and continue. REPENT!

I think it is ironic that all want the County Jail taken back under the Liberty County Sheriff. Anytime the Commissioner's Court spends money, the Public gripes so taking the County Jail back will be costly. Does the Public want the Jail back or do we want employee salaries increased and better medical insurance? The Commissioners Court has only has so much money...

General Comments

I heard some Liberty Co deputies talking about the Bret and Sherry show. Does anyone know what this is

To the person asking about the Bret and Sherry show. I work at the SO and Bret and Sherry run the circus here. They are affectionaly known as the Bret and Sherry show by everyone that is leaving and the ones that want to leave.

Brett and Sherry are controlling, and disrespectful people. Brett is hands down the rudest, most unprofessional person I have EVER worked with. And as far as Sherry, you used to be well liked, what the hell!!

Dear Bret and Sherry show , Y'all don't have to make stuff up on I-dineout, the same way y'all do in the Sheriffs Office, like putting on here about Brent being the Chief Deputy. Brent makes more money as the Police chief than the Sheriff himself makes, come on get real. Bret, you do the same kind of stuff inside the department and everyone's getting tired of it, we know its you posting because the comments that come out of your mouth gets posted a couple of days after you say them in front of people. Use your head, buddy! If you're going to post things and don't want people to know it's you, please post first, then talk about it afterwards! Thought you were more intelligent than that. Guess not! By the way Sheriff, if you want to know why law enforcement in Liberty County are talking about not supporting you, it's not because they like Rex, it's you letting things go on like the Bret and Sherry show.

General Comments

wow, a liberty pd officer guns down a man in cold blood by shooting him in the back... Then the liberty police chief gets up and public ally sucks up to everyone in the county "Speaking to the Liberty Rotary Club Tuesday, new Liberty Police Chief Thomas Claunch had high praise for the Liberty Police Department, as well as the Liberty County Sheriff’s and DA’s Offices, DPS and Dayton PD." what a kiss butt

Re: "Liberty PD officer guns down a man in cold blood". I will not resort to name calling are obviously ignorant to the actual facts of this case. Do yourself (and others) a favor and stop spouting off your rude opinion. You do the City officials an injustice by not knowing facts yet spewing very negative comments in a situation that was very volatile.

To the person accusing Liberty PD officer of shooting a Robbery Suspect, in the need to get your facts straight. Robbery is a Crime, in case you missed that point, too. As is attacking an officer when they try to arrest you.

To the poster who said, "wow, a liberty pd officer guns down a man in cold blood by shooting him in the back...". I am sure that if a thief broke into your house and was attacking one of your family members, you would tell him to turn around before you can shoot him. And when he doesn't, you will just let him continue to hurt your family member. Right?

And while we are talking, where did it say that the suspect got shot in the back. I believe that the story said the suspect was shot in the side while charging the officer. Oh wait a minute, maybe he was running backwards at the officers. You people need to get a life.

General Comments

Liberty too! I can see LISD is going to keep going out for bonds until it finally passes. Fine. I will vote for it this time but with reservations. Priorities and common sense should inform any voter that the strength of any school and the abilities of any school to teach rest with the teachers. Liberty ISD should give teachers a raise before they do anything else. LISD is not competing with their main competitors for good teachers and it relies too heavily on LISD to sacrifice pay for location. It also relies too heavily on seccond income college grad to endure being underpaid. The top men are paid well but the ladies are left with salaries that can hardly pay the bills. I told my sister to apply at Barbers Hill or Dayton and forget the Panther Pride. Make a decent living. Teaching is a full time job and anyone who has done it knows it.

I am considering voting "for" this school bond. If it were as large as Dayton's I would not consider it. They will regret that vote sooner rather than later. But Liberty ISD's is more reasonable in size. It has a few glaring "crazies' though. For example - a new library? I love books and assume the book lovers in charge are influenced by their own love for books, but leadership needs to join the 21st century. Rather than even enlarging the library, but computers. I am aslo concerned because i keep reading about how old the administration building is. Are we going to turn around in a couple of years and refinance and borrow again? I can be convinced to vote "yes' but I would like the money spent to be spent smarter.

Three Former Beaumont ISD Employees Sentenced in Warehouse Fraud Scheme

Three Former Beaumont ISD Employees: Actually only one was an employee. He just paid his wife/girlfriend $196.000 for not working and another woman also. Good racket he had there for over two years.

General Comments

ATTENTION LHS CLASS 1971: June 2016 will be our 45 year reunion. I figure if we all pitch in and start now gathering names, contact information, phone numbers, and email addresses we might be able to locate most of our surviving classmates. I will not be the organizer as I have been in the past. I am hoping some of you long time Liberty residents will step up and volunteer to do this. I will help with locating people but otherwise it will everyone else's choice on when, where and how to do this reunion. I live in Colorado and won't be attending the reunion.

I had to laugh at the post about the 1971 class 45 year reunion. I graduated in that class in 71 and all I can say is who cares ? LMAO! Now if it was a reunion to speak about the bizarre teachers we had and the obviously deranged administration that year then it may be worth it.

I am the lady that posted about the LHS Class of 1971 reunion. I want to respond to the person who was criticizing our class and administration: I totally disagree with your thoughts on this subject. We had very good teachers and admins at LHS. Maybe you were using drugs back in those days and just don't have clear or accurate memories of 1966-1971. I would love to know who you are and possibly have you join our FB page. My name back then was Janie Wilkey. Are you brave enough to say who you are? Look me up on FB and make comments on all the Liberty groups so others can respond to you. I would like to locate all the surviving class members by early next year and send them the information on the reunion. I will be making a memorial book for those that have passed away. I believe there are more than 20 in our class that have died over the years. I hope to see you on FB soon.

I think it's pathetic to be still hanging on to such a banal experience as being a student in Liberty in those years. To accuse me of being on drugs in those days is the epitome of what being a student then was all about for some of us, being judged less than socially acceptable by the cliques that were ubiquitous. Some of the teachers were exceptional, many were not. I still remember hearing the threat from the principal telling us graduates if "you don't go by the rules, you wont graduate", so he would withhold our diplomas we had coming to us just because some of us wanted to wear shorts under our gowns? The young lady who was denied walking with us because she was pregnant? If you want to really know and celebrate our class why don't you look into how many of our classmates are alcoholics, prescription drug abusers, domestic violence victims, no lets just wallow in a fantastical nostalgic remembering of a time that wasn't all that great for some. High School was time to see if they could cultivate good little sycophants for those who were popular or hoped to be popular or worse yet thought they were popular. For the most part the teachers were friends of the popular students families so they were shown favoritism, those who weren't were shown apathy and disdain most especially if you happen to black or poor. Have a good reunion, and see about increasing your meds it may help your take on reality.

Well, I am the person who found fault with the reunion fever and I see that Janie you took it to FB. Did you think you would make some kind of point in all of this without addressing the issues I made in my post? You must really be having a hard time with your life, and I guess this is where I am supposed to offer some type of solace at that? Forget it. The FB posts read like a segment from the Dr. Phil or Oprah show, ridiculous and silly. Getting so upset at what I posted about the thing says much more about your state of emotional stability than anything else. Being unable to defend your position with facts and reason, you instead attempt to drag others into it to shore up your position by some kind of "come on gang we'll show this person who's right and who's wrong Panthers roar!" I'm laughing so hard I can barely type lol. Get a life.

General Comments

I understand that a website such as this may not always have factual feedback. With that being said, can anyone reading this tell us, factually, when Ricebelt road will open? The men working on the road don't seem to know, even though they will say it's finished!

I don't even know where Rice Belt Road is, but people wanting to know when raod work will be completed when we have had day after day of weather reports citing 80% chance of rain or more should use their common sense. If the weatherman says it is going to rain, work is not planned. Duh!

Ricebelt road is open!!! Thanks to all who worked on it...

No matter how stupid it is, some people will look a gift horse in the mouth. Out of what seems like the blue, Mike McCarty does what no commissioner before himwas able to do. He secured money to fix Rice Belt Road correctly. Not patchwork or pothole droplets. The road is really a first class road. So what does "IKnowWhoDO", goes public and complains that during the most rain this area has had in over a decade, it is taking too long. I was having to drive nearly into the fence to get around the road before this work started. Take the gift sir and thank God for Mccarty and his crew next time you drive down Rice Belt Road.

General Comments

boomerang tube:the good,hard working,tax payers of liberty,should ask this.did boomerang tube pay osha the $468,000.00 and or the $268,000.00 they were fined,and if so how come they can not pay the taxes on time?makes one go hmm.

General Comments

I really wish someone would do something about this AP named Cantu at Dayton High School. This guy is rude. He's a big bully. He's always picking on the students and staff. I don't understand why he still has a job. I know if he yells or calls my kid out like he did with one student,( which was upset because of a death in the family) I know Dayton High School will have more than a Drug Problem.

I know. This is the same guy that I commented about last year that tried to fight a female staff member in front of students after school. He has a nasty attitude. I really don't care for him at all. I moved my kids from Dayton because he always had something to say to my kids. My kids go to Barbers Hill now, and man, they love it. Not one problem since me moved. I've talked to the AP's at BHS once, and that's only when I was checking my kids into school. DHS has really gone down. They better get him out before they lose more students. I know many teachers have left and are leaving. Poor Dayton.

General Comments

I have no way of validating this but someone I know who works for the City commented that the City via the city manager paid up to 20,000 dollars for Tracy Byrd to come and perform for the Jubilee. Now if that is true, and I know of no way to find out if it is true, but that was an extravagant amount of money for the City to pay out for such a lackluster event. There needs to be an investigation into this to see if it is true.

I have no way of validating this but someone I know who works for the City commented that the City via the city manager paid up to 20,000 dollars for Tracy Byrd to come and perform for the Jubilee.//// So they throw out a little money for the little people and you are upset? LOL! Have I heard you complain about all of the money spent on a new police station, city hall, fire station, new street that was not needed, and especially the Liberty Intercontinental Airport for 20 people to use? Well have I?

General Comments

Can anyone give me any information on the Class of 1965 Liberty High School Reunion for April 18, 2015. Where is the Pickett House?

Investigation Continues in Shooting of Strong Arm Robbery Suspect

Investigation Continues- ok, the Texas Rangers are going to cover up this crime by this officer shooting an unarmed man like they always do. This is but another republican administration attempted murder of minorities in the community. If the Texas Rangers aren't corrupt, they should arrest the trigger happy officer who gunned down this young man. They should also arrest the new police chief of Liberty and numerous other corrupt local politicians on the commissioner's court starting with the new honkytonk county judge. Black, white, yellow and red lives matter- get it liberty PD?

You got to be kidding me the Rangers, Co. Judge and Commissioners are at fault and all are corrupt for what this turd did? You have lost your freakin mind. Arrest the Chief of Liberty? Get out from behind your computer and openly say that. An idiot trys to rob a store, ties up the employees and then trys to jump the Cops. What planet did you come from? Did ya cross the border from Iraq illegal? Get a freakin life

He may have been unarmed, but he tied up a couple of ladies and was gonna steal the loot.I wonder if the fact he was unarmed made these ladies any more comfortable. I wonder if the fact that he was unarmed made his mother any more proud. I'm glad the cops shot this piece of s**t.

Investigation continues into the strong arm robbery... So someone comes along and gives us the wisdom of "Black, white, yellow and red lives matter." You forgot a color in there: BLUE. Blue lives matter. You can't rob a store, then attack a police officer and not expect the police to defend themselves. it's also obvious the store robber didn't feel his life mattered much. It was his own actions, lack of self-preservation, lack morals, and lack of common sense that placed his life on the line. It's a real simple equation that some people still can't grasp. IF YOU COMMIT A MAJOR FELONY AND THEN ATTACK THE POLICE WHO TRY AND STOP YOU, YOU SHOULD EXPECT SOME BAD CONSEQUENCES.

If you have ever shot and killed a person, you suffer the rest of your life as a Peace Officer. How can being in the place, tying up the personnel and coming towards the Officer aggressively, the fault of the Officer. Last but not least how is our new County Judge, for this shooting called Corrupt? The four County Commissioners are also corrupt? Two of the four Commissioners are still hold a Texas Peace Officer’s License. Even Texas Rangers are corrupt for investigating the shooting. You must have an erection for the world or a nut job.

It's real simple, young man unarmed, runs to leave Valero and cop shoots him in the back. Trigger happy murderer cop, judge, jury and executioner all in one blue outfit. Yes, the Texas Rangers will cover up this crime for a fellow officer like they have been doing for over 100 years. Ever hear or found history of corrupt Texas Ranger, you never will, assassins and corrupt officials run deep in that bunch- You are are a bunch of sheeple and a joke.

Too bad, so sad. I don't care what color he was or if he was armed or not. He chose the consequences when he decided to rob the store.

People you need to realize there is a price for sin. People cause their grief. There is a price for disobedience. If you rob a store there is a great chance that you may cause your death or injury. You pay the price for sin. Had you not been stealing you would not have been shot. People plain and simple. It doesn't matter your race. You disobey authority you have the chance and paying a price with your life. People please stop accepting crimes that people commit. Parents teach your children to respect authority and stop putting themselves in has way and making excuses. There is a price for sin and disobedience. God teaches us this in his word. Teach your children that if you steal, kill etc. then you may have to pay the price for it. Come on !!! People really!!! Don't make excuses !!! Had he not been stealing he would have not been shot!! So if he had killed the ladies he tied up would that have been okay and excusable!!! No!!! Stop making excuses for the wrong!!! Officer are trained to do a job and they did what they were suppose to. He disobeyed authority and he paid the price. Parents get back to the fundamentals and teach your children and grandchildren respect for authority!!!

How Many People Arrested by LCSO in February

Bobby Rader is a habitual liar and the Sheriff's Department is imploding from within. This is happening because Sgt. Timmy Niemeyer is now running the Liberty County Sheriff's Department. Over half of the Sheriff's Department is very unhappy because of Sgt. Timmy being in charge of the whole Department. Citizens the Sheriff's Department is sinking and who will be the new Sheriff in 2016?

Rex Evans, please quit getting on here and running down the sheriff. Everyone knows you are behind some of the posts. Just because you are running for sheriff doesn't mean you should use this page for a place to bash him.

I wonder what would make a Sheriff lie like that?

If this is true I cant believe I voted for this man to be my Sheriff

Don't be too quick to blame all the nastiness about our local law enforcement on that gloryseeking Rex Evans and his bid to get in the limelight again and become sheriff. True that bunch of nuts he and the former Sheriff Patterson had as an entourage are surely enjoying the negative campaigning, but there is are another couple of people mad at Sheriff Rader. Jeff and Helen Green. While it should be beneath people of their status to attack the department and the sheriff, it seems entirely possible they are throwing gas on all of the over-hyped comments.

It seems that everyone is pointing their fingers at different people in the county because the Sheriff has lied again. This is not the first time numbers by Sheriff Rader has lied. The Sheriff steps away from the fray and everyone fights over comments. No everyone is standing around pointing fingers, hollering which way did the go? We know it is beneath the Greens, to accuse the Sheriff guess they maybe to pious. We have lost sight that the Sheriff lied about the numbers and Mr. Hinch confirmed the lie to Mr. Younblood after he filed a "Public Information Request“. So, why is everyone attacking everyone else, because of the Sheriff‘s inability to tell the truth in this matter. Did the Sheriff lie? Yes if he quoted numbers twice as much as actually arrested he told a lie. Henny Penny the sky is falling...

No one that I know is "attacking each other" over the negative campaign Rex Evans and others are orchestrating in an attempt to prepare to run for sheriff. When Allen Youngblood says Sheriff Rader's arrest records reflect arrest made by people other than deputies under Rader, I believe it because I know Allen to be an honest person. But when I think of Rex Evans and all of the junk he and Patterson were doing a few years ago, Rader's arrest report doesn't seem like a very big deal.

Liberty Police Shoot Strong Arm Robbery Suspect

What is going on at Valero in Liberty? Cops everywhere, crime scene tape, was it a shooting, stabbing, robbery. Hope the little girl that works there is alright.

In regard to the Valero story. Since when is it legal for a cop to shoot an unarmed person? This kind of thing is happening way too much. This new Liberty Police Chief was just hired and he is condoning executions in our town, When are these jack booted thugs going to stop persecuting and killing us? The people who pay their salaries. Where is our democratic society?

God bless the officer, she did nothing wrong. If the unarmed criminal gets the upper hand, its almost guaranteed that he will arm himself. She did right, we pray for her strength and that her department and community stands by her side.

For those that want to make a judgement based purely off of whether an officer of the law did right or wrong based on whether the criminal was armed, please reference the champion of your thinking, Quannel X. Quannnel X recently agreed to go through police traing dealing with making decisions that require instant decision making. Quannel X himself now says there is no way to discern if an officer might be shot or knifed or harmed in these situations. He then advised people to do everything they can to cooperate with the police. Liberty officers and future officers take heart. Pray. If you have been, or later are, in a situation and have to shoot someone, do the right thing. We are not paying you for you to die in honor of political correctness. Your soul should not be burdened for serving and protecting the way we asked you to.

"When are these jack booted thugs going to stop persecuting and killing us?" Are you SERIOUS? I knew this would start since this man is black. Nothing would have been said against the cop for protecting the other cop against a robber (who had two women tied up in the back of the store) who was attacking him, if the robber had been WHITE! You would all be saying "way to go!" So, lets try to keep color out of this and go by what happened to cause this man to be shot. I fully stand by her! She did what she had to do.

Liberty Police Shoot Strong Arm Robbery Suspect In regard to the Valero story. Since when is it legal for a cop to shoot an unarmed person? : Answer It becomes Legal The Minute A Stupid Gangster Gang Banging Hoodlum Decides That It Is OK To Steal From Others, Enters A Business, Strong-arm And Tie The Personnel Up .Then When Caught acting Like Any Self-serving Gang Banger Attacks The Law Enforcement That Answers The Cry For Help .Then Cries And Try’s Using The Race Card.: Moral Of Story, Get A Job Like Any, Average Law Abiding Citizen Does .

General Comments

What is mas amigos going to be? Seen they were doing work there. Was wondering if it was true what I heard about it becoming an iguana Joe's

Mas Amigos was purchased at Auction by Bill Connor with no immediate plans known to date.

General Comments

I just read... that Dayton Mayor Felix Skarpa has scheduled a Council meeting for May 4, 2015 (Five days before the city election, electing a new Mayor and possibly a new Council member). This meeting is for the council to vote and approve (at his request) the city borrow seven to eight million dollars to build a new police station and fire station. This request by Mayor Skarpa is being done WITHOUT TAXPAYERS APPROVAL. It seems to reason taxpayers should have a say as to whether or not they want to increase their taxes, as they will be the ones paying for these facilities with increased taxes. Questions the City Council should as themselves: Why is city council and Mayor Skarpa not allowing taxpayers a say in this matter? Why is Mayor Skarpa pushing to put taxpayers in debt for seven to eight million dollars (FIVE DAYS BEFORE CITY ELECTIONS) where voters will put a new Mayor and possibly a new council member in office? Is he so anxious to put his name on a building he is willing to violate the duties of Dayton City Mayor "TO REPRESENT DAYTON CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST'. While Dayton Taxpayers are struggling to pay their taxes, former Mayor Felix Skarpa will be looking for his next free meal.

City Council, LISD Board and Commissioners Joint Meeting

Here we go Boomrang to get a tax break. I bet they reduce their Tax Bill by 50%.. Well that means us taxpayers need to pay 50% of our Tax Bills... I say size the property and assets on the plant site unti Taxes are payed. They would go after me and you other Taxpayers to pay up and take us to court... They broke the Tax Abatement Agreement. Time to pay the PIper!

I see there is a joint 3-way meeting regarding taxes owed by Boomerang. In addition to that, Boomerang electric rates are subsidized by SRMPA at the tune of about half a million per year! Gotta love economic development! Wish I could get some. Great visionaries we have in this town.

boomerang tube.npt all over again?since boomerang tube is 98% owned by,with very deep pockets,one should ask why the can not pay the taxes that are owed.hmm?

DPS Seizes More Than Two Tons of Marijuana

Two tons of marijuana seized? That's just great. Now the price of weed is going to go up. Again!

General Commentsw

I was happy to hear about the recent drug busts in Ames and Dayton but when is law enforcement going to address the drug activity on Edgewood Street in Liberty? It's getting worse and people have reported it but no one seems to be doing anything about it...

General Comments

Dayton is electing a new Mayor on May 9th. I heard that Jeff Lambright has a website. I found it and read it to see what solutions he has to offer voters to short/long term problems facing Dayton. Lambright has verbiage about Dayton‘s future and no solutions to get to the future. A simple solution would be how Dayton is going to handle a crumbling infrastructure because of age and population growth. If you are a candidate and are clueless to any problems facing the city now or in the future is to mention the “infrastructure” as a persistent problem of all cities. City crews are always patching the old infrastructure. The site was perused and looked at under the “About” section and found no answers to any problems but a “bold faced” quote by MLK. If you know Jeff and his Dad, very well MLK quotes are not part of their daily vernacular. MLK Quote is just pandering to the Black Voter. If you know Jeff and his Dad then you would know they both are very far Right-Wing Members of The Conservative Party. Jeff is pandering to the pro-abortion voters by having a sign at the “Pregnancy Center” in Dayton. A Clueless Politician who sits on city council would be worthless as Mayor if he cannot see problems now or over the horizon.

To the person talking about Lambright, The "pregnancy center" in Dayton is by no means 'pro-abortion'.

General Comments


They are definitely a cult. Do not listen to their B.S - They change the Bible to suit themselves.

I read the post about the Jehovah Wittness coming and leaving reading material, and then being referred to as a cult. The Jehovah's are a benign group of religious communities that are just doing their ministry as they see it, and have suffered persecution because of their beliefs, whether they are cults or not I can't say. One thing I do know though there are some small churches around the area that do preach weird and strange things, and could be cultish as they form strange allegiance to their pastors which cause splits in their churches based on such attachments to the personalities of their pastors. The preoccupation with "the end times" and "the duty of the U.S. to support Israel based on the bible" and other teachings that are being preached in local small area churches are to my thinking much more a matter of concern than the Jehovah's and their pamphlets.

General Comments

I don't understand why a Dayton City Councilman can put his signs on the right of way of roads as he runs for Mayor. If it was one of us we would be put in jail.

That goes to show you if he can get by with the small things theres no telling what he would get by if elected Mayor.

Electrical Accident Under Investigation

Who dropped the ball with that City of Liberty employee getting hurt? Where were the inspectors that run roughshod over the citizens here about what is "code" or not, and what will get them to condemn your property if it isn't how they like it to be, by pulling some obscure ordinance to push the citizens around. Where were these all important johnny on the spots? They weren't doing their jobs that's where. There wasn't any reason for that or any other accident of that nature to have happened, I hope lawyers are lining up for this one.

City of Liberty electrical rates check out this link from Jasper Texas City Council Meeting: At least Jasper council people are asking questions. Listen to how much money has been made under the project and the money that is on hand at present. $38 million profit with $15 million hand for distribution. Why won't Liberty council members and Mayor ask for Liberty's share of that money to reduce our rates? Not to mention the $100's upon $100's of thousands of dollars they are spending on legal fees suing their former lawyer. I guess the City has returned to using the electrical profits on the backs of hard working folks to avoid doing anything with property taxes as it was many, many years ago.

General Comments

Can someone tell me why Sorrels Tree service feels the need to run up and down 1409 over the speed limit with his yellow light running in the roof? Is there a tree in distress somewhere?

Liberty Police Shoot Strong Arm Robbery Suspect

God bless the officer, she did nothing wrong. If the unarmed criminal gets the upper hand, its almost guaranteed that he will arm himself. She did right, we pray for her strength and that her department and community stands by her side.

General Comments

I would really like to know why the rates of electric are doubling for the past 4 months.Its ridiculous.

To the people who wonder why their City of Liberty bill is so high: THE CO-OP WHERE WE GET OUR ELECTRICITY IS PAYING BRUCE MINTZ MORE THAN $250,000! WHEN ALL THE BILLS ARE PAID AND THERE IS MONEY LEFTOVER - which should be all the time at the rate we are charged - our "co - op" does what with the money? Start a rumor we may get a discount on a bill or two?

General Comments

I talked to Commissioner McCarty last week and not only is the road he and his men have put in the best Rice Belt has ever had, they are also going further down than ever before. Thank you sir!

Who to believe? This site had a feedback message singing Commissioner McCarthy's praises and that Rice Belt Road in Devers would open Thursday (yesterday)... still closed! The issue he has with Mr Evans should not be cause for the rest of us to have to deal with our road being shut down for 2 months... we needed repairs and the weather wasn't good for road work. .. but this seems personal now!

"Who to believe?" about the Rice Belt Road resurfacing. Believe your own eyes! The road is finished and looks great. It is curing and will be ready to drive on soon. Commissioner McCarty and his men have built that road better tahn it has ever been built.Stop your bellyaching and bitching about somebody who thought it might be open Wednesday and be thankful.

Seriously? Let them close your road for 2 months and see how much you appreciate it!

In reference to Devers Ricebelt Rd. Some of you readers might not know but this was brought to commissioner McCarty 10 months ago! People singing his praises must not have had to drive it for the last 8 months and totally blocked out of it for 2 months....really. IT IS HIS JOB THAT HE IS PAID TO DO TO MAINTAIN THIS ROAD AND NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS ALMOST IMPASSABLE. And yes we will be happy to finally to get to use it but as of yesterday......still closed.

You have to be kidding me. My family has owned propertyon Rice Belt Road for over 100 years and the raod has NEVER been surfaced properly. No one wanted to spend the money. Nowadays Liberty county has not had the money. Commissioner Mike McCarty got a grant or it would have had to be done the same ole way again. It is true. It did take longer. It took months to receive the grant money. It took weeks to do the actual work because of all of the rain. But these impatient no-it-alls who are complaining need to reflect on all of the years of crummy repairs. All of the times we have had to drive off the raod to get around bad places on it. To fix it right took enduring complaints from people about the closed road but finally we got someone who would do it right regardless. Thanks Mike McCarty!

The critic who has a selective memory Rice Belt Road needs to realize before Mike McCarty was elected commissioner every couple of years some of us went "the long way" to avoid havving to drive into the ditch to get around places previous commissioners were slow to repair. Previous politicians avoided shutting down the road for very long by doing a shitty job. Kudos to you McCarty for doing it right the first time!

Gosh you folks in McCarty's commissioner area are complaining about how long a grant took and the weather delays on a road repair? While you folks are doing that we are told our road is nowhere on the plans to be fixed. Go figure. We would be thankful to on grant momney and weather. wait

Mismanagement Continues at LCSO

LCSO MISMANAGEMENT. This is a poor example of reporting. The time in question was acquired prior to Sheriff Rader taking office. I know this because I am former Deputy Michael Nugent. On several occasions I was forced to take take time off to bring my time down at times up to a month at a time. If an article is going to be written to criticize someone in office a little investigation should be done to insure that the article is correct. Signed former Deputy Michael Nugent.

You are another LCSO employee trying to help cover up Rader’s lies. Rader has FIVE deputy’s working narcotics, one media freak part-time Captain, one SWAT Captain, one Captain that is a YES man, one administration Captain, TWO sectary’s Veta and Shirley), a Sergeant that has a full time job elsewhere, one part-time carpenter Ed Webb, and one range master that we haven’t seen in two years and 3 months. Now ask yourself this one little question. IS THIS POOR MANAGEMENT? The correct answer would be YES. If the deputies are that overworked then these FOURTEEN (14) positions could be utilized to help the agency. With all these facts out there, now we will wait for Rader or one of these knuckleheads to respond with a BIG FAT LIE.

I would like to point out that you are putting the blame all on sheriff radar in reference to the issue of comp time and flex time which you new to review your sources because under sheriff Arther there was comp time and it was under sheriff Patterson that flex time was added to try to move time around and add another category to the time at the same time you will run down and talk about this but you are to faced to look into the $1.5 million law suit filed against the county and former and current members of the sheriffs department and who is paying for a law firm to protect all them that its the county and with tax payers money also this is a mismanagement if anything that is not in public records that has to be voted on but is done in private also when the county looses who will pay for all not the former employees but the county I believe you at i-dineout should get off your rump and look into it there is a good store there get out the other truth thank you for your time

Bobby Rader has been in office several years now Mr. Nugent. Why cant he get his office under control? As the article states MISMANAGEMENT

Management issue: Thank you former Deputy for speaking up. Mr. Youngblood the issue is not poor management, this issue is lack of deputies. Deputies are not allowed to take time off because then the streets would not have the proper coverage. Also comp time and flex time can be accured because of a major call at the end of shift, training, court, ect, all of which the deputy and Sheriff Rader have no control over. I have an idea, why dont we start paying our deputies over time each pay cycle for the hours they work that two weeks then they wouldnt accrue these massive amounts of comp time over the years, and the county wouldnt have to write a large check to the deputyies when they leave. Pay them the hours when they work them. So what you need to be reporting is that the county needs to do is(A) get more deputies so that the ones we have can take off the time they have earned over several years and get them to zero, and we would have more coverage on this ever growing county. (B) pay them what they earn each month or every two weeks, so they dont accumulate hours. Two probelms could be fixed relatively quick if the County Commissioners would work with the Sheriff's Office instead of playing tug o war with them. Insanity defined: Doing the same thing over and over the same way and expecting diffrent results < Albert Einstein. County Commissioners must be insane, ITS NOT WORKING THE WAY YALL HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS SO TRY SOMETHING ELSE!!!!

As I understand it theres not enough money to go around. It boils down to good management and Sheriff Rader appears not to have that quality.

In Harris County no Comp. time, period, you get call at end of shift and next shift takes over the scene. All Deputies equally trained to handle patrol part of any scene. Keep punching the Commissioners Court; they hold the purse strings of the Sheriff's Debacle. Sheriff Garcia runs a tight ship; believe that fact, good Boss to boot. I could care less about Rader; he is a head case and lies consistently to anyone that will listen. I would never work for him, even as dog catcher.

General Comments

I learn a lesson last night. If u ever have to call 911 make sure its not westlake that comes to ur aide. There first responders take there sweet ass time getting in to the scene. And bring a brush truck to a 911 call for what. If I ever have to call 911 again I will ask for mount belview to come instead of westlak.

General Comments

The man that put the signs up on the side of the road bl;aming a commissioner for the aweful; conditions of the road did not misspeak. He spoke too soon. The truth is Mike McCarty had already addressed the problem and was waiting the release of grant money to fix the road better than it had ever been. When the money was released. MCarty and his men have worked everyday the weather permitted. The road is top notch. I know because Mike McCarty on a Sunday gave up the little free time he has to let me through the county roadblock so I could access my property. We donot socialize together, but Commissioner McCarty treated me like an important person simply because I ama taxpayerand he "did not want me to be inconvenienced." Now that is a public servant! The road should be finished Thursday and it will serve as an example of what CAN be done if our county leaders push hard forimproving this county. Thank you Mike McCarty and all the county workers who are working hard to build a better county!

General Comments

Why all the silence on our bond issue you say. Word is the top dogs will not oppose it because they need a I will scratch your back mentality with the hospital district shell game and the crazies conservatives have been asked to sit on their hands after the war over the gargantuan Dayton school bond issue. Go figure!

Constables Serve Search Warrants

Congratulations to the Liberty County Constables taking down 2 houses in Ames selling dope. A special shout-out to Constable Thornton & Hulsey, for their initial intelligence in the dope bust and coordinating the other Constables to be able to make the drug busts. Well 2 more dope house shut down and their dope confiscated by the Constables in Liberty County. Hope in less than two years voters in the Sheriff's Race reads that our current Sheriff is not included in these drug busts. There has to be a reason guess it was the same reason Sheriff Patterson was not included in raids because his people were prim donnas. Sheriff Rader has Sgt. Tim Niemeyer and Sgt. Brad Audilet both prima donna’s that actually run the Sheriff’s Department, and Sheriff Rader listens to each word and moves accordingly. A damn shame our Sheriff is just a puppet.

Since when is lorazepam the same as (xanax) ?

General Comments

What do you have to do to get the railroad crossing at bypass and Hwy 90 repaired!! Whoever knows how to fix this issue please contact them.

Convicted Sex Offender Arrested in Liberty


Please do not type in all CAPS. Its hard to read.

Sheriff Rader Lying Again

This does not surprise me about Mr. Rader. It looks as if he has turned into a Henry Rader. The next election is just around the corner Mr. Rader.

Well, well, well, the Sheriff here in Liberty County is at it again. Let’s see if Don Neyland is going to try and cover this up or tell the truth. It’s a shame that the Sheriff has to pull the whole agency down with him. You guys hang on and in the end result he will be the looser.

Rader is a liar. Keep proving that to the real voters Allen.

The open records request does not lie. What ya gonna do now Sheriff, Veta, Don, Brett, Sherry?

Got to love local politics. People you don't know friending you on Facebook because they are running for an office. Then unfriending you when they find out what your politics are.

General Comments

LCSO CUMMINGS has the case on Chris Maes for some time now. Why has his body not been identified and returned to his parents?

Is it true about the comment someone stated saying chris maes body hasn't been identified yet? if so, that is such a shame. I'm sure his family would like to have a proper burial.

General Comments

Could someone tell John Otto that advertising who he is giving our money to may get him their vote but for those of us who have not had a raise in a while, it ticks us. I have good friends that work for the prison, but it makes me mad to see Otto use our money to get his name in the paper. Why else would that be a headline?

General Comments

As big as Dayton is, why don't we have a "boil water" call out like the surrounding cities and towns near us? You put out signs, but what if you're homebound and don't or can't leave your home? Come on Dayton, let's get it together.

I was told Dayton had a boil water notification. Does anyone know anything about this?

Holy crap let's boil the water again. we know the river rises ,tankers collide , what else is new. take care. stores in Dayton has water on sale.!!

I think what they are saying about the signs, "boil" could mean if you have water "not on city H20. maybe connect to city .

The signs were posted in the city limits and were for the City of Dayton, which is connected to the city water.

General Comments

They caught the guy that shot the cops during the protest in furgeson. During an interview state senator Claire mccaskill said the shooting had nothing to do with the protest of the high arrest rate of blacks in the 70% black communities, it was due to the extremely high rate of gangs and illegal guns on their streets. Then proceeded to tell us how peaceful these protesters were. I guess she forgot, or thought we did, all of the looting and fires these protesters set. Now, because this liberal weenie can't pass up an opportunity to press for gun control, we are to try and see logic in a protest of a police department that arrests a high rate of blacks in community that is populated by a high rate of blacks. A community that also has a high rate of gangs and illegal guns. That was all started by a young man that attacked a police officer and tried to take his weapon. A tip to all of you stupid liberals, tackle one of your ass backward causes at a time. When you try to combine them, your ignorance shines even brighter.

General Comments

In the first 2 ½ months our new Commissioners, Greg Arthur and Leon Wilson, has had to play catch up in their Precincts and havoc left by all the rain. These two men also have had to catch up on items coming before Commissioners Court to discuss and make good votes. Our new County Judge is a full-time County Judge and works 10+ hours a day & 5 days a week to run the county business, a $35 Million business. He has the elected Department Heads and the four County Commissioners to work with closely to manage the County‘s business. My hat is off to the new Commissioners and County Judge because they have done very well for just a short time on the job. If you live in Pct. 2 or 4, go visit your new Commissioner if you have a problem with roads/ drainage (not state roads) or visit the new County Judge if you have any county problem or ask a question about the county’s business. All four of the County Commissioners are working closely together since half of the Commissioner's Court has changed and the new County Judge has yet had to vote to break a tie vote. So now, we have a full time County Judge and four Commissioners that are working as a team for Liberty County. Good Job to our four Commissioners and their ability to conduct our business as a team of five not just three we removed last year by our vote.

To the cheerleader for the newly elected county officials: Please don't start the hype. When the new officials have actually done something noteworthy, their action should be recognized, but your BS makes me wonder if the Obama spin team has sent a team down here to help the new officials do nothing but brag.

“It's never permitted to be surprised at the aberrations of born fools.” ― Henry James

I agree we should not be singing the new commissioners praise for working hard and doing a good job that's what they get paid for we expect that. wait till they go above and beyond before we sing their praise. If Obama's spin team was here they would be trying to help Ken Defore spin why Sheriff Radar was not patrolling the neighborhoods in rural Liberty Co.

I haven't really noticed any unusual accomplishments or work beyond the call of duty by the commissioners lately, but seeing Norman Brown relaxed and enjoying retirement is worth cheering.

How refreshing it was to read the compliments given to the Commissioners of Precincts #2 and #4! Although I live in Precinct #1, seeing the positive feedback for our local politicians was great. Sometimes I think we all need to be reminded of what my mom told me countless times while I was growing up -"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

Im so glad Norman Brown is relaxing and enjoying his retirement. We finally are getting some things done in our neighborhood...

The recently published saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all", should be replaced after passing Kindergarten with, "ignorance is bliss".

Adolph Hitler would have loved if everyone had followed the philosophy behind this recent statement: Sometimes I think we all need to be reminded of what my mom told me countless times while I was growing up -"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."


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