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General Comments

Mud slinging. It happens in any election. You can either take the high road and campaign like a champ, or you can take the low road and slam your opponents. All I have heard from Mr. Vandyke is diarrhea of the mouth. He has tried to run Rex Evans in the ground. He doesn't say anything negative about Radar. Makes me think he has some major jealousy issues. This is not high school, this is the adult world. If you think you need to run somebody in the ground to win an election you need to grow the hell up. It's kinda like Chris Ungles and his campaign. Everywhere I look, Mr. Ungles has signs where Robby Thornton has his signs. Is he afraid to put his signs out like a grown person? If you notice the signs he has by Thornton's signs are bigger. The signs he has elsewhere are small. I'm glad there are others who are running a clean campaign and can lead without the blemish of a wrongful arrest and who haven't been promised a job at the sheriff's department if Radar is re-elected.

How do you want the Law Enforced?

Wow. Another negative article about Chris Ungles. Why would people even vote for this man? There's the thing where he was at the beer joint, started a fight and had his butt handed to him by the ones he started a fight with. Now as the article I read said, Ungles and another deputy arrested the wrong man even though the man showed them proper identification. I could say a lot more, but I won't. All I can say is this man has no business being elected to the position he is running for. Hell he has no business being a law enforcement officer. He has been caught in lie after lie. We all make mistakes, but the kind of mistakes he makes could have been prevented. This is just crazy.

General Comments

Trump's following is so telling. He is appealing to the most simple minded bunch out there. Now the media is making a big deal out of his vulgarity, that will only endear him to the 20 something crowd, who cant open their snuff infested mouths without saying f this and f that in trying to express themselves in the most simplistic forms of expressions. Trump is a godsend for these half educated half raised troglodytic imbeciles who fancy themselves as sophisticates just because they can use a keyboard. Trump appeals to the crowd that lives proudly in the "country", hunts wild pigs with dogs, drinks too much and has just the right number of words in their vocabulary stash to make maybe one complete sentence. The ones who are usually just one step ahead of CPS for the way they raise the unfortunate children in their care. Yes we are indeed lucky to have Trump ahead in the polls.

General Comments

We have a great many nice people in Dayton but it is time to speak the truth about the siphoning off of money that should always be in the public schools. Public schools and public educators should never have to compete with private schools. Stop the madness! Vote Democrat!

That is right! These private schools are the precursor to vouchers and DISD should not have to compete with private schools and have to give up valuable dollars to them as well. If you vote Republican you are destroying our schools.

Home schooled and private schooled children are deprived of a normal brining up. Why would anyone do that to their child?

"DISD should not have to compete." Competition is frightening - to those who are unwilling or unable to compete right back. If the public schools would get their act together (not likely since they are flummoxed by layers of federal, state and local control) they would not be threatened by (horrors!) private enterprise.

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Justin Johnston you are telling people that you are born and raised in Liberty. You tell us that you want to make the community safe for your kid's. So let me get this straight you moved to Harris county 10 years. get married, have children,... get kicked out of your house in October of 2015, moves in with dad in Liberty, wife gets smart and divorces you. Now you expect us to believe anything you say and yes I know you very well as you can tell.

Justin Johnston can you tell us if there's any truth to this rumor. A short time after getting out of the police academy when you were living in Katy. you had an accidental discharge and pieces of the bullet hit you in the leg. Amazing what open records request can find,Think I'll send one to confirm the rumor. Yes you are my choice, not.

General Comments

Chris ungles people like you that trash talk in public about another candidate, trying to discredit his morals and ethics has no place running for office. You need to be nice and apologise to constable Thornton for your actions. And young man your parents need to put a belt on your backside because I'm sure you weren't raised that way.

The Chris ungles running for constable the same Chris ungles that put the wrong person in jail on a warrant and two hours later after finding out he was in fact the wrong person. If you were going to put someone in jail on a warrant wouldn't you check to see if it was that person before you put him in jail or after?

Someone please inform poor little Chris Unlgles that he has litterally crapped in his own easter basket in his sad, jealous attempts to belittle the reputation of Constable Thornton.

General Comments

Please pray for the Bryan Jara family. Rest in peace little one.

General Comments

Of course Rader got the Deputy Association endorsement. Timmy is the President. Poston is a good dude though

I understand how Mr. Poston got the Liberty County Sheriff's Association endorsement.He is one of,if not the, smartest attorneys in the courthouse and honest as the day is long. But his buddy Mr. Rader, well let's just say I am not impressed and anyone endorsing Mr. Rader calls their own judgement into question.

General Comments

Mr.Youngblood I heard that Justin Johnston has been pulled from his patrol duties for not having over 70 reports done. If that's true could you find out?

Rumor is Justin Johnston is over 70 reports behind and put on desk duty until he gets caught up. If this is a fact, Justin being a deputy assigned to the Liberty area who are the 70 victims not getting help and why? Question of the day if asked will Bobby Rader tell us if there's any truth to the rumor.

For the record JUSTIN JOHNSTON didn't even start the Police academy until Jan 2010. How in the world is he supposed to perform the functions of a PCT. 1 Constable with less than 6 years experience.

Thanks for pointing out the fact that Tim Allison and Justin Johnston have cases pending in Harris county. Maybe they can get the cases set on the same day so they can carpool.

Regarding the question about JUSTIN JOHNSTON being grounded because late reports. I can tell you he is habitually late AND his morals have been questioned more than once on the street and Inter-Office.

General Comments

Chris ungles is telling the citizens of Dayton he has over 13 years as a deputy but he only has a little over 11 years experience. Chris if you can't tell the truth about your years of service what else would you lie about?

General Comments

It's election season and I would love to see a stop to preditory illigal towing by a certain tow co.These crooks driving black wreckers w/green lettering are out of control.They chased a citizen through Liberty ,trying to tow their vehicle because of registration,or lack of.They creep around like crackheads trying to 'score'a tow.Karma is a a beotch.These people are criminals.Don't park on the line in any parking lot around Lib/Dayton,these theves will steal your vehicle.Cowards...

General Comments

Jack Hartel would have wanted Gary Dennison to take his place as County Attorney --- wisdom begets justice!

Jack Hartel would want Gary Dennison to be County Attorney? What? jack liked Gary, but Iam sure he would want Mark Beausoliel.

Help restore the glory days of the Liberty County Attorney's office; don't elect another ego-maniac, do choose wisdom, intelligence, integrity - vote for Gary Dennison.

Shaun Vandyke Pays Property Taxes

Shaun VanDyke should apologize to the good people of Liberty County for wasting our time. Radar shows bad judgment by associating with VanDyke. Goes to show you we definitely have wolves in sheep's clothing coming out this election year.

Thanks for standing up to a "Bully" like Vandike and him being delinquent on paying his County Taxes. He has "Bullied" some candidates in the race and they allowed it. In life a Bully cannot dictate your actions unless you let him. I love Bully's so I can nail one foot to the floor, so they walk in circles. When you paid your taxes they were delinquent since 2/1/16 since January 31st was on a Sunday you got an extra day. You can Bully some folks, but not me, I wrote the feedback and I told the absolute truth about your delinquent taxes at 5 pm on 2-5-16.

I have learned to not believe much I hear right before an election. Shaun Van Pike's people can pervert Rex Evans record as police chief in Cleveland all they want. The peopleof Cleveland will tell you they have been lucky to have Chief Evans and they would love to have him as sheriff. Last minute attacks do not work when a man is known well.

Really? This man can't even take care of business and pay taxes and he wants to run our Sheriff's Department? Wow, what an idiot! Furthermore, he doesn't make it right until someone calls him out on it? Sorry, this clown won't get my vote or any of my family or friends. He really doesn't have the credentials anyway, so I don't think we have to worry about his succeeding in his attempts.

General Comments

Talk about people teaming up. The "team" I see is Sheriff Bobby Rader and County Attorney candidate Poston. They may have gotten the sheriff association's endorsement, but Poston should have run away from Rader so he wouldn't be linked to such an aweful public service. It will cost himthe slimchance he has. Mark Beausoliel is the best candidate.

I agree with the person that points to "County Attorney candidate Poston" and the big mistake he has made by not hiding the fact his supporters are the linking himself with same ones supporting Rader. Poston is an honest hard working man that maybe the smartest attorney in the race and though he may not be as well known as some of the others he had a decent chance previous to attaching himself to Rader. now I agree he is finished just like Rader. Mark Beausoliel and Rex Evans will win easily.

General Comments

A meeting with Shaun and his money source and Rader took place in Cleveland as Shaun announced. Thought it was very odd that Rader would be involved in a meeting with Vandike and his money man. This was a closeness I had never heard before in a campaign, in Liberty County. Now for the Caveat, Rader wanted a third person in the race, since he believed he would take votes from Bobby’s number one opponent Rex Evans. This would allow Rader to skate in without a run-off, if Vandike could take Evan’s votes away. Now for the wrinkle in this Rader and Vandike relationship and what is the promise made to Vandike. Many people think it is a Quid pro quo, “something for something” arrangement. So, Rader wins with or without a run-off and Shaun Vandick gets a job at the Sheriff’s Department as promised. Maybe just maybe Rader is supporting Vandick, monetarily through a third party. This is like a scheme from the movies but Rader is desperate and desperate people do desperate things. Watch this Saga unfold before our eyes, before you say, no way.

General Comments

Glad Tim Allison was forced to step down, I looked on Harris county district clerk site and seen that his troubles with Harris county will be coming to an end on March 8th. While on Harris county site I see that Justin Johnston wife has filed for a temporary restraining order against him. This is open for the public to see look for yourself folks...

Tim Allison all the years you being constable you finally make one arrest and it was in Harris county. How's that working out for you.

Isn't Allison backing the Justin Johnston for the Constable position he is vacating? Now I'm curious as to why Mrs. Johnston is having to put a restraining order against her husband, If I understand right I think he currently works for the Liberty Sheriff Office so I'm sure the people of this county will never know, just something else that will be swept under the rug.


I would like to thank Harris County for putting a stop to the Tim Allison bs and saving Liberty County taxpayers thousands of dollars by taking his peace officer license. I don't know how you can you can even show your face in town after the awful things you have done to the poor lady in Harris county. When you walk into church and everyone is looking, they aren't judging just hoping you pray for forgiveness for your many sins.

General Comments

Question of the day is Chris ungles and his motorcycle gang going to get enough votes to get constable Thornton out of office?

General Comments

I would like to take a minute and thank Sheriff Candidates Bobby Rader and Rex Evans. You both have ran a classy, clean campaign and it is noticed by the voters of Liberty County. Much like this is noticed by the voters, so is the AMATEUR and poorly ran campaign of Mr. Van Dyke. Mr. Van Dyke, we are ALL sick of your constant mud slinging and personal attacks on Mr. Evans. It seems that from day one you have taken it upon yourself to ruin Mr. Evans in any way possible. This looks like to us, the voters, that you never even planned on winning the Sheriff race. You obviously have some personal problem with Mr. Evans. You do not lodge these same attacks and rhetoric against Rader at all. When Mr. Evans puts up a sign, if it does not disappear, you place your signs all around his one or block it completely. You do not do this to Rader's signs. You are constantly talking trash about Mr. Evans on social media. You do not do this with Rader. You and Rader have been seen quite a bit laughing it up like old buddies. It is the opinion of a lot of us that Rader may have put you up to doing all of his dirty work. We may never know. Mr. Van Dyke, the voters have noticed what you are doing and we are tired of it. It sure is not winning you any votes. Oh yea, go pay your taxes and stop spending all your money on signs.

I've read the posts regarding the poor qualifications of Shaun VanDyke who is running for,sheriff. Scary to think that someone so lacking in the experience and knowledge which is mandatory to competently fill that position, could actually be elected. Crime in our county is steadily on the rise not to mention the problem of meth use and manufacturing which is fast becoming an epidemic. I am a huge supporter of our law enforcement agencies. The officers on the street have a thankless and extremely dangerous job. With the right leadership LCSO could without a doubt get things under control. But....they have to have a good leader. Myself and many others would have loved to see Constable Robbie Thornton throw his hat in the ring for the upcoming sherrif position. His record of accomplishments during his assignment speaks for itself. Constable Thornton actually GETS THINGS DONE!!! Are you listening Robbie. This county needs you to get in there and do what you do best. Hopefully whoever wins this election will not make things worse. Scary times ahead I fear.

General Comments

Break out the beer, go buy a big screen, invite your friends, spend a ton of money, and oh yeah get ready to laugh at every one of the commercials even the ones that you don't understand like they are clever, and insightful and you and your friends can pretend to be trendy when all you are really is drunk...yep it's the Super Bowl the day the Nation gets a freebie to act like idiots.

General Comments

Shaun VanDyke has not worked day one as a Police Officer in Liberty County and honestly expects us to vote for him as Sheriff? Might be a good idea next time you decide to run for public office not to lie to the public and say you have 12 full time yrs when you just have 4. Come on VanDyke, you are not even a Master Peace Officer with 4 years. You cant even come up with your own ideas. "Time For a Change"? wasn't that the slogan Obama used?

General Comments

Last night at West Lake they had a meet and greet, and invited all candidates were invited and they would be introduce and could speak. The first candidate was Vandike. A lady in the audience asks him about his experience and he told her he had 12 years of experience. This statement is totally false, because he actually has drawn a pay check from a Law Enforcement Agency for 4 years. Those 4 years are the only fulltime experience he has being a Cop, the other 8 years are as a reserve officer and are only required to work a certain number of hours a month at the agency. So, Vandike, has drew a paycheck from two agencies, Rosenberg Police Department and Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department and combined as a Full-Time Peace Officer is 4 years, not 12 as he says. The 8 years he has been a reserve deputy. So, Vandike has about the same time as a Licensed working Peace Officer as our current Sheriff. Please investigate before being hoodwinked by a politician. Call the state Licensing Agency and ask the question about full-time verses reserve. (

I was also at the Westlake candidate meeting and Mr Ungles made a complete idiot out of his self. I cant support a man that conducts himself as he did. Thank you Mr. McCarty for shutting him down.

General Comments

Brett Audilet...why are you running for Pct 3 Constable? You can't even do your job at the Sheriffs Office without Sherry Walton being your sidekick and isn't she under investigation for falsifying documents? The worst thing you could of done is have her on your campaign. Keep on keeping though Maddog has this won already!

General Comments

I have lived in Liberty for over twenty years and this January's electric bill was by far the highest January bill I have ever received. Please stop and think for a minute how people that have had a similar experience feel about the announcement that we might get $9 back in February. We need new leadership and different decionmaking in this town!

Liberty Electricity Bills are high. I think the city is jacking up rates and using the extra money to give to other city departments so they don't have to raise property taxes. the electric company quagmire we're in is just down right wrong! What happened to the lower rates that were in place years ago, why did they go up? someone needs to investigate the Rayburn place and find out what is going on. We have 2 Liberty people on that body and I hear a local lawyer runs the operation. someone please look into this who has the means and git back to us who bear the difficulty of paying our high bills.

General Comments

Talking with all the candidates in Cleveland last night I have to place my vote with Rex Evans. He is the only candidate that has a clear plan for patroling our neighborhoods. Rex is also not giving up on the many old cases that remain unsolved. My vote on March 1st will be for Rex Evans.

General Comments

Now look what Texas has done. We elect this utra conservative Ted Cruz who fights for everything conservative like it is a matter oflife and death and now the whole nation will see what an embarrassing Senator we have.

Umm. Don't know where you have been, but Ted Cruz has been a Texas senator for more than 3 years now, and fighting for conservative values is pretty much the reason he was elected.

General Comments

Ive had it with Rader. I cant tell you the last time I have seen a police car in my neighborhood.

General Comments

Sheriff Rader loves money confiscated by the “Interdiction Team” and “Swat Team” and the “Liberty County Sheriff’s Special Response Team”. Until Election time, the “Interdiction Team” sat two a breast on Interstate Highway 69, with 5 Tahoe’s burning gasoline, citizens paid for. Sheriff Radar touts these special teams and all the money brought in, to buy needless items. These special teams, make up over 20 Deputies, who have to train continuously, even training mandated by the Federal Government. Folks, this would be great if in a county that had plenty of money from “industrial taxes” flowing into the county coffers. One day we will share in a new tax base, but not today. So, during KSHN radio show for Liberty County Sheriff, current Sheriff said nothing about my subdivisions getting patrol. He was counting money from dope confiscated not coming to Liberty County but to North Texas. Let’s rid our neighborhoods and schools of dope. Street dope hurts our kids, not Dope flowing through onward to somewhere else. To hell with the citizens (the real Dopes) that pay the bills every year. Sheriff Rader is a bad sheriff, which was not seen 3 years ago. We can vote him out of office. We can get a candidate to patrol neighborhoods again & help rid our schools and neighborhoods of Dope. The Street Dope hurts our kids and tears families apart! Vote NO to Sheriff Rader and put him running his business, he is worthless to Liberty County Citizens.

General Comments

I just wanted to write and voice my opinion on something I viewed Friday evening in Daisetta, Tx. I attended a HS basketball game to watch the Bobcats and their long time rival the West Hardin Oilers. I was totally shocked at the behavior of all. If this is what HS sports have become, my child would not participate period. I actually felt unsafe at a HS ball game and this to me is absurd. I don't know what the answer is but some things need to change and change now before someone gets hurt. I say this based upon what I heard when leaving the gym. There were several groups making it known that they all had a LTC and all involved should remember that. I just shook my head and actually left in tears. This world and our schools are awful. Lord help us all.

General Comments

They say stupid is as stupid does. If you had told me I would ever vote for Todd Fontenot for anything, I would have laughed. But Mike McCarty celebrated and failed to make sure his celebration left all county assets out of it. I ain't voting for that kind of behavior. Go Todd go!

General Comments

Congratulations K-Dog for setting a single game scoring record! Hull Daisetta's scoring record for one game for 42 years!!

General Comments

Let's make lemonade out of lemons. The hospital district people wanted a thru street from the bypass to Lakeland. We didn't need the street and we don't need another hospital (we need a good emergency care). So let's get some nice houses and some more taxpayers helping pay this communities bills. Sure the landowners will make money, that is a given. But let's make this stupid road count for this community. "Lots for Sale"!

"Lemonade out of Lemons" person - good idea for those who like to build where the palmetto grows. Why not just build in an old lake bottom like Oak Forest? Or the 20' drop-off at the end of North Travis St. called Travis Park? Only difference between it and Knight's Forest is the expensive homes and an earthen levy.

I am hearing voices. Three in fact. One is implying who is going to make a pocketfulof money on the land around the new road off the bypass. One is saying all of the land is low and nobody should build there. One is saying the road is all about Stratton's hospital. Can someone help me with my voices?

Lemons? The crazy location and shape of the new street was sold as a way of dealing with low areas, but the truth is there was no good reason for the road to have not been a continuation of Grand. The land has plenty of high ground to build houses on too. I suspect a great deal of this is strategic stuff planned by the hospital district gang.

General Comments

Question? Has Sheriff Rader ever had problems with game Wardens back when he was a highway patrolman when he worked for DPS?

To the Poster who wanted to know about a Game Warden and Trooper Rader’s encounter in the mid 1970’s. One night our now Sheriff was hunting off a road and a Game Warden caught him doing it. The Sheriff did not know that a Peace Officer could drive a police vehicle "blacked out" no headlights or tail lights or any light. The Game Warden issued "our" esteemed Sheriff a ticket for hunting off of a road. Since our Sheriff was a "DPS Trooper" in those days so he wrote the Texas Game Warden a ticket for driving with out lights. The Game Warden was given the ticket for naught he was doing his job and was in his rights as a Texas Peace Officer. Sheriff Rader was violating the law hunting off of a roadway. The DPS investigated the affair and seems our Trooper Rader was not truthful about the incident so DPS showed Rader the door. He could quit or be fired for lying to DPS. So his short time with DPS was not because he wanted to quit, but it was the best alternative at the time. Maybe the reason he hires “Liars and Bad Cops", he feels infinity towards them. Rader in those days had a pressing problem in Liberty, Texas and it had to be solved post haste or real trouble was headed his way. Our wonderful Sheriff has not always been a Choir Boy in working and personal matters. Luckily I was able to answer your question about the Game Warden and Trooper Rader. I remember it well as a Liberty resident...

I wondered why Bobby Rader left the DPS. Thanks for helping me understand and make an informed decision about who to vote for. Bobby Rader isnot qualified to be sheriff because of these facts. Rex Evans is doing a good job in Cleveland. His record as the school's law enforcement and then at the CPD is impressive and he has earned my vote.

To the Rader/ Game Warden Post: you wrote Rader "had a pressing problem in Liberty, Texas" and "has not always been a Choir Boy". To me this is eluding Rader has done something worse than lying to DPS. We know Rader has a tendency to lie publicly showing a purchased vehicle for $ 28,000 but the invoice and check signed by Rader was $46,000. Rader allows some employees to take vehicles home and go to extra jobs in. Sgt. Niemeyer has a 113 mile round trip so add the miles/gas spent a year before taking a call. Deputies are commenting on social media of 1000-1400 hours of training (approx. 2 months out of the year) but our crime solve rate for burglaries is 8%. So 92% is unsolved. Out of 326 cases only 10 arrests were made. Can't forget to mention how the drug interdiction/ SWAT team primarily stalks Hwy 59 travelers that are not stopping in our county. I'm not saying these folks don't need to be caught Im just confused at the amount of money is spent on training and equipment of this special team vs amount brought in. If it was so much profit why is Rader still asking for money from Commissioners court? Why primarily Hwy 59? Do we not have drugs any where else in the county? Rader was supposed to be our knight in shining armor after Patterson. Wrong again. So tell me what else does Rader have to hide?

General Comments

The best candidates for their respective offices in my opinion are Rex Evans for sheriff, either Mark Beausoliel or Gary Dennison for County Attorney,and Todd Fontenot for County Commissioner. My reasoning is simple, some of the recent problems the county has had would be solved with these men in office.

I agree with the pciks posted of one commnetator's opinion, especially Todd Fontenot. I live on a short dead end county road and there are only four houses on it. Commissioner Fontenot resurfaced my road twice during his time in office and he was the best political official in my lifetime as far as helping people.

General Comments

While a political party may not normally choose between their primary candidates, principled leadership can use screening and other methods to discourage potential candidates from signing up and other methods to warn the public rather than simply work to beat the other party at all cost. The local Republican party leadership has had a record number of their officeholders charged with crimes. This reflects poorly on the party, but it also tells you the leadership has screwed up priorities. I am an independent, but if I were in the local Republican party I would question the recent past, particularly when years ago our county was sold on the idea that the "good ole boy" Democrats were committing crimes.

Historical Markers To Be Dedicated At TVE Grounds

I was embarrassed for Liberty county, of the interview done at TVE fairgrounds on the historical society markers. The lady giggling about the POWs from Germany. She stated that these men didn't know what snakes were (per Liberty Vindicator archive) the first prisoners brought here from N Africa were Rommels troups, I would have preferred any of the board members or Perhaps historians interviewed!

General Comments

Constable Joslin's embarrassing arrest another example of how the local Republicans have had a "win ay all cost"mentality that has drawn all kinds to run for office. It is time for the party of the people to make a comeback!

General Comments

It has been verified that "Track Palin" has never been in combat and then makes Sara Palin a habitual liar, since she blamed President Obama for not treating her son properly for PTSD. Sara Palin and family blamed PTSD for him slapping girlfriend around a few days ago. A disgrace for combat Vets, who kill themselves daily with debilitating PTSD. Sara Palin, go home and quit lying, to justify son's girlfriend being beat up by the Punk Son of hers and mountain man husband. A waste of a egg and one sperm, I think, really.

General Comments

I see where no one has filed for the 3 seats on the city council that are up for election. Now is the time for all those that have been saying we need to replace the council members to sign up.

stop complaining about the actions and expenditures of the city of liberty if you are not willing to run

Anybody that is not "invited" to run for office in the city of Liberty should be prepared to be run out of business and/or polite society. Rubber-stamps only need apply. Insofar as the Hospital District is concerned, forget it.

Letter to the Editor

While I thank the veteran for his service in our military, his taxes from the last five years would do little to fix the road he posted pictures of. County roads need to be prioritized and fixed when the funds are available. This road looks aweful. The road was not fixed under Todd Fontenot and they will need to be placed in the logical sequence before they should be fixed by any commissioner. This road is not the only road in need of repair. it is the nature of roads, not a political scandal. McCarty's legal whoas as I understand them are real but more a matter of political enemies looking under every rock to find wrongdoing than what they are perceived.

Dear CR1840 extension complainer, when you purchased the land 3-1/2 years ago, didn't you notice what poor shape the road was in? By your own admission you recognized the road as being "private" yet you made the decision to consummate the ill-advised transaction. Now you want the rest of us to pay for your mistake? And you want to throw our duly elected County Commissioner under the bus for an alleged crime before he has a chance to defend himself - a constitutional right I assume you fought for. Think about it and act accordingly.

I purchased the road in 2012, the documentation proves the road was adopted by the county in 2007. Your complaint is invalid.

Mr. McCarty has done enough to ruin his OWN reputation, no help is needed...

General Comments

The Sgt. commanding the SWAT team commented on Social Media that he had received a 1000 hrs. training in 3 years under Rader. That amount of training for him alone is 2 months per year. So, every member of the swat team also gets 2 months a year for training each year. Now I understand while no patrol in my subdivision in the county, Deputies are only working 10 months a year. How many times in Liberty County do we need a SWAT Team? Previous Sheriff’s have used Baytown PD Swat Team. So, where will the County Judge and 4 Commissioners get the money to hire enough deputies to get our neighborhoods again, if all the teams train continuously? There is just not enough money for Bobby to be elected to another term as Sheriff.

To the person who commented about the Sergeant getting 2000 hours of training. Just so you know the reason you don't see deputies around your neighborhood is really simple math. On average 4-8 deputies per shift for roughly 1100 square miles. It has nothing to do with training. The average deputy is getting no where near that kind of training that is reserved for SWAT personnel. Solution you ask?? Evans for Sheriff plain and simple.

General Comments

Covenient for people that think about politics, two Republicans that can not speak in complete sentences, Palin and Trump, teamed up on our Neanderthal Texas Senator who continues to act as if the Constitution has not been modernized with court interpretations and case law. It is like watching another Republican, Arnold in Conan the Barbarian. Join me Democrats in this ducks in a barrel electionfest! Our time in Texas will soon return!! LOL

General Comments

Well let's get ready for the major power failure that's coming! The news is predicting major wind with the coming cold front starting today and that means only one thing no power for no telling how long!

Dayton Chamber Upcoming Events

Dayton Chamber, sorry to be rude but what a joke, I have been a member ever since you started and you have NEVER surprised patrolled my business.Your loss, my gain, well HELLO new CHAMBER!

General Comments

Just received the memo that J.Nations got the A.D./Head Coach job for Dayton. All I have to say is"you can't fix stupid with stupid ".

Comment about Jeff Nations......Poor Mr. Stupid, you are right, you are in a fight with yourself over stupid can't fix stupid, sorry for your loss, NOT!

What are you smoking while writing you absolutely absurd comment about Jeff Nations? He is an amazing man who will ALWAYS put the students first instead of just football. Dayton was in need of a change and Jeff Nations is going to be a GREAT change for DISD. He is a Godly man who loves all the kids at DHS and isn't in it to make himself look good, he is wanting to show students and parents alike that we can trust the AD/Head Coach. So stay in your little corner and stop trying to bash a person who is awesome!! LOSER!

I understand that Jeff Nations is looking at all programs in the athletic department. The Golf program for such a large school is inadequate, and really needs reevaluated. The surrounding schools golf programs have a much longer season than Dayton and we have students that are interested, and would like to be competitive.

Two Back-to-Back Significant Drug Arrests

Oh Billy Vail, I see you made I-Dineout again, your family must be so proud of you!

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I see where some one was critically shot and then later died as a result of a gun accident. Another example of why every person should own a firearm. Open the door to more possibilities of accident discharges of weapons, while defending the NRA and it's perversion of the Second Amendment. Yep make it easier to own deadly weapons and in fact while we are at it make the weapons more deadly so we can accidently kill more innocent people. Yep we got this.

In response to, "I see where someone was critically shot and then later died as a result of a gun accident." I read today that several people were killed in a car accident. We need to stop producing anymore of these KILLERS! I read that over 100 people will die today in this nation from cancer caused by tobacco. We need to stop growing and selling this KILLER! 153 will be examined and deemed Obese by their Dr.s today. We need to shut down McDonalds, Burger King, and Thrifty before anyone else gets diagnosed. There will be thousands of kids across America fail a test today because their pens and pencils misspelled words. Get rid of ALL writing utensils. When are we going to stop blaming the guns, and start taking responsibility for the actions of people? I read on here where people post they don’t like so and so or “stupid is as stupid does” comments. I don’t see anybody stepping up to say, “Hey, I will do the job. I will fix that. I will take ownership of that issue?” Everyone wants to B!TCH and complain, but none wants to fix any issues. Grow up people and get a life!!!

To the poster who posted that since people are killed in cars, or die from smoking, or other examples the poster says that these things should be banned. This example is the most recent and used one by the gun worshipers and as usual sounds clever and spot on but is really stupid. Now this accidental shooting has taken another turn now the shooter is being charged with murder and he did it with a gun. So now it's the old story again people with guns kill other people. If there was any other product that did as much harm as guns do that product would be under scrutiny but because it's guns then no one will dare attack guns because it is seemed to be some sort of "sacred right" to own not just one gun but as many as a person can afford. It's time to really think about restricting gun ownership.

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This morning a little after 12am until almost 2am the city electrical power went off. No storm, no weather to speak of, but the power went off. This is like a broken record. It is a common gripe on this site and on the conversation around town. All we get from the city officials is "we are fixing the problem", but the problem continues. How long will the citizens of this Podunk be forced to put up with the ones in charge?

As someone posted last time the electricity went off in Liberty, it is time for some resignations. Poor planning on possibly the most important service the city provides is grounds for firing if some do not resign.

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I don't know about anybody else but I am tired of reading about the Rader interdiction squad and their drug arrests. Ok, we get it, there is a drug problem in Liberty County. Why is this division the only one that Rader features? Could it be because the value of this team has been questioned? Where is the SWAT team? Why are they not out with detectives serving search warrants for dealers, robbers and burgalers? Is drugs the ONLY crime we have in Liberty County? Let's hear more about the other underpaid deputies that do actually try and protect WE THE PEOPLE! I think it is time for a change to a sheriff that will lift up the whole department... not just his good ol' boys.

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Remember, 3 years ago, we voted out Henry Patterson, because of the type people he was employing from Harris County. They seemed like a band of Thugs and we thought Good ole Guy, Bobby Rader, a longtime Justice of the Peace, can straighten out the Sheriff's Department. Nay, Nay, he has also hired key people to work for him, that are basically "bad cops". Number One, is this character, Niemeyer, who was hired as a Sargent. He came from Pearland Police Department, with an anchor around his neck, Lying to a District Attorney. Can Mr. Niemeyer go back to Pearland PD? The answer is NO, the Pearland Police Department, has a "Do Not Re-Hire" on Niemeyer

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As a long time citizen of Liberty I would like to apologize for the behavior of our local police department. My apologies goes towards the family of the funeral that partook today 1/19/16 around 1130. Yes I was the man in the white truck behind you Mr Officer on 563 at the light. Everyone had stopped for the funeral to come through. You waited for a min then noticed it was a funeral and took off across 563 just after the car carrying the deceased passed. You DID NOT have your lights on as if you were heading to a call or any type of emergency. You only shook your head before you took off. I counted 12 cars after you left so it wasn't even long. this to me is very disrespectful and I feel you owe the family an apology because it was very obvious of how impatient you are sir. Please read this and hopefully you will find it in your heart to show respect for those who has lost someone.

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Re: City of Hardin- After hearing the news report this morning on the radio I'm in total shock that not one person from Hardin has got on here and voiced some kind of opinion! Absolutely disgraceful and sickening to see how council has bonded together to shut the Mayor down. They are making sure the Mayors hands can't touch one thing! Are they going to make her pay for her own electricity there at the office? Oh and let's not forget about the toilet paper. She needs to start bringing her own. Can't the State get involved in this nonsense? This down right unbelievable!!!

Hardin City council. Something needs to be done about them, its getting out of hand. No one from Hardin has posted anything about it because they are ashamed to be from here now. What needs to done is to replace them all. Someone please file and run for council. It will be hard to beat them in a election cause they have been running this little town for so long. Citizens of Hardin should ask themselves what this council has done for the town. Just drive around and take a look at things, the curb appeal of the town is horrible. Daisetta looks a lot better than Hardin now.

RE: CITY OF HARDIN your atrocious slander of the City Council is shameful. Whomever posted something like this is why people of the City of Hardin are ashamed. The people on the Council including the Mayor are giving their time free of charge. They donate their time to benefit the citizens and their community. They don't get paid for any of their time. You dear should be the one that should be ashamed. Always remember The devil doesn't come with his horns and tail showing... he comes in the form that is pleasing to the beholder.

Seems to to me the devil comes in the form of city council.nothing to do with the mayor

One of the reasons no one of Hardin has not commented on this is that we do not have the things like normal towns have like high speed internet .unless you can see the water tower.

Citizens of Hardin!!! Stop blaming and start educating yourself on how city government works. The Councilwoman have their rules to follow and the Mayor has hers. They have to work as one. Together we stand devided we fall.

RE: City of Hardin. To the person who says the city council is so nice, maybe you should go listen to them call people liars at the meetings. Or maybe even tell a citizen to shut up cause they have security at the meeting. Everyone is laughing at the behavior of Hardin City Council and can"t wait to hear what tomorrow will bring on the radio. The Hardin Saga

RE Hardin. Saw on Houston TV station where they were in Liberty showing LCSO putting IN GOD WE TRUST stickers on the patrol cars which I fully support.Wish they would have came up 6 miles up the road and talked to people in Hardin about the things going on here.Mayor Blume why don't you contact the media and tell what's going on? You are a very strong person most would have just gave up and walked away from all this.GOD BLESS YOU

Re City of Hardin. If the citizens of Hardin would learn the rules of city government then maybe you would see that the so called mayor is the problem.

Re City of Hardin The mayor needs to learn the rules of government. Then she would know what her job is. It is not the governing body, that is the job of council. The mayors job is to follow councils orders. I have heard that she was ran out of her home town prior to moving to Hardin. After seeing the way she acts she thinks she is still in Louisiana and trying to run things like they do in Louisiana. Crooked and illegal, she needs to be held responsible for all the lies she is spreading. How can so many people be blinded by her smoke and mirrors? Now the city government of Liberty is lying and the Hardin water Dept is lying city council is lying. The mayor and her ignorant followers are the only ones who are right? And as for her followers any time the fine upstanding RUSSEL FAIRCHILD is involved you know that they must be up to nothing but good. Just look at his track record. And then there's Mr Landry always having ideas about what needs to be done but never wants to get his hands dirty. He is one of the original shit Stirrer's that started all this crap with council and mayor, now rumer is he wants to run fod council. People wake up and start looking for your selves. The mayor is hidding bills and doing what she wants, she is acting like Obama and thinks she answers to no one. Every one should contact the mayor and ask her to do the right thing and turn in her resignation.

Re Hardin Council: as a resident of Hardin I can tell you why no one is speaking out against the council, because they don't want to get bullied by Connie Campbell. The only reason this problem with council is going on is because Hardin finally elected someone outside their clique that the council can't bully. Mayor Blume is going by guidelines not twisting them to her advantage which the Council has always tried to do.

RE: Hardin: This just goes to show how rumors and lies can spread like wildfire, which can do tremendous damage that can't be undone. "The mayor was ran out of her home town"?!! Are you serious? I hope WHOEVER has started this viscous falsehood gets it back tenfold. Absolutely asinine statement. Go check your facts before you go repeating someone else's false accusations. I'm sure not everything is accurate on either side but don't repeat things you don't have first hand knowledge of.

Hardin type a general law municipality look it up .this is the guidelines this township should run on.

Re Hardin liberty please annex this city. And show this little city how business suppose to be ran.Just let us keep Energy so we have lights.Hardin is ran thru Aldermanic form of government type A you can look u all the rules of this form of government at Entergy

Hardin deserves to let those who have had so much imput in the past take a rest and get some new blood in here. If Connie hasn't achieved all her goals in Hardin by now then she deserves a rest and a front row seat to watch others. And Russell Fairchild is too high maintenance. When he has an idea that sounds good you have to be on guard all the time and keep an eye on him to make sure he isnt pulling something.

Connie I love you and you need to just let them have it and let them complain about someone else. It is not like you are paid and don't have anything else to do. Hardin has a great feed store and a record of having public servants that have served sacrificially because of you.

Hardin City Council is a good example of what we can expect when Hilary Clinton becomes President. However, that will probably be much better than the current alternatives.

re Hardin City Council Was so disappointed the special meeting got cancelled for 1-28-2016. Now we wont have a weeks worth entertainment from their actions.

RE: City of Hardin, It's not your council member's that is the problem at the City Hall it's the Mayor. Find out yourself by going to your council member's or the people that has quit working for the City and talk to them you might be surprised what has are What is going on.

Re: Hardin. Why would someone go to either side to get an opinion? Because no ones biased there right? Why don't people just go to the meetings a few times and judge themselves? If Hardin loves their city that much they should get out of their comfort zone, attend mtgs and voice concerns.

I would encourage people to get involved in the city of Hardin. Go to council meetings and get involved. If you want to know what is going on rather than second hand information, go see for yourself. I have been to most council meetings over the past 7 months. Things are different when you are there in person and you can make your own opinion. Point is get involved.

I am upset with how things are going in Hardin. It is a embarrassment. The Mayor and city council are fighting non stop. The Mayors oldest daughter has moved out of the Mayors house. As a parent, no wonder the mayor is having problems at city hall with all the employees walking out on her, she can't even control her own house. Maybe if she would control less and work with people more. I just wish the city could work together to make us proud once again.

RE: City of Hardin I have been reading all the post about Hardin City Council. I strongly recommend that you go to the council meetings and see for yourself. You have 5 ladies that sit on that council because they love and care about what happens to this small country town. I have been going to these meetings pretty regular. What is it that you as citizens want these councilmemebers to do when they have issues with what the Mayor is doing? Do you just want them to sit there and let her destroy this town? Because that is what she is doing. Get the facts, 1. like the Mayor kept the $50,000 in overages from council for months instead of making them immediately aware of it. 2. She continuously spends over her $500 spending limit a month. 3. She is always trying to move bills around from one month to another without making council aware of it. 4.She spent way over $12,000 on the sewer system without the approval of the council. 5. She attempted to change the payroll taxes in the cities bookkeeping system. 6. She kept a fired city secretary on after council had a majority vote to let her go. The mayor still allowed her to come to work. 7. She kept another overage that I heard in the last meeting from council which totaled $13,000. 8. 3 city employees walk out because of her and a hostile work environment. Maybe you need to ask council the true story as to why the walked out. I know one of the employees personally and was blown away by things she told me. Then the Mayor even lied to council about going to get on the water department agenda and she didn't show up. She called the water department ladies a lier. People, council has all the documentation. I encourage you all to visit with your council members and get the facts. Everyone says she would not lie or do something like this because she is a preachers wife...well, you can't always go by that. Stop pointing the blame and ask questions. Don't just go on what the Mayor tells you. Talk to your council members. I was able to leave messages for them at city hall and they called me back or you can find half of them on facebook. Please reach out to your council. Don't make a rash decision.

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During every election things just get nasty AND it seems those who publicly back those in current elected positions make it worse for re-election. The ol' saying "you point a finger at someone but you have three pointing back at you" is quite fitting. Niemeyer and Ungles...what a joke and what a hinder you are doing to Rader. These two have more baggage and lack of ethics screaming from their badges. I too voted for Rader but will not vote again only because he has changed into something this county made him into. He used to back his word but he is a liar. You have changed Mr Rader into something awful. We want the old JP back. What happened to you? Sure we can find something negative about anyone if we dig hard enough but sometimes it isn't how it appears or what you read. Rex Evans may have had some negative things unfold during this election but let's remember he worked under the direction of someone. Since he has been the Chief of CISD he has brought the department beyond success. Measure a man by his work people...not by others jealous words.

Two Back-to-Back Significant Drug Arrests

Forgive some of us for our lack of excitement about the big drug bust in Raywood but our memories are too fresh fromthe big Fontenot drug bust and we were disappointed that he and his ring did not get what they deserved. So why will this be different?

To the person talking about the drug bust in Raywood. Officers can only do so much, they arrest and charge and the judge's give the dealers probation or deferred adjudication and turn them loose to do it again and get more probation. If our judge's would start handing down tougher punishment for these offenders, then maybe they would get the message. Remember law enforcement can only do so much. If the officer could sentence these scum their would be a lot less of them on the street. After the arrest all officer's can do is present the evidence and hope the court system will do what's right.

A big fat congrats to the SO for the dope bust in Raywood.Now start busting these thieving crack heads that buy from the dealers.Put a unmarked car in Ames and when you see these white boys coming through Baker Circle and 834 south. bust their no good thieving behinds

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Mark Beausoliel is the obvious choice for Liberty County Attorney. He's the only lawyer who worked for the legendary Jack Hartel and can restore that office to the caliber Jack demanded. Republican Wes Hinch is a nice guy but this office has been neutered by his lack of courtroom experience and inability to represent the county. Mark Beausoliel knows how to work the courthouse crowd and get things done.

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This Sheriffs race has shown how nasty the Sheriffs Office has become. Its very apparent that there is no leadership in that office. Those Deputy's need to be bent over and their bottom side wore out. I cant believe this Sheriff lets them get by with what ever they want to do and are not disciplined. I voted for you once Bobby Rader, but not again.

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There are so many advantages to living in Liberty versus any other place in the county but the city needs new management. When a city's leaders say the utilities are outdated that is like an admission of guilt.Those admissions from those who were responsible for keeping them up-to-date, should be accompanied by letters of resignation.

Could someone please tell me "the advantages" of living in Liberty? I had to tell mark Beausoliel's people that I would vote for him and not hold the fact he was a Liberty resident against him. What possible advantages are being referred to. The whole county knows your electricity goes off when somebody whistles too loud. You have people spy on your commissioner so they can get him out of office with some kind of legal wrangling. The last time the County Judge was from Liberty County was several judges ago. The political party winning all of the elections locally is based out of Dayton. The most successful sports program in high school is based out of Dayton. You have weasel lawyers over there dragging part of the Dayton citizens into Liberty's tterrible hospital taxing scheme. Seriously.

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I'm fees up with Dayton ISD and this good Ole boy stuff. You pass on outstanding coaches for your AD and head coat position for someone who hasn't been in education for over 5 years. DISD is always trying to keep up with Barbers Hill and Crosby. Well, they just passed you up. Look who that have and look who you picked.Enjoy being at the bottom, because that's where you're at and will stay. Enjoy the good Ole boy life, what's left of it.

I must agree with the post about DISD.This is really getting old. When DISD starts losing more money from no support, maybe then something will happen, but I doubt it.Maybe when they realize all their athletes are going to BH or Crosby, maybe they will make changes but it will be too late.

I live in Dayton and my kids attend school in Dayton. Not anymore, I'm pulling them out in February. All kids should be treated the same. I blame the school board. I say get rid of everyone on the board. Hell, do a sweep and get rid of hem all, the board and the superintendent. We need changes.

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Gary Dennison is the obvious choice for Liberty County Attorney. He's the only lawyer running with sufficient experience to restore that office to the caliber that the legendary Jack Hartel provided it with.

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I spoke to a man who was trying to sell his property that was inside the City of Liberty. He had back taxes and liens that had to be paid. He found a person that wanted the property and was willing to pay the taxes and liens in order to acquire the property. The potential buyer went to the City and asked the city attorney if the city would work with him on lowering the fees he was told unequivocally "NO". He then approached the tax office and made the same request and was told "NO WAY". Now didn't the City work with Boomerang on their tax and utility bills? Didn't it get time to pay it's bill? If my memory is correct then the City plays favorites and if you don't have pull you will get no service or help from the local authorities, right? It's time to throw the bums out!

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Hmmmm. So, Sheriff Rader. I have been following this very interesting Sheriff's election in Liberty County. Especially on social media. I was on FaceBook the other day and I "liked" a picture that Mr. Evans sent out showing a cute kid standing next to one of his signs. Hell, it was a cute picture! Then, low and behold, i get a message from a Tim Neimeyer that has a bunch of negative crap and documents about Mr. Evans. I had already seen some of these documents on the other candidate's FaceBook page, that VanDyke guy. So Sheriff, I need to tell you it is not looking good to the voters that VanDyke and this Neimeyer guy are talking all of this trash about Mr. Evans. Reason being is that neither one of these guys is posting anything bad about you. Nothing at all. It is kind of obvious why Neimeyer is doing it. He wants to keep his job. I found out that he is apparently the supervisor over your drug team or something. Another thing I found, just snooping around the internet, is the following article found right here on this site from back in 2014: So, this is the kind of guy you have leading these deputies? Come on Sheriff. He is throwing rocks and slinging mud at Mr. Evans but he himself has a very questionable past. Just the fact he works for you is very interesting to all of the Liberty County voters I have talked to. Now Sheriff, it is obvious to all of us why this VanDyke guy is even in the race. He is there to throw the mud and stones at Mr. Evans for you so you stay all clean. He NEVER says anything bad about you. Never posts documents about your past. Never posts stats or negative information. The voters are keenly aware, so it appears, that you guys are working together. to get rid of Mr. Evans. Looks like Neimeyer is on the same team with all of you. I cannot say that I would vote for Mr. Evans for any other reason but to help make sure you or VanDyke don't get elected. Pretty sad, but that is the way I, and many of the other voters feel. If this is not the case, Sheriff Rader, then you may want to make some adjustments to your campaign strategy. These two are not helping you at all. They are hurting you more than you know.

I am excited about the prospects of Liberty County electing a new sheriff, a new county attorney, a new commissioner, and a new state rep. Mark Beausoliel and these other new elected officials will balance out some of the mistakes we made in the last few elections. Vote to change this county back to a county that use to always be for the working man.

Well 3 weeks in a row now the Publisher of the Vindicator gives Bobby Rader, nearly a whole page of free advertisement. This is a foul and Carol Skewes, you are the villain of hawking Bobby Rader like a Carnival Barker and you should be ashamed of yourself, in getting involved in a county wide Election. Why have you not given Bobby Rader, this advertisement dollar for 3 years? The answer is Rader, has now woke up and wants to be re-elected and “doing wonders and Sh**ting Cucumbers” as Grandpa always said at bogus things. Rader has not done anything but skated, writing $46,000+ checks for a brand new Tahoe. Carol, you are a work of art and a low down scoundrel, for what you are doing, a month before early voting starts in Sheriff Election in Liberty County. How do you look at yourself in the mirror? Wonder what another newspaper man, Mark Twain, would say about you?

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Every politican running that has voters in the "Liberty hospital district" that was pushed on some of us over here in Dayton should be asked where they stand on the manipulation that makes us pay for a hospital across the river that we will never use.

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The main reason I voted for Ted Cruz was my perceived commitment he showed when he claimed he liquidated his savings to achieve his goal. I thought that was a sign of a true statesman. Today I see he lied about that. His campaign was financed by his wife's employer, a Wall Street firm he was cussing at the same time he was taking their money. Fooled me once but not again.

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Sheriff Bobby Rader at election forums, talks exclusively about the Hwy 59/69 Drug Interdiction Team who shoots to make 70% of all "dope seizure money" collected from a 11 miles of highway to add to Sheriff Rader‘s Seizure Money. He speaks of his "Swat Team" who also collects Seizure Money for the Sheriff in the County. He now has a new "Honor Guard" since only 3 Deputy's killed in 20 years so why we need more training and "new uniforms" to do what in the Sheriff's Department? No, where in theses speeches to Liberty County Citizens does he ever speak of the "No Patrol of our Neighborhoods" since he is responsible to all the Citizen‘s Safety. He runs The Liberty County Sheriff's Department to earn money, like MacDonald’s not taking care of "WE THE PEOPLE". He takes our tax money every year and wants more to protect "WE THE PEOPLE"! These Words meant a lot to our Forefathers and is in the beginning of our United States Constitution. Rader runs the Sheriff's Department like his insurance agency. We are the only Sheriff's Department that "Makes Money"! Law Enforcement is to take care of the citizens, but we are not even given Patrol! “WE THE PEOPLE” have a vote starting February 16th and Election Day is March 1st and “WE THE PEOPLE” can put Bobby Rader out the Door! When you walk in to vote freely say with pride “WE THE PEOPLE“!!

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I see where the town hall meeting on the open carry law was supposedly "stolen" by the so called executive directory of Texas Open Carry Terry Holcomb. What a clown. This whole issue of openly carrying guns has to be the most stupid of new laws brought about by the various States who allow this legislative retardation. Holcomb showing up with his cowboy hat on and serving papers on the County...right lets see where this goes. This insane law comes right out of the minds of delusional people who think that carrying a gun is right under the Constitution , the same Constitution that is the law of the land, the Federal government that they cuss and spit on at every turn. Terry Holcomb and his ilk should be ran out on a rail, along with that bunch in Oregon.

Terry Holcomb is a dumb A$$. He lives to press his agenda. Myself I love the element of surprise, as Liberty County.

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TxDOT/City of Liberty. PLEASE REPAIR the traffic light at Main & Sam Houston. It's staying red for the traffic traveling down Main.

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I have been by the new road to nowhere many times. I have yet to see a car using the road. I know the land owners are disappointed. (Look them up on Liberty CAD, you will not be surprised ). But I have an idea! This would make a great park for families to bike, roller skate,etc. Add some basketball areas as well as some skateboard fun and voila, maybe the taxpayers won't so screwed! Only Louie Potetz did NOT vote for this joke! We need to replace everyone else, from the Mayor on down the ladder. This is a disgrace.

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Another half page in the Vindicator saluting the Employee of the Month for Sheriff’s Secretary written by Ken Defoor and she says she feels sorry for Deputy’s working so many extra jobs, taking up their Family time. Poor Deputy’s knocking down $35 an hour in my cars running the whole times, poor things. Bobby's PIO can stretch a simple write-up to half a page in local Rag while campaigning for Rader in the election on March 1ST. When on duty I see none with bologna sandwiches in a paper sack, but pulled into a good eating places and meals cost a minimum of $5. The owner usually pays and that was told by a high official who tried to pay for the Deputy's meals and owner said they are taken care of already. That practice has been around many years ago. While working in Oklahoma the Sheriff stopped the free meals for Deputy’s. I bet it does not go on in Houston or Harris County. Good ole Bobby allows something really illegal. Thanks Carol Skewes for promoting Bobby during the Election. The Poor Deputies driving nice Tahoe's home every day and distance means nothing and I pay the bill for the Gasoline and Maintenance. I am the poor chump!

Ican not besure you are referring to the meals I paid for when deputies came by but I am sure your minimizing the jobs law enforcement have and describing their vehicle,their hourly pay, and their eating circumstance as something that should make citizens less grateful for them and less sympathetic plays into the whole anti-law enforcement scenario. I would suggest to you, unless you are anti-law enforcement, touting the qualifications of whovever it is you think should be sheriff and leaving the less than positive comments out of your politicking.

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The posts on the new road off the bypass are right on the money. I am sure the property on the either side of the road belongs to prominent citizens and they were behind the building of the road so they could develop their land and make money. What I wonder is why the citizens had to wait to upgrade the electrical system while money was being spent on the "road to nowhere" when it could have been spent on the electrical upgrade first. I am sure the owners of the land on the new road are practically slipping in their own saliva waiting to cash in on the new money pit.

Arrest of Man Exposing Himself

Good job LCSO on the speedy arrest of piece of #+*^ who exposed himself to the mother & young children fhe other day in Kenefick !!!!! We appreciate your rapid response.

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People are campaigning against Rex Evans by saying he was the irresponsible deputy who reported allof those dead bodies buried in a yard in Hardin a couple of years ago that embarrassed Liberty County on the Houston news need to have better memories. The person who embarrassed the entire county have poor memories.The person who embarrassed Liberty County was the newspaper editor Vanessa Brashier. Evans will make a great sheriff.

Glad someone pointed out that blaming Rex Evans for the mess stirred up by Vanessa Brashier and her newspapers is just typical dirty campaigning. If you wanted to blame someone besides Brashier, I do remember County Judge Craig McNair was on the newscast I saw. But Evans has never had a scandal in all the years he has worked in law enforcement including his time working in Liberty County for Sheriff Henry Patterson and his work at Cleveland ISd and his work at the Cleveland PD.

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My wife was full of wonder and positive comments about street in Liberty that connects Lakeland to the bypass. "Great sidewalks. Lights like you see in the best parts of the Woodlands. Turn lands." I told her it all sounds great except for one thing. "What is that?" No one live on this street. And I asked her why taxpayer money was spent to make this wonderful street BETTER than the taxpayers' streets that paid for it? Stinks!

These economic development corporations should have term limits - the back scratching makes me nauseous.

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I read somewhere that Freud theorized that "the fear of guns shows a retarded sexual maturity" He also thought that guns are a phallic symbol for men when they dream of guns or thing that resemble such thing they are actually sexualizing these objects. Well it's only a theory, but I think he may have a point, I mean with some men the obsession with firearms does seem a little weird you have to agree. Now they can carry guns openly it's like saying "mine is bigger than yours".

Sexualization of guns. Question: who is sexualizing guns? It sounds as if you have a Freudian fascination with big guns and the men who carry them! Texas is the 45th state to have legalized open carry, and neither the sky nor anyone's gun has fallen. Progressives, though, have fallen into psychobabble trying to explain it all away. Your opening statement is revealing. Did mommy prevent you from hiding gun magazines underneath your bed?

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Has anyone been to Richard Brown's office lately to pay taxes or pay for a permit? Holy cannoli! To give Brown money I have to come at tehir convenience it seems. The man has lost any idea of public servanthood and he closes his offices down thirty minutes earlier than any tax collector in the history of Liberty County!!

Isn't it great that Liberty County Tax Assessor/Collector Ricky Brown said property owners have until 4:30 p.m. Monday February 1st to pay our property tax in person? Everyone else in Texas will have until 5 o'clock, but we have "special"short hours here so people working for us can go home early. Voting Republican has gotten us all kinds of horrible new stuff!

The answer is ME. Me and I am sure many like me. I can't understand why Richard Brown is being allowed to close the tax collector offices so early, but I am glad to see someone posted something about this.

It would be logical to hold Richard Brown responsible for the crazy-ass hours that close down the tax collectors office at 4:30, but it is fair to the assume CounTy Judge and perhaps the Senior District Judge could have weighed in when these hours were proposed and then did nothing. By the way, they are all Republicans.

On the tax office closing 30 minutes earlier. Really? What is 30 minutes? Wouldn't that cut down employees salary hence saving the county money? Can't make it in time? Mail it in like most people do or pay online. Simple fix.

I agree,cut the salaries of the people working in the tax office.That would be about 7%. But that is not what has happened. Ths hooky pookie of government looking out for themselves has gone from alternating early and late lunches for decades to saying we will give up lunches if we can close early. Amazing! Oh and what is 30 minutes? well why not close at 4:00? Why not open at 5:00 and close after lunch? The hours of 8 to 5 for people taxpayers employee is for taxpayer convenience. These jobs should not be altered by people who do not like the terms of employment.

Mr. Brown is on the right track, but 30 minutes is just a drop in the bucket. He should just open for 30 minutes and be closed the rest of the time. then his employees will have plenty of time to do their workand not be bothered by the public. Oh, and the late fees will sky rocket and pay for setting up a hot tub and a wet bar the employees can de-stress at because even 30 minutes with a bunch of law abiding hard working taxpayers is too much!

TAX OFFICE HOURS, just a FYI , most counties tax offices do close at 4:30, google it.

I did google to find out about what the hours are for most tax offices and overwhelmingly most offices close at 5:00 o'clock. What the heck are you googling!

Who cares what the tax offices are elsewhere? Liberty County is a place where people are working people. Commuting people. How in the world can you close the tax office in a community like ours at 5?

Those who have suggested Richard Brown wanted to be popular with the ladies in the tax office more than he wanted to serve the people of Liberty County have made way too big a deal out of thenew early closing hours Brown has adopted. At first I thought the people complaining were all Linda Chapman fans and that they were trying to help her beat Brown in the Republican primary. But I asked three ladies sitting across from me at lunch the other day why they were complaining about the tax collector closing his office at 4:30. They didn't even know Brown had an opponent (not that it makes a difference, a woman has not held that job in the entire time I have lived here and I don't think she can beat Brown). So I asked what the big deal was and whether or not the man should be able to run his own office without people bitching behind his back. And just as I thought they got quiet except for the talker in the group. She said she guessed I was right. Why do Liberty people gripe so much. If they want his office to stay open until 5:00, they should run for his office!

General Comments

OK. So, now I think I get it. So an incumbent who has been voted into a position by the voters, say a Sheriff or Constable for example, gets challenged in an election by a formative opponent. Someone that really has a great chance to win and oust the incumbent. So, the incumbent, not wanting to gain the reputation of being a "mud slinger" or accused of running a "dirty" campaign, has to figure out how to keep themselves clean but still get the mud slinging covered. So, the incumbent "partners" with another candidate, who has no way of winning the election anyway, and the incumbent and the third candidate, helps him appear legitimate, (signs and banners, etc) and then the incumbent gets the third candidate to be the one to talk all of the trash and get all of the negative politicking done for him. On top of that, at election time, if the third candidate has any votes at all, the third candidate tells all of his voters to support the incumbent! In a small election, a couple hundred votes can make a huge difference. What's in it for the third candidate? It can be anything... even just plain and simple revenge.

General Comments

Why would we watch as Tim Allison fails to run for re-election out of embarrassment and then turn right around and elect Justin Johnston Constable. He is from Liberty and is well known just like Allison. We need an outsider. We need someone respectable and fair.

Let me get this straight, you didn't TimAllison being constable and since he was a long time resident, you are telling the rest of us not to elect Justin Johnston because he is a long time resident. If that is your real thinking, you need help. I have checked out the candidates and Johnston has a good reputation,both professionally and personally. I may vote for him. I for sure will not disqualify him simply because he is from here. If you know more than that, spit it out. Otherwise, stay off the internet, you don't make any sense.

Someone suggested we shouldn't vote for Justin Johnston because he is "well known". Then they used that reasoning to say it's why we need an "outsider" that's "respectable and fair." Seriously? A person can only be respectable and fair if they came from somewhere else? I guess that means Johnston's challenger wasn't respectable and fair when he worked here in the past, because he wasn't an outsider then. He had to leave here to become an outsider. Which begs the question, why did he leave here in the first place? Also, what caused him to leave the place he went to?

General Comments

We are slipping into the sewer day by day. This mentally challenged new open carry law is just one more notch in the belt of slow witted misguided right wingers who think that the answer to every social problem is a weapon. The most recent domestic terrorism in Oregon is getting more coverage than the lies that the Trump campaign keeps vomiting on the circuit. "Take our country back" was the mantra after the Obama election right, now we have a person running for president who is just to the right of one of Hitler's close associates. We have gun wielding jerks taking over property under the pretense of patriotism, and people who barely squeaked through high school carrying guns in the open. All right wingers, all republicans, all idiots.

General Comments

It seems the Liberty Vindicator and the "80" year old Public Information Officer Ken DeFoor are working as fast as possible to re-elect Bobby Rader. This weeks Vindicator dedicates a whole page of the weekly newspaper on Rader. Very expensive real estate all for free by the local rag and the Publisher of it Carol Skewes for one Candidate in the race for Sheriff starting in February. Other candidates were allowed an announcement and all other would cost money. Bobby Rader are Rotary Buddy's with Carol Skewes, the Publisher and page (3A) was dedicated to Bobby in last Thursday paper. It contained another boondoggle of spending our money on an honor team, that Baytown or Houston or Harris County would furnish, since only 3 officers have been killed in way over 20 years. One Deputy killed by gunfire and two Deputies by high speed crashes by one car fatalities. Also another candidate, Rex Evans, mentioned body cameras and ASAP, Bobby has at least one for the newspaper to photograph and old Ken DeFoor to write a second article on the page. Thanks Carol Skewes for working very hard to re-elect Bobby (I Spend Money) Rader. It is very unethical of you Carol Skewes to use your newspaper to work for one Candidate in The Sheriff's Race. The Local Candidate and Local Newspaper trying their best to re-elect the Local Candidate and their bias in this election coming up in February early voting is a large bias to say the least. What the black is in chicken Sh*t just more Chicken Sh*t Carol Skewes. Kind of the same for your newspaper isn’t it Publisher Skewes?

How Rubio helped his ex-con brother-in-law acquire a real estate license

Thank you Alan. With family in Florida I am more than familar with Rubio's list of sins against voters but no one has said anything here in Texas. Thanks for staying on top of this. In Florida Republicans have made sure to remind people of all of the things the Clintons did for the Rodham brothers and for Bill's broher, but Rubio is like their little Prince and does no wrong. The Clinton sweetheart deals were simply knowing the right people, Rubio's little deal for his bro-in-law smells far worse.

I agree with those who are taking aim at Rubio. He is too conservative. But even worse is Ted Cruz. Somebody better stop Cruz or the conservatives will have both houses and the Presidency with a very dangerous man leading them.

Cruz is not to be the concern for Hillary, the concern is going to be Trump. You see Trump has nothing to lose for his outbursts and allegations. When he really geta started , he will bring up lots of things about the Clinton s that people are not remembering or chose to forget, for example the deaths of numerous people surrounding the clinton s during white water, Benghazi, emails, etc. This will be just the start. You are this is what the countries majority has been waiting for many years. Fear the Trump, he may just be your next President!

I agree with the comment Hillary fears Trump. But Hillary has much to fear. She should fear the reminders that Trump,and only Trump, would use. Her history is filled with so much baggage Trump could possibly win the White House by default. But she fears the could looks and the ability to articulate Rubio would have. And she fears the debating ability and the ability to analyze in light of the Constitution Ted Cruz possesses. With all that said, the Clintons have a great shot at winning. Voters on both sides should get to the polls and express their opinion.

Man Arrested Asleep in Car

Man Arrested Asleep in Car I have a question that maybe someone more educated in the law can answer for me. How can the police arrest a person asleep in their car with, "Manufacture and deliver of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and delivery of marijuana"? They found the stuff in his car, so he is guilty of possession. But... where is the evidence of manufacture and delivery? Was he observed selling something in his sleep or manufacturing drugs in his car? Isn't evidence necessary anymore?

"man arrested asleep in car",the article states the car was in the middle of the road,running and still in drive(must of had foot on the brake)and drugs in plain view,that is enough for probable cause.and when anyone person and or persons has a certain amount of any illgeal substance it is considered that the person and or persons have intent to sell and or distribute to others.

How can someone be charged with manufacturing and/or delivering drugs while they were sleeping? It's because the charge goes by the amount of drugs present. While every drug is different, they all have an amount or weight that is considered beyond the level of personal use. There is so much of the drug that the legal presumption is the person had to be manufacturing it, selling it, or delivering it. If the amount of drugs seized were in individual bags or containers for future sales, that can be an indicator. Also, other items observed at the time of arrest can indicate manufacturing and delivering. Things like scales, bulk packaging materials, handwritten distribution ledgers, etc. Then there's always the suspect's statements. He could have very well stated what his purpose was for the drugs. So you can see, there's numerous ways a driver sleeping behind the wheel of a car on the roadway can be charged with manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance.

You can be charge with manufacturing and delivering drugs if undercover officer ask you standing in your yard or anywhere. Do you know where I can get some drugs. And you say yes over at that house. And turns out to be drugs over there. They make a bust. Guess what your charged for manufacturing and delivering drugs also! Just think about that one.



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