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General Comments

This next year I am excited about Ernest Bales being our new state representative. While it is true he lives a great deal further away than the last two state representatives we have had, I am assured by Paul Newton he will not be anything embarassing like Ted Cruz or Greg Abbott. We need balance. This far right stuff around here is a bunch of crap.

I am sick of people like Paul Newton misleading their friends to vote for people like this Bailes character. Four years ago Bailes would have been likely to run as a Democrat. Newton may want to trigger a civil war within the Republican party around here. the voters will lose that war and that may be fine with this weasel.

Representative Bailes is far from being a weasel. His views were much more liberal and Democrat-like than his looney primary opponent's but Liberty County is only a few years from being a 100% Democrat county. So calling him a "Democrat" is not viewed as that bad. Mr. Newton laughs his ass off everytime he thinks about the strategy of calling Bailes a Democrat because he knows it got his friend votes.

I know that this is a wild-west, no-holds-barred Internet sight, but calling Paul Newton a civil-war party revolutionary is way over the line into aluminum-foil hats, black-helicopters, and Big-Foot (oops, I think I believe in those) territory. I'll speak up for my friend Paul. He's just a shiny-headed good old boy with a tech knack.

General Comments

To reply to the Chickens Come Home to Roost... AND the person who insinuated that Brenda McManus Jones, or anyone close to her had written anything negative about Mrs. Brown is preposterous! Unlike the flirtatious Jezebel Brown (to put it nicely), Mrs. McManus is a TRUE Christian lady. She represents and carries herself with the same high standards that were set many years ago by her mother FORMER district clerk Joy McManus. Brown has turned the clerks office into a laughinging stock with the way she dresses and umhum . . . carries on with court officials! It is obvious that she does not fulfill her obligations of her job with morality and professionalism. Too bad the "Good Ole Boys" of Liberty county were more interested in chasing "tail" than restoring honor and integrity to this office when they elected her. Now Liberty County will once again be in the news. Karma, I'd say!

Competent Donn sound about as competent as her, thinking District Clerk's job revolves around her appearance.

Donna don't worry about these people their just jealous. You look great keep up the good job and please don't dress like most of these ladies in Liberty County.

I almost retched when I read the post about the "good Christian" McManus women. I know of one woman who worked under Joy K and she tells the story about how she took a disliking to an African American woman employee she had and couldn't find a reason to fire her so she went around to the other girls in the office and suggested that they make it hard on this girl so she would get discouraged and quit her job. Yeah good Christian woman my ass.

Hey Donna. Stop writing or getting others to write things about former clerks or their families. This is typical when faults are found during an audit. Blame someone else. We have gone from who wrote what, to religious beliefs, then racist issues. Are you kidding me? The findings of the audit will not change no matter how much you write about others. What I will say is if your going to write about others get your facts straight. Like names, who worked for who, what their race were. Maybe you should get on the audit person and their family too. But First and foremost get your ASS to fixing those audit findings.

New Offices Planed for County

I hope a traffic study is mandated. If not the traffic is going to be a nightmare at 8am and 5pm when the City Service Center across the street and the courthouse all hit the road at one time.

I wish Liberty County would use the assets they already have rather than ask the taxpayer to purchase more. The old county jail sits on a beautiful, well located piece of property. Use it!

Why doesn't the County use their old WalMart building instead of buying a new shopping center? That would be a better fit plus it wasn't under ten feet of water in '94.

They say that ignorance is bliss! To the commenter that still believes that Liberty County still owns the "old Walmart", your life must be blissful!! That building does not belong to Liberty County, "Henny Penny, the sky is falling..." Thanks for the smile!!

General Comments

I was deeply saddened to hear of Doug Hanel's passing. What a giant of a man he was. He embodied community spirit more than anyone I have ever known. His countless hours of donated time visiting those less fortunate and bringing a smile to everyone he touched is just not seen anymore. To Doug, it was always about his fellow man. Always, what could he do to help, support or otherwise brighten their day. I know firsthand the joy he brought to our family each and every year at this holiday time. He made memories with my family that will last a lifetime and for generations to come. He served his community well and we will all feel his loss especially at this time of the year. I know my family will definitely miss his "visits" to our home as it was a Holiday Tradition for many, many years. I know that I am a better person for having the privilege of knowing him during my lifetime. He is a role model that others should seek to emulate. Here's to you Doug! God Speed and thank you for the positive impact you had on my family and the many families and friends you met along the way. We Love You!

General Comments

It was pointed out to me that on election day the Democratic vote started out with a pretty healthy lead And Then The Republicans Got Off Work.

General Comments

Nothing could be worse than putting Trump in the White House. His potential appointees are under qualified for the jobs, some are ignorant Creationists like that idiot Ben Carson, one is a anti-Semite, his VP thinks you should be able to "pray the gay away", and now we know that Clinton got right at two million more popular votes than this Nazi-larvae. The "basket of deplorables" help put this clown in office, and they are the ones that the shoes of racism, bigotry, women hating, fit their feet like the glass slippers of Cinderella. Anyone who tells me that they voted for Trump or has one of his posters in their yard I judge them in the most harshest of terms.

General Comments

I am impressed with my new home town and the people's ability to get away from all of the politics and support the mighty Liberty Panthers. We are more the same than we are different.

General Comments

Now that the election is over and it does not sound like all of the campaigning I would like to say what a miracle like effort Mike McCarty and Liberty County workers did in making the most of the grant money to repair Rice Belt road. For many many years it was going downhill and it was beginning to cause damage to vehicles. Then Commissioner McCarty began pushing for money that was not fromthe Liberty County budget. I did not hold out hope. One man nailed signs to trees blaming the road on Commissioner McCarty at the same time he was working beyond the sight of the media. He is my family's hero! His crew and him are not in our circle of friends that we see all of the time, but he helped a great many strangers that he will never know how much they appreciate him.

General Comments

when is our sheriffs department going to get off there butts and do something about thees juvinals stealing and burgers and selling drugs here it is so sad to see these deputies do nothing about it its like they just don’t care

General Comments

Congratulations Coach Taylor, Liberty coaching staff, and the entire wondeful team! You have done something that has not been done in a long long time.

Here is my kudos to Coach Chad Taylor: Thank you! Thank you fro caring about these young men. Thank you for taking the talents they have and giving themtheir best chance to be successful. Thank you for throwing the football when that is what your talent directs and running it, like this year, when that is where our skill sets direct. Tank you for enduring the few bad parents and administrators that you must survive. Thank you for making us proud!

General Comments

To the person complaining about 146 blockage, next time leave earlier. If I have an important meeting I leave early just in case something happens. You live around here and you know they are working on the roads. Besides there are other ways into town.

General Comments

I think it's wonderful that a group of men volunteered their time, equipment, fuel, etc and cleaned out the hwy 90 boat ramp. Many families in this area, including my own enjoy fishing,boating and camping in the river. However there has been no boat access for quite some time. Thank you Matthew Jackson, Bill Wilke, Dale Harryman and Trey Pike. Your kindness is appreciated. It would have been nice if our tax dollars would have been put to use on this instead of you having to foot the bill but that didn't look likely to happen.

General Comments

Who is the genius who allowed the work crews to completely block traffic on 146 between Liberty and Hardin in the middle of Friday afternoon, 11/18? This is a busy time, and much of the recent work had been done at night, thus freeing-up the road for day-time traffic. I missed an important appointment due to this blockage.

Chickens Come Home to Roost

I hope the allegations against Ms. brown are not connected to her allegiance to the lady some Republicans refer to as "John Otto's little elf". Terri Bevins is a toothless tiger now and going after all the control freaks that tried to control Republican activists is unnecessary. People do not like that group and they will never control the chair or a majority of party offices again. Ms. Brown enjoyed her day in the sun, perhaps now she should consider retiring. She does not deserve this kind of criticism!

What is this lady doing as a District Clerk. She needs to step down.

There has been a lot of clucking about this office and office holder. Why did she get elected?

Ive heard enough about this lady and its time she is removed.

I, for one, welcome the audit at the District Clerks office.......there has not been one to my knowledge for many years, if ever. The findings will constitute a "base line" and show what needs to be changed to improve service and maintain the integrity of the office and its employees. It is a place to start. After a certain period of time, do another and then, if the problems highlighted during the first audit are not corrected, then you can call for heads to roll. It is simple standard practice, first find the problems and then work to solve them..... "You can't fix it if you don't know it's broke"

This lady has been there long enough to know what's broke or not. Its simple, She's incompetent This lady has been there long enough to know what's broke or not. Its simple, She's incompetent

She has had five years to get it together. Maybe if she didn't spend as much time planning parties and running boutiques out of her office she could actually focus on what she got elected for. I wonder how many others there have been that haven't had to pay for the filing of their divorce. Maybe they should explore the employee collusion claim more intently and indepth and recognize just how many of her employees have actually filed while working for her. Her district clerk Facebook page sure does seem to show a high turn over rate considering there's a new employee every time you turn around. I really hope they get rid of her and get someone in there that's perhaps a bit more professional.

As far as the audit goes for the county clerk goes I'm all for it, now audit all county offices and they will probable find a lot more problems that people should know about.

"Chickens Come Home To Roost" ...Donna Brown, District Clerk and office....the "lack of management oversight" issue, "grossly inaccurate data" (discovered) "incomplete affidavits", "documents scanned but not included in the case files", etc. Well folks, all I will say is this: Aha.

I was summoned to jury duty once and she was such a joke. The way she dressed looked more like my 20 year old does. I was embarassed for her. My experience was very unpleasant, it took a ridiculous amount of time to shuffle the jury cards... and what about all these lavish district clerk conventions she's gone on??? What does she really do when attending? We definetly know what she's NOT doing....learning how to do her job. Perhaps she's just catching a free vacation on the tax payers dime. This lady just doesn't know how to keep her nose clean, seems to me she just likes to be the center of attention... I wonder who she is trying to peacock for, maybe the county judge??? I, for one, will NOT be voting for her again!

I'm sure our highly competent District Clerk, Donna Brown, is used to "ugly, fat girls" dissing her. Give it up girls, we're not going to replace her with your ol' sour-puss face.

Stolen Car Recovered

Isn't it ironic that Barbie Sharp is linked to the guy who stole her car? I worked with her years ago and she was trouble then.How did the pice department hire her . Guess the bar isn't the high to become an officer.

Beware of Letting People into Your Home

The arrest was made by Dayton Police not Liberty Police Department...Good job guys!

Way to go Dayton PD for the arrest on Monday night. Way to go to the 2 citizens for catching the suspect and holding him till the cops got there.

General Comments

Seriously, I think there is a place here to voice your opinions and concerns without being so out right hateful, using vulgarities and calling people names just shows how limited your vocabulary is, so that is an awful shame. Since you were so ugly and tend to be, whoever you are, you might consider some level of higher education might benefit your level of words written. So as I remember the bird of paradise was mentioned in an old country song but it flew out your nose, not your ass. Bless you and may God help you and others that think they have to be so vile toward people. If you don't like your neighbors, your elected officials, why don't you move? Wouldn't that benefit you, so you would not know all these people so personally that you think you can dog them on an open opinion place. We should all be able to have an opinion and write it here as a forum without being attacked by such vicious people. I could go there and call you names to but what good would it do to lower my standards to yours. Maybe a good church might help you. If you don't like the elected officials of this county, why do you vote for them? If you don't like this county, why don't you move your meanness elsewhere. Every time I open this up which is not often but more than it use to be, because I think I can reach through the bigotry and shall I lower myself to say ignorant, back-woods of Southeast Texas hillbillies (what hills) just back woods. See that was not nice, I should not have done that. May you feel blessed and be grateful for the days you have on this earth as so many struggle to survive and so many deaths surround us. Show some compassion for other people's feelings would be a nice report to come to that embraces our lives in this area, to make it better for all concerned.

General Comments

So people around the nation, mostly young Hispanic women, are protesting the election vote of Trump. From viewing all the news channel it appears all the democrats and even some young female republicans don't want Trump as our president. I don't recall any protesting from the American people when Obama won. We as a nation accepted the vote and tried to make it work. Now look we are in greater danger from muslim terrorist attack due to Obama being sympathetic toward the radical muslim nation.

rebuttal to "I see on one internet outlet that some trump supporters are threating a "revolution" of sorts if Clinton wins". Well you better stick to your day job.Turn on the T.V. if you can stand to watch all the Clinton supporters that are RIOTING in the streets across America.Every day since President elect Donald J. Trump won the election fair and square.Have a good day.

To the idiot poster who says there weren't any protests when Obama was elected really?? The protests never ended! This ego maniac that is going to "lead" the Nation tried to delegitimate Obama's election for eight years! Are you for real poster? I mean you think that we are in more peril from Muslim terrorists because of O? Have you been able to pull yourself out of your alcoholic stupor long enough to hear what this fascist has said in his campaign? He is the epitome of hatred, of xenophobia , of misogyny and other stench producing stands! This Nation is on the verge of a massive social train wreck and we need to be prepared for it's arrival. He didn't win the popular vote just the electoral vote, so more people didn't want him elected than did. Personally I judge those who voted for Trump and I don't make any apologies for that, I judge them to be just like I see him a group of deplorable fascists.

Amazing that anyone would compare the riots and street protest we have seen in the last few days to the more routine traditional use of the adverserial system created by our Fore Fathers. And then to call someone who points it out an idiot while refuding to at least acknowledge how idiotic it is to protest between the election and the swearing in. Go figure!

Auto Pedestrian Accident in Dayton

Why is Pamela Markham not charged with vehicular manslaughter? That is a 17 year old that she killed. You notice I said she killed!

General Comments

Thank you for exposing people in our community that think they are above the law and better than others. I'm talking about Jerry Stewart and Barbie Skarpa. When Ms. Skarpa was a Liberty County Officer, her and another Officer falsely arrested me. I had to post bond and sit in jail. Two years went bye and no charges had ever been filed against me. However, when I complained no one would listen and thought I was crazy I guess. I have a clean record to this day thanks to God and to think it all started because the other Officer had a grudge against one of my family members. It's wonderful to know that there is still someone like you that will tell the real story and the rest of the story. I hope everyone will go VOTE, so local government might change hands occasionally to weed out the bad ones. It's all in our hands. Best Regards, Just a honest citizen

Former Law Enforcement Officer Arrested

FORMER LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER ARRESTED It's odd to me why a low level person like Skarpa would be arrested for providing escorts to funerals on her motorcycle, when you have high level people like Mike Little and other crooks in the Liberty County government who have committed serious serious felonies and gotten away with them with not even a slap on the wrist.

Well I see that ex-officer Barbie Skarpa is in trouble herself. She was always involved with unethical practices in the LCSO. She needs help. So I am offering to help her is she wears her motorcycle boots

General Comments

I speak for me and my friends when I say we are all glad to hear the county clerk will be traveling rather than running for re-election. Congratulations!

Commissioners Meet Tuesday

I see commissioners are disusing getting the sheriff's office 2 new Chevy Pickups at a cost of TOTAL $73,080.00, WHY Pickups

I have wondered why the sheriff's deaprtment did not have a few more pick ups. That is the trend in Hardin and Harris counties.

General Comments

This year in Liberty football is proof that changing coaches from poor ole Jeff "three plays" Stewart to a old local Liberty gradv who happens to have been a throwing qb in school was a good decision. It took a while for the new coaches to cycle through and now that kids that started in their program are there, we are winning at least as well as any coach in recent times. Congrats Coach Taylor and staff and players!

I read the comment about Coach Stewart and Coach Taylor. The thing is Stewart was suppose to be a defensive guru, but Liberty's games were high scoring many times during his reign. His success was the offense - which was left to other coaches. Taylor is an offensive guru.

The culture surrounding our football program the last few years with Coach Stewart got so bad our pep raliies were canceled. That says it all about the change. These days a head coach better win and better keep a positive image of his programif he wants to last five years in one place.

Former Dayton Coach and Passenger Arrested

Regarding the former Coach DWI, I am really mad and disappointed in our Sheriff's office, that all he has gotten so far is a slap on the wrist, not even a day in jail. What is going on over there at the Sheriff's Office. As someone who has lost a family member due to drunk driving of another driver I'm outraged!! When are we going to wake up and make people more responsible for their actions. Shame on Liberty County Sheriff's office.

The Liberty County Sheriffs Office. You know what it takes to be a deputy. You kiss ass and do what your told, in other words suck up. You do every thing right and nobody sees, but do one little wrong and everybody is on your ass. Deputies are leaving not only for the pay, but for lack of support from higher ups. You think you have other deputy friends you can trust, however they will watch and tell everything you do or say to suck up. Police officers used to be a close bond and some still do but not at LCSO. I would hate to think that I had to watch other people and hope they screw up so I can tell on them to make me look better. The sheriff has an open door possibly but it go in one ear and out the other. I urge anyone who wanting to join the Liberty sheriff's office as a deputy to look elsewhere You may join, but you'll be looking for other places soon. Signed: Disappointed.

So the great coach Stewart ain't so great after all is he? I mean all that bravado he would spew on the local radio station about "character" and "personal virtue" that was manifested through his "boys" on the football team was just that, bravado. Not to mention the treatment at the hands of the local law enforcement! Right if it was anybody else they would still be in jail, in fact I received a DWI in 1997, I was with a female companion and she was drunker than I was, I was driving her car, but since the arresting officer had tried to bed her in the past she was released to the custody of her parents and I was taken to jail. This proves once again that it's who you are that gets the preferential treatment in this damn community.

I want to say something the people who think they have the right to judge coach Stewart. Yes he went and had some drinks with a woman friend. He made a error judgement by driving. He was arrested for DWI bond was set at $1500. which he paid the bail money and got out just like anyone else could do that is why he did not spend a night in jail. There was no favoritism by the sheriff department or anyone. If you going to say something about someone you need to get the facts right before you go off on someone.

Bravo, Dayton! Once again, Daddy Stewart's actions have been buried under the rug. First, DISD in the embezzlement cover-up and now LCSO with their slap on the wrist for DUI/Open Container with his side-squeeze Celida Cone. My heart goes out to Linda Stewart for having to bear the humility and embarrassments of this man's actions yet again. Guess it's all who you know in this town...

How could anyone think the sheriff dept did something wrong in Stewarts arrest? Had he been stopped by Dayton police we probably would have never heard about this DWI because it proably wouldn't have happen. Just like the Mayor Pro Tem kin folk for being drunk and asleep at the railroad crossing then fleeing from officers and nothing happened


Celida Cone you should be ashamed of yourself for seeing a married man. I would have thought your parents raised you better than that. And your part owner in Bob Edwards Real Estate Company. You should be embarrassed by your actions. I hope people will use another company to sell their house or land and not support a company that is owned by a homewrecker.

General Comments

If our local newspaper was actually talking to the late Dr. Don Schulz about his son's 1966 LHS class, then I guess Jordan's response to Myra Smith's response to Bishop Moor's condemnation of women made sense to. Just when I thought I'd seen everything! If it gets any crazier I'm moving to South Houston - or maybe Cleveland.

Officers Serve Search Warrant in Dayton

Way to go Constable Thornton you and your guys are doing a great job. Damm shame our Sheriffs Department isn't doing the same thing.

Good job Robbie Thornton! Can you clean up Kenefick for us? Cant go in Simmons or Kenefick General without trying to get through all the meth heads crowding around, waiting for their turn on the gambling machines. Then when you go into the Dollar Store you can catch them with their backpacks on, stealing. Getting kind of scary out here Robbie.

General Comments

There is no need of new information to indict and convict Hillary Rodham Clinton of one of her crimes, but that does leave us with a egomaniac for President. Think about it!

General Comments

So much complaining. Since the 2 Presidential candidates are so awful and talk so trashy on the T.V. let's just keep President Obama and his nice family for another 4 years before people get so angry at each other they start killing each other. People are very vicious in this feedback. Also I would like to say, so it took a while to get a McCoy's in Dayton? Who needed it when you had a fine person like Larry Harris at Peoples Lumber Yard and then we have Potetz for many years in Liberty and for some years in Cleveland. Local people, local shopping. I have never read so much hate in articles. I haven't been to the fair in many years, no parades either, don't miss them. If you are going to attend, don't complain about it. If you don't like the prices, stay at home, find something else to do. If we could wrap up all these nasty mouths including the Presidential candidate, can you imagine how peaceful the world would be. All that energy you spend hating everything about these places, why are you still in this county? You don't like it, leave. If you feel you can do a better job, by all means go for it. Try to turn your cheek, and put yourself out there helping like you complain of others not doing. I don't know who all you people are and I hope I never find out. This county and especially the Liberty-Dayton connection needs to learn how to respect other people's opinions without resorting to anger and trashy words, then you go to church on Sunday, really? Get a grip, life is too short for all this complaining. If you want somebody to pick up trash for 3 minutes try doing it yourself. If it doesn't hurt the businesses, it shouldn't hurt you. In i-dineout alone do you realize how many people died in one month and doesn't include the ones that are not documented here in these two towns, you see them later in the Vindicator or the Gazette, there were over 43 deaths. If you are old, please spend your days being a nicer person and enjoy what time you have left. If you are young, you need to either get a better education or figure out something you can do that makes you happy. We are not promised tomorrow. Will any of this really matter when it comes to life and death? Can anybody say anything good on this feedback report. I don't think it was meant to be your complaining sounding board. Sure, you can comer on here and air out what you think should be done with different situations. But I hear more hate here than I do anywhere. A divided nation is easier to divide and ruin, right? Aren't we suppose to stand united and conquer? You don't have to go to church to put some spirit in your life. You people need to chill before you work yourself up to a heart attack and you are the next one out. What would be the last words you had said to people? Do not let the sun go down on anger. So many people claim so many important ancestors and Native American Indian blood, so put some of that spirit back in your soul, and chill. Thank you.

To the poster who posted the tome about "so much complaining" what happened did your meds kick and a compulsion caused you to think you were going to make any sense when you sat down at your keyboard? I mean really huh? Sitting around thinking that all that's really important in life is to have a more positive non complaining attitude and birds of paradise will start flying out your ass on command is stupid. There are things that need attention and this is one place that allows it to be done

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