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Ok, here's the latest cause of the right wing nuts, the Cliven Bundy Nevada rancher who is going against the federal government over his rights. He says the feds don't have the right to tax his cattle grazing on fed land, and now has run up a bill into the millions, and threated to use force to protect his so called rights. He also has gotten support from out of state nuts who came with weapons to support his cause, then the government fearing a blood bath backed off. The truth is this guy owes the money, his own neighbors who pay the same fees think he's wrong, and he did pay the fees until 1993, so at one point he did think that paying the fees were the right thing to do, he now has Fox news and other conservative media taking up his cause, so he wont dare back down now, even though he is dead wrong.

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Will someone please tell me why Dayton High School sends the students to Liberty Counbty jail if they get into a fight? What happened to Alternative School, detention, ISS? They want the students to have a criminal record because the school can not handle the student body? I am talking about a fist fight, no weapons involved. They also have a rule that states the attacked student has to curl up into the fetal position and be hit 3 times before they can respond. What kind of lunacy is this?

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Are they putting in another baseball field at Liberty's park?

No they are not putting in another baseball field at the city park.

Worley Longoria Wedding

Congrats to the newlyweds.. I've had the chance to chat with Longoria a few times over the last couple of of years around town and he seems like a nice guy.

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All over the country people are turning more and more to the internet for their news and their entertainment. Locally, that has got to be even more true sine the newspaper in Dayton and the one in Cleveland is so boring and poorly put together. Thanks for being there as the old ways fade out and the new ways grow and grow.

I thought it would be hard. I have been reading the paper since I was a kid. After realizing there was less and less in the paper I was interested in, I decided to save myself the time of reading it. I went out in the yard and brought the paper straight to the trash can. I didn't have to wade through all of the advertisements and the silly "stories" about local Cleveland people involved in their little clubs or all of the goofy opinion pieces. i no longer had to put up with the slanted articles and the things important to the few semi-professional writers down there in that old flat roofed Advocate nest. I am free.Thanks to i-dineout I am also well informed and less angry with bais being shoved on me by the small town locals.

The internet is more convenient and easier to read than a newspaper. In The Dayton News it seems like over half the paper is advertisements. It has become a pitiful example of a local paer by having cut and paste ads from businesses that are not from Dayton. i agree and treat it just like the beer cans passersby throw in the ditch by my front yard.

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When DISD Superintendent Dr. Monica Johnson said they also are "educating 5,000 plus students in facilities that range from 10 to 85 years old", was she signaling another building program?

Reference to Dayton ISD..Superintendent's actual name is Dr. Jessica Johnson..If you want your children educated in the best environment what's wrong with cleaning up asbestos that comes through the vents at the older schools?

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My neighbor told me about your editorial this morning during one of our daily conversations about the overtaking “cats” in our neighborhood. It seems that trying to trap them and call Animal Control is not even working any longer as they don’t really have room for them! We were told to hold them in the traps and keep calling until they had room for them, but to keep feeding & watering them of course. That totally defeats the purpose of trapping them ... if people are going to have pets, they need to keep them at their homes and take care of them! I am tired of “trying” to take care of my garden, planting expensive items, only to have them destroyed by these cats that ARE NOT MINE! And this one neighbor seems to take pity on every cat {wild or not} that comes around and you know what happens once you start feeding them – they never leave! I wish there was something more that the City of Liberty could do to solve this problem as it is continually growing around town. A Concerned / Upset Citizen

Re: cats to the person who complained about the cats i wanted to also ask that the city do something about this immediately, it started with just a few strays running around our land over off of 146 but now the situation has really gotten out of hand. The first few stray cats I just named (bubbles and troubles lol) and fed them a little bit, but I then noticed that they were taking parts of the food I was providing into the woods. Upon following these kittens I saw the they were taking them back to a cat colony (for lack of a better term) that seemed to have a very rigid social structure. The tabbies were clearly in charge which seemed odd to me as it has been my experience that Balinese tend to be better decision makers. It seemed that the feral cats were subjected to menial jobs like moving the litter around and cleaning up the trash, which is completely backwards, why should these cats be subject to such demeaning work simply because of their questionable parentage? At any rate, I witnesses several pieces of evidence to suggest that this cat colony is a powerful influence in city government. They were involved in a powerpoint driven meeting in which several city officials were describes as "in our pocket". I am reluctant to list the names here, but several very powerful individuals were on that list. I propose that we approach this issue with a "three-pronged" attack prong 1 - we cutoff the cats supply and communications by setting traps in and around the woods prong 2 - we unleash wild dogs into the heart of the colony prong 3 - we have sharpshooters posted at strategic location to pick off the straglers as they make their escape It should be noted that the dogs must be trained to identify the leader of the cat colony, I didn't catch his name but it was obvious he was the leader because he had a monocle and a cigar. I think that if we don't get him he'll only use his charisma to rally new cats to his cause and come back even stronger. Let's not repeat the mistakes of the US military in Desert Storm and just hand on the border of Iraq, lets go in and finish the job!

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Today, 2 young girls found a very emaciated and injured dog at the trinity river bridge on 1409. They called the chamber county police department to ask for help, and after arriving and seeing the dog, the officers chose to do nothing to help her. Not even wanting to put her in their car to bring her to the dog catcher. According to the girl, one officer flat out told her "there's not shit I can do". After the police officers abandoned the dying dog, the girls posted a plea on a local FB sales page. After seeing no one else was going to help her, I went and picked up the dog. It appears she was starved and abused for some time and thrown from a vehicle some time today and left to die. She has road rash on half of her body. She is nothing but skin and bones, you can see every bone in her body just from looking at her. She already is trusting me and following me around. I hope whoever did this to her gets what they deserve, and the police officer answers for what he did. On my way to pick her up, right after the police officers left I saw 3 police cars right down the street from the dog at a snow cone stand. I sincerely hope they didn't abandon a dying dog and then went and got snow cones. To what? "Celebrate" Chambers county should be ashamed.

The National Society of Collegieate Scholars Welcomes Kyle Thomas White

Way to go Kyle! We are so proud of you! Keep up the great job! **GO MEAN GREEN!!**

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If Mr. Thaxton felt the need to put a large political sign up with his picture on it, lol he should have atleast made it a decent picture, too funny!

Auto Pedestrian Accident on US 90

Mr. Youngblood Please do not tell me that on this story that the driver of the pick up was not ticketed. It is unlawful to get between an escort and the load. Please check the laws and post on your site.

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I am so thankful for the Affordable Care Act - even with all its faults, a lot of good has come out of it. Three friends, all in business for themselves but with pre-existing conditions can now afford insurance. Before, not only could they not afford it but no insurance company would even sell it to them. Two young people whose employer doesn't offer insurance are now insured at a rate they can afford.

funny, I can't afford insurance for my family thorugh my employer so we pay cash, and the Affordable Care Act is even MORE EXPENSIVE. Wait until the three years is up and its in 100% effect: IRS estimates 20,000 per year for Obama's insurace with a family of 5 making 50k a year. Those are the IRS's numbers, not mine.

Thank you Mr Rich Democrat for the propaganda statement praising a law which is useless, from an even more useless administration, further bankrupting our economy! But thank you, seriously for letting us know about your love of an illegal law!

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I know of a elderly man who receives SSI disability, he gets around 750 dollars a month, he got a 8 dollar raise on his SSI, and the food stamp office cut his allotment by 15 dollars because of the raise. He pays 600 dollars in rent that leaves 150 or so to live on for the rest of the month. This is the example of what it means to be poor in Texas. To be poor under a republican legislature in Washington, that cuts with impunity the safety nets that once helped the needy, not anymore. Here in Liberty there are hardly any type of help for these suffering persons, the SOS is a joke, and the local churches are all talk and nothing else, those who have to beg for money are hounded by the local law enforcement at the request of local merchants, and there is little recourse for the needy. But hey, lets make sure there are plenty of liquor stores, and jubilees, and new jails, and such because that's what's really important.

The previous poster forgot to mention the new million dollar road that is so necessary.

To the person talking about the friend that had the SSI benefits changed, I am sad for that person. Times are very hard! I hope that things get better for your friend. But bad mouthing the churches and SOS is completely unnecessary! They are private groups! I do feel as though they help~ but times are just as hard for them, too! Be mad at the government, not local groups that truly do give back to the community! SOS collects money from donations as well as the thrift shop items sold (if I am not mistaken). They can not afford to help every single family every month. Best wishes-

just think how much more help the elderly gentleman could get if we weren't paying disability to all of those that don't need it, or put all of those on food stamps to work. Take a look at the increase of Americans, on these programs in the last five years, it's staggering.

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The Bivens lady that runs much of the Republican operation seems insincere and manipulative. She holds too many positions for a party that has grown so much. If I were State Representative John Otto I would have her focus on her job and if he needed something said at one of our meetings and could not make it himself, then arrange with Mr. Colemen to let her speak or I would not run for re-election. Bivens has caused emough of a stir among activists that Otto willalways have an opponent. She needs no other positions unless she has an agenda we are all waiting to hear about.

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I wasn't aware until a friend told me today that Dayton mayor Felix Skarpa will be up for re-election May of 2015. I can't wait, Maybe we can get someone in there to represent the citizens of Dayton, all our current mayor has done is make a bigger fool of himself than he already was. The City of Dayton has become a laughing stock of Liberty County. Mayor Felix has had one dumb idea after the other and actually believes he knows what he is doing because of his little group of 5 or 6 people who help him spread his gossip and lies about people. I have had a more than a few of the city employees tell me they can hardly wait for him to get out of office. He is disrespectful to them treats them like they are supposed to be his personal servants. Everything he has tried since becoming mayor, he has fallen on his face. Now he wants us to vote to legalize liquor in Dayton ( trying to copy Liberty ). Liquor will NOT bring in the fancy restaurants as he says. Liquor will bring in Liquor stores. Vote NO for Liquor and vote NO for Felix Skarpa. Let his get his free meals any where except on the backs of Dayton Taxpayers

To all those who are talking about starting a recall petition on Mayor Skarpa. let's meet at the Dayton Senor center Friday afternoon at 4 pm and get it started. We cannot wait any longer, and let him continue his destructive, mean spirited ways. And we cannot let him continue wasting our hard earned money on his stupid ideas.

To all those who are talking about starting a recall petition on Mayor Skarpa. let's meet at the Dayton Senor center Friday afternoon at 4 pm and get it started. We cannot wait any longer, and let him continue his destructive, mean spirited ways. And we cannot let him continue wasting our hard earned money on his stupid ideas.

To the poster who is starting a petition to recall Mayor Felix. I'm not an attorney but a recall petition may not work. Don't you have to be elected by the voters before you can be recalled by them. Skarpa was never elected by the voters.

Just seen where I-dineout states there is a Dayton Council meeting referring to a work shop involving the job description of the Director/Maintenance of the Community Center. It looks like Mayor Skarpa is at it again. It has the appearance these employees are being subjected to a hostile work environment since he got shot down on his last venture. Lets get that petition started.

Dayton Mayor Felix Scarpa is not nearly the "laughing stock" of the county compared to that toy dollhouse of a railroad water tower your previous mayor had erected on the West side of town. Now that is a joke.

Concerning the Dayton City Council Workshop to revise the duties of the Civic Center Director/Maintence - As a citizen of Dayton my entire life, and someone that frequents the Civic Center on a very regular basis, I see no problem with the duties of the director and the maintence team. They all do an amazing job in my opinion. There is never any trash lying around, it's always clean. Wonderful events are held there to help the Seniors and the community. There have never been double bookings like many of the surronding areas have done due to laziness and no care for their job. The staff is always polite and knowledgeable. So what is the issue at hand? NOTHING....this so called council meeting is a waste of time. Someone is targeting someone (in my opinion)since there is all the sudden so many issues that have just "popped" up. Sounds like a personal issue and not a council issue.

Oh my goodness!!! The feedback on Mayor Skarpa is so messed up! Seriously people, you have an ax to grind with him or what? The poor man is trying to bring us into the 20th century and quit letting our tax dollars increase surrounding counties! Do I know him? Yes, I do! Does he drink? No he doesn't! Do you realize how HARD it was for him to back this petition? I DO! He is looking out for US! You can sit there with your blinders on and be judgemental or you can park on 1960 or 146 and follow your "friends" to the nearest county line! Pretty soon you can park on Hwy 90 and watch your friends tally up the Liberty funds! Your choice. Quit bashing a man that has nothing but the good for your city in mind, even if he doesn't believe in it, he KNOWS what is best! By the way, how much does he get a year to be our mayor??? $1 right? Geez!!!! Those that gripe, I expect to see YOUR name on the next ballot, otherwise SHUT UP!

CRUD, I missed the 4pm meeting, so would have LOVED to see who this is that KNOWS Mr. Skarpa shows up for every free meal, uhhmmm, WHY are YOU there???? HE is our mayor, WHO are YOU??? Why do YOU deserve a free meal every time???

He does not our best interest in mind. The recall petition worked in Cleveland and it can work in Dayton. We don't take it lightly when we see what is happening.

Your miss leading people. I've known Felix for many a year. Felix makes his own wine and is a connoisseur of the brewsky.

It sounds to me that the person who is always complain that our mayor is looking for free meals must be someone who is at the community center often. Maybe a worker or even the building director?

Now I see what all the fuss is! A few people are targeting those hard working employees at the community center. They are good people and do a great job. You should be ashamed of yourself. I never thought I would see something like this out of you and you know who you are.

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Is that the rumbling of a civil war I hear? A significant number of delegates attending the Liberty County republican Convention believe the power in the local power is too concentrated in one person. Terru Bivens is best known from John Otto's office, but she also is a precinct chairman in Liberty county and the vice chairman of the party. Many of the most active people in the party do not believe Bivens should hold all of these positions. John Otto has let it be known if anyone messes with Bivens, he will withdraw his support of the party. With that kind of attitude it is easy to believe the Democrats could be back on top sooner than expected.

Search Called Off for Missing Girl

The return of Rex “the Goat boy” Evans returns but in disguise this time. The disguise is an older man that knows it all and walks around in his 1970’s leisure suit and drives a Sheriff Department SUV with MOBILE COMMAND POST on it. You may ask how I know all this. Well because I’m the arm chair quarterback. The arm chair quarter back was reading I-DINEOUT.COM and saw the extremely sad story about the missing 16 year old girl. I immediately thought of how the parents must have felt not knowing where their daughter might be. Then I thought well I’m sure the Liberty County Drama Department could take care of this call and get the girl returned home safely. Well I WAS WRONG. They called the FBI, equusearch, DPS air, Coast guard, Fire Departments, Other Law Enforcement Agencies, and no telling who else. Now does that sound a little like the Goat boy? You darn right it does. The bottom line is that if the investigation was done correctly by the responding officer, a safe return could have been made A LOT sooner. But nooooo the deputies were too worried about getting their new pajamas dirty before the NEWS cameras got there. I’m glad the girl is safe and this didn’t make the world NEWS. An Amber Alert. THAT’S CRAZY! Don’t forget people, in order to issue an Amber Alert the call has to meet certain criteria’s. I would like to see the drama in that report. That’s all for Now. Peace be with you.


Why would the Sheriff give out the missing girl’s information to other news sources and not local ones? Sound like they don’t like you Mr. Youngblood. Hopefully in the future they will let you help get the information out to the public. Many of crimes are solved everyday by using the public’s help. I know that I see many of photos on you site from surveillance cameras asking to help identify the pictured from Liberty PD and Dayton PD. Thank you for helping to keep Liberty County safe.

Rex and Ken running a media race. That’s funny. That’s like Rader and Patterson running the worst Sheriff race. AND THE WINNERS ARE: Rex and Rader (Ken is catching up tho).

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Shame on the VFW in Liberty for not having their flags at half-staff for the soldiers of Fort Hood. Matter fact there were several business that didn't have flags at half-staff. What is wrong with these people, are is it me?

About the flags at the VFW not being at half-staff. You are sadly mistaken. The morning after the shooting, the flags at the VFW WE'RE lowered and remained as such until this morning (Wednesday). So, please, before you start hating on the VFW, please get your facts straight.

On behalf of Nolan Pickett VFW Post 5621, our flags were lowered immediately after we first heard of the senario at Ft. Hood. We didn't have to wait for someone to tell us.

I work at the VFW Post 5621 here in Liberty and am quite bothered about the comment of our flags not being at half staff.i happen to know who lowered those flags half staff. Plus, why didn't anybody bother coming inside the VFW to address this issue directly. This seems to be a problem with Liberty, everyone is to afraid of confrontation and instead go behind the backs of others. This could be a real issue. If you have a problem with our Post, be a man and come and talk to our vets personally. They weren't afraid. Why should you be. Thanks, Kortney Bradley

This is in regards to the VFW flag situation.I am in no way associated with this organization, but I do know flags were at half staff. That is how I found out about the shooting at Fort Hood. I saw their flags at half staff and when I got home I asked my wife if something has happened and she informed me of the shooting. So what I have to say is shame on you for posting erroneous information about an organization such as this one. I have to agree with a previous poster. If you thought you seen their flags flying at full staff, you should have just politely went to them and ask them to lower them at half staff instead of trying to slander the vfw. In my heart, I feel an apology is in order.

if I offended anyone, I'm sorry!! I do know when I went past the VFW on the day of the memorial service the flags where NOT at half staff. I know what I saw!!! Don't get me wrong, the VFW is a good thing, I was just shocked to see the flags at full staff. Far as going inside to speak to someone, time permitting I would have and I'm sure they would have lowered them however, I shouldn't have to ask them. So before you start judging me, pay more attention to what is going on in YOUR town

How to Identify City of Liberty Workers


General Comments

Shame on the LHS varsity cheer mom who filed a grievance trying to bump out the FAIRLY elected captain. Guess PAYING for a routine & passing out goody bags does not guarantee a win. Thank goodness we have a fair principal who doesn't listen to winning & a sponsor who is learning the hard way! Seems the next level is the super thank goodness he's a fair man also.

Can you believe the Liberty High School makes grievances open to the public!! I wouldn't use the term "fair" for any of this. We all know how things work in Liberty. Even if you don't "fairly" make the team to begin with you can still be put on team with a little whining!!! Now how fair is that!!!

Shame on LHS for making grievance public information - smells like a rat in the pile. I wouldn't use the word "fair" for any of this Varsity cheer mess -- You know how it works in Liberty!! Even if your daughter doesn't "fairly" make the team just a little whining and boom daughter on the team !! How fair is that -- Like I said "Fair" isn't the term to use!! How about manipulation!!! Oh well another year of Varsity cheerleaders standing on the sidelines with their hands behind thier back in their little groups. Look at the other schools they cheer, jump and tumble to the whole crowd during the whole game. Liberty will never grow becuase we have too many people to please.

LHS Cheerleader! People get a job, get a life and stop trying to live it through your daughter. She didn't get captain...get over it!! For once it was done right and you can't accept that she's "not" what the team wants as a leader. As for as the whining goes, girls mainly of color have been cheated since the beginning of time. This is the first year in 4 years that cheating was/is a issue.

This is taken way to sersiuosly and in 5 year it will not even matter. Sounds like someone need to get a job and leave the girls alone.

Why don't we just eliminate the cheerleading squad altogether and then we won't have to deal with the hysteria. Most people go to watch the football game.

LHS Cheerleader! People get a job, get a life and stop trying to live it through your daughter. She didn't get captain...get over it!! For once it was done right and you can't accept that she's "not" what the team wants as a leader. As for as the whining goes, girls mainly of color have been cheated since the beginning of time. This is the first year in 4 years that cheating was/is a issue.

You should focus your attention on WEIGHT WATCHERS instead of always starting DRAMA @ LES & LHS. The girls don't like your daughter so get over it.

This cheer mom starting all this mess is a high school DROP OUT. She is always the drama queen with her younger daughter too.

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The liquor petition in Dayton was promoted by the Mayor Felix Skarpa. It makes one wonder. Hope he steps down he has not done us well at all.

Everyone crying about liquior store needs to wake up and look around. Liquior is not the problem. Street drugs are cheaper than liquior and so is beer. You are NOT going to stop people from drinking that was tried in the 30's. Liberty county is missing out on lots of tax money. Liquior sales will open up opportunity for nice restaurants. It's time to move out of the Stone Age

I agree with your stone age comment. That's the very reason Felix Skarpa needs to step down. He will most possibly go down as the worst Mayor the City of Dayton has ever had.

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The passing of the liquor ordinance and the passing of the hospital district and the tax that accompanied it remind me of each other. there is little doubt the citizens as a whole were not for either, but the few that voted won.

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I wish my neighbor would quit mowing down all of the bluebonnets on his lot. For a true Texan a bluebonnet is more than a flower.

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IF the road from the bypass to Lakeland would stop when it gets to Lakeland rather than run parallel for such a long way, we could use all of the watsed money to build the sidewalks and other things that make a community nice. Why are we paying for the extra road?

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I see they are opening yet another liquior store in Liberty, Dillion Liquior Store right where Lewis was. Thats NOT good. We are looking like a junkie city, the drugs around here are bad as it is. Why not open somewhere for kids or teenagers to have fun and keep them out of trouble

I knew and I'm sure others knew too that those that promoted this liquor ordinance did so on disingenuous motives. They promoted it with the lie that business was chomping at the bit to come here and open but weren't able because of the restrictive drinking, if the law was changed then they would flock to the area. Well the law has changed and what do we have, liquor stores. This new ordinance was championed by drinkers, major drinkers, and so is the one that's going on in Dayton, it's promoted by people with drinking problems. They don't think they have problems but they do, they just have the money to hide it better than those who don't have money. Liberty is slipping further into the sewer.

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I live in Raywood and i see Marvin Fregia has school board signs on 160. Although last year he was going door to door telling people to make sure to go vote, because he had a black running against him, and that is a nice way of putting it! What nerve he has asking for votes after the comments he has made!

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Debra Fregia for Mayor, I think she is doing a good job. They are cleaning Daisetta up little by little which says alot.If we keep our same mayor and the council people we have now, and add Cindy Porter, we will will see alot of changes for the better in the City of Daisetta.

The only things that Debra Fregia has done for the city of Daisetta are the things that Lynn Fregia has allowed her to do. He lets her do her little projects so he can keep her in line to do the things that he orders her to do. When your wife is mayor you can use all kinds of things to get what you want.

I guess the city council and the mayor of Daisetta must be doing a bang-up job. That's why the city is completely broke. Not enough money to clean any ditches, the new sewer is leaking all over town, and the water is so bad that no one can stand to drink it. The money that they got for a new water well has been spent on other things that have nothing to do with the city. If that's what you call doing a good job, then ye I guess they are doing good, but I sure would hate to see your version of a rotten joj.

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Buchanan and ole square hips at kshn have their stories wrong as usual. Donald Atwood was not the driver in that recent main street accident. If you want the best new cover on car wrecks, stay tuned to this website.

Impersonating a Peace Officer & Burglary of a Habitation

Impersonating a Peace Officer & Burglary of a Habitation. WHATEVER. Its sounds like it was a Liberty County Deputy to me. Most Liberty County Deputies dress sloppy and are very unprofessional. Now that Sheriff Rader has a full time FIREFIGHTER running that office it has gone downhill. Also they need to learn the law. I will let the public and the Sheriff know that the correct titles are Impersonating a Peace Officer & Criminal Trespass of a Habitation.

I've noticed this very same vehicle in the river bottoms on Hwy. 90 many time. I've also noticed it in the Dayton area quite often. I believe there's one similar to it parked at the court house but I've heard it belongs to one of the officers. Hope that they catch this douche quick. What a loser.

It appears that the arm chair quarterback that's down on the Sheriff's Office needs to take their own advice and learn the law. The correct offense is BURGLARY, not Criminal Trespass. The penal code clearly states that it's a burglary if, without the effective consent of the owner, the person enters a building or habitation and commits or attempts to commit a felony, theft, or an assault. Since the suspect entered the habitation, without consent, while commiting a felony (impersonating a peace officer), it appears the charge of Burglary is warranted. Good thing the Sheriff doesn't take advice from i-dineout Feedback replies. And that firefighter you mentioned? He's like a lot of his Houston counterparts. They can be full-time fire and police. But he doesn't "run" the department. He's only over fleet maintenance. And he's a whole lot better than the last fleet maintence guy that let deputies drive around in cars with 250,000 miles and held together with bubble gum and duct tape. He even answers calls for service and makes arrests. His work ethic puts the former fleet service manager to shame.

Ok well let the arm chair quarterback provide you with the law. Sec. 37.11. IMPERSONATING PUBLIC SERVANT. (a) A person commits an offense if he:(1) impersonates a public servant with intent to induce another to submit to his pretended official authority or to rely on his pretended official acts; or(2) knowingly purports to exercise any function of a public servant or of a public office, including that of a judge and court, and the position or office through which he purports to exercise a function of a public servant or public office has no lawful existence under the constitution or laws of this state or of the United States.(b) An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree. Now did he do any of this? NO He wore a shirt Drama Queen with two patches on it and a name tag. Big deal. Most oilfield workers, truck drivers, and many other hard working Americans wear uniform shirts. Now let’s look at Burglary. Sec. 30.02. BURGLARY. (a) A person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner, the person:(1) enters a habitation, or a building (or any portion of a building) not then open to the public, with intent to commit a felony, theft, or an assault; or(2) remains concealed, with intent to commit a felony, theft, or an assault, in a building or habitation; or(3) enters a building or habitation and commits or attempts to commit a felony, theft, or an assault.(b) For purposes of this section, "enter" means to intrude:(1) any part of the body; or(2) any physical object connected with the body.(c) Except as provided in Subsection (d), an offense under this section is a:(1) state jail felony if committed in a building other than a habitation; or(2) felony of the second degree if committed in a habitation.(d) An offense under this section is a felony of the first degree if:(1) the premises are a habitation; and(2) any party to the offense entered the habitation with intent to commit a felony other than felony theft or committed or attempted to commit a felony other than felony theft. NOW the real deal Drama Queen. Sec. 30.05. CRIMINAL TRESPASS. (a) A person commits an offense if the person enters or remains on or in property of another, including residential land, agricultural land, a recreational vehicle park, a building, or an aircraft or other vehicle, without effective consent and the person:(1) had notice that the entry was forbidden; or(2) received notice to depart but failed to do so.(b) For purposes of this section:(1) "Entry" means the intrusion of the entire body. (3) a Class A misdemeanor if:(A) the offense is committed:(i) in a habitation or a shelter center; Now put some tape and bubble gum on that V***, S*****, and B****

Drama Queen? After your little flame out, you call some else a drama queen? Nice! But you can just call me Dairy Queen. I love their Blizzards! Anyway, the first thing I noticed was in your initial advice column, you said the charge was Impersonating a Peace Officer. Smart move doing your research to see it's Impersonating a Public Servant. Next, you glossed over the fact that the man reporting the incident knew the suspect wasn't wearing a shirt with just any old patches from a blue collar work shirt. He knew the S.O. had swiched to Navy blue uniforms and concentrated on the old khaki shirt with LCSO patches. And how do you figure the suspect wasn't trying to get the man to submit to his pretended authority? He barged into the man's house, wearing a uniform and carrying a gun, rattling off pseudo copspeak. Just because he didn't say the exact words, it seems obvious his whole purpose was to make the man believe he was an officer and he was going to be heard as such. The only thing that stopped the suspect on his impersonation trip was when the man asked where his badge was. So even if the suspect failed at what he was trying to do, the S.O. and D.A. could definitely articulate an Attempted Impersonating a Public Servant, which is a State Jail Felony and still good for the Burglary charge. But don't take the Dairy Queen's assessment of it. Focus all of that vim and vigor on a visit to the D.A. and let him know how your expertise is being wasted on i-dineout. You should be in charge of charging decisions! And don't stop with cleaning up the S.O. Liberty PD, Dayton PD, Cleveland PD, the constables offices and D.P.S. could use your skills too. Take off, Slick. I now bow to your immense brain and yield the last word to you.

Accident Fannin at MLK

You have to be kidding me. They called an ambulance and hauled four to the hospital for this fender bender??!!

General Comments

north liberty having a benefit dinner on april the 12th from 11am till 3pm of brisket with all the trimmings ome on out to support us thanks

General Comments

I am sure our "city leaders" have put the information out there where they know most of us will not hear it on this new street project. Why should any taxpayer not insist that the developer or the adjacent property owners pay for their street? And why does the new street go all the way through the woods to Lakeland and then turn right and run parallel to Lakeland. The street should end there where it hits Lakeland. That would save a ton of money. This should not be a taxpayer funded project and if the Mayor and council insist, then it should be minimized.

General Comments

Driving through Liberty this weekend I could not help but notice how nice the courthouse looks. I am not sure that it has ever looked any better than it does now. My compliments to all who are responsible.

Puppies Dumped at Daniel Park

How sad it is that it makes News on here when someone drops of puppies in Dayton,when was the last time someone took a look on FM 2684----South Liberty oilfield.....seems like people drop dogs of there constantly,not to long ago I saw a New van drop two dogs off....look if you don't want them or you can't afford them..take a picture of them and put them on FB for free,bc when you drop them off.they either get run over or they starve to death....have a heart.....

I regards to the pupies dropped off in the park. If people see this done, get the license number of the vehicle and or a good description and call the police. Don't wait. On the other hand, I believe that people who do this to animals should themselves be dropped off somewhere in the wilderness with no food, no water and no chance for survival to see how their animals felt!

General Comments

A week before the bomb threat, my sister in her late 40's put a rope around her neck and tried to jump out of a tree in Hardin, her son found her and cut her out of the tree and saved her life. The LCSO arrived on the scene my father asked the officers to help them by holding her on a mental health warrant, the officers responded by saying "ummm, ummm, no because she was no longer a danger to herself and then let her leave the scene. The problem seems to be that the use of the warrant is only utilized if the person who does the violation should do it at the court house and then the law may respond. My sister is no healthier now than she was then, she still poses a potential threat to her own well being and maybe others.

General Comments

The not-so-clever woman pulling strings fromher poweposition in the Republican party needs to think about the high cost of electing someone that does not live in this district just because she does not want the candidate so well liked and close to the regular folks. It is counterproductive and if she is successful the backlash that will be had when the numbers roll in on each precinct will be costly.

Norman Brown's age DOES MATTER. Though I don't know his exact age, he appears to be around the age where many have their drivers license taken away because they don't have the proper faculties to drive. It would be a shame if Norman was one of those that reached the age of not having the faculties to drive, yet we elect him to oversee millions of dollars, supervise employees, and make decisions that impact our county's future for decades to come. And how is he considered the most effective just by showing up every couple of weeks to commissioners court?

A man we call "the red light preacher" needs to run for office if he wants to be this involved politics. I believe in freedomof speech but when a preacher gets as involved as this one has, it makes people that might otherwise hear the good news through his ministry. That may not happen for some if they are "for" red light monitoring or on the other side of issues this preacher advocates so fervently. He needs to choose. I am not advocating that this preacher be silent, but he needs to back off enough that we all understand the differnce between his political preferences and the truth of the gospel. One is profoundly more important than the other.

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Can someone tell me, was the red bearded man that was doing allthe dirty dancing at the Liberty Jubilee arrested or not?

General Comments

I am so proud of my church. A few years ago our pastor decided to make a very unusual move and eliminate our deacon board. The church actually supported the decision and we are thriving today because of that unity. People that don't understand how that situation ended in more unity need to talk to a woman. I support male leadership in a marriage and in a church. But when we eliminated that board it allowed the leadership from our Pastor to thrive. Our mnto then had fallen into a problem solving rut that focused on finding fault with too many things. All but two of our former deacons are gone now, but the ones who remain are very highly respected. Their love for God and for the church is obvious to us all.

General Comments

After meeting both republican candidates for congress, I don’t see much daylight between the way both men say they will vote if elected. Both men have been successful at their careers and both men have a conservative pedigree with tea party and libertarian tendencies. If voters want to vote for someone who will go up to Washington and help the working man, join me and vote for Michael Cole, Democrat. If you are a Democrat who is voting in the republican party to try and boot the county judge, vote for Ben Streusand for congress.He does not live in the dostrict and Cole will have his best chance against him.

General Comments

I wish we had a public access channel and could have televised Liberty County's political party conventions. I attended the Republican party county convention in Judge Morefield's courtroom. Near the end of the convention an elderly man stood up and made very inflammatory remarks that were obviously made by a man who is sopme kind of control freak. The man acted like some kind of gestapo enforcer warning people of the consequences of not toting the party line. Too bad he has not kept up with the times. The libertarian and tea party influence in east Texas is no longer in the minority. People want the freedom to speak promised from the beginning of our democracy. The Republican party is not a top down operation any more. The result of many years of fighting to have a voice has resulted in a party that will demand to have many voices. I am taking bets whether this man will cast even a shadow on next years county convention when he discovers that people are impressed by ideas not positions. The lack of television coverage was merciful for this kind of out of touch dinosaur political activists. A chairman and an activists and a candidate can debate and the people will decide.

General Comments

My children and I don’t go to the jubilee to argue with people but unfortunately my husband is game any time any where. So when that poor politician stuck his hand out and shook my husband’s hand and asked for his vote, it was on. It only took two questions and the arguing started. “What is your name again” and “Where are you willing to make cuts in the defense budget?” When Ben Streusand decided to run for Congress he probably did not have people like my husband in mind. Thirty minutes later the kids and I looked down the street and they were still at each other. It ruined the jubilee for me and the girls.

I read with interest and compassion the post from the woman whose husband entered into an argument with the politician, and their trip to the jubilee was ruined. I am curious though what is her point? Who is she upset with, her husband or the politician? I think her husband sounds like the type of person that is so into his own self importance that a day out with the fam is second only to his ego. There seems to be a lot of those types these days out there, another term for them is jerks.

I read with interest and compassion the post from the woman whose husband entered into an argument with the politician, and their trip to the jubilee was ruined.//// So a man that questions a politician is a jerk? No wonder the country is just about destroyed. The poor little wife was not going to miss that much at the Jubilee.

To the poster who took issue with calling the father and husband a jerk at the jubilee because he and the politician were having a public argument, the point being made was not that he confronted the politician the point was that his need to be a show off and ruin his family's day was more important than being a good father and husband to his family, that makes him a jerk.

General Comments

Went to my first Liberty Jubilee Friday. I am guessing the question has been asked before but I will ask anyway. Why have an outdoor event of that magnitude in the rainy and allergy season?

General Comments

Oh My God...Jimmy may Or David have no business Running for School Board...If you vote them in say BY BY SCHOOL..LORD JESUS HELP US ..

Amen to that! Surley the majority will see it this way too! These two nitwits will wreck our school.

I remember David pitching a fit when his son wasn'tstarting on the basketball team like a 2 year old! Is this what we want running our school? You have me and my families vote Malcolm.

Jimmymay LOL! Not happening ! Marvin is a nice guy but has had his chance and done nothing. Mike is a nice Guy but he is very hot headed. Don't know who to vote for here.

Man Arrested in Courthouse Bomb Threat

The logic doesn't follow. This guy who supposedly called in a bomb threat to the almighty court house is arrested on a "mental warrant", then he is charged with multiple violations and sits in the equally almighty county jail. If he is mentally unstable as we are lead to believe, then he cant be responsible legally for what he's done. The law enforcement though trumps that, even though it used mental illness to arrest him! I know of one situation recently in Hardin where a person tried, unsuccessfully, to kill herself, the LCSO was called to the scene and was told there was nothing they could do about it! This person was/is just as mentally unfit as the would be bomber, which goes to show how arbitrary the law and its enforcers are in this area. I hope the bomber gets himself a good lawyer because he's going to need one, and lets all sit and wait to see what else is on the horizon for the citizens of Liberty County in the ongoing saga of Liberty Law enforcement.

To the person that thinks there is no logic to this story regarding the mental health status of the person calling in the bomb threat. Welcome to the lack of mental health care in the US, not just Liberty County, but the entire nation. When someone is brought in on a mental health warrant they go through a screening test that is administered by someone that for all intensive purposes can not support their own practice or is not in fact a psycologist or a psychiatrist. Most mental health patients can pass this test in their sleep and will get turned loose on their own. IF they do end up in a facility it is what I call a band aid station where the person is kept for a max of 10 days to stabilze them on medication that they will most likely either not take or sell on the street. The only people in this country that can get long term mental health care is the rich. The rest of us who deal with a family member who is mentally ill are left swinging in the breeze with little help and no where to turn to get that help. It is a crisis that this counry is failing to address and frankly cares little about. At least Texas has 2 state hospitals however keeping someone in them unless they have committed a horrific crime is slim to none. That is why our prisions are jam packed with mentally ill people that really belong in hospitals rather than jail and why so many live on the streets because they have no where to go and no help is being provided. It is a very sad situation

In regards to the bomb threat.... The Sheriff's Office places people in custody for a mental health warrant and takes them to a licensed physician to be evaluated... Once they are cleared and seen as not being a danger to themselves or others they are taken home.... Unless they are having charges brought up against them then they are taken to jail... Research your info before you comment

Courthouse bomb scare It amazes me how someone that has no clue about how a mental warrant is served, or what is done after the screening process is complete, can voice their opinion proving how ignorant they are. Let me ask you this, what did you want the Sheriff's office do with him? Bring him to your house for you to babysit?

The Sheriff's Office (or any law enforcement agency) is a last resort when it comes to "involuntary commitments" on mental health issues. If there is family involved that is aware of a problem with their loved one, they need to go to the County Judge's Office and apply for a mental health warrant. The reason being, the family has all of the experience and knowledge of the person involved. They know the past history, possible medications, counseling attempts, and things or persons which may have helped before. A police officer, showing up on the scene and getting a couple of minutes of background information is really not the person you want to get someone committed, when a family member or members are in a much better position to fully articulate the person's problems before their liberty is forcefully taken away.

General Comments

How old will Norman Brown be on inaugeration day 2015?

I cvan not understand why Norman Brown's age is relevant considering he is the most effective county commissioner in Liberty County.

Norman Brown's age DOES MATTER. Though I don't know his exact age, he appears to be around the age where many have their drivers license taken away because they don't have the proper faculties to drive. It would be a shame if Norman was one of those that reached the age of not having the faculties to drive, yet we elect him to oversee millions of dollars, supervise employees, and make decisions that impact our county's future for decades to come. And how is he considered the most effective just by showing up every couple of weeks to commissioners court?

General Comments

Not surprisingly, they have placed yet another extension for registration into the ACA. You now have until the 15th of April. Sure hope those 29 million whl haven't registered yet get it done, I can't imagine how we could convict those poor folks when they can't even afford it with all the exemptions and other assistance they are getting.

General Comments

Listening to Houston radio today I got to hear that Ben Streusand and his pitch for why we ought to elect him as our congressman. He was name-dropping people’s names that he undoubtedly helped in their elections. I don’t care who supports a person that does not even live in our district period. But I sure don’t care who is supporting him because of some pay back. Heck he is from Houston and he helped politicians get votes in Houston. How does that payback effect me here in district 36? It can make me think the people he list as supporters actually know both candidates and think he is the best one. But it won’t It is a payback for a candidate who does not live in the district by other people who do not live in the district.

One thing I can say about Streusand, he answered at least three questions truthfully. Ask him again if you see him. When asked,he told people he did not live in the district. When asked, he told people he was not a Christian. When asked, he told people almost all of the eleven people that ran against him were supporting the person who had the most votes in the primary - Dr. Brian Babin.

I know Liberty County has always liked Dr. Babin, but voters need to realize that Ben is even better networked into Houston than the doctor. He could do a great job for you guysif you give hima chance.

Bullshockey! Babin is the one with almost all of the endorsements. Both men have been around awhile and helped Republicans. Don't try and make it some kind of bad thing for Mr. Streusand. And FYI he and his wife are talking about moving to Cleveland if they win.

Babin backers need to calm down. Why are you so worried? Babin is the best candidate and voters showed that they knew that when he doubled the votes his nearest comopetitor received. Settle down!!!!!!!

Disturbance Between Same Sex Couple Results in Stabbing

On the death of the same sex couple in Dayton......Ewwwwwww.

General Comments

Does anybody know if they are ever going to open again the cell phone store next to Radio Shack. It has been closed two weeks already. I was just wondering If anybody knew anything.

Two Year Old Missing Boy Found Alive and Well

Thank the Lord that the 2 year old boy was found! Thank you to the person who picked him up, you are a servant of God!

Theft Ring Operating at Local Motel

Why doesn't someone just tear down the Inn at Liberty? This place has become a haven for drugs and thieves and prostitution (IMO). This city is NOT the same city that I grew up in.

I will just say this.... All of us who have grown up in this town know that this Motel has had a bad reputation for quite some time. How ever, they never manage to report the good things that go on... Like how we are the only ones in town who will house all of the elderly who are sent here by local agencies, or the homeless who LPD send here on vouchers when they have no where to go...The MOTEL has nothing to do with a person's bad choices in life. This is a business just like any other in this city.. People steal from Walmart...are you going to close it down??? Yeah, I don't think so. True enough, the prior Management & Employees who were here were allowing things to go on that should have not been. How ever, as I stated before... I can assure you that I do not allow it! This Motel has made major changes in the last 7 months and it has been noticed by many in this city. So, ranting and raving on the Motel, is not going to change the fact that people are going to do things they shouldn't. It happens at every Motel in this city and every other city. I will say it again, we do not "allow" nor condone such activities on our property and hope that just as we have made great changes in the last several months.. we will continue to make changes and keep people like those in the report out of our Motel!! Thank You.

You talk about all the changes that you are making with the motel. Heres a question, When are you gonna start fixing it up?Because just looking at it it looks like a roach infested dump.

They need to demolish those motels. Nothing by eyesores and the only ones staying there are druggies or thieves

Hardin Man Charged in Death of Four Week Old Baby

So I guess no one wants to say anything about how terrible it is that this child lost her life by being born to the scum of the earth. Not one of those people cared about that child. They just worried when they were going to get their next fix. They are all drug heads and had a raid on the house for a met lab....The whole family is trash and that child is with god now and in a much better place than with them. Why hasnt CPS and the Sheriff's Dept done something about this. Is it the good ol boy stuff.

The trash who killed that baby should be taken outside the courthouse and a bullet put between his eyes he does not deserve to live!

I am just wondering why they haven't arrested the mother of the 4 weeks old child also. She is just as much to blame as he is...and wondering why she still has custody of her two boys. Like someone said...they are all trash!

That poor baby she had no choice of who her parents were, but that mother doesnt deserve to have that poor baby and shouldnt be out free now and the other children should be take from her and given to someone that would take care of them. That family is all drunks and druggies. I bet Harry Lee Ainsworth is ever so proud of his family now. His wife should be ashamed for letting all that going on under her nose and just pretends it is not happening. Wake up Rhonda Ainsworth before someone else dies..

Deal with the fact that it is not the WHOLE family! Don't judge the whole Ainsworth family because stupid people Refuse to grow up and appreciate a gift from God such as a precious baby. In my opinion, all the people calling the whole Ainsworth family "trash" probably are just bffs to their face! Yall should also be ashamed.!!. Besides, the parents of the baby, their last name is NOT Ainsworth!!!!! It is Keith!!!! Thanks and hate that anybody would disagree that FACT.

To the poster that seems to think that this is not the Ainsworth family...I beg to differ...Brian Keith's WIFE is an Ainsworth!! And I can assure you that no one that believes that family is trash is "bffs" to their face....I for one cannot stand that family because they are meth heads and TRASH....and I believe that if Brian was any kind of a man then he would have dealt with the issues of not being the father of that baby girl directly with Shanna but that is the way this family operates bc meth/drug heads have no common sense....again, I believe that baby girl is in a MUCH better place, however I feel that another family could have raised her and her not lose her life....I wish Liberty County would lock up these low life's in the Ainsworth/Keith family and throw away the KEY!!

This is scott ainsworth . I just wanted to let you know one thing my family is not trash yea we all have done shit in our past that were not proud of and if you have never done any wrong get some nuts and put your name on your post and we will see how good you are. Also, you sure seem to know a lot about the drug side of them. Maybe that's because you are probably a client of one of the others.

I agree to an extent with the person that spoke of the Ainsworth and Keith family. Shanna is as guilty as him and just being locked up would be too easy. That baby should have had a real chance. People try everyday and some just pray for such a gift as a baby. But I believe u are stereotypical. I am an Ainsworth or as u say "trash" and I am neither a druggy nor a drunk! I stay away from anyone who is. I would like nothing more than to right all the wrongs in the world just so that children have a safer and better place to grow up. So they could grow up... I hate so bad what happened and it should have never even happened. You are right. He should be locked away since slow painful death while he is helpless is illegal. But I have an opinion too. She should pay too. If this country would start sentencing death the way the crime happened, there would probably be less such as that. But my point is that I am an Ainsworth and am not trash. I take care of my babies and any others that I can. Not ALL are trash! If u disagree, just give me a number and I will gladly straighten your statement out. Peacefully. Again; i am not trash. Thank you.

To the person who keeps posting about the Ainsworth family: why are you so upset about the baby being killed? According to your thinking she (being an Ainsworth) would have just been another trashy, dope headed Ainsworth to deal with. Obviously you judge people by name and not deed. I am kin to some of the Ainsworths and proud to be, they are fine christian, hard working people and maybe you need to work on having a little compassion for the family. A note to the person who seems to know so much about the Ainsworth, Rhonda Ainsworth would only be a great-aunt to this baby, the only person responsible is the person who committed the crime.

RE: Ainsworth family and death of baby. I have know the Ainsworth family for several years. Please do not judge the integrity and morals of Rhonda or the late Harry Lee Ainsworth based on the actions of their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sons-in law, etc. Rhonda and Harry Lee raised their children and extended family to know right from wrong. There comes a time in life when a person must make their own choices in life and not blame their parents for the mistakes they choose to make. All of the Ainsworth kids were raised to know right from wrong but a few chose to take the wrong path in life. With that being said, the death of this little angel is no fault of the WHOLE Ainsworth family. The blame should lay right where it needs to be, with Brian Keith and his wife. I think CPS should also be held liable for the death of this baby because the Keith's have had multiple dealing with CPS. Shauna should have been forced to get her tubes tied, even though we all know someone cannot be forced into such acts. She is now expecting another baby!!! MY TAX DOLLARS ARE PAYING FOR HER TO BE A BABY MAKING MACHINE!! The only stability and guidance those kids have is Rhonda Ainsworth. So please quit blaming the death of this precious baby on a NAME. The Ainsworth's, just like any family, have a few bad apples but it is unfair to blame and trash the whole family!!

I don't know where everyone got off track here but the fact of the matter is a baby is dead because of some messed up people. Whoever they are Anisworth, Keith I don't care! They killed a baby and should be punished. My question is if Brian Keith left at whatever time in the morning and the baby was found when CPS came at 11 who checked on that baby for all those hours in between? We all know a newborn sleeps a few hours at a time and being a mother you check on your baby if they don't wake up every few hours. So where is this mother being held accountable? Seems like a terrible injustice for baby Neveah. And while we are at it when did CPS start transporting people to treatment or where ever. Never heard of CPS being a taxi service.

I grew up with Rhonda Ainsworth and her sister. Rhonda is not responsible for what her 2 sons or daughter have done in their lives. Shauna is Nelda Kay Ainsworth's daughter. Shauna is currently pregnant with yet another baby by Brian. She does not believe he is guilty of anything. Victims of abuse tend to stay in a deep state of denial about every aspect of their lives. Nobody should bring the late Harry Lee Ainsworth's name into this mess. He was a very fine man who did a lot more for the orphans in Liberty County that anyone ever has. His annual Christmas fund raiser continues to this day and helps a lot of families. As for Rhonda I know for a fact she did not know about the meth lab in the back yard. It came as a tremendous shock to her when they got raided. She is currently grieving the loss of her sister and brother in law so please show some respect and leave her alone.

Whew...this feedback on this story is ALL over the place!! 1. To Scott Ainsworth, yes you are right many people do dumb things growing up and I commend you for admitting that as well as doing what ADULTS do, grow up and move on and raise your children to do better. That is not the case with the rest. 2. To say that ALL Ainsworth's are bad is not right because every family has their "bad apples" 3. It's very nice knowing that Shauna is pregnant yet people that continue to have kids that working class support not know what causes this????? 4. You mean to tell me that Rhonda had no idea that her backyard was a meth lab? Is it the old "turn the blind eye" situation? It's time that she kick her good for nothing family that is only taking FULL advantage of the fact that she supports them while they sit around and cook meth and make babies 5. And I agree 100% with the poster that Harry Lee was a good man, he always worked and took care of his family...too bad they didn't all learn that trait from him and continue that. How can someone have 2, 3, 4 kids and not work to support them and not encourage them to be a good person and get an education and be something in life? That I will NEVER understand. However, I feel like people see Harry Lee's children as the kind of person he was and they get chance after chance after chance and are never held accountable for their actions 6. So back to the topic of this story, yes a baby is dead and it is so tragic and I think Brian should not be the only one accountable for it AND if Shauna wants to continue to put her living children, herself and her unborn children in jeopardy then sometimes you have to let sleeping dogs lie...I feel sorry for all those children b/c they did not ask to be put in that situation and as a mother you should protect your children but this was not the case in this situation and we can only hope that either she wakes up and smells the coffee before another child dies OR hope that someone comes in and rescues those kids soon!

What about the other meth head that was living there and also sleeping with Brian at the time of this tragedy?? I agree with the post, didn't anyone check on this baby all those hours?? There were three grown women in that house and you would think someone would be looking after the children. I don't know how everyone in that house claimed to be asleep when it is well known you don't sleep much when your on that crap. Maybe this was after a 3 or 4 day binge and they all crashed, I don't know. I also have to say that I don't and never will blame the whole Ainsworth family, that is just crazy. We all have a few family members that we are not proud of and if you don't, well you are one of the lucky ones.

This is my last comment on the Aimsworth family, Rhonda Aimsworth was taking care of her sister for several months prior to this babies death, but even if she wasn't helping her family in Liberty, she was not ever appointed care taker or watchdog for these people. They are all of age and responsible for their own actions. Please let this story go to bed!

No, I will not let this story "go to bed" a baby was murdered and if we just sit back and let the stories "go to bed" no justice will ever be served. I for one am one of those people that would have gladly taken this baby. There are so many people in this world that would have gladly taken this baby and raised her as their own. So I hope and pray that no one let's this go or ever forgets about it. Remember what some POS done to that poor baby and the suffering she probably went through at the hands of people who were supposed to love and protect her! And to the person who suggests we all let this "go to bed" what kind of person are you to want to forget the life of a innocent baby?

Once again this is Scott Ainsworth just to let anyone who ever this concerns my dad and mom helped anyone that needed help they are very good people always have been and always will be as for as us kids go they raised us right they can't the way we turned out some good and some not so good with that being said please do not talk about my mother are dad again if u have anything else to say about the rst of us feel free to do so. just remember everyone has skeletons in there closet...

I am proud to call Rhonda Ainsworth my friend. As her son's have said on this board all the kids were raised to know right from wrong. As adults each of them have made unwise and unhealthy choices in their lives. Harry Lee and Rhonda never have been nor will they ever be held responsible for their kids screwing up. I have a younger brother that has spent most of his life in prison for his bad choices. That should never reflect on our parents or his siblings. All you that bad mouth the Ainsworth family better hope I never find out who you are cause I would make it my goal to expose all the skeletons in each of your closets and then I will post on here so everyone can see.

Everybody is getting off the point. this is about a baby getting wronged! Its NOT about a Family or anything like that! If all of you people only want to assume, accuse, or judge, leave i dine out and just post that ignorant crap on facebook! The baby is gone forever and everyone knows the whole family is not responsible. so let them be how they are and answer for themselves and yall get back on track here. thank you and sorry if i sounded rude.

General Comments

One thing the local Democrats had at their county convention that was noticeably absent from the local Republicans was African-Americans. One thing the local republicans had at their convention that was noticeably absent at the local Democrats convention was a stiff old white man running things as he peered over his glasses and looked down on attendees.

One thing the local Democrats had at their county convention that was noticeably absent from the local Republicans was African-Americans.////Did someone stop them from coming? No. Another thing missing from the Republican convention was 17 trillion dollars in debt, welfare lines miles long, baby mommas, dead aborted babies, no jobs, should I go on? And another thing while I am wasting my time responding to an imbecile. Ted Kennedy was an old rich man peering over his glasses at everyone.

General Comments

Last night 3/22/14 at about 2105 there was a substantial explosion heard from the general direction South, maybe Southwest. A second explosion was heard about 45 minutes to an hour later. No fire was observed. I am familiar with the sound of artillery and this was similar to a fairly large rocket or mortar strike. There was no unusual noise immediately before or after the explosion. My son lives on CR 6769 and the sound was heard there also.

Felon Pawns Firearm at Cash America

Yes Mr Storey was arrested Tuesday 3/18/14 when he showed up a JP 1 cour to answer for selling the gun to the pawn shop.

General Comments

If Liberty county truly wants to save money, they should do what our county has done and eliminate the County Treasurer position. We reorganized the supervision of the employees in the county treasurer's office and they continued to do the work. Meanwhile, the county saved $82,000 because we no longer had a county treasurer.

Interesting idea. The current county treasurer is Kim Harris. She is an absolutely wonderful person. Her family is very community minded. Perhaps if she were asked when she plans to retire, then she could be in charge of the conversion.

Somebody is dreaming. Government NEVER gets smaller, it just gets bigger or stays the same. Texas has plenty of counties that do not have a "treasurer" because that office's responsibilities are easily a absorbed.

Somebody has a good idea. But it is not a new idea. A constitutional amendment was approved years ago to allow certain counties, like Liberty County, to hold elections to keep or eliminate the elected treasurer. This provision recognized the office as needless in counties that were not heavily populated. It was expected at the time that less populated countires would have taxpayers in mind and many would eliminate the office.

Letter to the Editor

In Response to Mr.Muray G. kinneys' letter to the editor, with all his education he should do some research, the 5 inmates that escaped and shot the Officer in Arlington outside Academy were escapees's from McConnell Unit they went out the back gate not over the fence. And I would like to know how he has intricate knowledge about an inmate in Liberty County Jail having cocaine for over a year? He also stated that he was involved in Ruiz vs. State well then he states he was called into the Warden office and lefty State employment? Also calls the officers at the Liberty County Jail slime officers. This fellow doesn't sound very stable. Running any facility that incarcerates fellow humans is a tough job and yes they are humans, some are worse than others. However my hat goes off to Sheriff Rader whose staff found the tobacco, and that is a very high commodity traded in institutions. Tobacco is a drug, it's just a legal one out here. I am sure the Sheriff has a system of shakedowns that he keeps private and there will always be graft and inmates trying to win over guards to get favors and guards that need money. Keep up the good work Mr. Rader and I agree with you that the County needs to have control of it's jails not some private for profit company. Sounds like Mr. Kinney has an agenda but his facts are wrong!

The commenter was wrong and I also misspoke (a maximum security facility, the escape of the "Texas Seven" was from the John B Connally Unit (a maximum security unit), in Kenedy, Texas. If you ever visited the Unit, It is made with few very small windows, on each of the floors, on the many wings of the pods. I apologize for my mistake on the TDCJ unit, but most all TDCJ units are maximum security and the TDCJ unit has no affect of this letter, it is about the Liberty County Jail. Also, I would never reveal my sources, in this letter. Thanks.

I stopped rading Murrie Gene Kinney's letters to the editor years ago. I thought his spaceship came and picked him up and he returned to his Mother Planet.

Mr.Kinney has awakened! get your children and run away from the nearest newspaper!! Here he goes again. Claiming expertise and weighing in after the fact. they caught the man Mr. Kinney. When we had Sheriff Patterson or Sheriff Arthur, you should have done one of your "expose's". Now the JP that was trying to stop this is the Sheriff. And Rader ain't going to sit around and let this kind of stuff go on. Glory-hogging after the fact is all an unemployed egotisticalknow-it-all has to do these days, or what?

Dear Lord, I've never seen so many commas..

Murrie Gene with your eyes so wide, Murrie Gene with you lips so vibrant, Murrie Gene with ears plugged close, Murrie Gene with your mind so twisted..... why oh why Murrie Gene can't you find a place in this world.

You people are fools. Plain and simple. That jail house is a complete joke. I have spent enough time in that place to give an honest opinion about it, and it's not about the treatment of inmates either. That jail is the Cadillac of jails, trust me. There is more drugs (cocaine, crystal, weed, pills) in that jail than I have EVER seen on the outside. At one time one inmate had over $20,000 of cocaine in the facility at one time. He sold it all day, every day, all across the jail and NEVER got caught. I actually used some of his product. You would be surprised. The officers would come to work high as kites, and we could all tell. They also showed up drunk, smelling like a bar. The officers would also let the inmates that kissed their backsides get away with anything. As long as they were brown nosing them. Paying CEC to run that jail is a joke. The stuff that goes on in that jail would be beyond some of your wildest dreams. But it happens, every dayand nobody does anything to stop it. Not CEC and not the LCSO.

Is Murrie Jean a man or a woman?

To bad Mr. Kenny doesn't get it! He is so busy telling every one how to do their jobs and no one gives a rats arse what he thinks! Go away Gene Kenny WE ARE SICK OF HEARING YOU TALK AND WRITE!!!!

I've got to say... that "Letter to the editor" was a really hard read. I'd be tempted to write a rebuttal to his letter, but I believe he used all the commas... like every damned one. I'd like to point out a few things. 1. Mr. Kinney has a nice resume, and seems to have a great knowledge-base to work from. However, he also seems to be out of touch... or uninformed in the least. 2. He has some pointed questions... he should ask them. Using questions like backhanded comments is just rude. 3. Most of the information he speculates on is open to the public (or at least to law enforcement and county commissioners). 4. He uses the death of an off duty officer as a pry-bar to imply that jailers gave the gun to escaped inmates? Doesn't it make more sense that the shooter got the weapon OUTSIDE of a facility? If he'd had it during his escape, why wait to use it on an off-duty officer?

Everyone is trying to make fun of a man you do not even know Mr. Kinney, but many people in Dayton do know him. They know him for his big heart and the help he gives to people, that really need it and have no one to ask for help. If he knows that you have no groceries, he brings to you. My mother is 84 years old and during the cold weather she was having problems with poor blood flow and cold feet. Before the day ended she had a new small heater that to the touch was cool it put out the warm air on her feet and legs. Mr. Kinney I think is not accepted because a person's color does not enter his mind when he helps older people and gets things done for children when they do not even have shoes for school. I know nothing about Mr. Kinneys education but his mother and father really produced a kind and caring man. So keep making fun of a real and caring man his reward will be waiting for him in Heaven. Not here among people like you condemning him and trying to make a fool out of him, there needs to need more men in this world like Mr. Kinney.

This Kinney man ran for Democratic Chairman of the county and the people he tries to associate with rejected himin record numbers!


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