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General Comments

I saw where the Birdwell man received a 10 year sentence for the death of that passenger in that accident last year. As awful and tragic as that whole incident was and is, I hope he gets probation, there is no reason to completely ruin his life. In a county and city that promotes drinking this is a hypocritical reaction to what happened. Drinking and over indulgence permeates this area, and as shown in court cases causes a multitude of trouble. The families involved I'm sure are suffering and will continue to suffer from this incident for ever, but the imprisonment of this man will solve nothing, the county and city neglect to address the problem of over drinking though is what's needed. That is a pipe dream though, because the high profile officials can't allow the spotlight be shown too brightly as they too encourage business to sell liquor, and indulge themselves, one local county employee for years had so many "whiskey dents" in his cars it was a running joke about his drinking. Anyway I hope this guy gets help and probation, and the families can find someway to heal.

General Comments

Wow, Memorial Hermann hospital comes to Dayton! And look what Liberty has - a hospital tax with nothing to show for it. Disgusting.

Memorial Hermann Agrees to DaytonFacility:////Poor Dayton taxpayers. $500,000 to get MH to come to Dayton for only a 5 year guarantee to stay open. Dayton citizens can drive to Baytown in about 10 minutes. SMH. I believe it comes down to that," We MUST beat Liberty", mentality. Or course, nothing will change the fact that Dayton was once known as West Liberty.

In one clean swoop, Dayton has declared their independence from the slavery of Bruce Stratton's liberty hospital tax scam. Herman Hospital has stepped up to the plate and won't be intimidated by the liberty city scam artist. My fiends and family will positively support the new Herman Hospital Dayton partnership.

"In one clean swoop, Dayton has declared their independence from the slavery of Bruce Stratton's liberty hospital tax scam."? Where did they say that Dayton was going to get out of paying the Hospital District tax? Won't that take a new vote to change the district boundaries?

General Comments

THE BEST FOOTBALL TEAM IN TEXAS HISTORY In 1916, virtually the entire US Army, as well as many National Guard units, were posted in the border with Mexico. They were there to keep the Mexican Revolution on the Mexican side of the border. That so many National Guard units had been activated is key to our story. Lots of young men had to put their college educations on hold when their units were called up. One of those units, training at Camp Scurry in Corpus Christi, was the 2nd Texas Infantry. The men of the 2nd Texas came primarily from the schools of the Southwest Conference. To keep morale up, the Army brass encouraged the National Guard units to form football teams that fall. Of the fifteen men who made up the 2nd Texas squad, nine were from the University of Texas team, three were Aggies, two played at Baylor and one came from Southwestern. They would compile an 8-0 record, beating their opponents by a combined score of 432-6. The only team to score on them was the 12th Division All-Stars, coached by Lt. Dwight D. Eisenhower. That score was 34-6. But the 2nd Texas was resting its starters for the big season finale to be held in San Antonio four days later. The opponent would be the 1st New York Cavalry. That team was a juggernaut of thirty-three lettermen from big Eastern schools like Syracuse, Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell and Princeton, all football powerhouses back then. This promised to be a real competition for the 2nd Texas. Twenty-five thousand fans were in attendance, the most ever to see a game in Texas at that time. The result: a 69-0 route by the 2nd Texas, the second biggest margin of victory of the season. The first was 102-0 shellacking of the 7th New York Infantry two weeks earlier. It seems facing off with New Yorkers brought out the best in the Texas boys.

General Comments

Has anyone seen the latest Faux News retard accusation against the Prez? Faux says no military action has been taken by the U.S against the ISIS, even though there has been 160 air strikes by the U.S. against the ISIS...Fox news is such a dumb bunch of reporters.

Re: Has anyone seen the latest Faux News retard accusation against the Prez?/////You know, you liberals will lie about anything. I watch Fox News quite often and they never said that. They may have said it is not enough. But, even I know that.

General Comments

I may be wrong but if my child is any indication our math scores will be similar to our football scores this year. What happened to our math department?

The problem does not start with the math department, it starts with an over emphasis on football. That starts at the top!

The math department at Liberty I.S.D. high school has major problems.

Sick of all the courting and coddling the notsoSuperintendent does with the school board as he gets his way while the district's reputation suffers because of his poor decisions.

General Comments

The postings are really out there. The guy who is going to protect his dead wife's grave with a gun and a dog? Uh... she's dead man what are you going to do kill someone who is stealing flowers? The posts about the people who were arrested in Daisetta for alcohol to minors and crack? Why is it so important to be so hateful to someone like that, and the City of Liberty police chief is leaving because Liberty is like Daisetta? That doesn't even make sense.

Re: The postings are really out there. The guy who is going to protect his dead wife's grave with a gun and a dog?/////You know, it is people like you that keep crime going. I am behind the man all the way. If I were on a Grand Jury I would not indict him for eliminating some trash. A cemetery is sacred ground. Keep your thieving hands off of anything there.

Re: "if I was on a Grand Jury I would not indict him..." So I'm the problem? You wouldn't indict a person who takes the law into his own hands? You wouldn't indict a person who does violence with a firearm? No, I'm not the problem YOU are the problem, YOU and that man who is probably mentally unstable because he is unable to grieve for his dead wife properly. He and You poster are the epitome of what is wrong with this Nation, a violent intolerant society that thinks guns are the answer to every problem. Insane nuts all.

Oh my, I for one hope the gentleman who has some dirty, lowlife thief stealing from his wife's grave uses .00 buckshot. If someone steals from a graveyard they would steal from their own mother, and no doubt the world would be a better place without them.

To the poster who hopes the mentally ill man protecting his dead wife's grave with #00 buckshot, two words...stupid redneck.

So he's mentally ill because he wants someone to stop stealing from his wife's grave? And others feel they would do the same thing to a thief, a grave robbing thief at that. Dumb rednecks?maybe you should move to houston and leave us dumb rednecks out here. You liberal POS. we (rednecks) have made this county and state till the Yankees and liberals came in and try to run something. Take your ass back north of the mason

To the poster who thinks we "liberals and Yankees" should move to Houston or "back up north" because we are POS who don't think people should take the law into their own hands. You rednecks are all the same, violent morons who live in a world of cowboy and gunfighters western movies, who are so full of hate that they need to have their guns taken away and put in hospitals for the insane.

I applaud the man for taking up actions against a low down thieving grave robber,what the world needs is a bunch of rednecks. At least we have common sense unlike those in Washington... In my redneck words"you Ain't got it dont spend it" and you don't like out this way pardner go somewhere your wanted... Like New York City boy! Lol

The man who claims someone is stealing from his wife's grave doesn't say what was taken, he offers no proof of anything removed, only that he says it's going happened, in his mind anyway. The posters who are defending his right to shoot someone, without a trial or even being arrested, only on sentimentality of one emotionally misguided widow with a gun and a dog. If you have a gun always add a dog that's the redneck symbol of country good old boyness. The posters who advocate his right to shoot first and ask questions later reflect the idiotic mind set that permeates this area, a steady diet of Gunsmoke, Fox News, beer, takes its toll on the brains of ones that live in that way.

re: that person defending the kind of crap it takes to steal from the are lucky you live in america an have the right to tell us all how stupid we are,well lets see darn near every subject on here,an your answer is usually the dumb rednecks,dont know anything.your obviously intelligent. i think you get some sort of kick out of agitating people cause surely an educated person like yourself cant think its alright to steal...anything.are you an agitator.

To the poster who watches Fox News "all the time", you may watch it all the time, but between beers you may have missed some of the important fails they broadcast. It's a fact that those who watch Fox are the most uninformed and misinformed people in the Nation.

Fox viewers are the most ignorant people in this country.The poll proves it. next topic!

It's sad to see the amount of liberal stupidity in our area. All of the fox news experts on this board. It's amazing how they all watch such a terrible news station enough to come to the exact same conclusions about it's other viewers. They use the exact same stereo types, beer drinking, gun toting, etc. I wonder if they actually believe these are their own original thoughts or if they realize that they are just regurgitatating the thoughts that the comedians they watch for news have put in their head. The person that took the time to sit down at a keyboard and bash a guy who's wife's grave is being desecrated, and then, in the same post, wonders why someone would be "so hateful" to a druggie child abuser is a classic.

General Comments

To whoever is robbing my wife's grave beware, What goes around will come around, You will nver kow what night me, the dog and the shotgun will be out there from now own. I mean what can they do to me, take my wife away again??

Two Arrested for Furnishing Alcohol to Minors

2 gallons of gas and a couple of rocks, sounds like a party to me. Loser.

Soooo, they had that Daisetty look about 'em, huh? Daisetta is what Liberty has come to look like. No wonder our Chief of Police wants to leave.

General Comments

The incident with the NFL player Ray Rice is despicable. Those involved tried to whitewash the whole thing, that's obvious. When it comes to football the players with the talent are protected. This starts in high school and the practice follows then as long as they can play. Local ISD's are guilty of looking the other way when it comes to their prize players, mediocre academic performance, drugs, sexual improprieties, all hushed up and all known by coaches, but are given a whitewash because they want a winning team.

Why Keep Believing It?

Bobby Rader is a LIAR and seems to lie no matter the subject or reason to lie. Bobby’s little mentor group is Vita, Brad and Timmy and it seems they stroke his ego, while giving him terrible advice, as not to say what he does not want to hear. Vita is many things to Bobby and one is his Facebook Webmaster, is one of those many complex, duties she does for him, but post pictures, that make him look like a lying fool. Allen, you are a genius! What fool, other than our County Sheriff, would turn over an invoice and a check written on a local bank for $46K+ for one Tahoe. This past weekend Vita using her Sheriff's Tahoe sitting on display at the Dayton Civic after her cheerleader’s decoration on the vehicle being $28,756 cost and $11,390 for equipment. Bet she is too old to do a cheerleader split, but she still remembers how to decorate windows. The part I laughed about is Vita’s 13-19 miles per gallon on the side glass. I have been driving for over 50 years and those figures are a little high by 4 mpg, especially with a Cop driving with his/her foot into the Carburetor, knowing they will not be stopped by other agencies. Bobby, you knew profit margins on insurance, so it was easy to lie to people and smile looking them in the face. This is not an insurance business you own and everyone is watching you lie, while grinning at us.

About the LCSO. driving the County vehicles home. They need to provide their own vehicles to and from work. NOT county property.and at the tax payers cost..

Way to go Chief Deputy Veta Oriely

You know there was a time that a lot of people wanted to live in Liberty County because it was the centerpoint between Houston and Beaumont. Now all I ever see on is people griping about Liberty County and it's officials. I used to want to come back home to live but not anymore. Thank you to the powers that be.

It’s obvious the Sheriffs application doesn’t have math on it.

the amount on the invoice and the amount the police posted on the vehicle was about a about a 5900 dollar difference. maybe the police should be trying to figure out who pocketed the 5900 dollars.

Drugs Found in Vehicle on US 59

Well I'm sure the folks down in Memphis, TN are impressed but exactly how does this solve the drug problem in Liberty County?

Man Arrested for Possession on US 59

How does arresting guy from PA passing through our county with marijuana help stop the drug problem here in our county. Surely its a better plan to clean up problems in our own backyard first? Then they can get started on the rest of the nation once they get the dopers under control here

Sheriff only some grass but no cash, for you to throwaway trying to ride along tipping windmills!

Hardin Man Arrested for Sale of Drugs

Constable Thornton remember when the Commissioner's Court turned you down for manpower? Well, the Sheriff's Department has 6 full-time Deputies working a couple miles I-69 and found less dope, while you cover the rest of the county. Keep going Constable I cannot wait to vote for you again!

General Comments

Why is it that every time it rains I loose power at my residence. You would think that as much as the City of Liberty charges for utilities and the amount of taxes we pay, this wouldn't be a problem. I understand that power goes out sometimes, but every time it rains. This is ridiculous! If I could use another power company I would, but we live in the city where we have no choice. Almost seems criminal, Thanks Mr. Mayor.

Oh I agree with the poster who was complaining about the city power going off at the slightest weather disturbance. Only it's not the Mayor it's the City Manager who has all the push here in the City. The City bigwigs allow him to do what he pleases just so they don't have to get their hands dirty, and in a lot of ways he has gotten away with "murder". Dig around and talk to City employees and former employees, they will be gladly to spill their guts on some things done that aren't always "kosher".

General Comments

Commissioners! Take the jail back and get the sheriff's office up to standard and tell Rader to follow the law on county cars!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Allen Youngblood for trying to lead the horses to water. Maybe they will drink.....maybe they won't.

I see everybody talking about the deputy who drives his tahoe to sugarland daily, but what concerns me more is whoever is driving that f-350 dually home every day. That thimg probable gets 11 mpg, not to mention the additional operational cost of a truck like that. I drive a diesel so I know the operational cost to upkeep one of these trucks and I see someone driving down 2100 nearly every day in LCSO f350. There is no reason for the SO to have someone driving a truck like that every day. Isnt that to be used for their mobile command unit? When it breaks down, how will you pull your MCU? Are you just going to go buy a new one at the tax payers expense? And if your deputies need a new truck, one dont you take that GMC Denali that has been impounded for many years and make it useable at a minimal cost? All I see there is whst could have been a possible 25-30k at auction gojng to waste. Not to mention the storage space that truck and the four wheelers (one of which was stolen and probably worth 15k at the time) sat in the PCT 2 barn for a while. Get your head from between your legs raider, or leave it there and kiss your job goodbye.

General Comments

I am concerned that even a little bit of power that comes with any elected position is becoming almost routinely abused. First we have a school board memebr who obviously is using his position, now we have Constable DeSpain. I doubt news reports showing this "lawman" interrupting a ball game is enough to embarass him and make him tone it down. I am to the point where I am willing to help finance lawsuits against rogue elected officials. It matters not whether they are city council, school board, constables, or dog catchers. They are not God. Too much pro active intrusion into otherwise forgettable situations is damnable. Tarkington or any other community did NOT elect you to go out and cause problems where situations are well in hand. Get it DeSpain!

DeSpain looked ridiculous out there. I agree, Tarkington needs to vote out people who are using their office to grind their axes.

That Tarkington board member has backed off. His behavoir is in no way comparable to Constable DeSpain's.

In case you missed the game, it was a circus at one point. A complaint has been filed on L.W. DeSpain by the referees of the Splendora/Tarkington game. In addition to the fifteen yard penalty the Constable cost the Longhorns, the Huffington Post and Houston news channels have made hay out of the ordeal. No school border member was cited, nor was anyone else.

Who is more egotistical and power hungry than an elected official? Two elected officials. DeSpain! You are not the one who calls ball games. You and the buddy that fired you up need to get a life.

Genera Comments

I hope Bobby Rader is someone who can listen to criticism and filter out the part he disagrees with and use the part that really points to a need for change. He needs to make his people park their cars and SUVs at the nearest safe county property to their house and quit letting them drive out of the county to their house. Potentially we have a sheriff's office that could be on a pathway to improving. We have a leader that could be really good. Bu one of the decisions Bobby Rader has to make is if he is just going to ignore or demonize peope speaking out on the only viable social media site worth reading. Watch and see if he listens if people on here don't get benind him. They will. If he will. Ears are an imporatnt body part to waste!

General Comments

My oh my how the mighty have fallen. Not just a lousy losing athletic department and a stagnant academic program but lousy management of the entire school district

Person on Top Ten List Taunts LCSO

I can't help but noticed how you chose word your heading( top ten most wanted taunts lcso). Let me correct you!!!.. I was not taunting anyone!!!... I was excersizeing my right to freedom of speech!!!.. Plz don't twist my reasoning around for your on benefit!!!... Further more being the only thing you seem to be concerned with is the warrent, you can rest a sure and get sleep at night knowing that the warrent is being addressed!!!... Sir my family and I was wrongly done and wrongly accused!!.. And now I will have my day in court and I WILL PROVE IM INNOCENT!!!!

Mr. carter I hope that you have your day in court and I hope they call all the little girls to testify! and your wife who invites these young girls to stay all night and then leaves them with you knowing you have done this before, don't just threaten the sheriffs dept, you have not dealt with the families of these victims. quit hiding. While you are trying to pleasure yourself in front of them, try reading hooked on phonics you are an idiot because you believe everyone is gonna believe you.

General Comments

Sheriff Rader is apparently more interested in being popular with his deputies than doing the job he was elected for. I supported his election, even though he had no experience, because I thought he would at least be fair and honest. I never expected him to go to the media whining about some of his deputies having to get food stamps to get by. First of all I do not believe that, and if it is true why don't they leave their gun and badge home and get a job which will support their families. Is it because they are too into toting a gun? Then I really lost respect for the Sheriff when he threatened to remove the courthouse security when their are so many nut cases running around wanting to kill people.I have read about the Sheriff asking for more money from the county many times He sets a budget for his department and seems to always go over it especially for fuel for the vehicles. Thursday Sept. 4, 2014 at 5:43 PM a sheriffs deputy had his car backed up in the weeds on FM 1960 by the overpass about 8 miles west of Dayton running radar. If the Sheriff does not have enough deputies to answer all the call the sheriffs dept. gets how do they have time to run radar on a state road. Oh, and by the way Sheriff, his engine was running.

Keep it up with BobbyBoy, you got him running scared.

General Comments

Today for lunch, I went to the Chinese Wok. Upon arrival, I notice that the Drug Interdiction Unit (Niemeyer, Young and another officer whose name I do not know)are inside eating. When I walk pass their vehicles, they are both running. I was there for a good 40-50 minutes and when I left the SUV's were still running. I arrived after them and left before them. On July 8th, wasn't the Sheriff requesting $80,000.00 more to fund fuel for his officers? I've once asked an officer (not part of DIU) why did they leave their vehicles running if they were not in them..the answer was because are computers cannot get too hot. I asked another officer and he said that was not true that he always turns his vehicle off. Now one might say, they have K-9's and they cannot be left in a vehicle that is not running with air conditioner. Which is true. But in my opinion, why isn't there a place for the dogs know be dogs until they are needed. Seems like it would be cheaper to have them a designated place until duty calls rather than sitting in a running SUV while the officers are inside enjoying lunch.

The citizen viewing the vehicles running and have been told various stories about it. The Number One Reason was the Deputy wanted to get back into a cool vehicle, during this hot time of the year. The computer story is a crock of Bull-Shit! Just leave the PC on and they have internal fans that will keep the PC at proper temperature. See the Law Man driving that vehicle, will follow what he sees his Main Boss doing and that is lying and your taxes being sucked through Timmy's Tahoe, while he eats is A-Okay, with Sheriff Bobby, because my goodness he may eat and find 10 grams of grass on the next corner. In reality now 10 grams means you are nearly out! Sheriff Bobby is a façade of a real Sheriff and he needs Timmy. He is the Sheriff's Salvation and he will defend him until he loses the next election. See, all Sheriff Bobby has to do is go to Commissioner's Court and ask for more gasoline money and he gets it. Citizens of Liberty County, we as taxpayers are paying in excess of $7000, just to put gas in Timmy's County Tahoe, JUST to go home and back, everyday he works, approximately 15 days a month. Since you ate at the Chinese Wok, think of what you paid for your lunch and do you eat out at that price about 15 days a month? Remember, the Deputies that Sheriff Bobby lied about getting Food Stamps, eats out at least 15 days a month. Who pays the Deputy/Timmy or does the owner comp., their food (means owner pays). That is in completely against Sheriff Bobby’s rules I really believe. See lying is systemic to an organization and it spreads completely over the body of the organization and it becomes to new people, like second nature.

General Comments

This whole situation makes me sick! The way the police handled the situation was really uncalled for after they pulled his wife out of the shower naked and handcuffed her on the floor next to her two young children with AK's to there head. She asked the officers to get her some clothes and they pulled a thong from her dresser and made her put that on in front of her small children. Not to mention Mr.Glenn wasn't even there at the time. When he did arrive he surrendered immediately and the police still broke his hand!! While he has been in custody his mail and money being put on his books is being with held!! If u do the crime u pay the time but LAST TIME I CHECKED THIS WAS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and EVERYONE has CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. But of course this is Liberty County we r talking about here...they run on their own CORRUPT system!! What done in the dark always comes to light!! And for the Low life that brought her friends son into this situation..your in LAST PLACE SHOOT YOURSELF!!

To the poster who posted about the woman being handcuffed out of the shower? What incident are you talking about? We need more details please, who, what, where?

The incident of the woman being pulled naked out of the shower and handcuffed in front of her children is in reference to the drug raid on 2830 South in Raywood. What infuriates me with the previous post is that person's main complaint was that the children, of the drug dealing mother, seen her naked and cuffed. I'm pretty certain this is not the first time her children have seen her naked. In handcuffs, maybe, but naked, no. Something is very wrong with this person. My major concern with all of this is the fact this so called mother had her CHILDREN in a house with huge amounts of drugs and 2 hand guns. The search of the premises located at 1541 FM Hwy 2830 South in Raywood netted 1895 grams of cocaine, 264 grams of methamphetamine, 108 grams of hashish oil, 194 grams of marijuana, 293 grams of assorted prescription pills (Valium / Xanax) and 260 grams of codeine syrup. Also seized during the serving of the search warrant were two 9mm handguns. Not to mention the smart ass smirk on this woman's face in her jail photo. She sure didn't look humiliated to me. I do feel sorry and have much concern for the health and wellbeing of the children involved is all of this. As for the man's mail and commissary money being kept from him- The Feds can and will sieze any money put on this person's books at the jail. Wake up, this is not a little Liberty Co. case. The Feds got this one and they don't play. Another thing, while you are feeling sorry for her children, how about you stop and feel sorry for the other parent's children whom these 2 POS have sold drugs to. They are victims in all this as well.

In regard to the writer concerning the woman being pulled naked from the shower: I suppose you'd expect law enforcement to make an initial courtesy call to our local drug dealers to announce their expected arrival along with the itinerary of the day's events. They could act as a travel agency. Police could say, "Mr. & Mrs. Drug Dealer, be sure to take your showers and take care of all your personal hygiene matters, and eat a hearty breakfast, prior to noon because that is indeed our estimated time of arrival. To expedite the search warrant process, please place all weapons, narcotics, contraband, paraphernalia and all funds suspected in potential money laundering offenses in the living room area in a single neat pile so there will be greater ease in evidence collection which will also aid officers in assisting you with a speedy departure from your residence. In advance, we will be mailing you a series of voluntary statement forms to accommodate your confession. Just place the forms in the provided envelope and store on top of all illegal contraband. Also, we are aware that it's simply routine for your young children to be present during the sale of illegal narcotics at your residence and they are often among various assorted controlled substances, weapons, etc but in an attempt to afford your entire family the opportunity to make a smooth transition from freedom to incarceration, please ensure that all parties not associated with criminal acts have been placed with responsible caretakers prior to law enforcement arrival. We thank you, in advance, for your continued cooperation and appreciate the unique service you provide to your community. On behalf of all law enforcement officers across the nation, we hope to always be your first choice when selecting an incarceration itinerary. To show our appreciation, we will add additional years to all incarceration itineraries, at no extra cost to you, each time you select an offense from the penal code and make a successful commission of that crime. Our service guarantees complete dissatisfaction and we want you to remember us before committing your next criminal episode. Thank you for choosing Texas as your location for your crimes against society."

I can't resist... LOL! Every time I read about the police pulling the woman out of the shower naked, I crack up! Don't most of us shower naked????s

Two-Vehicle Crash on Jefferson Drive

The sad thing is..... have you ever tried to pull out of either parking lot?? You can look and look and a car will come FLYING off of S.Main. Evidently the van is at fault. If the car hit the van, the car still should have been looking. Always be aware of your surroundings!!!

General Comments

Yesterday a “ReDux” of CC was shot after 1 week. Lowery hoping the reviews were better for him and Rader. The County Judge and Warner was MIA. Norman Brown filled in as County Judge because of longest tenure on CC and the longest tenure of no activity on his Pct. 4 roads. Actually this CC was an exact replica of the meeting 7 days ago, with Lowery deciding to table the $64000 until finalizing the budget per Harold Seay in October. Eddy let out a long sigh of relief. Actually, these and all numbers should be generated directly by the Sheriff of Liberty County by “State Law” to give the proposed county jail budget of assuming the County Jail, by LCSO and present to CC and they vote on the funding that being their job. So Sheriff has said he knows absolutely nothing about a Jail and really not much of being a Sheriff with just 7 years of TDPS patrol. Last week behind closed doors the 3 Deputy’s assigned to Court House Security after the Sheriff pulled to be patrol deputies were assigned to the Court House taking from Rader’s payroll and command. This week was changed back to just like it was working for LCSO, but the Sheriff promised the 3 slots would never be taken away again (bargaining chip one day when the Battle is fought again. Yesterday’s CC with three Commissioners reversed 100 % what was done by 4 Commissioners and the County Judge, 7 days earlier. They say, if you put a monkey in a room, with a typewriter, he could write a novel, in one year. This CC meeting yesterday proved that hypotheses.

General Comments

How can Channelview drumus like that. We did not look ready to play....that is on the coaches.

General Comments

Charlotte Warner and Craig McNair may not be right about alot of things but saving the taxpayers the monwy the jail corporation is pocketing is a winner. Spending 64k is another waste of money or a stall game.

This is a complex situation regarding Commissioner Lowery, the Sheriff and Commissioner-elect Wilson. Commissioner Lowery comes up for re-election in a year and half and Lowery is worried because he feels he will have 2 opponents in the race. Lowery is counting on Bobby Rader to pull him over the finish line in his race because Lowery thinks Rader is strong in his area. Lowery you remember at last CC you brought up the spending the $64,000 that the county does not have to placate the Sheriff who is saying "yes" but means "no" to running the county jail. Commissioner-Elect Leon Wilson who does not mince words said something to Bobby Rader at the Budget Workshop about a poor decision he had made recently. So Lowery goes after the meeting and goes back to his office and calls Mr. Wilson a “loose cannon”. Lowery I do not trust you and frankly I hope you are defeated. Leave name calling to children and not by grown men. Leon Wilson speaks the truth and can make a decision, like not spending $64000, when it is not needed and the county cannot afford to spend. Lowery you are a damp fuse! Mr. Wilson never be a commissioner that throws “our money” away and speaks honestly and the citizens will never forget you for being Honest and Thrifty with “Our Money”.

Co-op Puts $2.3 Million Back in Members’ Pockets

Wow after charging the mess out of us for electricity Sam Houston Electric Co-Op is going to take some money off of one of our bills. How about billing us a reasonable rate all year long!

General Comments

Hey mr Youngblood just seen train out here in Hardin with at least 200 hundred assorted military vehicles and tanks headed east. Any idea what's going on?

The train is taking these vehicles to the FEMA camps preparing for the enaction of martial law. OR, transportation by train is obviously the most convenient and economical method of transporting these vehicles. We have been at war for years, these vehicles are merely returning for disposal/refurbishment/abandonment/redistribution. Would you rather see them on trains, rigged from helicopters, or being driven to their destination? Only one logical choice......

General Comments

Ok liberty its time to go back to ol school football...I formations spilt back...and chicken wayne called a pisspoor game...was he scared of his hometown fans!!!!

And another thing how does this ref gets to call a game in his hometown!!!!

General Comments

I have heard that the Cleveland Commissioner has been calling the newly elected Commissioner from a “loose cannon”. This apparently came from the last Commissioners Court meeting and work shop. I was not there but what I understand from listening to people who were there, Commissioner elect Wilson was questioning Sheriff Radar about his decision to remove security from the Court House. If asking the questions that commissioners should be asking, if not being afraid to make a decision without spending $64000 dollars to get someone to tell you it is ok is being a loose cannon maybe we should hope the other two members of Commissioners Court are loose cannons also. I can see why this commissioners court is known as a do nothing court. They are afraid to ask questions or make a decision. I have to give credit to C. Warner and Judge McNair, they did ask questions and opposed spending the $64000.

General Comments

The city of Liberty is so proud of "not raisng taxes". I am sick of this scam. The values have been raised on our property and in order for the city to keep taxes the same they know they have to lower the rate. Dayton lowered city taxes while Liberty actually raised theirs. Shameful in an economy that is making it tough on all the middle class.

Precinct 4 Constable Office Makes Drug Arrests

Constable Robby Thornton seems to be doing excellent work going after the Dopers and winning the battle a piece at a time. Hope he is remembered next election. He as a rag tag team of folks making cases, but not driving Tahoe’s for 104 miles a day to go home and back. Constable Thornton does not allow a "prima Donna" drive a Tahoe to Pearland, Texas, but no County Vehicle out of Liberty County. You go get them Constable Thornton; you have Law Enforcement Experience unlike our County Sheriff, who has a 6 man squad, eating Hartz Chicken in Cleveland and no drug arrests. Constable Thornton, would you run for Sheriff, we need Law Enforcement experience and no thugs.

General Comments

A nine year old girl is allowed to shoot a assault weapon at a shooting range, and accidently shoots the instructor and he dies. This is the epitome of what's wrong with guns and gun worshipers. A child is put in the position by an adult of using a weapon like it's a toy and since the child doesn't comprehend what's she doing, only trusting the adult she kills the adult, what is the stupid sound byte gun lovers always say? "guns don't kill people, people kill people", in this case the gun killed the person. Stupid adults, stupid parents, poor little girl.

General Comments

My son's stepfather can't fight this dumb rule that you have to play football if you want to pursue a baseball scholarship at our wonderful high school. My ex will not say anything because he says the school board is so political he does not want to make things worse. While all that is going on my son had to decide whether he should play a sport he did not want to play in order to play one he loves and will surely win a scholarship in. I think we may need more women on the school board and in the administration. men can be childish.

If a child wants to play baseball, what does that have to do with football?

I do not understand the rule that if you want to participate in one sport in school, you have to participate in all or another sport as well. It was definitely not this way when I was growing up. I played basketball and was pretty good for a high school girl but I was absolutely "NO" good at volleyball. It is hard when a child like yours wants to pursue a baseball career and is forced to play football, which is a full contact sport that could lead to injuries that would in turn end his baseball career. I think I would talk to the school board on this one and good luck!!!

Bring a lawyer that specailizes in schoollaw and Dayton will let your son prepare to play baseball in athletic class and he will not have to play football.

Security Positions Removed from LCSO Budget

The Liberty County Commissioners and County Judge put Bobby Rader in his place today. Rader threatened all the judges (by letter) at the court house that effective October 1, 2014 the three court house deputy’s would be taking off the court house assignment and placed in the patrol division. Rader got B##TCH SLAPPED. Maybe he could have pulled it off if he would have got the old man in the leisure suit to make the threat, or Veta, or Sherry, or Brett. Nah I doubt it.

Rader has no clue on how to run the jail, or the Sheriff’s Department.

McNair told Rader to “step up to the plate”. That’s AWSOME

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department has got some BIG problems. Bobby, Ken, Brett, Vita, Timmy, Tommy, Don, Dagle, and Lowery.

Today the Commissioner Court met in Liberty for their normal meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the court adjourned into special session, with Judges Cain, Morefield and Chambers, in attendance, the Sheriff was not invited (a slap in the face). The Special session, had to do with Sheriff Rader's letter to the Judges, he was pulling the 3 Deputy's that were part of Court House Security, to put on patrol. Well, today they hit the Sheriff with a new arrangement, taking 3 of his employees and put them into a special department at the Court House with the 3 Bailiff’s and funding them out of general funds. Sheriff Rader, when you dig your grave, please know when to stop. Bobby wake up, your ship is going to sink, because you think you are untouchable, but you are and bet that after January 1st, no County Cars will be taken out of the County, especially not to Pearland, Texas or anyone’s homes outside of Liberty County. Sheriff that will save you $7,000 a year, at least for your interdiction Sgt., to drive to and from home each day, to show the world, that you hired a person, that his department will not even rehire. (Called a “Patterson”) That is 104+ miles each day, in a Tahoe, in Houston traffic. Bobby, this interdiction team, you are so proud of, is seen lounging around in Cleveland and each sitting in a different spot, not even close to I-69. Bobby, you started out, so well, now you are getting punched around daily, wake up and do the right thing and quit trying to win a popularity contest at the LCSO. It is a sad thing to watch a man implode, in front of all eyes, in the County.

This whole thing with Rader and the Commissioners is the best entertainment for the money anywhere. My question is who were the ones who convinced Rader to run in the first place?

In response to who convinced Rader to run for sheriff, one can only imagine but I bet he hates their guts right now. He should have taken the lesson taught by the ever-popular, late, great Jack Hartel - don't take a position that engenders enemies - stay on the fence. Plus, he failed to review what has happened to past Liberty County sheriffs - not good odds for longevity or future work.

Please leave Bobby Radar alone and let him do his job. Some of you need to get a life. You are destroying the reputation of the county. I have know Bobby for over 30 years and have never known him to be dishonest with anyone or anything. All this talk about the explosives is ridiculous. Do you think he woke up one morning and said, "I think I will buy some explosives to play with". I think, rather, he took advice from Homeland Security or other experts. Don't loose sight of the fact we are only 26 miles from the ship channel. It has been named as a prime candidate for terrorism. Petty small town politics, or national security? And, as to the not being included in the drug raid in Ames: His men were probably working in the north end of the county, again, doing what he they were hired to do. (just a guess). Let him concentrate on his job. He needs all the help and support he can get. Time to study and make critical public safety is what the man needs. LET HIM DO THE JOB WE HIRED HIM TO DO.

I was told that Bobby Raider has a sign at the court house in Pearland advertising for sheriff deputies, Maybe then they can car pool.

The effects on taxpayers is not neutral. It may be neutral financially but not when you take in consideration now there will be less protection on the streets. I can understand why both sides reacted the way they have. But the nitty gritty of it is we do not have enough law enforcement to handle the call volume in Liberty Co. Anyone who has ever had to call for help will attest to that. They are spread out too far and too thin and response time is high. Basically our deputies can only respond reactively. If you try and call for a suspicious anything or just shots fired in the neighborhood you are lucky if you get someone out the very same day. There is not enough personell to be successful at acting proactively and being preventive. Another example of being spread too thin is LCSO Dispatch. LCSO Dispatch handles all the deputies traffic, the state troopers traffic, all EMS and Fire in the county with the exception of cities of Liberty,Dayton and Cleveland.And not only that, they have to deal with walk ins from the public. And this is with only 2 or 3 dispatchers working at one time. Anyone who listens to a scanner or radio can tell you thats a problem waiting to happen. What are the answers besides raising taxes? I don't know. But I know this, all of us law abiding citizens, law enforcement, the courthouse and the jail are all on the same side. We want a safe and clean community to live and raise our families in. We should find a way to work together towards this common goal.

Rader is a Republican and he wants to force the court to raise taxes?

Did I miss something or is the "take your department car home" policy changed since RRader became sheriff?

General Comments

I just read that we, the State of Texas, just paid one (1) of Gov. Rick Perry's attorneys $80,000.00 for work done on his alleged crime. What on earth did Perry get for this extravagant expense? At $400/hour, that's 5 weeks at 40 hours/day or the cost of a high powered law degree. If this is the true cost of defense, most of us can kiss the courtroom goodbye. Now I know the reason for all the plea bargaining - justice is too expensive. You're guilty unless you have the coins - that's great for the guilty, kind of sad for the falsely accused. No wonder we have so many jail hotels.

Mom Thought She Was Sleeping

I thought this story was a great story and had a happy ending this time so many people young and old meet people online and do not have a clue to the dangers that are out there. Waiting and looking for their next victim. I wish we had a way to get the message out to more people.

General Comments

There is no way Dayton residents can fund an $87 million dollar school bond. This will be a nail in the coffin for Dayton. Education is important but the economy is bad and people need to feed their families.

DISD voters (Taxpayers). Do the math before being smoozed into voting for this 87.8 million dollar wish list being put out by our school board and administrators. Two new K-5 schools at 950 students each equals 1,900 students. Cost $57 million. 6th grade school with 30 classrooms at 24 students per room equals 720 students. Cost $11.6 million. Dayton High School, 8 new classrooms at 24 students each equals 192 students. Cost $3.4 million. Add it up, 2,812 new students, where are they coming from? Does our elected officials really expect a 56% increase in enrollment in the immediate future? Also, did you notice in the news release NOTHING was said about Richter, is it because they do not want us to know they intend to tear it down and build a new school on that site? If I recall correctly Richter was built in the early 1980's which makes it a little over 30 years old. So, using this as a guideline, if your home is 30 to 35 years old you need to tear it down and build a new one, oh yeah, you do not have tax money to spend. Also, you folks 65 and older "DON'T WORRY' this bond election won't cost you a nickle. That is if you do not own any other property, and make no additions to your home. DISD, come clean, tell us exactly what you are going to do, and exactly what it will cost a taxpayer per year who owns a home valued at $100,000 - $150,000 - $200,000 - or $300,000. DISD has needs which need to be addressed and I for one would support those needs if they were realistic, straightforward with the taxpayers, and honest about the cost. Don't hide your intentions.

The Proposed Dayton School bond issue does not state the true costs of the tax increase. Once this passes there will be additional teacher costs, maintenance costs, etc, etc. Dayton School district will become one of the most expensive districts in the area and will still have at best an Average education. Buildings, football fields, auditoriums, tennis courts, rodeo arenas does not make an educated person. For example look at the highly touted football team. Most of those kids can't even make it in college because the education was lacking.

What a great time to be a part of Dayton ISD. Things are changing yes maybe a little larger than what people expected but it needs to happen. We have to take care of the kids in Dayton and the surrounding areas. Yes our taxes will go up but in order to give our kids the opportunities they need to excel we need to do this. For those of you who are gripping about the cost and having to pay for the schools, who do you think paid for you to go to school? Your parents, no, it was the community and the tax payers in the school district. No one likes to have their taxes raised, me included, but it is our turn to provide for the kiddos of our community. You talked about the immediate growth, it might not be as big as you said, but it is coming and that you cannot deny. If you do not plan for it now, you are behind and then what? More portable buildings? You walk into a school that is already to small even though it is brand new? That is what happened to Dayton High School when it was built. You talk about tearing down a 30 year old house, yes you tear it down if it is bad. Out of the 20 surrounding school districts, Dayton's SCHOOL tax rate ranks 15th, that's right 14 other districts have higher SCHOOL taxes than Dayton. This was found on Texas comptroller website for 2013. Do we need the elementary schools? Yes. Do we need more safe and secure schools? Yes. Do we need to provide for facilities that will keep our children from having to drive to Mont Belvieu and Hull Daisetta for practice (tennis, one act play)? Yes we do. Is it our turn to provide for the growth that is coming to our school district? You bet. Will it cost us some money, you better believe it. Are our kiddos worth it? No question about it. I hate that you guys do not see that our kids deserve the same chance as other districts that are providing for their kids and their future. You may not agree and that is ok, that is what made this country great, the ability to disagree, but think about who you are hurting, not me, my kids.

People need to quit panicking over the bond issue in Dayton. Are our taxes going to go up? Absolutely, but not enough that I can't see myself helping my kids as well as all of the kiddos in Dayton ISD. I can't wait for the information to come out as to how this will actually affect the voters. I have run the numbers as well, and I can assure our young people and young families in our community are worth it. The taxpayers have always had to pay for the education in our towns, and now it is our turn to continue that tradition. Someone, other than your family, had to help pay for your education so now it is time for you to help. You say that rodeo arenas and football fields are not part of an education, you are wrong. Regardless or that, we are not building rodeo arenas or a football field. So who now needs to tell the truth. We are hoping to improve our existing facilities, and that does include an building an auditorium and tennis courts. Why? Because one, a school of our size needs those things for performances and to provide for athletes that want to participate in tennis. Two, our community needs to have access to those things to allow our community to grow and enjoy the benefits those things bring. We can nitpick whether you think that Dayton ISD should be spending the money or not but I believe we do. There is nothing in the bond that is not a need. Every student, on every campus will be positively affected by this bond. I support it, which means I support having my taxes raised to make Dayton and Dayton ISD a better place.

I could support the Dayton ISD tax increase If it was for education facilities. But this increase is for tennis courts, audittoriums and a cover for the rodeo arena. In the past Dayton has built a new football stadium and replaced the turf twice. Why wasn't the educational infrastructure addressed then. This tax increase is being supported by the people who work at the school and if they were able to do anything else they would.

Look close at who is supporting the Dayton ISD tax increase. It is teachers and administrators who do not do hard manual labor or work in a business environment. They are quick to give away your tax money.

The three things studies say create success in schools are not addressed in the bond issue that appears to be geared toward athletics and extra curricular activities. Number one is school culture. The number two is making sure your teachers make competitive salaries with not only surrounding districts but as related to administrator salaries. Number three up to date educational facilities and related materials. The school culture stinks here. The suoerintendent pay seems to be based on competing with other superintendent pay and is not related to teacher pay whatsoever. Schools should be capped at paying suoperintendents 150 % of the highest teacher's base salary. This bond does not address more up to date anything that has to do with core course education. Vote "no" when they put this in front of you.

Leave your knives in and let's quit being a community that is known for desposing people when things get a little tough. Much of the school's culture is built around our sports teams and sometimes great coaches take a little longer to lay down the base that gives a school long lasting character in good seasons and bad. If we are wanting winning teams and the development of successful young people, we better give them an example of patience and other character traits. TALK ABOUT POSITIVE THINGS AND PULL FOR THE KIDS AND THE STAFF!

In response to the SCHOOL EMPLOYEE who took exception to my post about DISD voters and taxpayers taking a hard look at the proposed 87.8 million dollar bond election. Next time take the time to read the entirety of a statement before attacking it. I said, very plainly, I would support a bond election based on needs not a wishlist, which is what is being proposed. However, my real problem with this bond election is the taxpayers are not being told all of the story. The tax increase from this bond election, if passed, is much greater than we are being led to believe. The additional classrooms being asked for will house an additional 2800 students at 24 per classroom. Even if I am wrong about 2800, cut it in half, do we expect an additional 1900 students in the next, say 5 years. DISD, go back to the drawing board and come up with a reasonable plan, THEN be upfront with the taxpayers about what NEEDS to be done.

The need to provide for growth in Dayton ISD has been questioned in a previous statement. I will try and explain how providing for the growth of elementary age students is an immediate need. Right now the plan is to build 2 new elementary schools and repurpose Kimmie Brown so that all three campuses would house grades k-5. These schools will be built to hold 950 students each or a total of 2,850 elementary students. Currently DISD has 2,315 students in grades K-5. These students have to go through 4 campus changes by the time they get to sixth grade, K-1 > 2-3 > 4-5 > 6th. This is shown by research that these transitions hurt the academic growth of students. The three elementary schools would allow for students to be on one campus for grades K-5 and only have 2 transitions into high school, K-5 > 6-8 > 9-12. This is clearly an advantage to not only students but to teachers who are allowed to work more closely with teachers that taught the students in the previous grades and will allow for better teamwork and communication in how to better serve the students of Dayton ISD. With the current enrollment of 2315, each the three schools would have an enrollment of 771 students if the schools opened today. Quite obvious you cannot plan for a school that equals your current enrollment, as that would be very poor planning. The question was asked where is this growth going to come from? It is already happening at every campus in Dayton ISD. How we prepare for the growth of Dayton ISD is critical. You say that we can’t afford the increase in taxes, I say how can we NOT afford to plan for this growth. Young couples moving to this area look at the school district first and foremost when moving to a community. If we do not do a good job at this time, we will lose out on good, young families that will bring quality to our communities. These schools will also allow for students to learn in the best possible learning environments as each of these schools will have top notch technology and provide for better opportunities. These 3 schools will make up for 60% of the bond money that will be spent. The lies about the athletic and rodeo renovations making up the majority of the costs need to stop, and are nothing but a scare tactic by individuals that are against our schools and our children. If you want honesty, the above is an accurate account of the numbers in DISD and how grades K-5 will be affected by the bond. I hope that you keep an open mind about the bond and the needs that are being addressed. Please look for more facts as we move forward in this endeavor and I only hope that as we do learn more about how the bond will affect us as individuals and as a community, that you remember that it is our responsibility to provide for the future.

In regard to the Dayton ISD bond issue: No one is taking out knives against the children. People just want taxes spent on core education and to not ask for "nice to have items" when the economy is bad. This is poor planning to ask for all these items in the same bond issue. I see the school board and the administrators as being out of touch with the citizens of the district. Of course the teachers want this. Everyone wants to work in new buildings but if the citizens cannot pay it really doesn't matter. This may pass but in the end it will be a disaster for Dayton. Sometimes you win the battle but lose the war.

One of the supporters of the Dayton ISD said three elementary schools are going to be build or repurposed to house K-5. My next question is how are the boundary lines going to be drawn for the three different schools. I am sure the voters will be interested in knowing this. If 60 percent of these funds is for three elementary schools, what is the other 40 percent for. I would like to see all items broken out by percentage before voting. Also, how are these items going to appear on the ballot?

SCHOOL EMPLOYEE; You presented a good argument, however it was based on what you wanted to put out to the public. You still did not answer the critical questions. What will it really cost a homeowner per year with a $100,000 home, a $200,000 home etc. Why aren't you being honest about the plans for Richter Elementary, why does Kimmie Brown need to be repurposed at such an extreme cost, why do you need to spend $17,000 to pave the bus parking, it has a good rock base, bus's do not get stuck there, it drains well. Would it not have been prudent for DISD voters to have two proposals on the election. The first being needs, the second being a wishlist. Until this happens your bond election appears to be doomed.

All very legitimate questions. As far as the placement of the elementary schools, that will have to be answered by the school board. As far as the cost to homeowners here is the breakdown that I did just using simple math. The current DISD tax rate is 1.1980, the proposed bond would raise that rate to 1.488. Here are the numbers by appraised value with the homestead exemption: $75,000 - $174 per year or .48cents per day. $100,000 - $246.50 per year or .68cents per day $150,000 - $391.50 per year or $1.07 per day $200,000 - $536.00 per year or $1.47 per day Please remember these are approximate numbers based on appraised value of a home and from my understanding from listening to the director of the Liberty County appraisal district yesterday those values may be decreasing, so these numbers would be even less. Also, please be mindful that in 3 years our payment for the earlier bond will be complete and the tax rate will LOWER based on that fact. There is nothing on the list that would constitute a "wish item." A committee of 65 COMMUNITY members came together and looked at the NEEDS of Dayton ISD. The committee looked at the current state of Dayton ISD population, future growth, age of existing buildings, the district support services, the security of all of the district's campuses and these are the needs that they developed for the district. The committee put the proposal together and presented it to the school board for them to vote. While this bond does not cover all of the needs for Dayton ISD, these are the most pressing. This bond will allow Dayton ISD to look at other needs that can now be taken care of through the budget. This plan will benefit every child on every campus and in every educational and co-educational program. These items will also benefit the community of Dayton ISD by having facilities to house community events and to allow even our youngest Broncos better facilities for DYSA activities. Looking at the numbers and what the future of Dayton ISD will be with our help, I do not believe that it is too much to pay. Will my taxes increase, will yours? Yes. Will our WHOLE community benefit from this bond? ABSOLUTELY

I urge everyone to think about what Dayton ISD really needs. If the whole package is passed your taxes will go up significantly. I don't understand why the bond has to be 87.8 million right now. The district has not grown to support three elementaries and all the other items no matter how small they may be to the total is still going to cost you, let's do this in small steps. Let's wait until the other bond package is paid off before passing an 87.8 million dollar bond. This is one taxing entity.

I hope the people in Dayton tell the school NO to their bond election. They need to learn to take care of what they have. Yes they need a new school but it will not be taken care of. They can't even keep them mowed. Vote NO

Questions I would like answered before the DISD bond election: 1) where is the third elementary going to be built? What side of town? 2) how will the boundaries for the three elementaries be decided? It seems to me that boundaries will have to be drawn but will also have to keep in mind diversity in each of the three elementaries. 3) will parents be allowed to send their child to a different elementary outside their assigned boundaries? If not, I expect that teachers and administrators should not be allowed to pick their teacher/schools just like the ordinary population. 4) what is the cost for each item in the bond election? 5) how will these items be voted on in the election? In other words,how will the ballot look? 6) how soon do you expect all three elementaries to be operational? 7) how many new teachers will need to be hired to staff the three elementaries? 8) if new teachers and staff are hired for the three schools, how will this be funded? I would post these questions on the DISD site but there is no place to pose questions.

Drug Bust and Seizure in Raywood

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!now go get the customers!

Congratulations Constable Thornton and the assists from all other Agencies for a great job in Raywood. As a citizen, I appreciate your selection of partners, leaving out Liberty County Sheriff Rader and Sgt. Timmy. Rader and Timmy are like Sheriff Patterson and Band of Thugs from Harris County that had been fired. Do not know if Timmy was fired or allowed to quit but, Pearland PD has a "Do Not Re-Hire" on his name. Rader and his man, Timmy, would take the credit like Capt. Rex did other Liberty County Departments. Sheriff Rader has his people and the rest of the Law Enforcement in Liberty County stays clear of them. Constable Thornton thanks for good job with all the other Local and Federal Agencies for a good job getting the dope and dopers off the street. This makes the second Sheriff we have had, that would be ignored by the other Law Enforcement Agencies, because of the non-experience of the Sheriff in Law Enforcement and hiring thugs, looking for glamour.

Maybe the Liberty Sheriff's Dept and the Liberty Police were left out of the bust because they have failed for years to shut this place down. I am one of the citizens who reported this place years ago. Nothing ever got done about it or the place in Ames that everyone knows about. It makes me wonder why it had to be reported to different agencies before it finally got shut down?

Drug bust in Raywood Ashlie Powell is bff's with the Mother of the 2yr old that drown in Dayton a couple of Months ago.hmmmm...makes you wonder

That sure was a glowing feedback for the participants in the Raywood drug bust and seizure. It almost looks like a constable's office insider is trying too hard to make themselves look good. It would be nice if they would paint the whole picture though. Like why is the Dayton area constable's office doing narcotic enforcement in Raywood? With the growth of the west side of Liberty County, isn't there enough civil process work to keep the constable's office busy? Can't those deputies assist with patrol of the Dayton area instead of worrying about narcotics in a precinct other than their own? Aren't there narcotics problems in the Dayton area, if the constable wants to start pursuing that line of law enforcement?

liberty county sheriff... is corrupted.

Well it looks like we got a SO insider that has a case of "sour grapes". Did you ever stop to think that the problem in Raywood is very likely affecting all of Liberty County. It appears that they looked into something and took the bull by the horns. I commend them for taking care of business. As far as working drugs in the Dayton area, I know they are because they have acted on tips that I gave them. The Constable is just taking care of citizen complaints as he should be and making good on resources that are made available to his department for the better of Liberty County. You need to stop whining and they need to keep up the good work!

Great job.Now plow through Ames.Those areas include all of Hwy 160,Bakers subdivision and Ameswood.These youngsters sell dope all night and steal all day while most of them live with their parents and they support what they do as long as they get a little something.

General Comments

Whoever drives the little white ford car (always parked at city hall in Dayton) needs to be reminded that the speed limit on 1409 is 55. That car had to be going 75-80 mph passing multiple vehicles, also passing in a no passing zone.

General Comments

The level of intelligent assessment of what's been happening in Missouri by the people I associate with is pretty sad. The theory of group think is no longer a theory, it's a fact. Every morning in a safe environment where there is no chance of discovery from interlopers who would challenge the groups' opinions, people of color are trashed as lazy, latinos are "pedros", and the hyper masculine threats of "just let one of them get to me when I got my gun", is endless. It's almost religious in ritual, they gather in a circle, they share a common cup of coffee, the boss is the minister , he usually starts the attack and the others follow in suit. The stories that are told are taken as truth, with no basis of fact, the only facts are myths told over and over that all blacks are lazy, are thieves, Indians are "rag heads", Mexicans live twenty to one house, etc. I hear it every day. Don't dare call them racist though or even suggest to them they may be wrong in their assessment they will turn on you in righteous indignation and then you will be the judas in their midst. Group think lives.



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